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nun city, i.lv mica.
As a HesorS for
Weak Lungs
Territory. Punta F, In Vmi! and KiWr Vy
.uro In mnuiiiftlii.i'H districts, tr to fonier
In II. nortbein and tb laiter In thi southwest
ern ponton of tt Ti-.'iHoty.
Me t.mr'r;ctiin and l rrrii Itntlon of 1
PCrS!Tt! With I 'V,,w Mí-,'Mn town, eonr.i.tcd by oii.
SuT . year tniiin vaiin me sioing 01 is,-.,:
l - JVXK, JfLT, AUlllKT.
e - 9.
'e, f
lo'itcs, Mi
r unusual
l(ii4 H.tic.
I a "a
I'ernnlesl from ll, a CMober, 10:0,
mimlvr of ti e Now Gritona Metliuul nuil
.Hirfcn. hI Jouri.al.
Hietlsti .al rTi.i-;. . t show Tcrjr con
'ti:vely tl.it tli" diluidle condition nH
tnin:lcs to tl, 1.'!ii'iiit and more of
rbroole iiilnio:,nry dis, a sr. ou Ui one li.iiid.
Ik "Xi tlie occm a. iy f.om tbo bind, and on
t'iuotócr, residence, ul certain altitud, sav
tnuii .'sD to fe. t, vibrre the snnllglil 1s
hlniiuU'il tlirons'.oiit t'.if year and tl.e all cotn-i-natcdy
ír.- from ';-i"0'i rw.
As ft natural ronsi .jc.i neo tl:t medical profes
sion ti.i nut broil li In testing and profiting
by tie llirr i i'uIIc er'.ct of fióse condition
tli.it .r nit ii-li f.ivo'.iMe pi:i.hjliittr rcs.ilt.
nt.d It m.iy be n-.l'l v.liti Utile four of contradlet
i.n ll it t, ,.!.. !'. c'n itlc treatment of chronic
piMM.t.iuy il;..n-a Is tlie ontt moot relied upon
t'.biii.g niwnt ..r'y ..d permanent results.
f.xl 11. r til. Iron. Hie iiipotdiospbltcs, out.
loor tstrclw. an ! '.) c many otl.cr tonic nicas,
i,. Mx.ftni rxmirt id to f"r liic ri'T0" ' r""
moving debility, are coming to be regarded a
biiiVex from rincrr.i'iiry t emergency, ralher
tmn obstruction itictmnlng tUe luiili'atle tide
of illviw. Oiin pro.t(ired by tlirae "ntt
late l.r. n ots, r.iil, Vmt tlicy are an uucortUn
ia tlicy arc ui'.c oniii m. and only acrre as fur
flier argument wh) Dime wlio dolre more than
tci;iiuiary a!)cvl.i:lou itioiild seek to iltiln tills
on.s. imin.it li, n by t'linifillate and permanent
rlianiro of ri l l. nT.
AVIieii wo cometo Ilia jiicntlon of tlie tl',,
(Iiiik ui. üku! ia. tloncr tilín aun nderlni a
rvniüiierulive cac for Hie aKe of principle and
the In n "t of llirs.ild c.ixc, and tlieslill more
linr.i.iUuit ono of the patient lcaimn a comfort
alile hnire, perimp! diaiiKinn the character of
bis bmliMvia Pccii,;itlon, to gn toanotlier country
T.lth utrane woi!e and surroiindliiKi, It must
be renioiiibtred thit It Is a chance fjr Ufo. avc.
ttjnewcd health and lKir thronch an Indeflulte
P-;lod of years. And tills chance tor tho
jiatlcnt Is to bo b:il.tnccd ae ilnst prolonged
invaltdls'n with death Its happiest outcome.
It Is not lutttudfd hero to liwell upon the ro
in irluMo tinuuinlty from puhiionary diseases
cnj'iTcd by sailors and seafaring people, ns Is
tlrtcncd, for ruainplc, by the rcry low death
rate f : out tbr.se glTi cllom In the Ainor'.c in and
llritUh navies, and immunity due In a lrt;e
tirotee to the asjtiaess and froedotu from con.
tnilr'inl -ll the respired tea n!r, toRcthrr with
the ronMunt exposure t sunllght. Hut as a life
on t!ie oivjii, cji-ept for studio ToyvKes, la not
piixitioalile to the majority of Invalids this
modo of.truit:ni-nt b.-coiiii'S tn.pllcableonly to
n.hilr.iiiliL of cas. s.
Many pl.vcs U,rou;hout tli o Unltod States
hae been extolled as heulth resorts for persons
threatened with or suffering from phthisis, and
a catalogue even of tüo m U prominent of tboin
would take np moie space than'can lie permit
tod In llila article, but few of them have beeu
found bent fkliU loiiKvr than one or two seasons
of each year, and as a result tbo unoffending
consumptive, constantly seeking a suitable
climate, has b-comrt, like the accursed Jew In
the 1, h'er.d. a wanderer on the faco of the earth.
The concensus of opinion giren forth by those
- who have un! ed climatology both In the old
and w world has been well expressed In the
following svnopsis drawn up by Dr. Charles
Deiislou, of l)i liver, Colo., v.blrh may be re-
g uded as the neceasary repi'.remnnts for any
illiuaUi in which tuburctikvii patients can ex'
pwt to attain permanent health.
1. Prynoas as op)osd to moisture.
t Coultiois or cold preforahla to warmth or
S. K roí ictlon as opposixl to sea level pres-iui-e.
t. Bunshliie as opposed to cloudiness.
Í. Vanabltity of temperature as opposed to
8. M irke I dlalberrancy of the air to be pre.
ferred to the smoky atmosphere of cities or the
ill-use air :ra!a of niolat currents.
7. Radiation and absorption of heat by rocks
and s.111 'y loams better that latent absorption
b; water and damp clay soils.
a. Mouiitaliiojs coiilluraiion of the country
('lulck drainage) contrasted with the fl.itucan,
etfl.jOf levol sections .
