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The surveyors for the DallasPales
tine interurban railway have reached
Corsicana and are pushingthe work
right on to the East Texas metropo
lis the heart of the greatest fruit
telt in the southwest From the city
oFDallas to Corsicana they have run
jf an air line passing through it might
fi be said the most thickly populated
i and richest part of the state of Texas
directly paralleling no other railroad
L which when the interurban road is
completed will open up an entirely
f new country by furnishing a frequent
f and convenient service to a class of
i our citizens that do not now haye any
transportation facilities at all The
engineers are meeting with unbounded
encouragement from everywhere
Prom reports of the Corsicana
papers the last day or two it is learn
ed that the Trinity Valley Traction
i company which is handling this en
terprise is moving up all lines of the
J work und that prospects are very en
J couraging for the early beginning of
j construction
President J V AVatkins returned
last evening from a trip to Corsicana
Js and the camp and says be is highly
pleased with the and class
gj progress
of work his men are doing that his of the hose laid for service was
reception by the citizens of that city scorched and ruined by the heat A
Fband county is indeed gratifying
jj Without any unforeseen hindrances
5 jile says this company expects to make
Wsuch progress within the next few
g months as will be of considerable in
terest to the general public all along
N the route Dallas Times Herald
the Speakers Favored the
Tax Others Did Not Was
indorsed By Meeting
ajgTOdjpads meeting Wednes
i atthe cityhall tnere
tendance of about thirty
aers and but few business
There was none of the mem
bers of the city board of commis
sioners present no member of the
county commissioners court save
5i Judge Funderhurk and no business
U men excepting one or two It was a
meeting of a few who felt an Interest
in the election and only a few How
ever some good talks were made by
Messrs B F Rogers Z Broughton
i WCVI Hamilton R R Claridge Judge
FB Funderburk T L Rogers and J F
5 Nash Some of the speakers favored
k the election others did not some
favoring the extra road tax expressed
themselves as partial to a bond elec
ff tion believing that the only practical
1Tvay to secure permanent roads
r others believed the proposed amplified
j plan would prove worse than the pros
Is ent plan The talks were entertaining
and instructive
J Just before adjournment and when
f the crowd had somewhat dwindled a
vote was taken
as to whether or not
the proposed tax plan would be en
v dorsed Tjy the meeting A
voted to endorse the plan
Something new to be found in
Want Ad Column today
Fire Started From Flying Ember
From Crawford Home Fire
Was Partially Insured
The John Helm home located east
of the city on the I G X railroad
a pretty and picturesque home was
totally destroyed Wednesday after
noon having set fire from a flying
ember from the Crawford home fire
reported in Wednesdays issue
The house was totally destroyed
together with most of the contents
Only part of the furnishings from the
first floor were taken from the build
ing When the alarm was turned in
from this fire the department was
busy with the Crawford fire and some
considerable delay was had in getting
to the fire Then it was necessary to
lay a long lino of hose to reach the
nearest fire plug
It took hard work to protect other
property from the heat and flying
sparks Mr Helms loss is partially
covered by insurance
During the progress of the Crawford
fire sparks set fire to several bales
of cotton in the Mclnnis cotton yard
directely in the path of the flying
sparks but they were extinguished by
those who were keepingclose watch
It Was Slow Coming at the Crawford
Fire and Elicited Much Un
favorable Comment
Firemen at the Crawford home fire
yesterday afternoon report it was
some fifteen or twenty minutes after
the hose was laid before they could
get water pressure sufficient for act
ive service In the meantime some
great deal of mud was blown through
the hose almost stopping the flow of
water at times
At the jail corner the fire plug
could not be opened and an automo
bile was pressed into service to go
for a pipe wrench with which to open
the hydrant This hydrant so it is
reported has been in this condition
since the paving contractors used it
getting water from the hydrant for
the paving work The top of the
hydrant connecting with the value
was worn round so the wrench ordi
narily used was o no avail
LeftBaggageat Lonqvie
Liberatis Band whiclTis hilled at
the Temple Theatre tonight arrived
in the city via the early morning
train but found to their consterna
tion that their twelve pieces of bag
gage had been left at Longview The
railroad officials got busy and got
the baggage in via freight train
