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SW >
Sermon by
Pastor Brooklyn
Lynn Mass August 14 Pn < to
Russell of Brooklyn Tabernacle spot <
here twice today to large and atteu
Ove audiences We report one of In
discourses from the above He said In
My text Is one of the strongest o1
those which once we erroneousij mis
understood to teach the eternal tor
ment of the nonelect Coming to tin
text with our minds filled with the
wrong impressions respecting tb <
character of the Almighty Creator and
respecting his purposes toward hu
manlty It Is easy for us to rnlsunder
stand the words of St Jude So deep
ly were the erroneous thoughts ira
pressed upon our minds from child
hood that Irrational though lbey were
we considered them fundamental the
ology In like manner we wrested to
our own confusion and injury man
Scriptures reading into them whw
they do not say and Ignoring what
they do say As for instance tin
messages of Holy Writ to the effvf
that all the wicked will God destroy
that the wages of sin is death tha
the soul that slnneth It shall die
that there is no eternal life out of
Christ All these and others we warp
ed and twisted away from their beai
tlful and simple teaching and mad
out of them doctrines of devils wit
which we alarmed ourselves and Un
committed to our instruction
We thank God that gradual tb
eyes of our understanding are upon
lng to discern the great Truth that V
testing of the Church in the present
Age andThe testing of the world a
large in the coming Age will be as ii
worthiness for eternal life or wort In
ness of eternl death everlasting d
struction the Second Death from
which there will be no redemption no
resurrection no recovery As St Peter
declares Those who enter into it will
be like brute beasts made to be taken
and destroyed annihilated
Sodoms Guilt and Punishment
Sodom and surrounding cities were
profligate and licentious to the extreme
and Divine Justice decreed that their
course must not continue but that
they should be made an example of
Messon tp j > lherso > f the Divine dis
pleasure against all such licentious
ness Accordingly we read that tire
and brimstone were rained from
heaven to the utter destruction of those
cities the place of which is now mark
ed by the Dead Sea The Sodomite
were obliterated and only their name
and history have come down to ns
Their utter destruction Uy eternal tire
or heavenly lire rained upon them was
a complete destruction Their experi
ence pictures forth the utter destruc
tion of all whom God will finally re
ject as unworthy of eternal lif Not
that fire and brimstone would he rain
ed upon all but that utter destruction
will come upon all disapproved liy >
Almighty Who thinks that St Tut
meant that the tire that destroyed the
Sodomites was an eternal one Who
ever thinks that it is still burning as a
literal blaze should take a look at the
picture of tbe Dead Sea and note that
there are no fires there The I bought
is that the fire which is a symbol of
destruction did its work thoroughly
completely leaving not a vestige or
these condemned to destruction
The Sodomites all went to hell 1 >
the Bible hellto the state of death
But they did not go to the bell whli i
was manufactured by our forefathers
during the dark ages a hell of eteriai
torture We have Bible testimony on
the subject which we will produce
They are unconscious now like the re
malnder of the dead waiting for ili
resurrection And the resurrection op
portunity will come to thein as well
as to all the remainder of Adams
race because they us well as all nth
ers are redemed by the precious blood
of Christ by the sacrifice which In
finished at Calvary This is not w > c
ulatlve We have the words of I In
Master himself on the subject I et u
take our Information our wisdom from
the proper quarter Then our doubt
and fears will speedily liee a waj
Not a Second Chance
We will produce the Bible testimony
showing that the Sodomites will be re
leased and come forth during tin me
diato nai reign of Messiah > o enjo a
share of the blessings then to be pour
ed out upon Isruel and the world and
to have an opportunity of coming into
harmony with God and gaining eterna
life But we know that straiginwa
somebody will say No Pastor Russell
that would be ii second chance an <
God has nowhere promised it second
chance to any Furthermore it woiiil
be belittlelng to the Divine Govern
