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otttljern Jtmt&atl.
McMlnnvffle, Tenn., 1 1 April U, 1880.
We understand the Irving College
enterprise ia succeeding finely,
We are informed that Dr. Retimes,
of Short Mountain, got his arm broken
A few days since.
Charles Etter cut the end of his fin
ger off last Wednesday with tin shears.
Dr. Faine dressed the wound.
Elder II. L. Walling will preach
to-morrow at Green Hill, ou Barren
35 bogs, averaging about 130 lbs.
each, and nearly all berkshire, for sale
by L. C. Turpin. apr24-lt.
A man died of liver complaint t One
dollar's worth of " BLACK-DRAUGHT "
would have aaved Lis life.
For sale by J. B. Ritchcy.
Ask Brewer & Northcut this even
ing if those Green ripe apples have
come, and don't get mad if they have
The Warren House will be opened
early for Summer boarders, under Mrs.
B. J. Hill's management, assisted by
R. T. Lane in the office. Send for
new circulars.
Find the area of a Trapezoid, whose
bides respectively are 20 and 30 rods,
and whose width is 80 feet, the answer
to be in acres. For the students of C.
F. College.
The remains of Col. Thos. B. Mur
ray and his daughter Fannie, were re
t. moved from the family burying ground
to the new City Cemetery on Thursday
last, superintended by Mr. L. C. Tjur-
John Carter was arrested last week
by Marshal Phelps and carried before
the town authorities and fined $50 and
posts, and sent to jail for 50 days for
carrying a pidtol, and other disorderly
Don't forget it, that the Standard
is all printed at home, and contains lo
cal and editorial matter on all its pages.
o. foreign stale stud put in to fill up
price still down at $1 per annum, no
postage to pay.
" BLACK-DRAUGHT" cures dyopep
ala, indigestion and heartburn.
For sale by J. B. Ritchey
Our friend L. F. Jeanmaire showed
us a letter from a Memphis friend
which indicates clearlv that manvMem
summer here. Let McMinnvillo be
ready for all who come.
For Prof, Janes's students: If the
surface of a lake is 100 square miles,
how many gallons of water will fall in
to it during a storm in which one-half
inch of rain has fallen ? How many
gallons will run into it besides ?
. 'U hat Abont the Depot?
Do our people desire to change the
depot to a point near G. W. ilooden
pyle'sjf If so, it can be done with lit
tie expense now.
. . i
,Mary Kirby, at Pin Hook, in the
edge of White county, was struck by
lightning on the 8th inst., and killed
instantly. She was in the garden plant
ing seeds, accompanied by two small
girls who w ere greatly shocked by the
mV. Daugherty, living in the north
part of the county, was kicked on his
thigh by a horse about three weeks ago,
'rfbich made him a little lame since.
Last Sunday t while at church at Hoi
'JhMSnk'a In mmtntinrr hia hnraA Via mndf
.wffMSiislurn when the thigh that had
Kpfin hurt Bfoke. He cried out with
great pain saym" he had been kicked
flfrain. but the wrench alone did it.
Dr. Parker set the leg.
Col. John 11. eavnge inlorms us
that the dwelling and out houses on his
I farm opposite Wayside, in Coffee
county, were totally consumed by nre
last Tuesday morning, about 4 o clock,
We regret the misfortune, both to Col
' Bavace, and Mrs. Jones, jho resided
ai.im and last evervthiner she had in
o house, and one of her horses.
We WUb to Know
M - ' - . a 1 1 11 A I
whv ladiess dress gooas snouia not ue
made up and sold as reacjy maae ciqtn
. . . . . , ..
las. as well aa men's? Call at J. C.
"lartin'a Emporium and see the ready
made SuiU, Duster Wraps, Circu-
i.a An... and vou will find it is done
the Mine way. J. C. Martw.
To the peaceful and law abiding cit
izens of McMinnvliLe I
: Called by the unanimous voice of the
Standard Printing Op., I enter upon
-the duties of my officefet once and wil
cV .of darkness wherever
rt county, and
Pie Kit.
