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Entered In the Palestine Texas Postofftce as SecondClass Mall Matter
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Editors and Proprietors
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation or any
person firm or corporation which may appear In the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon it helng brought to attention of the publishers
For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight and Sunday general
ly fair continued warm weath
> > > t
1691 Richard Ingoldsby became act
ing governor of New York
1781 John Joachin Zubly a clergy
man who served as a member
of the Continental Congress
died In Savannah Bom in
Switzerland Aug 27 17S4
1840 Bill for the union of Upper and
Lower Canada sanctioned by
Queen Victoria
1842 The capstone of the Bunker
Hill monument laid
1853 Purchase of Central Park by
the City of New York author
18G8 Statue of George Peabody un
veiled in London
1SG9 United States end of first
FrancoAmerican cable landed
at Duxubury Mass
1885 Gen U S Grant died at Mt
McGregor N Y Born at Point
Pleasant O April 27 1S22
WOo Daniel S Lamont former secre
tary of war died at Millbrook
N Y Born at Cortlandville
N Y Feb 9 1851
1909 M Briand announced a new
French cabinet
The country paper is the greatest
country builder Its constructive
force is next to marvelous its ability
to J get others to see and do things
has rnoegual Jt builds roads it im
proves farms it sustains towns and
villages it improves social circles and
it supports material advancement In
fact it enters into the very heart and
life of all country progress and it
never ceases to do its work writes
Aaron D States editor of the Lamar
Mo RepublicanSentinel
The power of the age is thevfountry
newspaper It goes into the quiet of
the country fireside and becomes a
competent tutor to every member of
the household It is indeed a public
benefactor a progenitor of all good
and useful measures therefore about
the best friend of the race It has
great educative powers It places hu
manity In one school and gives to
each member equal rights with the
other It is not a respector of per
sons it goes into the hovel and the
modernthome and it carries the same
message to all As the years deepen
into the century its influence grows
stronger and its appreciation is ex
Every year brings a needed change
a decided improvement All classes
look to it for information for sugges
tion and for publicity Corporations
know of its worth all classes of busi
ness seek its support and all condi
tions of humanity come to it for aid
The Coolest Spot In Palestine
In a New Farce Comedy Sketch
Introducing Alpine Yodling and Imi
Selig Feature Film
TWO SHOWS 8 and 915 P
Reserved Seats Adults 15c Children
4 to 12 Years 10c
Side Seats Adults 10c Children 4
to 12 Years 5c
Acrobatic Jumping Comiques
The country press will never die Its
columns may be abused they may
carry messages that are worthless
and ineffective for good yet the time
is fast arriving when the ideal coun
try journal will begin its history The
time is already here when the people
are asking for better things and the
careful journal is meeting their de
mands and profiting by their requests
Let the good work go on until the
entire country press will stand for
every uplifting measure and for the
principles and ideals that build for
the betterment of the race Better
homes a better country in which to
live and a strong unit of brotherhood
Publishers Auxiliary
Away off in Grayson in the state of
Virginia there is a paper published
called the Gazette We do not know
the name of its editor but it deserves
to be known and when known it will
recall the fame of Robert Ingersoll or
Landon C Haynes as a wordpainter
and a writer who touches the inner
most chords of the human heart
Writing of the Richmond granite to
be used for a Confederate monument
the writer says
It was quarried from right beneath
the old trenches and redoubts which
protected the Confederate capitol
throughout the stern years of Gl 65
Over it have screamed the shells and
whistled and whispered the hail of
death from northern guns It has lis
tened to the shout of defiance and
heard the last breathof the dying the
sudden challenge the guarded coun
cil the quick command And above it
the grim powderscorched throats of
the Confederate batteries roared
and crashed unyielding and unafraid
It heard the roar of northern charge
and the crashing volleys of southern
rifles The cavalry bugles have awak
ened its answering echoes the thun
der of Stuarts charging horse has
floated across its pine crowned sum
mits and above it all for four long
years there proudly waved the great
war banner and battle flags of the
Confederacy Exchange
Good roads are the most valuable
asset a county can possess Every
farm within their operation is largely
increased in value The farmer is
close to his markets his church and
to the city The conveniences and
pleasures of country life aie enhanced
ten fold Few railroads do more for
the welfare of the agriculturists than
good modern highways Wills Point
There is a movement on foot now
which is likely to result in a good
roads bond issue election in this pre
