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Important Cases
To Be Reargued
Herald Special
Washington D C Dec 31 Fol
lowing the holiday recess the supreme
court of the United States will recon
vene Tuesday for what promises to
bo one of the most important sessions
in the entire history of that body
Owing to the deaths of Chief Jus
tice Fuller and Associate Justice
Brewer and the illness of Associate
Justice Moody which necessitated his
retirement from the bench virtually
all of the important cases argued dur
ing the past year before the highest
tribunal must be reargued before they
are decided
When the court convenes next
week it will be the first time in over
a year that it has met with a full
bench The court will be composed
pf Edward D White the new chief
justice and Associate Justices Harlan
JUcKenna Holmes Day Lurton Van
Devanter Hughes and Lambar
There are about thirty important
leases heard at the last term which
are on the docket for reargument
Many of the cases will be heard at
the same time The fifteen involving
the constitutionality of the corpora
tion tax were heard as one case and
doubtless will be sopresented at the
next hearing
The corporation tax cases are set
for argument next Tuesday These
cases were brought to determine the
legality of the new tax which is
bringing in revenue at the rate of
25000000 a year The law went into
effect June 30 of this year Should
the supreme court after reargument
declare the tax not constitutional the
money already collected must be re
Of equal importance with the corpo
ration tax cases are the suits brought
by the government for the dissolution
of the Standard Oil company and the
socalled tobacco trust These alio
are on the docket for reargument next
These two cases involve substanti
ally every feature of the trust ques
tion so far as it falls within th
purview of the Sherman antitrust
law Yet they are not precisely alike
Indeed it is said that in some pir
ticulars they are so dissimilar that
the court might find In favor of the
government in one case and agaiist
it in the other
Phe two cases are alike in that they
are proceedings in equity to enjoin
alleged violations of the law of the
land neither is in its essence a crim
inal action In both suits the charge
pressed are those alleging unlawful
combination and conspiracy in re
straint of interstate trade and com
merce and continuing monopoly or
attempted monopoly of important ele
ments in Interstate commerce
The Standard Oil company of New
Jersey is attacked as a holding com
pany while the American Tobacco
company Is alleged to be both a hold
ing and an operating company An
other difference between the two
cases lies in the fact that the Stand
ard Oil company is charged with of
fense against the Sherman law alone
the tobacco corporations are charged
with offending also the Wilson tariff
act of 1894 which extended the ap
plication of the antitrust law to any
conspiracy In restraint of trade one
party to which was an importer
As a result of the hearing of the
two cases in the circuit courts other
differences were either made or be
came apparent In the tobacco suit
the lower court did not find sufficient
evidence to iold that there was a mo
nopoly In the trade in question al
though it did hold that there was a
combination in restraint of trade In
the Standard Oil case the court was
unanimous in finding that there was
i an illegal monopoly in addition to
there being a conspiracy
A number of other important case
are to be reargued in addition to the
corporation tax cases and the anti
trust cases The boycott and con
tempt cases arising out of the injunc
tion proceedings in the District of
Columbia against the American Fede
ration of Labor have been assigned
x forliearing on January 1C Two oth r
cases of importance are those involv
ing the question whether the penalties
for violating the twentyeight hour
law for the transportation of live
stock shall be determined by the in
dividual shipments or by the train
Two more cases involve the validity
of indictments for grazing sheep on
forest reservations without the per
mission of th o government two
others the use of the waters of the
Walker river in California and Ne
Aada and two more the enforcement
of the Oklahoma prohibition laws in
interstate shipments Still another
important case that will come up for
reargument is that involving the con
stitutionality of the hours of service
law for railroad employes
Seal Shipped Oysters
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shipped Oysters the best ever
brought to the city 3 dozen to sealed
absolutely free from contam
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Makes Hair Fascinating
