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Entered In the Palestine Texas PostofCce as SecondClass Mall Matter
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The contractor engaged in the mov
ing of the twostory house down Ave
nue A takes some exception to criti
cism the Herald has made thereon
The contractor may be working clear
ly in his right he may have been
given permission to cut down trees
block traffic far days and inconveni
ence hundreds of people stopping traf
fic at this very busy time and work
ing serious injury and damage to the
shop keepers along the avenue He
says he had such permission It is
not with him the Herald i endeavor
ing to pick a fuss Fact is the Her
ald is not trying to pick a fuss with
any one at anytime But it does
essay to criticise when criticism is
called for and when he public wel
fare demands it Doubtless this con
tractor was given permission to move
the house And In the granting of
this permission is where the harm
was done Those people who have
been damaged have a right to kick
Further than that they have a right
to recover any damage they may have
been done through the granting of
this permission If thecontractor Is
working in his right if he has per
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Editors and Proprietors
444 = =
The Hamilton Beys Tou Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon it being brought to attention of the publishers
For Palestine and vicinity
< Tonight and Friday unset
> tied weather local rain to
< night ortFriday colder
< > > i
1639 Jean Baptiste Racine the fa
mous dramatic poet born in
La Ferte Mllon France Died
In Paris April 12 1699
1699 Gregorian calendar was first
1715 Chevalier de St George son of
James n of Scotland proclaim
ed king of England
1727 William Ellery American revo
lutionary patriot born Died
Feb 15 1S20
1807 United States congress passed
the second embargo act
1810 British manofwar Minotaur
wrecked on the Haak Bank
with loss of 360 lives
1859 Ground broken for the founda
tions of the Dominion parlia
ment buildings at Ottawa
18G4 General Sherman established
headquarters in Savannah
1880 Marian Evans George Eliot
famous English novelist died
Born November 22 1S19
1899 Dwlght L Moody the noted
evangelist died in East North
field Mass Born there Feb 5
1902 Frederick Temple Archbishop
of Canterbury died Born No
vember 30 1821
mission to cut down trees cut electric
and telephone wires if he has the
right to block traffic through three of
the busiest days of the year then
those who granted to him this privi
lege should be made to pay the dam
age and the Herald thinks complain
ants would get recognition in court
This thing of hauling old buildings
through the stieets to the damage of
other peoples property to the injury
of business and to the serious incon
venience of the citizens should be
There is still another serious aspect
to this proposition This building has
been left nights where in case of
fire it would have been a serious
menace not only in having a very
important and main thoroughfare
blocked but in exposing valuable
property to destruction in case fire
had been in its immediate neighbor
No Mr Contractor the fight is not
on you It is on those who would
grant you such an extraordinary priv
It is rather astonishing the large
amount of comment which has been
occasioned by a recent interview with
Thomas A Edison in which he says
be believes death ends both the spir
itual and physical life of man He
expressed the opinion that the human
body Is nothing more than a collection
of cells
Mr Edison has delved into the
mysteries of electricity and come out
with wonderful products He knows
what composes the oldd little storage
battery He knows how to reproduce
the human voice All these things
he is able to do by knowledge of ma
terial things Now he reaches the
conclusion that everything is mate
rial It is a conclusion which many
minds reach at some time in the
course of their development and
above which fortunately most of
them rise because there is nothing
inspiring about1 the belief that we are
little collections of cells
The statement of Mr Edison was
so entirely natural for a man en
gaged in his kind of work and one
who devotes so many hours of every
day to it that there seemed little
reason for the interview to attract a
great deal of attention It was the
fact that Edison is a very learned
man which drew attention to his re
mark With reference to learning
and recognition of the existence of
spiritual life Macaulay in one of his
essays says As to the other great
question the question what becomes
of man after death we do not see
that a highly educated European left
to his unassisted reason Is more
likely to be in the right than a Black
foot Indian Not a single one of the
many sciences in which vc surpass
the Blackfoot Indians throws the
smallest light on the state of the soul
after the animal life is extinct
Mr Edisons remark had been an
swered many many times before Mr
Edison was born San Antonio Ex
The Atlanta Constitution in a few
terse sentences exemplifies the truth
that lies back of the recenl assertions
of Senator Lafayette Young of Iowa
himself an editor to the effect that
the press of the country exercises a
greater final influence than congress
The same applies to all other fields
or human activity whether in legisla
tive halls on the public rostrum or
In the humbler walks of productive
endeavor Says the Atlanta contem
Publicity is the keynote of the
progress of our day provided it is
