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A pure wholesome reliable Grape
Improves the flavor and adds to
the healfhfuiness ot the food
Once Lord Mayor of London
Now Works For Children
Sir William Treloar lord mayor of London in lJOU7 laud for many years a
inember of the corporation of Loudon and sheriff of Londou is paying a visit
to the United States to observe the methods in vogue for the care of crippled
chlldreu and other philanthropic objects for which he Is well known The
former lord mayor is not only one of the richest but quite the tallest member
of the aldermanic body He stands six feet two in his socks He is a very
Ijeen naturalist and lias a splendid aviary in his Norwood home His favorite
la a cockatoo named Cocky and he rehearses his speeches to it Sir William
who is a bit of a humoristdeclares that the Intelligent bird always laughs in
the right places An amusing simile was that which he gave at a recent meet
ing of the cage bird show when he said that the lord mayor like the lizard
canary sheds his fine feathers at the end of a year sir William Treloar be
lieves in fresh air and the fine house in which he lives at Norwood formerly
the property of Sims Reeves the celebrated singer stands as high as the dome
of St Pauls cathedral The late Dr Spurgeou who lived close bv used to de
clare that it was possible to taste the salt on the outside of Ills window panes
when the wind was blowing from the channel Sir William says that he
has never sampled the ilavor of the window panes himself being content to
takei his neighbors word for it In spite of his business ties In the city the
lord mayor found time to travel considerably in Turkey Palestine and Asia
Minor Every Christmas Sir William in conjunction with the Ragged School
union sends out many hundieds of hampers containing food and tovs for the
maimed mites in whom he is interested and it is worth noting that not one
of these hampers is over lost The register of cripples is kept right up to
date and every hamper that leaves the guildhall has necessitated personal
visitation aud verification Sir William has had manv curious contributions
to his fund One year a man sent a fifty pound note in an ordinary envelope
unfastened His identic was never discovered and he does not seem to have
had any fear that his strangely made gift would go astray Another sympa
thizer sends at regular intervals a couple of stamps being unable to afford
more at onetime
Ask For Bids
We will accept bids on house and
outhouse on K of P propertj cor
ner Oak and Houston streets bids
to be opened Oct 31 1910
We reserve the right to accept or
reject any or all bids
B R Walker Chm
H Kitcher
A G Durr
E2itd Trustees
Try Harrys Place for Oysters
served in any style by firstclass
oyster cook 10Gtf
Try a want ad In the Herald Thev
Cutting Wont Remove
of Piles
Piles mean more than merely the
pain of the stubborn little tumors
There is a condition Inside that must
be dealt with Cutting is usually fol
lowed with later and worse attacks
A permanent cure can only be made
by bettering the condition of the parts
and getting a free circulation of the
HemRoid cures all kinds of piles
by internal action right on the cause
Sold by Bratton Drug Co and money
hack if it falls 1 per bottle Dr
Leonhardt Co Station B Buffalo N
the Cause
norant mothers are the worst offend
ers especially those who must go out
to work and who resort to these dead
ening drdgs to quiet the children dur
ing their long absences While it is
pitiful enough to hear the wails of a
neglected child it is even more pitiful
to see the stupefied child sleeping off
a drug debauch provided by its own
The children of the rich often suffer
through the practices of their nurses
who wish to secure exemption from
their care and so put them into an
unnatural sleep Once found out in
stant discharge should follow without
a recommendation
No offense can be more contemptible
in the eyes of the law or of society
than making drug inebriates of little
children It is simply a process of
slow poisoning which at the same
time establishes a habit affects the
mentality and injures the baby A
child brought up on soothing sirups
is dull and lethargic Many a mother
who complains her child doesnt get
on in school is herself responsible in
that she fed him on these compounds
to keep him qufet while she worked a
dear bought freedom Under the food
and drug act the United States courts
are making it evident that a label ac
curately stating the contents of a
medicine does not imply liberty to
advertise it as not1 injurious and rec