cinct Our people should begin now
to study this matter carefully Good
roads are a necessity and we must
have them Counties all about us are
building them and where there are
good roads there is prosperity and in
dependence for all the people By
them the country becomes as attract
ive as the town Social life is blessed
and the property owner not only finds
his land values increased but his life
is made more pleasant The tenant
finds thatthe market can be reached
regardless of weather and that his
children can reach the school room
when otherwise they must remain at
home on account of impassable roads
He finds that life is more pleasant on
the farm for him also and that he
saves annually morevmoney than his
increased tax is in the way of wear
and tear on team wagon and harness
More than this instead of deserting
the farm in fair weather as he must
do now to market his crops he can
defer that until the weather prevents
him from working on his farm and
further with good roads the man
with two horses can haul as much as
the man with four now hauls The
Chronicle is correct in its brief esti
mate of the value of good roads
Corsicana Sun
There is now a discussion going on
between some newspapers as to
whether or not lies are ever justifi
able Usually they are not but some
times they are For instance there is
the social lie When the truth would
hurt it is better to indulge the lie
Some folks will not subscribe to this
but most of them whether they be
lieve it right or wrong indulge in the
practice at times We tell a girl as
ugly as a mud sty that she is attract
ive or pretty It pleases the girl
perhaps and does us noharm We
tell our wives that they are Just the
best little wives in the world and
most of us believe it but suppose we
did not believe it if we can keep up
the deceit and make her believe we
think her the best little wife in the
world the lie is justified Then here
is a case A gentleman told us the
story and did not blush when he ad
mitted to a barefaced lie We rather
admired him for it and believe he did
a good thing He said he was going
from his home to his shop one day
and met a little tot of a fellow crying
as if his heart would break What
is the matter my son he asked
Oh sir I have lost a nickle my mam
ma gave me with which to buy a
paper of pins I droped it some
where and she will be so angry she
will most likely whip me sir and I
did not mean to It just slipped out
of my pocket somewhere for it is
gone Did you find it Why yes
son I did I picked it up and here
it is The man said Of course I
lied but to see the good it did that
distressed boy paid me for it Now
was this lie justified and did the man
do wrong in telling it
Statutory prohibition went Into ef
fect last night at midnight and will
lemain in effect until Monday morn
General Davidson was kissed by a
lady in Waco Why be in such a
hurry in saying goodbye to the gen
Old Brother Itoldyouso will begin
arriving in the city tonight and will
hold a gabfest for the next several
days y
The watermelons continue to get
better and bigger every day And
the supply is inexhaustible And El
bertas too many
When the hour strikes seven this
evening a governor will have been
made in Texas and the other officers
will have been filled If your man
wins smile if he loses smile
A bride laughed so heartily at a
joke sprung by her new hubby that
she dislocated her jaw making it nec
essary for a doctor to put her face to
gether These bridegrooms are cer
tainly amusing cusses w
The Herald wTiniash t
bulletins tonight and the nl
be as straight as the news
gives it to us
oring no holding back but the Inews
will be given in the order received
There will be ho col
Some of the candidates have toll
us that they favor good roads in An
derson county We have made a note
of it and expect to call their hand
when they are in office Good roads
is a fine platform but a platform is
no good unless it is put into practice
The next move on the part of the
progressives should be an effort to
build ten miles of good road out of
Palestine within the next few months
Start in four directions and build two
and onehalf miles out In this way
four good demonstration roads would
be up for the inspection of the people
The men of Palestine are certainly
to be commended for their good feel
ing maintained in this campaign
While the interest has been at fever
heat and those representing the dif
ferent candidates for governor have
neither asked nor given quarter the
campaign has been free from personal
The salt river packet began getting
up steam bright and early this morn
iur ready for its regular once in two
jea s trip A big excursion of those
who failed to get the votes will be
al nrd and though part of the jour
ncy be through the shadow of disap
pointment it always turns out that
lie destination is that beautiful laul
of Forgetit
An invitation is extended to all the
women who are members of Cen
tenAry M E church South to meet
with the W H M S in their egular
busness meeting Tuesday 4 oclock
p in at the parsonage 232t
VALUE P J Morgan
Penn Ave Pittsburg Pa
contracted Blood Poison
also had Rheumatism and Eczema
spent 500 at Hot Springs and other
ways without being cured Two
packages old Dr Stuarts Specific
