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A Noted Beauty Called the
Princess of the Golden Locks
Men of many nations have pronounc
ed the Princess Henry of Pless tlie
most beautiful woman they have ever
Been She Inherited her charms from
her mother Mrs CornwallisWest
who was regarded a fatuous English
beauty when in her prime less than a
generation ago The Princess Henry
la a pronounced blond of medium
heisht slender and graceful with gray
eyesand a perfect completion In 1S91
atthe age of seventeen she married
Prfnce Hans Heinrlch of Pless The
Tfeddiiu caused a great deal of talk
because she was simply Miss West a
commoner Busybodies immediately
started to look up Miss Wests family
tree and it was found that she was a
direct descendant of King Henry III of
England She is nicknamed the prin
cess with the golden locks Is very
fond of yachting hunting and sport In
general and the German noblewomen
hold up their hands in horror when
she rides to hounds and shouts pheas
ants In the royal park at Fursten
Btein Prince nenry is of the Sile
slan nobility and at his fathers death
inherited u fortune of S20000000 The
latest craze of btnart English society is
tattooing and Princess Henry of Pless
Is said to be skillful with the needle
Where Matrimony Scores
Dr Jacques Bertlllon the eminent
French physician and an acknowl
edged authority announces the con
clusion that matrimony is the greatest
aid to longevity He says If men and
women would reach a good old age
they must marry This he says is
established by statistics gleaned from
all over the world A married man
or woman has he says thrice the
chance of a good long run as a bach
elor or a spinster In further illustra
tion of his contention that the wedded
life is best for men he shows that the
mortality among widowers is greater
than the average among married men
So he recommends them to look out
for a new partner that is at any rate
If tney are under sixty This is his
advice toyoung men
Marry You willdo well even from
ft selfish standpoint But watch care
Physicians today are
condition Fever heard of them
is a product of Nature clean in
which the most delicate stomach
Cottolene is far superior
fully over your wifes health as even
from his egotistical point of view her
loss will be a terrible misfortune for
your life depends in a great measure
on her own
Dr Bertillon finds that the mortality
among widows is much greater than
among married women of the same
age The death rate of widows from
twenty to twentyfive years of ageVhe
says Is twice that of married women
of the same age
But the doctor very gallantly finds
that women have less need for men
than men have for women Men are
less careful of their habits and are
unable to live so near the Ideal life
when deprived either by design or
circumstance of the watchful care of
a wife When we live under the rule
of matrimony we gain When people
leave this influence they suffer he
New Grab Bag
A new grab bag plan that is being
tried this year with great acclaim ou
the part of youthful patrons of bazaars
is called the old lady with 100
The old lady is a huge figure which
may be constructed over a large bar
rel by way of saving timet dresspd in
a hoopsklrt or a wide countrified gown
and bonnet and carrying a big cotton
In her dress are hidden away 100
pockets in each of which a little live
or ten cent gift is tucked away On
the outside of each pocket is piimei
a number or this may be clialkfil
there The child paying his dime ni
nickel specifies what pocket he ibt
the contents of and this is iniineii
ately given him Someone rotiM be at
hand of course to receive the money
paid to the old lady and to deliver up
the contents of her numerous pockets
The Asparagus Cure
The latest is the asparagus cure
taken In Switzerland The natives
find it profitable as is the iae with
most cures But then anything for an
excuse to go to Switzerland
Corner Ball
Four players stand on the four
angles of a square and the four adver
saries in the center The ball is passed
from one to another of the players in
the corners and finally thrown at the
central players These last if they
can catch the ball may fling it back
If the player in the corner hits a cen
tral player the latter is out and vice
The Thieving Magpie
A few wfceks ago a large tree in Eng
land in which several magpies had
nested for years was blown down dur
ing a gale and in a hollow which was
unsuspected was found over 300
worth of articles stolen from variou
houses The principal thing was a dia
mond ring worth 200 The largest ar
ticle was a silver backed hairbrush
All Together Sing
Sparrow swlnelne on a branch sans the
softest trill
Low and tone It was full of lovely
Robin tugging at a worm paused and
wiped his bill
Paused and perked his head stood his
feathers preening
To sing his song it really seemed lie had
forgotten quite
A bee that flew from rose to lily lingered
in her flight
Hummed and buzzed and hummed again
tried to gle the keynote
Wren though busy with her nest stopped
to sltiff a wee note
Thus reminded robin chirped cheerily and
Sparrow trilled his very loudest sang hl
sweetest best
Wren upon the arbor perched looking
at her nest
Bang with robn and with parrow till lb
garden rang
VoutbB Companion
Cottolene for dyspeptics and others in a urimdown
for such
source making and manner of marketing it rzaks food
can digest
d or cooking butter for all frying ami shortening p eposes
The New Corsets Proof
Against Bending and Stooping
of ink and indite their thoughts with
laborious dignity
No less a persouage than Princess
Mary the only daughter of the king
and queen of fireat Britain has re
cently learned to use a typewriter and
