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When I bought the bakery in Old Town
I tore out all of the old fixtures and put
in everything new making my bakery
entirely modern A good baker is em
ployed and to meet the demand of the
trade two delivery wagons are now mak
ing prompt deliveries
A specialty or home made cakes
Wliitmfs Bakery
424 Church Street Phone 1039
Free Delivery
Steam Laundry
Phono 120 412ti
If you have a want get rid of it by
way of the Herald want column
is a joy in any household to say
nothing of its sanitary necessity
One of the chief lines of our
plumbing business is the furnish
ing and installing of bathtubs
and wash stands connected witb
the water supply and sewer sys
tem by the latest devices in pip
ing Geta free estimate of cost
yours jto please
Should you need Cotton Ginning Cane Grinding Saw Mill or other
Machinery or repairs for same it matters not by whom made Dilleys
can save you time trouble or money perhaps all if you will consult
them You are desirious of building up Anderson County give proof of
it by first giving home factories employing home labor an opportunity
to serve you and then all things being equal give them the preference
Call on or Addruii
M Dilley Son
Palestine Tax an
When the Time Arrives
that you are specially interested in the
line of plumbing we can show you
wherein it will be greatly to your ad
vantage to trade here With us
Quality Meets Price
which means the best in quality at the
lowest possible price and when we add
that our guarantee is included Can
you do as well elsewhere
Shop Cor Oak and ohn Stsr
Dnfermanted Grapo Juico orCommun
Ion Purpomi and iSlcK Chamnvr
Old Port Wine 3 years old 150 per gal Sherry
Wine 3 years old 150 per sal Good Table
Claret 100 iter gal Fine Old Blackberry Wine
best In the market Those wines have taken first
premiums In Dallas Houston and San Antonio for
many years and are guaranteed to be pure In
every respect Jugs found and wines delivered to
any part of the city free of charge
112 Dinror SJroat
Made Any Time Day or
Night Rain or Shine
Buy Your
Watches Clocks and
from J A H Thompson
Watch repairing a
Northeast Corner Public Square
Do you want
the best
Thats what we do Your shirts
and collars are washed Ironed and
shaped by nothing but experienced
labor No rough or broken edges
They look and fit like new ones Youi
linen and starch wear will be as white
aa snow Ironed just as It should be
washed In artesian water with noth
Ing but pure soap If you are In
trouble Put your clothes in our bub
bles We know how We do It
RING 329
Avenue A 202
Sealshipt oysters served any style
Everything cheap
Something of
Why go to the trouble of mak r s
ing biscuits or corn bread when
it is cheaper to buy bread from
American Home Bakery
Telephone 234
All kinds of Hats cleaned and re
blocked I take the old felt and work
it over that makes the Hat like new
I can make your old hat any size
style or color I do the work here
I dont send it away Give me your
work If I please you tell others If
I dont please you please tell me for
I guarantee best of workmanship
Ladies Straw Hats dyed Jet black
Panama and Straw cleaned bleached
and reblocked without the use of acid
710 Main Street
For good Harness and Saddles see
Herman Schmidt Co 104lm
± J3g2sst T
State of Texas County of Anderson
In District Court Winter Term A
D 1910
To the Sheriff or Any Constable of
Anderson County Greeting
Affidavit having been made as re
quired by law you are hereby com
manded to summon Mrs Mary Aycock
by making publication of this citation
once in each week for four successive
weeks previous to the return day
hereof in some newspaper published
in your county if there be a news
paper published therein but if not
then in any newspaper published in
the Third Judicial District but if
there be no newspaper published in
said Judicial Distirct then In a news
paper published in the nearest district
to said Third Judicial District to ap
pear at the next regular term of the
district court of Anderson county to
be holden at the court house thereof
in Palestine on the fourth Monday in
November A D 1910 the same being
the 28th day of November A D 1910
in a suit numbered on the docket of
said court No 8347 then and there to
answer the petition of Edward Mc
Carthy filed in said court on the 26th
day of October A D 1910 against
Mary Aycock and Mary G Belsner
and alleging in substance as follows
That plaintiff and defendant are
the owners of the following described
land situated in Anderson county
First Tract Situated on the waters
of Still Creek a part of the S Ben
nett survey beginning at the n e
corner of the S Bennett survey and
in the s b line of the Richard Duty
