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Entered ln the Palestine Texas PostofflcVaJB SecondClass Mall Matter
v v v v v
v i
For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight and Sunday unset
tled weather showers tonight
or Sunday colder Sunday
< < > <
1692 Nova Scotia came again under
the French flag
1731 William Oowper English poet
born Died April 25 1800
1826 William C Endicott secretary
of war in the first Cleveland
administration born in Salem
Mass Died in Boston May 6
t 1900
1833 Chlcagos first newspaper The
Democrat was issued
1843 Many lives lost in the wreck of
the ship Phoenix in a ter
rific snow storm off the coast
of Newfoundland
1860 First night mail trains run be
tween Boston and New York
1899 British defeated the BoerS in
the bloody battle of Modder
1903 At Toulouse Mile Marguerite
Dilhan furnished the first in
stance on record in France of a
feminine barrister pleading in
a criminal court
A subscriber sendB the Herald tlie
following editorial clipped from the
Denver Post and Says it reads good
to him i
An East Orange N J man adver
tises his estatefor sale declaring h >
intends to live In Europe because
democrats won the election and he
wants to await1 on foreign shores the
return of republicanism
Fine Let him go and all the rest
of > ls k1nd
It Is regretable that he withholds
his name The country would like to
take a large sponge well sopped in
black ink and swab his name off the
nations directory
When an American cannot accept
the returns of a free election by a
free people cannot abide by the re
sult of the ballots feels he must go
because things are not his way then
he ceases to be an American had
better be gone
But this unknown threatens to re
turn when republicanism comes
Audi thus must we continue to dread
a victorj for the G O P
It may > bring the expatriated one
back We do not want him
But this fellow who would hike It
to Europe until the republicans come
into power again has a great many
Benefit Brotherhood Railroad
Singing and Dancing
If I Only Had a Sweetheart
Comedy Sketch
Juggling a la Comedie
Feature Vitagraph u
A Fairy Comedy
Two Shows Dally730 and 9 P
Adults 25 Cents
Children 4 to 12 Years 10 Cents
N v
Comedy Sketch
+ Vr 4Z
Editors and Proprietors
444 =
The HamiltonBoys Yon Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation lthlchniay appear in the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon It being brought to attention of the publishers
imitators all over the country Some
of thisi kind of people are hight here
in Palestine they are the fellows
who will not take hold of any enter
prise unless they can be the whole
show and have all the say But the
country has always survived the with
drawal of such people and always will
Yes et him go and go in company
Good services are held Jn all of the
Palestine churches and all men can
find a welcime and an interest if
they will attend services
An exchange says the first duty of
the democrats is to reduce the tariff
Some mistake There is an idea prev
alent that the first duty is to hand
out the jobs
The promise is made that
norelect Colquitt will make his an
nouncements shortly and then the
agony will be over He will have no
trouble in getting enough men to fill
all the places
The San Antonio Light says the
country should be thanful for the In
dian summer which the government
has given the Indians To be sure
but what about all this winter cloth
ing that the rest of us have taken on
Sherlock Holmes Jr has some
good reading in this issue of the
Herald He writes some good stories
and promises to furnish fun for the
whole community for several days
Nothing in this contest goes except
what he writes over his own name
The business people of Palestine
can make the Herald a better paper
right along by increasing the patron
age There are a host of business
concerns in this good old town who
do not spend a dollar wTtimie paper
for advertising who still expect the
paper to preach home patronage and
boom the town The Herald is for
Palestine first and all the time but
the rule should work both ways
Those Brazilian sailors are reform
ers of the first magnitude They made
up their minds as to what they want
ed and after disposing of their offi
cers trained their guns on the capital
city fired a few shot over and sent
word to the general assembly that
they wanted their rights fixed up
right away and sent out or they
would shell the city After hurried
deliberations the assembly decided
that the sailors were right and de
served what they wanted And then
came peace
Governor Stubbs of Kansas in
speaking before the TransMississippi
Commercial Congress at San Antonio
declared he had not much tolerance
for the Sherman antitrust law but
rather favored a six line law so clear
cut that there could ue no hanging up
on technicalities and undrr which
the man or men who v lated the
principle Involved couM be sent to
jail The Kansas governor thinks the
big monopolies should be placed on
the same plane with the little of
fender who can be handled without so
much red tape And the convention
applauded his remarks very warmly
Tomorrow Is the last Sunday Rev
James Kiigore pastor of the Cen
tenary Methodist church will preach
In Palestine as pastor of that church
Rev Kiigore has rounded out his full
four years as pastor of the Cen
