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Volume V.—Number 3 I 3.
We take occasion to mention to our friends and
customers in the City and Country that since we
are through with our annual Stock-taking, we have
made great reductions in all our departments, and
are offering Bargains to all those in need of any
thing in
Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Etc.
ome to see and be convinced that we mean w ’at we
Geo. H, Kalteyer, President
/ %
Oue ('ar I pholstered Goods,
new styles, very tine.
One ear Chamber Suits and
Novelties from Grand Rapids,
unique and elegant in design
and finish.
One ear Fine, Cheap Furniture,
from best makers.
Erastus Reed.
Oysters, Fish and Game.
Cafe Restaurants
. And At
Scholz's Hall, Corner of Commerce and Losoya Streets.
and Meals at all hours. Kverythlng served In First-Clars Style.
" elite waiters in attendance. 7-28-6 m
* = A--‘
This Establishment is now Replete with All the Novelties for the
Fall and Winter Season.
Fall and Winter Silks and Satins
Can be seen iu Black and Colored, Plain and Brocaded. Cassimeres (black
and colored). Tricots, Diagonals, Serges, etc. Camel Hair and Wool Sat
eens. Velvets and Velveteens in all colors, plain and brocaded. Silk
Pongees. D-ess Plaids in single and double widths, and
Trimmings to suit all Dress Goods.-VM
Gloves, Laces, and Fancy Goods.
He is now showing the largest stock of Kid Gloves, Mits, Laces and
for Ladles and Children ever brought to otir city. In Silk Hosiery
he has an endless variety and cannot he’ undersold.
Fall • and • Winter • Millinery
All the latest Kall and Winter styles and makes of Bonnets and Hats,
Ostrich Plumes, Tips, Ribbons and Trimmings will be found
there. This department is under tirst-class artistes,
who will please the tastes of all.
Flannels, Blankets, Linens, Cotton Goods,
Towelings, Domestic Prints, Ginghams, Alpacas, Comforters. Canton Flan
nels and Hosiery. Among the other things which were very extensively
purchased by bis agents was the most magnificent stock of Dress
Goods of all kinds ever seen in any dry goods house in Texas.
Especial attention was given to purchasing Fall and Winter
bilks, and can be also give the greatest bargains in
Clothing, Boots Shoes and Hats
His stock of Fall and Winter Clothing is the largest ever brought to Texas, and em
braces. in the latest patterns. Prince Albert. Cutaway, Frock and Sack Suits.
A very large and complete stock of Ladies', Misses', Men's and Boys’
Shoes and BimHs. A full line of Stetson Soft and Stiff Hat*.
Also a full stock of Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods.
His Furniture Department is complete with Household Goods, and he will suit everybody
in this line. Among other goods we nnd Plush Parlor Suits, Mohair Parlor Suits, Walnut and
Atto Bedroom Suita, Wardrobes, < hairs, Body Brussels and Ingram Carpets, Rugs, Mattia*'
Curtains, Window Shades, Etc. Country orders tilled promptly and satisfaction guaranteed.
Bend lor samples.
Main Plaza and Acequia Street
Otto Koehler, Sec. and Manager.
San Antonio Daily Light.
Alderiniii Mackay to the Fore
—Au Interesting Discussion.
A Stack of Business Lockwood Deals a
Left Hander to Negligent Aidermen
French and the New Members.
Yexterdiir Hfteruoon an adjourned x, x
eion of the Citv Council wax held. Al
3:30 the follow log Aidermen bed put in
an appearance In addition to Hie Honor
Ilie Mayor: Mexxrx Gallagher. French,
McAllister. Mackay." Lock wood and
City < lerk < andon was ordered to
call the roll, and reported to the Mayor
that there wax not a quorum.
Alderman Gallagher moved that a re
cess of 10 ininutea be taken.
French. I move dial the City Mara ml
he instructed to sum non Ilie absent Al
Mayor—Who is to be rent ul.i Hr
French —lt is the duty of the Marshal
to be here.
