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The suggestion has been made to
the Herald by a citizen who has al
ways stood for the best things for his
community that It would be a good
plan to hold a reception to the new
comers to Anderson county making it
possible for the people1 generally to
get acquainted with their new neigh
bors The Herald indorses the idea
and suggests that the Board oTTrade
plan such a reception and extend an
invitation to the new people in the
county as well as the old residents to
meet here some day at an early time
and hold a general getacquainted
meeting In connection with this
same program a good farm product
exhibit could be held in the parlors
of the Board of Trade making the day
ane not only of social pleasure but of
educational value and one of inspira
tion If the Board of Trade is ready
to cooperate in such a move the
Herald will advertise the occasion and
this paper feels sure such an invita
tion would be heartily responded to
We should have a good county exhibit
at any rate that we may know here
at home just what we are doing And
while we are about it we should make
the exhibit of such character that we
could forward it to the Dallas Fair
Brethren of Palestnie we should be
up and doing along this line We need
a more extended country business and
this is one of the best ways to secure
The Coolest Spot In Palestine
Essaney Feature Film
TWO SHOWS 8 and 915 P M
Adults 10c
Children 4 to 12 Years 5c
No Reserved Seats
For Ladles and Children at Lyric
Theatre on Main Street Wednes
day and Saturday After
noons at 5 Oclock
Vote for Your Favorite Contest
Clos es Next Friday Night Win
ners Will Be Announced
Saturday Night
s5s y e = jr r wE 5 >
Entered In the Palestine Texas Postoffica as SecondClasa Mall Matter
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Editors and Proprietors
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear In the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon It being brought to attention of the publishers
For Palestine and ryiclnity
Tonight and Tuesday gen
erally fair weather
1682 The Duke of York deeded the
town of Newcastle and the con
tiguous territory to William
1757 First issue of the Boston
Weekly Advertiser
1787 John Fitchs first sidewheel
steamboat successfully tried on
the Delaware river
1849 Surrender of Venice to the
1850 A southern rights convention
met in Macon
1851 The yacht America won the
famous cup in the international
regatta at Cowes
1867 Fisk University Tennessee
1872 West Virginia adopted a new
1877 Canals at Keokuk on the Missis
sippi completed
1903 Canadian Arctic expedition in
the Neptune sailed from Hal
While some of the papers and some
of the people are hammering away at
Governor Campbell and assailing him
because he has had the honesty and
nerve to live up to his platform and
try and enact into law the things de
clared for in the partys platform it
is refreshing to find some other papers
willing to give him credit for doing his
duty The following editorial from
the San Antonio LightGazette will be
read with interest by the friends of
the governor
Some folks in Texas would die of
mortification if Governor Campbell
should go to the United States senate
in the event of the retirement of
Senator Culberson which is rumored
today There is no doubt that Gover
nor Campbell with his Scotch deter
mination and sound sense on most
matters would make a splendid addi
tion to that body He might never be
acclaimed a matchless leader or
the pearl of democracy or the
hope of the nation or any other of a
lot of lickspittle terms but he would
probably cast no stain upon the repu
tation of the state The fact that
Governor Campbell has made so many
enemies among the buzzards that in
fest Austin and try to look like eagles
while picking the bones of the peo
ple is a mighty good recommendation
for the man
He has made lots of m stakes but
the man who never did anything is
the only one who never made a mis
take Campbells record is pretty
clean considering the fact that about
five hundred professional character
hawks have been after him for two
years and have found very little to
shout from the housetops
At many times this newspaper has
had cause to differ with the governor
and his acts have not niT ° pf vlth
the approval of the people of this
section but no one has ever ques
tioned his honesty or hi ability Lots
of people get by just because they
mean well or are conscientious or are
said to be honest This is a mighty
poor sort of recommendation for a
man who thinks well of brains but
lots of our leading statesmen find It
the only anchor
Governor Campbell has been vigor
ous at times to the point of rough
ness but after all he is a rugged man
and a brainy man and doesnt have to
be sweet and nice to hold publc opin
ion in his favor
