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Sermon by
Pastor Brooklyn
O Ooo
Portland Me Sept 11 The Inter
national Bible Students Convention la
In session here with an excellent at
tendance and deep < tnterest manifested
Pastor RusselTof Brooklyn Tabernacle
fielivered two addresses today one be
ing in Jefferson Theatre We report
one of them from the text foregoing
Three weeks ago today Christendom
was startled by a communication
which announced that the Christian
Alliance had lifted a collection of 60
D00 in a few minutes 300 in cash the
balance in promises Then followed
the startling announcement of Brother
Simpson its President that the col
lection lifted would probably be the
last at Old Orchard because the Camp
Grounds Directors had rented its Au
ditorium for three days for the use of
our Association He declared that he
disagrees with our theology This of
course was a veiled threat that the
Directors of the camp ground must
break their Contract with the Bible
Students This they promptly did and
we accepted back the money paid in
advance rather than go to Law It is
for this reason dear friends that we
are having our Convention outside
the camp We are glad that its fence
does not separate us from our great
RedeeWr and Teacher the joy of
whose blessing I see in your faces
Secular editors were astonished
They had been congratulating Chris
tian people that the days of the rack
the thumb screw and the stake were
past and that from every quarter were
coming appeals for Christian Union
which it was hoped might even ulti
mately include all denominations of
Catholics and Protestants Yet here
they had to listen to the contrary a
suggestion that Christian people tn al
liance were bo opposed to Bible Stu
dents that even a year would not be
sufficient to purify the air of Old Or
chard and to permit them to meet here
next year to take up another collection
It seemed funny too to these editors
that anything could drive a Christian
Alliance meeting away from a 500000
Explanations Surely In Order
Since Brother Simpson may not care
the mat
J interested and ought to know the facts
I must tell them The unpleasant duty
however will not necessitate my say
ing an unkind word concerning Mr
Simpson and the Christian friends who
are in alliance with him
There are two reasons why Brother
Simpson thought it doubtful if he
could come next year following our
three days of this year i
1 He knew Instinctively that his
collections would be smaller hardly
worth coming for if the people should
begin to get the eyes of their under
v standing more widely opened respect
ing what really constitutes the Gospel
of Christ
2 The 60000 raised was not cash
and a large proportion of it never will
be Some of it is promised over and
over again and telegraphed over and
over as was the case with the young
woman who in the spectacular manner
offered her Jewels frdm time to time
and had it mentioned in the papers
Such repetitions of charitable work are
considered entirely proper by many In
connection with religious work in vari
ous denominations for the good of
the cause Subscriptions are given
publicly without hope of payment to
Influence others who are more sincere
some of whom in the excitement give
jnore than they can afford
Chicago Stockyard Method
This same method Is illustrated In
tfie Chicago Stock Yards A fine large
trained bull gallops out to meet the
cattle designed for slaughter He
waltzes before them and becomes their
leader Following him In a grand rush
for a narrow passage they crowd one
another to the executioner who knocks
them senseless A special place Just
large enough for himself is provided
for the decoy bull who later goes out
to lead on another herd for the slaugh
We do not mean to say that those
who give their money are slaughtered
or otherwise Injured We believe that
they are blessed that everyone Is
blessed who sacrifices anything bearti
ly unto the Lord or to what they sup
pose to be his service whether It is
or not It is the method of getting the
money from the people and the decep
tion practised which we deplore How
ever the Alliance has plenty of com
pany in this method In larger Chris
tian denominations It Is part of the
business method of recent years
Some who did not understand this
business method wondered where all
the money apparently contributed to
the Christian Alliance work was
spent An Investigation of Its financial
accounts was made which revealed
the fact that they were chaotic and
other business methods were ad
The Darkness Hateth the Light
Some one may inquire why the
Christian Alliance should fear us and
whether or not we have ever done
them harm We reply Never have un
injured them in the slightest degree
nor ever even publicly mentioned theit
V J 5i
BOO a >
FULlr 1 oo