league thence n 89 e 798 vrs to
stake from which b j 8 in dia brs
n 50 w 8 vrs do brs n 75 e > 3 its
thence s 986 vrs stake n e cor of
a 60 acre tract owned by Mrs Nettie
Cole b j 4 in dia from which a pine
S in dia brs n 50 w 4 vrSra pine 8
in dia brs n 45e 1 vr thence s
S9 w 798 vrs to stake in w b line
of S Bennett survey from which pine
30 in dia brs n 40 e 7 vr mkd
X thence n 1 w 986 vrsf1o place
of beginning containing 140 acres
more or leas
Second Tract 10 acres out of the
Jane Millender 1280 acre headright in
Anderson county Texas beginning at
stake in n edge of Palestine and Rusk
road in w line of R Duty league and
e line of Jane Millender survey 910
vrs s 2 e from its n e cor from
which r o 28 in dia brs n13 Trs
thence n 2 w with the w line of the
Duty league 120 vrs to stake jfor > cor
nertwo1 riHifl FlreaHBg frTi i i snee
s 66 w 238 vrs to stake r o and
p o for bearing trees thence s 68
w 169 12 vrs to stake pine and p
o for bearing trees thence s 28 e
193 vrs to n edge of Palestine and
Rusk road stake double sweetgum and
pine for bearing trees thence with
the general course of said Palestine
and Rusk road about n 69 e 379 vrs
to the beginning all bearing trees
mkd X
Plaintiff avers that he owns 1720
of above described land and defend
ant Mary Aycock is the owner of
120 of same and that defendant
Mary Beisner is the owner of 220 of
Wherefore plaintiff prays that cita
tion issue in due form of law to de
fendants and upon a hearing hereof
the court order the above land par
titioned or should the court find that
same is incapable of equitable parti
tion that the same be sold and the
proceeds of such sale be applied to
the said owners as their interest may
Herein fail not but have before said
court at its aforesaid next regular
term this writ with your return
thereon showing how you have exe
cuted the same
Witness Jno R Moore Clerk of the
District Court of Anderson county
Given under my hand and the seal
of said court at office In Palestine
this the 27th day of Optober A D
Seal Jno R Moore
Clerk of the District Court of Ander
son County 2951219d
The State of Texas
To the Sheriff or any Constable of
Anderson County Greeting
Oath having been made as required
by law you are hereby commanded to
summon the heirs of H D Taylor
deceased by making publication of
tliis citation once In each week for
eight successive weeks previous to
the return day hereof in some news
paper published In your county to
appear at the next regular term of
the District Court of Anderson coun
ty to be holden at the court house
thereof in Palestine on the fourth
Monday in November 1910 the same
being the 28th day of November 1910
then and there to answer a petition
filed in said court on the 1st day of
October 1910 in a suit numbered on
the docket of said court No 8332
wherein A D Evans is plaintiff and
the heirs of H D Taylor deceased
are defendants and said petition al
leging that heretofore towit on the
1st day of September 1310 plaintiff
was in the lawful possession as the
owner in fee simple of the soutb half
of Lot Four in block H of Jacksons
Addition to the City of Palestine An
derson county Texas that after
wards on the 1st day of September
1910 the defendants entered upon and
dispossessed plaintiff of the above de
scribed land and witbbold from him
the possession thereof and that the
nature o the claim of the defendants
the heirs of H D Taylor deceased
in and to said land is as follows
The defendants claim that said H D
Taylor acquired the title to said land
prior to his death by warranty deed
of J E Davis and wife of date July
25th 1883 recorded in Vol 33 page
474 of Anderson County Deed Reo
ords as well as by release subse
quently executed by Royall Coleman
Co unto the said H D Taylor of
the vendors lien which was retained
in said deed and plaintiff admits that
said H D Taylor did become the
owner of said land by virtue of the
aforesaid deed and release but plain
tiff avers that the title so acquired by
the said H D Taylor as well as any
title or claim which passed to his
heirs upon his death in and to said
land have been long ago lost and
barred under the operation of the
statutes of limitations of five and ten
years and plaintiff has acquired a
superior title to said land under said
statutes as specially plead in said
Herein fail not but have before
said court at its aforesaid next reg
ular term this writ with your return
thereon showing how you have exe
cuted the same
Witness Jno R Moore Clerk of
the District Court of Anderson county
Given under my hand and the seal
of said court at office in Palestine
this the 1st day of October 1910
Seal Jno R Moore
Clerk of the District Court of Ander
son County
By Eddie Morris Deputy