Blue Spring Orange Invite all the
Patrons of Husbandry in the county,
and the public generally, to meet her
at Grange Hall, near Mead's Mills on
the 3d Saturday in May, and bring
along their baskets filled with some
thing to sustain the outer roan, while
the inner man enjoys a social feast and
flow of soul. We expect two or three
good speeches on the occasion and mu
sic by the young folks.
Come every body and let us have a
good time amid the flowers of May,
The Standard and altaclies are in-
vited to attend our meeting.
Committee or Arrangements.
We never used tobacco in our life,
although it is almost daily offered to
us in one form or another, as cigars,
snuff, and stuff, &c; but we decline all
tobacco except the Tobacco Leaf of
Clarksville which we receive twice a
week and pronounce it one of the best
articles of the kind that is in the mark
et. The Corporation of McMinnville
three years ago was in debt, and has
since paid $4,000, which places it out
of debt.
The board have managed the finan
ces well when we remember that a new
Cemetery has been bought and im
proved with graveled streets, shade
trees planted, and well fenced. The
board believes in paying its old debts
before mnking new ones. Grumblers
should look at facts and not fancies.
" BLACK-DRAUGHT " cures costive
ness and Siuk-lluadache.
For State Senator.
We see in the Smithville Journal a
correspondent from McMinnville writ
ing over the signature of "W. A. T.,"
who calls upon M. D. Sinallman, of
DeKalb, to become a candidate for
State Senator. Warren county would,
no doubt, cheerfully support Mr. Small-
man for that position if he consents to
Our New Press.
We have this week received from
Damon & Peets, New York, and have
now in fine running order in the Stand
ard office, one of their splendid Quarto
Gordon Job Presses, which will now
enable us to do all kinds of job work
iu the neatest and latest styles and at
lower rates than ever before charged in
this country.
Bring along your circulars, catal
ogues, pamphlets and every kind of
work. The Standard Job Office will
do it to your fancy and give satisfac
tion in work and prices.
A New Hook.
We have received from the publish
ers J. II. Butler & Co., a new book on
a new plan. It is called Graded Prob
lems in Arithmetic and Mensuration.
It contains all the rules and tables need
ed together with 3500 examples in Ar-
rithmetic and Mensuration.
We would advise all teachers to ex
amine the work as it certainly is a step
in the right direction for mastering
these two branches of mathematics. It
can be had of J. W. Paulett,Knoxville,
or J. B. Ritchey, McMinnville.
A trill package of " BLACK-DRAUGHT"
free of charge at
For sale by J. B. Ritchey.
A Renomlnatlon Declined.
Rutherford B. Hayes, acting Presi
dent of the United States, which posi
tion he holds by fraud, declines a re-
The Republican, Democratic and
National parties all no doubt will agree
for on ce, and accept the offer to decline
unanimously, and excuse the incumbent
from further service.
A Storm. (
A scyere storm is reported as doing
much damage at New York, Milwau
kee and other northern cities, on -the
17th. Some two or three inches o
snow reported at Milwaukee.
Got. Williams of Indiana.
Gov. Williams, who now heads the
Indiana Excursion through the South,
says he once went through Tennessee
as conductor of his own train not the
iron horse, but his saddle horse. It
was in the days of James K. Polk, 48
years aeo. "Blue Jeans" was then cur
rent in Tennessee.
What They Tlflnj About it in Ohio.
A private letter to a gentleman of
our town from a prominent democratic
editor in Ohio says :
"If Grant is nominated we can carry
Ohio against him for any man (r.ve
Tilden or Bayard) by from 20,000 to
50,000 majority and no mistake. Fay
etleville Observer.
Middle Tennessee Sunday School Asse
elation. .
The Middle Tennessee Sunday School
Association will meet in Shelbyville,
June 8, 9, and 10th. Let every coun
Tullo iMHTflnSvoil and ft full OfirnH
of delegates sent. There will be
fyod programme and a good time.
Personal Mention.
W. A. Rutherford, 0f Rook Island, was in
town yesterday.
Miss Maggie Etter, of Irving College, was
in town tli is wsek.
Robt. Paik is attending Federal court at
Miss Oeta Smartt, spent a few-days this
week, visiting on Hickory creek.
