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Entered In the Palestine Texas Postoffice as SecondClass Mall Matter
W MAND H V HAMILTON JR Editors and Proprietors
TELEPHONE 444 = = =
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear In the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon It being brought to attention of the publishers
For Palestine and vicinity >
Tonight and Thursday partly >
cloudy weather
I I t t t t
1765 William Trjon became gover
nor of North Carolina
1796 John Houstoun former
nor of Georgia died near
1838 Augustin Daly famous theatri
cal manager born Died June
7 1899
1850 John J Crittenden of Kentucky
became attorney generalof the
United States
1864 Federals successful in battle of
Peach Tree Creek Georgia
1871 Earthquake felt in New Eng
1SS6 Gladstones cabinet resigned
1903 Pope Leo XIII died Born
March 2 1810
1905 Yellow fever appeared in New
Orleans and subsequently ex
tended to other cities
1909 The Clemenceau Ministry in
France resigned after defeat in
the Chamber of Deputies
It was resolved by the school board
of the Palestine Public Schools in
session last evening to petition the
city commissioners for an early elec
tion at which the citizen taxpayers
will be asked to vote a fifteen cent
increase in the tax levied for the
maintenance of theschools
Fqrjsome years the work of the
schools has been hampered for lack
of funds and the session has been
shortened or a pay term has had to
be provided There is not another
town in Texas the size of Palestine
perhaps that is trying to maintain its
schools on a 25 cent tax levy as is
the case here and the amount of
money received is not enough to car
ry on successfully the work of the
schools Most towns levy 50 cents
for school purposes
In addition to this very scant
amount of money paid by the citizens
for school purposes making it impos
sible to do the effective work that
should be done the city commission
ers have not extended the aid that
should be extended the schools and
which is their duty to extend Their
attitude has been apathetic From
the school fund the school board has
been compelled to pay for insurance
on the buildings pay for all repairs
improvements etc and this has taken
from the school fund that should have
been used for the employment of
teachers etc several hundred dol
lars every year
The schools are of vast importance
to the city and every one should feel
the deepest Interest in them for in
their success and work depend the
future of our girls and boys
The pay terms the past two ses
The Coolest Spot In Palestine
Pathe Feature Film
TWO SHOWS 8 and 915 P
Reserved Seats Adults 15c Children
4 to 12 Years 10c
Side Seats Adults 10c Children 4
to 12 Years 5c
At Lyric Theatre on Main St Wed
nesday and Saturday Afternoons
6 to 6 Oclock
sions have cost the patrons dearly A
months tuition in the High School
costs the parents or guardians 4 for
each pupil For the lower grades 2
was assessed for each pupil These
tuitions paid are far more burden
some than the small tax increase
asked In fact the tuition of one
child one month costs more than the
tax would cost the average patron for
a year for he would pay in tax money
only 150 on every 1000 of assessed
values The average patron does not
pay taxes on that amount of property
At any rate it is absolutely neces
sary to have the additional money for
the proper conduct of the schools and
for that reason the school board will
go to the people and ask for it be
lieving that they will vote it
At no time since the present guber
natorial campaign opened has it been
so certain that the race for governor
is between Cone Johnson and Oscar
Colquitt and the man who expects to
help in the selection of the next gov
ernor must out of necessity vote for
one of these two men Reliable re
ports come from North and North
Central and Northwest Texas that the
Davidson forces are going over to
Johnson with a determination to de
feat Colquitt Men who are not blind
ed to the situation are acknowledging
this every day and a great movement
to the Johnson standard is under way
The Herald appeals to the democrats
of Palestine and Anderson county to
think seriously and make up their
minds that they are doing the right
thing under the circumstances The
Herald is convinced that a vote for
Poindexter and Davidson is a vote
thrown away and in the final count Judge Poindexter challenged John
will be but adding to the strength of son by wlre after losing two or three
Colquitt One thing may be put down months time when the opportunity
as T final fact and that is that if I V s standing open Arid hisclwrf r
Cone Johnson is not the next cover
nor of Texas Oscar Colquitt will be
and there you are
The Herald gives space today to a
communication from a citizen who
was nearly run down in his buggy by
an auto several days ago The writer
of the letter protests against reckless
driving and his position is correct
The people owning autos should or
ganize and make the first plank of
their platform a discouragement
against reckless driving The only
prejudice existing against the automo
bile today is that created by the man
or men who disregard tne rights of
others on the road Accidents are
possible even when the greatest care
is exercised but every precaution
possible should be used to minimize
the number of accidents And re
member everybody has some rights on
the public highways and these rights
should be observed A man with a
wagon or a buggy should not out of
pure cussedness block the road
against others nor should the man in
an auto appropriate the claim to all
of the road and expect other people to
climb trees to give him the right of
way Just a little common sense and
common decency are of great impor
With a full knowledge of the po
litical situation in Rusk county and
its acute tenseness the News in giv
