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A product of the fields of
Virginia and the Carolinas
blended in just the right pro
portions to make a pleasant
smoke And besides they
are wrapped in Wheat Straw
paper the paper you choose
for rolling your own smokes
Rich and Satisfying
10 for Se
Texas League baseball pictures and
a valuable coupon in each package
Old Mill Cigarettes are packed in
The John Hay Memorial Library at
Brown University Was Ded
icated Today
Providence R I Nov 11 The
dedication of the John Hay Memorial
Library at Brown University today at
tracted a great company of distin
guished men and women from various
parts of the country President
Faunce of the university presided and
the principal addresses were delivered
by Emeritus President James B An
gej f the University of Michigan
ana Senator Kliliu Eoo t oOfew York
The library is to stand as a memo
rial of the late John Hay who was
secretary of state in the cabinet of
President Roosevelt at the time of
his death in 1905 Mr Hay was a
graduate of Brown University in the
class of 1858 The library was erect
ed at a cost of 300000 from contri
butions made > by Andrew Carnegie
and others The structure and its
equipment are of the most modern
type with accommodations for 300000
Representatives of Banking and Fi
nancial Interests Discussing the
Problem This Week
New York Nov 11 Representa
tives of the banking and financial in
terests in all sections of the country
assembled in conference at Colum
bia University today under the au
spices of the American Academy of
Political Science to discuss the great
problem of currency reform The
program of the meeting covers two
days and provides for addresses and
papers by many eminent bankers
economists and representatives of the
treasury department at Washington
Coincident with the conference is the
meeting of the National Monetary
Commission in this city the several
members of which Including Senator
Aldrich the chairman are to address
the conference at one of its sessions
Kings Daughters In Session
Baltimore Md Nov 11 The an ue deferred until next year out of re
nual conference of the International siect to tIe memory of the late king
Order of Kings Daughters a womans
organization of the Episcopal church
convened in this city today for a
session of four days Nearly all of
the chapters of the organization in
the United States Canada and the
West Indies have delegates present
The program provides for addresses
by Miss Jane Addams of Chicago and
other women of note
To Spend Winter Here
Herald Special
London Nov 11 Richard Croker
the former Tammany leader and his
niece Mrs Stella Bowman are among
the passengers booked to sail on the
Baltic tomorrow for New York After
a short stay In the metropolis Mr
Croker will go to Palm Beach to pass
the winter at the home he recently
built at that resort According to bis
present plans he will return to Ire
land early next spring
tCAfcWStt <
Democrats to Celebrate
Washington D C Nov 10 Local
democrats are arranging for a big
celebration to emphasize the recent
victories Champ Clark who prom
ised to drive a span of Missouri mules
down Pennsylvania avenue if elected
speaker will be called on to perform
his stunt and this is expected to be a
big feature
It Is Unnecessary to Suffer This Ter
rible Trouble
Keen torture is the everyday lot of
the sufferer from piles
And yet thatsufferingis needless
Bratton Drug Co Palestine Texas
will sell you HemRoid and later re
turn your money if it fails
We have sold HemRoid that way
for two or three years and refunds
asked have been less than 3 per cent
We therefore recommend it with con
HemRoid is an internal remedy the
prescription of Dr J S LeonhardL 1
for large bottle Dr Leonbardt Co
Station B Buffalo N Y Write for
Standard Oil Co Before Court
Jackson Tenn Nov 9 After a
number of postponements the suit of
the United States against the Stand
ard Oil company of Indiana was be
gun here today before Judge John E
McCall in the United States district
court eminent counsel representing
both sides to the litigation A sharp
legal battle is promised The defend
ant company is charged with viola
tions of the antitrust laws and if
convicted on all of the counts It can
be fined 30000000
The kidneys are small but important
organs They need help occasionally
Prickly Ash Bitters is a successful
kidney tonic and system regulator
Bratton Drug Co Special Agents
Siams New King Crowned
Herald Special
Bankok Nov 11 Tiie coronation
of Maha Vajravudha as king of Siam
in succession to his father the late
King Chaulalongkorn took place to
day and was attended with the cus
I tomary elaborate ceremonies The
coronation festivities however will
Williams Kianey Pills
Have you neglected your Kidneys
Have you overworked your nervous
system and caused trouble with youi <
kidneys and bladder Have you
pains sln loins side back groins and
bladder Have you a flabby appeal
ance of the face especially under the
eyes If so Williams Kidney Pills
will cure you At Druggists price 50c
Williams Manufacturing Co Propa
Cleveland O
For sale by Bratton Drug Co
For good Harness and Saddles see
Herman Schmidt Co 104lm
A bottle of Prickly Ash Bitters
kept in the house and used occasion
ally means good health to the whole
household Bratton Drug Co Special
Herald want ads bring resulti
A Hippo Very Patiently and
Quietly Waiting For
His Dinner
Above is the portrait of the largest
hippopotamus in the New York zoo
He is hungry and waiting for the at
tendant to bring his dinner along You
can see by his open smile tbnt he Is
able to take a pretty large mouthful
In captivity the hippopotamus Is fed
grass and bay bread carrots and va
