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Gives Very Interesting Information About the Prize
Money TwenlgFive Dollars
Sherlock Holmes Jr is beginning
to be the talk of the town
In hotel lobbies restaurants cigar
stands and in tile crowds upon the
streets the name of the Man of Mys
tery is beginning to be frequently men
tioned and it is a safe bet that before
Mr Holmes ends his stay in Palestine
ho is going to have the run of his
Traveling Man Talks
While seated in front df a promi
nent hotel today a well known trav
eling man remarked to several gen
tlemen Well I see by the afternoon
paper that Sherjock Holmes Jr is
in town This coming December one
year ago I was down in Jackson
ville Fla when he was there and I
never saw such excitement in my life
1 I was held up about a hundred times
for Sherlock and I was glad to get
louf of the city I ran into him again
a few weeks ago over in Texarkana
this state and the town was crazy
about it I was an eyewitness there
one day when about two hundred peo
ple held up another traveling man and
almost mobbed him He swore he
was not Sherlock Holmes but they
didnt believe him and he had to call
on the police for protection > Well
Sherlock Is all right He has been
giving Jots of people a good time and
I Vish him luck
Words like these are appreciated
The gentleman is right when he says
that Mr Holmes has been giving lots
of people a good time nid that is
just exactly what he hopes to do in
f How to Win the Money
s When this proposition formally
opens up there will be a 2500 cash
prlzaplaeedinreliaaJa hands This
prize will go to the first man woman
or child who walks up to Mr Holmes
and says Of the Palestine Daily
Herald Mr Sherlock Holmes Jr
you are the Mysterious Man at the
same time holding the issue of the
paper for that day iff his or her hand
Now remember there are no strings
of any kind or desgription tied to
that prize
Mr Holmes Whereabouts
Sherlock Holmes Jr is one gen
tleman who is always master of his
own actions He has no specified
places to visit at any specified times
and wouldnt follow a route if it was
given to him You are liable to run
across him at any one of a hundred
different places It may be that he
will stand near you in some promi
nent store pass you in the postoffice
or sit next to you an the theatres at
any time of the day or night for Mr
Holmes is a sociable fellow and is
never so happy as when mingling
with the crowd and remember when
ever you say the phrase to him cor
rectly the 2500 cash will be yours
Sherlock Holmes Jr will demon
strate to your satisfaction befoie he
leaves Palestine that he is a past
master in the art of deception and you
will not catch him without an effort
You will be told through the col
umns of this paper just exactly when
you can make a run for the money
and in the meantime watch the daily
story and tiy to get the right man
located for you are up against a
harder proposition than you may imag
What He Will Do
The question naturally arises what
will Mr Holmes do in Palestine
Well he will do a good many things
but chief among these he will quiz
the police have fun with the boys and
girls to say nothing of the old maids
and make himself very much at home
in every way He will gain admit
tance to the postoffice and talk with
the postmaster go into the leading
banks and places of business and
then tell these gentlemen through
print the exact time of his visit what
lie said to them and what they said
to him and in many ways to be re
lated later give you numeious oppor
tunities to land him and win the nifty
little prize of 2500
Watch the Daily Herald tomorrow
for there will be something else in
teresting to tell you about the Man
of Mystery and this contest may be
on almost before you know it
At the Lyric Theater on Main Street
This Evening
The management says
The New Lyric Theater will run a
special program tonight for the Broth
erhood of Railway Clerks It will
consist of four thousand feet of high
art motion photographs illustrated
songs by Mr Joe Healy Palestines
popular tenor singer and Smith and
Brown the vaudeville team who are
styled artistic delineators of refined
singing and dancing Trieces Or
chestra always favorites will render
some highclass musical numbers and
fthe motion pictuers io be exhibited
will be some of the very best that
have been seen in Palestine the
Lyric Theater using nothing but asso
elation films licensed by the Motion
Pictures Patents company of New
York City these pictures are all
passed on by the Board of Censorship
in New York before they are allowed
to be projected insuring only high
class moral pictures at all times
Tonights program will include
Uncle Toms Cabin a dramatization
of Ante Bellum days comprising
over 3500 feet of film It is from
one of the most famous publications
of American literature unequalled for
emotional dramatic and varied situa
tions unapproachable in true charac
terization All through this film
there is an unceasing impress and
continuity of strong sentiment and
emotional fervor Thousands have
heard about Uncle Toms Cabin
thousands are waiting to see it in
motion pictures There are three full
reels in this great dramatic picture
Special music for this film will be
played by Trieces Orchestra during
the projection of the reels including
0 Susannah Nearer My God to
Thee My pld Kentucky Home and
My Old Cabin Home No one should
miss the opportunity of seeing this
reat success in life portrayals
The Gem is giving the best picture
show ever seen in Palestine The ad
mission price is only a dime One
hour of profitable instructive amuse
ment 19lt
A factor
lor pore food
anfedafiiHj all state
and national food laws
No Alum No Phosphates
Be on your guard Alum Pow
ders may be known by their
price 10 or 25c a lb
or one cent an
Herald Special
Washington D C Nov 21 Repie
sentatives of the commercial organi
zations of New York Boston and
other large cities of the east appeared
before the Intel state Commerce Com
mission today to present the argu
ments of the shippeis in opposition to
the proposed advances of freight
rates in eastern territoiy The ral
loads presented their side of the
case at the healings last month When
the arguments for the shippers have
been heard the inquiry will be sus
pended until the middle of December
when the final arguments will be
heard in this city
Poultry Show In St Louis
Herald Special