The Philosophers anathe Frog
By a Staff Correspondent
Dr Safford for many years profes
ser of chemistry in the Mddical Col
lege of the University of Nashville
used to tell his students a fable the
moral of which was prove it Cer
tain wise men were gathered together
to ascertain the explanation of a
statement that when two glasses of
water of equal weight are balanced on
the beams of a balance scale and a
frog is then put in one of the vessels
the balance remains the same thus
attempting to prorvSHh assertion
that a frog has no weight when im
mersed in water Each wise man had
his own explanation and there was
much heated argument and discus
sion At length one of the wise men
said But is your statement true
Lets prove it Of course when it
came to proving It they couldnt
So when you hear people say that
CocaCola is injurious just ask them
to prove it They cant Nobody can
because it is not injurious But on
the otljer hand it can be proved that
it is not injurious by chemical analy
sis Or if you are not a chemist
yourself why not accept the verdict
of every competent chemist who ever
analyzed it Eminent College and
University Chemists Commercial
Chemists Government State and City
Chemists all have analyzed Coca
Cola and not one has ever been able
to find anything injurious in it The
very next time you hear anyone say
that CocaCola contains deleterious
ingredients tell him to write the
CocaCola Co Atlanta Ga for a free
copy of their booklet The Truth
About CocaCola In the meantime
writ j for a copy for yourself you will
find it very Interesting 1
Hicks Capudine
Cures Headaches AH Kinds Gripp
Colds Aches From Malarious
Conditions Etc
Capudine cures Headaches whether
from heat cold brainfag overexertion
or stomach troubles It cures sick head
aches and nervous headaches also
Capudine is also the quickest and
best remedy for attacks of Cold or Gripp
it relieves the aching and feverishness
and restores normal conditions
Capudine is liquid easy and pleasant
to take acts immediately 10c 25c
and 50c at drug stores
Get the Original and Genuine
The Fooddrink for All Ages
orInfants Invalidsand Growing children
ureNutriu onup building the wholebody
nvigorates the nursing mother and the aged
ich milk malted gram in powder form
i quick lunch prepared in a minute
rake no substitute Askfor HORLICKS
No Combine or Trust
Jas F Brook Architect and Engi
neer Room 25 Link Building tf
j anm
Warm Floors aad Healthy
Children Make Happy Homes
There is no better way for you to avoid worry and expense
than by insuring your childrens health
Warm floors in the home which is the childrens play
house in winter are assured when using Coles Original Hot
Blast Heater
The steel base and body construction allows the heat to be
radiated to the floor keeping it warm during the coldest weather
Coles Original Hot Blast Heater
The Cleanest Easiest to Cara For
Burns Soft Coal Lignite Hard Coal Crushed Coke
Wood and Cobs
Users of coal must remember that the ordinary heater is
a big care to operate That its smoke and ash s entail dust
ing curtain washing and carpet sweeping Think then of the
ease of operationand the cleanliness of Coles Hot Blast
Coles Hot Blast has a guaranteed smokeproof feed door
open the feed door and the current of air draws the smoke
directly across the top of stove to the stove oe away from
the opening Contrast this simple cleanly 1 with the ide
door in an ordinary heater The side doc used on other
stoves permits escape of dirty smoke unpleasant gas and
accumulated soot drops from it If you overfill a side door
stove coal falls to the floor And note this you cannot
make a side door heater airtight an everlasting advantage
in favor ofColes Hot Blast which is airtight and guaranteed
to remain so always
No fires to build the fire is never out in this remarkable
heater from fall until taken down in the spring x
Better select one today surely it is the heater you need
iiw SIBSiman Hdw Co sss
lion ioiki Siis and Styla
Democrats Elected the Entire State
Ticket In New York
New York Nov 10 Practically
complete returns from Interior locali
ties of the state confirm previous in
dications that all of the democratic
candidates on the state ticket were
elected These In addition to
state treasurer John J Kennedy at
torney general Thomas Caimody
state engineer and surveyor John A
B Bensel associate judges of the
court of appeals Alfred K Collin and
Irving G Vance
The returns in these state offices
are not yet complete for six counties
but an estimate based on 2700 election
districts outside of New York City
and complete returns of New York
City give the results above stated
The smallest indicated plurality is
that of Lazansky who has 8866 over
