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5m Henderson county
ESrpR Claridge Says People Must
Put Farm Houses and Fences
In Better Condition
V s JR R Claridge who has charge of
the joint immigration bureau for the
S Southwestern Gould lines they being
IC the Missouri Pacific I G N and
W T P was In the city this morning
Mr Claridge stated to the Courier
fe Times man that he expects a great
tide of immigration to Texas this
> fall We hope to turn a big lot of it
into TSast Texas he said There is
Nine greatdrawback to this section
continued Mr Claridge and that is
the fact that there are such sorry
that for rent
houses on the farms are
z or sale The houses are not painted
fj the fences are down and the barns
and other outhouses if there are any
f are mere makeshifts and in fact
really no houses at all Half the time
fs they do not shelter stock The good
the farms of citizens
5 houses are on
nvho do not wish to sell them The
newcomers will not clear the land for
they want to go to farming the first
in this section So
J year they come
there you are The people have got to
remedy these evils in iome way be
fore we can ever turn any great
amount of immigration to East
Mr Claridge is making a tour of
the Goulds lines preparing an exhibit
which will be shown this fall at the
greatChicago far
He expects to have exhibits from
all towns and counties along the I
G N and T P in Texas and
dopes to have an exhibit from Tyler
and Smith county Thousands of
people will visit this great fair and
it is up to our people to begin now
and have a fine exhibit ready for ex
hibition at this time
Onr Commercial Club should ajt
once go to work along this line and
piepare a creditable exhibit A few
hundred dollarsjspent in this direction
now will return a hundredfold later
on Tyler CourierTimes
Number of Palestine Men Summoned
to Tyler as Witnesses In the
Miles Derden Case
the 125 train this afternoon
Sara B D Jackson Jno R Moore
Fowler Adam Cone and others
eaTcTTyler on a change of venue
Miles Der
den is charged with the murder of
rjohn Mitchum in Malakoff the result
fof a personal misunderstanding be
< tween the men Derden was formerly
a citizen of this county and is well
known here There is a great deal of
i interest In the outcome of the trial
Probate Court
The e State of Ellas Newsome de
ceased will admitted to probate
Mrs M A Crawford Xailor was ap
pointed independent executrix and
Qrover C Newsome and Derwood E
Newsome independent executors
In the estate of F C Bailey de
ceased will admltted > io probate Mrs
Emma A Bailey was appointed inde
pendent executrix
In the estate of Henry Vogel de
ceased willadmitted to probate Mre
Louise Vogel was appointed independ
ent executrix without bond
In the estate of M ss L H Dexter
deceased will admitted to probate A
N Dexter was appointed executor
without bond
In the estate of Lucile Kundrick
Adrian Kendrick and Linnie Ken
drick minor D F Swayze was grant
ed letters of guardianship
In the estate of Henry C Tims
minor application for sale of real es
tate was granted
County Court
In the county court the following
were granted liquor dealers license
A Wi Standifer Hyman Harrison Sol
Maier Sol Maier and A F Sweany
Sol Maier and J J Murphy Ben F
Timber Julius Goldberg W N
Klein Wr E Hail J H Benton M
Halporn A C Opperman J C Engle
raan The following were granted re
U tectlcWef
Get the Original and Genuine
The Fooddrink for All Ages
For Infants Invalidsand Growing children
Invigorates thenursingmqther and theaged
Rich milk malted grain in powder form
lunch prepared in a minute
e n nbstitute Askfor HORLICKS
7j > NJSombSne or Trust
T s w > IK
> V
tail malt dealers license Thomas
Lovett Arthur Rainey Iseral Derry
The following civil cases thave been
disposed of
Whiterock Distilling Co vs G R
Whitley judgment as prayed for
Orville Thorpe vs W R Garner
judgment as prayed for
Marriage License
M A Pinette and Miss Malsie E
Guy P Sledge and Miss Sarah Vick
Landon Butler and Miss Winnie
Wm M Hudson and Miss Iva
French German and Spanish Element
Will Not Join In Banquet to
President Diaz
Herald Sotclal
San Antonio Texas July 28 As
the promoters of a banquet to be
given in honor of President Diaz the
Society of the American Colony at
Mexico City is in somewhat of a pre
dicament TheIbanquet in question
was to be given by all the foreigners
in Mexico and a first canvass seemed
to indicate that the idea would have
universal support Of twenty colo
nes seventeen responded favorably
when the matter was first taken up
