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Cigarc and Tobacco
Aid Slnle of the
A.DELPiT Factory. Mew Crkars.
Will Receive in a lew days
-Number 5
Volume VI.
We take occasion’to mention to our friends and
customers in the City and Country that since we
are through with our annual Stock-taking, we have
made great reductions in ail our departments, and
are offering Bargains to all those in need of any
thing in
Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Etc.
to see and be convinced that we mean what we
Geo. H, Kaiteyer, President
Oysters, Fish and Game.
•■•Riverside Cafe Restaurants
And At
Scholz's Hall, Corner of Commerce and Losoya Streets.
and Meals at all hours. Everything served in First-* la r s Style.
Polite waiters in attendance. 7-28-Gm
Emporium of
This Establishment is now Replete with All the Novelties for the
Fai 1 and Winter Silks and Satins
Can be seen in Black and Colored, Plain and Brocaded. Cassimeres (black
and colored), Tricots, Diagonals, Serges, etc. Camel Hair and Wool Sat
eens. Velvets and Velveteens in all colors, plain and brocaded. Silk
Pongees, Dress Plaids in single and double widths, and
raTTrimmings to suit all Dress Goods.
Gloves, Laces, and Fancy Goods.
He is now showing the largest stock of Kid Gloves, Mits, Laces and Fancy Goods
for Ladles and Children ever brought to our city. In Silk Hosiery '
he has an endless variety and cannot be undersold.
Fall • and • Winter • Millinery
All the latest Fall and Winter styles and makes of Bonnets and Hats,
Ostrich Plumes, Tips, Ribbons and Trimmines will be found
there. This department is under first-class artistes,
who will please the tastes of all.
Flannels, Blankets, Linens, Cotton Goods,
Towelings, Domestic Prints, Ginghams, Alpacas. Comforters. Canton Flan
nels and Hosiery. Among the other things which were very extensively
purchased by his agents was the most magnificent stock of Dress
Goods of all kinds ever seen in any dry goods house in Texas.
Especial attention was given to purchasing Fall and Winter
bilks, and can he also give the greatest bargains in
Clothing, Boots Shoes and Hats
His stock of Fall and Winter Clothing is the largest ever brought to Texas, and em
braces, in the latest patterns. Prince Albert. Cutaway. Frock and Sack Suits.
A very large and complete stock of Ladies', Misses’, Men's and Boys'
Shoes and Boots. A full line of Stetson Soft and Stitt Hats.
Also a lull stock of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods.
Uis Furniture Department is eouiplete wilh Household Goods, and he will suit everybody
in this line. Among other goods we and Plush Parlor Suits, .Mohair Parlor Suits Walnut and
Ash Bedroom Suits. Wardrobes, Phairs, Body Brussels and Ingram Carpets, Rugs, Matting
Curtains, Window Shades. Etc. Country orders titled promptly and satisfaction guaranteed
Send tor samples.
Main Flaza and Aooquia Street
Seasoned Cord Wood
Delivered at any place in the city nt $6
per cord, or for sale at yard, corner of
Starr and Chestnut streets, nt $5 50 per
cord. Telephone No, GO. 12 9-3 m
Good Results in Every Case.
I). A. Bradford, wholesale paper dealer of
Chattanooga, Tenn., writes that he was seri
ously afflicted with a sex ere cold that settled
on his lungs; hud tried many ix'medics with
out benefit. Being induced to try Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, did so and
was entirely cured by use of a few bottles.
Since which time he has used it in his family
fol all Coufba and Colds with boat results.
This is the experience of thousand-: whose
lives have IxTn saved by this Wonderful Dis
covery. Trial Bottles fife at A. Drei-s' Drug
Store. 5
Special to Artists.
One of the finest establishments that San An
tonio, if not Texas, can boast of is the Art
Gallery of C. H Mueller, at 205 Commerce
street. Hen* can be had artist's and draught
men’s materials, of both domestic and im
jiorted kinds. Engravings, chromos and
paintings arc on ham! in an endless variety.
Picture frames, mouldings and materials lor
fresco and sign painting in huge varieties.
China decorations and material for wax flow
ers in a hu l • nt. Mr. Muelh i |<
ceives direct from factories large shipments of
paints, oils and other material in that lino, as
well as window glass and finedomestic and Im
ported decorative wall paper are specialties in
his establishment. 12-13-ly
Hard Times.
