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TI'! ,: i A Y. MNUAI.V vi, !'
Alrvn. Tr?iJ2 ?. Tí
iv rvrr' T jci v , i .
3 '-o . 'n.
1 .-i
)1 :i '
U m (t. m
?n "
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Le -.
I . i S . ITt.
lv!" p tu.
...H.lvfr City
Iomins: , t
. . . Ln ("rifes j
VI r
. . K'Hm ( tt y
.... .CIIICHO.
N.i i. ':.
1 cpal :s.
ft i m
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II -fl "
ia '.vi p. m.
1 'H "
A rrlvrt,
ft '.'" p Til .
7 '' a. m.
.Ton a. Minor, Ayrnt.
Rain fill Very morally Over the
Comity hint week. It was noeded badly
and more would not be amiss.
J. J. Martin and J. T. Nowmnn will
fcive a masquerade bidl at the- opera
1:0V"' " Ffúííiy fifpnipii of this WAtt,
Freeh home-mado candies tt Fritter
& Harps'. 4tf
Max Schuti pi rchaad the entire stock
of uroccrion of Kilburn A Kachler Inst
week. The stock has been removed to
The board of County commissioners,
at their mooting lant week, ordered the
Pvmnnt r.f over due interest ot.pcns of
"ifci" County. TntaraAt nn the bonds had
boon dofaulted for more than aix
Finos AHom inxiple lost heavily on the
foot race here lost Sunday. Robinson is
p .od ruuner btit Le canuot run with b
professional like Gibson.
Now is the time to got good suit of
clothes cheap. Ví'.uam Walker. lt
Dr. Bailey s .iifjJ to submit to
another, su; i! . juration last week.
The rinr 'i he bad amputated a
short time i. a did not heal and the
finfferwas e-t, irly removed last Friday
toit.thor with b portion of the hand.
The Soith a knt Sentinel is now the
Gleial papr uf Silver City and Grant
County. Thia paper was mude the ofll-
- f -ir. 1 nun.. 1. 1 U- 1 '.. , . I .. u - 1 ., .
v. hid vvuuij ab tiiq mot. uivcb
ing of the board of County commission
era. The Enterprise has been the official
County paper for two year.
Bread Ave cents
Wallace & Co.'a.
loaf at
J. M.
A. Q. Spaulding, who has been nego
tiating for the purchase of Hudson's
Hot Springs for more than a year has at
last closed the deal and -vill commence
the construction of a large hotel the re
in the near future. There ia no better
location for a health resort in New Mex
ico than at Hudson's.
'The Alba Hey wood company bad a
Rood house last Wednesday evening end
the performance was far above the aver
age.. Hey wood's impersonations are ex
cellent and he is well supported by the
company. A a provoker of mirth he is
certainly a success. II ls droll actions
and sayings would compel the morosest
of Individúala to laugh.
Julius Wigner and Mrs. A. E. Walcott
were married in this city last Thursday
evening by Rev. W. S. Fitch. Both
bride and groom are old residents of
Silver City and are highly reepested.
They were serenaded by a host of ft iends
Boon after '.be ceremony had been performed.
Bread five cents
Wallace & Co.'s,
a loaf
at J. M.
ciCe, but, as
-Southwest Se.
developed at th:
her head Lad b.
IV-'ocf a Lute!:
i uto her bruio ú
t; ;n of the blade
vain at the
Mot í icide, Eat M aider.
Investigation has shown beyotld any
shadow of doubt that Mrs. A. B. Harvey,
of Columbus, was murdered. - The first
report was tl ' bhe had committed sui-
foreshadowed in the
:u laet week, it was
coroner's inquest that
crushed and that the
aife had been thrust
! broken off. A por-
a still imbedded in
ira of the inquest.
rrie whs committed on the night
t ! h, but it wi s not until the at
f : i of the next day that the body
t ' : !.;t:acL . It is BUp;Heed that robbery
'.',() ohiont'of the crime, but it is
i . ...i wliHlliof the person or persons
o committed the deed found anbing
ti remembered that son of
i. itv. y was foutui dead in thé
: .-'.i i few milua from home last July
. ; J ti i ao empty morphine bottle was
' ..uui i.t 'LU siJe. A short time after
... r. I'. , i voy waa found dead and his
cautil was also attributed to auicide.
TLo O.'uUi of Mrs. Harvey arotieed the
oitittusof that part of the County and
they went to work to hunt down
the murdiin
Lout Thursday, a week after the crime
bad been committed, a Mexican named
Telbuforo Bunches was arrested and
brought hero and lodged in jtul. San
che ia a young man leaa than twenty
and has relatives in Doming. The ev
idence againut Sunches is circumstan
tial and it Is poeaible that the guilty par
ty is still at large. Suncho was arrest
ed at the instance of A. O. Bailoy und
some clothing which he bad worn pre
vious to the murder was covered with
Sanchas states that the blood at a i oí
on his clothing were canned by handling
the carcass of a Iwef which be had kill-
id. The truth or fuluity of his story
can only be proven by showing whether
the blood on the clothing is humui)
blood or not. This will require a careful
DilcruHCupie examination of the blood
corpUiM'h a u ! . i h ciin only lie done, with
any dfgroe o! cmtuinty, by an expert
with a micro.-.-; kí Lit-;h iiower.