The replies however did not come
from rthe membership of the foreign
societies but expressed rather the
view of their representatives To the
dismay of thepromoters of the affair
a fin l vote taken a few days ago
showed that only the British Russian
and Turkish colonies stood in favor
of the Diaz banquet the French Ger
man and Spanish elements having
for some reason withdrawn their sup
port of the proposition In view of
the fact that these three colonies are
by far the most influential and numer
ous in Mexico an embarrassing situa
tion confronted the Americans Presi
dent Diaz whose name had been
dMwn into the matter without even
uossibly his consent had to be in
formed that the banquet could not be
held now and that some other name
would have to be appended to the
affair Since the Britishers and Amer
icansvoted for the banquet they now
propose to convert it into anAngIo
Saxon banquet if the Russians and
Turks who are not AngloSaxons can
be induced to withdraw their claim
remains to
gflTWniKg nether resident Diaz Is
now willing to be entertained for his
josition in the case now is a rather
delicate one not to say awkward So
far nothing definite as to his views
is known As a retort courteous the
Britishers arid Americans are npw pre
paring to hold the finest banquet ever
held anywhere even if it wreck some
small fortunes e
What the cause of the split is can
only be surmised because the other
foreigners in Mexico City have so far
leserved a very dignified attitude on
the whole fiasco Absolute silence as
to their motive in turning down the
proposal has been observed The in
ference is that the French German
and Spanish colonies took offense at
the somewhat forward behavior of the
banquet promoters and promptly
taught them a lesson The man from
continental Europe in Mexico is in
little sympathy witll the AngloSaxon
element socially and this too may
have influenced their action
The Commission Form of Government
and the initiative Referendum
and the Recall
fHtrald Special
Tylerv Texas July 28 The tenth
annual meeting of the Texas Mayors
Association convened here today and
was called to order by President W
D Davis of Fort Worth The ex
changed greetings and the annual re
ports occupied the forenoon This af
ternoon the convention discussed the
commission form of government and
the initiative referendum and recall
Representatives of numerous cities
took part in the discussions
At the Airdome
The management says
The Airdome wll open toffight with
Mr and Mrs Johnny Philiber in a
laughable comedy singing and danc
ing sketch entitled A JimCrow
Junction This sketch depicts In a
most ludicrous manner the many
amusing happenings around a railroad
eating house
The feature film in motion pictures
billed for this evenings entertainment
is The Kings Command a high art
Pathe subject The comedy picture
will be An OverJealous Domestic
On Saturday night of this week
Roosevelt in Africa containing over
1500 feet will he exhibited at the
I Lyric Theatre on Main street Ad
mission 5 and 10 cents
srtjj5jpg < SP
Tif r tSf
Sent to the Legislature By Governor
Campbell Guaranty of Bills
of Lading Included
Austin Texas July 27 Messages
Nos 3 and 4 were received from Gov
ernor Campbell today Message No
3 dealt with the usual vacation ap
pointments No 4 however present
ed a number of important matters
The first of these calls for a better
sytsem of apcountfng for the control
lers office inA accordance with the
recommendations of the board of au
The next is with reference lo legis
lation prescribing the duties of coun
ty tax collectors tax assessors coun
ty clerks the controller and the state
treasurer with reference to tax mat
ters and providing for an improved
system of accounting
Section No 3 out of the last mes
sage makes recommendations regard
ing guaranteed bills of lading the
particular purpose being to protect
the cotton business so that such bills
may have better standing in the com
mercial world
The message reads as follows
To the legislature By virtue of au
thority vested in me by section 40
articel 3 of the constitution of the
state of Texas I hereby designate and
present to you for your consideration
the following subjects and suggest
legislation thereon
1 Legislation providing for the
election qualification bond and duties
of the controller of public accounts of
the state of Texas and of his em
ployes and providing for a complete
effective and more economical sys
tem of accounting bookkeeping and