I am not ashamed of the gospel
of Christ Romans i 16
ooO Q
name before Their opposition to us
Is on the lines of general principles
mentioned by the Great Teacher The
darkness hateth the light All things
that are reproved are made manifest
by the light Epheslans v 13 Our
work is to proclaim the true Gospel
to incite Christian people to Bible
study in the light of the Bibles own
testimony and without sectarian spec
tacles which In the past have so dis
torted the Word of God and set it
forth in false colors
As Christian people come to see the
grossness of the errors by which they
have been blinded the light not only
has a blessed and transforming effect
upon their minds but It influences
their pocketbooks also They no
longer appreciate the business meth
ods of the Alliance nor the brand of
Gospel which it sets forth The more
Gods people come to a correct under
standing of the teachings of his Word
the smaller will be the collections of
the Christian Alliance That is the
real secret of their opposition I would
that it were true that they would nev
er take up another collection at Old
Orchard The heathen have already
had too much of their Gospel of dam
nation Gods name has already been
slandered and blasphemed enough by
the false Gospel message that nine
hundred and ninetynine out of every
thousand of humanity ever born are to
suffer eternal roasting1 because of fa
ther Adams sin and the ignorance stu
pidity and meanness which have re
Let the Truth Prevail
If the intelligent men connected with
the Alliance really believe the horri
ble nightmare of the Dark Ages which
they are proclaiming as the Gospel of
Christ then of course they are ex
cusable for preaching it It is not for
others to judge of their honesty in this
matter but it is for others to decide
that they will no longer assist or co
operate in the spread of such horrible
travesties upon the Divine character
no longer assist financially or otherwise
In binding upon the poor heathen at
home and abroad increased ignorance
and superstition
Everybody knows that the word Gos
pel signifies good tidings And every
ftrtayottghHt tannfthM asChristian
people we have for centuries misused
the word applyirig it to the bad tid
ings of great misery to all people ex
cept the mere handful of the elect We
did this because it was handed down
to us by our forefathers What Jesus
said to the Jews has been true of us
as Christians Ye do make void the
Xaw of God through your traditions
Thank God that as in the natural
world he is sending us now the electric
light instead of the tallow candle so
through Bible study helps concord
ances etc his Word the Lamp to his
peoples footsteps until the day dawn
is now shining brighter than ever be
Which Is the True Gospel
Catholic and Protestant orthodoxy
have set forth for centuries two gen
eral views of the Gospel of Christ To
whatever extent they now disagree
with these they should publicly dis
own and abandon them Until then
they are besmirched with whatever
odium attaches
The Catholic Gospel Good Tidings
is that all the heathen all Catholics
and all Protestants except a mere
handful go to a Purgatory of awful
suffering terrible anguish lasting for
decades centuries and thousands of
years roastlng bolllng agonizing and
thus purging away their sins and dross
that they may ultimately attain to
heavenly bliss for the remainder of
eternity If that is good tidings it can
be considered such only in contrast
with something more horrible if that
be imaginable
Our Protestant Gospel
Our Protestant Gospel of which we
are so proud that we want to thrust
it upon Jews and Catholics and heath
ens everywhere we should thoroughly
understand enjoy and appreciate be
fore we waste good time and money
giving it to others Here it is Four
centuries ago our forefathers were not
Protestants but Catholics and believed
in Purgatory etc as above Then
what was known as the Reformation
Movement set in Catholics Jews and
infidels will admit with Protestants
that a great blessing of enlightenment
and civilization has come to the world
In the train of the Reformation Move
ment But none of us Is prepared to
admit that the Reformers were per
fect nor their work perfect
The Reformers criticized the Catho
lie teachings whlcli they had former
ly believed They examined the
Bibles and found nothing there to lli
effect that Mary was the mother ol
God nor that we should pray to saints
nor that we should use pictures or im
ages In our worship nor that then
sacrifice of Christ in the mass wsi
proper nor that there was i Iurga
tory anywhere The Reformers threi
out these things as unscrlpturnl Thei
< ompletely demolished Iutgntory i
their minds declaring that It had ne
er been anything more than linagln
tion Then came another thought 1
What must we do with the thousand
