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pie 6ay that the democratic party in
baiily demorahzwl and that the re
publicana will carry the Territory
with a big majority next year. We
are of a different opinion. Ye
believe the democratic party ia
stronger now than it ever was. The
men who have year after year
inarched to tho polls under the
banner of democracy remain un
terrified. They cannot bo confused.
The question of irrigation con
cerns every body in New Mexico.
It is of great importance for upon
it will depend in a large measure
the well being and prosperity of
our Territory. By means of irriga
tion tho barren wastes aronnd us
can lj trauuformed into fertile
Holds, and tho gronnd that doe,
uot now produco enough to feed a
prairie dog will bring forth food
for thousands of men. How to ob
tain thoso benefits is tho (mention
We hold that it is uot only poB.si-
LJe but probable that this country
will yet become an important agri
cultural district through and by
meana of irrigation; and we Udieve
it rents with the people of New
Mexico as to when our develop
ment bhall begin. If we do our
duty on November 7th and 8th
next we will attend the Dewing
convention and there make united
effort in our own cause. The jm-o-plo
of Kuuhus aro at work, so are
the Californians. Let us not be be
lli ud uny body in trying to devel
op and build up our country.
Yoi'xa democrats of New Mex
ico will have a picnic with their
candidate, Hon. A. D. Fall, for del
egate to roiigret-s, against any man
the republicans may put up.
Albuquerque Democrat
The Im!i1 of the thinl imlwii.l
district would much perfer to keep
Judge- Fall wln-rehe is, in a posi
tion to which he is admirably
adapted, nnd one he fills alike with
Lonor to hiuiM !f aud satisfaction
to all. Futerpritw.
The iitiu of delegate to con
j.;r i s 4 of moro irnrtaneo to New
Mi-xieans than all the o Hi cea. We
i 1 but h a man as Judge Fall to
i. ; uui.Lt ua at "WaoLingtou. j
, . .urn. nim
I Kowan wonlj mil
i rkfy," and linnVl
the Columbia, fist
i:ir dollar clutched
i thon (hooting an
i the wain door,
ins of thn ojioning
'.onoogh to sprve
nre nlarm, and
1 to be honorM
first national
CpiTTctit and
n till country
I lie wanted
J he hated to
J waited and
X himself.
j'ild, and then he
.1 while he thus
woman tripped
f nllod alon like
Trre wind and port
p a distinctive air of
Vr, and lie carried
itside pocket of an
Lsed the man in the
Wt, will ycr, Ilan-yr
I Jesa la dola a tnrn at
nta were handed ont.
1 the two went in-
i bit uva tur-rkey"
t'oaer to the box of-
'ared la the door.
J;irted in the middle.
reposed ou the back
lousers were freshly
Mxigtt to pare corns.
Vix office much af t
awfish in a not,
I could scarcely
flaying violent
i it up. la a low
Frolt flood at Any Tim.
All fruit id fluid irt lvn mnat ...l.l
the fll-rtt thinor In thn IrUiM !-. em n mk A
nrely no fnit U no cloaunlnjr and re
freshing and very little to deliciona at
that liur so a hiir nlr n.ir,. ij
over night and aluioat cracking open and
VOlOntirilV einnnlnir it 1.....4 -r-
the knife haa (jone partly thronga it.
uul" iiuu, nowever, la juat aa good
J , nuiliu
It aeouia to be especially provided aa a
Biipnuinjr pxpenenco, aoinetliing more
iu viia mu JW fir irmot Mu.b I -
weary hind. Jt b no wonder the aoutV
.iruQarKieeareaorond oí watermelona.
In theae moat trying daya of the lonj
urnmnr of tha -utli i
. v u"-iwm tm luure
refreahiuf than chUl dowdropa on the
early mornini
heatsd, overwearied and thirsty aoul a
Bwu juicy ripe one "couiee home to U
businena and the boanm" ,f Aar,
white man a'ike. Hartford Time.
Emit Ten Wot rrovtav a Dht..j
It ia an CHAT matfor in Aat V.. Air
I- 11 W VJlíM-
ference between a irimnlna ..i 1
an Imitation. Take a tul of filf.ra
water and
U rasto. it can be HAn am It M.a.uKvM,.u
the water, but if pure the ye la unable
to aee it at a'l. Another test la to plaoe
the I ton a nrot a nanHl As. ,a
pioca of white paper. If the dot is flu-:
plicated opon the faceta yon on rest a.-'
iUrod iKk llaa ait An a Km m. a
. ww d lvuv ) UUfc U
ot ttaaaxdtone. the cotsmon U-'
uef that a Ur oan be teatod by filing li
rroneooa. tor tha h (
Will apliaUTaad break when raaped with
this lnatrumoBt. fiL Lonla iJlnhj-Ti.r.
