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I J.
May 15, 1SS0.
tft take it all !"
and temperance le-
--rat'Iourin!r Mills of Hon.
1jof Will ennn in nnnm i. vii
fSr jAiood supply ot Ucrman Millet seed
for Bale at lowest price by
jnayl-4t J. 1J. Ritchey.
We understand that there is a young
man in town going to petition the Leg
islature to change his name.
John Evans of this county died
Thursday last, at an advanced age.
We understand from her relatives tlint
Mrs. Cally Smartt, well known to this com
munity, died in Alexandria, Tenn., some
lays ago.
Mrs. Elizabeth Clark died Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock, of cancer, and
was buried yesterday. Funeral scr-
JUMim by Uev. J. M. Wallers, Pastor
Baptist church, assisted by Jlev. M. B.
PeWitt, of the C. P. church,
Liver Pills contain arsenic: "BLACK
DRAUGHT" it U harmless as tea or collie.
For sale by J. 1?. Ititchev
25 pounds Red Aniline for sale to
the trade at Nashville price.
mayl-4t J. B. Ritciiky.
A Kiln of liond I, imp
Just burnt and for sale by Dr. John
Argo, delivered. Leave orders at
fSmartt Bros. may 15-It
Services at the Christian church Sat
urday and Sunday nights, by Elder
W. Y. Kuykendall, who preaches at
the Grange Hall Sunday at 11 a. in.
Y. D. (t. Carncs, editor of the
6mithv;llo Journal is highly spoken of
fay his county people as a suitable man
for State Seuator from this district.
The largest stock of Drugs, Papers,
Booka and Medicines ever offered to
this trade, for 6ale by
The Turnpike Meeting.
A very good attendance of interested
parties assembled at Totter's store last
Thursday in pursuance to the call.
The meeting was organized by elect
ing R. II. Mason Chairman, and A.
M. Burney Secretary. The meeting
at once proceeded to increase the sub
scription of stock in the way of labor
and money, securiiiL' quite an addi
tion to the original subscription. And
m estimates made, it was decided
that $1,000 more must be raised in order
to build the road to Mountain Creek.
It was therefore decided that Potter cT
Wonuiek, W. J. Fuston, J. J. Lowry,
Jo Pennington, R. II. Mason, Isaac
Denton, and H. M. Woniaek be ap
pointed u comniitteo to solicit subscrip
tions on the line of the road, and W.
C. Woraack, L. B. Waters and J. C.
Biles be continued to solicit further aid
from McMinnville. And Watson Pot
ter, E. X. Trail, B. C. Wilkinson were
appointed ft commit Ice to see and urge
the citizens of Dt Kalb county to co
operate in building the road on to
Smithville. All these committees were
directed to report at Potter's Store on
1th day June 1880. The following
call for a meeting of all stockholders
wis ordered to be published, giving the
required notice for organizing the
Board of Directors.
A meeting of the stockholders of the
McMinnville and Smithville Turnpike
Company is hereby called to convene at
Potter's Store on Mountain creek on
the 4:h day of June, 18S0,at 10 o'clock
in., for the purpose of electing a
Board of Directors, and all other nee; s-
iry business for the eon.-ti uetion of Un
said road under the provisions of the
Done bv the order of the meeting
held to-day, May 13, J 880.
R. II. Mason, Chairman
A. M. RniXEY, Secretary.
The Arte Am and Smithville Journal
are requested to copy this cull till the
date of the meeting called.
J. B. Ritchey.
George Wilcher, Agent of the Rev
enue department in Van Buren county,
was murdered mysteriously a few days
ago. No one yet implicated.
The prospect for a wheat crop has
greatly diminished for the last ten days,
The rust now bids fair to blast the crop.
We saw a few fields only, as excep
tions, thii) week in this county.
Rev. R. J. Craig being absent ut
tending District Conference at Sparta,
there- ,v""-i service at his churcl
Don't forget.
While nt Nashville don't forget to
call on our McMinnville boy, Joe Mo
Millin at the Nashville Bazaar on tho
Square ;
C. W. Smith the Druggist and Pre
scriptionist and dealer in Homeopath
ic remedies, 158 Church street;
Don F. Hawkins, not the Republi
can candidate, but a wide awake drug
gist at the Nichol.-on House drugstore,
180 Church street;
Huntington, tho clothier and gents
furnisher, 70 Cherry stroet.opposite the
Maxwell House, who has any thing
you may call for;
And then to rest from your labors
and enjoy the sweet of home, put up
at the Nicholson House, the best in the
city, only 200 yards from the depot
and the same from the Exposition.
