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Entered In the Palestine Texas Postofflce as SecondClass Mall Matter
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Edltow and Proprietors
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon It being brought to attention of the publishers
> > > <
For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight and Saturday partly
cloudy weather
> V V <
1684 William Penn on departing for
England wrote an address to
the Friends of Pennsylvania
on board the Endeavor
1762 King George IV of England
born Died June 26 1830
1777 George Wolf governor of Penn
sylvania 182935 born Died
March 11 1840
1805 Expedition of Captain Lewis
reached the head of the Mis
souri river
1806 City of Buenos Ayres retaken
by the Spanish
1849 Albert Gallatin secertary of
the U S treasury for twelve
years died in Astoria L I
Born in Switzerland January
29 1761
1854 Belize British Honduras al
most totally destroyed by fire
1867 The president removed Secre
tary of War Stanton from of
1891 James Russell Lowell Ameri
can poet died Born February
22 1819
In answer to an agitation for bet
ter county roads the county commis
sioners in session this week issued
a call for a special road tax election
setting the date for the election on
November 8th and placing the addi
tional road tax at fifteen cents on the
hundred dollar valuation This places
the matter squarely up to the prop
erty taxpayers of the county At the
same time the commissioners reduced
the regular county tax rate from forty
three to fortyone cents It has been
demonstrated and is generally under
stood that the present road tax col
lected by the county is insufficient
for anything further than keeping up
temporary repairs on the present
roads and if the county is to have
materially improved roads more
money must be available for the
work The additional fifteen cents
asked for would be asmall item to
the individual taxpayer and at the
same time give thecounty a consid
erable fund to work with With this
additional money roads could be grad
ed and clayed and sanded and experi
ments could be made with gravel The
roads once put in good shape could
be kept so by the cooperation of the
people through the adoption of the
The Coolest Spot In Palestine
Using Their Own Dancing Floor This
Is the Team You Have Been
Looking For
Vitagraph Feature
TWO SHOWS 8 and 915 P
Reserved Seats Adults 15c Children
4 to 12 Years 10c
Side Seats Adults 10c Children4
to 12 Years 5c
At the Lyric Theatre on Main Street
Wednesday and Saturday 5
to 6 Oclock
split log drag Anderson county must
have better roads if it ever takes its
place with the more progressive coun
ties of the state and better roads
canuot be had unless money is pro
vided for the purpose The Herald
believes the new road tax should be
Vote tomorrow
Get your weed cutting machine in
shape and go after the weeds A few
of the byplaces along the public
streets need attention
With money in the bank and plenty
of canned fruit and vegetables in the
pantry and meat in the smoke house
what can happen to East Texas
With the number of
men now serving in the
the Herald sees no reason
state may not be saved
why the
good and
The dove of peace was elected to
no offices in the state democratic
conventoion A tin can was tied to
his gilded plumage and he was told
to hike
The Dallas Times Herald is over
flowed and flooded with pure and un
adulterated joy at the new democratic
platform But most of all the T H
s pleased with the defeat of H Bas
The order has gone forth that no
cotton be sold for less than fifteen
cents With the present outlook for
the crop the staple should be wortli
fifteen cents or better And fifteen
cent cotton means prosperity all along
the line
The Herald believes that if the
park question is considered fairly by
the voters of the city that it will be
voted on favorably All progressive
cities have park places and no record
is had of where any such pleasure
places have been abandoned
The legislature is inclined to be
nifty about the advice offered by the
convention in Galveston and the
chances are that this fatherly advice
will go the way of much other advice
gratuitously offered Sass em boys
Those fellows are getting too suggest
ive anyhow
Be sure and cast your vote in the
second primary tomorrow A number
of important contests are to be set
tled in this primary and it is fair and
just to the men contesting that a full
vote be cast A full vote can settle
the contests on the majority basis
which is fair
Brethren the Herald is ready right
now or at any time to help in boost
ing this good old town and county and
in making the effort to fill this coun
ty with good progressive people It
is absolutely necessary to fill this
county with a farming population if
we expect to retain our lead among
East Texas cities
The Texas democratic declaration
on the tariff is simply this We are
opposed to any kind of a protective
tariff but if such a tariff must exist
then we demand the very largest slice
of the cake that can be cut In this
