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The Texas
The dissemination of information
has largcy to do with the prosperity
and development of a country In no
country on the globe does Nature
possess such astounding possibilities
and reveal them in such rapid and
cumulative order as in Texas making
ar mperative necessity for news
> r rrs in the home of every farmer
fesircs to profit by the gifts of
and the experience of his
l Jere are 950 publications in Texas
of which 89 are dailies 7CS weeklies
nd the remainder are issued at reg
ular interval The total listedicir
culation of all papers in Texas is
3170515 copies an average of four
papers for each family in the State
In the number of papers published
within the State we rank sixth in the
Union Illinois Pennsylvania Ohio
Iowa anl Missouri leading in the
order named The Federal Govern
r at censusfor 1905 reports capital
ested in printing and publishing in
Icxas of 6074319 a pay roll of
J20G3935 per annum and the annual
output is valued at 77S2247 Among
the industries of the State it ranks
sixth in capital invested fifth in pay
rolls and sixth in the value of prod
ucts One issue of all the papers in
Texas approximates one copy per
capita and making the comparison
from a population basis We lead all
States in the Union in the number of
periodicals issued and the number of
copies printed
Circulation 3170515
r Texas stands first in intelligence
ifirst in progress and first in industrial
opportunities of all the States in the
Union says the Texas Commercial
Secretaries Association
The newspaper is the channel of
communication between the producer
and consumer brings the city to the
farm and the farm to the city cives
information of the markets and of the
development of the country carries
warnings of impending danger and
J L BRIDGES Traveling Passenger Agent
411 Praetorian BuUdine DALLAS TEXAS
Telegraph and
Telephone Lines
To save time is to lengthen life and
the greatest time saver of the age is the
telegraph and telephone According to
the report of the Tax Assessors there
are 27593 miles of poles over whicli
telegraph and telephone wires run in
Texas This mileage single wire is
equal to 450000 miles and is sufficient
to encircle the globe eighteen times
The scientist in giving the farmer im
proved virieties of products and the
inventor in giving us machinery that
reduces the cost of production has per
formed a great service to the farmer
but the telephone warm from the cre
ative mind of the inventive genius is
destined to companion in utility and
convenience all human accomplishments
for the intelligent promotion of agricul
ture The telephone is the improved
public highway of information and is as j
valuable to the farmer in selling his
his products
Farmer Phoning Market
The telephone eliminates time and
space and enables the farmer to per
sonally visit the markets and talk with
buyers without the inconvenience of
travel or loss of time
To talk with the weather man as he
listens to the clouds whisper their plans
for the future is one of the startling and
gives the farmer the advantage of the valuable uses of the telephone Adance
experience of all his neighbors and
informshim of the general condition
of affairs so essential to his success
The improvement of orr oublic high
ways and the establishment of rural
free delivery routes hae extended the
zone of circulation of the press to the
remotest sections of the State and
reading the papers is as much a part
of the work of the Texas farmer as
feeding his stock
W J Four Papers Per Family
The ability of a farmer can be at
easily Judged by the literature he
reads as by the crops he harvests The
printing press is the industrial educa
tor of the age v
intelligence enables the farmer to suc
cessfully combat the Frost King and to
shelter his products from the storm and
i o i n
9 1 2r I U
In Newlrk CityS Busiest Spot
Seventh Avenue at Thirtysecond Street One Block from Broadway
Downtown New York passengers may transfer to local trains at Manhattan1
Transfer near Newark and go by way of Jersey City Station either through
the Hudson and Manhattan tubes to the Hudson Terminal or to Pennsylvania
Stations at Cortlandt Street and at Desbrosses Street
Through trains from and to the West connect in Pennsylvania Station with Long Island
Railroad trains which include frequent service to and from Flatbush Avenue Station Brooklyn