One dollar's worth of "CLACK-
DRAUGHT" will savo fifty dollars in
For sale !v J. 15. Kitchi-y.
doctor's bills.
The Wnrreu County S. S. vit ia
tion. This association will meet at Hickory
Grove church on day of .
Vice Presidents will please make
their reports anil forward them to tnb
ofiice nt once. Vice President CI. M.
Smartt will please duplicate his and
forward it as the one sent 1ms been mis
We expect to be absent for about 10
days on a visit to the Centennial Exposi
tion and the General Assembly which
meets in Evansville, Indiana, May 20,
1880, to which we go as a conimi-sion-
er, accompanied by Mrs. B. We have
made amide arrangements for the regu-
ar issue of the SrAspAun during our
i l ii nr r e l i
atiscnce. v,oi. i. . ;.iunioru nas
kindly consented to take charge of its
editorial nianairenient, and edit the no-
litieal department. We are confident
f'rojn his known ability in this country,
that our friends will feel assured that
it will be well done. He will have all
i i . i
peedea Meat assistance in bringing out
the paper.
The MeMinnville SoUTHKUX STAXD
AKD, recently established, now edited
by Mr. A. M. Barney, former Presi-
ikntot tlie Luinlierlaiiil teinale Col
lege of that place, is a perfect beauty
and full of news. National Flag.
It is Baker that makes it beautiful,
and Burney that makes it xound, the
Staxdaud is therefore beautiful and
sound and would like to have the Na
tional Flag to wave in the van of the
National Democracy as it walks in tri
umph to place and power this ominous
year. We thank the Flag for the nice
compliment and believe that its iuten
tions are ood in advocating the Green
back id"a, but it reminds u of the man
who triid to cut a rail road tunnel
through the Rocky mountains with a
barbae Init'i !-it will never get it through.
" BLACK-DRAUGHT " makes chills
and lever iiupwuMl.-lc.
j. r.. i:!tchi:y's.
Personal Mention,
Mr. T. F. Burroughs, wife and fniully at
tended the Ontcnniul Inst week.
A. M. Cawtlion went down to the Centen
nial hiKt week.
Mrs. H. A. Jours and children, of Mem
phis, will arrive in McMinnville ou next
Wednesday and take rooms nt the Warren
House for the summer.
Mrs. May Ramsey left for Tnllahonm last
Wednesday to see her mother, who is re
ported us very sick.
Welearnel from Dr. Parker that II. B.
Womack was suddenly taken sick on the
12th hist, while on his way to his father-in-
law's, and when lie reaehed him he had
lost his reason und so remains while his sys
tem is every other way natural. The Doetor
pronounces it as very singular indeed.
Mrs. Josie Cuiiiiuings, sister of Mr. Win,
Brewer, is spending the week In town with
her relatives.
lion. F. M. Moflitt, of Spencer, pave us a
enl! as we were going to precs. lie repre-
ents all peaceable and harmonious in Van
Messrs. Jas. S, Barton, F. M. Smith nud
W. V. Whitson were In attendance upon
court at .Manchester ti.is ucck, in me iruii
of a suit against the rail road which was
brought by a colored man, for serious bodi
lv injuries sustained by him. He sues
for damages to the amount of $5000. The
jury made a mistrial
The Mccifciou.
Only one translation handed in this
week. The committee therefore de
cide in favor of it as having no errors.
We hope to have a number of transla
tions next week.
(Jeorglns AViisliIngtoiiins.
Washington, being appointed mili
tary commander to defend the province
from the Indians, discharged the duty
and trust zealously and being after
wards sent to the camp of the French,
who were erecting fortifications on the
borders of the Ohio river, in danger of
death he executed the difficult com
mands prosperously.
After a few years, being called to
the ofliee of aid and adjutant of the
chief British general, he distinguished
himself in a bloody battle with the
French enemy, and saved the whole
army from ruin and impending fate by
his bravery and military skill. Wash
ington still remained very active until
the close of the year 1758, then at
length he withdrew himself from the
ofiice, and exchanged the camp of
battle for the domestic hearth.