ing expression to the editorial pub
lished in last weeks issue advising
the prohibitionists if they desired to
elect a governor in sympathy with
their views to concentrate their votes
following the example set by the anti
prohibltionists naming Cone Johnson
as the only possible hope for success
and assigning reasons why Cono
Johnsons candidacy had taken the
lead over that of Judge roindexter
did not expect the l espouse which il
seems has followed the suggeston
This much the real friends of prohi
bition in Rusk county may rest as
sured the suggestions were fairly and
truthfully presented The success of
prohibition comes first with this
paper it has no personal interest in
the success or defeat of either of the
candidates and it would not stoop to
mislead or deceive the friends of pro
hibition With the prohibitionists di
vided between two candidates certain
defeat is an easy and simple propo
sltion As before stated notwlth
i ttLcsaK
standing the extravagant claims from
Poindexter sources the facts are so
clearly evident and come with such
increasing force day after day that the
race has narrowed down between
Colquitt and Johnson and that pro
hibitionists everywhere are concen
trating on Johnson That Judge
Poindexter himself now realizes tho
is true is evidenced by his expres
sions of anger when discussng his
opponents and the fact that his voice
fills with emotion forcing an occa
sional tear to his eye With the as
surance that the prospects for John
sons election over Colqu tt are more
encouraging than they were a week
ago and the chances of his election
are increasing with each day the
News once more urges the prohibi
tionists of Rusk county to lay aside
their personal preferences and con
centrate their votes on Cone Johnson
In thus advising the friends of prohi
bition we know there are selfish and
prejudicial interests that will criticise
and impugn the motive that prompts
these suggestions but we know the
real temper of the real friends of
prohibition in Rusk county too well
to have any fears from such imputa
tions As an advocate of prohibition
the News has earned its right to ad
vise with its friends and were it not
really and truly interested in the suc
cess of the cause from a deep sense
of conviction policy would now dic
tate a grave yard silence Rusk
County News
The Palestine peach shippers are
still getting out car load shipments
several a day The prices seem to
be holding up very well considering
the great crop
T N Jones the Tyler opposition
to Cone Johnson was in Palestine
Monday night but he never said a
word He didnt feel like talking
after the judge had spoken
From reports received no section
of the state will make a finer corn
crop than East Texas And the cotton
is as fine as could be at this time In
fact there has been no kind of a fail
ure in East Texas this year
There are politicians in Texas who
would almost give their right hands
to know what Governor Campbell is
going to recommend to the special
session But the governor is not mak
ing any speeches along this line
did not come until after it had been
announced that Johnson had his ap
pointments all made
The candidates for representative
will address the people of the city
Thursday night A good hearing
should be given them as this is a
most important office and should be
studied with care The army of cqun
ty candidates will be with us Friday
The business houses of Tyler will
close Thursday the newspapers of
the town will suspend publication for
the day the farmers will lay aside
their work the laboring people will
get a layoff and a gieat host will go
to Dallas in a special train to hear
Cone Johnson speak at the State Fair
auditorium No other candidate in
the race for governor has such loyal
support from his home people Only
Tom Jones will be left behind x
When Judge Poindexter declared
that he would veto a statutory prohi
bition law without even giving it a
chance to go to the higher courts for
a decision he served notice on the
whiskey organization that all they
had to do was to prevent submission
carrying in the legislature It was a
hope held out to them to get busy and
elect the necessary number of legis
lators to defeat the will of the peo
ple And Davidson is a lifelong anti
and promises the pros nothing And
this leaves the people who really want
prohibition only one man Cone John
son What are you going to do about
it Otherwise Johnson has as good a
platform as any man in the race
Boy Lost a Thumb
Claude LeeWare the threeyearold
son of Mr E M Waie living on
Conrad street had the misfortune yes
terday of having his thumb so in
jured as to make amputation neces
sary He got it caught in a lawn
mower in some way The little fel
low suffered greatly but will get all
Pasture Close In
Will take a few cows in at 75c a
month Fine pasture and plenty of
water Phone 577 for further Infor
mation 28tf
Bowdon Scruggs restaurant for
Club Sandwiches and Delgoda Chili
Phone 22 cltf
Car load or buggies and surries
1910 styles just sot up at II Schmidt
Co b 13tf
STXS rf kir tXit lsttrV
The following calls were issued to
The supporters of the Hon Cone
Johnson for governor are called to
meet at S0 oclock this evening in
the offices of Campbell Sewell
Strickland on business of the utmost
importance the most Important meet
ing yet called of this force in Pales
tine If you are supporting Mr John
son in this race come to the meeting
H V Hamilton Chairman
E V Swift Secretary
Anderson County Johnson Club
Davidson Men Attention
The supporters of Hon R V Da
vidson are hereby called to meet this
evening at S30 oclock in the office
of Mr J W Ozment to attend to
important matters in connection with
the campaign Let us have the ben
efit of your presence and counsel
A G Greenwood Chairman
J J Strickland Secretary
Anderson County Davidson Club
Bird Killed at the Bowden Home