tenary church and they have been
busy years and profitable years to the
church spiritually and physically Be
sides his pastoral work Rev Kiigore
has started and carried forward the
work of building a new and magnifi
qhurch building nearing completion
and which will in the years to come
stand as a monument to his consecra
tion and ability That he has friends
by the score need not be recited
And these friends will wish him the
best of good fortune In his future
The old old story told times with
out number and repeated over and
over again for the last thirtysix
years but it is always a welcome
story to those in search of health
There is nothing in the world that
cures coughs and colds as quickly as
Chamberlains Cough Remedy Sold
by Bratton Drug Co
f5 < C15 O
> > > > > > > > T O > uv v I V
Psalm 100
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord
all ye lands
Serve the Lord with gladness come
before His presence with singing
Know ye that the Lord he is God
it is He that hath made us and not
we ourselves we are His people and
the sheep of His pasture
Enter into His gates with thanks
giving and into His courts with
praiser be thankful unto Him and
bless His name
For the Lord is good His mercy is
everlasting and His truth endureth
to all generations
Published By Authority of the Secre
tary of Agriculture
For Palestine and vicinity until 7
p m Sunday Tonight and Sunday
unsettled weather showers tonight or
Sunday colder Sunday
Temperature Lowest last night
68 highest yesterday 77
Weather Conditions
A disturbance of considerable en
ergy overlies the St Lawrence val
ley and the North Atlantic states It
has caused snow in northern New
England and rain in the eastern lake
region Massachusetts New York and
Pennsylvania Another storm domi
nates weather conditions from the
eastern Plateau district to the Missis
sippi valley Showers have occurred
in the Pacific states the Plateau
section and Kansas It Is colder in
most of the states west of the
Rockies and somewhat warmer
throughout the greater portion of the
Mississippi valley Unsettled weatt
er is indicated for this vicinity to
nigth and Sunday with showers to
night or Sunday and colder weather
T R Taylor
Official In Charge
Brotherhood of Railway Blacksmiths
Will Give Special Program
The management says
Courtney Jeanette the vaudeville
teani at the New Lyric Theater con
tinue to draw large > crowds The
theater was crowdedaeahrlastnigliti
TgnTghTurapTctaTli jKasff will be
run for the benefitjjf the Brotherhood
of Railway Blacksmiths and Helpers
In addition to the regular vaudeville
team of Courtney Jeanette three
other special local numbers will ap
pear on the bill and by special ar
rangement Mr Henry Roquemore
late of the Albert Taylor Stock Co
who is on a visit to his parents in
this city will render some highclass
ballads Mr Roquemore is very pop
ular in this city and no doubt his
friends will all be delighted to have
the opportunity of hearing him sing
again during his short sojourn in the
Two excellent subjects in motion
pictures have been selected by the
management for projection on to
nights program The ifirst to be ex
hibited is one of those high art Vita
graph subjects The Sepoys Wife
an inimitable life portrayal that bears
the stamp of Individuality in dramatic
acumen While it has a locally his
torical value it is brojtd and general
in its significance This picture gets
away from the hackneyed and in
cludes the go and stir that makes a
great play The other picture is one
that will prove a treat to the children
Alice in Wonderland The picture
is full of the spirit off childhood and
yet attractive enough and novel
enough to interest theolder people
Piano Turing
I have done as mucl work the past
summer as I wanted to In fact I
have had to keep my tuning fork on
Ice to keep it from mjlting but It is
getting some cooler raw and If any
of my old customers wmt their pianos
tuned or any new cusbmers will trust
me with their work I will be glad to
do it I guarantee m work and will
give entire satisfactioi or money re
funded I have a United time In
Palestine to do this vork and have
no time to solicit soAf you want me
to do your work justirop me a card
or leave orders with V H Kingsbury
or W E Swift and I will give the
matter prompt attenthn
Yours for good hoiest work
H M Jones
Box 814 1027tf
Herald want ads blng results
New Headquirters
C A Pryor the machinist has
moved his shop to Spring street In
the Grainger building next to the
Fore Wholesale houfj and Is fitted
up to do your repal work Special
attention to automob e work Phone
shop 1052 1 ring rsldence 1052 2
rings 929tf
Hattie Le Blanc Aged Seventeen Is
Charged With Murder of Wal
tham Mass Laundryman
Herald Special
Boston Mass Nov 2G Mysteries
oPan unusual character remain to be
solved in the case of Clarence W
Glover a Waltham laundryman for
whose death Hattie Le Blanc a 17
yearold girl will be placed on trial
Monday in the Middlesex county court
in East Cambridge
The killing of Glover occurred in
Jhis laundry in Waltham on November
20 1909 In the evening on that date
he was shot in his laundry under cir
cumstances shrouded in mystery The
wounded man succeeded in crawling
to the house of a physician a short
distance away and died soon after he
had succeeded in summoning the per