way the democratic party would get
rid of the protective tariff in about
four thousand years
The democratic state convention
ndorsed the present administration
for having placed the platform de
mands on the statute books And yet
this has been the chief cause of
abuse heaped on Governor Campbells
head There are others who have
said that a gimletheaded convention
could not bind them with a platform
Keep the record straight
The mosquito has proved its useful
ness after all of these abusive things
have been said about it by the unin
formed A news dispatch brings us
the information that a man who was
bitten on the leg by a poisonous snake
allowed a mosquito to bite him in the
self same spot sucking the poisonous
blood from the wound and saving the
mans life This is important and all
men proposing to get snake bitten
should keep at hand a trained mos
quito ready to perform the surgical
operation necessary ThisLmavber
for aught we know what ttie mosquito
has been trying to tell us all of
these nights in his little buzz song
Fuller and Others Offer Resolution
Censuring Galveston Convention
For Its Course
Austin Texas Aug 11 The first
thing the house did this morning was
to undertake to tell the state conven
tion that it had exceeded its function
by attempting to invade the provnce
of the legislature and it served notice
on future state conventions to attend
to their own business At the open
ing of the session the following reso
lution was offered by F O Fuller of
Cold Springs and others
Whereas under a representative
form of government and according to
the policies and customs heretofore
followed and adhered to by the demo
cratic party in the state of Texas the
function of the state democratic con
vention is to declare the result of a
primary election or of precinct and
county conventions and to announce
the principles upon which said party
stands without referring to the duty
of any legislature at that time in ses
sion and
Whereas it is the duty of the state
legislature to discharge the lawmak
ing function of the state government
Whereas the recent state demo
cratic convention at Galveston in its
platform under the last clause of sec
tion nine used the following language
And we recommend that the Thir
tyfirst legislature now in special ses
sion dispose of the fire rating board
law adjourn and go home
Now therefore be it resolved
That said clause in said section of
said platform is in bad taste uncalled
for not responsive to any demands
made by a majority of the people and
that said state convention in adopt
ing said resolution attempted to in
vade the province of the Thirtyfirst
And be it further resolved That
in the future state democratic con
ventions will do well to attend to
their own business of discharging the
functions which they were created to
discharge without attempting to dic
tate to any legislature at that time
in session what line of conduct said
legislature shall pursue
The introduced resolution created
applause and precipitate discus
sion that was not concluded when the
hour for the consideration of resolu
tions expired and the matter went
over until tomorrow
To Those Who Like Good Things
I will have a special sale on Fruit
Friday and Saturday on California
fruit California plums California eat
ing apples I have some choice cook
ing apples 40 cents a peck Friday and
Saturday only I will have California
grapes for everybody in Palestine Sat
urday 6 pound basket 65c I will
have the finest shipment of Celery
for Saturday plenty for everyone in
Palestine Some very fine Bananas
Special on vegetables fine cabbage
large bell peppers black eyed peas
okra egg plant some excellent fine
tomatoes I expect Saturday morn
ing some very fine lettuce rhubarb
or pie plant I would like to meet
one thousand faces from now until 12
oclock Saturday night Will be
open until 9 oclock Sunday morning
ll3t W H Smith
Public Auction
Notice is hereby given that I will
sell at public auction at the I G
NT freight depot in the City of Pal
estine between the hours of 1000
and 1100 a m on the 9th day of
September 1910 the following de
scribed property which has been on
hand at this station unclaimed and re
fused for a period of more than 90
days towit
One show case shipped by the Na
tional Show Case Co from Columbus
Ga consigned to shippers order noti
fy E R Smith Palestine Tex cover
ed by New Orleans to Palestine W B
C S P C2S Jan 21st 1910
S B Mobley
Agent for Thomas J Freeman Re
ceiver International Great North
ern R R Co
Palestine Texas Aug 9th 1910
Watermelons on Ice
I am handling the famous Mclnnis
watermelon Absolutely the fineBt
watermelon on the market Have
handled them for 23 years and every
melon I sell I guarantee absolutely
Delivered to any part of the city on
or off the ice Phone 1003 W H
Smith the Fruitman 9tf
Phono 1063 for the choicest ot
peaches tomatoes and blackberries
fresh picked every day 2tf
Sore Feet Tender Feet and Swollen
Feet Cured Every Time TIZ
Makes Sore Feet Well No
Matter What Ails Them
Policemen all over the world use
TIZ Policemen stand on their feet