Mr. Packard, of Pennsylvania, father of
Mrs. Long, is ou a visit to her.
Col. Morris, Resident Engineer of the N.
. C. rail roud, v.as In town this week.
Frank Spurlouk, Esq of the firm of Mun.
ford & Bpurlock, left yesterday for Wood
bury on professional business.
Asa II. Faulkner has been attending Fed
eral court at Nashville, and conies horns to
nd himself greeted as pupa it is a girl.
Mrs. Worley, of Ind., niece of Col. Savage,
came iu with the Colonel hist Saturday on a
visit to her brother, F. R. Davis.and relatives.
Dr. S. F. Knott, with the popular Drug
ouse of Wm. Litterer A Co., was in town
Esq. Purker, of Vcrvilla, called at our of.
ce this week while in town, and says all is
quiet, and the Standard up, in his vicinity.
Call again Esq.
Dr. E. II. Jones and lady, of Viola, paid
our town a visit on Wednesday last, and the
Doctor did not forget to call at the Stand
ard office where he is always welcome.
Jndge J. J. Williams made his official vis
it to Spencer, held court, and returned this
week through McMinnville.
He dispatched the business of the court a
Spencer with his usual promptness, and now
goes to Murfreesboro to hold court for Judge
Burton by courtesy of the bench.
W. L. Clark, formerly of this place but
ow of the firm of Goodbar & Co., Memphis
is on a visit to friends and relatives and ex
pects to return to-day.
D. P. Rath bone, late of Manchester, but
now of Cincinnati, was in town this week in
the interest of Martin, lliieman & Co., of
that city. ,
Mr. Woodward, Attorney General, went to
Spencer to attend court, and returned this
way this week. Ho had a short term at
Miss Bessie Smartt, of Hickory creek,
made the hearts of some of our young men
glad by coming to town on a visit last Sat
Col. S. G. Jones, Engineer of the rail road
extension, has returned from a trip to Pensa-
cola, and is now pushing forward the work
on this line and it will not take him al
D. M. Maloy, of Spencer, called on us this
week and subscribed for the STANDARD. He
is a studeut of Burrit College and this shows
the way the Standard is appreciated by
both teachers and students.
Ma. J. II. Wilkes, of the firm of the Nash
ville New Era Mill Co., was in attendance at
the late session of tbe Nashville Presbytery
in our town, as representative of West mi u
ster church at Nashville.
.Rev. L. Brown, ef the 13th district, called
on us this week. He says the Standard is
eagerly sought for in his neighborhood,- and
the most readuble paper that reaches that lo
Mr. J E Wilson, of Nashville, attended the
late session of the Nashville Presbytery hsre,
and was elected clerk of the same, and was
also elected us one of the delegates to the
General Assembly, which is to meet in
Charleston, S. C., in May.
Dr. J. II. 1 try son, of Huntsville, Ala., was
elected Moderator of the late sessiou of the
Nashville Presbytery at this place, and pre
sided with his usual dignity and dispatch
It seems strange to us to see the Dr. so gray
and so bald when we have been so much ac
customed to seeing him look otherwise in
other days.
Dr. McCreary and family, of Woodbury,
were in attendance at the Nashville Presby
tery, which closed its session here last Mon
day night. The Dr. was the representative
from the Woodbury church.
Maj. R. R. Woruack, of the firm of Worn
ack & Murray, went to Spencer court this
week. The Grand jury failed to find a true
bill agaiust Jack Dickey, who was charged
with burning the barn of his brother.
Going, gone to the Centennial I W. H
Fleming, Wm. White, W. T. Murray, Sara
Brown, Rev. Mr. Waterhouse and others, all
from Warren. And Misses Millie Bailey,
Nannie Young, Lizzie Murray, Mrs. Mary
Dibrell, wife of Gen. Dibrell, Stanton Dib-
rell, all from White county.
Col. Thomas S. Myers, former Representa
tive of Warren county, and his daughter,
were in town yesterday.
We accept the invitation extended to the
Standard office in general to attend the
Blue Springs Fic Nio on the 3rd Saturday of
May, which was borne to us in person by
Col. Myers.
Stop using Calomel and try "BLACK-
DRAUGHT " for liver diseases.