sons in the house by ringing the bell
Just before he expired he is alleged
to have declared that he had been
shot by Hattie Le Blanc who is said
to have been seen with him some
hours previously near the laundry
So far as can be learned the police
have been totally unable to fix any
adequate motive for the killing so far
as the Le Blanc girl is concerned de
spite the statements of the dying
man that it was she who fired the
fatal shotl Rumors that some mem
ber of the dead mans family was
closely concerned in the tragedy and
that there would be other indictments
for the murder have been given wide
circulation but apparently nothing
has developed to substantiate these
The Le Blanc girl is a FrenchCa1
nadlan who came from Wes t Arichat
Nova Scotia to accept employment as
a domestic in the Glover home Her
acquaintance with English was very
slight and she was known as a quiet
modest girl who bore an excellent
reputation During the year that she
has been confined in jail she has won
many friends and a large amount of
public sympathy From the time of
her arrest she has steadfastly refused
to make any statement concerning the
killing of Glover GeorgeP Kyte a
member of the Dominion parliament
is among those who have interested
themselves in the girls case and it is
understood he will endeavor to enlist
the aid of the Canadian government
in her defense
What Is considered one of the re
markable features of the case is the
fact that Hattie Le Blanc hid herself
in the Glover house for three days
and nights afterthe shooting Mrs
Lillian Marie Glover widow of the
dead man declared that the presence
of the girl In the house was unknown
to her
The Jury Returns Unanimous Verdict
By a Staff Correspondent
A jury consisting of some of the
most distinguished chemists of Amer
ica has returned an unanimous ver
dict of not guilty in the case of
Knocker et al vs CocaCola It will
be remembered that some time ago a
report was circulated to the effect
that CocaCola contained injurious
materials and was therefore harmful
in its effect upon the human body
The rumor was originated by an
unscrupulous competitor of CocaCola
the popular temperance drink spread
rapidly and found some credence
among those who did not know the
origin of the report
The jury finds that not only does
CocaCola contain nothing harmful
but that it is much superior to tea
and coffee in that it is free from tan
nic acid and therefore promotes di
gestion instead of retarding it Each
of the distinguished chemists report
ed that he had made a careful chemi
cal analysis of CocaCola and found
it to contain no dope of any kind
If you would like to see copies of
these letters write to the CocaCola
Co Atlanta Ga for a free copy of a
booklet entitled The Truth About
CocaCola The jury was as follows
1 Jno M McCandlessState Chem
ist of Georgia
2 B B Ross State Chemist of Ala
3 Dr A L Metz of Tulane Univer
4 Prof W B Burney of South
Carolina College
5 Prof C H Palm of the Univer
sity of Texas
6 Dr Wm H Toyloe State Chem
ist of Virginia
7 Dr Louis Schaefer Prest Schae
fer Alkaloid Works Maywood N J
8 Prof Emerson R Miller of Ala
Polytechnic Institute
9 Dr J C Mims Chemist of the
Board of Health New Orleans 2
Seal xShipt Oysters
W H Smith Is receiving dally seal
shipped Oysters the best ever
brought to the city 3 dozen to sealed
can and absolutely free from contam
ination 35c a can Phone 10C3 17tf
For job work in carpentry work
call on A W Norris 236 North Jack
son street 1122lm
Herald want ads bring results
Sits Down on Baby Wil Visit the Mayor
Describes Pretty Girls and Has a
Good Time Generally
Haha she cried in accents wild
And waved her paper high
I crossed my fingers stepped aside
And passed the lady by
That is all there is to it That lit
tle tragedy was enacted last evening
on Magnolia street Poor giii she
didnt know that the time was not
ripe to win the money and when I
told her about it woman like she just
said Oh pshaw and walked on
Just to get the ball whizzing as
quickly as possible I am going to
take a little flyer down to the Lyric
Theater tonight and see whats do
ing They had a dandy program
down there Thanksgiving day and I
was JohnnieontheSpot No I am
not going to tell you the time I ex
pect to enter the Lyric too early in
the game friend of mine but I shall
be there just the same tonight
I am going to steal a cat That is
if they ever take the rope off of it
The aforesaid cat resides at 101
Magnolia street and if they dont
take thfe rope off then I steal the
rope and if it has a cat tied to the
end of it that is not my fault
Will Get Pin
I am going to get a scarf pin from
the progressive Copeland Jewelry
company This scarf pin I intend to
wear during the entire contest A
duplicate of this pin will be kept in
this jewelry store and if you care to
see it it will be there for your In
spection I will t ll you through thes
columns Monday exactly when it w ill
will make one of the best tips of the
entire contest
I never played with Solomons lit
tle dog nor have I ever eaten crumbs
from the table of one T Roosevelt
consequently I am not Willie WJise
but take it from me no matter where
you send your boy or girl no matter
how much you spend on a college ed
ucatiop for them neglect to give
them a business education and you
are neglecting to equip them properly