WJj >
of millions of mankind that we and
our fathers for centuries supposed
were in Purgatory roasting stewln
tortured but hoping for heaven They
looked at one another in consternation
They had hearts and sympathies ami
felt that as it had devolved upon thenr
to smash Purgatory it must also de
volve upon them to relocate all those
thousands of millions whom they had
on their hands They felt the weight
of the responsibility Could they de
mand of God that they should be put
into heaven Surely not Surely only
the saintly few are It for heaven
They as well as all recognized that
fact Then with blank consternation
they determined that they must crowd
the entire mass into a hell of eternal
torture and shutthe gates upon them
forever and write upon the gates
Who enters here nbandons hope
Brother Calvin to theRescue
Taking from practically all human
ity all future hope made the Reformers
for the time heartsick It would he
awful to do that for one person but
to thus do all humanity seemed ter
rible And then to be obliged to label
that gospel Good Tidings must cer
tainly have been a trying experience
for the Reformers
But Brother John Calvin helped
them amazingly and took from them
their burden He told them thnt tbey
should not worry because it was all
Gods fault and not theirs God had
predestinated them to that awful fu
ture long before he created man Now
they should merely try to think of
themselves as the elect and try to
forget everybody else Of course It
seemed horrible to charge all these
things against the God of all Justice
Wisdom Love and Power But it was
the only solution which occurred to
them John Calvins theories were
afterwards embodied in the West
minster Confession of Faith And
that confession of faith became the
foundation of nearly all Protestant
creeds Brother John Wesley f after
ward objected but admitted that only
the saintly went to heaven and every
body else went to eternal torment
His protest was that instead of this
being by Divine foreordination and in
tention It was on the contrary be
cause of Divine unwisdom and incom
Good Tidings of Great Joy
Surely nosane person can any longer
defend any of the above Gospels as
the true one of which St Paul was
not ashamed Surely St Paul never
preached any of those Gospels nor did
any of the Apostles nor does the Bible
support such theories except by the
turning and twisting of language mis
translations of the original and misin
terpretations of some parables The
plain statements of the Scriptures are
all directly to the opposite T
The Bible teaches that the v ges
of sin Is death not Purgatory nor
eternal torment The soul that sin
MffiSnTBhlrtrale itomrt
was placed on trial for life eternal or
death eternal He sinned and the sen
tence against him was Cursed is the
earth for thy sake thorns and thistles
shall it bring forth unto thee In the
sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread
until thou return unto theground from
whence thou wast taken Genesis ill
1719 St Paul declares the same
By one mans disobedience sin enter
ed Into the world and thus death
passed upon all men because all are
sinners Romans v 12
Looking about us we find this true
Everybody who is not dead Is dying
As the Bible says we are living un
der a reign of Sin and Death Nothing
that man can do can either eradicate
sin or lift us out of our dead and dy
ing condition God alone can help us
Ho proposes to help us and the mes
sage respecting that help is in the
Scriptures called the Gospel Itsan
nouncement by the angels on the night
of Jesus birth is full complete sat
isfactory viz Behold we bring you
good tidings of great joy which shall
be unto all people for unto you is
born this day in the City of David a
Savior lifegiver which is Christ the
Lord Luke ii 10
Ah now we have the Truth The
penalty of sin Is death And the good
tidings is that God has provided for
our recovery from sin and death The
Savior gave his life for the cancella
tion of our sin for the satisfaction of
Justice that In due time Adam and all
his condemned and Imperfect race
might be released from the condemna
tion and be lifted out of the sin and
death conditions which now prevail
That uplifting is Scripturally called
the resurrection of the dead Hence
the preaching of the early Church was
Jesus and the Resurrection the Re
deemer and his work
Still More Good Tidings
The good tidings for the race in gen
eral is that the Redeemer in Gods due
time will Itecomc King of kings and
Lord of lords the Messiah of glory
Gods glorious Representative For
a thousand years the regenerating
work for Adams race will progress
Matthew xix 28 Acts Hi 1923
Gods Chosen People Israel will bo
the earthly agents of the heavenly and
invisible King of glory By the close