Parisian Sage is the ideal hair tonic
and beautifier of the present time
It is compounded on the most ad
vanced scientific principles and noth
ingon the market today can compar
with it
It accomplishes so much more than
the ordinary tonics and does it so
quickly that users are astonished
Parisian Sage kills the dandruff
germs and eradicates dandruff in
two weeks or money back
Parisian Sage stops falling hair
itching of the scalp and splitting hairs
or money back
Since its introduction into America
it has become a prime favorite with
women of refinement
Parisian Sage gives a fascinating
lustre to womens hair and makes it
beautiful It makes the hair grow
luxuriantly it is the daintiest and
most refreshing hair dressing that
science has produced and has not a
particle of grease or stickiness in it
A large bottle of Parisian Sagei
costs but 50 cents at Bratton Drug
Co and druggists everywhere The
girl with the Auburn hair is on every
International Automobile Show
Herald Special
New York Dec 31 New Yorks
automobile show season is on and for
three weeks the motor vehicle will
rule before it drops back to its nor
mal position among the pleasure and
commercial conveyances Promptly
at 2 oclock this afternoon the doors
of the Grand Central Palace were
thrown open for the eleventh annual
Saturday of next week the annual Na
tional Automobile Show under the
auspices of the Association of Li
censed Automobile Manufacturers
will open in Midison Square Garden
Preparation Discovered That Will
Destroy the Dandruff Germ
For some time it has been known
that dandruff is caused by a germ
that digs up the scalp into little white
flakes and by sapping the vitality of
the hair at the root causes falling
hair and of course finally baldness
For years there have been all kinds
of hair stimulants and scalp tonics
on the market but there has been no
permanent cure foi dandruff until the
discovery of a preparation called New
bros Herplcide which destroys the
dandruff germ Destroy the cause
the effect will cease to exist Kill
the dandruff germ and youll have no
dandruff no itching scalp no falling
Sold by leading dtugglsts Send 10o
n stamps for sample to The Herpicide
Oo Detroit Mich
One dollar bottlea guaranteed Brat
on Drug Co Special Agents Adv
Herald want ads bring results
We are now once more almost at the starting post of the New Year
Before we make the start we want to thank our friends and customers
most sincerely for the splendid patronage and most loyal support
given us during the year that isjust closing This has been a Big
Year for us and the relations that have existed throughout the entire
season in our dealings with pur trade have been most pleasant indeed
Peace on Earth Good Will Toward Men is the sentiment ofour
house during these good old Christmas limes But while we have
been looking backward on the past we have also been LOOKING
FQRWARD to the future Past achievements do nut satisfy they
only stimulate We have already planned BIG THINGS for next
year The first will be our
Sale of Ladies and Childrens Muslin Underwear and White Goods
January 14th You cant afford to miss this
Wishing you one and all a Happy and Prosperous New Year we vure
We are now taking stock and if you cant get waited on as promptly and satis
factorily during the next two weeks as you would wish we ask that you have a little
patience we will soon be through then we will endeavor to give you that prompt
attention that we want our customers to have
WOMANS HAIR She Was Smothering
Rockford Ala Mrs M C Pa chal
Bratton Knows of a Preparation That of this place says I was taken with
nervous prostration and had head
ache backache pains in my right
side and smothering spells I called
in physicians to treat my case but
without relief Finally I tried Cardul
and it gave perfect satisfaction I
recommend it to every sick woman
Are you weak tired wornout Do
you suffer from any of the pains pe
culiar to weak women Cardui has
a record of over fifty years in reliev
ing such troubles and will certainly
benefit you It prevents those fre
quent headaches and keeps tyou up
out of bed feeling fresh and happy
Try Cardui 15
Will Meet In Dallas
At a meeting of the executive com
mittee of employed officers of the
Texas Young Mens Christian Assoc
ation held in Dallas this week it
was decided that the next conference
of state employes should be held on
April 26 and 27 1911 in Dallas As
there will be no state convention this
year special effort will be made to
have as many secretaries directors
and committeemen as possible aUend
the conference Invitations have been
sent to Judge Selden P Spencer of
St Louis Dr C A Barbour of New