for the battle of life Right here in
Palestine you have a business col
lege presided over by a man who has
had thirty years business experience
covering a wide field and if iyou want
to make a Christmas present that
will be remembered practically for all
time take out a scholarship for your
boy or girl in this splendid institu
will perhaps save them from everlast
ing drudgery and that may incident
ally be the means of keeping the
wolf from the door
Two Beauties
post as they passed me Pretty I
was completely overcome with the i
sweet essence of tintinnabulation
One was dressed in high black vel dry cod weather of the early winten
vet hat with light band around Ujmonths
Parents of young children
white dress and was carrying gloves j sljpuId be preparea for it All that is
in her hand Her friend wore a black
and white checkered skirt and long
brown coat Class Well some
Both were laughing and one of them
said Oh did he and so I just fig
ured of course that there was a
horrid man in the case
Discovered I knew it was bound
to be in Palestine somewhere and
sure enough I have located it When
ever I find a Rexall Drug Store I know
I am up against the goods Just take
the route friend of mine from the
frozen coast of Nova Scotia to the
sunkissed shores of California and
find one Rexall Drug Store that is not
uptodate in every particular and you
will find something that I have so
far failed to find Bratton is the ex
clusive Rexall druggist in Palestine
and whether you know it or not I
will just tell you unless you have a
fine and dandy place you cant get
the Rexall line for love or money
Investigate and you will find this
dope to be correct
Answers Note
A note addressed to Sherlock
Holmes Jr care Daily Herald and
signed Caioline has reached me
No Caroline I am not the son of the
original Sherlock Holmes and I do
not live in Texas My home Well
I am a stranger on earth and my
home is in heaven My age I am
a thousands years old more or less
and my Manager says I will turn to
an old gray mule and never die The
best way to find me is to discover
me for as strange as it may seem if
1 am found I am discovered I thank
j ou for your interest
Geewhilikens and Jemimas ghost
There is no use talking 3Ir Noah was
a great old man When that fierce
lain came som time ago the old
gentleman got busy and built a boat
It was a whopper He was a star
boat builder and I tip my John B
Stetson to him but its a pity he
cant make a little visit to Palestine
When it comes to stocking an Ark
there is a cc ceri here that has Mr
Noah beat a city hlock and then some
Have you been into The Ark lately
I am speaking about the Palestine
Ark Well it would do your heart
good and they have a stock that
would make Mr Kress of S and 10
cent fame ashamed of himself
No I have not had the pleasure ot
meeting your popular Mayor yet but
I am going to give him a call the
time to be pretty soon now and when
I do I shall tell you all about it I
want to get on thegood side of the
Mayor anyway so Mr Mayor when
I call please be good and if you
ever get a wfiack at me as the old
song goes Let me down easy oh let
me down easy
No Hortense you cannot take a
flyer at that 2500 yet Not yet but
soon and before many moons comej
and go Ill make a sound that will j
make you think an earthquake ijas
hit the city Whenever I make a
promise I generally keep it
By jove hut this weather brings
be on hand for your inspection This them out What Women ot course
for what do men amount to anyway
Description My pen fails me Worth
Drecoll Lacroix Rondeau Callot mfi
Paquin are all represented At least
they are supposed to be and in the
long run whats the dif anyway
Now this is what I call class When
ever the future Mrs Holmes st
just to shT5w HtTPthan aiffa model5
little hubby I am going to take tier
right down to the Bailey Furniture
company and buy that quarter sawed
golden grain oak dining room set that
is now on display in one of their big
windows Pretty Well if you dont
want to buy it dont let your wife
see it This concern is there with
the goods take it from me
Poor Baby
Did I tell you about it I was down
tio n and start them on the road that at the Passenger station Thanksgiving
day and offended a pretty lady She
pushed a baby carriage up against me
and I accidentally sat down in it
and the worst part of it was I sat
on a little bundle of squalls Sorry
Awfully sorrypbut the precious dear
They were on Magnolia street yes was too fat anyway
terday afternoon about 6 oclock be But enough for tnis tjme t expect
tween Spring and Main streets I
to have something interesting for you
was idly leaning against a telephone 3ionda and so for this time I am
Sufficiently which is enough
Sherlock Holmes Jr
needed Is a bottle of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy Many motners are
never without It in their homes and
it has never disappointed them Sold
by Bratton Drug Co
The Typewriter
Without Frills
Buy another machine than the
Royal and you sacrifice quality
Pay more than SixtyFive
Dollars and you waste
Do not throw away your money on
a secondhand or built over ma
chine its like an old wagon in
the shop for repairs half the tlmej
We take your old machine In
part payment easy terms
of Business
Phone 23G or 1077
a j i fy sa < 3 3 > x iiwfe 4

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