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Entered In the Palestine Texas Postolfice as SecondClass Mall Matter
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Editor and Proprietors
5 The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear In the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon It being brought to attention of the publishers
i > > > > > v
For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight and Friday partly
cloudy weather
i > > > > > > V
1576 Martin Frobisher entered the
strait which bears his name
1782 Savannah Georgia evacuated
byfthe British
1834 TJrsuline convent in Charles
town Mass destroyed by a
1847 Benjamin R Tillman TJ S
senator from South Carolina
born in Edgefield county South
1863 French troops took possession
of Tampico Mexico
1873 Gen Ulysses S Grant visited
1875 William A Graham of North
Carolina secretary of the navy
under President Fillmore died
Born Sept 5 1804
1877 Moons of Mars discovered by
Asaph Hall
1884 Ontario and Quebec Railway
opened between Toronto and
1890 Cardinal John Henry Newman
died Bom in 1801
1897 Charles S Mellen elected pres
ident of the Northern Pacific
1909 Irrigation convention in session
at Seattle severely criticised
Secretary Ballinger
The Galveston convention called as
a democratic state convention ap
pears to be nothing more nor less
than a Bailey boost association and
the candidate for governor and other
state officers seem to have been lost
in the shuffle completely The Her
aidis not especially surprised at the
action of the friends of the junior
senator but is surprised that the sen
ator would allow such a program to
be carried out in his behalf Such a
proceeding can result in nothing less
than a compact resistance on the part
of those opposed to the senator The
Herald had been assured repeatedly
that Senator Bailey was not an issue
in the present campaign but it de
velops that he is in fact the only
issue It may be accepted as final
that the fight is on in full force
against the senator and the opposition
would be less than natural if they do
not make the most of the challenge
and make the fight of their lives to
unseat him in the election of 1912
When a veteran like Col Bill Ster
The Coolest Spot In Palestine
In a Refined Singing and Dancing Act
Using Their Own Dancing Floor
Edison Feature
TWO SHOWS 8 and 915 P
Reserved Seats Adults 15c Children
4 to 12 Years 10c
Side Seats Adults 10c Children 4
to 12 Years 5c
At the Lyric Theatre on Main Street
Wednesday and Saturday 5
to 6 OClock
ett can be shocked into making such
a statement as the following the sight
must have been one to make all of
the gods weep Col Bill has been in
politics as an observer for the past
half century and knows the game
from start to finish but he confesses
that he has never seen anything quite
so stagey or well staged as the little
show at Galveston Speaking of the
conventions subserviency to Senator
Bailey Col Bill says
In this convention he was in no
particular danger in any way as far
as I can understand The men who
had fought him hardest were absent
with the exception of one or two and
they were disposed to hold their
peace either through indifference or
because they could not solidify the
antiBailey faction or element
So it can be truthfully said that the
triumph was a forced one not one
secured by the aggression of his en
emies Don Quixote when he tilted
at the windmills did as brave a deed
and accomplished as great a triumph
as did the Bailey men when they tilt
ed at the opposition yesterday In the
one case it was against a poor soul
less and perhaps rickety contrivance
to pump water in the other case it
was against an opposition or political
sentiment which had no leaders no
coherence and no vitality
But the Bailey leaders had some
thing to do though their following
hated to give up their soft beds and
the refreshing breezes of the morning
to engage in a battle which in all
things was to be merely a mock one
As it was to be a mock one the lead
ers had to prepare for it in the tab
leau and Mardi Gras way There
were speeches to be made There
was applause to be provided for
There was to be flag waving and all
that at the proper and prescribed
time The leaders as a rule were to
be recognized by immense ribbon
rosettes which they proudly wore on
their breasts rosettes of green and
white ribbon to the weight of nearly
half a pound
I have been to republican conven
tions in Texas when themain matter
was to get the colored vote and the
colored taste for extravagance in
taste was catered to I have seen
bandmasters with gilded batons and
shakos two feet high I have seen
burlesque on ancient and mediaeval
times when the taste in personal
adornment ran riot but I havenever
yet beheld anything quite as appal
ling and withering to the esthetic
spirit as these rosettes which covered
most of the torsos of officers of the
convention who were in most part of
the Bailey leaders Even on the
streets they wore them and in spite
of myself I could not help from an
ticipating at anyy moment the cry we
have so often heard in the country
towns when the circus had begun its
noonday parade Make way gentle
men care for your horses for the
great parade with its mighty ele
phants and beasts of the forests is
on its way Make way gentlemen
and have a care for your domestic an
imals for the most wonderful collec
tion of the beasts of the earth are
with you now
Vote for the parksand help to make
Palestine the city beautiful Vote as
a progressive citizen
Texas democrats through their
platform are on record as saying
Give us our part of the tariff pie
How does it suit you
Despite the fact that the demo
cratic state platform refused to say
so the vast majority of Texas demo
crats are opposed to public officials
accepting employment from public