St Louis Mo Nov 21 The third
annual exhibition of the St Louis
Poultry Pigeon and Pet Stock Asso
ciation was opened today and will
be continued until the end of the
week The show this year is the
largest in the history of the associa
tion there being several thousand ex
hibits of fancy chickens turkeys
geese ducks pigeons and several va
lieties of pet stock
Prominent Canadians to Speak
Herald Special
Boston Mass Nov 21 The Cana
dian Club of Boston has completed
elaborate arrangements for its annual
banquet at the Parker House tomor
row night Sir James Giant of Ot
tawa James Brierly of Montreal C R
McCullough of Hamilton J F Mackayi
of Toronto N S Evans of Winnipeg
and a number of other prominent Ca
nadians are among the scheduled
Georgia D A R Meets
Herald Special
Savannah Ga Nov 21 Many dis
tinguished women xoxt over the
state have gathered in Savannah for
the annual convention of the Georgia
division of the Daughters of the
American Revolution The business
sessions will continue over tomorrow
and Wednesday and will be inter
spersed with receptions luncheons
and other features of entertainment
arranged by the local chapters
Mrs Doxey Charged With Bigamy
Herald Special
St Louis Mo Nov 21 Mrs Dora
E Doxey who in a sensational trial
here some time ago was acquitted of
the murder of William J Erder is to
be placed on trial at the Clayton this
week on a charge of bigamy She is
charged with marrying Erder when
she was the wife of Dr Loren B
Doxey Since her acquittal on the
murder charge Mrs Doxey has spent
most of the time in a sanitarium
Agricultural Commissioners Meet
Herald Special
Atlanta Ga Nov 21 The commis
sioners of agriculture of the southern
states assembled in this city today
for the tenth annual meeting of their
association Every state from Vir
ginia to Texas is represented One of
the principal matters to be dealt with
by the meeting is the boll weevil and
methods for its suppression
Land Opened to Settlement
Herald Special
Washington D C Nov 21 Lands
teaching the grand total of 1737000
acies in California and Nevada are to
be opened to settlement today and to
entry one month hence in accord
ance with a proclamation of the In
terior Department The lands were
originally withdrawn for the Truckee
Caison irrigation pioject but have
been lestored owing to the fact that
tl > ej are not easilj irrigable
A Broken Back
That pain in your back caused by
lumbago stiff muscles or a strain is
in easy thing to get rid of Ballards
Snow Liniment cures rheumatism
umbago sore and stiff muscles
strains sprains cuts burns bruises
scalds and all aches and pains You
need a bottle In your house
Sold by the Bratton Drug Co
New Headquarters
C A Pryor the machinist has
noved his shop to Spring street in
he Grainger building next to the
Foro Wholesale house and is fitted
up to do your lepair work Special
ittention to automobile work Phone
shop 1052 1 ring residence 1052 2
rings 929tf
Herald want juls bring result
a Package
Neter told in bulk
Herald Special
Yazoo City Miss Nov 21 An
echo of tne alleged bribery scandal in
connection with the election of a
United States senator by the Missis
sippi legislature last spring was heard
here today when the case of L C
Dulaney was called for trial Dulaney
is charged with the alleged bribery of
Theodore B Bilbo a member of the
state senate in the notable contest
in the legislature which resulted In
the election of United States Senator
Croup Is most prevalent duringthe
dry coldweather of the early winter
months Parents of young children
should be prepared for it All that Is
needed is a bottle of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy Many motners are
never without it in their homes and
it has never disappointed them Sold
by Bratton Drug Co
Herald Special
El Paso Texas Nov 21 Old Fort
Davis located about 175 miles south
west of here in Jeff Davis county was
put up for sale at public autiori today
in pursuance of an order recently is
sued by the Department of the In
terior The fort was built in 1S54
during the administration of Jeffer
son Davis as secretary of war and
during the early years of its career
the troops stationed there were kept
pretty busy running down maurauding
Indians and keeping the old El Paso
trail clear for the stage coach and
immigrants With the advance of civ
ilization and the disappearance of the
Indians the fort being far removed
from the railroad lost its usefulness
as an army post and in 1906 it was
turned over to the Department o f the
Her Heart Was Broken
because her complexion was bad and
she could find nothing to clear it up
Ladles a bad complexion is caused
by an inactive liver An inactivo
liver will be put in perfect condition
by talcing Ballards Herbine the un
equaled liver regulator
Sold by the Bratton Drug Co
Herald want ads bring results
Fresh jn every climate Hot or
cold wet or dry
Adapted to every condition
Rich or poor sick or welll
Suited to every color White
black red yellow
Used by every age Childhood
youth manhood old age
vGood at all times Breakfast
lunch dinner supper
And in all places At work 01
play by day or night
< >
i i
Deiicmas Fruit Cake
Would you like a fruit cake delicions rich meaty and just like
good old New England mothers used to bake and at a price
too that will enable you to buy If you do just phone
Miltons Makery
Phone 1039 Or call at 424 Church Street
Also all other kinds of delicious cakes
Try them
is a joy in any household to say
nothing of its sanitary necessity
One of the chief lines of our
plumbing business is the furnish
ing and installing of bathtubs
and wash stands connected with
the water supply and newer sys
tem by the latest devices in pip
ing Get a free estimate of cost
Should you need Cotton Ginning Cane Grinding Saw1 Mill or other
Machinery or repairs for same it matters not by whom made Dilleys
can save you time trouble or money perhaps all if you will consult
them You are desirious of building up Anderson County give proof of
it by first giving home factories employing home labor an opportunity
to serve you and then all things being equal give them the preference
Call on or AddrMii
Geo M Dilley Son
Palestine Texan
Made Any Time Day or
Night Kain or Shine
RING 329
Fine Mixture Candy Regular 30c for
Wednesday and Thursday
13 Cents Pound Only
The Leading Confectioners
Herald Wants Get Results

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