Heres hoping that Senator Culber
son may long be spared to Texas but
that in the event of his retirement
some one as straight as T M Camp
bell may take his place
f he Knockers Club has been given
no place in the Labor Day parade
Tis well
Just two weeks from today until
Lanor Day when we are all expected
to frolic and show our appreciation of
Senator Gore insisted that the con
gressional committee investigating his
charges exonorate Vice President
Sherman and Senator Curtis from any
connection with the deals in question
Gore seems to be big enough to play
the game absolutely fair
Bids were opened in Washington
Saturday for the construction of Pal
estines federal building and it is pre
sumed the contract will be awarded
and work begin pretty soon Pales
tine is rapidly building into a modern
little city and this federal building is
going to help
President Madriz of Nicaragua has
hit for the tall timber and the press
dispatches announce that Estrada Is
acting president It is now a question
of who will be the next cutup over
there It takes hard work to hold
down the presidency in South and
Central America
Special interests seeking special ad
vantages fiom the government are in
a large measure responsible for the
crookedness in governmental affairs
Take the spiritof selfishness out of
the game and most men would want
to see the best laws for the common
good Repeal the tariff and much of
the trouble will have been eliminated
We are being assisted to some im
portant distinctions W arc learning
D C Bowdon and Mrs Margartt
Starr United In Marriage
Last night at 930 oclock at the
parsonage of the Centenary Methodist
of the city an oldtime resident and
a man with a large circle of friends
while his bride is a most estimable
woman They are now at home at
Mr Bowdons pretty home at 111 Roy
all street
Navasota Oil Mill Valued at 75000
With Insurance of 30000
Navasota Texas Aug 21 Fire was
discovered in the Schumacher oil mill
last night about 1030 oclock and re
sulted in a disastrous blaze The fire
started in one of the cotton seed con
veyors and its origin is unknown It
rapidly spread and threatened all the
nearby buildings Notwithstanding the
fact that the mill has its own water
system for fighting fire the firemen
were unable to check the spread of
the flames The mill was a total loss
The mill was built thirtysix years
igo by H Schumacher and has al
ways been a paying institution for
Navasota The mill had been equip
ped throughout with modern machin
ery The loss is estimated at 75000
with 30000 insurance The mill at
present was owned by a stock com
pany the principal holders being the
Schumacher heirs and Messrs Tem
pleman Terrell Wesson and others
that a politician in congress looks
after his party and his immediate
constituency trading and scheming to
get the most from the public crib for
h s people while a statesman is a
constructive historymaker looking
after the best policies for the govern
ment guaranteeing the most good to
the most people It is by the way
an important distinction
Letters From Switzerland State She
Will Sail For Home In September
Letters recently received from Mrs
Percy V Pennybacker written in
Switzerland show that she is fast re
gaining her normal strength after a
severe illness and is looking forward
with delight to her return home by
the middle of September She with
lier children will sail from Cherbourg
on September 9 on the steamer Cin
cinnati of the HamburgAmerican line
Annual tournament of Dominion of
200 for a sn course ticket 300
Canada Trap Shooting Association J
for a dolble course ticket admitting
opens in Montreal
Annual Yorktwo to ench of the seven entertain
of New
ments > The usual charSe of ten
State Chess Association opens in
cents for reserved seats will be made
there beng no free seats this year
Annual tournament of Westchester
Polo Club opens at Newport R I The following are the attractions
Opening of international polo tourna 1 College Singing Girls and Wal
ment at Toronto
Tony Caponi vs Jack Ryan 10 rounds
at Winnipeg Man
Iowa state tennis championship tourn
ament opens at Des Moines
West Virg nia state tennis champion
ship tournament opens at Parkers
InterMountain tennis championship
tournament opens at Salt Lake City
Result bringers Herald want ada
ig wft5 J i v f > J5JE
The Alkahest Bureau Will Furnish
Palestine With a Fine List of
Attractions This Year
All lovers of highclass entertain
ment will greet with delight the Pal
estine Lyceums announcement of the
19101911 course which is to be
brought to Palestine this year The
management has arranged with the
Alkahest Bureau for the strongest
attractions obtainable and every num
ber indicates the standard set Ap
prec ating the popular love for good
music six of the seven entertainments
v ill be concert companies glee clubs
orchestras and the like and Dr Thos