of his reign the whole earth will have
been transformed into the Paradise of
God He will make the place of his
feet glorious And mankind will all
be perfect again In Gods image
There will be no more sin no more
sickness no more dying because all
the things of sin and death will have
passed away and he who sits upon
tho Throne will have renewed all
things Revelation xxi 5 Ail who
after coming to n full knowledge of
tho Truth of Gods love and gracious
provislon stlll love sin and hate right
eousness will be destroyed In the Sec
ond Death from which there will be
no redemption no resurrection no re
covery as St Peter says They shall
perish like brute beasts
Copyright 1910 by Associated Lit
erary Press
The widow Hunnewell had been a
widow for four years and she hadnt
found much In life for her She had
had to split her own wood build her
own fires and milk her own cow Ev
ery day she had missed Mr Hunne
well and when night came and tin
wind moaned and the rain fell and the
shingles blew off the roof she wept
and wished it were all over
At length Professor Doty arrived in
the village Not only that hut he ar
rived next door He was a professor
of natural history In a college and he
came to Uhe village for his vacation
He was a man of sixty tall and re
served and dignified He gave every
one a feeling of awe Mr Hunnewell
on the contrary had been short and
fat and jolly and people used to poke
him in the ribs and joke with him It
was probably the contrast that caused
the widow to fall In love at first sight
She leaned over the fence and Intro
duced herself and he approached and
talked to her He had found a tree
toad bidderf in the bark of a locust
tree and he was glad to talk to some
one about his find
While the professor lectured the wid
ow fell deeper In love and kept ex
claiming Do tell and Oh my soul
She was an interested listener She
said shed give anything to learn all
about toads and bugs and grasshoppers
and clams and the p rofessor was a
bit flattered If the woman next door
had been a nice loving woman she
would have Invited the widow over to
make further acquaintance but she
was a different person She said that
widows had too much rope as it was
and that Mrs Hunnewell was always
out of tea and coffee when a neighbor
wanted to borrow And the professor
wasnt to be caught sight of so often
However when Providence gets its
machinery once started there ore gen
erally results One night when the
wind didnt moan and the shingles
didnt rattle but when It was moon
light and calm instead the widow was
awakened from hersleep by a bad
dream She thought herself surround
ed by potato bugs and fighting for her
life The dream made such an Im
pression that she got out of bed and
looked out of the window There was
the explanation before her eyes The
professor had climbed the fence and
was in her yard and down on hands
and knees in the grass He had on so
few clothes that it was easy to guess
he had risen from his bed to look for
crickets Not a word did tbe widow
say She just got into bed anU did
some thinking That thinking resulted
in her sending for the village constable
next day and saying to him
Mr Richards if a widow living all
alone should have reason to believe
that her house was about to be broken
into what should she do
You mean if she saw a man dodg
Jng around in the yard
Well she might scream
of the window at him
Or she might take her life and her
broomstick in hand and rush out and
crack his skull
I see
But if I was that woman Id bor
row a shotgun load it with salt and
fire on him from a window
And what would the salt do
Keep him in bed for about a week
If there is anybody spooking around
ir2 rrtytigiftMa
0 S Marden Writing In Success Mag
azine Tells How It Can Be Had
Whatever your lot in life keep joy
with you says Orison Swett Marden
in Success Magazine It is 1a great
healer Sorrow worry jealousy envy
Or she might throw something out bad temper create friction and grind
away the delicate human machinery
so that the brain loses its cunning
Half the misery inthe world would
be avoided if the people would make
a business of having plenty of fun at
home instead of running everywhere
else in search of it
Now for Rest and Fun No
Business Troubled Allowed Here
These are good homebuilding mottos
When you have had a perplexing
day when things have gone wrong
with you and you go home at night
exhausted discouraged blue instead
your house o nights Ive got the gun migerkble
of makln your home by
and the salt and you can protect your g0ing over your troubles and trials
self The law will be on your side just bury them instead of dragging
Aim at his legs and let er go j them home and making yourself ana
The widow tool a couple of hours to > ° ur family unhappy with them and
think it over and then bent for the spoiling the whole evening just
