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It is not the purpose of this article
to discuss the origin of Christmas
nor to deal with any mooted questions
pertaining thereto but to say some
practical things with a hope of stin
ulating some interest in right observ
ance of the day feome of us do not
believe that Jesus was born on Christ
mas day and yet we have come to
uniformly observe the day as the time
of His birth Let that be as it may
the fact is that Jesus is the center
and heart of Christianity He is our
all and In all He came Into this
world as a man and therefore had a
physical birth whether that birth was
in spring summer autumn or winter
does not change the fact of His com
ing Since Christmas day Is the time
set apart for the observance of His
birth then the question naturally
arises How should the day be spent
The popular and prevailing idea seems
to be that it is a time for hilarlous
ness frolic and fun rather than a time
for seriousness meditation and wor
ship There is much to be said touch
ing the social side of religion and not
for one moment would we advocate
the elimination of merriment bestow
ment of gifts etc But these things
are all too often carried to the ex
treme and thereby come to be a sin
and disgrace in the sight of God The
Idea of gift is associated with the
birth of Jesus He was Gods gift to
the world and therefore the greatest
bestowment of special favor humanity
ever received He came to lift the
veil of night and gloom from sin
cursed hearts and lives and open to
them a pathway ot inexpressable joy
and delight Hence the giving of pres
ents to gladden hearts and to meet
actual necessities is a good thing and
is when rightly done religious and
pleasing in the sight of God It is a
far better thing to give to the poor
who are really in need and trust God
for the rewards thanto spend lavish
ly on personal friends with the idea
of receiving from those friends gifts
in return Such acts are selfish and
do not savor of the right observance
of Christmas dajs
It also goes without saying that
Christmas is a good time for the as
sembling of the family circle around
the old hearthstone enjoying hours of
social fellowship and partaking heart
ily of the Christmas dinner But
even this should not be allowed to
interfere with our worship and heart
devotions to God Certainly the drink
ing intoxicating liquors thereby re
ducing the finer senses of our natures
into beastly fiendish appetites is so
adverse and foreign to the question
under discussion we refrain from
speaking of it further than to say that
such conduct of necessity merits Gods
disapproval and dishonors rather
than dignifies the sanctity of Christ
mas day
Since Christmas is on Sunday this
year this article makes a plea for
the attendance on church services
both morning and evening How could
you better spend the day The reg
ular services will be held in all the
churches of our city To lend your
presence > and mingle your voice in
the chorus of some one of the con
gregations Joy to the World the
Lord Has Come will be honoring to
God dignifying to the cause and ex
ceedingly pleasing and satisfying to
the individual heart and life May
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i <
Governor Campbell signed forty
eight Christmas pardons for persons
in the penitentiary
A new tariff governing rails and
fastenings effective January 10 made
by the railroad commission
A final dividend was declared in
the bankruptcy matter of T W House
of Houston
An adjustment of state bank
anty funds is now under way
Its a Crime
to neglect your health The worst your selection
neglect that you can be guilty of is to
allow constipation biliousness or any
liver or bowel1 trouble to continue It
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Chicago Teamster Killed
Chicago Dec 20 John Donnelly a
teamster in the employ of a local gar
ment manufacturer was shot and
killed today supposedly by striking
garment makers
W Mitchell the Furniture Man
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day the 15th for 10 days The 2inch
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Wlth the Fighters
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rounds at Winddsor Ont
Could Not Write
Versailles Ky Mrs Elisha Green
of this place says I could not write
all the different pains I had when I
first tried Cardui I could scarcely
walk Now I am able to run the sew
ing machine and do my work and
my neighbors tell me the medicine
must be good for I look much better
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n omens unnecessary pains and5a
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bles It will help you At the near
est drug store 3
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break See them before you make
Grape Vines
Two year old Herbemont and Black
Spanish Grape Vines for sale well
rooted and fresh from the soil at
Wrights vineyard 112 Dewey street
Palestine Texas The wine from
these two varities took first premium
in San Antonio this year
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Special Notice
Will not the good citizens of the
town help to remove the rubbish from
the paved sidewalks I have appeal
ed to you so often that I have deter
mined on the first of January 1911
to send one of the city wagons up
and down all business streets and re
move all boxes barrels and such like
that are a nuisance
J H Grant
Commissioner on Sanitation
Palestine December 13 1910
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Piano Tuning
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give entire satisfaction or money re
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Palestine to do this work and have
no time to solicit so if you want me
to do your work just drop me a card
or leave orders with W H Kingsbury
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matter prompt attention
Yours for good honest work
H M Jones
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the end
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dence that when it jsdone it will be
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Machinery or repairs for same it matters not by whom made Dilleys
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