Consult Agents for particulars or address
Reception at Durban Today Marked
Conclusion of Tour of the New
South African Union
Herald Special
Durban Dec 3 The receptidnMiere
todajy of the Duke and Duchess of
Connaught and their party marking
the conclusion o Jheir tour of the
new South African Unioflfr Was a
magnificent success The Duke and
Duchess were welcomed by the gov
ernor of Natal ther members of the
provincial government a committee
of prominent residents representing
the municipality of Durban and a
large number of naval and military
officers The populace turned out en
masse and cheered the royal visitors
enthusiastically i >
A popular reception was held in the
Cily Park and addresses of welcome
were Presented at the Town Hall The
products as good roads are useful in
hauling his products to the market The Duke of C ° nna s who wore a field
cut below illustrates the farmer phoning marshals uniform inspected the vol
the markets of the world for prices on unteers and otlle < feature of the
days program was the laying of
foundation stone for the new Techni
cal Institute A municipal luncheon
was served at the Town Hall and
shortly afterward the Duke and
their attendants boarded the steam
ship Balmoral Castle for the return
trip to England
Here Is a Helping Hand A Newton
Womans Expedience
You know just how it is yourself
when you are tired out perhaps a
little rundown and hardly able to
drag around life is a burden you are
irritable nervous depressed and
every little task seems like a moun
tain t
Miss Katharine Burns of Newton
Mass says About six months ago I
was in a rundown condition and my
blood was very poor I had taken
several medicines perscribed by phyai
rain and the telephone is a powerful Icians but tllev seemed to do me no
ally of the farmer in dealing v ith the good Finally Vinol was recommend
elements of Nature The following cut od and from the first bottle I noticed
T Z t t improvement I have taken
six bottles and I feel as well as ever
and I would recommend Vinol to any
body needing a good tonic to build
them up and make them strong We
guarantee this testimonial tto be gen
We want to ask every woman who
finds herelf in this condition to try
Vinol our delicious cod liver and iron
tonic without oil with the under
standing that their money will be re
turned if it does not help theni
We know Vinol will create an ap
petite aid digestion make rire rich
blood and in this way bulljl up and
strengthen the rundown ovfflworked
nervous system You taj e no
chances Try it
Bratton Drug Co Palestin
Getting Information Abcat Jcck
Experience has proven iit humn
intelligence and ingenuity can war i I
the evil effects of weather and tniniini e
the loss whicli annually occurs to the
farmer through the eccentiiciti S of
For job work in carpent
call on A W Norris 23G Ncj
son street
a inlwiilirhi
Copyright 1910 by Associated Lit
erary Press
Miss Amanda Perkins was an old
maid She had ueer loved Her
brotber Ben who was a fanner and a
widower took her tor hK buiisekeep
er Abe Smith eauie to work as a
hired man for an adjoining farmer
Abe was an old bach
It was fale that Lept Amanda au old
maid It was fate that brought Abe
all the wiy from Indiana It was fate
that Unruly brought the two face to
face Abe bad hardly got through
asking Amanda for the loan of a hoe
when he found his heart funking with
a strange tunk
Two weeks after the Hoosiers ap
pearanre a band of gypsies came along
the roul and In return for some cold
victuals one of the women told Aman
das fortune
You will marry she started off
It seems impossible
But the stars say so and they are
never mistaken
What htirt of husband will he be
blushingly asked the old maid
A hero You will not know that
he is a hero for some time but it will
suddenly come to pass Ele will save
your life from Indignant insects I
cannot say whether they will be grass
hoppers or not
The next time Abe called Amanda
looked him over and decided he was
no more of a hero than the gatepost
He didut look it nor talk it and there
fore when he told his love and asked
for her band she replied
1 shall never marry any one but a
ButTm one I fit into the Spanish
war and lands save you but how I
mowed em down
But Abe was thrown down Aman
das brother liked him but that didnt
count She bad asked Ben what par
ticular insects got indignant but Tip
couldnt give her the information He
had never seen a beetle or a grass