L. II. Clement.
Literally, "camp of the French erecting
fortifications," etc.
Jl.il., 'withdrawing."
jl.ii., '-exchanging."
Election, First Thursday in A ugimt Xtxt.
We are authorized to announce
as a candidate for Trustee and Tux Collector
of Warren csun'.y at the election iu August
We are authorized to announce
of Collins Biver as a candidate for Trustee
and Tax collector of Warren county, at the
election in August next.
We arc authorized to announce
as a candidate for the ofliee of Trustee and
Tax-Collector, of Warren County at the
August election, 1880.
I""r C.'luvm'fllor.
To jhc voters of Warren, Colfee, Cannon,
(jriindy. Bedford, Franklin, Lincoln,
llutherforil and Moore com. tics: I hereby
respectfully make known to you that 1 mil
a candidate for Chancellor of the Fourth li
vision, which position 1 now ho!d by appoint'
incut. Election Thursday, August 5, 1SS0.
JNO. W. lil UTON.
Murfreeshoro, March !, list).
S -
We are authorized to announce
W. Ij. stkajcley
as a candidate for re-clectiou to the office of
.MicriU'of Warren County
at the election in August, 1SS0.
Is a candidate for re-e'.eetion to the ofliee of
Trustee und Tux Collector.
Thankful fur the trust confided hy his fel-low-citizens,
he respectfully solicits them to
continue thei. preference and try him again.
Muuiripul i:i- tin::.
The old Board with two changes was
re-elected last Saturday hy a large ma-
goneiSw J
. ''Bftried'a day oVn
rK failed to take appeal. t
I I il1Bt.,tW
If. niore.
i 1 ... nT
rt vr'
..:... O
etatue. lemce Hospitality ana ir-
. . . . -n . a
inia magnanimity win meei oucu
.f T....1
iniu-miui U OI nil! Dia-nwu
iips many others
a-w itw. w.uonoav ior uie c en
1 lIet-E.1HfMTu.shvillo..
pening W
f Ituri T!n-3 Intend lo fjio.
1 . , , , .... . , T. .11 . t ll ..
MMlrtbeTS of 1 "O'lisoer, ri inter, tne i-evn aim mc
tlititf nf flin St vti l l!li ixirnv i n t ti i ti ii
of the Di ,u ,,. '.'.',. i' ,i, in,,,,
Spring Craioic I'ie-nic to-day. It is not
ahsolutelv cerlain thai nnv .f the party will
gel" t tf exept the devij, who generally is
present on such occasions "whether or no."
ho 20th
Gov. Wiltze, of Louisiana, has is
sued a proclamation establishing a rigid
quarantine against all infected ports
againBt all vessels at or touching
Havana, Vera Cruz or Rio De Janiero,
11 such vessels to be thoroughly fumi
gated and detained at the discretion of
. -r i . ? ir. .1.1 ri
the Doara oi lieaiui. jjc.
We tegret very much the misfortune
pf Alfred Ritchey In the loss of his
young horse Vanderbilt, which was
either choked to death by the halter or
died of some disease suddenly last Mon
day night in the stall. We hope Mary
will not allow "Cora" to bo tied in
a stall during the night, lest she may
share a similar fate.
Isaac (; l izzie.
To the Editor of tho Standard :
I see in your last issue a call for Isaac
X .Siu-t'CHhl'ul Iteur fluid.
Elijah Martin, Jas. Moflitt, Eugene
Etter, Jos. Rouldiii, John Christian,
Thus. Jitter, Isaac Hill and V. W.
Fairbanks went to the mountain on last
Wednesday nud pitched tent at Col.
Hill's coal hank. That evening they
made a drive for deer and started an
old boar v'y h four cubs. The old bear
whipped tne VtiU up a tree. Mr.