I SILVER. CITY ' s rs (On
Vinkl Jtf.
Only xclusiv Flour, Haf and Grain Store in th Ciiy.
W aiehmaier p$? Jeweler
Silver City, N. M:
Bullard Street.
J. H. MATHEWS. R. I., black.
Advice Given on Treatment of Ores.
Crucible A?,ay8 matlo hy the Most Itelinblo Mcthotl.
Oñicc Main Street, Adjoining Tromont House.
t aeeined
--1n the door from
e Lull it wnulil mtilA o
iiUiu circulation and mnkn tli air i.,,,
comfortable, und I felt aafe in doing tliU
bK;aii6 I ata an early riser, and I knew
icoum get ins aoor shut before any
body wns stirring in the morning. So I
oiened thedoor, with the pleasant result
muí i nan anticipated, and when I went
lo ciose it in I lie morning I found that I
had ot iied uot the door into the hall.
imi me aoor into a closet.
it more ivpie understood that any
appeurnuce or naste or carelessneiM was
ont of place in formal corren noTnlpnnft
they would not ue. ench expresdiona at
wauy vuniiua auy more tüun the hard
ly lesa objectionable phrase, "thanks."
In con vernation. Such curtnew ia like
tne oía btory, "WorBe than wicked; it'i
Tuigar. miiadelpuia fresa.
Tha Tramp' Lojralty ta an Ideal.
In one of his delightful ev Tr
Lowell tells of a tramp whom for seven
veara he astmted with money to enable
"ira io gei iroia lioeton to Portland.
"He wai aa fine an example," Lowell
adds, "aa I have ever im-t of hopelew
lovaltv to un Hmi. - v.
The human Lair id ubnolul-lv H,um,i
profiUble crop tliat grows. Fivo tons of
it uro annuauv lmiiortiwl l v tho
chanta of Londoa. The Tarisiaus har
veat upward of 2u0,000 louuds, equal in
value to 0,000 per annum.
The mojiaics in the Church of St. Mark
In Venice are the finest iu the world.
They cover 40,000 square foot of the upl
per walls, ceiling! and cupolas and are
all luid oo a gold ground.
Until aboutahnndrcd years ago burin!
m comns was oy no means umversul. In
early times corpaea were merely wrapped
in linen ahrutida.
Very few can reach deep into their
own minda without meeting what they
wieh to hide from thauiaclvea.
Tint French IuctrM of Law.
Mllo. Jeanne Chauvin, the Crut French
doctrera of law, haa held since Jan. 1
last the lit of prufeeaor of law iu the
girls' colleges of Tari. Uy a apodal or
der of M. Gerard, vice rector of the
Academy of Paris, professors are pro
hibited from placing in the bands of
their girl pupils copiea of the codo itself,
ao that the young neophytes whom Mile.
Chauvin initiates into thecivil and crim
inal code have only their teacher's oral
leationa to go npon. Paris Letter.
Tha Tate Girls Should Have.
A Loninville niaurlstrate baa iIm-íiIm.1
that trlrls ha-'e lunt aa rimJtrii'lit in
moke cigar ties on the etreeta as dude,
lint the dear girls ahould remember that
thev are auMKmed to Lava U.lt..r (u.ta
than dudan and refrain. Minuuapolia
An Oregon (lUs.) young woman is
making a crasy quilt of the ailk ties
Which have been given her by her de
voted admirer. Hor pillows are to be
etuffad with their love Liter.
Those in search of novel luncheon
dainties should try the H-anut sandwich.
aum me pennuu are Ir-MiJy roahted
í '1 ' a .
ÍKtit, in
ns the
J spirits.
j Biiccenaful
jimers. The
d well-bred
f'The prcnlucer
e-bred bullB
it of care of
ItlflT Tf vnn
h to the old
Áo tho bologna
,t-nrrtr!fírnnTrirTíiKl invest the uro-
ceeds in well-bred males and then
take good care of them.
Reports from Chama state that
there are close to 100 cars of wool
at present stored at that place.
I Inn. T. D. Unrns has just sold
thirty carloads to a Uoston firm.
which is now being loaded on the
care for shipnieut
The O'Dounel Rro's who have
been rumiinu' a horse ranch
north of Lordsburg for tho past
few years, left the first of the week
for their old home, iu Kansas City,
having turned the ranch and horses
over to Jus. Carr.