conducted upon lines of candor and
full opportunity for public expression
Arguing from that premise it is likely
that the editor who keeps his news
colunmns responsive to the truth and
to the drift of public sentiment is a
greater factor in molding public opin
ion than the editor of the old days
who thundered personal opinions In
his editorial columns and garbled
news reports in his news columns
Personal journalism had its weight
in molding public sentiment in the
older days then the public wanted to
know what the paper had to say and
the paper as a distinct entity had to
say it but when the paper said it
it was not the individual editor tha
was talking but the voice o the paper
itself and it carried with it what
ever influence its word commanded i
the direction of human thought am
human affairs and as a rule mod
era journalism seeks to conform to
the responsibilities which the civil
zation of the times has imposed upon
it The public however continues tt
look to the editorial page for guidanc
in all matters that pertain to the publ
He welfare and it is a fact that gives
the press potency in the direction of
public affairs Austin Statesman
Can you beat it We have
dozen fresh eggs for Christmas
The Mexican government is begin
ning to realize that it must cope
with a real revolution The cutting
up of a federal troop train and the
retreat of the federals is convincing
enough that there is real trouble in
tamale land
We have one consolation at this
blessed Christmas time we do not
have to worry over how best to dis
pose of ten million dollars as did poor
old John D Our problem has been
to know how to make our four six
bits go round
Bear in mind good people that this
town will close up Monday for a hol
iday and that you must buy Saturday
to run you over until Tuesday Willi
the rest of the busy folk the Herald
expects to take the holiday to give
our people time to inspect their many
The same brother who interprets
his bible to look with disfavor on the
Santa Ciaus idea is also the one who
reads in his bible that salvation Is
free and refuses to give any financial
support to the church or its work
And his heart is about the size of
one of the unmeasured microbes
It is but natural that a man takes
a retrospective view of life about
Christmas time Especially is this
true if the man is getting along in
years Youth does not take heed of
things that impress a man Youth
lives today The man of years lives
largely in the past And when the
time of festivity comes instead of lay
ing all cares aside and taking part in
the merriment he becomes retrospect
ive He spends his time in taking
stock of the past in thoughts of
what he has failed to do largely And
with most men the review is anything
but encouraging reassuring We
enter a new year with resolution to
do certain things but somehow we fall
in our effort The year has pot
brought to us the blessings we had
hoped for the things we had strived
for We seem to be no further nlong
than we were this time last year
And too one more year has been
clipped from our allotted time But
what Is the use We can but do our
best and live in hope All else
should be left to Him who guides our
destiny and our lives
Funeral of Mrs Briggs
Funeral services for the late Mrs
Alpha Briggs wore conducted at the
family home on Delespine street yes
toiday afternoon at oclock and a
good company of relatives neigh
bors and friends were present topay
their respects to the memory jt this
good woman The services were con
ducted by Rev R L Gillon of the
Baptist church and Rev L D Ander
son of the Christian church A quar
tette sang Nearer My God to Thee
and Shall We Meet Beyond jfcie
The pallbearers were Messrs Bj F
Rogeis Tim OConnell S Eagle RJob
ert Carr Tab Sadler and S A Tay
lor Following the services at the
home the remains were conveyed to
the Old Cemetery where interment
took place i
Mrs Briggs was a good christian
woman and her memory will be Held
in loving memory for time to cQmcby
a host of Irienda
This weather will cause many to
regret they did not heed the Heralds
advice to shof early
Oh you belated shopper If you had
only taken good advice and done it
early But still it must be done
and later isv better than never
Come on Good Fellows and fill up
the charity windows More happi
ness to the square inch is represented
in thbse windows than anywhere else
in town because the need is greater
Dr Wiley pauses to ask Will man
ultimately freeze or starve Answer
ing for the East Texas man doc he
will go right on eating pork sausage
and baked potatoes and spare ribs
and ribbon cane syrup
THSse mining disasters come with
alarming fiequency Evidently there
is something radically wrong in the
operating of mines where coal dust is
permitted to accumulate to an extent
to cause terrific explosions fires etc
In celebrating the birthday of any
mere man we are accustomed to re
view his life and call attention to his
virtues his principles and his deeds
the character he bore and the great
work of his life on behalf of his
fellowman And from the point of
view of patriotism it is important
that the memory of such benefactors
of the race should be kept tresh and
So in the observance of the natal
day of the Prince of Peace we should
be engaged in devout meditation
upon His person and mission upon
what His nativity represents and His
mission means to the human race
As the supreme gift of God to the
world Jesus of Nazareth is the high
est exhibit of the love of Jehovah
for the lost sinner In the person of
Jesus we have the inspiring example