Christian fired, wounding her and
Eugene Etter "hot her dead, and she
roiled about JU.l) leet into t he water of
Dry Creek Indiiw. ."''.rwr-'"'" nt least
MvfcSf lutkiJ.330pnBJdAi'Thos. jitter and Chris-
.. 111 H...!It'x; rian thpn plimhrd m tho toll dmios nud
red the cubs. 1 hey then made
up, and, after salting away the
i. and eatinir supper, they inter-
fcfew jukes and retired for the
3.i. Mcxt inornincr thi'v started ar-
loillteo,(, i.vniiiiiiT Iw.Ciivi iitul tho ilrxrs stm-lpil
leJpgates1K,ti)Cr bear, but the dogs being tired
luested.V tilC M1()1.t tiev i,lu ti,0
cveniii!? be
ad as pr;;)rei n.i'u.wl to chase the hear. 8o the
county in u,,u. i,ullt for ()i;lt ,i;lv ms abandoned.
with ti
the 's
rs, and
Haves has thrown open his adminis
traiion and sent olF the JCey. lie now
feels that the time is so short that his
fraud not be interrunted, but has
concluded to lx-k the .Supreme Court
and carry the, Key for fear of an acci
dent such as t,vr!
The Grand Palace.
Importers and Dealers in
A'o. 109 Church St., bet. Summer Uitjh,
A C'AllD.
5 , r. a; v
w n
IT 'f a
2,5 r3 i)
5 ?
It wr Q
. 5 3
E ( O .5
5" CD
-2. 2.
2 -s s G
n S 2
3 C-
i JO I 1
3r, H
s- 2 7.
a, S s a
c o
?1 c.(D fel
2 r- J- lJ
gas g(i Kj
Ikol 1
3.IP -T3
S5s- S3
5 ? 3
1 T -
5 Z 5. '
C i -t
r r? to
, K t a
P - r f?
3 O I Jl
a. 3 2; i
ft O o
. T3
2 Z I 2
O 3 i j t
ft tj 58
O . J
5 K 3
73 CO
2? HH a r
n 9 ;
I a
5 5 9 s
as-; ID
. i I
TIk-j ll !'t Out.
Tho Sewing Society of the C. l
efiureh took Mr. J. C. liiles' 5 Thurs
day, having held out without speaking
for two dreadful hours. There were
present ten hidics with I'ev. W. J.
linden as Moderator, who used ail his
wits to make them talk, but failed. It
is charged that Mr. liiles employed Mr.
fTadon as counsel. Having lost the suit,
however, he paid over the S3.
licforu tin; Democratic convention
meets to nominate a candidate for Gov
ernor, the United States will have de
cided that the rail road-, and not the
State, are liable for the rail road bonds.
Park Fvxt.
This may be true, yet it is only a
prediction, and in case it should be ver
ified, will the Fad tell us what will be
come of the bonds of the State cover
ing the amount of the liabilities of the
rail road.-?
)r Ave 6
VW q "ila to become a candidate to rep
j rive o p.m.. .
V. hta oountv in the next J-icmsIa-
o county, and be supported
lice hour from r a'
;on Co., May 13, 1830.
k SPUR! and pointed. We
y gtorics. 2sews
at LC
hy Gen. li. J. , . . .
J .. P . have instruct
or o'nurr, .
Trvv i ur iresi-
I'otalo I'laiil IteiKl.
My father has now ready and will
keep n large supply of popular varie
ties of sweet potato plants for sale dur
ing the season nt lowest market price.
Orders may be left at my drug store.
Inspect fully, J. 13. IiITChky.
Ladies, pet permanent relief hy using
l'er sale Iy ,1 r. liitehey.
Sill of '(. Hill ItookM.
A lot of valuable books from the libra
ry of Gen. li. J. Hill, deceased, will be
sold at public auction to the highest
bidder, for cash, on Tuesday May 23,
1SS0, nt the court house in McMinn
ville, Tenn., consisting of law books, lit
erary and standard works.
Persons having any books belonging
to said library, will please-retum them
to Mrs. Mary V. Hill at once. ml5-2t.
'Hie Tournament.
A very large number of the people
of East Warren were in attendance at
the tournament on Koeky River last
Saturday, and the day was one of enjoy
ment and pleasure, 'flic programme
was three rings and three runs, straight
track, mid contestants limited to ten
seconds to make the run. Ten Knights
took part in the contest, which opened
about 10 o'clock, and lasted three
hours. Mr. Je.-s Duncan, Knight of
the-Lost Cause, won the first premium,
and had the privilege of selecting and
crowning the Queen of Love and
licauty. Mr. Wy. Sf.eakly, Jr.,
Knight of the Valley, wou the second
premium, which gave him the privil
ege of selecting and crow ning the May
Miss Florence Massic was chosen
Queen of Love nnd Beauty, and Miss
Delia Duncan as May Flower.