will assist in typing some of her
fathers more private correspondence
The princess intends to learn stenog
raphy also and is keenly looking for
ward to helping her mother
Bridge Prizes
Silver sets for running ribbons of
various widths through lingerie make
excellent simple prizes for bridge or
euchre There are usually four lead
ers as the bodkins are called in each
set and in little brocaded covers as
they are become attractive as well as
useful Another pretty trifle that ev
ery girl likes to have is a small house
wife for her sewing bag A tiny fancy
emery cushion a small pair of scis
sors a needlecase and sometimes a
gay bit of wax all mounted and join
ed togetherLare desirable and not ex
So great is the fad for bridge scores
of various kinds that they are always
excellent prizes for men as well as
women Most elaborate are some of
the newest pads and books being
bound in the gayest fashion and hav
ing small reminders of the trump so
arranged as to change it after each
hand Pencils accompany them and
the cases may be used again when the
original scores have been exhausted
Smart School Blouse
For school wear a plaid blouse is al
ways good style worn with a dark
skirt The material may be either silk
or one of the new worsted plaids that
are as soft and silky as the latter fab
ric These woolen plaids come with
the name on them of the clan to which
Photo by American Press Association
Every woman who does her own
housework and every woman who suf
fers from too too solid flesh knows to
her regret how easily corset steels
break when she bends over Here is a
corset which is warranted to with
stand the most strenuous exercising
and hold its own unbroken
The steels are made of some sort of
spiral steel which rebounds with ev
ery motion of the wearer They are
something new and will be a comfort
to womankind as they are shapely
and there is no outward appearance of
common euse which mars so many
of the hygienic garments
A Typewriter and a Princess
Times dq change
Even a dozen years ago the thought
of speaking of a typewriter and a
princess all in one breath would have
seemed shockingly incongruous
But not so now Princesses are very
much up to date
They would every bit as soon bang
away on a typewriter as to laborious
ly dip a gold tipped quill into a bottle
they belong so If one is of Scottish
descent they may sport their own par
ticular plaidie
The blouse illustrated has a narrow
vest of navy blue taffeta with simu
lated buttonholes and small buttons
covered with the silk which also edges
the wide shoulder plait There is lit
tle change in the new shirt waists ex
cept that most of them when not of
wash stuffs have the long shoulder
effect and are often made in one with
the bodice portion
A Minds All Right But
It is all right for a woman to have a
mind of her own if she keeps it to ner
self and lets the man think his is the
only mentality in the neighborhood
F E Barnes having resigned the
agency for the American Live Stock
Insurance that company will be rep
resented by Mr B F Rogers after
Oct 1st 1910 36t
Lady Learned About Cardui The
Womans Tonic and is Now I
Enthusiastic in its Praise I
Mount Pleasant Tenn Cardui is all
you claim for it and more writes Mrs
M E Rail of this place
I was a great sufferer for 2 years and
was very weak but I learned about Car
dui and decided to try it Now I am in
perfect health
My daughter when changing into 1
womanhood got in very bad health I
gave her Cardui and now she enjoys
good health j
Cardui is worth its weight in gold I
recommend it for young and old
Being composed exclusively of harm
less vegetable ingredients with a mild i
and gentle medicinal action Cardui is
the best medicine for weak sick girls
and women i
It has no harsh powerful nearpois I
onous action like some of the strong1
minerals and drugs but helps nature to j
perform a cure in a natural easy way I
Try Cardui J
NB Write to Ladh
nooea Medicine Co Chz
Instructions andC4pae
lor Womta l tm la pi
a purpose did yoir Cottolene
Ready For Business
The Milton Bakery is now reacty for business
said wants a share of your baking trade
Good and prompt service guaranteed
426 Church Street Phone 1039
Free Delivery
Fish and Oysters
Fresh every day now at
Smiths the original fruit man
ephone 10G3
They are the production
of the greatest
Exclusive Style
not manufacturers who want
to sell you their goods
Call or send for one of our
Syle Books
> K
For Dry Goods and Notions and
10 feud
e 5 >
EVERY DETAIL of Cutting Fitting and Workmanship is
done under the supervision and by skilled designers and com
petent Journeymen Tailors The result is a correctly design
ed perfectHttiug and properly made garment
Ladies why send out of town when you can get such re
sults right here Think of it No bother no worry no return
of Garments Just call select your goods style we will do
the rest and will do It much better than you can get it done
Strictly made to your measure garments at 1500 for Sufts
and up 650 for Skirts and up 1250 for Coats and up 950
for Capes and up We will sell you woolens by the yard one
thousand patterns to select from <
We will make your Suits Skirts Cloaks and Capes you fur
nishing your own goods Call and get prices or phone 6G5
We can make your buttons for you in plain oval combina
tion cloth and Ivory rims o all standard colors and in all
sizes you want
best in the city We know how to make the garments conse
quently are better equipped to put Vour old ones back into
shape Phone 6G5 we will call for the work
Appei9 The Tailor
Over Palestine National Bank
Mens Dept Head of Hall Ladies Dept Head of Stairs
Mi4 < Si4v gUft >

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