hopper mad but he bad never poked
either with a stick The Hoosler had
arrived in the early spring In May
be renewed his offer of matrimony
He had an affectionate disposition and
100 In his trunk
You are as good as any one around
here Abe replied Amanda but the
stars have settled It for me
The stars be hanged The stars
have about as much to do with mar
riage as the June bugs
But he is to be a hero
Well diug it aint I one Ive nev
er bragged much about how I mowed
the Spanish down but Ill say toVou
right here and now that I killed sev
enteen ofem
Why that was brave of you
I should remark but Im not boast
ing of It If the battle had lasted a
little longer Id have made the num
ber twenty
But the gypsy said It would be some
one who would save my life Im kind
er liking you Abe but I dasnt go back
on the stars and the gypsy
Abe came over on a dozen occasion
In June and said nothing further al
though he was more determined than
ever It was the first of July before he
got around to say
You might as well be bridal tower
ing around as washing taters here
Whats the use of fooling about a thing
of this kind
The hero may be along any day
now was the reply
Say Manda that gypsy must have
meant me She sure did Ive been
counting up since I told you I had
killed seventeen Spaniards and I find
the number was twentyseven I add
ed them up wrong Do you want any
bigger hero than that
Lands Abe but how you must
have fit
Fit Well I guess yes I was
there to do it and I mowed em
Lemme get the preacher tomorrer
Nope Ive got to go by what the
stars say
There werent any stars out nest
afternoon and no gypsies around
when Amanda started across the
meadow to gather cowslips at the
pond Swinging a basket In her baud
and humming a tune she walktul right
Into a bumblebees nest TLe hero
was right over in the next lot giving
the corn a second hoeing He heard
screams He heard yells He heard
walls for help He ran to the fence
and saw Amanda ho ping nad run
ning and dodging and using lier sun
bonnet as a weapon
Humph grunted Abe as he out
with his knife and cut a thick topped
bush Theres the Indignant Insects
and by gum if here haint the hero
Amaudii Iferklns you are mine
There were half a hundred humbles
They were thoroughly Indignant
They made It lively for Amanda and
they had plenty left over for Abe but
a hero always conquers The buffer
ing hero picked the suffering heroine
up in his arms aud toted her to the
house aud dropped her ou the Boor tg
There If you are looking for an
more heroes und Indignant insects 111
take you back
Oh Abe am I rescued was
Yes the biggest part of you and
dont you try It again As soon as
these lumps go down its the preacher
for us
But the hero
Vou cant see him but he stands
ou and has all the time Dura
fcts what else can you call a
tio fit into the Spanish war
thirtyfir or em down
ur New Hme
And it is a big roomy ideal home for our
big Hardware Business
Here we can display the immense stock to
best advantage and can show you just what we
have to sell you Call in and see us and see
our new store and immense stock of goods
We will be pleased to see you
Corner of Palmer and Crawford Streets
The home of ever > thing kept by a firstclass
Plardware Store and headquaters for Paints
and I ainters Supplies Wall Paper Sporting
Goods etc tc
McCnrdys Aeroplane Test
From Ship of Importance
Photo by American Press Association
J A D MeCurdy looked over the deck of an ocean going steamship
scratched bis head and said he guessed he could getjA < > i4iCurtissflying nflj
chinej start his engine aud rise from cbe deck and go tlylni fflsfiil tfBdYos
Ill start lying when Im fifty miles at sea said youilg Mec
dont have to stop the ship at that This is about the only test the heawl
than air machine has not been called upon to perform The Importance of
carrying out such a feat is realized by the nav department If aeroplanes
canIeave the leek of a ship at sea and fly back to land at will theres little
left for the machines to do but to start regular trips across the continent for
freight and passengers
Says i
you are A Vigilant
is a joy in any household to say
nothing of its sanitary necessity
One of the chief lines of our
plumbing business is the furnish
ing and installing of bathtubs
and wash stands connected with
the water supply and sewer sys
tem by the latest devices in pip
ing Get a free estimate of cost

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