Drops completely cured him A pack
age lasts two months which con
vinces the most skeptical No patent
medicine Regular price 200 per
package for ten days only this ad
and 100 brings the 2 00 package
postpaid Address THE STUART
MEDICINE CO Cincinnati Ohio
Box CC
g1 > 1
Governor T M Campbell arrived
from Austin last night coming home
to vote He got in ahead of the time
he was expected for his friends did
not look for him before the morning
tra n Today he has spent quietly
with his friends mixing with his old
neighbors on the street discussing the
election in the good old democratic
way At the hour of 1015 he went
to h s old polling place the Y M C
A in the Third Ward and cast bal
lot number sixtyfour The governor
was late however compared to his
former law paitner and friend Judge
Selden McMeans who got in the
fourth vote shortly after the polls
opened Both of these gentlemen have
a host of friends here and they have
been busy during the day shaking
liands and exchanging smiles They
were mixed up in a little gubernato
rial fight four years ago Mr Camp
bell as the candidate and Judge Mc
Means as his manager and they pull
ed off a fight that all Texas still re
members And today again they stood
together for a man for governor both
casting a vote for the Hon Cone John
Gymnasium Classes Are Running on
Schedule Time
All gymnasium classes are now run
ning on schedule time and every
senior and junior membex has an op
portunity to do some good work in
that department A fast daily round
in the gym followed by a swim in
the large sanitary pool will do much
to build up the system and every
member should take advantage of
these privileges Water polo is the
popular game in the pool at the pres
ent time
A comparatively new boiler is be
ing Installed in the heating plant and
in a very jew days there will be
plenty of hot water Every effort pos
sible is being used by those in charge
to furnish the members with every
reasonable convenience
The boys department is in excellent
condition and much is being done to
train the boy mentally physically
and morally There is a great need
for a special boys department in this
association much more could be done
for the boys interest
At the regular boys meeting to
morrow afternoon at 3 oclock Mr
Welch will have charge A special
meeting for boys above fourteen years
oj age at 3 oclock Something doing
for the older boy
Will Be the Feature Film atthe Air
dome This Evening
The management says
Lake Reynolds and May Lewis
made another decided hit last night
in their German comedy sketch Der
Fader Land at the Airdome Theatre
Tonight they will present a faice com
edy sketch entitled Tony the Tail
or a German comedy sketch that
never fails to please and is said to
contain a laugh for every second
The feature film in motion pictures
will be a Selig high art subject Hugo
the Hunchback Of this picture of
devotion and desertion Me see happi
ness contentment and satisfaction
length one thousand feet
Election returns will not commence
to come in before about 9 oclock and
every one can have an opportunity of
witnessing the first performance at
the Airdome and st 11 be in time to
see and hear the election returns
Published By Authority of tlis Secre
tary of Agriculture
For Palestine and vicinity until 7
p m Sunday Tonight and Sunday
generally fair continued warm weath
Excursion tickets will be sold for
Minimum temperature < 4
trains arriving Galveston and Hous
Mnxunum temperature 92
ton Saturday afternoon July 23rd and
Slnla > n ° ln W 21th mit re
Weather Conditions
turn nS l e Galveston or Houston
A disturbance of great intensity
JI ° da > y 25th
central over Minnesota dominates
° Iculars see B L Phillips
weather conditions Horn the Plains Pf
Ticiet Asent 194
states to the Great Lakes This storm
has been attended by rain in the lake
legion the Missouri valley the upper I am now located at the Fair
Mississippi valley and in the noithern Grounds where you may have your
Rocky mountain region Rain has horse broke and gaited See me
also fallen in Arizona the New Eng for particulars Hillary H Padnn tf
J t K K i
O v O
Christian Church
945 a m Sunday school Geo A
Wright superintendent
11 a m sermon Subject Let
Him Alone Anthem Just As I
8 p m sermon Subject Josiah
a Bad Mans Son Anthem Ash
fords Jesus Lover of My Soul
Prayer meeting Wednesday 8 p m
You are invited to worship with us
L D Anderson Pastor
land states and the east gulf states
r The weather is generally clear and
warm in Texas this morning The fol
lowing heavy precipitation in inches
has been reported during the past
twentyfour hours Rapid City 276
Tampa 128 Toledo 100 The pres
sure distribution indicates generally
fair and continued warm weather for
this vicinity tonight and Sunday
T R Taylor
Official In Charge
Presbyterian Church
Sabbath school 930 a m
Public worship 11 a m
Sunday school teachers meeting u
7 p m
Westminster League service 7 p m
Evening worship 8 oclock
Midweek service Wednesday 8 p
Strangers and all others are cor
dially invited to worship with us at
ill the services of the house of God
J C Oehler Pastor
Grace Methodist Church
Preaching at 11 a m and 8 p m by
the pastor
Other services at the usual hours
Come and worship with us