This musical organization promises
to be a great treat for Palestine peo
ple c
Meeting of the Executive Committee
Will Be Held
A regular meeting of the Board of
Trade executive committee is an
nounced for this evening and it is
especially desired that a full member
ship be present as the matter of a
new hotel will come up for discus
sion with other topics of live inter
est A direct proposition has been
put up to the Board on the hotel
matter and it needs immediate at
Third Ward Prayer Meeting
The Third Ward prayer meeting
for ladies will be held with Mrs
Watts at No 11 May street Friday
afternoon at 4 oclock
Failed in Health
w y1other t ed 3ix years a ° > writes A ss Ruth
Ward of Jerseyville III and left me to care for six
children I had never been strong and this with the shock
of her death was too much for me
I failed in health I was tired all the time and did
not want to go anywhere nor care for company I had
the headache all the time and such bearingdown pains
A very dear friend advised me to take Cardui as it
had done her so much good so I commenced to use it
and now I am in good health
J 44
The Womans Tonic
Women s pains are relieved or
lw prevented and womens
V strength is quickly restored by Cardui the womans tonic
You yourself know best if you need it or not
If you do need it do not delay but commence to use
at once Every day of delay only lets you slide further
Sown the hill
Dont wait then but begin to take Cardui today for its
use no matter how prolonged cannot harm you and will
I surely do you good
Write to Ladies Advisory Dcpt Cbiitanooja Mcdldne Co Chittanooea Tean
lor SptcfolInstructions and 64pzee
Home Treatment for Women sent free
Victim of Pistol Wound Charged to
Jodie Wells Negro Died In
This City Last Night
The negro man shot at Oakwoods
Tuesday night and for which Jodie
Wells and his brother were arrested
in this city Wednesday morning died
in this city last night on the operat
ing table He was brought in from
Oakwoods last evening and walked
from the train to a carriage so
it is said At the hospital an
examination revealed the dangerous
nature of the wound He was shot
in the bowels Death came soon after
the operation deemed necessary was
The negros name was Jefford
Woods and he lived at Oakwoods
Published By Authority of the Secre
tary of Agriculture
For Palestine and vicinity until 7
p m Friday Tonight fair warmer
Friday partly cloudy weather warm
Temperature Lowest last night
46 highest yesterday 71
Weather Conditions
The storm that was over the Great
Lakes has moved eastward to the
Atlantic coast It has caused rain in
the eastern Lake region in the St
Lawrence valley and along the At
lantic coast The disturbance that
was lover the northwest has moved
southeastward with greatly increased
energy It has caused a decided rise
in temperature in the northern Rocky
mountain region and has been at
tended by light showers in the North
Pacific states The weather is gen
erally clear and colder in Texas this
morning and northerly winds pre
vail Barometric conditions indicate
fair and warmer weather in this vi
cinity tonight and partly cloudy and
warmer weather Friday
T R Taylor
Official in Charge k
New Books Ordered
At the meeting of the Palestine
Public Library board yesterday a
nice list of new books was ordered
and the books are expected by the
i a a a A
Is it Human Is it Mechanical
Will Appear at the Lyric
Theater Tonight
Be the Vaudeville Offering
the New Lyric Tonight
The management sayb
Tonight as the vaudeville attrac
tion at the New Lyric Theater Prof
A M Livermore will present Enig
ma the Animated Doll This is one
of the greatest novelty acts in vau
deville and has been secured at con
siderable extra expense by the man
agement notwithstanding there will
be no advance in prices
As a feature film in motion photo
graps Dora Thorn from Bertha M
Clays famous novel will be exhibited
The beautiful story of Dora Thorn
is so well known it hardly need be
outlined but suffice it to say the
story is doubly attractive when
thrown on the canvas in motion pic
tures The other film is a high art
tKalem subject The Peversity of
Fate a powerful silent drama
Offered as Attraction as the Temple
Theatre Tonight
Speaking of the attraction at the
New Temple Theatre tonight the
Chicago Evening American of August
15 1910 says
White City has a very big attrac
tion this week and next And that
big attraction is Liberatis Band as
sisted by grand opera singers Every
afternoon and evening Liberatis Baud
Its double strength
cuts the coffceM
in two Its superior
f quality gives it
a yalue double
its jriee
The Reily Taylor Co
New OrleansUSAw
soloists and chorus give two con
certs The band selections alternate
with scenes from grand opera render
ed by excellent soloists and full cho
rus The second concert both after
noons and evenings ends with opera
in costume This week the program