It U un! u -II pu.bul-le that tha fa
ther and oi i i') b. lh inurJereJ and
tbeno are not the niily murders whioh
Lave Loot comuiittoil in tlie soulhoro
jcirtof the County within the j nut to
or three yourn. It ia to be hii-d that
the guilty party or partios may be
i rm.ht to ju-.l u u.
J. ' .
111:-! w
'. ' - o.n,
' i' ! '.I Rt ir,c'?ovcr liliit,
y uní in tle city fro u
U 1 tut W"l U.
' y .n ovc-r from Georgetown
Jii-'! (.ivetn wne over from Central
l.i,!, v.. -U.
Ti l ín n I!, I'iioi 7 I nn returned from
a trip to California.
Iieu't. Jtnl was over fiom Fort Day
ard yeftt-rday.
If. J. Hut' liiriuon, ft Ccntnil wne lii
the city yeMerriiiy.
John II. I'.rn;'aw uní in town from
Georgetown yt uterday.
Julius Iingliih was down from Tinos
Altos laft Sum.biy.
Judge Bail returned from a trip to
Santa Fe last week.
John McMillen tas in Hie city from
bis mill above Finos Altoa lnwt week.
Mrs. J. S. Swift and daughter gave a
card party hint Thursday evening.
A. C. Carwile roturnod latt Friday.
He has been abpent several montha.
W. A. Leonard . hp.a roturced from
a trip to Velasco, the dep water port of
Joe Williams vts ere of h Pinos
Altos contingent ia attendance at the
foot race lost Sunday.
. Miaa Hallie Neff, who has been attend
ing school at Bowling Green, Kentucky,
is expected home today.
Robert F.'hln? rom ovar from Ixine
Mountain last Sunday and attended the
foot race. He was well pleased with the
Charles M. Shannon is one cf the
moat popular candidates for the office of
collector of internal revenue for the dis
trict of Now Mexico and Arizona. All
the democrats in Arizona are in favor of
his appointment and so are a large cum.
ber in this Territory.
The board of County commissioner
has nr-copted the proposed plan fur set
tlement with ex-Treasurer Borg. The
commissinners agreed to accept notes
payable at intervals for the entire
amount of the deficiency. The settle
ment was made on substantially the
ame basis as that made with II. M. Mer
edith after the failure of Meredith end
Both the city and County are in need
of funds. The collectors are making ex
traordinary efforts to collect the delin
quent taxes and it will be necessary for
delinquents to pry up if they do not want
their property sold. City property on
which taxes have not been paid will be
sold next month and property on which
county taxes have not been paid will be
sold in March.
Some of the business houses in town
are reducing- the number of employes
and cutting down wages. This is being
done on account of dull trade.
Memorial to tbo legislature
The board of County commissioners of
this County, ot its last meeting, adopted
the following memorial, copies of which
were sent to the members of the legisla
ture at Santa Fe!
Wkf.reas, It has come to the knowl
edge of the board of County commis
sioners of Grant County that there is
now pending in the legislative assembly
of the Territory of New Mexico a bill
providing ijr the formation of new coun
ties, and that it is proposed to form a
hew county from a portion ot the terri
tory now included within the bounda
ries of Grant County! and
Whkreas, The present bonded indebt
edness 6f Grant County exceeds the lim
it of proportion to the taxable property
of said County prescribed by the Act of
Congress of the United States, known as
the "Springer Act," as shown in the fol
lowing statement:
Amount ot bonded Indebted
ness $218,100 00
Amount of taxable property
on assessment roll of 1892,
including additional assess
ments, $1,'262,500, i per cent.
of which is. . , 170,500 00
Excess ot limit ot Springer Act I 47,600 00
And the a&sossed valuation ot the tax
able property of the County has do-
creased nearly oco million dollars since
the last iaeue ot bonds in 1S80; and
Wiiebeas, The rate of taxation in the
County now exceeds the limit provided
by law, and yet the revenues derived
therefrom are insuflicient to pay the ex
penses of a single county government
and at the same time pay the interest on
the bonded indebtedness of the County;
Wiii.utA. The expense of maintain
ing two county governments . would
largely increase the burdens of the peo
ple of both the present and the proponed
new county, and, under existing condi
tions, would result in the impovereh
ment and bankruptcy of both counties;
therefor be it
Resolved, That this board is opposed
to and protests against any .division of
Grant County and demands of tha legis
latura that it a general bill providing for
the formation of new counties be enact
edf that it be aoiendod to except from its
provisions any and all counties in which
the Indebtedness of such county or
counties ls in excess of the limit pre
scribed' ín said Act ot Congress, known
as the Springer Act, herein referred to.
It is hereby ordered that one h und rod
copies of the foregoing proamble and
resolution be printed and sent to Uiutn
btrs of the legislative 6seeRibly.
' Adopted at a regulur meeting huid at
the court houtte in tiilver City, New
Mtixico, January 16, lS'SX
S. 8. BltANMN, Chflir(:iih,
Com. Unit. No. 2.
Baylok Shannon,
(Join. lhst. No. 1.
Thomas Fcwtlk,
Com. for Ilibt. No. 3, Kiihiu the bouu-
tl.it i.-u of proponud uuw county,
M. Voi x, I'rol ate Oil,
The Aft or the WorM'a Fair Com
mission to be Investigated.