Tho cattle which have been ad
vertised for sale by T. C. Tillotson,
at Eddy, to satisfy a mortiaire.
were disposed of at the court house
on the 4th inst The cattle sold
numbered 1.500 head, and brought
&J.100, being bid in by Charles
Schriner, of Keerville, Texas, and
Ruck Anderson, of this county.
Jlr. Schriiier Mas the mortL'tt't-e
and took tho large uumlier.
The following formula for pre
venting the growth of horns on
calve- should be tried by those who
object to dehorning: Take 50 narts
of caustic soda, 25 parts of kero
sene, and 25 parts of waters. Heat
the kerosene and soda together,
stirring vigorously, r.nd then add
tho water. Take a calf at from one
to three weeks old, trim away the
hair around the base of the horns.
th-'ii with a few drops of the mix
Hnv .in the cork, which should be
of rubber, rub on firbt one horn
find then the other, repeating until
th recur four applications are made.
Re careful not to allow the fluid
to run down upon tho face.
For the first time iu four rears
cattle were shipped flora this jxiint
direct to market this week. T. R.
Kerr, of Caiubray was the shipper,
and Loa Angeles the destination.
The cattle were fine and sleek.
The shipment consisted of one car
load Richard and Harry Classen
of Ixmlhbiirg were in the eountv
capital this week, on important
business connected with theexten
sive cattle in teres ta of llartRroth
er. AVilliam Lcüler of the Turf
ranch is about a
ous illness due to inllamation of
the iKiwels. Mr. Relller haa liad
ft pretty sovero siege of it for near
i - . i i . . .
. ,rv.
v- ftafif. old bov.
with two, old follow?"
yu worKingr'
i I should eay I am.1
.ie'n Ed's doing a Henry Irving bur
f uue at ther Park."
Aualn two nafltnhn.iril rhivlra ir ora
iianueu one ana v tina tima tha "fn-
key" on th outnido was becoming fran
tic. It was coming easy for everybody
uui niuiscii, ana no resolved to hazard a
chance and keep his half dollar. He took
a iresn one oi piuj, gave his trousers an
extra hitch and approached the window-
on tiptoe, lie peered cautiously aronnd
A 1 J .1 .
iue u g o i ine narrow opening. Harry
was still there, checkinir tin tlift hmiuo
He liesitateil only for a moment, and then
uc uiurieu out:
"Hilloo, Har-ry, onld bye."
"How aro you, air?"
"Oi'm wur-r-kin."
"Are you, ray friendr
"Ehtock Tar-rda."
And when the doorkeeper was through
with him and tha natrol ntimn liH
gathered Lim in he sadly wondered at
tne eternal unntness or things and why
all men are not born equal. Chicago
Tha Cans of Watcrapoota.
A waterspout Is a meteorological phe-
uumeuuu or peculiar cnaracter, which is
occasionally observed on land, but usu
ally occurs at sea. It consists of a cone
anapeu pinar or condensed vapor, which
uuscenus, wun ino apex downward, from
m ueiiwj cioua ana at sea attracts a
somewhat similar cone in a reversed
position from the surface of the water.
The two may not inaptly hn compared
to a gigantic hourglass. The cause of
this phenomenon is supposed to be the
gyratory movement of the air with such
Bwumena as 10 prouuee a vaouuuj in the
axis of rotation, and the contact of the
lower extremity of such an axis with
water wouia eiiect tlio elevation of
column of the latter to a considerable
neignt. i be most probable solution of
the phenomenon Is that waterspouts
originate in adjacent strata of air of dif
ferent temperatures, running in oppo
site directions in the upper regions of the
atmosphere. They coudense the vapor
and give it a whirling motion, so that it
descends tapering to the sea below and
causes the surface of the water to ascend
in a pointed spiral till it joins that from
above. Brooklyn Eagle.
A deserter is not al
ven though branded with a great big
"D," according to the laws of Queen
Victoria's realm. Some time ago a woil
known English reairtnnt
.. . vmiilUB,
Del., applied to the British consul her
for a pension, claiming to have served
his country in an Australian regiment
He admitted having had his breast
branded with a red iron, with the letter
"D." which marked him fi.ro- .
' . - ' ' m a
sertor, bnt claimed to have rejoined his
regiment after his ml.i.mi i
served out the term of enlistment The
British home office found that he was
riiiht. and the pension hn m i,,.
after a long wait
71 su
kin will be, if you'll
talis Dr. Plunw'i OolH...
Medical Diacorary.
Pimples, blotches, amo
tion!, and humors are
nttcrlr banished by this
mora thoroughly and
eertainly than anything
else, tha blood poiaona
or Impurities thai Cf
and Bcrofulons affection, no matter how
ii coma, tna " uisoovery " Is a direct remedy.