E Green the lecturer selected for
this season is a deep thinking orator
of great ability In order that this
course may del ght greater numbers
than before the management has ar
ranged for all the attractions to be
given at the New Temple Theater
while the popular priced season tick
ets will be sold as was done last year
ter Eccles
I 3
International tennis championship 4
tournament opens at Niaragaonthe 5
Dr Thos E Green Lecturer
Alkahest Ladies Quartette
Fisher Shipp Concert company
Rounds Orchestra of Ten Peo
Wilbur Starr Quartette company
Chicago Glee Club
the subscription list for the
course must be closed at once the
management requests that you phone
in your request for tickets to 414 or
write a postal to the Palestine Ly
ceum stating the number of tickets
to be saved for you
orn Club Had a
Day Here I
The Anderson County Boys Corn club Dinner began at 230 and the
Club were guests of honor of the busi program lasted until after 4 A splen
dd dinner was served and f ° inS
ness men of Palestine Saturday and
the menu a number of good talks were
to say they were treated royally and
made b men Secret sterne
liaU J ma m Ul a t u >
utuu ao
mu uorccrc nlCTnJ
The club boys some thirtyfive strong first introduced Mrs Gerlmg who
met at the Board of Trade rooms in made a splendid talk She was fol
the morning and were taken in lowed by Mrs Deming and then Qr
charge by Secretary Sterne of the C S Bratton R R Claridge Geo A
Board who devoted the day to them i Wright and Prof Buck were intro
The boys present ranged in age from duced in turn and all made happy
thirteen or fourteen to twenty and talks to the boys The boys went
the first thing Secretary Sterne did home happy and proud to belong to
was to buy each of them a widebrim the club The club is composed of
straw hat as part of their club uni some eighty members but all of them
form After a short time spent in the could not be present However every
Board rooms a line of march was member has promised to make the
formed headed by Col George A effort to be here on Labor Day and
Wright and Mrs Gerling the latter j join the mounted brigade in the pa
the president of the club and a rade This promises to be one of the
march was made up the front street big features of the Labor Day parade
to the Lindell Hotel where a specialAnderson county has cause to be
dinner had been arranged for the j proud of the Boys Corn Club
Much Valuable Land Previously With
drawn Has Been Restored
Spokane Wash Aug 20 Official
advices received by the United States
church Mr D C Bowdon and Mrsiland office in Spokane say that 493
Margaret Starr were united in mari3S6 acres of land in Washington Ore
riage Rev James Kilgore officiating gon Idaho and Montana previously
The marriage came as a complete withdrawn from entry have been re
surprise to the friends of the contract stored to the public domain In an
ing parties but all will join the Her k der Issued by the department of the
aid in extending best wishes Mr I iterior following a proclamation by
Bowdon is a prominent business man j Resident Taft The lands which
b mostly covered with timber and
a > suitable for agr culture will be
c ie subject to settlement and entry
th year under the provisions of the
haestead laws at the land offices in
th several states Oregon heads the
liswith more than 300000 acres upon
wbh filing may begin on October 22
eny on November 21 Idaho has 127
5Gacres open to settlement on Oc
tofc 22 entry November 21 Wash
inpn is third with 57160 acres open
to ttlement on October IS and entry
on November 17 Montana 9120
acr open to settlement October 22
andntry November 21 Some of the
lanl are surveyed It is also
noued that much of the land
mai unappropriated
Notice to M B A
Tl Modern Brotherhood of Ameri
ca v meet in regular session in the
Frataal Biotherhood hall over the
Roy National Bank at 830 p m
Tue = y the 23rd next All members
and ose to be initiated will please
taketlce and be on hand promptly
at Si
t Dollie 1 Smith Secretary
Carjtry and Job work of all kinds
Call QV W Norrls 236 North Jack
son slt
> A = 3 g n r iinwiii inn rtiirrTTf T JtYmi
fence will have usefulness In other
directions It will render smuggling
and the Illict immigration of Chinese
and others into this country more dif
ficult than they are now About one
thousand mtyes of fence will have to
be erected
Below Cost
Queerest Artificial Boundary In Ex
istence Will Separate United
States and Mexico
Herald Special
San Antonio Texas Aug 22 The
longest fence in the world and the
queerest artificial boundary establish
ed between two countries anywhere
will in the near future separate the
United States and Mexico According
to a dispatch in th Mexico Record a
final agreement to that effect has
been drawn up between the two gov
ernments and the fence will be built
in the very near future It will be