During the week tovernl very impor
tant matters have received attention in
the Ifj-islnture and the Ihv? makers are
getting along very well with the busi
ness which is before them
Petitions have been pouring in from
all parts of the Territory neniiift the
pnssnge of the bill to place license taxes
collected from saloons and gaming ta
bles in tne county chonl fund. The
law now provides that money collected
in this rnunner shall be placed in the
school fund of the district in which it is
The bill which forbid the releasing
from bonds of ollicinls who have not
settled in full with the Territory or any
of the counties in the Territory has
passed nnd will prevent compromises
with defaulting officials hereaftor. The
vote was practically unanimous in both
houses on the bill.
A bill has pasiiod the house which
provides for the confinement of prisoners
convicted of misdemeanors in the town
calaboose when the town is more than 50
miles from tho county seat. This bill
was passed in 'order to save tho large
mileage fees incurred in bringing prison
ers a long distance to the county jail.
The bouse also passed a bill repealing
the law which gave justices of the peace
jurisdiction in hnlwns corpua cases.
The report of the Grant County hoe
pital was presented in the council by
Councilman Hall and was referred to
the finance committee. A resolution
was adopted Instructing the Territorial
orphan's industrial school, at Santa Fe;
tha eiator's of nifrcy hospital, at Silver
City; the ladies' relief society, at Las
Vegas; and tha school for deaf and
dumb, at Santa Fe, to send in reports at
once. -
Councilman Vecder introduced a joint
resolution that the world's fuir com mis
sion be instructed to produce the vouch
ers of nil expenditures of that commis
sion up to the present timo. Ho said
that be was informed that S3,9o0 had
been expended by -this commission and
thought that the council ought to know
what it was for. He said that it could
be shown that certain members of tho
commission traveled on passes from the
railroad companies, given for the pur
pose ol assisting tne territory to make a
good showing at the fair, and yet these
commissioners bad charged up big mile
age accounts ogainat the funds ot the
commission. . Councilman Martinez
spoke in favor of. the investigation, and
so did Councilman Kubboll. The reso
lution was adopted and the outcome ot
the investigation inbtiing awaited with
much interest.
The council bill providing for the ex
emption of f 200 worth of property from
taxation ot every householder in the
Territory passed the house Thursday
morning after considerable debate and
the rejection of several amendments. A
strong effort was made by some of the
members of the house to make the ex
emption 1300, but as it was well , known
that such a bill would have been killed
In the council the majority of the mem
ber s of the house who favored an ex
emption law concluded that it would be
better to pass the council bill without
amendment thantoriuk the detent ot the
mcosUiintho council if it wero sent
back to that body.
The most interesting debate of the
session was in the house over the cattle
sanitary fuuu bill in the house. The
bill finally passed by a vote of 15 to 0.
It provides for the appropriation ot $0-
000 to pay the deficiency expenses of the
cattle sanitary board.
The following nominations by the Gov
ernor were confirmed by the council in
executive session on Tuesday:
university regents.
' W. T. Thornton, E. W. Eaton, trus
tees ot school ot mines.
John R. McFio. Nurua Raymond, W.
Li. Rynereon, regents of agricultural col
lege. .
Lorenzo Lopez, director of insane asy
E. W. Sponcer, C. M. Creamer, J. L.
Zimmorman, W. C. rorterfield", members
of board of pharmacy.
J. J. Shulor, member ot board of med
ical examiner.
Petitions agninat the formation ot
Union county have been presented to
the legislature, but the promoters of the
now tounty scheme have several repre
sentatives looking after their interests
and nothing will be loft undone to se
cure the passage of a bill providing for
the formation of the new county.
Councilman Hall has introduced a
bill providing for juries in trials before
justices 6t the peace. The party asking
for a jury will have to dopoait 80 to pBy
the jurors.
The officers ot the Denver & Rio
Grande and the Santa Fe Southern ruil
roada have tendorod the ineiubtir of the
legislature the use of a speciul train
from Sunta Fo to Denver and return to
enable them to visit the Colorado legia.
laturo. The business of legislation will
be stopped to allow the members ot the
legislature to go ou a junketiug tour end
at the sums time the ruilroads are mak
ing provision againat any aaverso legis
lation ut this session.
A bill bus been passed providing for a
clerk for the Territorial auditor at a sal
ary of fáOO a year. The bill originally
provided for two clerks, cue for the audi
tor and one for the troasurer, but it was
amended in the council ao as to provide
for only one clerk.
A bill has been introduced in tho
Louse at lust defining the duties cf cor
oner and lining Lis compensation. Un
der the present law the coroner is pro
hibited from holding inquests, thut duty
being performed by the justice of the
iieuce ot the precinct iu which the Imdy
is four J.
A bill Las been introduced in the holme
providing for the dcrotit of f 15,() by
insurance companies do: biminoss in
the Territory. Just what the object of
this bi'.l ia tun not bo rouJ.ly soeri ui.-le ,n
it i'-i t-i inrr:.'! h 1 ;tn in t eo )'"
NV.ionnl Bank of nt Fe. If insur-
aii' C CorornriiKS weri not in the hnbit of
Milling and Mil'. in?.
There U a lnrgo amount uf ore out at
1 -I t I l.r.i. t !.n ..ft nil.,1. I I
P O I'll IK Sl"-H I l-lll l( '1, ' 'i"H eirn- nnf,Ni, i tv , . , .,, . ...
i 1 inos Altos reaov to lm nulled. Lnul
bu uní necessity for a d ;po-iit, but loi- f , , ... . , . .
J ' Iafl week Tlinra inu 'itnlv nntpf ;;ollull
m nr paid promptly and bujIi a law i , , . , , ;
r 1 I to kfinn m . rnnnuuT n t.-Ktmn fir I hA
limo. The Mountain Key mill has the
liest water supply of any of tho milW at
Pinos Altos and it has been kept running
pretty stoadily.