It HnnnMa hiiiMa ..n l J 1
, - 1 Mp, nuciiKLUUI, UU1 Ul-
TIOYffatMi avor n. J It.. . . V
Krj-siiwliu, Balt-rheum, Tetter, Boils, Car.
hnn.il.. X."..l .J 1 . 1 . . , 1
"-"-"" Rwi uiunna, ana we worn
Berofulous Bores and Swellings are com-
i oy ii
OOTery " works equally wall at all seasons.
Prttftfmillv it'm mr.A . -.1 T J -
falls to benetit or cura, you hare your moooy
ir" v y Ior lno 0n yu get-
No cheap substitute, erged by TrtcVy
1 '".. . u.a.j i uuLicrr IMI K111H
can be " just as good " for you to buy.
i Curries the LnrKi'st Stock of
Drugs' - Paints - Oils1
Tatent Medicines, Toilet Articles, Boolis, Stationery
and Druggists' Sundries in New Mexico.
i i? e" e i !
tai m v&j.yyg;a y
. 400 El Paso Street, El laso, Texas.
.mus oi oaaaiery iiaraware ana lianch Supplies.
Our Leather Good are made expressly for the Frontier and Bre unsurpassed, and k eüanot be
India For tha Indiana.
A Madras native gentleman was one
asked by Lord Roberts what he thought
of "India for the Indians." He replied:
"do to the foulogical gardens and opon
all the cage. You will then sea what
would be the end of India for the In
dians. There would be a grand fight
among all the animals, with the result
that the tiger would walk over the dead
bodies of the rest." On being asked
whom he meant by the tiger, he replied,
"The Mohammedan from the north."
The moral of this allegory of my
friend, who was certainly one of tha
most enlightened native gentlemen 1
have ever met with, was that India
could not lie leti to herself, and that a
enprerae power was necessary to hold
together the varied and various races.
London Spectator. .
Paopla Wl Do Not Wb litis.
Arabia must bo a heaven for those
whose lives are made a burden to them
by the whistler. The Arab maintains
that a whistler's mouth cannot be puri
fied for 40 days and nights, and they as
sert of the whistler that satan baa
touched his body and caused him to pro
duce the offensive sound. Then there
are the natives of the Tonga islands,
Polynesia, who hold that it is a ain to
whistle, as it Is an act disrespectful to
Mou tva in some districts in porth
Germany the villagers declare that ii
one whistle in the evening it makes the
angels weep. Exchange.
Tsitot or Nsw Mexico,
Basta Fk. N. m . ium
To tha feopla ,,f Now Mxio. Arizona, Wwitorn
n i . 1, " i i-uiiiuaiiua, ia the
HcDut'hc of Mexico:
W IfKTlfclA All nf 41m nlli... .1 t ... .
--.--v. u.vwu.r,lr.ui uiv run, itaioa
aro cuYfijr iuurTcil in the IrriRnliuu mduecry,
and we. In a lurcn inomurf, (J. .i,ilf r.t mx.n Irri-
t..ivu iur ni. uuTtuopmuiit vi Uieir agricultural
WiiK.HKAH, A lwijo prorortlon of the paopla In
portion of tho nt.it of Txivil nnd of the norlh-
dopnndent opon tiieliio Orando riitr L,i their
ViiruF.As, Ihn (rrwiter imrtion r( unid rlrei
rJ""" awar during tlia cwon of II. jl1tr when
not u.wl,.d for of iniKfttiuu, which,
With M 1 1 l -. i- . . . ... ..a : i . . '
- ......... r.....,,. .i fnuirn, FCKIKI DC
awed and uidiírd, luul would tl,rel neatly
add to tha weaiih and proeporitr of aiud riiunj
IVuiurn Tam. . .. n .. : . : . i . .
. , .luwiuH-, .'i bu waier or
uiw wunii uva ior xnmiy liivti
appropriiiUHl and naed br tlio ritixvua rwiilina
in the Yiillt.y Uiereof, aoiilh of Albuquerque, for
the purpura of irruraiiou, and uixm the eoo
tinnil use of which d. pul the life and proa-
vvmj oi cominnnll, li.ia l,wn wroniffully
anproprint-xl and divnrird tootu. r nr t by tha
ri HKli.iite nt.nr Uae hi ndwatere of uiid atrsnui, ia
olorudo. thue rauains a wuU-r funie in the
lower TBller, which from yenr V yttr firows
r:rater, nntd the agricultural iiiteriwt ara in
nimiiient daiiapf of doetruutiou tuiliaa such
diTnraioii be cliecked.