After the crow ns were presented by
the gallant Knights, the crowd repair
ed to the bank of the river and en
joyed a bountiful dinner.
Mr. Will Brewer, our live confec
tioner, was on the grounds with a stand
of refreshim-cU, which was appreciated
and well patronized by the multitude.
The I' nro for tiossip.
What is the cure for gossip ? Simply
culture. Tlicro is a great deal of rros-
Fortr Tears' trial In proved " BLACK- sip Hint has no malignity in it. Good
I . ... I.. . 1. ,.V. .1 ... ; I
uwiini (Mi; iu laiiv .iji'ui iiieir ucign-
bers because, and only because, tkfy
havf nothing else to talk about. Ex.
DRAUGHT" the Ik-H liver medicine in
the world.
, For tale J. B. Ritihcv.
The party struck for home on Tluirs-
lay evening and lost one of the cjbs
ind had to return for it. It was re
captured in good order. Mc-sssrs. Hill
ind l airbanks arrived too late for the
fight, but shared in the spoils.
The undersigned takes this occasion
to inform the merchants and citizens of
Warren and adjoining counties that he
is again in business at the old stand,
Stone Front, N. E. corner of Main
and Spring streets, where he has the
Largest Stock of Drugs,
Hooks, Papers, Inks, Slates,
Paints, Seeds,
Talent Medicines, Trusses,
Lamps, ami Lam Goods, &c, &c,
ever offered in this market, bought for
cash at bottom prices, nil for sale.
For past favors, and a lung aiul liber
al patronage of fifteen years, 1 feel that
1 aw greatly indebted, and now sincerely
thank you for the same. ' But like
ninny others just now, I am a candi
date for future patronage, and can only
say that we have a house full of nice
goods, to which we are giving our per
sonal attention from early morn until
dewy eve. Come and see us, and if Mr.
J. i . Etick er myself can t please
you we will try to uo so.
e call the especial attention ol
country merchants to sonio niiCS of
goods wo handle in quantities. We
have now in store and to arrive, 10U
Reams Cap, Letter and xSote papers,
25,000 Envelopes, 140 boxes School
Ink and many other goods they handle.
Give us n call and price ojr goods or
send along your orders nnd wc will try
to please.
j. B. KllCIIEY.
sci a
. 'H H
H rH
x a
si!f e th bs
"ll ft3 We -S- IS
lf AN'Tl'.I) n lUiruliasiT for a nice strong
lilit-niiiiiini? spring Wilson extra.
New simp, mays Li:wlB & FAl I,KXnK.
rpiie latest arrival of new Hoods nre to be
L found ill 11. L. 'Walliiig'a at rock bottom
IluK Gents' Hats, Huniincr llnt, New
Stylo Hats, I licap Mais, ami ail sorts of uiee
lints at Iin ivcr A: .Nurlli'-nt's.
Wantkii. I will Iihvm next week, ladies
Hals, liililimiM, -low era, and 'I'liiniiiiiigs
(lit an as in eilies. Jonepli Liviniiston.
Wantkd. To Hell Harps that will do to
liarp on, nnd l'resli C'umlies. fSpeeimeu of
music bv Summit! I-' tier. 1). L. llrow n. 41.
Tinned- Tlie public to know that ltrcv-
t rA Norl bent have l'lour, liuekwlieat
Hour, (iitilmm Hour, Orunt's and Lemons,
nprl 7-1 m
O o in in i r i i 1 .
McMinnvillt', Mny 15, ISM). J
Wheat bu. Otic (n; l.iit)
t'ons sbelltd, mixed, bu. 35c; white,
OAf i-'g bu. 3flo to Vc.
Vlo'vh KXiH) $ 100 Itis.
Lako tt. 0c.
M ii. 'fi bu. -ir-c.
ClIH KKNS 10 to Mo.
Itl TTKR 'r tt. 8 to 120
Koos tloz. 4o.
(ilNSHOi-'f tt). $1
llKKSWAX pt lb. ISc.
Fkatiikks p tb. 35 to 37c.
I'AI I.oW :-. lb. 4Ve.
l)iin:iiAl-t-l.KR tl lti. 5e.