Operations have been .suspended on
the Peacock ot Cooney and from present
indications work will not bo resumed
there v
Tho school teachers I
have been paid ihpir
1 II. H. Bel Is has birrowe
ferent times with whn
would undoubtedly drive most of tho in
surance companies fow tiling business
in New MosiiSi, out of the Territory.
Insurance companies oii(H' to bo taxed
on their net business but ths hncessily
for making a tlepitsit with t he Territory
is not apparent. . The First National
Bank of Santa Fo has bad quito enough
money to loan at high rales of interest
withou'i having lo pay any interest on It
but this is a bolder schema than any for
mer one for getting money. . It might bo
called a plan for forcing capital into
Santa Fe. , It is not at all probable Unit
it will pass.
The general county bill camo ur) iu
the house Friday morning in committee
of thtt whole fSr consideration. Sovonil
amendments were tifTered but none of
them w?re adopted. Most of tho day
was spent in tho consideration of amend
ments and tl'ibu-iiei ing and it was final
ly agreed to refer the bill to tho Comiiiit
tee on cnuntierf and county lines with
instructions to r port it as1 a special order
next Friday. Thero are so many differ
ent ideas obout what sort of a bill ought
to pass that it 1' doubtlul whether the
committee can gt the bill in such shape
that it will pnas the houpe.
' Tho Govornor returned Tlouso Bill
No. '3 without his appfofal on Friday
aftdvnoon. The bill was designed to
amend tho jury law but there wore some
fatal defects in it which the Governor
pointed out. The messnges indicated
the changes which it would be neces
sary to mako before the bill would re
ceivo tho approval of the executive.
Representative Lady responded to tho
toast, "Who is Kennedy?" at the preps
banquet, but the identity of the writer
of tho Kennedy letter edit remains a
Preparations for the trip to Denwr
are 'being -tundo and congress will be
BBked to extend the legislative 6ofoion
ten days in order to allow the legislators
time to make tho trip.
Knights Templar lnlnllitlon bu;1
. Our HpecUil Corroí pnndence J
The grBudest banquet ever given in
the Territory was that given on the oc
casion of tho installation of officers of
McGrorty Commandcry' No. 4, Knights
Templar, last .Saturday . night. Thero
were eighty plates set on the banquet
boards each representing (7.00. Each
lady present wore a cersnge bouquet of
lovely roses from Los Angeles Cul., and
was presented with a satin card sachet
as a souvenir, gotten up . by the Eluan
Bank Note Company ot Denver, enclosed
in which wore; memento cards. The
banquet ball was situated in the Knight's
castle, which is richly and elegantly fur
nished, the only decorations being those
which belong to the lodge- room. From
the canopy on the east hunjr beautiful
baunereti.es surmounted with emblems
auu mottoes of tho Knights Templar.
The following named Grand Officers pre
sided over the installation ceremonies:
M. E., Sir Kt. W. Berg, G. E. C; Sir lit.
Van Wagnen, G. P.; Sir Kt. A. B. Laird,
O. C G-; Sir Kt. T. R. Heustis, G. Mar
shall; Sir Kt. B. Y. McKeyes, Rocorder.
The following Sir Knignts wero installed:
Seamen Field, E. C; J. "P. McGrorty,
Generalissimo; N. A. Bo'.ich, Capt. Gon.;
Wm. n. Hudson, Prelate: Jno. Corbott,
S. W.; Jas. A. Kinntor, J. W.; J. J.
Quinn, Treas.; L. Altman, recorder; J.1I
Tracy, Standard bearer; - Robt. Tottol,
Sword bearer; Israel Kmc;, Warden; J.
Wog, Ssntinol; Hugh A. Teel, Guard.
Toasts Welcome, I. King; All Sir
Knights, McKoyes; PaBt ' Commnnrier,
McGrorty; The Ladies,, Va Wagnan.
The affair as a whole was legnnf rind
sumptuous and one never to be forgot
ton by all present. t
A. A. Chapín, of Fort Viyne, Indiana,
arrived here last Friday. He is making
a flying trip through the country taking
testimony of witnesses iu cases of claim
ants under the Indian Depredations Act.
The case of H. Lindauer wai being heard
by the agent. It was a case of lossss
sustained in 1885 through the maraud
ing band of Gerónimo while Lindauer
wassupplying beef cattle, undorcontract,
to the Apache Indiana ut tha San Cut los
Ageucy. The total loss was $18,100.00.
Uncle Bob Miller tit the Mimbres i
hore, bIso desirous of presenting proof of
his losses of stock in Texas during the
years of 1871 72 73. His claim is for
Judge Moorman, Ben Crawford and
Wm. Birchtleld, of Oruham county, Ariz,
are here as witnesees in the Lindauer
chso. Adolph Solomon of El Paso is
also here on business pertaining tocluims
for Indian depredations. Hon. K P
Carpentor, and Col. Fleming, of Silver
City, have business on tho samo ac
count. Jus. Colquhoun, Esq., superintendent
of the Arizona Copper Company of Clif
ton, passed through on Lis way home
from New York where he Lad been with
four tons ot low grade copper ore for
the purpose of having' the same reduced
by the leuching process. He stated that
the tost was a success and that four per
cent, copper ore can be successfully
treated. The company ill put in a
plant immediately at their works at
The Sierra county World's Fuir com
mittee bus offered a prize of ti0 for the
best etsuy on the resources t-f Sierra
M. It. Twoomey, G. W. !iles and the
Misses GiidJis attended the Knights
Templar buuquet at Doming.