constructed of stout posts possibly re
enforced concrete and fivestrand
steertight barbed wire In all places
where the United States government
owns the land thefences will be set
up 20 meters or about 60 yards to the
norTh 5nire f rue bouliaary line and
where the ground is owned Individual
ly the fence will stand on the exact
border Mounted Mexican rurales
will patrol the fence on the south and
United States rangers will do the
same on the north
Published By Authority of ths 8ecre
tary of Agriculture
For Palestine and vicinity until 7
p m Tuesday Tonight and Tuesday
generally fair weather
Minimum temperature 76
Maximum temperature 98
Weather Conditions
Four areas of low pressure appear
upon this morn ngs map one over
lies the northern portion of the Mis
sissippi valley another is over Utah
ihe third covers Arizona while the
overspreads the British north
west Ra n has fallen in the South
Atlantic states the lake region and
over scattered areas in Colorado
Kentucky Louisiana and Missouri An
area of high pressure which is enter
ing the North Pacific states is causing
cooler weather in that section Th
following heavy precipitation in
inches has been reported during the
past twentyfour hours Louisvlle
148 The pressure distribution indi
cates generally fair weather for this
vicinity tonight and Tuesday
T R Tavlor
Official In Charge
Married at the Parsonage
Last evening just after the church
service Rev Howard Davis was called
upon to unite in marriage M ss Pearl
Face and Mr G B Brittian Miss
Face is a very popular lady and for
a long time was an employe at the
Grand Leader Mr Brittian also has a
host of friends who offer congratu
Car load of buggies and aurrles
1910 styles just set up at H Schmidt
72fiim cq m 1Wj
Vn i
We have in stock a number of dainty
Lingerie Dresses stylish dainty and clean
that we do not want to carry over They are
all right in every way but because the sea
son is far advanced and because we want
the room for the fall stock we are offering
these dresses at a price actually below first
cost We suggest if ycu want one that you
come ri ht away They will not be in the
store long at the prices tagged on them
Come today and get your choice
present Governor Joseph M Brown
shall be the next governor The con
teset has been an extremely bUter
one with former Congressman Tnom
as E Watson the erstwhile populist
leader looming up as one of the domiv
nant factors It is generally conced 1
ed that the result of the primaries wll
mean the political annihilatic
WTTSuh or his elevation to
Thomas E Watson Populist Leader
Has Figured Prominently In the
Democratic Campaign
f Herald ipecIaL
Atlanta Ga Aug 22 Democrats of1
Georgia in a primary election tomor
row will nominate a state ticket and
members of the legislature and ten
representatives in congress Nomina
tions are equivalent to election J
The primaries will determine wheth
er former Governor Hoke Smith or
power than he has yet wielded in the l
Georgia democracy
Watson has refrained from takings
any active or prominent part in thej
bitter fight between Smith and Brown
for the governorship He has content
The immediate purpose of the fence ed himself with waging a fierce war
is to prevent cattle from the two coun fare against some of the democratic
tries from
straying onto foreign soil candidates for congress All of the
It will also be useful in the preven ten members of the Georgia delega
tion of infect ous diseases among cat tion in congress are candidates for
tie especially the tick I
However the renomination Watson is endeavoring
Herald want ads pay
to prevent the return of five membeW
of the delegation They are Congress
men Hardwicke of the Tenth district
Howard of the Eghth Edwards of the
First Livingston of the Fifth and
Bartlett of the Sixth district In his
contest against the five congressmen
Watson has been speaking for the
other candidates and in several in
stances he has met Hardwicke and
other candidates in joint debate
Another Real Estate Bargain
Twostory house six rooms located
on lot sixty by one hundred and iifty
feet in one of the best neighborhoods
on the south side Price 2100061
Part cash and the balance on tlme
This Is a bargain for some one want
ing a desirable home at a price it
would cost to build a house For fur
ther information apply to Kendall
Wilson 223t
Talcum Powder
Will Please the Most Exacting
Man Woman or Child
Nadinola Talcum Powder is com
posed entirely of sanative ingredients
fine and soft as velvet When used
it sets free just enough oxygen to
keep the skin white and soft and
in a smooth healthy condition Pre
vents sunburn allays irritation Its
for men and women requiring the b
25c by leading druggists
and back if nipf0 mai 1
your money
By Bratton
Drug Co
ya Co Mflfey

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