While money’ is close, wages and prices low,
expenses should t»e cut down in every house
hold. Economy, the watch word for Mothers,
head otf Doctor bills by always keeping in the
house a bottle of Dr. Cough and
Lung Syrup. Stops a Cough instantly, re
lieves Consumption, cures Croup and pain in
the Chest in one night. It is just the remedy
for hard times. Price 50 cents and $l. Sam
ples free. Sold by H. L. Fowler. It. Cohn A
Co., J. D. Devine, S. Clavin 5
■SF-Bear in mind that Frank J. Beitel
keeps builders’ hardware and lumber, at
the International and Great Northern
depot. 9-11-ly.
San Antonio Daily Light.
Otto Koehler, Sec. and Manager.
Fall and Winter Season
Fever and Ague and Bilious Fever.
The Liver is the seat of these debilitating
diseases, Heputozone strengthens and gives
tone to the system, purifying the blood, re
hex mg it of nil miasmatic or poisonous influ*
cnees. A few (loses taken several times a
wrvk .especially at the change of the seasons
am during the summer in warm climates,
will » really assist in warding off fever* or all
kinds. •
Ihe best cure is a preventive. Heputozone
will prevent most of the ailments common to
tiie Southern States if used in time.
Keep off diseases when danger threatens.
Take HepatoKone and you will Im* safe. Try
oik* bottle. 4
terror everything needed in the lum
ber line, call on F. J. Beitel, at Inter
national and Great Northern depot ly
—My Honueopathio department is
now complete, and I can now furnish
medicines of that school in any form to
either physicians or the public. A full
stock or pellets, sugar-or-milk powder
papers, vials, nnd ail Homaopathic par
aphernalia always on band. Harry L.
Fowler, 14 West Houston street. 1-7-tf
—"The melancholy days have come?
The saddest of the year."
To those suffering with
dumb chills, impure blood, rheumatism dys
pepsia, torpid liver and night sweats, the
“melancholy days" are doubly sad. Brown's
li-on Tonic, certain as death, will cure you and
meol all these things. Price, $1 per bottle.
4 or sale by Kagland A Co. »
Horses, Muies and Wagons at Auction.
Every morning at 10 o'clock sharp, commene.
Ing Wednesday. December 23. Come, every
body; you are all invited. On Military Plaza,
in front of Southern Hotel.
12-23 lm s. M. WHARTON.
Hoarseness Whooping Cough, Spasms
of the W ind-pipe, known as crowing disease,
and Indeed for all pulmonary ailments most
TWO-BIT COUGH 8\ RUP is a certain cure.
For sale by F. Kaiteyer & Son.
A Talk With a Popular Drug
Clerk About It.
How the Ladies Are Vaccinated, and
Where—A Reporter's Double Dose
- No Cause for Alarm, Etc.
The small-pox scare has seized upon a
large number of our people, particularly
so with the ladies, who seem to be much
more timid and afraid of this disease than
tbe men, probably on account of Ute
danger to their beauty, which is more or
less involved. For tbe past two days,
and particularly Saturday, this feeling
has been intens tied nnd was locally de
monstrated by tbe large numbers who
visited our principal drug stores to be
vaccinated. Said one of the drug clerks
to a Light reporter yesterday :
"There are more people applying to us
for vaccination this year than ever be
fore, not even in the tbe last
epidemic of three years ago. Y esterday
(Saturday) tbe doctors nnd others
(clerks) at this drug store vaccinated Go
persons and could have vaccinated 100
more had we had the time and the vac
"Are the majority of those applying
women or men?" asked the reporter.
"Women, mostly, and a great many
children, little girls and boys, and some
Reporter—“ How do they stand it as a
rule? How do they act under the oper
Clerk—" Under tbe operation they gen
erally act all right, at least tbe men do,
though we vaccinate some great big
men who squirm and flinch like they
were having a leg taken off. It is not
affectation,nut mere fright. One strong
hearty fellow applied yesterday, and
when the vaccination was accomplished
he was very pale and so weak lie could
not stand on tbe floor, but sat down for
a few moments. The idea is prevalent
that ladies are timid and easily fright
ened. My experience lias proven the
contrary. After the flesh is bared for
tbe operation they undergo it with the
greatest fortitude, and with none of that
flinching that one would expect from a
lady. It is prior to the operation that
all this takes place, and sometimes it is
very amusing.”
R. —"Do they always bare their arms
for vaccination?”