There has beotl considerable I ti, y
thieving ia t jivn recently. Soum of
these light lliigernJ people tuuy gut a
surprise one ot theae fino days.
ry soon.
Tho Maud S. coMiuucs to make regu
lar shipments and tho company is mak
ing a handsome profit on the ore handled.
A few more such mines would make
Silver Creek one of the best camps in
the country.
It is believed that tho Coiifidencecom
pnny will build a largo mill for the pur
))oso of treating the ores from tho Confl
deuco group of mines at Silver Creek.
The property Lna been developed suffi
ciently to show that there is nil immense
body of ore there which will pay well to
mine and mill. Tho new mill will prob
ably be run by electric poV.er from á
creek sotno three miles distant. It is the
intention of the company to build a mill
of not le6s than 100 tons daily capacity.
It will be the largest mill in New Mexico
and it is expected that ore can lie treated
in it cheaper than it has ever been treat
ed in the Territory on account of the
large nizo of tho mill nnd the small cost
of power.
Thore hag boon nomo delay on the rpw
shaft being put down on the Solid Silver
company's proporty at Blaok Hawk, but
now it is proposed to push the work as
rapidly as possible.
Development work is going on steadily
in the Alhlimbra and some good ore wns
found there last week. The new shaft
is down about 210 fbct.
Thomtu Foster is doing considerable
development work on his group of
mines at Gold Hill. These mines are
among the most promising iu Grant
County and tho district B coming to tho
front very rapidly.
Some rich ore was found near Pinos
Altos Inst week nnd tho prospect is being
developed to see wbothor the ore deposit
is of auy considerable extent. Tho oro
found runs over i'.lO per ton and tho in
dications aro that quite an extensive
body will be found.
It is expected that work will be resum
ed at the Lust Chance on Silver Creek
in a tow days. Thore is a very large
body of ore in this mine but the most of
it is low grade and will not pay to mill.
A carload of ore has bon shipped
from the Hobsou mine at Bluck Hawk.
Tho ore is high grado silver oro.
H. W. Dorsey and Willis James have
somo very fine placers in Gold Gulch, in
this County. They have been doing
soruo work out there recently and have
found that the placers are very rich.
The only trouble is the ecarclty of water,
but water couldbeobtuined with the ex
peudilure of a few thousand dollars and
then tho plucers could be worked to
good advantage.
M. W. Noll has a specimen of vory fino
ironore which he took out of a mino which
he is developing. The vuiu is increas
ing in width as depth id reached but
there has not been development enough
dono on it to determino how extensivo
the deposit is.
Silver continued to incruuse in price
during the week but the advance was
small. The demand for silver for export
continues strong. The closing price in
New York was 837.
There has been very little chnne in
the situation in regard to copper except
that the visible supply is not so largo.
The Lake companies are still trying to
put the price up to 12.50. Ltko closed
at 12.0o.
The slight advance in tho pricb of lead
has bepn cheeked and thore is. little
probability that the price wilfgo higher.
The price here, ia too lo'v to ullow for
eign lead to be imported and too high
to admit of any American lead being
shipped abroad. Tho home demand is
nU equal to the supply and there is lit
tle reason to hope for any substantial
advance. The closing price in New
York was 3 85.
r ti.i-i dotii.t
Hlarios lit la-1.
1 money at dif
th to l ny tbe
teachers but it Is proleiVe that thero
will bo mow j enough in tlx school fuud
in ths future to pay tho to.ichcin b
their salary becomes due.
Henry, tho little s in of Jchn Gillctt, of
this city, died lust Saturday and was
buried yesterday afternoon. The funer
al cervices woro at tho Methodist Church
and were largely attended. The mem
ber of tho Methodist Sunday school and
Ins schoolmates in the public school at
tended in a body.
The officers of the poi-t Lave cjm
mencod lo wear tho new uniforms.
Gold buttons have been done away
v. Ith and tho now uniforms are not
quito so showy os the old tn.'s.
For Kent,
A throo room cottage. Inquire of
4 tf Citas. Mettoar.
A CfliJ.
liitfir rj M my ii t tirnrevi 1 irr rs h
M ra. (J. S. W at ten. 1 I'e.tia toll. 'ike!,
t ho r.-t it lends v. !i.) have so faithfully
icod by t:o in the a t, and I now n-k
a an c'poi'ial f.iv.,r ts nin that th'ry
will rvti id their patro'iMco to (ny míe
it-tsor, ho, I pin earn vi!l lit nil time
iTVo thorn loyal n rxice.
Verv rep-v-lfult.
2 st l. Yov
An In vnltiabir llemrity fr.r fold.
Sheriff Hardmnn, of Tyler Co., W. Vs ,'
was r.irneit prostrated with a cold when'
ho 1'ivaii using ( 'liamlierlaiu's roui''''
remedy. In spuiikiiig of it he says:
gave me ultiioil instant r-lief. Í foi l it
to bo nil invaluable reme I v for clj. "
For sale by W. C Portertio'ld.
13 n y your jornia cheap for cash
at Nolan's.
Froinpt Payment.
Los LrsAs, New Mextco, Jan. 19, f3.
