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j emturdnj,
May LV1SS0.
soi:tui:rn letiiakuy.
- The Ttppullipnn (State Convention
wet in Nashville last week mid very
clearly showed hy its .unusually large
attendance, zeal and work performed,
Unit the party in Tennessee is fully
idive ns to the condition of the Demo
cratic party in thw State.
For many years past the nomination
for, governor has gone begging in that
party ; but not so this time. The con
vention as well as the aspirants for gu
bfrnatorial honrfrs pcemed to be im
bued with the idea that the nominee
might be the governor this time.
The nomination of .lodge Alvin S.
Hawkins for governor ineatvs an earn
est and vigorous campaign with some
hopes of success. These hopes are, of
course, based upon the probable rup
ture in the Democratic party over the
State debt question. Judge Hawkins
It is sad to contemplate the want of
enterpriso and energy in the South.
We have all the facilities for making
the most prosperous. people 'on earth,
but we are not equal to our opportu
nities. Memph is A ppeal.
The above is the language of the
Memphis Appeal one of the leading
papers in the South and for this reason
if no other, it demands more than n
casual reading. There is. much said in
a few words, in short it is a uuiltnn in
parw extract and it what, is said ue
true il is "sad" indeed to contemplate
the subject. Kut the truth of the above
statement is what we question. It has
become- common fur the southern press
to echo such sentiments as the above
in answer to' the bold and unjust as
sumptions of some northern shriekers
in the same direction ; and we have
noticed the above copied by some of
our exchanges in Tennessee without a
wont ol comment winch 13 n tacit en
dorsement of the sentiment so published.
The Appail is guilty of saying the
above without a reason given to sup
port it, or an allowance made for the
great political and commercial reverses
is perhaps the strongest man they could uc the south incident to the ravages of
have nominated and will beyond nil
doubt carry every vote of his parly,
nnd it is very plain to be foreseen that
with a division in the Democratic ranks
ho will carry the State and be elected
just as Horace Maynard in the divi-ion
of tho party between Johnson and
heutlinm only a few years ago. The
idea that the Democrntie party can di
vide and vcttleet n Democratic gover
por is contrary lo experience and simp
ly preposterous; and especially is this
true in the present attitude of the Ie
publican party, which is one of union,
strength and earnestness.
We do not propose to sound the toc
sin, of alarm prematurely, and without
sufficicv'- grounds, but as a journalist
it is our duty to state the fuels as they
are confronting us to-day. Much has
been said about a coalition and a fusion
of one or another faction of the Demo
cratip. party with the Republicans to
fiecure the election of a man who rep-
Tit8'"ihe respective views of all the
0 anr)t3 in tB? fusion. But this is only
was one o'mp-irap to further the ends
'a to orgadn factions, whose absurdity is
porfectilly exposed by the action ot the
saved iblican convention. They ask no
are 11111111.11 and seek no coalitiou. 'Jhey
Iewasali)se a straight out fight on their
the 1 party lines. They have laid down
lice-holdeir platform vilhout rcgf,:l to any
le ha? ase of Democratic thought, and 111
noLfelid to oress their measures in their
1 1
facilrn behalf, and every Republican in
hey lncssee will vote for these measures,
light gatters not what may be his pecu-
the tews upon the State debt issue,
nstaer he be for high or low tax,
r.er he voted the one way or the
last August there is one thing
ii in his mind and that is to
the burdeTr-
nd placed pecn whether the
ile?cd ;ennessee will rise above
fit." and personal consul-
mpt fme together ns they
1 t(L.lua'ic in other days nnd
.1 1"
roni mo impending
iswering rule.
lei ItepresenalhfSwVJ be. found
be returned, and if th Democracy
have it to decide he will lned danger.
Expositor. .mtist come it shall not come
. .W-fey the aid of the Standard. If the gal
lant old ship of Tennessee Democracy
must go down in this contest it. will be
when we hnve used our best efforts ami
endeavors to prevent it. Let tho Dem
ocracy of Tennessee forget their minor
differences on State finances and rally
once- more to victory under the old
Two Failures.
The American has freely and of its
own 'accord been the aulhor of two
inagnificent failures already in the po
litical Campaign of 1S80.
" 1. It lias signally failed to tnru the
tide of Democratic following in Teunes
Bce from Mr. Tildeu.