everything that is disagreeable in your
gun She was taught how to fire it
° 1
and when the sun went down that
j resolye that nome BhaM De
evening she felt that events were go a pace for Drjght pictures and pleas
ing to happen before morning What jant memories kindly feelings toward
Professor Doty was looking for the everybody and as Mr Roosevelt says
night before was crickets Their songs a corking good time generally If
had floated into his opeu window at you do this you will be surprised to
see how your vocation or business
midnight and awoke him He had
climbed the fence into the next yard
without a thought ut tiespass He
bad got down on hands and knees ind
pawed around but the crickets had
evaded him He would try again
If there had been any bells in the
town tbey would have been striking
11 oclock when the waiting watching
widow heard some one softly drop
from the fence theu come into sight
crawling over the grass She saw him
grab with this hand and the other and
beard him chuckle Then she pointed
the gun out of the window and > hut
her eyes and fired There was i
whoop and n yell and she rattled
downstairs to find the professor lyin
on the grass Fie had been suited
Nevermore would he he fresh imain
Nevermore would he want any stilt op
his potatoes
Of course the plan was to rush him
Into the house call a doctor and keep
hlra around for a week as an invalid
There would be romance in the si
and gratitude for the soups prepared
for him and those things might leai
on and on They didnt however Tin
professor cussed he swore he wrij
iled he said that any woman win
would shoot a barrel of salt into an
innocent mac ought to be hanged ami
as he made his way to the fence lie
called back
And my wife is coming here In th
morning to stay for two weeks Wo
man keep your old crickets and b
hanged to youl
wrinkles will be ironed out in the
morning and how the crooked things
will be straightened
How to Stop Drinking
It was formerly customary for the
habitual drinker to take the pledge
regularly sometimes once a year and
sometimes in every fit of remorse that
followed his debauches and then
break it
But now it is gradually dawning on
the world that pledges do not stop
drunkenness The nervous system of
the habitual drinker is diseased and he
must have treatment that will cure
this condition Orrine is sold under a
positive guarantee to cure the drink
habit or the irioney will be refunded
Can be given secretly
Write for free booklet on the Cure
of Alcoholism to the Orrine Co 710
Orrine Building Washington D C
Mailed sealed Orrine costs but 1
per box Sold in this city bytBratton
Drug Co 412 Spring street Adv
Souvenir Folders
The Herald has a supply of souvenir
pictorial folders it will give free to its
leaders for the purpose of mailing to
friends or to those who may become
interested in this city and section
They are attractive and are a good
advertisement for the town
Christopher Columbus
A Head of Them AH
Ji man who braved many hardships to prove
his opinion that the world was round
You can prove the merit and satisfy your
opinion of
if you will try them They are made of the mel
low tobacco grown in the celebrated Piedmont
Pictures of your favorite baseball players in the big
leagues are now in Piedmont packages
Piedmont Cigarettes are packed in TMf FOIL
Modern Househofders
are installing in their sleeping apartments and dressing
chambers dainty onepiece
Lavatories If you do like
wise you will be provided with the com
forts of a modern home
We would like to help make yonr home
as comfortable as possible by installing in
your bedroom a beautiful Standarf Por
celain Enameled Lavatory Let us tell you
the cost the price will jgreeably surprise
you Send for booklet Modem Lavatorie
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again and could comfortably seat
without crowding twelve more adult
boarders Serve meals promptly Also
have now two vacant south rooms
well furnished excellent beds with
abundance of new blankets and com
forts fr winter use rooms kept san
itary with Vaccum Cleaner Day
board 1800 rooms 1000 Phone
170 The Rugby Mrs T M Haynes
Prop NS tf
3 I
is absolutely neutral It does
not partake of the taste of the
foods which are prepared with
it When strained it can be
poured back into the original
can and used over and over
again without the possibility of
irnp3ing the slightest flavor
The use therefore of
must appeal to the economical
Southland Cooking Oil
neutral pure digestible and
guaranteed to contain no animal
fats is on the market NOW
Forcalconljrin 3 5 and 10 lb cans
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Dallas Oil Refining
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ii gm r y Jy

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