For sale by J. B. Ritchey,
The Prize Is Won.
Mrs. Emma ,C. Bowser, of Louis
ville, Ky., takes the prize for the Cen
tenniid o3o.
The nr.;. . iun of tho Knights of
Honor was held in Nashville last week,
18 new lodges are reported organised
last year, and a net gain of 1,163 mem
here. Total membership in the State
5,527. Dr. J. Bunting, Bristol, was
elected G. D.; J. P. Young, Memphis,
G. V. D. ; W. E. Baskette, Murfrees
boro, G. T. ; B. K. Fallen, Memphis,
G. Eepotter. - ' ,
Senator Grover of Oregon.
This gentleman is not seriously iH
an4 he newspapers need not iudulge
serous apprehensions about his death
giving the Sente into the control of
the Republicans.
When President Polk died he left
his entire estate to his widow, at her
death to fro to the most worth? ncrson
bearing lixQ Polk name, the State qf
Tennessee holding it in trust for tbe in
heritor, and having to decide whom it
$hau be.; faydievdle Mjxpress.
Here U a considerable inducement
held out for some one in the line of in
heritance to strive to be f'the most
I. O, Q, F. Anniversary.
The sixty-first anniversary of Amer
ican Odd Fellowship will be generally
celebrated throughout the United
States, Central America, the Sandwich
island, Australia and the German Em
pire, over which countries the Grand
Lodge of tho United States extends its
jurisdiction, embracing n membership
of about 500,000. The day will be
observed at Nashville, Memphis,
Shelby villo, Fliutvillc, Woodbury and
many other points. Dr. Duggan will
make the address at Shelbyville; Rev.
I. A. Jones at Memphis. We will
observe the day with the brethren
at Woodbury. , '4 (
Take "BLACK-DRAUGHT" and you
will never be bilious. '
For sale by J. B. Ritchey
Another Question.
If the Era believes as it says this
week, that "being a low-tax or a high-
tax democrat does not make tlie one let or
tlie oilier a letter democrat, why does
that paper continue to call some demo
crats "hiqhtax" democrats, when it
knows there is not a democrat in Ten
nessee who is in favor of "high-taxes"!
Come, Mr. 'Era, you asked us some
knotty questions not long ago, and we
answered them. We nre not afraid of
your answers. ' Let them come. It's
no use to try to hide from the Stand
ard and be pouty. We intend to , han
dle your editorials whenever theyare a
ittle "fency," whether you speak or
Mrs. Myra Clark Gaines has brought
another suit against the city of New
Orleans. ,
James S. Kirkpatrick committed sui
cide with a pistol, last Friday night,
at the Lamar House, Knoxville.
Hats, Gents' Hats, Summer Hats. New
Style Ilrtts, Cheap Huts, and all sorts of nice
hats at Brewer & Northern's.
Wanted. I will have next week, ladies
Hats, Ribbons, Flowers, and Trimmings
elitap as in cities. josepli Livingston.
Wanted. To sell Hams that will do to
harp on, mid Fresh Candies. Specimen of
music by Sammie Etter. D. L. Brown. 4t.
ITTanted The public to know that Brew-
It er& Northcut have Flour, Buckwheat
flour, Graham flour, Granges and Lemons,
Officb Southern Standard, 1
McMinnville, April, 24, 1880. J '
WnilT hi, (Ma All nn
CORN shelled, mixed. Vt bu. 3oc: white.
Oats "ft bu. 30c to 32c.
FLOCR 3.5U 100 ttB.
I-aud tt. 7A (ii Sc. :
Meal f bu. 4,"c.
Chickens 10 to l-lc.
Butter pi lb. 8 to 12o '
Kgos "JA doz. 4c.
Ginsec tb, $1
Ukkswax I lti. 18c.
Feathers lb. 35 to 37c.
Tam.ow ft 11). VAc
Dried Ai-i-les ft lb. 5o.
White Beans ft bu. 75c.
Stock PEas ft bu. 50 to 60c.
Pork 4c.
POTATOES Irish from BO tn fiO npnf
Sweet 60 to 75.
Rye ft bu. GOcts.
Bacon 0 to 8.