' 2.' It has as signally failed to get up
a "boom for Senator Bayard. The peo
ple of Tennessee have nothing against
. m v- 1 1 "I .l.itt do. nrtlnmr tit
nr. ijavaru wuue " 'n w
' , 1 nHA..i.imtriii ill 1 1 .
huoocsj (n mm nsnnw'""- ........
date. In these two enterprises the
American has proved itself ft bold lead
er without a following.
The Beal street colored Baptist church
..f1 'Momnias. is raisiiur a fund to erect
stjif" to u'petuute the niemory of
L!S ules8 cxretKliture. The
we'mofKrff John the Baptist will be
green iu the minds of unborn genera
lions, long ' after this colored Baptist
church shall have become unknown to
history 6r tradition. Johu tbs Bap
tut erected 'Lis owii monuiv.cnt, wLich
yiii endure as long a the memory of
fnan performs its appropriate functions.
There arc GOO.OOO chosen men widely
ai6Lrsed arouud this habilabie g.obo
war upon her territory and tho conse
quent sectional hatred and animosities
engendered against her every interest
and enteipri-e by her dominant and
envious foe, the north. At the break
ing out of the late civil war, in moral
tone, in intelligence, in a high stand
ard of classical education, in hospitali
ty, in magnanimity, in liberality of sen
timent and action, iuiVf'edwtn-vrf-m re
ligious intolerance and bigotry, from
witchcraft, freoloveism, superstition
and all forins of fanaticism, in short in
all tho high-toned elements of a truly
enlightened and advanced civilization,
the South stood inferior to no people
beneath the broad glare of the ever
shining sun. At the close of this un
happy struggle the South stood unjustly
deserted by all the higher instincts of
enlightened humanity among foreign
nation."- and conquered by an arrogant
and jealous rival at home, to the mercy
of whom she was left alone to weep,
to droop and die, if die she could,
amid her broken fortunes and ruined
towers of former greatness, shorn of
"energy and enterprise" as well as of
aspirations for greatness again; shorn
not only of all wealth and the means
to acquire it, but of all political power
to protect it, abandoned to the political
prejudices and partisan rule of an ig
norant race t.f t-iavts into whose hands
were placed the ballots forcibly wrested
from their masters. In this state of
niif'ortune the Memphis Appeal finds
vent for the above hateful ca)it and un
guarded i-hnulee. But wo call to our
aid just here the words of a magnani
mous son of the North, Dr. Talmage,
who towers above the mean ninth of his
day and speaks the truth at the risk of
tl)3 heavens falling. He says to a
Brooklyn audience :
"Why sirs, I ncer saw 11101 e placid
people some of them with nil their
property gone nnd starting life at forty
or sixty years of age with one leg or
one arm or one "eye, the member miss
ing sacrificed in battle! It is simply
miraculous that those people feel so
cheerful and amiable, it is dastardly
mean to keep representing them as ac
rid ami wasW! and saturnine anu ma
levolent. I have traveled as much'as
most people in this and other lands,
and I have yet to find a more affable, del
icately sympathetic, w hole hearted peo
ple than the people of the South. They
are to-day loyal and patriotic, nnd if a
fureien foe should attempt to set loot
on this soil for the purpose of intimida
tion and conquests, the iorces oi liragg
and Geary, McClelland nnd Beaure
gard, Lee and Grant would come shoul
der to shoulder, the blue and the gray,
and the cannons of Fort Hamilton,
Sumter and Tickens would join in one
chorus of thunder and name."
If the southern press and people had
the manliness to speak the truth inde
pendently of the distempered fanati
cism of a few northern enthusiasts, we
would have wore "engery and enter
prise" in the south and more Talmages
and just recognition in the north, and
consequently more fraternity aud good
feeling throughout the Union.
There is not a people on tho face of
the earth that has made such rapid
strides toward prosperity and thrift
during the twenty years of her desola
tion under circumstances so adverse as
tho South. Fifteen, years ago the
North stood triumphant and the South
cast down. Tho South stands to-day
regenerated and renewed in her system
of labor, commercial pursuits, social
relations and political power. And
will the Apped tell us what the North
bus done in these fifteen years? Her
people are more wealthy as a conse'
quence of tha result of the war, but
thev are no wUer, no better, no greater
than they were the;i er than the people
of the South are now.
Will the Third Blunder Unmake Hint!