ment to suppose that God after giving
one fair trial to a man and reaching a
decision would conclude to give him
another trial as though Divine Justice
were unable to determine the worthl
ness or unworthiness of the individual
for eternal life in one trial or testing
We fully agree with this sentiment
hut call attention to the fact that the
Sodomites did not enjoy one trial foi
Jlfe They and ail mnnkind were
born In aln shapen in Iniquity in sin
did their mothers conceive them
0 0 0
The Vengeance j
of Eternal Fire j
Even as Sodom and Gomorrah
and the cities about them are set j
forth for an example suffering the
vengeance of eternal fire Jude 7
o oO
They were born under the sentence
Dying thou shalt die Neithei thii
nor anyone else therefore could h
placed upon trial for a future life eve
lasting or death everlasting until te
leased from the original sentence >
death under which all were born And
no release from that death sentence
was granted to anybody until the Re
deemer came and died the Just for
the unjust that as by a man cam
death by a man also might come the
resurrection ofthe dead
Only those therefore who have been
born since Jesus day could be released
from the original penalty or could be
placed on trial for life or death eter
nal Only the Church therefore ac
cepts this proposition To this agrees
the words of the Apostle If tee sin
wilfully after that we have come to a
knowledge of the Truth there remain
eth no more sacrifice for sin such bav
ing enjoyed and misused their share
of the original sacrifice nothing but
a fearful looking forward to of judg
ment sentence and fiery Indignation
which will devour the adversaries of
j God in the Second Death Hebrews x
26 The Sodomites therefore did not
I enjoy any chance of eternal life They
i knew not the only name given under
heaven or amongst men whereby we
must be saved Not only so but the
majority of mankind since Jesus day
have never heard the GospeT in the
true sense of the word hearing They
have never understoou never appre
ciated it fully rightly
Mors Tolerable For Sodomites
It may astonish some to know that
Jesus speaking of the judgment or
trial of the world during the coming
age during his Mediatorial Kingdom
declared that that trial would be less
severe upon the Sodomites than upon
some of those people to whom he
j preached who would also have a
share in the opportunities of that
i great epoch an opportunity with the
1 Sodomites of reconciliation to God
and the attainment of eternal life
His words were Woe unto you Cho
I razzin and Bethsalda for if tbe mighty
works which have been done in you
j had been done In Sodom and Gomor
rah they would have repented long
ago In sackcloth and ashes Therefore
I say unto you It shall be more to
erable for Tyre and Sidon in the da
of judgment the worlds trial time
the Millennium than for you Mat
thew 11 22 23 What more could we
ask upon this subject What highei
authority could be Invoked than the
Great Judge himself
It will not do to say that Jesus did
not refer to tbe same licentious soil
omltes mentioned by St Jude tu our
text It will not do to suy that Jesus
meant some Sodomites living In bis
day because there were none Tin
Master distinctly tells us that the
same day that Lot went out of Sodom
i It rained down fire and brimstone from
heaven and destroyed them all luKe
xvll 29 When our Lord declares
that it shall be more tolerable fo
Sodom In the day of judgment than
for Capernaum and the other cities
In which he preached he Implies that
J It will still be tolerable for those peo
ple who heard him and who rejected
his message
Thus It Is Written
This Gospel Age which began with
our Lords sufferings and trying expe
riences and whicb has continued those
experiences with his followers has for
Its object the preparation the qualifi
cation of those who will be the Judges
of the world in the coming Age They
must all be developed in the fruits and
graces of the Holy Spirit meekness
patience brotherly kindness love
else that will not be tit to be the
Judges of mankind by and by It is
required that all become copies of the
Redeemer Gods dear Son St Paul
tells us this baying Know ye not
that the saints shall Judge the world
and that God has foreordained that all
of these judges must be copies of bis
Son Bomaus viii 29 J Corinthians
vi 2
Come back with me to the Old Testa
ment Scriptures and note how the Di