York and other prominent speakers
to appear on the program The ses
sions will begin at 9 oclock on the
morning of the 26th and extend
through the 27th closing with a ban
quet in honor of the visiting delegates
Every Month Near Death
Foster Ark Mrs Fannie Ellis of
Foster says I was sick for seven
years and half the time could not
stand on my feet I tried Cardui and
Interaationa Automobile Show com Jn two montns x was cured and am
prising the display of the independ fri0y stout and healthy My frienas
ent manufacturers of automobiles i
as me now what cured me My
and accessories Monday will see looks ale a testimonial to Cardui
No matter how serious or longstand
the opening of the Importers Automo
bile Salon at the Hotel Astor and on
ing the trouble Cardui will help jou
It is a mild vegetable tonic remedy
especially adapted tp relieve and cure
the common womanly ailments It re
lieves womanly pains and restores wo
manly stiength Try Ciadui 16
Car of Bananas
Car of Bananas anived too late for
the Christmas trade will be sold at
the car at a sacrifice Call early
28 It W H Smith
on Picture Framing for next 10 days
Ed Kingsbury phone 266 2710t
Get the Original and Genuine
The Pooddrink for All Ages
ror Infam Invalidsand Growing children
Dure Nutrition up building the whole body
nyigorates the nursing mother and the aged
jch milk malted grain in powder form
quick lunch prepared in a minute
fake no substitute Askfor HORLICKS
n No Combine or Trust i
The peculiar properties of Chamber
lains Cough Remedy have been thor
oughly tested during epidemics of in
fluenza and when it was taken in time
we have not heard of a single case
of pneumonia Sold by Bratton Drug
Dont Rack Your Brains
trying to think of something nice for
dinner tomorrow Just ring up The
Union Market in West Palestine and
order some nice fresh meat We
have fresh meat and sausage of all
kinds Free and prompt delivery a
specialty Phone No 832 O D
Hanks Prop 732 Lacy St 1212lm
Piano Tuning
I have done as much work the past
summer as I wanted to In fact I
have had to keep my tuning fork on
ice to keep it from melting but it is
getting some Cooler now and if any
of my old customers want their pianos
tuned or any new customers will trust
me with their work I will be glad to
do it I guarantee my work and will
give entire satisfaction or money re
funded I have a limited time in
Palestine to do this work and have
no time to solicit so if you want me
to do your work just drop me a card
er leave orders with W H Kingsbury
or W E Swift and I will give the
matter prompt attention
Youra for good honest work
H M Jones
Box 8M 1027tf
Will Pay For Themselves In
8 Years Time
In Any
Building and Loan Association
ancl Pay
All Other Expenses
is very important in fact it is
everything when you go to buy a
piece of property You can only
afford one record ajjd that is the
mobwmplete offe That is the
kind of reetjrd you get if we make
your abstract
Anderson County
Abstract Co
> t
Appel the Tl
The Latest In Woolens The Be
Trimmings Reliable Workmal
ship Correct Cutting
Mens Department at End of Hal j
mens Department at Head of
A Puzzling Questioi
Where to buy that new suit
suggest that you pay us a vipit ian3
see the suits we are now selling
We believe you will therTfJesatisfied
that you can get the best value here
for your money We have a line of
neckwear that cannot be duplicated
Wm Branagan Co
Finding a LeaK
is sometimes dangerous and dirty
unless you are a practical plumber
there is any trouble in the bath roorj
heating apparatus or gas pipes
Send for Us
and we will fix it promptly and at reasj
onable charge We do good work
Should you need Cotton Ginning Cane Grim
Machinery or repairs for same it matters no
can save you time trouble or money perh
them You are deairious of building up Ande
it by first giving home factories employing hi
to serve you and then all things being equal
Call on or Ad Jrosr
ey J
Palestine Tczoi
1000 gallons Pure Ribbon Cane Syrup in buckets per gallon
In barrel per gallon
Georgia Cane Syrup pergallon
1 Pound Prices Baking Powder
Tea worth 65c per pound
Extra High Patent Flour
High Patent Flour
10 Pound Bucket Snowdrift Lard
5 Pound Bucket Snowdrift Lard
Cottolene Small Bucket
Cottolene Large Bucket
Let us clean and press your clothes
so you willl look good for Christmas
Everything we clean will be perfectly
sanitary for we inject hot steam in
to every garment we clean We can
also make you a pair of trousers in eight
hours if you are in a rush We do all
kinds of altering on Ladies or Gentle
mens clothes Everything guaranteed
Have our wagon call
For Dry Goods and Notions ana

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