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secured claim for 4000000
This is the first time this important
bill has been published in full It was
passed finally in the senate yesterday
and today the final touches were given
it in the house It will no doubt re
ceive the approval of the scternor
idieln effect b fer tiie sale of the
International and Great Northern Sep
tember 15 Under the terms ttie pur
chasers of ttie International and
Great Northernareobligated to pay
unsecured claims aggregating approx
imately 2225000 Of course they
can resist the payment of these
claims and thereby test the constitu
tionality of the law
The Bill In Full
The bill in full is as follows
An act to amend Articles 4549 and
4550 of Chapter 11 Title XCIV of
the Revised Statutes of the State of
Texas and prescribe the conditions
upon which the purchaser or pur
chasers and associates if any of the
property and franchises of a railroad
company may become owners of its
charters or may organize a new cor
poration and governing regulating
and limiting the stocks and bonds of
the new corporation and of the old
corporation after the sale of its prop
erty and franchises
Section 1 Be it enacted by the
legislature of the state of Texas that
Arts 4549 and 4550 of Chapter 11
Title XCIV of the Revised Statutes
of the State of Texas be so amended
as to hereafter read as follows
Title to Property
Art 4549 In case of the sale of
the property and franchises of a rail
road company whether by virtue of
an execution order of sale deed of
trust or any other power or by a
receiver acting under judgments here
tofore or to be hereafter rendered by
any court of competent jurisdiction
the pnrchaser or purchasers at such
sale and associates if any shall ac
quire full title to such property and
franchiwa with full power to main
tain atjjf operate the railroad and
othsatltPPerty incidentto j nder
purchasers and associates if any
shall not be deemed and taken to be
the owners of the charter of the rail
road company and corporators under
trite same nor Vested with the pow
ers rights privileges and benefits of
such charter ownership as if they
were the original corporators of said
company unless the purchaser or pur
chasers and associates if any shall
agree to take hold of said property
and franchises charged with and
subject to the payment of all subsist
ing liabilities and claims for death
and for personal injury sustained in
the operation of the railroad by the
company and by any receiver thereof
and for loss of and damage to prop
erty sustained in the operation of the
railroad by the company and by any
receiver thereo f and for the current
expenses of such operation including
labor supplies and repairs provided
that all such subsisting claims and
liabilities shall have accrued within
two years prior to the beginning of
the receivership resulting in the sale
of said property and franchises or
within two years prior to the sale if
said property and franchises be sold
otherwise than under receivership
proceedings unless suit was pending
on such claims and liabilities when
the receiver was appointed or when
the sale was made in which event
claims and liabilities which suits were
so pending shall be protected hereby
as though accruing within the two
years such agreement to be evi
denced by an instrument in writing
signed and acknowledged by said pur
chaser or purchasers and associates
if any and filed in the office of the
secretary of state of the state of Tex
as and provided further that such
charter together with the powers
rights privileges and benefits there
of shall pass to said purchaser or pur
chasers and associates if any sub
ject to the terms provisions restric
Real estate buyers insist on
having abstracts made by the
Anderson County Abstract Co
They know that their record is
f complete and t accurate AH
property owners should have
their land abstracted
Anderson County
Abstract Co
SSriSSi r
ntwwr j jwiwmiiriug
Austin Texas Aug 31 The fol
lowing is a complete copy of the so
called International and Great North
ern claim bill as it finally passed the
legislature with the senate amend
ment inserted which had for its pur
pose the barring of the Goulds un
Herald Special l
Boston Mass Sept 5 Beginning
tomorrow and continuing through the
coming week the attention of Ameri
can aviators will be centered upon a
spacious field located between this
city and Quincy where the great avi
ation meet of the Harvard Aeronau
tical Society will be held The suc
cess of the meet is believed to be as
sured providing the weather condi
tions are favorable for the entry list
includes many of the most successful
airmen of America and several of
those who have won fame in Europe
Thirtyseven thousand dollars in pro
fessional prizes and more in amateur