Some weeks back we showed how
"two blunders" made Grant what he is
as a military chieftain. It is now per
tinent to ask, will the third, unmake
him? He returned from his tour
around the world a litllo too soon for
tho successful operation of the politi
cal machine which had been invented
to secure his nomination for the third
Term, and the additional attachment
had to be annexed to the machine in
the way of a self-cleanor or a cow
catcher by which the track should be
cleared of all obstacles. The attach
ment worked finely and soon dispatch
ed the great tourist to the island of Cu
ba, as an unvisited part of the earth
which it was desirable to use as a stand
point from which the Fx-lVesident
might be precipitated upou Mexico and
in the natural course of things be hurl
ed upon tho Southern Stales in time to
raise the wind for the presidential mak
ing machine as it cjo.ssed, tho Allegha
nios to sweep down the great valley
of the Mississippi and harvest the West
and South into the third term garner
at Chicago. Grant went to Cuba as
though he were in earnest, thence to
Mtxico and returned, escaping the per
ils by the sea, to Galveston, and follow
ing the printed programme strictly he
visited New Orleans, Mobile, Memphis
and Little Rock so as to touch upon all
the Southern States proper, nr.d shake
hands with as many as possible, nnd
sVeceiYi" as many "receptions" as he
could "receive" in the given time and
space, nnd speak bis prepared pieces iu
return for each "reception" which he
"received." But here suddenly aud
unceremoniously the programme gave
out two or three hundred miles before
Grant got home. There was no de
signs left on the board, 110 programme
arranged, and worst of all no speeches
prepared to go home on ! Hence comes
the Third Blunder which may eclipse
all that's gone before.
The Ex-Profcident sets out for Gale
na, his home in Illinois, without politi
cal chart or compass and entirely out of
range of the operation of the machine
which was intended to be sweeping
down the great valley at this very mo
ment, but had iailc.d to come to tune
owing to some rough work encountered
in Pennsylvania and Ohio. He reaches
Paducaii on the way and there "re
ceives another reception" nnd having
no speech prepared for that latitude Iil'
ventures to open his month from the
fullness of his heart. Here he makes
the blunder that is to unmake him.
His first utterances contradict the very
key note of the campaign so vigorously
opened by the machine operators.
These operators iu his absence had de
clared that the rebellious attitude of the
South made it necessary to re-elect
Grant to inaugurate a strong govern
ment and preserve the union. But
Grant speaking extemporaneously and
from experience of heart, declares that
the South is as loyal as the North.
That no part of the uniou presents
more liopifuUigns of peace, prosperi
ty and good government than the
"States recently in rebellion." Thus
in one short speech of 10 lines, and five
minutes, he not only took the wind out
of the third term machine, but did
more as a private citizen ta restore
peace-and confidence than he did for
eight years when President of the Uni
ted States with the army at his beckon.
From that day to this bis presidential
prospects have waned, and as the Mem
phis" Avalanche says: "Iho drift
against Grant."
He is the victim of the strange para
dox, that whea he blunders he becomes
great; when he is truly great as h
was while makiug this Paducah speech
he fails. That speech, has killed the
wave of the bloody shirt as well us
checked the tide of the third term
Sectional Feelings.
As a public journalist we believe it
is our duty to defend the cause of truth
wherever found, and refute error where-
ever met. In doing so we shall always
try to give justice to nil sections, north
end scull;, c;'.st and west.
We Ixilicve tho cause of truth de
mands the defense wo have made this
week of the south against the charge
of lethargy by the Memphis Appeal.
In fact we kdievo the proper way to
allay sectional feelings, is for the press
nnd people of both sections to speak the
truth regardless of sections. It is only
these unjust nnd discriminating mis
representations that give rise to bitter
ness and partisan hate. We have the
most profound regard for all our north
ern settlers and immigrants who come
among us to stay, nnd are willing to
allow the truth to prevail regardless
of localities, but we will show no favor
to high grounded assumptions ami arro
gant conceits.
How Did They Tome Together I
One year ago Dan Hire was the prince
of showmen and Rev. II. A. Jones was
a village preacher in MeMinnvillc. On
ly a few nights ego they sat together
"cheek by jowl" in a Memphis pulpit,
from which both proclaimed the words
of life to a dying audience, that is Dan II
ireached and Herbert 'eluded for him.'
Reception of (ion. Joseph E. Jvhnston.
Gen. Johnston will nrrivo at Nash
villo on tho evening of the 18th, nnd
all ex-Confederates desiring to extend
to him a cordial reception are requested
to be at the Chattanooga depot on that
The committee on lee-opiion of Gen.
Johnston request all Confederate sol
diers to meet in Nashville on the even
ing of May IS, for the purpose of show
ing their respect lo their old Comman
der. In accordance with the General's
will no military display will be made.
On the 19lh, a public reception will be
had at lb;) Capitol, in order that an op
portunity may he given all who desire
to show their respects.