North of the City Measured
Four Feet Across
Mr H C Bowden called on the
Herald this morning on business and
while here incidentally told of a giant
hawk killed on his place at Spring
Mountain yesterday He says a big
hawk has been terrorizing his chick
ens for some time and that yester
day it was killed and bagged By
actual measurement the bird was four
feet from wing tip to wing tip This
is some hawk
Married at Tyler
News has reached the cty that Mr
Frank Marsh formerly of this v city
but now working for the Cotton Belt
at Tyler was married Saturday to a
Miss Littlejohn of Smith county
Frank is a goodi boy and has a host
of friends here The Litteljohns are
prominent people of our neighbor
county and no doubt his bride is a
prize worth the winning They took a
bridal trip to North Texas
At the Airdome
The management says
Tex and Mable Shea at the Airdome
continue to draw large crowds They
are a good classy comedy team and
give universal satisfaction in their
work They will conclude their en
gagement in Palestine tonight
The feature film advertised for this
evenings program is a high art Pathe
subject entitled The Dreyfus Af
Herald Want Ads brine ppnltp
A Disorder that Breeds Dis
ease in the Body and an
Easy Way to Cure it
Take care of the stomach and you will
have little need for the doctor
When the stomach begins to show
signs of disorder when the food digests
slowly and with discomfort when you
have heartburn feel bloated and uneasy
you are in a condition that needs atten
Prickly Ash Bitters cornets the dis
ordered stomach by strengthening and
toning up the digestive organs driving
the badly digested food into the bowels
and thence out of the system
Constipation is nearly alwa3S ires
ent when the stomach becomes sou or
disordered Prickly Ash Bitters con
tains the medicinal qualities which act
as a leitorative ard regulator for the
stoir ctii aiil nels It strengthens the
digestive organs cures constipation and
prevents the return of bilious couditons
Thousands of people who have re
ceived lasting benefit from this great
remedy willingly testify to its power in
ciiniigindigestion constip ition and kid
ney trouble
I suffrred from constipation for years and
tried many remedies but Iri kly A > li Diticis is
the only medicine that has ever done me any
good Through its use I am now in Riod healtb
ind entirely trie from all traces of my formei
trouble D P Stjoall Winusboio LonNana
Get the genuine with the figure
3 in red on front label
Sold by druggists Price 00
3ratton Drug Co Special Agents
School Board Will Again Ask For an
Increase of School TaxMeet
ing Held Last Night
There was held a regular meeting
of the school board last evening at
the Board of Trade rooms Present
V M Hamilton president C A
Sterne secretary Geo P Barnes C
F McWhorter J J Strickland V D
Wilson Supt Walker King MrsWil
son was elected to take the place of
Mr Word Nance resigned and last
night qualified and took his seat He
was also appointed by President Ham
ilton to fill places on all committees
occupied by Mr Nance
The resignation of Miss Frankie
Eastland who goes to occupy a place
with the Houston schools and Miss
Gemma Parish who goes to the Sher
man school were read and accepted
Miss Louise Oehler and Miss Maude
Pope were elected to fill these vacan
The following resolution was adopt
First Resolved That a committee
be appointed to prepare and present
to the city commissioners a petition
to order an election by the property
taxpayers of the city to authorize the
city council to levy a tax of 15 cents
ad valorem in addition to the 23 cents
now levied for the maintainance of
the public schools
Second That said election be or
dered at as early date as possible
Third That said committee pre
pare a circular letter to be published
for the information of the taxpayers
and patrons of the public schools
showing the absolute necessity of a
larger fund for the successful man
igement of the schools
The following committee was
named C A Sterne J J Strickland
+ 7
Sale Closes Saturday Night
Of All Summer Shoes
Now is the time to buy your shoes
and this is the place We are offering
our entire line of ladies and children s
shoes at reduced pi ices during this
week because we are anxious to reduce
our summer stock before going to
mark t Our shoes areall solid leather
and you will save quite a good deal if
you buy your shoes now
Ladies oxfords and pumps that sell
regularly at 4 003 503 002 75250 and
85 ate offrred at 305 28o 265 205
16 sand S130
Children s shoes that sil regularly
at 2 25 2 00 180 1 65 1 45 and 1 30 01
fered at 1 8 16 1 45 and 77Q
The Following Lines Are Now Offered
at Sals Price
Lingerie Dresses
Wash Suits Waists
Linen Dresses
> Corsets Children s Dresses
Wash and Woql Skirts
Muslin Underwear
> 4
Supt W King W M Hamilton ex
officio member
Bills and accounts properly o k d
were ordered paid
Graham Citizen Submits Mathematical
Problem Worth Consideration
Graham Texas I respectfully sub
mit to the mathematicians of Texas
the following problem If it took
Judge Poindexter three years to get
one saloon out of his own house then
how long will it take him to remove
4000 saloons from Texas Persons
unfamiliar with the principles of conic
sections and the properties of the
open curve should not undertake to
submit answers
John C Kay
I am now located at the Falr
Grounds where you may have your
horse brolce and gaited See me
for oarttrulnri Hillary H Padon Xt
The Herald prints candidate cards
08 Sfe2fo22sS afeS2aS2oS 3Sfe3
I Buy The Best J
Always makes a hit when
used for
I Price 25c SOc and 5100
r < XS 5u i r >
xassisBESBSBBaesrmiVM nin y
He has been in this department seven
years and has served as chlefcle
two years When a man has made
good it Is a rule of democracy to pro
mote him Adv
4J ft

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