8. l'ieiUeiU electrical cliangns of atmosphere
aLso modérate winds (except In nuito cold weathl
er, pri'ferahli to continuous stillness of the all.
lo. Inland altitudes contrasted with rea air
(total abse:.o.. of land Influeuce); but in certain
rws sea vjy:i4'es and Island resirts to be pre.
ferrwl aa coiopromlse aubstltutei for hlh alti-
Ill answer to the questlou. Is there any portion
of our country that combines all of these various
reiilreuientsr we would answer emphatically,
yes; lu almost the w hole area of tho territories
of .New Mcrluo and Atizona, In portions of
Colorado, and the mountainous districts of Cali
fornia, may be found climates that coiifonn to
the foregoing rcquiremants. But New Mexico
pos'ses thetn to a 'greater degreo and over
a l-.in-er surface of country than any of the
New MutK-o covers an area of 1:1,300 sq'iare
nilla,wiib an elevation above the sea as foilows:
"inta l"e...
Lis wi ; s . . . .
A lloio'u rUe.
s- koi ro
Silver ny ..
les r'iuti.M...
(fintx re
Ijis V'vii.s . ..
Silver it y . ..
Ijis t ruces...
?nnla F ....
I.ss ei:,is ...
A KilKpHT'lt'O .
Hiivf r it y. . . .
Ijis t ruéi s ..
fK fl ft 1 ! 7
e.n tui iii . is
7 S l It Tt .1
Tt 4 rl I 77 M
TV V M ,Slt 19
77.Í bJ .ll H
lHSJ-K-TTKMHItn, 0cT0nr.11,
SllVF.'l II KM.
t17 4S I 7TI 1J
M O ll 1 M 10
U 4S 1.H-. T
M .i t 4
M I M .('
tr.H 64 2 I
i'l' .l -II KI K M II a H, J A K l' A n V ,
3V0 40 1.T7 Ü1
i 2 1 a '.'i 14
M í 4M .411
y i.t M 8
4(1 'i M l.'O 8
4i. M I hi T
47 t N 1.77 1
413 rH l.r.r 7
M M J.7 4
t5 t. .M 0
.Ml W IR 6
. t.7.i 3 .7l i
Santa f-e
l,si VeiiJs
hilvir ( Ity...
I -as Crucr..
Tic foiefolng flames are valuablo to the phy
sirlan liiannuch at they llluslrato (he general
cHrrnte of Nw Mexico and b-'eauso they enable
him to point out the most desirable resorts for
the different seasons of the year. For example.
It would be exceedingly uiiwlsa to send during
the winter months a patient from the Cult
states to any plce colder than bllvcr City or
Las Cruces, and equally so to have him go dur
ing the summer months to La Cruces, Boeorro
or Albuquerque
We now com to Bliver City, a mining town of
i.ooo Inhabitants, In the southwestern portion
of the Territory, with an elevation of 6,000 feet .
It Is Incaled partly on the hillsides and partly In
an arroyo 01 open valley Immediately surround
ed by hills about feet higher than the town,
aud more remotely by mountains on the north-
some 2,noo fret higher. The natural fall of the
main street tk2i feot to the mile. Its peculiar
location gives I a f-reat advantage over other
New Mexican towns, more particularly Albu
querque. Socorro and Ijis Cruces, Inasmuch as
surronndlng hills cut off the hard winds thntre
so duuigreeable nt all seasons on account of the
UiLit they carry, but more particularly In winter,
when the element of.cold Is a serious considera
tion. Dust and wind storms are much less
common '-t Silver City than in the valley of the
Itlo Crandc, and only an Invalid can testify to
the dlsagiccabloness of such conditions. The
water for tha supply of the town Is Intercepted
by a sort of underground dam about a mile
above, and Is supplied In Iron pipes. Mice that
which Is procured from wells along the Klo
tirande It Is "hard," and has a slightly alkaline
txsto, and without being at all an Ideal drinking
water. It serves Its purpose, and has never been
known to produce sickness. In a valley about
six miles long, above the waterworks, there are
but two or tliree residences, ko the danger from
contamination from animal excreta Is at a
The following figures given by Profeaor W
O. Waring, who has analysed tho water, show
that It 1st stierlor to that which supplies the
city of Denver;
nl.Jits im alunys c ol. HundroM Is 1
In New Wexl 'o - Hie di yni .s of the
prt-TfiiU excessive pertplM'Inn, a
anuoiaiire so common lo otlo r c
skin twins alwiys di7 exeept art
exercise. This ffstuie. tlie dryness of (tie
climate, Is apparvnt to the stranf.er fit every
turn. lie sees It In the iincruinMed adobe v!is
built by Apache and Pne'ilo Indians oser two
I hundred years sun, and the perbs t.ly preserved
household articles left by the Cliff L'welic rs In
prehistoric lime. He feels It In tli" dryness of
Ills bus In winter, and tbo stltiiess of his
stan bed collar In June. He notices that If hi
Ink bottle Is not corked he Is writing from 1
liaste Mislead of a fluid, that Ills leather goods
nvled an unusual amount of oHmx anil 111s
ncwsimi er Is brittle aim easily lorn. J lie
absence of dew permita camping out more than
half the year, a shelter being unneectsary
uurlnir 11. e summer months lo tlioso who have
a blanket In wiuen 111 wrap inemseives.
Atmospheric moisture Is due In part to vior
brought by the winds from dNtnrit bodies of
water, but chiefly to Hint drawn up by the sun
from the damp soil or the standing or running
water of a given locality. We have seen already
tbnt the Inns have Ik-cii deprived of most of
tlieir miVs'.'ire before r-.ehlnir New Mexico, and
can therefore contribuí but IIUlc to its humidity,
Examining the topography of the country we
find no lakes or standing pools about Hilver City
while the nearest river, the Gila, Is tlilrty-llve
miles away. Accurate figures for comparing
prominent plactR for the same year are difficult
to obtnln. but the following will show the
advantages In humidity posvessed by Hilver City
over the twe great resorts on tho eastern aud
wesinrn coasts of the United Btatcs
Jacksonville and 8an Diego:
Moan relative humidity for the year ending
July 1, liinl 1
1 were a few years ac victims of nsthena
brorl,. br.ne 1,'IU, ll eioent phthisis, or unre
lve. rmrvimnioa. f'siine were snt7. Ten from,
v ied c.tcx of iditiiisls wllh cavl Irs, tind were
can ie i pi tu Ir lloaróle'' places on cniiirs or in a
t, h"r. 'Iliesft, .f course, are fewer in irini-
l r, but they form a large percental."'. W iny
plilliisic.il patient have come out only to die,
having waited too long before taking the final
step of eiiAiiun of climate, which for tills reason
proves too often a fatal step.