of the pure unselfish life for He
was hob harmless and undefiled and
separate from sinners Thus we are
given the only flawless pattern of the
ideal man
In the glorious mission of the Son
of Righteousness we have the epi
tome of the scheme of redemption for
the family of man For there is none
other name given under heaven
among men whereby we must be
saved As He went about doing good
we have the great inspiration for the
daily life that should be led by every
man woman and child of the race
That life of absolute obedience to
the will of God of complete harmony
with Him that sent Him the wonder
ful faithfulness In the execution of
the smallest details of the purpose of
His life the unexampled selfsacrifice
that distinguished every word and
action of His earthly career and
above all the spirit of cheerful sub
mission to the will of His Father in
all of His sufferings and poverty as
instanced in the declaration at the
well of Jacob My meat is to do the
will of Him that sent me and to ac
complish His work All of this must
make an irresistible appeal to us as
we contemplate the actual busy life
of the worlds matchless Teacher and
only Liberator Therefore the only
reasonable effect of such a thought
ful consideration of the birth of mans
Redeemer is to stimulate the desire
to become more indlssolubly bound to
Him and to pattern our characters
and lives after the supreme model
given us in our blessed Lord It
would be great indeed if all the
world over the observances of the
Christmastide should produce the
profound effect upon the beneficiaries
of Him who had His iowly birth in
little Bethlehem of imparting to them
the glorious impulse and abiding pur
pose toward having their lives fash
ioned after that of their greatest ben
efactor And then as the essence of
life is giving the great practical les
son of this happy season is that
which is couched in His own inimlt
able phrase It is more blessed to
give than to receive Having yield
ed our hearts to the control of Him
who loved us and gave Himself for
us the only logical course is to ren
der to Him every form and degree of
worship and service that is made
possible to us by His providence and
grace Now since we serve Him best
by loving ministreis to His own out
of supreme love to Him we awake
to the highest conceivable honor in
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The Herald Acknowledges Receipt of
Good List of New and Renewed
The following have paid subscrip
tions to the Weekly Edition of the
Herald and the Herald in acknowl
eding same wishes for them all as
well as all other Herald readers and
friends a Merry Christmas
Mrs B F Clark 1
S L Lewis 1
N P Bell 1
A M Clark 25 cents
F R Morrisl v
J L Worley 1
J R Lunsford
B L Barrett 50 ceiits
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J H Thompson 25 cents
P H Terrell 1
W F Warren 5Q cenfs
W B Harper 50 cents
W A Shaver 50 cents
W L Wortham J
Miss Bertha Starr 25 cents
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Perry Dunbar 25 cents
W B Dubose 2
W J Fincher 1 >
A H Isaacs 50 cents
R L Starkes l
J R G Wllliiuns 1
T A Bowden 1
Theo Jenkins 1
W T Todd U
John Brown 1
J C Elrod 1
R A Whatley 50 cents
C E Douthit 1
Joe Evans 1
J F Parkis 50 cents
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being given the opportunity of doing
something toward warming the heart
of and bearing Christmas joy and
sympathy to some one who may be in
sore need of the benediction which
no one so well as we can bring The
secret of a blessed Christmas for us
all is to cordially lend ourselves to
the heavenly task of making as many
other people as we can reach and in
fluence know that He and we love
them and are intent upon bringing a
blessing into their lives Thus ob
served the happiest of all our holiday
seasons will be well worth while
Problem Confronts
Army Officers Now
Herald Special
San Antonio Texas Dec 22 A
problem that is causing some worry
is confronting army officers at Fort
Sam Houston Within the next six
months at least six hundred enlisted
men of the Twentysecond Infantry
now stationed here will have served
the term of their enlistment and will
be discharged from the army As a
rule these men enlist again either in
the same regiment and company or
in other regiments Very few of the
men now receiving their discharges
are reenlisting in the Twentysecond
Infantry and the reason lies In the
fact that In the foreign service the
men get double time allowed on their
service looking toward retirement
Most of the men now reenlisting are
going to Alaska and the Philippine
Fifteen years abroad Is equal to
thirty years service in the United
States Another reason why the sol
diers are flocking to the foreign ser
vice is that an increase of twenty per
cent in their pay is allowed They
are given the same allowance for
clothing as in the states whereas the
actual need for clothes is less In the
foreign service the annual maneuvers
are dispensed with and this is alsp a
feature that pleases the soldier
Closed Engagement
The Gertnuje Ewlng company closed
ffs Palestine engagement last eve
ning playing to a small house
> > > < > < >
A number of Palestine ladles
are sending regularly to the
Board of Trade a choice col
lection of reading matter con
sisting of magazines periodi
cals etc These are for gratu
itous distribution to those who
appreciate reading such publi
cations as Munsey Ladies
Home Journal Harpers Ba
zaar Literary Digest and
others C A Sterne
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