C.—“ Bless you, no, and here I'll
tell you something" said the clerk, in a
lower tone and very confidentially lean
ing bis head closer to the reporter, "we
have ladies come here who wish to be
vaccinated, but do not wish the beauty
of their white and spotless arms to be
marred. They always ask for Dr. B.
and are vaccinated upon their legs by
him, generally under their stockings.
They always trust biui. other doctors
also have and attend to these requests at
tbe houses of the ladies, as does Dr. 8.,
but some prefer coming to tbe Doctor’s
office. Ladies always display more or
less trepidation at baring their arms for
the scar. Many of them wear tight
sleeves which we have to rip open over
the spot to be vaccinated, because they
would rather spoil the sleeve than re
move their waist or jersey and disclose
their corsets.”
“Do not many negroes apply ?”
Clerk—No, not many. They do not
realize tbe advantages of vaccination
and are like the Mexicans, ignorant of
its value. Many Mexican mothers and
fathers bring their little children to be
vaccinated, but will not be vaccinated
themselves, saying they are too old and
don’t need it.
"Is tbe operation of vaccination very
painful?” asked the scribe.
Clerk.—Not at all. It is only a slight
pricking sensation, like sticking a pin
or scratching. The skin is first scraped
with tbe ivory point until the blood
flows slightly and then tbe virus is ap
plied to the raw surface and allowed to
dry before the sleeve is drawn over it.
That’s all. Does it geerally ‘take?’ Nine
cases out of ten. One prominent saloon
keeper boasted that his would not take.
Ask him about it now. Inquire of Ai
derman Connor. Ask almost any one
you see going along the street and care
fully keeping their left or right arms
from tbe jostling of the crowd. One of
the reporters was vaccinated yester
day. In about three days ask him about
it. I gave him a double quantity; vac
cinated him myself, in two places on his
arm. Poor devil. Like all the repor
ters, he knows everybody, and I feel
sorry when his friends shake hands with
him or slap him on the shoulder or arm
as I've seen them do. I wagered the
treats with bim that it would ‘take.’
"We get the vaccine virus from differ
ent farms, run solely to supply it. By
'farms’ I mean farms where the cows are
inoculated with tbe genuine small-pox
and tbe scab is carefully saved and pre
pared on points for shipment over tbe
“Do you think the small pox will be a
great epidemic here?”
"No; there is no cause for alarm,
there are only a few cases and all are
isolated as soon as discovered, nnd offi
cers guard them. Like all Mexican
towns, there is more or less small pox
among us all the time. It seems to be
peculiarly fond of this nation, nnd they
do not seem to care for it at all. It
was introduced into Shiner’s corral this
winter by a Mexican family just from
Monclova, Mexico, and Into Beanville
by a family from La Prairita. One verv
erroneous idea held by tbe ignorant
Mexicans is that they will be nrrested
if a case of small pox is found in their
bouse. One family hid their infant and
would not produce is until threatened
with the police. Then they brought it
forth and it was found to 'be suffering
from small pox. The Mexican family,
Rios, who brought their 17-year old
daughter from La Prairita, concealed
the girl for 15 days before she was dis
covered by the authorities.'’
Sudden Death.
This morning as Mrs. Fritz Spansil,
widow of tha old gardener who commit
ted suicide Dy drowning near the Ar
senal some few months ago, went into
her son’s room, at her residence on Ma
con street, she found the boy was dead
although bis body was yet warm. Dr.
Weathers, living near by, was sent for,
and administered what remedies he
could, but to no purpose, tbe boy was
beyond recovery. Mrs. Spansil states
that her son, she thou got, yesterday
was suffering from measles and she gave
him some remedies, and did not think
the case was at all serious. There will
be an inquest this afternoon.
—One hundred million cigarettes were
sold in the United States in tbe month
of October last.
—The only cigarettes which do not
stick to the lips are Opera Puffs.
Melancholy Death of a Respected Young
Mexican Last Night.