Messrs. Borradailn Jfc McClcllan. Stute
Agents of tho MpRsachueotts Benefit
Association, Gentlemen:
We herewith acknowledge the receipt
from you of the sum of ten thousand
dollars (f brKi, licing tho amount in
full of policy No. i',ZV, taken out by
tho late Tranquilino Luiiti on the fith
day of March, 1SH2, in the above com
pany. We desire lo express our thanks
for your promptness in the settlement of
this loss, it having been paid in leva thart
sixty days after tho doith of tho in
sured, whereas the company bad by the
terms of the policy ninety days in which
to pay tho eamo. Very truly yours,
Iaji.a Á. Lusa,
4-3t. Max Lu.va.
Breadl bread!! breadlll
lout at Fritter Si Harris'.
at 5 cents a
Marrifd-1- At Princeton, Ind., Wed
nesday evening, Jan. 11th, Miss Anua M.
McCrea to Mr. Frank W. Ford. Miss
McCron is a sister of S. P. McCrea, of
the Las Cruoes laud office.
Don: Il. Kedzie, editor ot the Lords-
burg Liborul, has returned to Lordhburg
from El Pxdo, whore he had his left leg
amputated about three weolu' ago.
John A. Deemtir, formerly of Gaorgo
town, ha3 severed his connection with
the Duncan Trading Company and will
remove to Doming.
The Suprema Court of New Mexico
in in i-m st f.:tita F-
The foot race last Sunday a'ternoon
between Gitiíón, of Colorado end Robin
son, of Pinos Altos attracted a large crowd.
There was considerable belting drtno,
Picos Altos bucking Robinson freely un
til just before the race there see mod to be
no more Robiiiboii money to be had except
at odds of two to one. Several hundred
dollars of Silver City money offered on
Gibson went begging just as tho men
were getting ready to start. The race'
nss deluyed an hour after the time set
for it and the crowd begun to get im
patient before the runners appeared on
the track. An even start was made and the
truck was in good condition but Gibson
led from the beginning. Both men were
in good form and ran well but Gibson
fiulbhed eitilit feci ahead of Robinson.
The rimo' was l(X) yards for 2'2.',Q a side.
Gil)n rin with tho Albuquerque team,
in the hoe tournament at the Territorial
Fuir at Albuquerque lut full and is con
sidered one of the bent runner in tho
l Mnl hrmt
Tho new skating rink is om every
night, except Sunday. Monday uuil
Thiirsduy nights for ladies.
süir. Kino &. Baynic.
When The Heart Is Affected
By Rheumatism, or nnv of the muscles
near that organ, it is like tumrteriiiff with
an electric wire, for death may como at
any moment. If life is worth S3, go to the
druggist nnd get Dr. Drumniond s Liight-
ning liOinedy, or send to tho Drummond
Medicine CXi., 48 50 Maiden L'itie New-
York, and they will send you a large bot-
tlo liy preiwiid express. It is not 89 quick
as electricity, but it will eavo your hfo if
you tuko it iu time. Agents wunted.
Fresh nuts, confectionery, etc., at
Fritter & Harris'.
Our finpst hand tuado cream
candios '5 cts. per pound, 3 pnunda
iron Ores.
Furnished irt any quantity, write fo
prices to W. II. Newcomb, Agent.
i . u. uox arj. silver uity, .. n.
Oysters In Bulk
coming in every other day direct
from the Bea hhoro at
47tf Geo. D. Jones
(".ifuihci hilu's Cholera, Colic and .
Dl.irrhira BcuKdy.
I Lavo sold sod lined In my family for
sererul venrs. Chamberlain's colic, chol
era ami Piurrhrea Remedy and hnve
found it one of the most UKcful nnd af
if,ictory remedios I ever bandied. C. 11.
Iiwes. Drurgist. Salt Lslce City, Utah
Fur snlo bv V. C. PorterlloKL
Go to tho Cave Saloon for a glass
fresh Anheuser Beor. 49lf.
Four Years Moro of (irovcr
are now assured, nnd tho best place In
town to go to discuss the policy ot
the now administration is Fred. Shol
ton's, where the finest wines, linuors and
cigars in the city aro kept. Fred, al
ways likes to piense Ins customers nnd
has one of the cosiest places in town to
while away a pleasant hour or indulgo
in a social gamo. Dror in and seo
him. 47tf.
Steve Uhíe, at tho Cavo saloon. keeie
only the bent goods in his lino.
The Polsonons Acids
In the blood nhould be taken up and re
moved by the Liver and Kidneys, but
these organs get oüt ot orderfail to do
their work, and the result is Rheuinutism.
There are a thousand remedies for the
L'ver and Kidneys, but there it only ono
euro for Rheumatism, and that is Dr.
Drummond's Lightning Remedy. A
large bottle may be had at the druggist's
or will bo sent by express to any address
on receipt Of 85. That is tho price of a
euro, any one who is having an argument
with the Rheumat ism will feel fully re
paid by tho first dose. Drummond Med
icine Co., 48-50 Maiden Lane, New York.
Agents wanted..
Dr. P. A. Pkitit'er. of Terarkana, Ark.,
Is an enthusiast in t he praise of Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. He used it for rheu
matism, and: "I found it to lie a most
excellent local remedy." For sale by
W. C. Porteriield, Druggist.
Steve Uhle's now oaloon the Cavo.
Happy and content is a home with "The Ro
chester;" a lamp with the light of the morning.
Fir cataL fitt, uritt Rnkttttr Lamt Ct. Km Vtrk.
The fincbt Candies, Fruits,
Nuts, Ac, at Nolan's.