auditing for that department of the
state government
2 Legislation prescribing the du
ties of county tax assessors tax col
lectors and the county clerks con
troller and state treasurer w th refer
ence to the assessment and collection
of taxes and providing a more sys
tematic effective and economical sys
tem of bookkeeping and accounting
and the enactment of such other rules
and methods with respect theretg as
may be proper
3 The enactment of adequate laws
defining bills of lading and defining
the wtords carriers Providing that
it shall be the duty of common car
riers and their officers and agents to
issue negotiable bills of lading and
straight or nonnegotiable bills of
lading at the rBmpjBMMripjaiBBtaa
tween certain places to be prescribed
in the law and defin ng negotiable
or straight bills of lading and pre
scribing the necessary requirements
for all bills of ladng to make all
negotiable bills of lading negotiable
by indorsement and delivery in the
same manner as bills of exchange and
promissory notes and prohibiting the
placing upon negotiable bills of lading
any terms which would in any man
ner limit their negotiability and pro
viding for thedivision of bills of lad
ing into such different series as may
be appropriate and defining each
series prescribng how bills of lading
shall be issued and prohibiting the
issuing of negotiablebills of lading in
part or parts except as prsecribed by
law prescirbing the duties of general
freight agents or persons authoized
to act for them and the duties of
local station agents of common car
riers and for such additional legisla
tion on this subject as business con
ditions and the general welfare may
Very respectfully
T M Campbell
Governor of Texas
Democrats of Minnesota Meet at Min
neapolis Leaders Want John
Lind For Goverrtbr
Herald Special
Minneapolis Minn July 28 John
Lind for governor on a county option
platform Is the program of the leaders
in the democratic state convention
which was called to order here today
for the nomination of a state ticket
to be voted for atthe November elec
tion The principal fighfin the con
vention promises to be over the ques
tion of the adoption of a county option
resolution It is planned to have the
resolution fight come first as tldt
will decide the status of John Lind in
the convention It is well known that
Mr Lind could not be persuaded to
accept the nomination except on a
county option platform Congress
man W S Hommand who next to
former Governor Lind has been most
prominently mentioned for the head
of the ticket has given the delegates
to understand that he does not care
for the nomination In the event of
the defeat of the Lind forces there
fore the convention will probably
name Judge C W Stanton of Bemidji
John Jenswold of Duluth or some
other equally prominent democrat as
the standard bearer in
the coming
For Palestine and vicinity
p m Friday Tonight and
generally fair weather
Minimum temperature 74
Maximum temperaturer92
It is my wish and prayer thatevery
man that voted for me in the first
primary will do so again and that I
may secure a sufficient number of
the votes cast for Mr Davis to secure
my onmination I desire that each
and every man that voted for me will
also use his influence in my behalf
and if he will do so there will be no
doubt of my nomination as your
sheriff Yours truly
Adv J L Boyd
Watermelons on Ice
I am handling the famous Mclnnis
watermelon Absolutely the finest
watermelon on the market Have
handled them for 23 years and every
melon I sell I guarantee absolutely
Delivered to any part of the city on
or off the ice Phone 1063 W H
Smith the Fruitman 9tf
Noticer Maccabees
The Maccabees meet the second
and fourth Wednesday nights In Mac
cabee Hall All members requeste < i
to take notice 266t
Let Kendall Wilson Insure youi
Horses Mules and Cattle 713lra
Herald want ads bring results
Hicks Capudine
Cures Headaches All Kinds Gripp
Colds Aches From Malarious
Conditions Etc
Capudine cures Headaches whethei
from heat cold brainfag overexertion
or stomach troubles It cures sick head
aches and nervous headaches also
Capudine is also the quickest and
best remedy for attacks of Cold or Gripp
It relieves the aching and feverishness
and restores normal conditions
Capudine is liquid easy and pleasant
o take acts immediately 10c 25c
and 50c at drug stores
Pasture Close In
Will take a few cows in at 76c a
month Fine pasture and plenty of
water Phone 577 for further infor
mation 28tf
Piano Tuning
J D Braddy expert tuner will be