vine Spirit dictated this matter of the
future trial of the Sodomites to one of
the prophets and caused it to be writ
ten for our instruction Alas as Jesus
said we have been slow of heart to
believe all that the prophets have
poken Luke xxlv 25 Through
Ezekiel the Prophet the Lord explains
that when the restitution time shall
come at the Second Advout of our
Lord in the glory of his Kingdom then
the Divine blessing will come upon
Israel now cast off Nor will the bless
lng of Messiahs Kingdom come upon
Israel only It will extend to all the
families of the enrth Through the
Prophet the Lord specially emphasized
to Israel her two sister nations Sodom
and Sunarlu The Lord pointed out
that In the day of their pride and pros
perity they disdained these sister no
tions ns being far beneath them and
unworthy of their notice In every way
But in tiie restitution times Acts ill
IOi they will be glad to have a share
of the Divine favor In conjunction with
those nHtions formerly despised
The Lord declares that It Is not be
cause of tbe worthiness of aujofhgs
that he proposes their testiluiiotJJuil
because of his glorious rjiaraTeffiti
which his namesake Let iiftJtMl
to you this remarkablv cltti3 fSi
ment of the Divine purposes Jfuri
and let us notice that it is emiihatfc
ally declared that the ones oJjWyh1
stored and blessed are the vfryjayTiues
who perished in tbe days of LotSkWe
read JSP
Sodom thy sister hath nottvditne
as thou hast done 3Be
hold this was the iniquity oflth sis
ter Sodom pride fulness ofSbread
and abundance of Idleness wnst > ber
neither did she strengthen the
hand of the poor and the needy And
they were haughty and committed
abomination before me therefore 1
took them away as I saw good Gn < I
did not see good to take them tmayiell
of eternal torture but he did sMgSont
to destroy them and to make UtFrh uti
example of the destruction ofuHtilti
mately displeasing to him afte enjov
lng a knowledge of his grace nud an
opportunity for eternal life Jgj
Thou also which bast condemned
thy sister nations bare thljmgbwn
ihame for thy sins They n rtgmore
righteous than thou ins Tewtj de
clared When I shall bring agSln their
captivity bring them from theTfirlson
house of death tbenwlll
bring again the captivity of thycap
tives in the midst of them thjtfthou
mayest bear thine own shamjg ttnd
mayest be confounded in all jtaatfrho
hast done in that thou art a Vomfnft
unto them When thy slsters Sodom
and her daughters shall retunrtoHbelr
former estate and Samaria nndher
daughters return to their formr es
tate then thou and thy daughters
shall return to your former estate
I will remember my Covenant
with thee in the days of thyjyoulh
and I will establish unto Jhem an
everlasting Covenant the NTewlnw
Covenant of which Messiabl tin
Mediator and which under hispledin
torial Kingdom shall bless lsraelj anil
all who will come into IsrneJJEindei
the glorious terms of that NelvTCov
nent Jeremiah xxxl 3D
Then thou shalt remember tliv
ways and be ashamed when thou shil
receive thy sisters thine elder onjltli
younger and I will give tbetnjjunto
thee for daughters but notjfbyl tin
Covenant not under yourapreseni
Law Covenant but under tlie New
Law Covenant and Its betterjiledla
tor that thou mayesV re
member and be confounded andjnever
open thy mouth any more because of
thy shame when I am paclfiedttoward
thee for all that thou hast donejsaitb
the Lord God Ezekiel xvl 4831
Length and Breadth Height and
Depth z
How wonderful it at first seems to
us to find that we really havifa good
kind loving God and not an unmerci
ful and vengeful one So grosal fwere
we deceived respecting bTs TE < Sscter
by the traditions handed down from
the past that we gave him the rev
erence of fear rather than thnt of
lore and devotion The clearer light
comes to us as a fresh revelation of
the meaning of the Apostles4 words
when he wrote about lengths and
breadths nnd heights and depths of
love of God which passeth all under
The words of the Ionl through the
prophet come to our minds Fear not
their fear neither be afraid Their
fear of me is not of me but isiltuglit
by the precepts of man Ah the
heavens are higher than the earth so
are my ways hlgherthan your ways
and my plans higher than your plans
Oh Thank God that it is so To all
eternity we shall praise God that he
did not allow our forefathers to mnke