Koenig republican and the highest
is that of Kennedy for state treasurer
who has 26632 over Fennel republi
Croup is most prevalent during the
dry cold weather of the early winter
months Parents of young children
should be prepared forit All that is
needed is a bottle of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy Many motners are
never without it in their homes and
it has never disappointed them Sold
by Bratton Drug Co
Wilsons Plurality Grows
Tienton N J Nov 10 Latest
election returns show Woodrow Wi
sons plurality for governor to be up
ward of 48000 and it is expected
that the complete returns will bring
the plurality up to 50000
If you have a want get rid of it by
way of the Herald want column
Fire Insurance Razes
are so low under the new law that
no one can afford to take chances
Phone me and I will come and make
a rate on your property Phone Nof
236 W H Dick
The Spot Store
Having solyed tne problem of cheap
the prices we have opened the SPOT
candidates for governor and lieuten STORE with full line of groceries anj
ant governor are feedstuff We also h ave a
Secretary ofstate Edward Lazan ket with Mr W
sky state controller W Sohmer our trade with
T Daniel to serve
firstclass meats
Phone 913 for prompt delivery Cor
ner DeBard and Cottage Ave 316t
Seal Shipped Oysters
W H Smith is receiving daily seal
shipped Oysters the best ever
brought to the city 3 dozen to sealed
can and absolutely free from contam
ination 35c a can Phone 1063 17t f
The public is hereby warned that
the pond located back of the negro
cemetery and known as COLLEYS
POND is posted and that all tres
passers will be prosecuted to the
fullest extent of the law
1022lm Sims Colley
Eggs Get Tnem Now Eggs
Now offering eggs from our fine S
C Buff Orpingtons First yard head
ed by our 5000 bird he Is brother
of Cooks Baltimore First Prize Win
ner valued at over 40000 Second
yard headed by the male heading our
pen past season Eggs 300 and
250for 15 also choice cockrels
Our stock is direct from Wm Cook
S Sons orig iuators of all the Orping
tons and headquarters for the best
S A Overbagh
208 May Street 1015lm
eZICC Vfi VniB 3V QICTER Feo to You and Evory Sister Sufferlna
ffHCC BU lUU HI a CEO 8 Eli from Wouiaus AilmanU
I am a woman
1 know womans sufferings
I nave fouud the cure
I will mall tree or any coarse in i treats
dent with full Instructions to any suneier troro
womens ailments I y am to tell alt women about
this care > ou my reader for yourself your
daughter your mother or your sister I want to
tflliou now to euro yourselves at horr without
tbjhulpof adoctor Men cannot understand wool
ens sufferlccs What we women ltnow from ex
perience i e Know better than any doctor I know
that my home treatment is a safe and sure euro for
pl jeement or Foiling of the Womb Profuse Scanty
or Pslnfal Pcriuds Uterine or Ovarian Tumors or
Orov tlu also pains lu the bead back and bowels
bearing down feelings nervousness creeclnjr reel
In up tiic spine melancholy desire to cry hot
fleshes weariness kidney and bladder troubles
wliere caused by weaknesses peculiar to our sex
I wan t to send ou a complete tei days treatment
entirely free to prove to you that you can cuio
yourselt at boms easily quickly and surely J
Remernbir that It will cost you nothing to give thB
treatment a complete trial and If you should wKhtocontinueit ill cost vou only about 1
cents j ntek or less than two cents a day It will not Interfere with your work or occupation
Just send me your name and address tell me how j ou suffer If you wish and I will send you thj
treatment for your case entirely free In plain wrapper bv return mail 1 will also send you frca
of cost my b6ok WOMANS OWN MEDICAL ADVISER ith explanatory Illustrations show
Inir w hy w omen su2cr and how they can easily cure themselves at borne Every woman should
have it and learn to think for herself Then when the doctor stys You must have on opera
tion you can decide for yourself Thousands of women hive cured themselves with my hom
remedy It cures all old or yocnu To Mothers of Daughters I will explain a simple houa n
treatment which speedily and effectually cures Leucorrhoea Green Sickness and Painful or > L
In Youne Ladles Plumpneis and health always result
Irreirular Menstruation Me
Wherever you live I can refer you to ladles of your own locality who know and will eladlj
teil any sufferer that this Home Treatment really cures all womens diseases and makes women
well stronff plump and robust Just send me your address and the free ten daystreatment 4
yours also the book Write today as you maynot see this offer asaln Addres3
MRS M SUMMERS Box H Notre Damo lndU S A
Xi1Ei = 3J isr5a

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