As'hmntles gain oemfort Immediately In the
lear, puro al., and persons who have run down
mpldiy sis-rii to pick up nesn equally as last.
Jironlc c vses Improve slowly but steadily.
A mistake made by many Is In expecting too
much of tilt' climate, aud they either remain III
door too much, taking little exerrlso, or over
exert themselves In d inning or other amuse
ments, sM'ndlng too much time out doors on cold
Ill these lil;h altitude the sou Is the grent
life giver, whose movement should bo carefully
watched, .vid 110 liuialld should venture abroad
without bis companionship.
Folly la matters of common sense ha caused
the Ions of many lives In this region. We know
of a young man with tuberculosis of tho lung
who walked seven miles to a dance after night-
fnll twice, a week. In less toan six nwut'i! after
bis coming be wu taken home a corpse. An
other fatal caw was a young man with the same
disease who contracted pneumonia by being
caught In a hailstorm while hunting in winter
hljih up In the Organ mountain.
Other eases ? :fcht be mentioned, but they only
go to show that patients can not tie cured In
spite of themselves even In New Mexico.
Silver Clly.N. M
Haulii l'c, N. M
San Diego, Cal
,laek-on tile. K(a...,
si. Paul. Minn
San Antonio, Texas.
Ponton, Mass
New Vor: City
Chlemro, 111
curious Chinese customs.
A Brida' Salutation to Her IJaaband Etoot
u4 Ul Itspnns.
A Chlneno paper d ascribes some amn
Ing marrispo oustomi. In a nroill
mountain viiltwe Ixitwecn Kngfl and
Etcha the brida como to Ibe bride
groom' gate and bawla Oiit to him.
"H;llo, brotberl I vecome."
To which the other replloi, "Olaa
The bride then appeals 10 mux,
"You'll never foreakeiiio?"
And the bridegroom answers her,
"We'll earn our living together."
With these aesnrances the bride comes
Into the honne, followed by a long pro
cesslon of well wiBhers, old and young.
CheaD. mnddy sake is dlBtnbutod to
thw.n, and they commence dancing and
are not content until the floor gives way.
when thoy clap their hands, crying.
How auspicious!" and take thuir
At Kuiita, in Echizen, the betrothal
takes place when tlse parties are 8 or 9.
The boy s parents and a doputation,
numbering from five lo fifteen, proceed
to the girl'a family, who, anticipating
their coming, spread mats before tho
bouses and await them. After the usual
salutation the deputation present aa a
betrothal present pieces of hand woven
cloth for cushions and at the same time
praises, the girl's family, who return
the compliment with interest. Here
the ceremony ends, and the deputation
ta'ae their departure.
When the bov is 15 or thereabouts,
Mexico, upon which sumcient stress has not I fca to ita witn fcig betrotbed's
been laid, Is the increased electrical tension of ,,,,,, ,, ru. u- ft mBniHl .t the
It is not Intended here to prove or expand
upon the five requisite conditions laid down by
Dr. Denlsoi', and for further Information the
reader Is referred to the article already
quoted. The conditions are found only In high
fnland altitudes, and Hilver City Is 0,000 above
aud many hundreds Of miles away from the sea
Patients wtth asthma, bronchitis or Incipient
phthisis may come to Hllvor City direct without
fear of danger from the altitude, but If the
heart Is weak, or tt hemorrhage has been very
recent, It were well to stop over for a month at
El I'aso or Ijis Cruces, with altitude of 8.764
feet and 4.000 feet respectively. Tho weaker
the patient ihe more prolonged'tshnuld be his
lourney to high altitudes. The opinion of
medical men aa to the effect of the climate of
New Mexico upon patients with organic heart
disease vary considerably, but the writer Is with
the majority when he advises such patient not
to go higher than 4,000 feet 0 to put It more
practically, no further north than Ias Cruces or
La Mesilla. The render will observe that with
one exception the altitude of the stations here
given Increases from south to north causing a
much more marked dlfBcrence of temperature
than would be produced by latitude alono, and
the advantages of climate enjoyed by Hilver City
are due In part to tho fact that while It Is
nearly as far south as Las Cruces It has an
altitude of 2,000 feet more.
An Interesting feature of the climate of New
rj x
::::: 4
:::::: h
::::! 8
Grs. per gal.
o-ai.fio- total hai d-
oy nesa,
I His. per gal
: f ! ! oca Ion, perina
I nent hard-
I ness.
at- Grs per pal-
. . r'-'.. Ion ciilo-
SSSjKSS riue.
k.'S Parts per
6u2 tm. gals,
o o f f r e e
gaga '"""
k t 2 Parts mill.
pal. of al
eo iiiii'iinold
b-'-c o auimonla.
-ji -3
íyn sonare miles.
Sl.tuf S'i'iare miles.
fo,''il 'piare miles,
1c,ai s piare luiles.
.t.OfMfeetor less.
.4,jilto 5 l"U l-et.
,..inl lo 7,llmt feet.
.7,tA fitct ud over.
l.!l,inu s-iuaro lulles.
As the requisite conditions of climate are not
marked under an all ilude of x.ono feet, and as nu
portloa of the Turnpiry I lower thau 8,600 feet
It behoove us to con-pare the dlffureut re.iorts
aud examine tuto their relative merits. There
are a number of pluces lu New MliIlo w 1th vie"
xatlona of over i.om feet which aro couiiara
tively dty, bjt asm my are m mountainous dii
tricU thry are apt lo bave too much preclpatton,
aud are therefore to be avoldud by tli a Invalid.