him or change his character Yes and
he is the same yesterday today and
forever He changes not The great
wise just lovlug plan for the salva
tion of mankind which he is now car
rying out was thevery one which In
purposed in himself before the world
was created The plan of selecting
the Church througli fiery trials through
the straight gate and uarrow way foi
nineteen centuries was what he pur
posed In advance for the Apostle says
that he foreknew tbe Church in Christ
Likewise the times of restitution
soon to come for tbe world of mankind
he foreknew and predestinated mil
made all the arrangements for just as
they are being carried out now The
end will be glorious His tfame will
shine resplendent ly when the mists
have cleared away and when the Sun
of Righteousness shall arise with heal
ing in his beams scattering nil the
darkness nnd degradation of sin ami
Then well see what God hathiwrought
Then well praise him praise Him as we
ought Jf
To You It Is Given
We are well aware that only the few
can see the beauties of this subject aa
we see them We are awarethat only
those to whom it is given to know
will understand in the senseof fully
appreciating the depth of tl e Divine
message But we are surejrrhnt all
such will rejoice more and more In tbe
God of our salation as thej coiue to
appreclnte his worthiness of j our love
and confidence nnd devotion 1
As for those who shall under Divine
tests prove themselves sympathetic
with iniquity we are glad that the
Divine sentence Is that they shall have
from the EternoT One a destructioi
total complete one frotlt whlch there
will be no recovery no redemption ni
resurrection They shall lie as thougk
they had not been But all the willing
and the obedient shall have the bless
ing of the Lord uuto life eternol
elther on the spirit plane asj members
of the Church of tbe firstborns or on
the human plane as members of the
saved Israel restored to human perfec
Consolidated Cause No 2501
the town of Phelps to the town of
Huntsville in Walker County from
the City of Houston in Harris Coun
ty to the town of Colombia in Bra
zoria County from Navasota n
Grimes County to Madisonville in
Madison County from Calvert Junc
tion to Gal vert and from Waco
Junction to East Waco also the
railway and railway tracks and prop
erty appurtenant thereto and cer
tain tracts of land in and adjacent
to the City of Houston in Harris
County State of Texas known as
tbe Houston Belt Terminals a
total distance of about eleven hun
dred and six miles of completed
railroad all in the Stale of Texas
also the trackage rights of the said
International and Great Northern
Railroad Company from Houston in
Harr s County to Galveston in Gal
veston County in said State of Tex
as over the railroad of the Galves
ton Houston Henderson Railroad
Company of 1SS2 accorded to it by
an agreement between said Iast
named railroad company and said
International and Great Northern
1 Railroad Company dated November
19th 1895 also all and singular the
said International and Great North
em Ra lroad Companys railroads
tracks rights of way ma n lines
branch lines superstructures de
pots depot grounds station houses
engine houses car houses freight
houses wood houses sheds water
ing places woikshops machne
shops bridges viaducts culverts
1 fences and fixtures together with
all ts leases leaseholdinteiests
leased or lured lands leased or
hiied railroads and all its locomo
tives tenders cars carriages
coaches trucks and other rolling
stock is machinery tools weigh
ing scales tin ii tables i ails wood
coal oil fuel equipment furniture
and material of every nime nature
and description together with all
Us corporate rights piivileges im
muuities and franchises whether
held at the tme of the execution
of the said Second Mortgage name
ly on June 15th 1881 or thereafter
acquired including the franchise to
be a corporation and all the tolls
faies Heights rents income is
sues and profits thereof and all
the reversion and reversions re
mainder and roma ndors thereof as
well as all pioperty purchased or
held by the Receiver herein includ
ing any balance of cash credits
and income which may remain in
his hands after application thereof
as herein provided or as has
been or may hereafter be directed
by the Court herein to the payment
of receivership obligations and
charges and to the payment of
claims which may be allowed by the
Court herein against the same with