Barley ft bu. 6,"e.
Bacon shoulders 5c.
hams 754c
sides 6 ho.
We note hpAW dfrlin In nil AArula wLonf
and corn especially. Wool has gone down
a ,.. i. I j ti i
mime u ccuw 111 lunb lew UttVS. DilCtm OU UQ
cliue. Advices from the west are not en
couruKing for much of a rise.
Leiper & Co. will deliver Red Cedar Sbing
les at Manchester, Morrison and McMinn
ville for $4.00 cash on delivery. m!3-3t
Eltction First Thuraday in Attgust Next.
We are authorized to announce
as a candidate for Trustee and Tax Collector
of Warren county at the election in August
next. ,
We are authorized to announce
of Collins River as a candidate for Trustee
and Tax collector of Warren county, at the
election in August next.
AV'e are authorized to announce
as a candidate for tlie office of Trustee'and
Tax-Collector, 0f Warren County at the
August election, isu.
For Chancellor.
To the voters of Warren, Coffee, Cannon,
Grundy. Bedford, Franklin, Lincoln
Rutherford and Moore counties: I hereby
respectfully make known to yoii that I am
a candidate for Chancellor of the Fourth Di
visjbu, which position I now hold by appoint
ment Election Ibursday, August ft, 1880.
Murfreesboro, Maroh 9, 1880.
Wa are authorized to announce .
as a candidate for re-election to the office of
Sheriff of Warren County
at the eleotion in August, 1880.
Is a candidate for re-election to the offioe of
Trustee and Tax Collector.
Thankful for the trust confided by his tel
low-citizens, he respectfully solicits them to
eontiune then prelerence and try him again
The Grand Palace.
Importers ana Dealers in v.
Dry- Goods,
So. 109 Oturch St., bet.Summer & High,
The undersigned takes this occasion
to inform the merchants and citizens of
Warren and adjoining counties that he
is again in business at the old stand,
Stone Front, N. E. corner of Main
and Spring streets, where he has tho
Largest Stock of Dmss,
Books, Papers, Inks, Slates,
Paints, Seeds,
Patent Medicines, Trusses,
Lamps, ani Lamp Goods, k,&c,
ever offered in this market, bought for
cash at bottom prices, all for sale.
For past favors, and a long and liber
al patronage of fifteen years, I feel that
am greatly indebted, and now sincerely
thank you for the same. But like
many others just now, I am a candi
date for future patronage, and can only
say that we have a house full of nice
goods, to which we are giving our per
sonal attention from early morn until
dewy eve. Come and see us, and if Mr.
J. P, Bobtick or myself can't please
you wo will try to do so.
We call the espocial attention of
country merchants to some lines of
goods' we handle iu quantities. We
uive now iu store and to arrive, 100
Reams Cap, Letter and Note papers,
25,000 Envelopes, 140 boxes School
Ink and many other goods they handle.
Give us a call and price oar goods or
send along your orders and we will try
to please.
J. B. Ritchey.
Bright and New
This is what B. & N. stand for in the
Spring Trade of Brewer & Northcut
tho now have a bright
For Jjadies, Gents and Children.
It is not known exactly what style
of Hats were first worn by Adam, but
t you want to see the latest style call at
Whether Adam used Sugar and Cof
fee or not is a little questionable, but
all the customers of 13. & Jn. use them
freely at very low rates, as well as
All Kinds of Groceries.
It is very likely that both Adam and
Eve used figs as well as fig leaves, but
.brewer s JNorthcut propose to substt
tute for them
Fresli Oranges. Lemons & Canned Frnits.
Sir Walter Raleigh 55G4 years after
Adam introduced Tobacco and Potatoes
into England from America, but BreW'
er & Northcut 320 years later intrO'
ducedhe best article of-both thete in
to McMinnville not for a sitwle lady
like Queen Elizabeth but for all the
people, the married ladies as well as
the single ones,
lliere was no necessity for Garden
Seeds and Field Seeds in the garden of
Eden, but there is both a necessity and
a demand for them now and you can
nnd the very best at Brewer . .North-
cut's, McMinnville, Tenu., where all
kinds of Country Produce can be
bought and sold. aprJ-4
Ik Smartt Bi
The Trinal Brottoor Triumvirate.