prizes will be competed for These
pr zes will be awarded for speed alti
tude duration distance getaway and
accuracy The big event of the entire
program is to be a flight from the
aviation field across Boston to the
Harvard Stadium thence to Boston
Light at the entrance to Boston har
bor and from there back to the start
ing point For this event a Boston
newspaper has offeied a cash prize of
tions and limitations imposed and to
be imposed by law and provided fur
ther that the amount of stocks and
bonds which may be held against said
property and franchises after the sale
thereof as well as the manner of the
ssuance of said stocks and bonds
shall be fixed determined and regu
lated by the railroad commission of
Texas at its discretion save that the
total incumbiance secured by lien on
said property and franchises shall not
exceed the amount allowed by Art
4584b of the Revised Statutes of Texas
of 1895
Corporation Privileges
Art 4550 In case of any sale
heretofore or hereafter made of the
property and franchises of a railroad
company within this state the pur
chaser or purchasers thereof and as
sociates if any shall be entitled to
form a corporation under chapter 1 of
title 94 of the revised statutes of
Texas for the purpose of acquiring
owning maintaining and operating
the road so purchased as if such road
were the road intended to be con
structed by the corporation and when
such charter has been filed the new
corporation shall hasp flip nowers and
including the power to construct and
extend provided that notwithstanding
such incorporation the property and
franchises so purchased shall be
charged with and subject to the pay
ment of all subsisting liabilities and
claims for death and personal injury
sustained in the operation of the rail
road by the soldout company and by
any receiver thereof and for loss of
and damage to property sustained in
the operation of the railroad by the
soldout company and by the receiver
thereof 1 and for the current expenses
of such operation including labor
supplies and repairs provided that
all such subsisting claims and liabili
ties shall have accrued within two
years prior to the beginning of the
receivership resulting in the sale of
uch property and franchises or with
n two years prior to the sale if said
property be sold otherwise than under
receivership proceedings unless suit
was pending on such claims and lia
bilities when the receiver was appoint
ed or when the sale was made in
which event claims and liabilities on
which suits were so pending shall be
protected hereby as though accruing
within the two years and provided
that by such purchase and organiza
tion no right shall be acquired in con
flict with the present constitution and
laws in any respect nor shall the
main track of any railroad once con
structed and operated be abandoned
or removed and provided further
that the amount of stocks and bonds
which may be issued by said new cor
poration as well as the manner of
their issuance shall be fixed deter
mined and regulated by the railroad
commission of Texas at its discretion
save that the total incumbrance se
cured by lien on said property and
franchises shall not exceed the amount
allowed by article 4584b of the revised
statutes of Texas of 1S95
Emergency Clause
Sec 2 This act shall not be con
strued to in any wise repeal or impair
the provisions of section 14 chapter
94 of the rpvised statutes of the state
of Texas except in so far as the same
may be changed by the provisions of
this act
Sec 3 The emergency clause
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ed a crime eminent scientists and
physicians have agreed that it is a
disease and must be treated as such
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tacKs an
Salem Ore Sept 2 Assembly
and antiassembly are the principal
factors in the Oregon campaign which
will culminate in the statewide pri
mary three weeks from tomorrow
Statement No 1 is also coming in
for a share of the discussion Oregon
for the past few years has presented
the anomaly of a republican state
electing a democratic governor and
then electing him United States sen
ator before his term as governor ex
Republicans charge this state of af
fairs up to the form of primary law in
effect in Oregon asserting that demoi
crats registered as republicans
republican candidates and later bring
about their defeat at the polls The
democrats on the other hand declare
they provided the better candidates in
every instance and their election was
the logical sequence
This year the republicans determin
ed to make an effort to maintain
party unity within the state and to
this end the state central committee
called assemblies for the counties
and the state The state assembly
which was held in Portland in July
adopted a platform and suggested a