Hand mado creams 35 cents a pound
at Fritter 4 Harris,. 4tf
Gormetuer presents an Hrray of testi
moníala absolutely without a parallel in
the history of medicines, both as to
chuiucier and number. It is trn!orfed
by thousands of our best known men,
and wo are authorized in saying that it
will permanently cure Cutnrrh, Rheuma
tism, Neuralgia, Asthma, Houel, Liver,
Bladder anil Kidney Troubles, Paralysis,
Kpllepsy, llrysipelas, Insomnia, General
Debility, and Skin Diseases, such as
Scrofula, Ec.eina, jo. It clennscs and
purifies the blood, vigórales the stomach,
tones up tho general syslwru, and thus
bringfc health and happiness. It is no
nauseous com (Kiunil, but ia us pleiirant
to tako as a glass of Icnioníldo. 1 or Bulo
by V. C. Porterfiold.
A Chance fur Kulliuad Employes.
engineers "and
V" " i f other railroad
employes can
bo educated in
y- ---j rithmotif, tho
'" wir' "theory of me
chanics and mechanical drawing, and
qualified to bold higher and better pay
ing pon! ions if they Kill enter the C.r
reeKinitenc School cf Mechanics,
Scruntou, Pa. The system of instruc
tion is by correspondence, and students
study at Lome mi l loso no timo fiom
woik. Those who will devote a fev
hours each week t" study are guarantee!
an education in mechanics and ihur i
chI drawing. To enter, htudents only
peed to know how to n u I and writ".
I union churres witlou tho ri ucli of all.
Diplomas given to tl.o- who j umh the
timil examination. Send f.ir fres cm u
Inr giving full .iirliei.l.ir i.
All kinds of fresh
per pound ct
taffies 5 ús.
A Cure for Cioiip.
It your children are subject to croup'
always keep u bottle of Chamberlain's
cough remedy close at band. It is a
prompt and certain cure. If giveu as
the croupy cough appears it will preveut
the attack. For sale by W.' C. Porter
field, druggist.
'otlre for Publication.
l oi.-.M v or oiiasi r. '
John ñ. Swift, .film J. OiwoW,
and Henry II. Stanley,
( C'i
IW M.iiiumila liiilil M ' in i h C
K. L. Ileum and ,1. I.eUt ,
The :iii (li-feinlantn. It I.. Hrflln Slid J. l-ii-"
t'lls rtre livrt'l'v tint ifU'rt ituii mil tn rlimicmy
h:i lieeli ceuuiieneci! nualllit IhiMll III Ule mu j
llilnl .hull. i ll l'1-tiirt ( unit oí villi Ti nitmv
ivilliiii iti'l l"V Ihr .ilil Count v in (mat, l-v iil
Johns siviii.-tnil John .1. iijucM, ami tinny
II. MailleV, ft'll!ll!t!!l'ltll HeeklllK lo liave, ile-
cliiri-il toel enuliliiiied certain claitrl of Hen
ftieil bv llui salil (leicutla'iU ;ieaji.st 'rtie Mau-V-iiinlli
Mine and Minlim I luini. !vlhc r Mltli nit
the linililitiTi nnd liiiirovui!i-iiL thereon, ntern
pnrtlenliii ly ilt-vrlheit in the finniliilniuii lull
nl nu U'i.iuil. uiil Muiuiiii l Mililnt: C.'iiiin living
ituatc.l In the lilm. Alte. nUiiing tj 1st i tel. I.i
thu I 'utility nf (iiatit. and Terntnrv ef New
Mr Ico. wild claim of the cniui'laimint Julin S..
Sitl Im'Uik fur llf nam of SM M; until claim of
lela uf lite -.iid .hihll J. Oswald I -1 1 k (or thu
nan ut -lli. im, mill ,ild rl.'lllll of Ilea of ;ihl
Ilenry II. Stanley tieliiK fur the mini of .i í
each of i ild cialiiin cf lien being fully set un uní
(IcicrilH-d in thu eoniilniitHiiM bill of eoiiiil:iint
to ttliirli reieienre is made. ('onii'ltuiiunt
jM JVtlr.t the Mild Ma:areotri M'ni sad Miums
I'Imiiu limy he scild luiiler a ihi're ut laid e-iint
and tin prni-eeil apinied to whatever limy he
due iil'.m mud elauii. of lien, together Willi thu
vest of prrparlnM and filing tin uuee, auu lu
terest, a;tm hevH ieen and eeil.i of .mil.
Tli.il inih'Mi you enter your hihuiiiiii'i In said
suit on ol Im hue Ihe Hist Monday in Miin h A .
I . . 1u't'1. a tlerri'i pro coaff-Hii ihereln will tie
rendered iiKatnit you, And mud eaaie piocees" to
ilniil ilei rre ecuiilui to law slid tlie rulei of
Mild Court.
A. L. CuniHTf.
t'luik and IteulnUT
ArtTHfn 11 IlAlu.l.rn,
til. Solicitor for Complaliuuiti.
Mortffasr Sale.
John J. .Miu lln am! .lo.lu t. MaiUii. did, un
till 'mil ily of 1 lecetnlier, lfcsm, exwiite t'i
Meisrs Shrunfe 4 MeC'i utn, of H.in l-'rateilsi-o.