A young Mexican named Pablo Flores,
ageu 28 years, committed suicide last
night at 9 o'clock by taking an overdose
of poison. He was ‘he owner of a cart,
and had been working for the city. For
some rime past he has been troubled with
domestic irregularities in his household,
and it is said his wife and he were not on
the best of terms with one another. A
few days ago his only child died from
pneumonia, and he was deeply grieved
at his loss. He was seen yesterday af
ternoon at inselinann's cock-pit looking
at the cock lights and was also seen
later in the evening. He was sober and
had not been drinking. He came
home last night about 9 o'clock to his
house south of International and Great
Northern Railway depot, and west of
the Alazan, knocked on the door, and
ills wife opened it. He staggered across
tbe threshold, threw his arms about her
neck and said,“l’ll only have a few more
minutes to stay with you," and saying
this be tried to band her a small vial,
but which dropped from his hand. His
wife caught the vial, read the word,
“poison” on the label, and as ber
husband sank to the floor she
procured a dose of hog's lard and forced
him to swallow it, and then she sent for
Dr. Amos Graves. Flores vomited be
tween bis severe convulsions, but this
did not relieve him and he died ere Dr.
Graves could arrive. An inquest on the
remains was summoned and adjourned
to Justice Crawford’s office to 3 o’clock
this afternoon for further testimony.
How"it Happened.
He bad bis nose decorated with blood
where the pavement had playfully
abrased it, and he walked to tbe Recor
der in a graceful parabolic curve. “Y'ou
are charged with being drunk Mr. Craw
ford," suggested the City Attorney.
The gentleman addressed, by a supreme
effort, tried to assume a preternaturally
sober look and said: “No. sir, it cannot
be, it is only an hour ago since I was
arrested, and I am sober now as any
man in court. Your honor, can you see
anything about my person different to
any one else. 1 was in front of tbe
“'lwo Brothers” and this man came
along and thought he would make an
arrest. Nobody wanted him to make it,
but he thought it would give bim noto
riety. I ! “$7, ejaculated the Recor
der.” “Say, hold on! I—.” “sit down’,
ordered the City Marshal." Crawford
Visiting Cards Free.
Ask the city subscription agent of the
Light how to get them. Be quick be
fore they are all gone.
Reduced Rates.
The International and Great Northern
and Missouri Pacific Railroads will from
February Ist to the 15th, Inclusive, put
on sale at its stations reduced rate round
trip tickets to the New Orleans Exposi
tion. The tickets will be good for 10
days from all points on the lines. Tbe
rate from San Antonio and return is
In trying to make a too short turn
with a wagon this morning on West
Commerce street, a man was thrown out
of the wagon, but not seriously hurt.
One of the mules was caught by the neck
with tbe harness in a peculiar manner
and was hung by the neck for a few
Alvin Joslin.
The Alvin Joslin Comedy Company
has arrived in the city; so has Mr. Chas.
L. Davis and his diamonds. The troupe
will give a performance to-night of
"Alvin Joslin” at Turner Hall. The
magnificent orchestra will also give evi
dences of their ability during inter
mission. Of tbe slo,ooo'band there is no
necessity to speak, its appearance on the
streets this morning being all the notice
— Yellowstone Kit and tbe Diamond
King people were not on the plazas
Saturday night.
—A hatchet fight is reported as occur
ring yesterday between two men near
Schroeder's store.
—The fine band preceding Alvin Jos
lin’s performance to-night, paraded the
streets this morning.
—For rent—Two-room cottage, good
condition, good location; rent, SG. Ap
ply to Gerald Griffin. No. 3 French build
ing. 1-25-11*
—Garrison Crawford pleaded guilty to
throwing dice for money, before Justice
Adam this morning. F'ined $lO.OO and
—Tbe final account of administrator
J. W. Hannig, in the estate of Mary F.
Tracey, was approved by the Probate
Court this morning and the estate closed.
—A negro named Grissom, who was
under treatment as a city patient at the
Santa Rosa Hospital for epileptic fits,
escaped from his ward this morning and
has not yet been discovered.
—The District court was engaged in
the trial of George Witte this morning.
The charge is theft of a deed to prop
erty, and the defense is represented by
Waelder & Upson, and M. G. Anderson.
Court adjourned at 12 o’clock to 3 p. m.
—The committee of tbe City Council,
appointed to confer with the County
Commissioners on the city and county
road question, did not hold a meeting
this morning, owing to tbe absence of
several Aldermen. They will meet to
—An affidavit was made in Justice
Adam's court to day against Paul Ro
siere for theft of clothing under value of
$2O, the property of J. C. Ross, of Atas
cosa county. Rosiere was locked in
jail. It is supposed other cases will be
found against him.
Snow in the West.