I!v okiich op Co.i.Min i:r. or IUx kitiox.
"(Jo Way Jake."
The Hartsville Senliiul comes out
for Hon. S. F. Wilson for Governor.
It says that, on account of hi- eminent
fitness ami ability, the people should
force him to take the office.
'( i'way, Jake, you shan't kiss me!
You eah'l do it, Veptin' you's slronger'n
I is and Lord knows you i.! And
you can't do it den, 'ies von tics me
and you Knows vh;;r dc rope is up dar
lai do she'f !" Lt Union Jiernhl.
If Col. Wilson should be bound with
the rope machine, he will only be Umitd
to be laid upon the ".shelf." The cause:
ial-es "divi-ion" in his d
ris! rm I I niu M I1 11 11 u
S T A. P L It D K U G
. . . , i..iniiitm in
also ax j:cr:iJj;x T Asvmiju i vr
so aw, r;usm:s, combs, tou.lt-watkk aud rmraiEiir.:
All Lovers of good Soda Water Should give him a Call Don't Forget the Place
xsicholson House li'u. Store,
180 Church Street, NASHVILLE, TENN.
(Successors to CHARLES ( ) I Ll'.M A( 'HEIl & SONS,)
.rMAM'i'ACTritiiitH or i
Qamaoc aoon ooil-Vorl-i jatcrial
Hubs, Spokes and Felloes,
N L 1 1 lcI lcs er, Temi.
mil Vjiroii M.-dcrial in the lfougli.
ave been on the part of Dan the show
man, and was somewhat on tins wi-:e.
Dan heard of Moody and Sankey's
turning the world upside down in St.
Louis last fall, and went over there to
apture them and add them to his ma-
ijierie. Bet the scales were turned
and Dan was himself captured and ad
ded to the corps of Moody aud San key
:is an evangelist.
And as Paul immediately after his
conversion at JJamascus, tor reasons
best known to himself deemed it best
not to return to Jerusalem w hence he
came, in like manner Dan does not go
iuck to his ciivus head-quarttrs in the
ist, but drops down to Memphis to
give that recently afllicted city the ben-
lit of his late experiences in ceasing to
be a showman ami beginning to he an
evangelist. How he happened to fall
in with Jones rather than some otlu t
of the Memphis clergy does not appear
iu t Jig account given in the Memphis
picl, neither can we account for it
In every nation and tongue and tribe
away Venout side of his claim? as a
' it omm..-mn chartC.er. that celebrate his
,. ujjK-ii. virtues once a vcur ns n
1 ;f0.'i'-'''V''i;"y''' .rimentiu order to
i. ti.n iv.st r huh? known i alKl nk"" 11
Cm Thursday morning May 13th
1880, at 4:20, we had a fine telescopic
view of Jupiter, now the morning star
till Oct. 7th, 1880.
His four moons were finely display
ed, being in ft straight lino ranging
with the dark line of his belt north and
south with a northern depression
This panoramic view of Jupiter and
his four moons, is one of the grandest
and most enlivening sights in the heav'
ens. In fact it is aplauetary system
of itsel.f affording a most exalted pleas
ure which any of our readers may en
joy at tho hour above named, provided
they are awake so early, which it is
right to presume till the contrary is
proven, on the sccre of presumptive
After writing the above we went
back to take another observation at 5
when we saw another brilliant yellow
body heralding the approach of the
sun. only a few degrees above the hori
zon, this is Mercury, the fleetest of all
the planets. Venus is also morning
. i a:a .,-xt i
Mexican war. The object oi me en-1
..ut Aii.il ii--. j . -. nil m,, ronriora flint
S ov ran Ri """J
The Columbia Herald makes inquiry
after Mr. John W. Shelton, Eon'ct J.
K. and Eliza Shelton, of Columbia,
who enlisted from Maury county in the
The coming together seems
A notable movement in Tcnnes
politics is that of the democrats
nji 1 7-
.1 iii I'. l.
n:al;es ;is woijuerom knni, lor we
lave no evidence that the llaiylUh eler-
yman was ever a circus manager, or
was ever oulitd so far from heaven bv
'one woman" as "ten Y'e'uT'oxen"
:ocld draw him, like m was. Be
the niaiter as it may, th were there
on the same rostrum and Dan gave some
irood advice lo the curious audici:""
that hung spell bound upon
Wilson county. A democratic conven
tion had been called to meet in Leba
non on the l.-t day of April. On that
day a pai ty calling itsclr "The Low
Tax Party" took po.-v.tssion of the
court hoi'.se and adopted certain reso
lutions. A number of life-long demo
cia'ts who were excluded from that
meeting, have now issued au address
to the democratic party of Wilson
county, calling for another convention.