service corporations The truth will
demonstrate itself in good time
Good people of Palestine there are
entirely too many rank weeds and un
kept premises in this good old town
right now Palestine has a reputation
of being a pretty city and it can only
be maintained through the coopera
tion of ail the people in an effort to
keep eacli yard and the surroundings
clean and in order Nothing adds
more to the appearance of a home
than well kept yards and garden
places Every citizen owesthis much
to the community
Corruption in politics is responsible
for many bad results Just now the
country is shocked over the attempt
ed assassination of Mayor Gaynor h
direct result apparently of a clea ir
man trying to reform the politics ani It
graft of his home city The grafter 3
did not want such a man a man wh 3
believes in honest adrainistrationlc fr
the public business Then there < far < 5
those scandals connected with tS 3
Indian lands in Oklahoma The pec
pie oP this nation have a great tasl c
ahead of them in cleaning the hallsfp E
congress of men who hold their hand 3
behind them
Whatever delinquencies are show 1
in the census report on the populatioi t
of this city will be due largely to jth <
indifference of our own people Thip
may be a blunt statement but Itfi 3
nevertheless a truthful one It Isfii
matter of fact that the majoritySo
the people have not hustled for
greater Palestine as they should Our
greatest indifference has been in the
neglect to make the effort to fill this
county with a good prosperous fann
ing population The people are conv
ing to Texas by the thousands and
Anderson county has thousands fo
idle acres that invite the best clas
of people But we Have been slowjto
offer these lands and advertise thei
merits The one great need of the
time is a colonization scheme throug
which new people can be settle1
here And with a farming populatio
of the right kind and of the righjt
numbers Palestine would be a city5c
twice her present population The
Board of Trade will be reorganized
pretty soon and instead of ten or tie
teen men being active in its meetings
there should be three or four hunt
dred In fact every man identified
with the buisness of the town should
be a constant worker for the promo
tion of the towns business The Her
ald urges an awakening along this
line Build up the country and the
town will take care of itself t
Appreciates Vote Given Him 4
To the Voters of Precinct No 1 A
On Saturday of this week you win
be called upon to nominate a demo
cratic candidate for Justice of the
Peace of this precinct By the vote
cast in the first primary you have de
cided that the nomination should be
given to me or my opponent iMr
Word The latter is a very wortEy
citizen and I am glad to be able < tb
make a clean fair race with such a
man I desire your support this time
because I believe I am fully capable
of giving you a vigilant fair and
honest administration of the office I
seek It is a very important onejin
this precinct for through it TBe
proper enforcement of law and order
in this community is made possible
I desire to serve you efficiently and
to have your moral support after the
election as well as your votes on Sat
urday I have been a citizen of Pal
estine about ten years and have
raised to manhood and womanhood a
large family of children in your midst
The best interests of this community
are therefore my best interests and if
elected I am going to do my whole
duty by you and by myself I earnest
ly solicit your votes and influence
this time and assure you that I will
highly appreciate your support
Adv C C Morris
Be sure and take a bottle of Cham
berlains Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy with you when starting on
your trip this summer It cannot be
obtained on board the trains or
steamers Changes of water and cli
mate often cause sudden attacks of
diarrhoea and it Is best to be pre
pared Sold by Bratton Drug Co
the offending fatty excess and as
day by day the weight decreases
strength and vigor will return in
equal ratio for be it observed there
is no fasting or exercise required
Rest good food regular doses these
are all that is necessary to reduce
weight to normal increase the supply
of pure blood clear the skin beautify
the complexion and restore energy
and excellent spirits Adv
The Real Remedy and the Recipe
There are some stout people whom
the above question does not seem to
trouble very much They are how
ever wrong to be so careless for
obesity is a complaint which brings
many evils in its train There are
others who have sought long and
earnestly for a really reliable remedy
for obesity and to these the follow
ing prescription will be of absorbing
interest because it presents in a sim
ple and harmless form and sure relief
a remedy which is rapidly gaining
a worldwide reputation The reader
may make up the piescripton for
himself or herself on getting the in
gredients from the druggist or the
latter will do so willingly
This is the full recipe 12 oz Mar
mola 12 oz Fluid Extract Cascara
xromatic and 3 12 oz Peppermint
Water Take a dose of one teaspoon
ful after each meal and at bedtime
This admirable and quite harmless
A good smoke is one of
the little blessings of life and
to enjox that luxury to the
fullest extent smoke Fatima
Cigarettes The well
blended tobaccos impart a
flavor that challenges com
An inexpensive package makes
possible ten additional Cigarettes
1 Pictures of popular actresses now
packed with Fatima cigarettes
Fight Is Warming Up Hiram John
son Insurgent Would Lead
the Republicans
Herald Special
San Francisco Calf Aug 11 With
the general primaries but five days
away the political campaign through
out California has reached a stage of
feverish intensity The main interest
centers in the fight for governor and