list of candidates for state officers
from governor down In the same
month assemblies were held in a num
ber of counties and in several in
stances county assemblies will hold
adjourned sessions tomorrow to pass
on candidates Suggestion of candi
dates by the assembly of course does
not do away with the necessity for
their circulating petitions under the
provisions of the direct primary law
Considerable opposition to the as
sembly plan arose early in the cam
paign coming at first from the demo
cratic party organs but a considerable
number of republicans joined the dem
ocrats in branding the assembly as
unlawful in that it was not provided
for in the direct primary law and
condemning it as limiting in a meas
sure the freedom of the voter in se
lecting the candidates As a conse
quence of this sentiment there are
numerous antiassembly candidates
for the various offices to be filled at
the November election
For governor the republican state
assembly recommended Jay Bower
man wjio by virtue of his office as
president of the senate became act
ing governor when Governor Chamber
lain resigned to accept the United
States senatorship Opposed to Mr
Bowerman early in the game were
Colonel E Hofer a Salem newspaper
man and Judge Grant Dimick of
Clackamas county The democrats
also have at least three avowed can
didates for the governorship
Another phase was given the politi
cal situation by the nomination of
candidates for supreme court judge
by a mass meeting of the lawyers of
tiie state three republicans and two
democrats The republicans on the
lawyers ticket were indorsed by the
state assembly and the democrats
mentioned filed their petitions for
nomination on the democratic ticket
Statement No 1 is not a promi
nent factor In the campaign this year
as the next legislature will not be
called upon to choose a United States
senator A section of the direct pri
mary law permits candidates for the
legislature to sign Statement No 1 or
Statement No 2 or neither but agi
tation brought to bear two years ago
made the signing of Statement No 1
the popular course for the legislative
candidate to follow In signing State
ment No 1 the prospective legislator
promises to vote for United States
senator only for that person receiving
the highest number of votes at U13
general election without regard to
party affiliations Statemenut No 2
is a promise to regard simply as ad
visory the peoples vote for United
States senator
National politics has entered very
little into the Oregon campaign this
year the assembly problem being par
amount Congressmen Ellis and Haw
ley Oregons two representatives in
trie lower house were suggested for
pnnTTiajnn hK ttie republican state
orh are regulars antTboth
will have opposition for renomination
by candidates with progressive lean
Brought to a Close the Successful
Carnival Held at Asbury Park
New Jersey
Herald Special I
Asbury Park N X Sept 2 Asbury
so Parks annual carnival the most
they might vote in the republican prijcessful affair of its kind ever held at
cause the selection of weak this noted resort was brought to a
brilliant close today with the far
famed baby parade There were near
ly a thousand little tots in the proces
sion In their best bib and tucker
they marched along the ocean front
and passed in review before Queen
Titania while thousands of interested
spectators looked on and applauded
The richness and variety of the cos
tumes seen in the infantile procession
have never been surpassed here Of
course there were fairy queens and i
angels Teddy Roosevelts and Inj
dians Cinderellas and Quaker maids j
Buster Browns and Uncle Sams and
other well known characters The pa
rade was divided into a dozen seci
tions each being headed by a marshal
and two aids
Jumpers and Weight Throwers Gath
er at Sacramento
Herald Special
Sacramento Cal Sept 2 Never
before in the history of the track and
field meets of the Pacific Association
of the Amateur Athletic Union has
there been such a wealth of runners
jumpers and weight throwers as has
gathered here for the annual cham
1 pionship events which are to take
I place tomorrow in conjunction with
the opening of the state fair and the
Fiesta of the Dawn of Gold Two hun
dred or more of the star athletic per
formers of California and adjoining
states will take part and it is expect
ed the meet will result in the breaking
of several records
Former Hawaiian Queen Is 72
Herald Spcmi 1
Honolulu Sept 2 Former Queen
LiluokalanI observed her seventysec
ond birthday anniversary today by
holding her customary public recep
tion The function was attended by
several thousand persons with each of
whom the former queen shook hands
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ft g f

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