Mayor—There is no second to your
McAllister—l seconded it.
Mayor—But there is no quorum.
Al this juncture Aldermen Smye.
Pauly and Connor, in addition tu the
City Marshal, made their appearance,
and soon after Aiderman Belknap. A
full board was men present with Ilie
exception of Aldermen Hambleton and
Schreiner. ibe Mayor announced
that it was an adjourned session f r
the purpose ot introducing new business.
Alderman Mackay then rose and sub
mitted a resolution that the l ily En
gineer be directed to xurv, v the lauds
comprising those of G. W. Brackenridge
and others at the head of tile river Willi
a view of seeing if Ilie said property runs
to and includes the river iu accordance
with the opinion rendered to the Coun
cil by Hie City Attorney; that a survey
was required for him to determine more
definitely the lines of that property.
The Mayor called the attention of Ai
derman Mackay that the City Engineer
said that the map of 1852 was apparent
ly run to include tlie river under which
the property was sold. The map made in
1873, tlie lines of wbicb do nor tun io
the river, does not lake precedence of
that of 1852.
Mackay said he was assured by a per
son who carried the chain for McDonald
when the survey was made, that there
were 10 varas less. Those mounds and
rocks were already there, and be did not
see any barm in investigating it so ns to
settle it, and if those mounds are there,
and he understood they were, he could
not see how they were going to get
around it.
Tlie Mayor—lf it applies to the head
of the river it applies to the rest of the
Mackay—Let it apply where it will, if
the city has any property there, we
want it.
French—lt is hardly expected the oily
is going to claim any property on tlie
river. If we have any rights at all they
are mere rights of exit or passage on tlie
banks of the river. Certainly no title
can be had to the river now; the city has
sold it.
Mackay—lf it ended at a point with
out reaching the river, they cannot get
to tiie river.
then asked that the opinion of
the City Attorney on Ilie question of the
riparian rights of Hie city, which was
published in these columns recently,
be again read, which was done.
Mackay—l am satisfied that some of
the deeds Mr. Brackenridge has, in
cludes the banks of the river, but the
question is whether ail lux property
does. If there is some property which
does not include the river, let a survey
be made. I understand on the author
ity of a party who carried the chain for
McDonald, that when he carried that
chain there were two ten varas less and
the mounds were established at that
time; these are tbe mounds which Mr.
Giraud calls for.
The Mayor—l would state that what
ever property belongs to the citv on
either side of tbe river should certain y
be appropriated by the city, but the
question is, have we got the property
French: What would be the result of
the latest survey. 1 believe the property
was sold under the survey of 1852.
The Mayor: Those who have tbe right -
of-way under the statule of limitations
would own the property.
French: I know from the inspection
of tlie records, there was no reservation
upon tue river banks ai all at Ibe time
or tbe sale, the reservations stated
specially were tlie bard rook quarries of
50 acres, 100 acres of soft rock quarries,
tbe city cemetery ami Nogaiitos
crossing. 1 take it if this reservation
was left on the bank of the river, the
question arises what utility it would be
if we found it there, would it annul the
right to pass along the bang of tbe
river or would it give us reparian rights.
Mayor: It Jwouid give us no riparian
rights as far as 1 could gather.
French: Wbat good will result if we
found out that these monuments were
not set on tbe bank of the river.
Mackey: We know it there are 10 varas
between these, we know it.
Smye: Tbe report simply states that
one survey went to Ibe river, but the
latter survey does not go to the river;
there is no decided opinion on it.
Mayor—Aiderman Stoye will bear in
mind there are 27 years’ difierence b»-
the surveys.
Smye—We want to know whether
eilbersurvey is rigid. I believe it would
be well to determine the atlair by an
official survey. 1 would like to make an
amendment to tlie resolution, that an
official survey should be made and a
board of survey be appointed for the
purpose ef determining tlie whole
question, and let the tiling be dually
I'he Mayor—ln reference to the old
map, whether that map was right or
wrong, if the city sold under that map.
it binds tbe city, and does away witli
the map of 1879; the w hole thing must
then be taken on the 1382 map.