closes with Cavalerria Rusticana
rendered in its entirety Just the
gate money lets you in to hear Lib
erati and his company and everybody
goes Musical enthusiasts are massed
thick through the great treeroofed en
closure in front ofthe band stand
half an hour before the concerts be
gin Liberatis singers are men and
women with large fulltoned melo
dious voices They can he heard
clearly through the whole enclosure
You have paid a dollar many a time
for opera that could not compare with
what Liberati gives you for nothing
once you have got by the White City
gatemen Perhaps the opera attracts
you most But it is not the whole
thing in Liberatis concerts By no
means There is Liberati himself
one of the finest cornetists who ever
blew his way to fame through a brass
tube It was an inspiring thing to
see Liberati playing his cornet while
directing his band of seventyfive men
with his left hand You get the best
of Liberatis Band in its military and
national selections Last night Lib
erati played American patriotics till
he lifted thercrowd off its fleet yes
literally That mass of peope surged
up into tnalair and shouted when
Star Spangled Banner
He hasan lnterestlng historjr this
same Liberati He has been a band
master on this side of the Atlantic for
thirtysix years He has enough
medals to make him s suit of armor
if he strung them all together This
year Liberatis Band is better > than
ever as the daily and nightly crowds
at White City testify
E iled the way for The
A quinine pill is almost as bitter as
some people
Woman is only the weaker vessel
until she Is manned
The crowing hen is merely the suf
fragette of the baimyard
The earth wa created for man so
he naturally wants it
Lots ofmerchants have discoverer
that all that glitters isnt sold
After all perhaps the hasbeens are
no worse than the goingtohes
The fact that talk is cheap is what
makes it so expensive in the end
Really the only ofiice that seeks
the man Is the one at police head
The only man who never made a
mistake was the man who never did
Footprints in the sands of time
may show that some of us have been
walking backward
You Musi Realize
that no lawyer can do any more
than search our abstracts With
out a complete abstract he is of
no service to you so first see
that you get the right abstract
and go ahead
Anderson County
Abstract Co
When I bought the bakery in Old Town
I tore out all of the old fixtures and put
in everything new making my bakery
entirely modern A good baker is em
ployed and to meet the demand of the
trade two delivery wagons are now mak
ing prompt deliveries
A specialty of home made cakes
iWiiimfs Bakery
424 Church Street Phone 1039
Free Delivery
2pound tomatoes per dozen
2pound corn per dozen
1 pint catsups
Buffalo syrup per gallon
Clarrette soap per case
Silk soap per case
is a joy in any household to say
nothing of its sanitary necessity
One of the chief lines of our
plumbing business is the furnish
ing and installing of bathtubs
and wash stands connected with
the water supply and sewer sys
tem by the latest devices fn pip
ing Get a free estimate of cost
ft b u r ry
Should you need Cotton Ginning Cane Grinding Saw Mill or other
Machinery or repairs for same it matters not by whom made Dilleys
can save you time trouble or money perhaps all if you will consult
them You are desirious of building up Anderson County give proof of
it by first giving home factories employing home labor an opportunity
to serve you and then all things being equal give them the preference
Call on or Addrsis
Dilley Son
PftlcBllno Tcaag
Joseph N French Doctor of Optics Graduated at the South Bend College of
Optics 1903 Office at residence 109 Illinois Street Phone 1075
Dr French does not peddle spectacles but will call on request examine
and test your eyes free and take your order for a pair of Spectacles Phone 1075
a good thing Dont you know you can
go a long way and find nothing as good
in the line of
as you would find right here We are
here to stay which means that we
value our reputation greater than profit
and will treat you so that you wili re
commend us to your friends
Shop Cor Oak ana John Sts
Unfarmantad Crasvjuica iorCommsn
ion PurpoDati and < SlcK Chamoar t
Old Port Wine 3 years old J150 per gal Sherry
Wine 3 years old 150 per gal Good Table
Claret 100 per sal Fine Old Blackberry Wine
best In the market Those wines have taken first
premiums In Dallas Houston and San Antonio for
many years and are guaranteed to be pure In
every respect Jugs found nnd wines delivered to
any part of the city free of charge
IIS Onwor Slroot
PAJEirrjTT rcK4r
Made Any Time Day or
Night Rain or Shine
Buy Your
Watches Clocks and
from J A H Thompson
Watch repairing a
Northeast Cornor Public Squaro
RIHQ 329
Avenue A 202
Sealshipt oysters served any style
Everything cheap

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