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For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight partly cloudy weath
er cooler Friday partly
cloudy weather
i > > >
15S8 Elizabeth Pole founder o Taun
ton Mass born
1683 Thomas Dongan became gover
nor of New York
1718 Founding of New Orleans
French emigrants
1774 First independent assembly
North Carolina was held
J818 Bank of Canada commenced op
erations in Montreal
1819 James Watt inventor of the
steam engine died Born in
1845 Louis II the eccentric king of
Bavaria born near Munich
Browned himself in Lake Starn
berg June 13 1S8G
1862 Confederates captured supplies
at Manassas Junction
1867 Michael Faiaday celebrated
scientist died near London
Born in Surrey England Sept
22 1791
1890 TJ S cruiser Baltimore sailed
for Sweden with the body of
John Ericsson
The city pocketbook has paid out
some two or three thousand dollars
to grade the little hill upon Magnolia
street in a radius of about two blocks
and a nice job has been done enab
ling the people to establish grade
lines for sidewalks and to finish off
nice terraces etc The work was ex
pensive to the city and the people
benefited should show their apprecia
tion And the best way to show their
appreciation would be to come across
now and pay out of their own pockets
for enough gravel to pave that part
of the street and make a demonstra
tion of what can be done with gravel
and a heavy roller This would be a
good move and would be valuable as
an illustration of what can be done
with our clay streets
The present effort to reform the
Texas prison system should meet with
no opposition because it is a matter
ofrecord that our prison management
has not been in keeping with the
times The Herald has contended for
a long time that the state has no
right to trade on the convicts time
and labor The prison should be made
selfsustaining and the men confined
therein should be given such advan
tages and treatment as will tend to
make them hetter men This paper
has always believed in the indeter
minate sentence and the parole be
cause It appreciates that all men
The Coolest Spot In Palestine
Seligs Feature
TWO SHOWS 8 and 915 PM
Adults 10c
Children 4 to 12 Years 5c
No Reserved Seats
For Ladles and Children at Lyric
Theatre on Main Street Wednes
day and Saturday After
noons at 5 OClock
The Winners of Prizes Will Be An
nounced on Saturday Night
Entered In the Palestine Texas Postoffice as SecondClass Mall Matter
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Editors and Proprietors
= = = = = TELEPHONE 444 =
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear In the columns of The Herald
will be gladlycorrected upon It being brought to attention of the publishers
who violate the law in one instance
are in no sense criminals The man
who in a moment of passion commits
an offense against the state is not to
be classed with the criminal who de
liberately commits crime And this
fact should be recognized in the prison
rules The whipping of prisoners
should not be tolerated and the short
term men should be placed on the pub
lic roads
The fight on at Austin just now re
garding the responsibility of a rail
road as to its debts is creating a great
deal of interest here and many com
ments are heard as to the merits of
the bill The Herald is persuaded
that the people generally think the
law should be passed People who
have furnished supplies to the road or
who have other just claims against
the road are certainly entitled to pro
tection The outcome of the matter
will be watched with interest as
means quite a sum to the people
this section
In a general way every one doubt
less realizes what intensified farming
means but when the matter is figured
out In actual results there is cause
for astonishment
A Missouri man has been figuring
on what an additional bushel of corn
to the acre in that state would mean
and finds that in a single year it
would build a fine state capitol He
says according to the Kansas City
Do you know that one more bushel
of corn an acre figuring corn at sev
entyfive cents a bushel would pro
vide the money to build for Missouri
one of the finest state capitols in the
nation And more than this there
would be enough money left after
building the capitol to support the
state university two years
This corn man makes his state
ment good by the figures Eight mil
lion acres of tasseled waving corn is
a part of Missouris contribution to
the muscle and wealth of nations
Only a part mind you Wheat and
oats and hay and garden truck and