“Smye: According to the old survey
there are old citizens here who claim
that the survey did not reach to Ihe
Tbe Mayor: The only proof of that lx
the record, tbe old map must govern on
that question.
Smye: Will not the monuments on the
ground or a survey suffice.
Mayor: You will have to prove the
map wrong.
Smye: 1 think the idea of the City At
torney that an official survey should be
made is a very good one
Be'knap asked that Mackey's resolu
tion be read again.
Tliis being done. Belknap asked how
lurch had been appropriated for the
purpose of surveying
Mayor: There Is no appropriation.
French: My opposition to this mutter
is that there is no finality to it, this
tiling always arises w hen a new mem
ber conies' in. He comes here ax a
champion of the public to right every
thing that has been done in the past.
I tils thing will never be brought to an
end. What guarantee bave we that w ben
we do this thing that there is going io
be a finality. The city sold the property
by the lines of Giraud. If the city- has
any rights there It certainly ought to
take advantage of them 1 can find noth
ing in the records where it lias tbe right
to con tret the waters of the river. If
this thing w ill be the finality. If we bave
any guarantee that it will. I have no ob
jection in the world to make tlie survey
If tlie city lias any rights we ought to
maintain them.
Mackay—Has the matter ever been
brought up before by a new member? If
it has the record does not show It. When
it lias been brought up it has been pul
down, just as it haa been done now. 1
do not see why tlie gentleman should
charge me with bringing tlie question
■i|> km a new member, because proper
respect should be shown me as an Al
Belknap then made an amendment to
Mackay's resolution, that a survey
should be made, if upon due examina
tion ot tlie city records there was any
shadow of a claim on Ibe w ater-works.
French—'-Say any reasonable claim I "
Belknap accepted the suggestion, and
tbs resolution was then voted on and
By Gallagher: I bat the Street < om
mix-ioner be directed to repair, grub and
clear the brush on El I'uso street, four
blocks west of tbe Alazan, and that tbe
sum of $lO be appropriated tor that pur
pose. Adopted under suspension of the
rules. Degener alone voting nay.
By Pauly. That the sum of S3S be ap
propriated for the purposeofeuttingout
brush stumps and leveling Hie ground
ou Dakota, < berry and Nevada streets
Adopted under suspension of the runs.
By Lockwood: i'liat hereaf er any
Alderman of this city who shall fail to
attend meetings ol tbecommittees, shall
be lined $2 50, unless prevented by sick
ness or absence from ibe city, and that
tlie same tine should be levied on all de
faulting members of special committees,
and that it shou'd be the duty of the
chairman of any committee to report
such absent member to the City Clerk,
nnd that the fine should only be remit
ted by the Mayor.
Lockwood said lie ottered tlie resolu
tion tor reasons which he thought were
good. Time after time lie bad come
there and found no one to meet him.
Reports of committees were made
bv the majority of Hie committee
At tbe next regular meeting when
tlie reports come before tbe Coun
cil. one of tlie cenmittee will say
"it is just brought before mv notice. I
never heard of it before.” He thought
in justice to the people and chairmen
members of tlie committees who did at
tend, this should be done. Belknap
moved to amend by striking out all of
the resolution except that portion re
lating to special committees.
French said there was no authority to
pass say such resolution as that unless
there is a provision In the charter. The
Aldermen are only answerable to their
The Mayor said lie thought the reso
lution was a good one, but he did not
know how to enforce it.
Lockwood admitted he had his doubts
as to tbe enforcing of tlie resolution,
but he nad tlie interest of the city in
view. Let tbe members of tiie com
mittees meet as promptly as when they
draw their $5.
French insisted on his point of order.
Wiiat was the use of passing a resolu
tion that can not be enforced. He
would like to get Ilie expression of tbe
Council, but he wanted tbe fine part
stricken out.
The Mayor: Wbat is the use of a
law without a penalty?