This address which i signed by many
of the best men in the county, closes
with this exhortation:
"We mti-t no't. forget that there is a
Republican party in Tennessee. If we
divide, they conquer. Tho Democrat
ic party anuot altoid to break into fac
tions, no, can it hope to succeed under
new names. Wil crimes has it Coin
mi.'tid, that its name should be aban
doned ! !' lie;in'r that the demount
of the count rv are iu favor of haiuoiiv, !
jaud alkr coii-ullatio'i with a large
: number of riti intic democrats in all
' jiarls of the county, the undersigned
' le-p. ctlllliy r quest all tho deinociats
! of WiUm county to meet iu nia.-s con
I wntion at i he com! bon-o in Lebanon,
on Monday, May J, to take counsel'
together." Murjrri..diro A '.''.
The convention above alluded to
met, or attempted to meet, and was
prevented by the same u-cklcss row
that rave rise to the call for the second
C. W. SMITH, z
l.'is riiuri-h St
Cur. 1. 1' Vine.
I; .; Mi-ilicho s iin.l ('In inii
flllllt'S, llllil Le-'aiil 'I uili 1 I mi
ami rninpli le ii 1 1 Mien I "!'
T3 .
ke.t in st.iel;.
1 1 t-1 "-.'11
I!. i
,.1 ('.
A 1
P w
Q 3 tr"
5S - ' 1
Insolvent Ntilicc.
T. Murray, nihninistriitnr of T. 11. Mur
ray, (li ei asi'il, vh. Mary M in ray rt xl.
Mie administrator of Ihe Male nf T. I!.
M in rav, iheM, liavin--' tiled liis lull in
tlit' ( lianei'iy Court of MeMitinvilh', Teiin..
Mijiu'estiin: the insolvency of lln' fslaie of
said deceased, it is tlicrcfnre nrdcivd tliat
I'llldieatirti liv uncle diretliiiL' all ier-ons
liavinu' del l-) or demands iialnsl Mini i.lale
to t'oint' forward and exloldl tlieir deinaujs,
and liiive llieinselves nude )artii s to tliis
suit oil or lieloie llie. Iirt Monilny ill S',p
temper, Issu, or their claim.- ill he lort-vi r
liarrcd I'otli in law and eipiitv. Tliis April
11', I SSI i. J. C. llllil'.!', C. fc M.
T r. i
J lice.
or.rr.'N'TINC C ine
on short notice.
a! tie
-'AO.um Of
V! If
r-t- t J
J '
I t
rt- U
C 1
m i
11 Ul
mo $
o 0
in M
ri i iHH
Thomas, DibreJ.1, Morgan & Co.
(Successors to 31organ, Thomas & Co.)
Our neighbor, the Sparta
like some ot our nearer neijrhbors, is
not jileased with the late Democratic
convention of White county and hence
it drops that instantcr to make a deep
gash in the next convention called for
July iu which it says "now is the time
to make the f'jld." Whom will vou
figh neighbor? The 1'xpotilor an
swers "the lilijh tax parti." But Mr.
Expositor, who are the men that com
pose this "high tax party ?" Who are
its leaders? Can you name a single
oue of either in Tennessee ? ion cer
tainly mean to be honest and not de
ceive your readers, now will you simply
name a Democrat in Teuucsocc who is
a high tas man ?
If you can not mime one will you
still persist in fighting this man of
straw aud thus deceive your own par
tisans and readers. Come, Mr. Exposi
tor, as you propose "to fight" let us
know who vour antagonist is. Be hon
est and call things by tlieir right names.
Don't persist iu saying there is a high
tax party when you A'jioi there is :kot.
But you and your followers want "to
fight." Wlmdo you suppose the in
telligent Democrats of your county
think of your professions in behalf of
harmony only a week or two ago when
you now declare this is "the time lo
fight." Do you think the henest old
Democrats that used to carry tho hick
ory polo and polk stalk nnd shout for
old Hickory and Jas. K. Polk, will
consider you as consistent and patriotic
when you cry for Irarmony one week in
the Democratic party aud war the
next ? You can find company in such
a course, but no comfort. True Dem
ocrats will not he deceived by such cries.
Convention.- II. E. Thompson & Co.