the minerals down in the innards
of that good land are other resources
in Missouris treasure chest
Now how about the unimproved
toads and a rundown capitol and a
university on short rations all of
which indicate a fear of investing pub
lic revenues for public good
When one comes to look the Mls
suri corn and wheat full in the face
one realizes how ridiculous it is to
begrudge those improvements of civi
lization which make a sure market for
the wheat and the corn and their
sister things In those good old days
when there were no taxes and very
few people except red Indians there
was precious little corn and what
there was went for coonskins Good
roads good buildings culture and edu
cation and plenty of public revenue
mean more people more homes a bet
ter standard of living for every one
And that means more wheat and corn
and cattle and hogs and steadier bet
ter prices for it all
No one expects the cheerful message
of the Columbia corn man to work a
miracle in the human nature of the
farmers No one expects the sturdy
agriculturists to bow their backs to
the plow just to get that extra bushel
to the acre and give it to the state
But one does believe that the day is
passing when the twobyfour court
house politicians can make the farm
ers believe that the most important
thing under salvation is to make taxes
low One does believe that from Mis
souris great horn of plenty enough
seeds of revenue will be distributed
to help fill up some more cornucopias
of state wealth
But listen again to the corn man
The corn acreage in Missouri is
about eight million acres The aver
age crop for the past ten years has
been in round numbers 202 million
bushels If a man could husk and
crib fifty bushels a day and work
three hundred days in the year when
lie husked the last ear of corn he
would be just 13500 years older than
when he began the job
Mrs Jack Cudaliy has been granted
a full divorce and everybody seems
happy unless she goes on the stage
Be at the Board f Trade rooms
this evening
They can come back Hoke Smith
came back in GeorgiaT and he will be
the next governor ofKhat state Other
statesmen will please take notice
A good Board ofTrade is essential
to the town and the only way to
have a good Boardils for all of the
people to join andtake an active in
terest Be at thegannual meeting
this evening Jfcr
The Board of Trade meets tonight
and every man interested in the fu
ture of the city should be present
ready to take a membership and to
get busy for the town New officers
are to be elected Sa
Texas democrats as represented by
the Galveston statetfplatform stand
pledged to the AldrfchPayne protect
ive tariff the tariffethat is making
the republican partyghustle for its
life How do youllke such a plat
form brethren sfc
Mayor Gaynor gol t in the neck
and survived and hetwill be looking a
challenge over thesrepublican way
pretty soon and daring them to hit
him in the neck Gaynor will in all
probability be the emocratic candi
date for governor ofiNew York and if
he wins this race hewill be the logi
cal candidate for president
Col George Baileyof the Houston
Post who is now 6na triumphal tour
of the north and easgand some other
states is creatingiisensation where
ever he goes and IsTcfividing attention
with Roosevelt You cant lose the
Texas colonel Inthemeantime many
Texas people wouUfiUke to know just
what Bailey of thejFost really thinks
of that farce pulfedfoff in Galveston
some week or twdvago But he wont
teli k
J R Walker oft ± iis city has sent
the Herald a copyjgpf the Cooper
Texas Review infiwhich paper is
quite an interestingiarticle concerning
the city park thenSSlCooper is only a
small town but already has a beau
tiful big park andgthes townspeople
are now beautifying the park and
making it a placeawell worth while
All progressive towns are coming to
recognize a park alfpart of the towns
assets And a ciCyjtwithout parks is
an unknown proposition
The grand jury ofgAnderson county
in session at Palestine bear witness
to the valuableYix i2nd influence of
the Texas rangers s ent there recently
The rangers went there as they go
everywhere on the request of the
local authorities and the latter were
candid and courageous enough to ex
press appreciationakThe rangers have
done good service in Texas for thirty
four years Thereffias been a lot of
tommyrot wnttenSjabout their cos
sackism and in nearly every instance
it was written because the writer
wanted to get a lick at Tom Campbell
And Tom Compbell > goes right on try
ing to track the law and do his duty
as he sees it And when he gets