AVllITK ltKASS f bu. 75c.
Stock 1'i:rs p bu. 60 to tiOc.
1'okk Hie.
ToTatois Irish from 50 ta 3Q cents
Sweet CO to 75.
It YE bu. 60cts.
liACON ti to 8.
liAIU.nv "r bu. 6S(.
llACOS slioulders 5c
hums "c.
Bill ps ti'r.
AVe note heavy decline in all oerealu, wheat
ttuu turu rpet-iiiy. 001 ni;s ponetiowii
some 6 t-entH in last few days, ltitetin on dt'
cline. Advices from the west are not en
couraging for much of n rise.
lOO.nriORelected T.ed Cedar liincle 4 per
thousand delivered at Tulliihom, Manchest
er. Worison tlepot or McMinnville. Also
11)0,000 Cedar (iurden inui " pailin.es, for
wtiici we vUI tuke porn, wheat; rye or sor
ghum in pSaJe of csh t cash piiees.
insvl-5m- Vm. F. J.ciper 4 Co.
Tlie Triiial Brotte or Triamvirate.
Roman history informs us tlint Pump-
ey, Orasrus una (.tesiir constituted the
first inmuvirate,. the account of the
McMinnville Merchants in the Btand-
akd this week shows our first Mercan
tile Triumvirate to be composed of
Ilervy, Frank and Cap. And while
the old Roman Triumvirate dealt in
War, Treason nnd -Bloodshed, our
Triumvirate deals in tho
Dry Goods,
...the Bed Fitting...
o i-i o rr ii 1 1 o,
...ami the most Superbly Built...
...Also a full line of...
...for Ladies, Gents and Children....
Groceries .nnd Provisions.
Tlie Old Triumvirate took Country
Produce without paying for it, but our
Triumvirate pays the highest prices for
all kinds of Produce. m27
,J - a. ..1.V
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in.
Have a full assortment of the celebrated genuine SOI I II ItlCXO CIIII.LICU"
PLOW S, excelled by none, nnd warrant) 1 to (,'ivc entire nalisfaetion. Also juiit re.
ceived 100 Mickle'H Doable Shovel', tlie best in the market. ,
Agents for Threshers, Mowers and Reapers, Wheat)
Fans. Corn Shellers, Fodder Cutters, Cider Mills, am
Improved Tennessee Wagons.
inn (iu ran mil r,n liiiniinr u' iiinn U' Tiir run HI
HILL iJLLL IUU l.Dil i liivifilb M iiil;u jo I
For 1880
fi ashviile Bazaar.
Gtspls sni Fancy
Dry Goods
Of Every Description, Including
Foreign Importation.
20 Tublic Square. rnOBlEIOKa.
J. O. M. ROSS to the Front ly
Received and receiving a large stock of.
i niiir daatp ivn piiAru iv mir vmv nrcr aiti
111 111 li UUVII) ;iiUI UliUliO VI lllli I ULJ1 tlt.lLlllI
...and Manufactured for liira'by Messrs. Bmnltz, Monroe & Co., I'liiladelphin,..
il-Iats of the Latest Styles,:
His Laflies Dress Goofls Department Caul Surpassed in the Mountain District
for Style and Quality.
IIih staple goods were bought before tlie. recent rise, and will be sold exceedingly
for cubIi. Also a Large stock of Quceusware, Hardware, Cutlery und Funning Imple
ments. "And there is more to follow." Mr. J. C. M. Ho lias returned from tlie East and
completed and supplemented bin Htock with a full supply of every thing above named
and more besides. He bas cue of the largest and bctt stocks of goods ever brought
to McMinnville. Kemcmber Mercer l Coffee' comer, and dou't forget when you want a
stylish suit of clothes cheap for rash to call on him. m'.'T
McMinnville, March 27, 1SR0.
J. M. M Il.I.lA.MS.
Note, Hosiery, Sits, U
Ar.3 sll ii
ir.as c: Msr. :
jrfl-We sclieit the patrnnnec of all lirst-Clus Mer.-liants, and fluarantre the most per
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llictiolson House,
Corner CHrtl aai Srruce Streets,
Near Cliattanooga Depot,
Br yon, a va,i amoniit of fun and good
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Horse and Jack Bills
Printed at the Standard oflire very cheaj
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