Ronaan history informs us that Pomp-
ey, Crassus and Ctcsar constituteJ the
hrst Inumnrate. lhe account of the
McMinnville Merchants in the Stand
ard this week shows our first Mercan
tile Triumvirate to be composed of
Hervy, Frank and Cap. Aud while
the old Roman Triumvirate dealt in
War, Treason and Bloodshed, our
Triumvirnte deals in the
Dry Goods,
...the Best Fitting...
...and the vwst Superbly Buiil...
...Also a full line of...
...for Ladies, Gents and Children...,
Groceries and Provisions.
The Old Triumvirate took Country
Produce without paying for it, but our
Triumvirate pays the highest prices for
all kinds of Produce. m27
KAXEY & TAYLOR, Proprietors.
All Kinds 'of Tonsorlal Worfc
, : . ; glutting.
Done at all times of the day aud till 10
o'clock at bight. We ak the people of the
county to give os trial. Satisfaction in
work and priees suaranteed. Call and ih
ns. mar27
Look! fLesk!
SmArZ. Ji-'-:-L aifi? ..fcrff j ma
If ss .- fj; Ti-ware
I have on hand a full line of the very best
The justly celebrated OLI MRIMI. is one of the finest as well as the boat, cooking
stove manufactured. It is fully warranted to (;ivx' perfect satisfaction in evevy particular.
Call and sec the best and prettiest stave you ever saw. Don't bring your lady with you
unless you want to buy oue, for you will surely have it to do. I also keep a full and com.
plctc line of
always on hand at low prices for cash. I will fill nil orricrN ol Country Nr
tliuulM at .asliville I'i-Icok. UOOt JXU AND OUTTEItlSG A SPECIALITY.
Shop on cast Main street,
c2 3 p
ec " a P V
2. o E.S
s a
5 so 3
O S. -B-
n a g n
IT. a -9
C 91
5 H
3 . .
1 S Q.
U '
S'g-0 CO
S'S' S-'S
' s-i 5 rmmm
9 ,2. 3
n 0 fd
.-. 3 rt
tR 3 Q
I'"1 5Trr-
n 5. r. w a
p 5 n I
g fi-S
.-3 B 2
f l2 S-S
s W
?3 effl H
li H
2 o a .
p 1 t
rt 3
3 s. 41 n
tt O CD
2 g
2. 0 1
SUs 1
8. s
L i 0 CD lJ
K f 3"
t C 3 0
Wholesale and ITctail Dealers in
mm id him.
Have a full assortment ef the celebrated geuuiuc SOl'TII BEND CHILLED
I'LOH'B, excelled by none, and warranted to give entire satisfaction. Also just re
ceived 1QO Nlekle's Doable SIiovvIm, the best in tbe market.
Agents for Threshers, Mowers and Reapers, Wheat
Fans, Corn Shcllcrs, Fodder Cutters, Cider Mills, and
Improved Tennessee Wagons.
Spring . Campaign
- For 1880 -
J. C. M. ROSS to the Front!
..... .Received and receiving a large stooli of,..,.,
...and Manufactured for him by Messrs. Smaltz, Monroe A Co., rhiladelphia,., '
i Hats of the Latest Styles,:
His Ladies Dress Goods Dcuartat Cau't lie Surpassed in tlie District '
for Style end Quality.
' 0 ., ,.
Ilia etnple gooila were bonght before the recent rise, and wil be aold exceedingly low
for eaah. ' Alio a Large stock of Queeusware, Hardware, Cutlery and Farming Imple
ment. "And there ia more to follow." Mr. J. O. II. Ross Las returned from the East and
completed and supplemented t)is stock with a full aupply of every thing above named
and more besidei. He haa one of the krge.t aud bt-bt sd.cks of goods ever brought
to McMinnville. Romember Mercer & Coffee's corner, and duit't forji-t when you want ft
ityli&h tuit of clothes cheap for cah to call on him. m27
McMinnville, March 27, 1S?0.
brands of Cooking nnd Healing Slows.
H 2
a si
O- - 3 , 1 B

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