A glance it the map of New Mexico will show
that It I about mijway belw.-e n the oceans, and
coaUiDi on 111 western border, running its whule
lerg'.u from north to south, the great continental
divide, separating the w(ers that flow Into tlie
Pacific frui.i thoso that Bow Into the Atlantic, It
cutanea) fruui the oceau thus ixjriiilU a Urge
amount tt loolsiur to be lost by the winds as
ttn yw)-p over the eonllueut, becoming qulM
dry by ths time New Mexico Is reached. Thus
the fall sul wiuter wludj w'dch, Udd a with ta
ps frota Uis PiuNDe, make those seanou la
California aud Ariiou excecJluly UüuicabU,
P-se much of tlieir moisture la the latter
territory on tlie wesiera slop of the continen
tal divi Jd, and de cot roaeb New Mexico until
Jauary, wheo rata Is piocipted only over
iu rrj local lciS.
Tho rain) season of New Mexli-o eoines at the
Unit lul It 1 moil deviled by the Invalid rel
d ot-ln Biidsuiinuer, wbeit over 'ju p r cent, of
the tutU anaual rainfall uccurrs, thus clearing
the a r uf onjri.les that are moat likely to do
duua'c at tills f'a'n, and adding greatly to tlie
geiwral cooine'S of tUe we.aiisr. This advant
ae aloes would give superiority to the sinuate
of New Sl.iii o over that of California, riven In
Hi rainy Sea an tlie ra.u fills dorlng oul y two
or llirix hours of tlu Uy; In tlilvw ( ily, fur ln
stince, tl.e rlaud ga'i.cr about uoou and pie
Ci lalmg 3.1 i ur t o tiol k.
'l L slm iic 6oii Juii.ii r"fei re i so as neces
sary fur tul t-icalou palJeuU, a ha hue a Mild,
re loi.nd t1 -roottho'it the 'J-inlsiry with Hit
exerp'-lou of th hi,;!. t ut peak.
Itcpoit fruio tt.j f.,!)i log t:x Mexican
t.Mra bars tie o ,H-ured for Compat ieoa : 4aQla
, IjLJi I, -t; I s Vr,;w, . ft: Albu'iiwr-
S i
The natural fall of the long streets of the town
from north to south Insures rapid and thorough
drainage, and the floods that sometimes come
down from the mountains and pour through the
streets for two or three hours In summer time
often serve as scavengers, removing debris and
animal excrement, besides laying tlie dust. Iu
a short timo after the disappearance of the
floods the atmosphere and street are dry acaln
as before. Unless 11 be PanU Ye, there Is pro
bably uo city In New Mexico to which are ap
plicable the following conclusions of Dr. buch
anan, who has Investlgatasd the subject of
phthisis In Hurrey, Kent and Husnex, England ;
"Thole Is less phthisis among populations
living on pervious soil than among populations
living on Impervlou soil.
'There is lens phthisis among persons living
on higu-lyliig pervious soils than among popula
tion living on low lying pervious soils.
"There 1 less phthisis among populations
living on sloping Impervious soils than among
population living on llat Impervious soils."
lint the chief advantage that Silver City pos
sesv:s over other places In New Mexico Is the
fact that her climate la suiUible to the Invalid at
all season of the year. If bu Is cold In winter
be has but to walk lu the sun to become warm
again, aud If too hut In summer lie need ouly
seek the shade to And a comfortable coolness;
but It may be safely said that there are not ten
days lu the year lu whhti an invalid who Is able
to leave the bouse ca.inot spend mint of his
time In the open air. This point of life lu tlie
oien air must be accentuated, for ll has been
truly said that all cliinalt-s are tlie same lu
ltt-ferrltig to the figures given we see that In
the summer of IbVi Hilver City was the third
euolert of the six towns of which we bave re.
port, tt man ta-inpc raturo being 71 8 deg. Fah
renheit, having Irs rainfall thau the two cltlei
lbt are recordad a cooler.
June 1 by Ur It niont dtaag reeadle month.
doMhllcis, because the rainy ceason, which
brglu In the middle of July and hut to tlie end
of August, ba not yet set lu. Iu tlie autumn o
UM Hilver City bad less lain than any of the
towns enumerated save Hoeorro, and, with a
nivan trin pe ratine of 66. 1- dg.,- continuos to
rank as tlie third coolest city, lu the wiuter of
1H-JV) we find that with a precipitation less,
tliaa that of Ias Cruets It ranks next to that
Placas lu warn. 111. or. lu other wolds, though a
little colder. It Is alio dryer. It Is but fair to say
however, tnat the records of a number of Jeai s
show that tiie luoelpiUUou at Im Cruces Is, If
anything, a Hule U thau II Is at f.l ver City.
Coming to Hie spring of lnia'i, we find that
Hilver Clly U a.Uln preclpiutlii; but all of the
ratu and suow fell lu the spaa of five days, the
remaining eii:tityacvea being clear. A to
temporal ore we find Hint, In the sumiller and
sutiiinn. It Is tb tlmd eooicst uf the group.