all day and know what sore tender
sweaty swollen feet really mean
They use TIZ because TIZ cures their
feet right up It keeps feet in perfect
condition Read what this policeman
has to say I was surprised and de
lighted with TIZ for tender feet I
hardly know how to thank you
enough for it Its superior to pow
ders or plasters I can keep my feet
in perfect condition Believe in my
earnest gratitude for TIZ I am a
policeman and keep on my feet all
day Emzy Harrell Austin Texas
You never tried anything like TIZ
before for your feet It is different
from anything ever befoie sold
TIZ s not a powder Powders and
other foot remedies clog up the
pores TIZ draws out all poisonous
exudations which bring on soreness
of the feet and is the only remedy
that does TIZ cleans out every pore
and glorifies the fleet your feet
Youll never limp again or draw up
your face in pain and youll forget
about your corns bunions and cal
louses Youll feel like a new person
TIZ is for sale at all druggists at
25c per box or it will be sent you
direct if you wish from Walter Lu
ther Dodge Co Chicago 111
Vote For Your Favorite In the Labor
Day Queen Contest Voting
Box at Swifts Store
The following Is the vote jn the
contest for Labor Day Queen up to
Friday morning Aug 12
Hiss Ava Moore 100
Miss Ouida Barnes 80
Miss Jessie Hogue 60
Miss Ida Stubblefield Iff
Miss Lena Cely 10
Any young lady In Palestine can
enter the race for Queen provided
she is nominated by a member of
some local union
Read This
If you are troubled with any kidney
bladder or rheumatic trouble you will
find 60 days treatment in J100 bottle
of Halls Texas Wonder and seldom
one bottle fails to cure Send for tes
timonials Dr E W Hall 2926 Olive
street St Louis Mo Sold by Drug
Hot weather saps the vital energy
and makes the hardest workers feel
lazy To maintain strength and en
ergy use Prickly Ash Bitters It is
the friend of industry Bratton Drug
Co Special Agents
Effective August 11 the price of au
tomobile service has been changed to
conform to the price regulated by
the city ordinances namely 25 cents
for ten blocks or under and 50 cents
for distances over ten blocks A
charge of 250 per hour will be made
to parties wanting to hire cars by the
hour The change is made In order
to enable us to make a small profit
on the business as the prices hereto
fore charged allowed no margin The
new prices aie the same as hack
charges and no more than has always
been chaiged
Something of
Why go to the trouble of mak
ing biscuits or corn broad when
it ischeapor to buy bread from
American Rome Bakery
Telephone 234
t <
Money back if not satisfied NO PREMIUMS ALL COFFEE Double
Strength Flavor and Aroma that please FINEST QUALITY packed
places us where we can make this guarantee JM
Our proposition Double Strength Only necessary to use onehalf asi
of SECURITY as you do of other coffees therefore it is the Economical
We rem jve all chaff dust and dirt with our process of roasting We only
pack SECURITY COFFEE in sealed tins to give you the real original New
Orleans Flavor which has made this coffee Famous
SIX BLUE Ribbons awarded to us for QUALITY Ask your Grocer to
supplyyou with this QUALITY COFFEE Sold everywhere bygrocers
Importers Coffee Go Ltd rnB
Pearlstone Gro Co Pale3tine Wholesale Agents
An Opportunity
It is against the policy of this store
to carry over any goods from season
to season And inorder to make the
summer stock go to make room for
the fall and winter goods coming all
prices have been reduced Payday
shoppers will find a store full of in
viting goods at tempting prices here
If you need summer skirts waists
dresses or anything in our line we
are sure we can supply you at prices
that will make you our customer
tutt msntm i rTVjb
hey Are Here
The big car load of Milburn Wagons we
have been talking to you about have ar
rived and arenow ready for your in
spection We would be very glad to
have you come around and inspect them
If you are going to be in the market for
a new wagon we have what you want
and nothing has been offered better
than the Milburn Honestly made and
honestly sold Come and see what real
wagons look like and get the prices
We wjll both profit by a deal
Groceries Feed and Farm Implements
Palestine tex s
mportant to the Trade
Your can save money by calling on G A Lillibridge for
prices on the following articles as he is com
pelled to make room for fall stock
White Heron flour lBd Albatros flour 185
White Wolf flour lso Gold Leaf flour 190
Granite and Tin Ware Cheap
In fact a general assortment of well bought groceries Am soleagerif
for Panther Coffee one and three pound cans A lot of Crescent Stocky
and Poultry Food CHEAP a
Cor N Jackson and Lacy
Phone No 6B8
is a joy in any household to say
nothing of its sanitary necessftyr
One of the chief lines of our
plumbing business is the furnishy
ing and installing of bathtubs
d wash stands connected with
the water supply and sewer sys
tem by the latest devices in pip
ing Get a free estimate of coat

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