K ansas City, January 22.—A1l through
trains west are again abandoned and
business is at a staadstill on tbe Santa
Fe, tbe Kansas Pacific and the Burling
ton and Missouri River roads, except for
local trains. The Missouri Pacific to
Omaha is also reported blockaded above
Atchison. The present experience is tbe
worst that the western roads have known
in many years. The Santa Fe road has
been closed five times during the month
and as often blockaded again, partly
from additional snows, but chiefly by
high winds, which fills up the cuts again
after the snow has been cleared. Tbe
mercury is falling here to-night.
The Accused Murderer of Preller Report
ed to Have Made a Confession.
St. Lori-, Mo., January 23.—Dr. M. E.
Chartier, a French chemist who was for
years connected with the secret police
of Paris, but has resided in this cit y for
the past two years, lias all a > :g taken n
keen interest, both from u detective and
Seientlflc standpoint, in the Maxwell-
Preller murder ease. M. Chartier has
visited Maxwell several times and lias
exerted considerable influence overhini.
A few nights ago the doctor lectured be
fore the alumni of the St. Louis College
of Pharmacy, nnd inadvertently let the
fact escape bim that he had obtained a
confession from Maxwell. Tbe doctor
detailed the interview in which he ob
tained the confession ns follows : Satur
day last, aceomprnied by C. A. Meyers,
of 915 Olive street. 1 visited Maxwell.
As we entered he was reclining upon
his bed. nervously puffing at a cigarette.
‘How do you do. Doc?' I said. As I
spoke he sprang up and walked toward
us. He was pale and looked frightened.
‘What do you want.'' abruptly. ‘Y’ou
know ine, then, this time?' 'Yes; what
do you want?’ ‘I wantto talk to yon."
‘lndeed 1 I bought you had brought me a
bottle of cognac.’ 1 laughed, and Max
well's hauteur disappeared. ‘Ob. well.'
he said, ‘I am willing to talk to you.' I
asked him if he bad seen the hanging —
referring to tbe execution of Wilson the
day previous. ‘I saw it from my win
dow,’ lie replied. ‘And you saw him
struggling on the gallows and reaching
uj> his hands when the rope caught?’ ‘I
sawalt that.’ was his answer. 'Didn't
it make you think?’ ‘1 had nothing
to think about; I mn an innocent
man.’ 1 then,” said Dr. Chartier,
"looked him fair in the eye. nnd
jiointing my linger at him, said:
•Maxwell, you know that I have
sounded you, and that I can prove that
you are guilty. You killed Preller. and
you can't deny it.’ Ho looked terribly
frightened, and as though lie were going
to faint. Of course my declaration that
I could prove his guilt was a blurt'. I ap
proached him nearer, and. laying my
hand on his shoulder, said, familiarly :
•I have no feeling of enmity against you.
Maxwell, and now that I have studied
the case, I am satisfied they can't hang
you. I understand tbe case now; you
were both drunk that night, and in mis
take you gave Preller too big a dose of
chloroform; you couldn't help it. but
you killed him anyhow, didn't yon?'
'Yes, he said slowly, while his hands
trembled, and his face grew even
whiter. ‘Yes, 1 killed him.’ That set
tled it; Ue could talk no more ;he could
give no details, and after telling him 1
would see his lawyer and see what .1
could do for him, 1 went away.” Dr.
Chartier inclines to the .belief that I’rel
ler's death was a murder by imprudence.
A Wisconsin Congressman and his Wife.
Washington, January 23.—There is a
young couple in Congress, who are, to
say tbe least, an innovation. The state
ment that they are in Congress is made,
because at home their law partnership
is defined on the shingle over their door
as La Follette &La Follette. Represen
tative La Follette, of the Third Wiscon
sin District, is the youngest member of
the House, under 30, and a Republican.
Mrs. LaFollette looks 20, but may be 25.
Both were graduated at the State Uni
versity at Madison, and a year after
they were married. They are in per
sonal appearance a youthful pair and of
small stature. Mr. I.a Follette would
be noticed for his rather large head,
pale complexion, heavy auburn hair,
and tbe “search-you-through” expres
sion of his brown eyes. Jars. La Fol
lette would be taken anywhere for a
pretty girl, rosy and blonde, whose dim
ples and smiles suggest a happy, light
hearted character, but us little of the
woman lawyer as it is possible to im
agine. But she is tbe other member of
the law firm at Madison, her husband's
partner, and was admitted to tbe bar at
tbe same time. She is here taking a
course of law at tbe Columbia college,
entering about the same time that her
husband was sworn in as a member of
tbe House. Representative La Follette
brings with bim a reputation for oratory,
and his friends say in this he possesses
no ordinary gifts. Be that as it mny,
the firm of La Follette & La Follete bids
fair to interest official circles.