Prom v.hut we have seen, then, It Is apparent
that Hilver I Ity p" awl alaiitir'e of telil
p. raturv f,,r ti") four n"iil nip, ri,,r to tlie
other pi.wr. Colisld.ffd. i llol4íh Cod ill Wllitel
il Is ih I too col l for the lnlid to vrniure out,
nod Ih0ii,;ii vtarm Uur'.r g poiiloiisof Uní aoi'i
iihI (JsurJ it 1 pltasinl lu tUe shade, Ithi t-'.c
the body experienced In tho eold days of winter
The therapeutic effect of this Is far reaching, In
asmuch as It Involves other forms of debility
than that produced by pulmonary disease, and
more particularly diseases of the nervous sys
Upon this subject Dr. F. W. Seward of Goshen
N. V., has said in au article read in 1KM before
the American Health Uesort Association:-
Lessened Induction of electric fluid
rise to a more positive state of the body. A pos
itive state Is one of energy, functional activity,
and consequently of Increased nutrition and
strength. It lias been demonstrated within a
comparatively recent date that men employed
about electrical works, and particularly on elec
tric streut cars, or where there is a large Induc
tion of electric fluid, liave.experleiieed Immunity
in ajlarge degree from chronic ailments. The
atmosphere Immediately about them Is heavily
charged with electricity, hence that within does
not now from them. 'Virtue' has uot gone out
of them. It la a question If tlie enervation we
experience from warm, damp weather Is not
largely duo to the rapid outflow of electric, cur
rent, or lu other words, to a mere negative state
of the system. Contrast with this enervation
tie stimulating Influence of a clear, crisp atmos
phere, when the humidity Is congealed and the
air becomes a less perfect conductor.
In studying the climatology of our country
from thisstandpoliit.aud admitting tho value of
the above mentioned attributes, as one must, I
in ready to afllriu that In no other section will
the perfection of these be so nearly lound, or
approached, as In New Mexico."
The present writer recalls several occasions
during the past winter when, alter a walk In the
hills about Silver City, he shook hands with per
sons causing them to start at the electric shock
received In the touch of fingers. Exercising In
the dry air he fiad become clmrgcd with elec
tricity, and ou tlie first contact hud discharged
the fluid like the shock from a Leydun Jar,
A lady residing in Silver City, who basa heavy
suit of hair which she is fond of having combed
by a companion, lias been compelled to forego
this process lu cold weather ou account of the
burning ptiln produced by IL
To those who have faith lu the efficacy of pine
foreats. it may bo said that the mountains about
Sliver Cltv are covered with these trees, and
may be reached In a fifteen minutes walk to the
north, east or wont. The hills of the town
priqier aro almost without trees, being covered
with bear grass and varieties of the maguey
plaut. Closer In are large native Cottonwood
trees, which afford excellent shade, aud are
lound throughout the country wherever there is
human hubitution.
The accomodations are good, as to board and
lodglug, and there are several well conducted
rehUiiiranU in the town.
The hills abound lu doves, wild pigeons, quail
and nibbits, aud further out lu the mountains
are bear, deer and auudope. Duck hunters who
go as far as the Gila river are usually rewarded
w ith plenty of game.
The roads tJiout Hilver City are for the most
pail quite good and are used by a number of
persons of all ages aud both sexes w hulhave bl
In endorsing Sliver City It baa been the Intent
ion of the writer to show at the same tune the
advantages of climate poasosaed by the whule
Territory, holding up the former place more as a
type of New Mexican resort rather than the
sole desirable one. Silver City has no one prop
erty of climate lu which It Is uot equaled by some
other locality, and It is lu the lout tiuumblt
alone that It can claim lis superiority.
Much has boon written of Colorado as a resort
for consumptive and It deserves much of the
praise It has received, as Is evidenced by the
number of cures which have taken place there,
but the Intense cold uf Its winter climate aud
tlie many days, relatively. In wliicl snow lie
upon the ground, are causing Invalids to look
fui thur south for a balmier climate. New Mux
leo possesses all the advantages claimed for
Colorado, with the added one of a more temper
ate winter.
The hot springs which abound lu all portions
of the Turnlory have bcru found of great value
lu rheuinatlo diseases, and ruad only to be
known to be patronized. This latter remark
will apply to all of New Mexico, which has
until recently, been regarded as little better
than a desert, but which In becoming known to
the piofi sslou as Hjsesslug advantages to tho
patient r.ith weak lungs that are not equaled
any w nero 1,1 me i.uuuj stales, and which arc
not excelled, pel haps, uyhcie In the eiillted
The class of patients receiving most Ix uclH In
New Molióme, naturally, those that aieablc
to get aoout add reax-lve ail the hen, tits of suu
lUht and luodctat exercise. Hieie aid biiu
diejj of Luiiihy pel sons 11 Uie Tsrittory today
Louse for a yoar, after which be is sent
home in fine apparel, boon alter tne
girl comes to her lover's bouse, accom
panied with rnaUo muslo ana songs.
The noise and bustle are as great as on
the festival day of the tutelary god.
When tbo girl comes to the bouse,
cushions made of the cloth g!7en by her
How He fr '' irimsrif l-i,t,.ti
f rnptent I rrsoo.
A Etont and dot.-i tn!n-l i.MuMng M1
W'.th white chin wiiihkor. gray iinir
brushed severely linrk from hi forehced
nd gold f pei'tH'-h 8 on Lis j ruTiilrjent
ritmo enfervd a rcMaiinirt In V'or.iteonlü
street at the "rrmti" hour and strodii
raj. idly to one of the tables at whirh
there was A vacant seat, lie linri a
stont cane on tho lmtisck far tip en th
Wall nenr the end of tlie tulilo find vns
diverting; bimeolf of his overcoat whoa
he bnppencd to tv tlt'O that the wnitot.
was about lcsvinrr the table with ordor
for lbs other men.
;'IIold on & minuto, younir fellrr, and
take my order, too," he shouted. "Brlnf,
me some tinsh, with poached c?yrs on it,
and a couple cf sinkers snd some coiled
In a horry."
Then he finished taking off Ills over
coat and tried to bang it on whr-t ti
probably thoni'ht wss a peg of the hat
rack, but be bit on the end of his cans
Instead, and the coat Hupped úovva on
the floor, while the cans, afior knock
ing several hats off the rack, fell on tbs
head of a man neer the wall and then
bonndod on the table with force cnontth
to break several dishes and scatter cofTos
and trravv about proinlsouovjfily. Ths
men at the table picked up thoir bat!
and began to say unpleasant things, bul
they were quickly awed to silence by
the stout man, who deoured with a fog
horn voloe:
"It's an Infernal outrage for a man to
keep snob a rack as that in bis place. II
I was rnnnlng this house, I'd see that
tbero'd be decent an arguments for folkJ
who patronized it."