H Howard Davis Pastor
Hrst Congregational Church
Sunday 945 a m Sunday school
Sunday 11 a m and 815 p m
preaching by the pastor
Morning subject Believers and
Backslider v
Evening subject Two Faithful
Special music at both services
Sunday 230 p m Junior Christian
Endeavor meeting
Sunday 7 p m Senior Chris
tian Endeavor meeting
Wednesday 8 p m midweek prayer
service followed by choir practice
Friday 3 p m Bible Study for
The pastor and members cordially
welcome all strangers and visitors to
each service
Allan Crabtrpe Pastor
St Philips Church
Special notice
Service at St Philips church at 10
a m instead of 11 This change is
made to avoid the midday heat
8 p m evening prayer and sermon
We cordially invite you to worship
with us
J W Sykes Rector
Centenary Methodist Church
Sunday school 930 a m
Preaching by the pastor at 11 a
and 8 p m
Junior League 3 p m
Senior League 7 p m
Everybody is cordially invited
come and take part In the services
J Kilgore Pastor
Avenue Baptist Church
Usual services tomorrow
Sunday school at 945 a m
jPreaching at 11 a m
B Y P U at G45 p m
Evangelistic service at 8 p m
Every one invited
A D Sparkman Pastor
Catholic Church
First Mass 630 a m
Second Mass 9 a m followed by
Benediction of Blessed Sacrament
This order w 11 continue during very
warm weather
B Lee Pastor
Society of Christ Scientists
Services Sunday 11 a m
Services Sunday night 8 oclock
Services Wednesday 8 p m
Public cordially Invited
No 309 Palmer street
To Galveston and > Houston Via
G N Saturday July 23rd
Through the real estate agency of
Dyal Redwine a deal has just been
closed whereby F L Anderson rep
resenting a Chicago colony bought
eleven hundred acres of the property
known as the Swanson estate and
owned by Mrs Douglas The consid
eration was 27500 The property is
located about three ra les east of the
city in easy access of the city and in
a good part of the county As said
Mrv Anderson is representing a colony
and it is the purpose of his company
to locate a good number of progres
sive farmers on this land This is an
important deal and will be followed
by others People are beginning to
appreciate the value of this land and
are beginning to understand that it is
the best land in the country today at
anything like the same price As a
mere investment money put into An
derson county lands at present values
will make the owner rich in time The
great fruit and berry and melon crops
and the good reports of all other crop
conditions in this section are being
heard of by people all over the coun
try and a great movement to East
Texas is sure to follow
Setter Than Spanking
Spanking does not cuie children of
bedwetting There is a constitutional
ause for this trouble Mrs M Sum
mers Box W Notre Dame Ind wli
send fiee to any mother her success
ful home treatment with full instruc
tions Send no money but write her
oday if your children troubleyou In
Jiis way Dont blame the child the
chances are It cant help 1L This
reatment also cures adults and aged
people Troubled with urine difficulties
y day or night
Ready For Business
Well I am back and ready for busi
aess I find there are other tuners is
the field but that is all ri
work enough for all aif
< et al theworkI can 3o wiul
olng down other tuners I jusr
get the work that is all I will gel To
my old customers as soon as possible
If you are in a hurry just drop me a
guaranteed Yours for piano tuning
card or phone 1084 Would be glad
to take any new customers that want
me to do their work Satisfaction
H M Jones Box 814 228tf
Watermelons on Ice
I am handling the famous Mclnnis
watermelon Absolutely the finest
watermelon on the market Have
handled them for 23 years and eyery
melon I sell I guarantee absolutely
Delivered to any part of the city on
or off the ice Phone 10G3 W H
Smith the Fruitman 9tf
Mormons to Honor Pioneer Day
Herald SperlaL >
Salt Lake City Utah July 23 Ar
rangements have been completed for
the customary celebrartion tomorrow
of Utahs Pioneer Day the anniver
sary of the entrance of Brigham
Young and the pioneers into the
Great Salt Lake Valley in 1847 The
day is observed also by the Latter
Day Saints of Idaho Oregon and other
A Lady Who Lives in Goldsboro
Joins in the Chorus of Praise
for Cardui The Womans
Goldsboro N C A physician treat
ed me for many distressing symptoms
writes Mrs Etta A Smith but gave
me no relief
I suffered with neuralgia around the
heart and was troubled at times with my
head I
had pain in my left side bowels
left thigh shoulders and arms
After taking Cardui I am now well
and can recommend it to other suffering
Just such doubtful symptoms as those
from which Mrs Smith suffered are the
ones for which it will pay you to take
Cardui the womans tonic
It is at such times when there is noth
ing to show for certain the real cause of
the trouble that you need a tonic to give
the body strength to throw off the illness
that evidently threatens
Take Cardui when you are ill with
the ailments of your sex Take Cardui
as a tonic to prevent illness when you
feel it coming
Your druggist keeps it
N B Write to LadiesAdvisoryDeptChaftoi
noogaMedicine Co Ctiattanoosra Tenn lor Special
Instntchons and 64pape book Home Treatise

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