Gallagher: Sentiment, your honor,
Mayor: Why; it is now without a
penalty, and no power to enforce it. I
think it is wasting precious time.
Lockwood then wiihdrew his resolu
By Me Allister: That property own
ers on Garden and King William streets
be ordered to put down Class A side
walks, the walk to be live feet wide,
with a grass walk one and one half feet
wide on each side.
After some discussion, the resolution
was amended to require the properly
holders to put down Class A sidewalks
in accordance with the ordinances, but
a'low them to make them as above de
scribed if they so desire.
By Belknap: That the Street Com
missioner reoair loose planks in the
Fourth street bridge Adopted.
By Gallagher : That the -drect Com
missioner build a box drain on East
street. Referred to the City Engineer
for estimate of cost.
By French: Tb it Chapter 10 be amend
ed so as to require a license of 25 cents
from boot Idacks. Referred to Commit
tee on Petitions and Ordinances.
By Belknap: That the Street Com
missioner cut brush from Cypress street.
By Maokey: That the Council author
ize the purchase of a rock crusher to be
used in connection with tbe steam
Belknap asked that the resolution go
to the Engineer for an opinion us to
whether our rock can be crushed or not.
Tbe matter was so referred.
By Smye: That the Street Commis
sioner grade and pave a gutter on Hous
ton street in front of tbe Maverick Hotel.
By I.ock wood: That thereof of engine
house No. 2 be repaired as soon as possi
ble. Adopted.
By French : That the City Engineer
examine tlie ob»tructionx on Hidalgo
street, and make a plat of the same.
By Mackey: That the sheep and goat
ordinance be amended so as to provide
a pound fee of 5C cents for sheep and
goats. 5o cents for calves, $1 for year
lings. $2 for hogs, etc.
French moved that the matter be re
ferred to the City Attorney.
Smye ibought it would be a good idea
to exterminate goats altogether.
Belknap thought somelhihg should be
done so as to include dogs in the ordin
■ .ockwood suggested pigeons also.
Tlie matter wax ultimately referred to
the City Attorney to draft an ordinance
in accordance with the resolution.
By Pauly: That tbe City Attorney
draft an ordinance to prohibit persons
from driving into funeral processions
while passing along tbe streets. The
resolution was adopted.
Ry Mackay: That Rollin Coffee be
placed on the charity roll. Referred to
the Mayor and City Physical!.
By French: That tbe Street Commis
sioner repair a bridge over Ihe San
Pedro Creek. Adopted.
Mackay suggested that hereafter Hie
Council should meet at 2:30 p. m., in
stead of 3:30 p. m.. in order to gel tlirough
with the business at one session. No ac
Lockwood naked for information on
tbe Mackay resolution, culling lor infor
mation from Hie Water wink. Com
pany. Hexaid lie hud made an unfa! <r
nble report, that the Council bad adop
ted a minority report nnd referred the
matter hack to the same co in mi It ex. It e
wanted to know what lodo with it
The Mayor said tbe Council expei led
him to send a copy of the resolution to
Hie President of the Water-works < m
pany and wail for bix report.
t he Council then adjourned.
Feast of the Epiphany.
Tbe Catholics of this city to-day cele
brated the holiday ot obligation, uilled
tbe Epiphany, by masses in all ti.e
cburcbes. It is observed in honor of
Christ's manifestation to the gentiles,
represented by the three kings of Hie
East. Gasper, Melchior and Italtasser.
who. guided by tlie Bethlehem star, vis
ited and adored the Infant. Tliis least
is also called Twelfth Day, because ol
ils being tbe 12th day after < brixtmux.
Among Ibe Mexican Catholics it a
called "Dia de lox Reyes,” or the Day
of tlie Kings, and is generally consid
ered to lie the signal of great rejoicing.
During the holidays tbe Mexicans gen
erally have dances at private bouses nt
close interval , tint on and after Kings'
Day for a fortnight, these dances are of
nightly occurrence.
Fence Cutting.