Then be slammed bis cane back on
the rack, hung his overcoat on a reg
and eat down to glare at the waiter, who
cleared away ths broken dishes and
wiped np ths spilled coffee and gravy
with fresh napkins. Two minutos after
ths waiter bad left the table the stout
man began to gmmble.
'I guees," be said, "that he has gonf
down town to buy the mest to roakv
that bash with. lie most have besa
born late in the day. I said I was in s
hurry, and now I suppose he will take all
day. If I don't get what I ordered right
away, I'm going to leave.
Then the waiter came with the hash,
sink cis and coffee, and the t'out man
made them disappear in a way that
showed be vas a "bustler." ,When hil
Jaws had ceased to work, he yelled fol
bis check and made a grab at his over
coat ard CBDe. There was another show
er of bats from the rack, but tho man
In a hurry did not stop to pick them np.
lie evidently wss too angry to say more.
The other men did not try to detain him,
but one of them said;
"That man must have been born te
foro daylight."
There were some expressions of assent
to the remark, and then another man
rounded It off with the declaration,
"And bt Is trying the best be knowi
bow to make other men wish he never
had been born at all." New York
l c,
', , - -.'-o,,; 1 Vti" v C i t
í 1 ir. J-i-i.-e' l 'l-
V. - v-.ii e 1 1 i !; ' or
j"""' ; f-l.s thi' ii ii :,i -f
r s ill t'i't'ire, t,-p"i
' . .. ' end i an ; er to
' " le l It tnol ,o r end
child, bv at Unit Nature i't p" h-z the
nvotrm li .r Tartu tit l-n. Thereby "l.iieu"
and !-'' the period r.f ronf.netnent are
f-renlly t.h.irtcoe.1. It al- pnnu-te n
abundant secret! n f nm isdmictit ior
the child. Ilnrii'ir pr' i nnm-v, It pre
vent "morning ic'iir-s" ni Ilion
(h'dieoslnft muyóos j tnj-toiiis (rom
Vthiih many s.ii.tr.
TliTTf, Coi't C" , Texat.
Dp R. V. Pifbi n, Huff.iio, M. Y. :
Dtar .SVr I toc-lr. your " V'nvorMe Pre
scription " previous to cr-nfiuemeet end
never did so well in toy life. It is on i y
tveo week since my rnnflr.ement and 1 am
able to lio my worn. I feel tiirongsr th-'in I
ever did in sn week lx fore.
Yours truly,
J3 , ?S SS
Cou!iivc3t Cattlemen
.O. A,
.ncl-tc.i. i,
i !
, sfiform ffnii'tv, N M, ll.ngft, Si
All In t
r solo i,,
We deal!
tll'OVO de
the uriesi
"iis iiniai'
ft rlí'.f m
ftt'i nni iVir,fi
!! iMi"i( T H OI)
nnv i rt nf tim
li'' M'Ml, f))4lM
H.I In"''- ndi fit
tiO lr b riil(i
.,. "f elite hrnded W H on left b
t J on Pota jaws. Ludei.ieae
i.nfiff PKWAlin.
to erill n'tefO lon l.'i our br'irnts
ibul. Wewilli ilv (I.OO reward 'be
ret conviction ol any ts-rsnti or per-
lully hundiiiig any l,nk lu tie-so
Snulfi Ptml. I'aiift Co., K'úsh.
DR. R. V. Pifbck. HuíTalo, N. Y.
VarSirl began taking your "Favor
lie Prescription" tin 6r3t month of prrj
tiancv, n'l have con- - v
tinned takinjf it since I
confinement. I old not
expeyenee tb nauuca
or any of the ailment
due to presr'ieucy, after
I began taking your
" Prcpcnpuon. '' I w -
I. I..K.,. .tirl
ui'iy . --v
time, and the physicians 1 ' o , V
a. J I got nlony tin- i V
usually well. mt.
We think it saved me
a grent deal of suílcriiiír. 1 was troubled a
(treat deal wiih leticorrhea at3o, and it has
dons a world of good for me.
Yours truly,
Mas. W. C. EASEK.
Ills Work.
"IJavo you done artylliing for
tbo social freedom of woman?"
asked the lady with eyeglasses.
"No'm," said the judge, who sat
in divorce cnse3 and was a cynK,
'but I've done a heap for the
emancipation of man." Chicago
Vf. M.
Pit Any.
Additional brand
on r'f ht sbeul-
der. IIo'io brand
II on left shoulder,
llantve on WhltO
v,,ilst Cici:!:.
nnchKWh ii -water Flinch.
I' ? C'-irilic Adilns, Mllver Ciy.N. M.
Monntiit foul Oiálüfl
1 .
norí-u OI c nver voy
P. O. Addrcm,
SllvsrCH H'.M
DUpoaln; of Dlfflcutty,
Judge Kent once in a very aensibli
nd summary fashion disposed of a quib
ble such as lawyers so often sot np In
Infers uf their clients. A man WSS ln-
elves I parents are piled one upon another for dieted for burglary, aud the evidence on
ber to sit npon. ua mese cuentona me the trial showed that it consisted in cut-
thrice repeated exchange of tae tripla
wine cups, the most important cere
mony at a wedding, takes place.
Stringing Piolares.
The one thing that is unforgivable In
picture hanging la to string them along
the walls in a lino. Thuir loneliness is
pitiable. Next to that crime is the one
cf arranging cxaotly symmetrical
groups, suggestive of nothing so much
a lesson in geometry. Uroup pic
tures, group them graoef ally, but don't,
when one has succeeded in making a
graceful bunch on one side of tho fire
place, reproduce it eaaotly on the other
According to one who speaks with
the emphasis of authority, dolicately
framed watei colors are the only proper
things for the drawing room, magnifi
cent olla for the library and ball, and
etchings and engravings for the dining
room. Meantime those who do as they
fdeuee will continue to bang their etch
nga, water colors and oils exactly where
thoy will gain most pleasure from them,
taking card only not to place side by
aide ridiculously inharmonious things.