( al . a certain nun tu.iL-e on certain ri al rítale
míate In the tuvn of Pino Alliei, t'oiiuiy. uf
(If. 'lit. and Tcnltory of New Mexico, nniru p.ir
tleiihu It d."K l lhed ai tullo n, to-wH 'J h.,t e-r-laui
lot or ireel of land mínate on the wenlerlv
ule of Mam Mivrt. flouting stimit 1 1 1 1 y feet oil
Mala tieet and riiiinliiK one bitnilred feet back.'
t"i;eihi-r with two framo ilwellmn huuvit nml
one tftnall mliihe house; Aahl moitKiie having
Imm'U ftiveu to wciii th prtvinenl ol ttiily-(wtt
prouiiiHoi-y noU" lot- fifty iloliari each, of'eveu
dale ith said iiiorigage, and pavahle 1, ', 3, 4,
, . 7 s. 0. In. 11. lü. ia. II, 15. 16, 1?. IS. ID. !. 21.
and 83 iiinnllit) nllerihile renpeetiyely, with In
terest from date at the rate uf twelve per cent,
per annum. And, wherenn. no ihii (ton of mod
uintiey li.fi been paid, and all of said notes with
iiileieHt are iiiuv ilue ami pavahle, I, the under
Kigneil. tieilnc fiirainl lu ln-li.il! of said iiiuti(: i
gee. and ) i n r-1 1.-1 1 1 1 to tins power ronlnlned 111
-.ttd luort.i'e, will, on Moailav. the tvitli day of
.laiiuary, l".;i. helw.-en Ihe huim of tOo'eloek,'
a. ni. mid 11 o'clock, a. m , at die front diKirof
aald pi I'uusei In said town of I'iiiom Alios, Bell
i ptlhlie vendue to Ihe hlnhet Idddi-r lor cuati.
Hie said desillhed ineliun s, together Wilh Urn
tenement nnd apiuteu'iaee.s In uur luaiiuer
pt-rlulllilli; to the Niine.
AHlHL'K It n.tRi.i.rr,
I t?. Attorney fur Murtuapecs.'
Notice lo IlonJhClilcis.
Notico is hereby piven th.it nil out-,
standing bonds issued by the town of
Silver City, Urant County, New Mexico,
in accordance with an act of tho legisla
tive assembly of tho Territory of New
Mexico, entitled "An act to enable tho
town of Silver City in the County of
Grant, to aid in the construction ot a
railroad between Silver City and lem
ing," Approved febriinry l:5th, lHS.uro
under the direction of tho town council
of said town of Silver City, hereby called
in, that any and nil holders of snid bondn
ure hereby nolitied to present the same
to said town treasurer for redemption
at his ollice in said town of Silver City
on tho 11th day of March, lHWl, between
tho hours ot 10 a. m. and 1 p. m.
Any snch bonds, so, as hereby called
in, which shall not be presented for pay
ment at the time herein speciliml, nhnil
censo to bear interest from and after
dato last mentioned.
In testimony whereof I hereunto affix
mv official e!!iattir this fih dnv of Jii.,
lsa .
. J. W. Cautfr. treasurer ht
tho town of Silver City, New Mexico. 2tf
Norme (or Pubhcntion.
I.A ClU'CKS, M ., Ill-C. '."I, IISi-J. 1
XTOTtCK IH II I IU MY r.fVI'.V thrit th f..l
iN luwliii; II. une. 1 kelCel- h.in ll!r-d li'iCeit of hi
Intention ti imike until luoof in iiipi'i I of hit
rl urn. und tit it said inuof will lift inade hefoin
prot-:ite Jnilre, ru-j In Ins ttiiseni-e, pmnate cleik,
a Sther t iiv. N. M., on l-i-i'iii:iy ul-t, li-i,
ur; John I!. Speer. of uila. N. M., w ho nieiln
llil.rutiy No. 1 -tJ lor the S K. '4 N. )'.. tj, N . Vi .
H. ! "... and K. li. ! 8. W. Í. Sec. 1, In. U,
H L t'l W.
lie niunes the follow tuff i llnesses to prove,
Ins epi'tiiiiions icideui-e upon bud cultivation
of -' li t l:onl 17.
W ml mi M'M hion, Thm. Ht---ktiin, 8i, N.
Ileildel vil. .las. M flllTs, of i;iia. M . M.
Any pei sou w lm di-'iiii-s lo pinii t nn I list tho
ailiiwuni-e of sin Ii jum.f, or whj knows of nnv
MlUMiuitla! t'l-.ison, uiiCer inn law hm the h-itl-hitlniis
ot the Interior tiepmtment, lvhy surii
prnoi slemld not lie nMuMied, will he po'etl nil
onporluilllv lit Ihe nlnon lui'lillotu-il tune HI d
p'aee In I'loH-f'X.-llililie tho witnesses of sai-t
liatuuinl, and to oit'-r rvnnuice lu icuultul ot
that miluulUed hv claimant.
I HI . btMum. 1. AIcCuitA, XteuUti-r.
rerions owing city taxes on frrsfol
proMirty will have to pay tho tax ami
10 jHr cent, eott by Vcb. It or I wilt
huvotoluiyon their property and toll
to patihfy tho suaifl. I'erBviiud prepcrty
is nut advertised.
liy orjor of City Council.
2 4t C. L. Ca.nti.i v, collectóí;
ado lia
All mm1 r-
l.tlOW 11 to J . .)
JV r,li
,.o t,
.1. T.

atiíhivc:;t tilia el J
H. I Waldo, M. S. Otero, E. S. Stover.
íor ifl.UU. iSOLAS s 1'. U. toro.

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