I'wo farmers named Adam Usher and
Jacob Faigle were proceeding by Hie
old Seguin road with loads of bay to tlie
city, found their passage impeded by tiie
fences around Jolin James’ pasture, anil
without more ado. cut the fence. Este
van Sandoval, a Deputy Sheriff, who
was out in tlie vicinity, saw them com
mit the deed nnd arrested them, and
brought them to town. This morning
they were bound over in $3OO and $2OO
bonds respectively to appear before Jus
tice Crawford next Saturday.
Tbe Christmas Flower.
Mrs. Regina Beckmann lias at her re -
idence on Casino street, a very rare and
beautiful southern plant or flower called
the "Nome Buena.” by the Mexicans,
or tiie Christmas Flower, it is n plant
wiili a long sterile stem, on the extreme
point of which bh oms only during Hie
month of December or tiie first part of
January, a blood red flower of large size,
having petals to tbe number ot six or
Eastern Floods.
Pt rum mi, January 5. —A Brndford
special says: Heavy rains of tlie paet
two days and large quantities of snow
in tbe timbered bills have conspired to
produce tbe most violent flood known in
many years along Driftwood and Sin
namabonlng creeks. Thousands of logs
from the mills bave broken from their
fastenings and are going down tiie swol
len streams at a terrific speed. It is said
that Ihe loss to lumbermen will approach
$3,000,000. At this place there is a rise
ef two feet of water in many streets. All
telegraph communication to tbe east is
lost, and trains are obliged to tlagtbeir
way east. Reports from Cameron state
that tlie greater part of that place Is
under water, and residents are in great
fear lest their homes w Pl be swept away.
Many residences have been vacated.
One million feet of logs were torn loose
and swept down Hunt's Run. Ine saw
mill dams at various places along the
creeks are much exposed and in impii
nent danger of being carried away.
Heturns Thanks.
Bkki.in, January s.—Emperor William
has issued a rescript respecting the 25tb
anniversary of his accession to tbe Prut
sian throne. In it he says: " What
touches me most is the unbroken confi
dence of my people in me and their
faithful and unalterable affection.” Hix
Majesty returns thanks for very numer
ous expressions of attachment and ven
eration for him. not only from all purls
of Germany, but from places tar beyond
the German frontier wherever tlie Ger
man language is spoken.
Crown Prince Frederick William held
a reception yesterday in honor of tlie
Emperor and Empress, and afterw arils
entertained at dinner General Viscount
Wolseley. A dinner in honor of Vis
count W’olsely will be given to-morrow
by Sir Edward Malet, British Ambassa
dor. All tbe generals of the German
army bave been invited.
Canadian Smugglers.
New York, January 5.—A Montreal
special to the Post says: That as a re
sult of tbe investigations by the United
States customs officers, warrants have
bees issued for the arrest, whenever
they appear on tiie American side, of
about a dozen of the most fashionable
furriers, tailors, jewelers, etc., of Mon
treal. on charges of smuggling. Ihe
officers claim that there being no duty
into Canada, for years they have been
carrying on a thriving trade by smug
gling clothes, furs, diamonds, etc., into
ibis country in trunks which bave parsed
as baggagel Diamond smuggling from
Europe by this route is said lo be exten
A Loyalist Organ.
Dublin, January s.—Tlie Daily Ex
press, the organ of Ihe loyalists in Ire
land. says : British rule has virtually
ceased to exist In tbe southwestern dis
trict of Ireland. From West Cork,
through tlie counties of Kerry and Claire,
the national league is ibe only govern
ment recognized by tbe people, and it
is ruling them with a rod of iron and
increditablc tyranny. A disclousure of
tbe victims’ names would jeopardize
their lives.
What Carlisle Says.
Washington. January 6.— Speaker
Carlisle said thia allenioon that no com
mittees would be announced to-day. It
is understood that the list is not fully
made up, and that it may he subject to
change until the last moment. There
seems to be no doubt that the list will be
ready for announcement to-morrow.