The smaller the ploture, or the more
full of detail, the nearer the level of
the eye it should bang. Sometimes two
parallel wires are brought straight up
to separate books on the picture mold
ing, but generally the old fashioned an
gla of wire Is niado. Gold and silver
wires are generally used, but It is said
(bat small steel and iron chains are to
be o sed this winter for banging dark
framed engravings and etchings. Soms
of the daintier pictures, instead of be
ing bung from the moldings, bave wires
stretched tightly across the back and
are caught invisibly on small screws.
Now York Journal.
A Servant's Inatrwetfou.
The following rules of conduct for
servants are said to be found in a Liv
erpool household i
borvants who have the good fortuna
to reside in my bouse must co-operate
with the following rulest
They must be np punctually at 8.
Have all meals punctually to time.
Must be clean and tidy in their per
sons, and at their work must not bs
spoken to.
Must not speak at the doors to any
of the tradespeople.
Must not slug.
Mast not wear heavy boots.
Must close doors quit-tly.
Mast stand meekly while being re
proved. Must net answer back,
Mnst be obliging and cheerful.
Must be willing to stay in any Sun
day or day out whon required, and when
asked to do anything to do it Quickly
and well and show no luiputiouco or ill
temper, aa Mr. butts thut.
Mutit put np with fault finding and
complaining whenever Mr. wishes
to fault Cud or complain.
Mr. likes ti le called at T.
Takes tea at 80 past 7, towel at 20 to 8
and brenbfi'st at 8 prompt, and will not
wait a tiiinuts, and uo nonsuitae.
Uy of dor, Mr. .
Loudon Million.
ting a hole through a tent in which sev
eral persons were sleeping and then In
trodnclng bis bead and arm through tha
bole and abstracting various articles ol
It was claimed by prisoner's councsl
that Inasmuch as be rever actually en
tered the tent with bis whole body b
bad not committed the offense charged
and must therefore be acquitted.
The Judge In reply to this plea told
the Jury thut if they were not satisfied
that the whole man was Involved In ths
crime they might bring in a verdict cl
guilty against so much of blin as wal
thus involved.
Ths fury, after a brief consultation,
found the right arm, the right shoulder
and the head of the prisoner guilty ot
tbo offense of burglary,
The Judge therefore sentenced ths
rluht arm, the right shoulder aud bead
to Imprisonment with hard labor In thi
state prison for two years, remarking
that, as to the rest of the man's body, hi
might do with it what be pleased.
Green Bag.
Early Effort at Making Cook Stove.
Doubtless some form of cooking stovi
bag been used from a very early period,
Previous to 1743 the stoves of all kindi
used in America were Imported from
Holland or Germany, but In that yeai
a stove was invented by Denjainln
Franklin that was a great imtirovouieial
on all that had preceded it. In 1771 h
ontinued bis inventions In this line an
producud a etove for burning bitum
noas coal which consumed its own emok
and another which, after being filed a
tha top, could be Inverted and made t
born from the base. Between neo an
1793 several iinproveuieuts In stoves.
oveus, heating and cooking apparutui
were made by Count fiuniford, and ai
early as 1798 bis soapstono Hnwd rangei
had been Introduced iu New York and
were coming gradually Into general use.
Lt. Louis Eepobllo.
Among the Nova Scotian items
my recent "giimpsoa at tne
transmigration of jokes, it eeenifl I
might have included tho hit given
Jude Marshall by an Indian
whom he had fined. The Jlic-mac
paid his fino and requested a re
ceipt. On being asked hia reason
he eaid that when he reached the
gate of heaven, St Peter might
cok at his record and observe that
he had been diunk and disorderly.
But I pr.id Judge Marshall ten
dollars for that, I would explain,"
continued tho Indian. ".Let us
see the receipt, St. Teter rayat
say; &m! how could I go all -fet
hell to find you?" Ex.
Dr. Price' Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Ugliest Award.
e-- - "
llubieB of the true pigoon-blood
color are bo rare that they are
worth ton times their weight in di
In spite of outgoing gold and
sinking lreasury reserves, small
railroad earnings, . some injury to
crops and increased trouble iu tho
coke regions, the toue and the out
look are more hopeful. After
making a now low record at Cii
cents, wheat advanced 1 cents and
corn 5 cents. Western receipts
of wheat were 0,400,254 bushels
against 4,002,C3G last year, which
does not tmcourago notions of a
short yield.
The republicana are frantically
trying to convince the people that
democratic laws aro responsible
for tlie present hard times. lue
McKinley law is still in full force
and effect, but the chief cause o
the trouble is republicanism
Btraight. -Socorro Advertiser.
There are more than 8,000 articles of
various descriptions, that were lost by
visit-i during the World's fair sou.'iou,
ttuio 1 away iu a ro-ui i f the old Hi rviis
building at Jseksoti i trk a w siting idiélut-ants.
A Hard Time Story.
old negro woman, and the usual saluta
tions, with Ly questions as to the health
and buppiness of the families, wen
pawed. "Does you' muintny still take ia
washing" asksd the older. "Yes'm,"
replied the younger. "She been doing
washing for Mr. Blank down here at
Mrs. boarding bouse, but be sayi
times is too hard, to have clotnes wash
ed, and I dunno what sbo gwlno to ds
Bow." Valdría (Cia.) Telescope.
Lonls KosMuth did not like the name
by which l'unoail hull is known. Bnid
he, "I do not like tlie idea that you call
this plac 'the cradlu of liberty, 'for
cradle scents of mortality, and liberty
U immortal. "
Newton abundonod the idea of pub
lishing several of his works for four of
erltioinin. They were loft in liiaiiiiniulpt
and were published aftor Lis duuth.
Not a Good Sabstttut.
Guide Ladies and gcutlcnion, ri;; Lt
here among these cllils is a soii,loittil
echo. A pistol shot Is repeat J 1 3 ti nun.
Is there a gentleman herefrom Die went.
If so, will heploaiiediscburtollsi iutol?