0-n l1"-.,, ',;!.- rv j-ntn "4'if!r con-I "D 1- r CVI r
in) i
lority, is in thi"KiIy atteniling the led
erul and Supreme Courts, lie says the
Republicans opposed the 50-1 compro
mise bed use I hey saw an opportunity
to split the Democratic, parly, and for
his part he was in fi.vor of driving it
as "a wedge to split tho butt cut of
Democracy," and to that end they co
operated with the (ircenbaekers."
We ask all men who call themselves
Democrats w ithout regard to their views
on the State finances to look well at
the above programme of the Republi
can party announced by one of its lead
ers. They are driving the w edge daily
and the Democracy is being split, as an
evidence look at the shameful proceed
ings in Lebanon a few dajs ago. Let
Democrats cry high ? and low tax a
few weeks more and Ihe "butt cut"
will be riven.
1.1 ... 1,t tvinnK T"1 no Sliro if
Nlt'ltOU, anil . . r.l. ..w..tnirhoMnti r.f
inev mo i'i rt;
lie iu the past is c
haci extent i'ltre future.
quiry is to find out some
dier who k.iew Jno. W.
. i - . : i 11
who can give the name oi w i..iu.... the l)eaveiis. -
enable hn i
j Subscribe for the Standaio), $1
i nother to cbtaia J pension.
4 Treasonable Utterance.
Fred Grant is reported as saying that
no blank dashed negro could ever grad
uate from West Point. It is a great
pity. Fred himself graduated in 1871,
and was assigned to the Fourth Caval
ry. From that day to this he has not
dune an honest day's duty as a soldier.
Diawing bis pay promptly on detatch
ed service is the only strictly military
ant he performs. Hois a West Point
officer, of course, but the chances are
that colored cadet Wbittaker would
make a much better one. AVio Or
leans Picayune.
Yes, but Fred Wongs to the royal
family, and of course, no service is re
quired of that it is all required for it.
That Easy Question.
The Pari3 Post must have allowed
bis "nervous system to become some
what "agitated" over our question. It
speaks of knowing the Baker family so
well, of which, the editor of the l od is
one himself, nnd mystifies a very plain
. . it , i . . e . t .
question so wen mm we couiess we uo
not see the point.
All we wanted to know was : Is the
2'ost in favor of a united democracy re
gardless of local issues? Here is its
"If the Standard will be more spi
ciiic. It he will nsK us it we are in
favor of a united democracy at the
price of paying the debt dollar for dot
lar, we will answer him candidly by
stating that the benefits are entirely in
adequate to the price demanded.
Nobody proposes to pay the State
debt dollar for dollar nor do the bond
holders ask it. Please stick to the
question Col. Tom, and remember that
the "nervousness of the Baker lanuly,
which you know so well, has nothing to
do with the editor of the Sr.YNDAnn
whose name begins with a B but. doesn't
spell Baker. We call for the previous
question : Is the JW for a united
democracy in our State canvass?
Jfl HlJ W
r' T f 4 A VIA w m
1 M WWbwAiwi U
Reiiy t:
ts fcs Fennel h i Hhzt
April 10, 1SS0.
i a w.i iiism
Mountain City Hotel
W. H. BROOKS, Proprietor.
Kast Side of the Public Sinaro, McMlN.NYlLLE, TESTS.
ees-Iii tlie basement of the building a meat stall is kept
furnished with all the fatted meats of the season for
city custom.
The lMcrsiiie!l Would most Rcsiicclfnliy call Attention to this AtLycrtisement..
A I.HO--
"Rnlk rnt and Ikicon. Tartl, Sortrliu
(iniss Seod, Loose Hay, Fodder and Shucks.
V aip airi-nt for tlie lloiio'Stcail ( nlUm, Torn Hio1 Wheat (irowcr, whii-J
of 1")0 pounds to the acre will nmke ui--lhird inon' wln-.it. r.rn r oolloii
lor lour successive neasons win r mure i:inu u ii ........
Damnhlet. Ko humbug.- I'OOIl MXDS M.U)i: l!H II.
--ti.r. T F.IPF.n T.. would ll lh" M'ffiid.ntti'iilini ot Krn
t imii. vryAI H UT1L17.1V.. N dul Bl.out its K-rtiiixiiic '
vou run iiusk? one-third more W l.nil, Corn himI Cotton, and at Un-'
soil, why not try it Call and pc-t PHiiipou is.
"VM. F. LKlPKllfc
Afnlll Htrvrti - - Jlc-MlS.'
jHr-Scmles ot eosl to parties bringing us Grain
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