— A fine $3OO horse belonging to tbe
firm of Bergstrom A Gray, died this
—Ever.' tirst-class dealer sells Opera
I’ufls cigarettes. Avoid injurious imi
tations. *4-7-IyBß
W It SIMMS ... .Bi siness Manaoih
LEW BAKEH Amtsemext Dihectou
< HAS. GKOKBL . I . Uh i-s Ham,
Wr ahitn » huw G«mm) Luck and uhy ? Bccanm* wo continue to give good ahows and en
gage none but the very l»eMt urtiMa in America. We charge but twenty-five cent* and tor
that amount you ran enjoy three hours of solid laughter. x
G-EZsrsKJkL 25 Cts,
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Jmarj 4 5 and 6,1886.
The |H*rforman<*e will commence with Larry Dooley’s laughable act,entitled
Larry Dooley, Baker, barony. Burton and Mlm Howard.
ov EKH HI. op HEsriCA
Serio-Comic Gems Miss Susie Stokes
file I id vernal I a te. Eighth Wet*kul .Mi.
The Proteus <t| the Present. IGllad—Tin leaving the Erin," written and composed by
Harri Miuaitliv t narautct liictoiini) Actor. Sona— 'Tni Man that Spouts.” character
'li l nut > Brjimand hi* Letter. Song "My Pretty • oile<*n. written and coiu|M>4ed by Harr)
Macarth> . < tiaracter“>>uiiuio McFile. a Scotch shepherd. Song—* Tie Star of Glengarry.”
Great Success, of Miss LOTTIE BURTON, In her Banjo Solos.
< ontiniHMl approval of
In Burlesque, < hnracters Songs, entitled, •‘l’m a Fairy and they Ixx’k mo up.”
In Popular Songs _ _ _ _ Miss CAD BLOSSOM-
The Laughable act, entitled,
Baker. Dooley, Sarony, Macarthy mid Company.
Prepare to wrinkle, tor here is the
2-BU RTONS-2—Johnny and Lottie.
PlHiitation Sketch Artists, m t»n ir original Plantation Sketch entitl“<|, "LET ME BE,”
Intro luring Lottiesenaravirr picture <»l tin utie iltua: I S eithvrn Negro GlrLaiaoCamp Me*t
mg llyuuiw. Banjo Solos. Et<*.
\. It \ou* i lie keen insight of Xegro idioms uh we* nd by Miss Lott>o Burton. Sho Is so
gnat that the audience are often inclined to hrlieve t liat *hr is a man up in woman's
clothing, but we M*"urpour putroiib that such is not the case.
The Ever Popular
And first appearance In America of the Great JAPANESE JUGGLER,
The wonder of the 19th Century, Producing more Original and Diffi
cult Tricks than any other Artist in his line. Don’t fail to see him.
Tin- pri iorniance will conclude with the comedV. entitled,
Pat*y Bolivrr . Larry * Dooley
Duimm* .. .Giiliert Sarony
Sc hool T« aclw r . ... Harry Macarthy
t haracters by the Ent in* Company.
Wolf & Marx'
We are Not Selling Old and Shelf-Worn. Out--of-
Style Goods, but New and Desirable
Articles in Plenty.
Special Importations
Fine Dress Goods, Jmejs for Ladies, Misses, Children.
Silts, Salins and Velvets, Silk, Lisle Thread & Cotton Hosiery.
Cloaks and Wraps of al! kinds. Kil Gloves, Handkerthiefs, Fans.
500 Boys’ Suits. Short Pants.
500 Boys’ Suits, Long Pants.
Overcoats, Etc., Etc.
Corner Commerce and Alamo Sts.
vlUinfep Gardens <
Every Wednesday and Saturday Evenings, and a Special Free
Concert Every Sunday, from 4 to 1 I p. m.
First-Class Bar-Room, Restaurant and Billiard-Room Attached,
Alamo Street, - -
- - - - San Antonio, Texas.
Only $5 a Year.
Miss Cad Blossom

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