ommend it as remedy for ills it cannot
cure A man recently was fined S100
for selling a toothing sirup contain
ing morphine and chloroform though
the label indicated these drugs and the
amount Dr Wiley declared the stuff
mislabeled because the label declared
no bad effects would follow its use
and that it was i sure remedy for all
ailments incident to babies from one
day old to two or three years The
federal court sustained the chemist
and the proprietor will have to take
his sure cure off the market or con
tinue to pay fines
It will not hurt the baby half as
much to cry as it will to dose it withj
soothing sirups Crying Is lung ex
ercise Opium isdeadening and deadi
Mothers Value
This happened years ago but it Is
worth repeating In a certain home
was the overindulgent mother of three
daughters You can just imagine what
the weeks washing was with dresses
for all of those girls each with three
or four petticoats besides many other
articles This mother did the washing 1
Ironing cooking baking and about
everything imaginable and the daugh
ters well they were cultured and
did not do very much of anything ex
cept eat the good meals and wear the
clean clothes One day the father
called the mother aside The two had
a long talk and he admitted he was
not able to hire a domestic The next
day the usual complaint was made by
the girls about the poor dinner and the
mother quietly got up went to her
room dressed and came downstairs
She carried a heavy suit case and
stopped long enough to tell the chil
dren that she hoped they would have
a better meal the next day Their
father took her to the station and she
was away from home one month
Every one of those girls learned to
cook bake scrub and look after the
house although they admitted that for
a week they lived on bakers bread
lemonade quince preserves and either
salmon or sardines It was a hard les
son for them to learn but they knew
the value of their mother
is much
Postures of Children
In a recent lecture to mothers and
teachers on Incorrect postures of chil
dren the speaker spoke of iutu rning
feet and the means of correcting them
But turned toes and feet she said are
the result of training and if the moth
er finds a tendency on the part of her
child to turn the toes in she must re
sort to training to remedy it This
consists In developing the outer mus
cles by proper exercise
Of the physical training of the child
from birth the lecturer said that ex
cessive crying being accepted as harm
ful the average mother therefore as
sumes that all crying is harmful and
should be suppressed This is faulty
reasoning The natural crying of a
baby is really a means of develop
ment as by crying the lungs are ex
panded and the relations between cir
culation aud respiration are thus es
tablished and strengthened
For Babys Comfort
The babys basket and the bassinet
are things a young mother loves to
have of the daintiest The new bas
ket with movable parts on the order
of drawers is one of the most con
venient styles A plate warmer with
metal bottom and porcelain top is use
ful for keeping the babys dinner hot
Other convenient accessories of a
babys outfit are tiny clothes racks
and trees ribbon covered coat hang
ers miniature washstand sets and
swinging hammocks for outdoor nana
1910 by American
Do you wish to see any one here
Savin yer prisince Oi come to get
1 squint at the exprisldint
Why do you wish to see the ex
Because ivery one wants to see ini
to be sure because hes the greatest
man on airth
Why is he great
Isnt he the frind of the workln
man besides countln among his ac
quaintances the crowned heads of
A sturdy gentleman In glasses smil
ed Pat he said you are right in
placing the expresidents friendship
for the workingman ahead of his ac
quaintance with the crowned beads
Come with me Ill show you around
the expresidents place and perhaps
you may get a sight of him
Pat accepted the invitation and the
two strolled about the grounds
Oim wonderin said Pat where
he kapes the wild animals he brought
from Africa
He didnt bring any wild animals
alive from Africa He brought their
skins They are to be stuffed for dif
ferent museums But tell me more
about why you admire him
Well Olm thinkin Pat replied
scratching his head that that as 1
told ye hes the frind o the workin
tnau and Oi lolke him becase be dont
molnd tellin tbim foryners what he
thinks of em But he madQ wan mis
take in talkin to the Britishers
Whats that
He tould em to get out o Egypt
It would a been all roight If hed
made It Olrland
The gentleman smiled
Whats the valy o them Egyptian