since Theodore Bell the democratic
aspirant has no opposition at the
primaries the real struggle will be
between the five republicans This
contest on the republican side will
afford the first test of the strength
of the insurgent movement in Cali
Hiram Johnson is the insurgent
choice for the head of the ticket
For weeks he has been industriously
touring the state and it is generally
admitted that his clever campaign
speeches have increased the insur
gent sentiment in many counties In
his behalf Gifford Pinchot the de
posed United States forester came
to California recently and spoke in
several of the chief cities
The other candidates for the repub
lican gubernatorial nomination are re
garded as regulars They are Alden
Anderson a wealthy fruit grower who
is state bank commissioner Charles
F Curry secretary of state Philip
Stanton speaker of the assembly and
Nathan C Ellery
To Inspect Irrigation Works
Htrald SDecIal
Great Falls Mont Aug 11 The
board of army engineers appointed to
advise PresMent Taft concerning the
disposal and use of the proceeds of
20000000 uoith of certificates au
thorized by the last congress to aid
in the completion of the vaiious ir
rigation projects of the west ar
rived in Grent Falls today to begin an
inspection of the Sun river and Milk
river projects in this vicinity An
urgent demand has been made by the
officers of the reclamation service
and by settlers for funds with which
to hurry these two projects to com
Keep your vital organs in good
condition if you would have health
through the malarial season Prickly
remedy will soon take off pounds of I Ash Bitters cleanses and strengthens
the stomach liver and bowels and
helps the system to resist disease
germs Bratton Drug Co Special
Championship Regatta
Herald Special
Washington D C Aug 11 Boat
crews and individual oarsmen from
many points in the United States and
Canada are arriving here to take part
in the thirtyeighth annual regatta of
the National Association of Amateur
Oarsmen which is to be rowed over
the Potomac river course beginning
tomorrow and concluding Saturday
The number of entries this year is
in excess of those at any previous
regatta of the association and some
excellent sport is promised especial
ly in the senior eights and single
Triennial Conclave Ends
Herald Special
Chicago Aug 11 The thirtyfirst
triennal conclave of Knights Tem
plar ends today and outgoing trains
are already laden with the advance
guard of homebound passengers In
numerous instances the visiting com
manderes are splitting up in order to
take in points of interest in this re
gion By noon tomorrow the gold
girt uniforms and white plumes which
have been so familiar on Chicago
streets the past four days will be a
comparative rarity
National Revolver Match For Police
Herald Special 1
Port Clinton O Aug 11 The po
lice team revolver matches began at
the Camp Perry range today in con
junction with the regular matches of
the Ohio State and National Rifle As
sociations The police matches are
the first of a national character ever
held here and have attracted a long
list of crack shots representing the
police departments of many cities
throughout the country
Tercentenary Celebration
Herald Hl c1ui
Montreal Aug 11 A celebration
of the 300th annviersary of the dis
covery of the River des Prairies by
the French explorer Des Prairies on
July 25 1C10 was begun today in
Ahuntsic The festvitles will con
tinue three days and will include re
gattas illuminations on river and
land and a public mass on Visitation
English Teachers Return Home
Herald Special
Montreal Aug 11 Well satisfied
with the results of their trip the
large party of school teachers from
Great Britain who have just complet
ed a tour of Canada sailed for home
today on the steamship Tunisian
Notice to Contractors
Sealed bids will be received for the
erection of a dam to be built at
Prices Mountain about 3 miles north
west from Palestine up to August
13th 1910 Apply to H C Bowden
Spring Mountain Palestine Texas
for information 66t
Piano Tuning
J D Braddy the piano tuner will
be in Palestine on or about the 10th
Leave orders at the Leyhe Piano Co
or Schreiners Music Store 103t
Australian Heavyweight Expects
Defeat Stanley Ketchel In a
TenRound Bout
New York
fight followers are awaiting with keen
anticipation the tenround fight be
tween Bill Lang the Australan heavy
weight and Stanley Ketchel which is
slated for decision in the arena of
the Fairmont Athletic Club tomorrow
night Lang though comparatively
unknown as a fighter here has a
very creditable record for a youngster
in the game He stayed nine rounds
with Jack Johnson when he was but
a novice After a hard contest of
twenty rounds with Tommy Burns
the latter secured a close decision
He easily disposed of Bill Squires in
Australia Since that time he is said
to have greatly improved and he ex
pects to defeat Ketchel Should he
be successful he will immediately try
to get on another bout with Jack
< Herald Special1
York Aug 11 New
Phone 1063 for the choicest ot
peaches tomatoes and blackberries
fresh tiicked every day 2tf
To the Public
Effective August 11 the price of au
tomobile service has been changed to
conform to the price regulated I by
the city ordinances namely 25 cents
for ten blocks or under and 50 cents
for distances over ten blocks A
charge of 250 per hour will be made
to parties wanting to hire cars by the
hour The change is made In order
to enable us to make a small profit
on the business as the prices hereto
fore charged allowed no margin The
new prices are the same as hack
charges and no more than has always
been charged
Something of
Why go to the trouble of mak
ing biscuits or corn bread when
it is cheaper to buy bread from
American Home Battery
Telephone 234
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