priority over said Second Mortgage
dated June 15th 1881 excepting
however all land grants lands land
certificates town lots and town
sites owned or controlled by the
TRUST COMPANY TRUSTEE COMj said International and Great North
Railroad Company at the date
of the execution of said Second
Mortgage namely on June 15th
1881 or at any time prior to said
date which were not on the first
day of November 1879 or there
after up to the said 15th day of
June 1881 actually occupied and in
use by the said Railroad Company
and necessary to the occupation and
maintenance of its lines of rail
road and excepting further any
portions of said premises and prop
erty which may have been released
from the lien and operation of said
mortgage dated June 15th 1881
and the releases for which have
been duly filed for record in the
proper county
The said premises and property will
be sold subject to the mortgage dated
November 1st 1879 made by said In
ternational Great Northern Rail
road Company to John S Kennedy
and Samuel Sloan as Trustees and
known as said Railroad Companys
First Mortgage and subject also to
any unpaid indebtedness or liability
contracted or incurred by said Inter
national Great Northern Railroad
Company in the operation of its Rail
road which the Court has since the
entry of said decree herein ordered
or decreed or which it may hereafter
order or decree herein to be prior or
superior to the lien of the said mort
gage dated June loth 1881 except
such as shall be paid or satisfied out
of the Income of the property in the
hands of the Receiver herein under
orders of the Court entered or to be
entered herein and subject also to
such debts claims liens and demands
jf whatsoever nature heretofore in
curred or created or which may here
after be incurred or created b y the
Receiver herein under orders of the
Court heretofore or hereafter entered
herein and which have not been or
shall not hereafter be paid by sa d Re
cever under orders of the Court
heretofore or hereafter entered here
in or other parties in interest here
in or out of the proceeds of the said
sale as in said decree directed and
certain specif c portions ofsad prop
erty and premises namely The San
Antonio Passenger Station the Colo
rado Bridge and certain equipment
will be sold respectively subject to
the existing recorded mechanics lien
the First Mortgage Colorado Bridge
Bonds and the unsatisfied recorded
equipment liens specifically and re
spectively affecting the same
The Master Comm ssioner will re
ceive no bid from any person until
such person shall have deposited with
him the sum of 100000 Such de
posit will bereturned In case the de
positors bid be not accepted but if
his b d be acceptedthenaucJxdepoiit
will be held by the Master Commis
sioner on account of the purchase
Equity Cause No 2314
n pursuance of a decree in these
causes made and entered on or about
the tenth day of May 1910 foreclos
ing the mortgage made by the Inter
national Great Northern itailroad
Company to The Farmers Loan and
Trust Company as Trustee dated
June 15th 1881 and of decrees o tbe
Ciicuit Court of the United States
for the Southern District of Texas
entered on or about the 25th day of
June 1910 the Eastern District of
Texas entered on or about the 27th
day of June 1910 and the Western
District of Texas entered on or about
the 29th day of June 1910 in the
suits in equity in each of said last
mentioned Districts pending wherein
The Farmers Loan and Trust Com
pany Trustee is complainant and
the International Gieat Northern
Railroad Company The Mercantile
Trust Company and Thomas J Free
man as Receiver of The Internation
al Great Northern Railroad Com
pany are defendants I WILLIAM H
FLIPPEN the Master Commissioner
in and by said decrees appointed for
the purpose win on Thursday the
lfteenth day of September 1910 at
twelve oclock noon at the passenger
depot of the International Gieat
Northern Railroad Company in the
City of Palestine in the County of
Anderson in the State of Texas sell
at public auction to the highest bid
der therefor and as an entirety and
without valuaton apraisement re
demption or extension and with all
muniments of title thereto and evi
dences of ownership thereof the fol
lowing property premises and fran
chises described in the said decrees
as follows
ALL and singular the lands tene
ments and hereditaments of the de