nage rs anyway And Oim hearin
their countrys nothln but sand and
hot enough to roast eggs in savin the
spalpeens havent got the eggs But
Oirland The beautiful land that It
is and the folne population of elligent
men and women And them havin
the feet o England on their necks
If the exprisldent bad said Aither
govern Oirland roight or git out it
ud a been lolke sayin git out o Oir
land caze an Englishman cant gov
ern any one but nagers
Youve a good head on you Pat
said the gentleman What other
fault hijve you to find with the ex
Well sor I was lookin while he
Was In the White House for em to
take off the duty on tay Tays a
folne dhrinlr and the only people that
free are the Chaney nagers
duty on tea congress does that and
the president has no power to take it
Pat thought a moment then said
Thin whats the use o makln such
a fuss at electin em
Tell me some more faults of the
Well sorr Oim thinkin he wasnt
born In the roight counthry
What country should he have been
born In
Oirland OI nlver think of Mm but
Oi see In me moind a beautiful plctur
of lm at an Oirish fair brandishln
a shillalah over his bead Jumpin up
and crackin his heels together swear
in he kin whip the biggest man in the
crowd Hes mighty what dy call
it strenus thats the worrd stren
Another way I loike to plctur Mm
is stlrrin up all them kings tellin the
spalpeens how to govern their people
just loike an American prisldent ud do
it 01 can see Mm If he had the power
jumpin around among em knockln
off their crowns and givin the poor
devils theyve oppressed a chance to
live in their palaces awhile
The gentleman led the way to the
house on the top of the hill and mo
tioned Pat to go in Ill Introduce
you to the expresident he said
But Pat demurred
It isnt for the loikes o me In these
dirthy clothes to go Into the house of
the great man Besides I dont need
an introduction
You dont
No Ive been talkin to Mm
How did you know me
By the windy glass over yer ois and
yer beautiful white teeth I seen in the
newspaper pictures
Good for youl You Irish are a clev
er race
Not so clever as you Amerykins
How do you make that out
Well sorr when 1 seen y walkln
aboufhere the cock o the walk 1 had
enough picturs of ye in me moind to
cover the ceillu of a church It wa
no credit to me to know ye Hut didnt
ye call me by me name without her
having se < n eveu a photograph o me
Ye called me Pat at onct Vow Oi
wonder sorr if ye kin guess me > i
womans Lame
Roight ye are Ony man as smart
as yecs should be elected prisldent foi
Tell me 1at did you come In hen
from curiosity or had von a purpose
A purpose is1 It An yer uskln n
me purpose nad ye a purpose whin
ye was prisldent In not rememlieriir
the office sayUers
I couldnt remember them all Pat
Well sorr I hail n purpose in com
In In here It was to tell ye e mitli
a misthake In tellin em to git out o
Egypt instead o Oirland
Pat had another an Inferior purpoe
he wanted something to ouy taj
with and he got it
iTT nr
Travels 3836 Miles on
Motorcycle lii Record Time
Copyright 1910 by American Presa Association
Having traveled 3S3J miles on a motorcycle from San Francisco to New
Tork city to visit relatives William Streiff arrived at his destination with just
1 10 in cash and lbts of valuable experience not the least of which was the
breaking of the worlds record In crossing the continent He was just twenty
eight days and three hours on the trip and the best previous record was made
by C A Miller who took thirtyone days twelve hours and fifteen minutes to
go from coast to coast During his long jounley Streiff never wore a coat and
sajs that he did not suffer greatly from cold weather He was armed when
he started troin San Francisco but before he had traveled a hundred miles he
lost his revolver and continued his trip without weapons which he says are
not needed by transcontinental tourists lie was subject to much Inconven
ience however by the efforts of small tradesmen to hold him up for gasoline
Some of them demande as much as 50 cents a gallon for the necessary fluid
He Is a member of the Federation of American Motorcyclists and has made
long journeys before but it was not until he arrived in New York state that
he was halted by a farmer who wanted to Inquire whether he lit up his
goggles at night Streiff declares that the air in the front tire of his motor
cycle is the same that was injected when the machine was shipped to Cali
fornia and that he did not touch the tube until he arrived wkh it in Gotham
The rear tire suffered several punctures en route >
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