Man From Kentucky I duu'i to
muuh ou a gun, but if you cao r.o a
'lovia luoU bowie) kidfe I've got cim
ribt on huiid iu it y Lwt.--A nam i. ,i
ludiltlU led.
( ,S liii i , !
a Mil -
I'i 1 -
Lii SU
n hil
KJ w Li Li
! 6 I t 1 ( I ,111 f
Itsnp :
ai i
is.. ,
! l.
Florae TtrrtndJ
HlgutllalgU Í
tower, Mid
and west
able of Hurro Ml.
j Additional brands
i circle lett side. croM
j On leiv eij, i ci"
j iienieu, iiAiii. uhi
I in iri of 24 connected
arid til connected, cir-
ib u'.upy tut vy
SThpn sold. rented
J on ahuulrtor.
P. O. Ad lieas, HAltr BliO',.,
Loitlsbuig, Now Mexico
(Societies SO slds
on Right Hip.
Range i Ciipsr Mlm :
P.O. Address,
IAS. M. " limn.
' lieorgctuwn.fl. u
hi w
... .WsaflBlAS-ltiJKflrf
SllMI VIclPltTOf
Eat and warn
P 0, Address,
Gi.0. wrLLlA18.
Hudaon.N. H.
V ''ilMBl'SWf''' i
L An ti
N. M.
Unnee Fast slds
Moeotion ni o ti n -tnins,
ou Negrita
Aildilion.il brand.
tritiiigle rull left
Horse brand
left hip.
A 1
r n ft n
Y - f E
rr., , iin,-r aiül un horv t oiHuum.
H Í ? 4V t (., wild UaVi) liitajir t' '
tai a i
lc-jl ai J :.irf J iiiü tk xi t f
U i .1. ;i aiJ
- ?
wra-m: In i't
'!.M ! il- 1 1 y Oof
lr.fl C'f
ttiu 9-lil la. . Ai
. I. A tl.ll!
nun 1'OlrnlM hi-
're l
,11': V-
.. ul 1,-
Le w to nu.
i.f luvjll.
,a ft To. rcf,a e
A met lei. ti, s -l
ai'. Me wo ii-
n F I 'm , I I :
,', I i. y r i i ' J
,, ,o K hi lu
i e t
A Á 1-VJM AUK suua, uut in.u-aKJ.Ar.
l.iiíW-w,. ..a a. J ..ii.-aiIJ. i 0
t 'i r i j r r-a i i LEh:iLLJi
r.;-;Ut' UTiVv f JTI HNATTOT7AT,
CYPüiLic, cccunirrr...,
AM DallCétU cr í'rlvato r.ís.lr.d8S.
Bond 4 tt. for tbelr new l0-pte book.
CUNtiCLT.il IOK litiS,
Cull njiou, er ailJrer wltti tnrnp,
SJL'9 Snviitueiith Struct, corner Curtí,
A nent, luiiidy uml vnlunbld
nEFsnnTC3 booh
llllrl l.Ocn Itü IIC'I by STATE OHi: S .1.11 1'.
I. IMJ ( 0 .ill' A.N V of tbiei-iiy. ltniu-H
II, inotlii d of huii j liiic; Htid .,!l,ii!f on-a,
litol IJ full of liibii.blu l.-.l.l.-S f w -irliili-,
loe i.-Ui' Ill" o O't I'V Ili'-.irS Hil'i -1
ml. -i. It 1 Í inoMhe l fio.i t,i nl! v!,o
w i .: o b r i I,.
'I he ..'iniii.r Id-l-r-tiy m,l 'I i ,i u ,,tti.iti,
.), L t ii, (.' o.O.
111:- i
i I i t'-iy, m " i.n.g, !
I i A i Hir.iTY in ll'.sr Í'. lm! o, ne J
tl. . ,,.-.i o. ......M..I ..,i..ie n " I
J lVi,l li.n 1-1' '; 1 t'i!. in... i'.n-
i.....-. i.ei.1. '. i ' i'! " ' - 11
lull. ,11 l l It .11 I...VU, ul 4., s-J 2
'i orí ') ir.v.thi'tl L In ti e I
,., I, ll I,, l I !. I !.e i - a-1 . r - , j-.
-. , a, ,,,.,il. 1.,1 ts-li a, local', i. f
y - s.
A'W'CI-flor Of th9
Ten Tesra fuent
In If, Iso,:', 11 il
itorn en. il " -l, nod
inore H ail jas.jOcsj
í? ví r liú'ly
Hlli.l.td In 11 I':.-
l,o, I e.iin i v. It sia-
l,v.t,r il aa 1 1 1)111 si I. ,
eon, t-ri.n mo to
1 7:
' .' lili I .
- "

hilad. Inlii.t. 1'a
yon ve como.
4.V - !; JJ..crn.. t-1 ; Klin t ity,
f , t ani V Ci j . 4 ) feet. 'J i. y are
. ,..l mw'li'i ci-.iilii t- Ut".tudv.tiiia
:1 i it V .11 ) Ul' t f-.l-s-l Bolill ai.d
' i. -s.i.t.i: i I.H n.'.K ) f an 'est '" .t!l
. , , i , I" . , j a, I I-.i i'i i. . ure aii
v - y i I í 1, I 1. 1 a :m.-', as in. il fliws
. . , , .J. 1 y j'l tl.o I e f t'.
A yonng negro girl was met by as
l't,-ii!!i t;iku ti-r. u ??
Pí'fOKW fíoí iff Hi tli r-i iiull'
lliUatl ftre Druuitit msíu. iV Imí.
out en-fi t v.í in i-.i-r. i n
r"!ifil nft't v. - i"-' - s.')' 1 1 f itf- i j
le i . . at . ii r : 1 i a t' t hp v i :
--r i. v i m vtr. II. -'-i t
I'.ittiS'! A t iii iuu, t-ii'.i iv, s
r ..... i -
IM H i. j Ill (M-l-.tf. A.-.t t
I: -, W.l'l pi; rirJ. ecn ,t 1"
J G. X- '. V'-irijin to. ' "' S
i-ivj,V V 1v V a - V - - v . v- -

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