fendant International and Great
Northern Railroad Company wheth
er owned at the date of the execu
tion of the said Second Mortgage
namely on the 15th day of June
18S1 or thereafter acquired by it
including its lines of railroad in the
state of Texas extending from the
town of Longview in the County of
Gregg in said State through said
County and through the Counties
of Rusk Smith Cherokee Ander
son Leon Robertson Milam Wil
llamson Travs Hays Comal
Bexar Medfna Frio La Salle Enci
nal and Webb to Laredo in said
lastmentioned County and from
the town of Mineola in Wood Coun
ty to Troup in Smith County and
from the City of Palestine in An
derson County through the Coun
ties of Houston Trinity Walker
and Montgomery to Houston in
Harris County and from the
town of Spring in Harris
County through the Counties
of Montgomery Waller Grimes
Brazos Robertson Falls McLen
nan Limestone Hill Navarro Ellis
and Johnson to the City of Fort
Worth Tarrant County with
branches and branch lines from the
town of Overton to the town of
Henderson in Rusk County from
the town of Round Rock to George
town in Williamson County from
The purchaser when the property
is struck down to him shall at once
pay the Master Commissioner on ac
count of h s purchase a sufficient sum
to make up with hs deposit ten per
centum of his accepted bid The de
posit requred before bidding shall be
paid in United States currency or in
such certfied draft certificate or
cheque as may be satisfactory to the
Master Commissioner or In a certifi
cate of The Farmers Loan and Trust
Company duly made payable to the
order of said Master Commissioner
Said further payment shall be made
either as aforesad or in the bonds
and coupons secured by the said mort
gage dated June 15th 1881 taken at
a valuation equal to the amount said
bonds and coupons would be entitled
to receive in cash out of the amount
hid for the said property The certif
icate of the said The Farmers Loan
and Trust Company that it holds
bonds and coupons as therein de
scribed subject to the order of the
party named therein such certificate
being by him transferred to the order
of said Master Commissioner will be
accepted in lieu of such bonds and
coupons Should such further pay
ment not be made the property will
be forthwith resold without further
advertisement the Court reserving
the right to consider such resale made
on account of said successful bidder
or as an original sale and in case of
such resale the deposit receivedifrom
the said successful bidder wU be ap
plied on account of the purchase
price Such further portions of the
purchase price shall be paid In money
as the Court may from time to time
direct the Court reserving the right
to resell the premises and property
heiein directed to be sold upon the
failure of the purchaser or purchasers
his its or their sucessors or assigns
to comply with any order of the Court
in that tegard and in case of any
such resale or the failure of the said
purchaser or purchasers his its or
their assigns to comply wth the
terms of the bid or the orders of the
Couit relative to such additional pay
ments the said money bonds and
coupons so paid in as aforesaid shall
be forfeited as liqudated damages and
shall be applied toward the expenses
of any resale ordered or toward mak
ing good any deficiency or loss in case
the property at such resale sha bring
less than at the prior sale The bal
ance of the put chase price may be
paid either in money or in bonds or
iverdue coupons secured by the said
nortgage dated June 15th 1881 each
aid bond and coupon being received
for such sum as the holder thereof
would be entitled to lecelve under the
d stribution herein ordered and ac
ioidlng to the priority herein ad
judged The certificate of the said
The Farmers Loan and Trust Com
pany that it holds bonds and coupons
as therein described subject to the
order of the party named therein said
ertificate being by him transferred
to the order of said Master Commis
sioner will be accepted in lieu of
such bonds and coupons
Within thirty days from the confir
mation of said sale or such further
= 21
time as the Court may allow on applt
cation of the purchaser for good
cause shown the purchaser or pur
chasers his its or their successors
and assigns shall complete paymeritr
of the entire amount bid to the Master
Commissioner and on such payment
the said purchaser or purchasers his