Now, therefor, for the pnrpooeof conncwillini
tonelher, anil deru.in wkj and n cwii to stop
r.icsinl awful tita and dierioiui of the wuter ol
the KinOraiiila.Hiidof euiriniraul pronerrinit in
rewrTinr tlie pn;ig and atorm wiilcra that now
".to.w,uito annually, and of dimut,uii( ami con-
idnruiK all injH,-tant quwtions reimiu ta
trrunttioa brw, irriRation a.'Cjriti, irrinHtion
oieiiiod. and to ileum and a'Tce npon noma
Ceuerul and concerted plun of acth,n looLii.g
u the d.t elopment of toe airricuitund. iinicul-
..... m.itu;uHurai rcsourciMi or lilt D re;nti,
by ravin and utilising the watore theiiH.f, a
ninnaooureutloB of tl.e citixene reidii,K in
portion of aaid tute and territorice i hen-h
rnlleil to meet at Ueniing, in tl.e territory of
..w lu. i.co. on iuuu, novemocr 7, Im'J, and
uhneuiiHut duya.
All ir)u rt-ñident within unid portion of
tains and trrit4iri'e are respectfully requeued
tu ttlUtnd and particiiwte iu tlio dlio.jrat a of
aiud conTentitui, mul all couutiex, niuniciiul cor
pomt:rna, irrlmtion, ui'equin acd emial cori.inv
ti'HiB, bourdnof trnd. end ciiamherp of commerce
are inviled to eeud deleuU then t..
Done at Hanta Ke, the enpitid of New Mexico,
Urn tlio ad day of Augunt, A. 1). 1-":1.
. liALj VV. T. TllOltSTON,
"a' r-r vr,en Oornor of N w Mexico.
B. A L.rJLitMJtJl, becreUiry of lerrilory.
CoGgrovo z, -Bio-wiiell,
(Successors to Jons S. Swift.)
& fjnnnifffJSir unit npin nnnms
muumL, uni iiu br . 1
Cilvor City, - XTora 25csico.
ilver Giiy and Mogollón. Stage Lin
Hakes Three Round Trii)3 a Week,
J. B. LEE, Proprietor;
It ySfev.rif
w.' '
Ladies Only!
It lfcUl tk..t. 1111,1 I-',.., I.. .....I.
lllntlluleü mill InilhillollK i'i lce-! In
vulioll. Addrei, lir. It. DuMont,
08 S. lliilstcad hi., t'hicuüo, Ills, V.
8. X.
Ceneral Merchandise
Ch' ii Cue and i nad Ulvsecn alicttoi ' Jy thrto Wl tks. DttuiliL' llcml-
lill r.. r-1 I..-. I..... .11.. 11'
JOHN BROCKKAN, fretioent, THOS. F. COKWAT. Vic-Preudnt, J. W. CARTER, Cashier
of SILVER CITY, . fj
OJ1.3PTTJ1.Xj XT, $50,000.00.
Ctrif A Mai. mi fV oqaI an,l A.,n.aAn . 3 V. r a. a
silver bullion, ores, etc. Superior facMlities for rnHkiiif? colloí-tiona on occespiblo
points Rt pur for cuatoinors. Excliano on tho priuoipul ciLie for Bul. 5
C M. Foralier,
J. id. Vliltc,
Elephant Corral,
Tjtverij, JTeccl aixcl Sale Stables,
Kincle nd double hiirle, biiokboftrd, irlnK wasoni. and rnrti, Indlef
nfl nieii'H inline lioisen, I in ned out In good foiin on Ida ahoilvt uotue
Homes boarded. KpecUl rutt-a Klven hy the week or month.
Horses Bought, Sold and Traded,
a-Iavi, Straai. BUwi City, Tw ataxic.
-CFast Freight and Passenger Lino.
Lv. Silver City every Tliursiluy 7:00 a.m. Ar. Mogollón every Friiluy 7:00 p. m.
Lv. Mogollón evory HonJHy....0:X) a.m. Ar. Silver City ovory Munduy. Ji;00 j. m.
Passsngor Faro $8.00 Strictly In Atln-ance; Frt. 3c. per Pound,
Special Attention Given to out of Tovn OrduM Jslop 6t fc::h'Ki"'', ht Diui L,,tu wu8 V7r H. Ilurphy. Prep

are reeiwusible for it Manv ix-o-
t atened lier and lis
I nent when "lie oiwned
fingir. ITrtV tiÍ flrfifr Vvtr Whnl icnla anrl T?otM
remonta had
. ... , . . ....n, , , ,M,
i Iioiii nil oer Ilic hoi lit lleunre of laliL'erou
.t. Sunt hv III- II Meemelv Me:ilei1 fi-,,in

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