through the verdictfof the people will
be that he was a patriotic and cour
ageous executive jwtio could neither
be cajoled or intimidated Waco Tri
Mr Nat Davis arid Miss Ida Cole
man Lively were married Wednesday
night of last week at the home of the
brides parents Mr and Mrs J B
Lively Rev A L Carnes officiating
These young people are well known
to our citizens having been reared
here and occupy a very prominent
place in the social circle Mr Davis
is the only son of Mr and Mrs Jno
A Davis and holds a position as sales
man in the large dry goods establish
ment of Geo E Darsey Miss Ida
Coleman has endeared herself to our
people by her sweet disposition and
womanly graces and it is the opinion
of all that Mr Davis made no mis
take in choosing her for a life part
ner She isteacher of music in the
Grapeland High School
The wedding was a quiet home af
fair and only a few close friends and
relatives were present After the
ceremony and usual congratulations
delightful refreshments were served
and the wedding cake was cut
We extend our heartiest congratula
tions to the contracting parties and
may they have all the happiness and
prosperity a worthy young couple
should enjoy Grapeland Messenger
The bride has many friends here
who extend best wishes
Woodmen Circle
Holly Grove Woodmen Circle No
298 will hold a call meeting at Mac
cabee Hall Thursday Aug 25 at 8
oclock p m to meet the state dep
uty Mrs Thomas and transact any
business that may come before the
order All members requested to be
Mrs Lonio B David
242t Guardian
Herald want ads pay
rii iii ii iiiliM iiii irafirfwn Miami
b lend
There may be other fish in
the brook but there is only one
Fatima Cigarettes maintain
their superiority by their splendid
flavor a flavor due to careful
blending of mellow tobacco
An inexpensive package makes
possible ten additional cigarettes
Pictures cf popular actresses now
packed with Fatima Cigarettes
20 for Fj cents
Will Open Opposition House In Son
Antonio War Is On
San Antonio Texas Aug 24 That
the war between the theatrical trust
and the independents will be carried
to this city is shown injtheiS uriiig
by the former of a large hall here
Beethoven Hall the property in ques
tion will be remodeled to meet the
requirements of theatrical productions
and throughout the winter firstclass
performances will be given there
It is claimed that Klaw Erlanger
said to head the theatrical trust were
driven to this action by the refusal
of Sidney H Weis manager of the
local opera house and a member of j
the American Theater Owners Asso
elation to book trust attractions j
Klaw Erlanger made the deal for
Beethoven Hall and in addition to
their own companies they will play
the productions of Cohan Harirs
Charles Frohman and several others
Public Auction
Notice is hereby given that I will
sell at public auction at the I G
N freight depot in the City of Pal
estine between the hours of 1000
and 1100 a m on the 5th day of
September 1910 the following de
scribed property which has been tan
hand at this station unclaimed and re
fused for a period of more than 90
days towit
One show case shipped by the Na
tional Show Case Cot < from Columbus
Ga consigned to shippers ordecnoti
fy E R Sm th Palestine Tex cover
ed by New Orleans < to Palestine W B
C S P 628 Jan 21st 1910
S B Mobley
Agent for Thomas J Freeman Re
ceiver International Great1 North
ern R R Co
Palestine Texas Aug 9th 1910
Has No Comment
Chicago 111 Aug 24 Accompanied
by her four children Mrs Edna Cowin
Cndahy who was divorced yesterday
fiom Jack eudahy arrived In Chicago
this moinlng She refused to make
any statement regarding the divorce
and declined to say whether or not
she intends going on the stage
Jas F Brook Architect and Engi
neer Room 25 Link Building tf
And Reported By Schrsy > Davis Pai
ent Attorneys daI las
Schley Davis patent attorneys ot
401 Main street Dallas Texas an
nounce the issuance of the JoHowinff
I stents to Tpxans jptTeSweek end
Ing Aug 2Uj
J W Allison Ennls weighing ma
Marvin E Harwell DeKalbi stamp
Stewart A Pogue Liberty Hill
planter shoe
Sam F Wright Anna puttytrowel
Trade Marks John A Bakieg Foit
Worth medicinal preparation i
Dont neglect the warnings of na
1 ture If your appetite Is poor breath
bad tongue coated you will be srek
unless you take steps to put your sys
tem in good condition Prickly Ash
Bitters is the remedy yournefid It
cleanses the entire systenLBratton
Drug Co Special Agents
Kendall Wilsons officeTFirst Na
tional Bank building f 196t

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