its or their successors and assigns
will be entitled to receive a deed of
conveyance and bill of sale o
property purchased from the Master
Commissioner and from the other par
ties to this cause as in said decree
herein provided and to receive pos
session of the property so purchased
from the parties holding possession of
the same subject however to the
said mortgage dated November 1st
1879 made by said International
Great Northern Railroad Company to
John S Kennedy and Samuel Sloan
as Trustees and known as said Rail
road Companys First Mortgage and
subject also to any unpaid indebted
ness or liability contraoted or Incur
red by said International Great
Northern Railroad Company in the
operation of Its Railroad which the
Court since the entry of the said de
cree herein has ordered or decreed
or may hereafter order or decree
herein to be prior or superior to the
lien of said motgage dated June 15th
1881 except such as shall be paid or
satisfied out of the income of the
property inthehands of the Receiver
herein under orders of the Court en
tered or to be entered herein and sub
ject also to such debts claims liens
and demands of whatsoever nature
heretofore Incurred or created or
which may hereafter be incurred or
created by the Receiver herein under
orders of the Court heretofore or here
after entered herein and which have
not been or shall not hereafter be
paid by said Receiver under orders of
the Court heretofore or hereafter en
tered herein or other parties In in
terest herein or out of the proceeds
of said sale as in said decree direct
ed and subject also as to certain spe
cific portions of said property and
premises namely the San Antonio
Passenger Station the Colorado
Bridge and certain equipment to the
existing recorded mechanics lien the
First Mortgage Colorado Bridge Bonds
and the unsatisfied recorded equip
ment liensspecifically and respective
ly affecting the same And the Court
reserves jurisdiction over said prqp
erty notwithstanding such deed dr
deeds or delivery of possession for
the purpose of enforcing such pay
For a more detailed statement of
the terms and conditions underwhich
said sale will be made reference is
hereby made to the said decrees and
each and every one of them on file
with the Clerks of the several Courts
hereinbefore mentioned <
Dated Dallas Texas August 16th
William H Flippen
Master Commissioner
Geiler Rolston Horan
Baker Botts Parker Garwood
Solicitors for Complainant
The Farmers Loan and Trust Com
Makes a Difference
In agontSernj
a small boy had some puppies in a
basket and he was trying to persuade
a man to purchase one of them S
Wouldnt you like to buy a puppy <
sir he asked
What are your puppies my boy
the man questioned are they repub
licans or are they democrats
They are republicans the boy
answered quickly and with conviction
Much pleased the gentleman bought
one of them Two weeks later the
boy met the same mart and tried to
sell him another puppy
Well asked the man what kind
of puppies have you today He
glanced into the basket and saw that
they were from the same lot as that
of his recent purchase
Democrats the little fellow re
sponded promptly
Ah the man exlaimed Abut two
weeks ago I had one from the same
family and you said that they were
republican puppies How do you ac
count for that
Oh Oh Mister you seethey have
their eyes open now
Hubby Your milliners bill las
year has cost me as much as the sa
ary of my two bookkeepers That 1
more than I can afford
Wife Well discharge one of then
The Wherefore
That fellow watches the
< ood deal
Its excusable in his case ex
plained the Indulgent boss Hes
somewhat deaf and cant hear the
whistle Washington Herald
Result brlngers Herald i want ada
ifeew i t
< < t fV Vt
< ftCl
A Foolish Notion
I am determined that my son shall
have a firstclass education I never
had the advantage of much schooling J
myself and I knowiow aman who is
not educated is likely to be handl
Pshaw Ive about made up my
mind that its all pure luck Look at
me I aint never been able to get
ahead much with all the educat on
Ive got Chicago RecordHerald
Time For It j
What are you thinking of Henry
she asked after he had safTor several
minutes with a faraway look in his
eyes >
Ive just been wondering why no i
body has started another end of thej
world scare lately Ch cagoRecordj
A Remedy

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