in the city a few days I solicit any
repairing or tuning Leave orders at
the Leyhe Piano Co or Schrelners
Music House 27tf
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver
Tablets gently stimulate the liver and
bowels to expel poisonous matter
cleanse the system cure constipation
and sick headache Sold by Bratton
Drug Co
Flemington N J Man Claims to Be
the Son of the Kansas City
Heralrt SDeclaL
Flemington N J July 28 Counsel
representing Elmer C Swope com
menced the faking of depositions here
today in support of the latters claim
to being a son of the late Col Thomas
H Swope the Kansas Citymillion
aire for whose alleged murder Dr
Bennett C Hyde is now under sen
tence of life imprisonment An at
tempt will be made to prove that El
mer C Swope is the legitimate oft
spring of a union of Col Swope andi
a woman whom he is alleged to have
married during a brief residence here
in the early sixties
Published By Authority of ths Secre
tary of Agriculture
until 7
Weather Conditions
A depression covering the St Law
rence valley and the North and Mid
dle Atlantic states has caused ram in
thV lake region the Ohio valley and
in the states bordering the Atlantic
coast Another disturbance central
overIdaho has been attended by rain
111 the Plateau states An area of
Idw pressure over the interior of the
rounhv is causing very warm weather
a further but slightdrop in temper
ature in the New England states
The weather is generally clear and
warm in Texas this morning The
barometric pressure indicates general
ly fair weather for this vicinity to
night and Friday
T R Taylor
Official in Charge
J L Boyd Grateful
Palestine Texas July 28 1910
To the Democratic Voters of Ander
son iCounty
By the vote cast for me in the first
primary I am in the lead of myi op
ponents by ajiandsome plurality for
which confidence in me as expressed
by the soverefgn voters I am more
grateful than language can express
Illness of General Funston v
Causes Universal Anxiety
The serious Illness of General Fred Funston of the United States array
has caused much sorrow throughout the country General Funston s sta
tioned lit Fort Leavenworth where the attending physicians have announced v
that he will be a long time regaining his health Starting life as a newspaper
man General Funston today is one of the most prominent officers of the
regular army Since the San Francisco earthquake and the admirable manner
In which he fitted into the crisis much of the adverse criticism against
Funston has beenstilled He has many warm admirers among the men in
the urmy and the public generally
J 43
After The Gripp
1 am much pleased to be able to write and thank
you for what Cardui has done for me writes Mrs Sarah
J Gilliland of Siler City N C
Last February I had the Grippe which left me in
bad shape Before that I had been bothered with female
trouble for ten years and nothing seemed to cure it
At last I began to take Cardui I have taken only
three bottles but it has done me more good than all the
f gPL r that any thcr mfiriirinq I evertook
The Womans Tonic
For the aftereffects of any serious illness like the
Grip Cardui is the best tonic you can use
It builds strength steadies the nerves improves the
appetite regulates irregularities and helps bring back the
natural glow of health
Cardui is your best friend if you only knew it
Think of the thousands of ladies whom Cardui has
helpedl What could possibly prevent it from helping you
Remember you cannof get the benefif of theCardui
ingredients in any other medicine for they are not for sale
in any drug store except in the Cardui bottle Try Cardui x
Write to Ladies Advisory Dept Chattanooga Medicine Co Chattanooja Tenn
Jor Special Instructions and 64page book Home Treatment for Women sent free
JS0S SmS ja
i i Mr
that we always get the large
There must be a reason
We get oyer our share of the
small contracts
But still we want yours
The largest or the smallest
jobs are treated with equal
yoursto please
F E y TOW t B U ft N s
Made Any Time Day or
Night Rain or Shine
RINS 32 9
Uufarmonlod Griipa Jules < orCaa > raun
Ion PumofiaHi and J lcl Chamoer t
J Old Port Wine 3 years old 1160 per al Sherry Wlcel
L old 1150 pergal Good Table Claret J100
jr > < < years per gal
Jj i Fine Old Blaokb3rryWlnBbestlnthBmarket Thosewlnes
hftvo tnkon first premiums in Dallas Houston and San An
tonio tor mny ysara and are tmarantcod to be pnra tn ov
ary reBpeot Jmsfoandand wincedeliveredo ny part ot

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