rious other vegetables When the
keeper feeds bread the hippo simply
opens his mouth and lets the man
pitch the loaves into his cavernous
I In their native habitat Africa hip
pos are sometimes found as much us
fourteen feet long and nearly live feet
high but they usually are much small
er They delight in water living In
lakes and rivers and feeding on water
plants and the herbage growing near
the water They are good swimmers
and divers and can remain under wa
ter eight or ten minutes
A Roland For an Oliver
A Roland for an Oliver is an ex
pression that dates from the time of
Charlemagne Roland was his neph
ew and like the great Charles was
eight feet high Oliver a celebrated
knight of the same period was quite
a match for him and they agreed to
test their respective strength and skill
In a combat on an island In the Rhine
The contest lasted Ave days without
the slightest advantage to either If
Roland got in a well directed blow his
opponent gave him quite as good a
one in return or If Oliver performed a
feat of extraordinary skill Roland was
sure to match it with a movement
quite as adroit It was a remarkable
and altogether unsettled combat and
it gave rise to the saying a Roland
for an Oliver when a person who
has attacked another receives a blow
or a retort fully equal to what he bns
given Whatever it may be that is
tecelj a r tjimjBkJsoLJsoften
called a Roland for an Oliver
Elephants Good Workers
Elephants are used in every depart
ment of sawmills in Burma In the
work of piling logs they show great
Intelligence One elephant will drag
a log out of the water to the saw
bench and place It with bis tusks on
the table while hlsvmate waits at the
other end ready as soon as the buzz
ing circular saw has converted the
round tree Into a four sided log to lift
It off the bench place It on the ground
and drag it out to the storage yard
where he puts it carefully Into posi
tion placing one log exactly on top
of the other Elephants can pile logs
as high as their foreheads When the
squared logs are wanted for shipment
the elephant picks out the required
number and drags them down to the
waterside If it Is necessary he en
ters the river and holds the logs inpo
sltion while they are being bound to
gether by the raftsmen
Portrait A Game
In the game called portrait one per
son leaves the room while the others
choose the name of some one they all
know The person on reentering the
room has to guess the name selected
by asking questions which must be
answered only by Yes or NoV For
Instance Is it a man No Is It
a woman Yes Is shp married
No Is she tall Has she fair
hair Are her eyes blue Is she
In this room and so on till the por
trait Is recognized
Sometimes the company choose the
one who went outside to be the por
trait which naturally makes the guess
ing rather more difficult
What Feet Are These
Theres a foot thats played all over our
Theres a foot that Is often seen In the
Theres a foot that crosses many a stream
And a foot we sometimes strike In a
Theres a foot that marches In rain or
And a foot that has measured many a
Theres a foot which makes for our feet
a rest
And a foot which Is heard from east to
Answers Football footprint foot
bridge footboard foot soldier foot
rule footstool footstep
What Is a soldiers definition of a
kiss A report at headquurters
Why Is a crow like a lawyer He
likes to have his caws cause beard
Which is the hardest of all soaps
Cast steel castlle
Why does a duck go under water
For divers reasons
What killed Julius Caesar Boman
When will there be only twentyfive
letters in the alphabet When U and
I are one
K >
in baking methods which gave the
world Uneeda Biscuit also resulted in
Never sold in bulk
The Season is Now on for
And in addition to our nice
Candies Refresments and In
vigorating Drinks we have
just put in a Dandy Line of
Fresh Luscious California
PalestineCandy Kitchen j
Royal Bank Building Main Street
> >
Cut Glass and Fine Furniture
Paskedfor Shipment
Uptiolsfeing and Repairing
We frame pictures fEd
Ed Kingsbury
< >
Upholstering and Furniture Repair
ing Ed Kingsbury Phone 266
in soda cracker quality You
realize this the moment you
open the royal purple package
and find soda crackers so tempt
ing and good that they cannot
be resisted
Joseph N French Doctor of Optics Graduated at the South Bend College of
Optics 1903 Office at residence 109 Illinois Street Phone 1075
Dr French does not peddle spectacles but will call on request examine
and test your eyes free and take your order for a pair of Spectacles Phone 1075
iS S
Best flour
High Patent flour
Irish potatoes per peck
Sweet potatoes per peck
Bran per sack
Corn chops
THIS new lamp has recent
ly been perfected and will
now burn in almost any an
gle and in any residence or
business house in Palestine and in
order to introduce them into each
home we are going to sell one to
eich of our customers at absolute
cost This lamp will burn in any
socket and needs no extra work to
install it any place where you now
use an 8candle power lairip you
install one of these new 20candle
ji Ssr power lamps which will operate at the
i T same cost as1 the regular 8C P lamp
r You can burn a 50candle power lamp at
Jlhe same cost as the regular 160 P
lamp that you are now using This
kind of light will not consume the oxy
gen and will not leave any bad odors in
your room Your house plants will be
perfectly safe if you use this type of
light The leading occulists claim this to be
the most pleasing light to the eye
ever invented We will be pleased
to deliver such lamps to your home
or if you will call at our office we
will explain further
Electric Ice
> l

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