Fatal Snow Slides.
Aspen, Colo., January 23.—The pre
dictions of heavy mortality in the sur
rounding country, as a result of the
storms and snow slides, ars being veri
fied. Yesterday a portion of a rescuing
party returned to Aspen from Maroon
Pass, bringing additional information of
the terrible disaster of Tuesday, prev
iously reported. But one of the four
men has been rescued so far. Tbe party
also brought information regarding an
other slide, which presumably occurred
at about the same time as the first one,
in which eight men were canght, three
being killed. The bodies have been
found. As tbe party left, tbe storm was
raging fiercely and slides were roaring
and thundering down the mountain
sides in all directions. More deaths will
surely be recorded when the remainder
of the rescuing party arrive. Fifteen
men between Aspen and the buttes are
yet unaccounted for, and the gravest
apprehensions are entertained for them.
General Crook's Story.
AutcquKitquK, N. M., January 23.—
Brigadier-General Crook, commanding
the department of Arizona, and Colonel
L. P. Bradley, commanding the District
of New Mexico, met here to-day to make
the necessary arrangements caused by
the recent change in the District of New
Mexico from the North Department of
Missouri to the Department of Arizona.
General Crook said tbe hostile Apaches
at last have been driven out of tbe De
partment and taken refuge in the Sierra
Mad re mountains of Chihuahua and So
nora, Old Mexico, where they were
being pursued by the troops of both Re
The Strike Situation.
New York, January 23.—Sixty Cuban
cigar makers, employed in the factories
of S. Jacoby and Ottenburg Bros., quit
work to-day and decided to remain out
until tbe lockout was declared at an end.
They have no grievances against the
Manufacturers' Association except their
action in closing the factories against
the union men. The strippers and
bunchers employed by John W. Love
returned to work this morning, and the
cigar makers and packers, number in all
510, will resume work Mondsy. This
leaves 14 manufacturers holding out
against their employees. Otherwise tbe
situation remains unchanged.
Big Bargains!
Thirty Days.
Wolf & Marx*
We are Not Selling Old and Shelf-Worn, Out-of-
Style Goods, but New and Desirable
Articles in Plenty.
Special Importations
Jerseys for Wies, Misses, Ckilirei.
Silk, Lisle TiraiK Cotton Hosiery.
Kid Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Fans.
Fine Dress Roods,
Sills, Satins and Velvets,
Cloaks and Wraps if all IMS.
ts. Short Pants.
500 Boys’ Suits, Long Pants.
Overcoats, Etc., Etc.
500 Boys' Su
Corner Commerce and Alamo Sts.
Every Wednesday and Saturday Evenings, and a Special Free
Concert Every Sunday, from 4 to 1 1 p. m.
First-Class Bar-Room, Restaurant and Billiard-Room Attached.
Alamo Street, - - - - - - San Antonio, Texas.
Main and Military Plazas.“san Antonio, Texas,
Convenient to business center, with best accommodations. Ml,
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers. Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by A.
Driess. ly
Advice io Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup
should always be used for children
teething. It sooths the child, softens
the gums, alleys all pain, cures wind
colic, and is tbe best remedy for diar
rhoea. 25 cents a bottle. 7-22-lyr.
Why Go Ragged
and dirty when you can get your
clothes dyed or cleaned for little money,
at L. Wolf's Steam Dye Works, rear
of Fashion Theatre, on San Pedro
Creek. 12-?8-lm.
The Wavsrick Hots
At Eagle Pass, is tbe most central and
popular hotel in the city. The building
is a two-story brick, and elegantlv fur
nished, and the Proprietor. W. A. kitch,
is an energetic and accommodating
land-lord. Be sure and stop at this
house. 11-27-3 m
—There is no place like home with
Red Star Cough Cure—tbe conqueror of
L M. du QUESNAY, JR. & CO.,
Guars auft Toteco
At Factory Prices
3 West Commerce.
Only $5 a Year.
Headquarters for
DiaßoOs, Beta, Jewelry,
Ri'lHifrlnff of
Chronometers, Repeaters, Chronographs,
Old Kngllth Watche*, mid complicated
Thoroughly, a Specialty,
No. 253 Commerce Htreet,
i-stram San Antonio, Texas,

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