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; .'
Ci. - " 1".., ' "T .
I t.
By A. H. BURKSY & C3.
i - -
i .
X V-- ::'
T .
.'M Arr.
Do not fail to see that your Ticket remU by j
MTille Cbattanocga & St. Lonis R. R,
Eor Speed, Sufoty ami Comfort you will find
jt" thii liue to be unrivalled.
ror the OdcliratiMl SprN.i!,'s and
Summer Uosorts.
k Uouod jri 1 ickrts can be purclmsfd ill all
TfMk .tarl'nucIPul nthees.
I J ' . finu "isliingte ! West either to lo-
V-jY nsoro"o'rs will null it to
' ilt j)TWt''ff to go by this
-uijrr4rfit ticl. oa (w:!e to Tt'X-
rriliis lin jrou liuvr no liivsonu' drluvs.
I'hr'Oiyti rotii'lii's arf run fioin ('Iniltaiiooi:)!
to t'ol iiuImim uhliout I'lianuf. I
ritt-oi ii t( coaches on ill! iiiuhl lniih. Hood
Leave riiiiltunooi(a...ll.iiO a.
8.10 p. in. I
IllltlKi ooi't 11! In .
10.l. i. 111.
MXi "
11.40 "
11..-.5 "
12 to a. in.
l.Oo "
2 li "
4.00 "
li.on "
II 40 "
2.i:i p. m.
ii .'i.'i "
O.10 H. 111.
M urfri'fsUoro,
Naflivillc .....
M url in
I'liion l ily...
8t. I.uuis
1.4." '
2.15 "
1: "
3A2 "
4.40 "
3.1 II '
11. 1U "
4.. W a.
.LOU j.
5.1. 'i '
For Maps, Time tnlilva, ami all informa
tion in regnril to this louti. Call mi or mt
dr. A. 11. WIIKNNi:,
Truv. Ast, Attain u, tia.
W.T. RiMi Fits, I'.... Aj;!,
Chattanooga, 'I't'iiii., or
W. I.. I A S 1.1" Y,
Ot'li. l'aH. ami Tickot,
Xahvilli', Ti'iin.
ptTVot iiiapn ami iiiforinaiion fall on or
D. Tj. lirown, Aont,
McMitinviUi', Tt'iintM'e.
Seed Wheat.
The undersigned will receive Two Cur
Loads of
CiioicB GcniicssGC Amber Sccil Wheat
Bprciully for Heed the best .iriily ami
early growth.
Homestead Fertilizer,
Will produce niii-third to one-lialf more
wheat to aeree bu.idi'K iiiipiovinir the rotiiiil
and prevents bugs and insei'tn from destroy
lag pluuts.
Persons wiintini; Seed Wlieiil or 1'i rtilizers
will leave their nunc jind amount, as wo w ill
otbrini; anr otiTv as ordered. For further
trtieulara call ou the undersigned ami m't
ue2ooni w. l". i.r.iri'.i: co.
flic Qii Reliable !
This is true of the Time-tried mid Well-tested
Wood -work Shop
31d Stand on Spring1 St.,
Where he will be pleased to serve the pub
lic in
First-class Work
the iiinnufai'ture of tlie-
Moimtaiu City Wagons,
All Kind of.
C52.-H11 KtndH t'-X"
JPaintin and Repairing
.ttM l)oDe on short notice mid at reasonable
tpriees. Thankful to the public for the Ioiik
ran of work tuid contidenee he has received,
Ll .I la now respectfully invites a eontiniiniice
M of the same when "lie is better prepared to
t aceomniodate all who apply.
ir'27-tiin J . I'. U A K 1 . t.K.
Li iwo car loads of lue
, - - ajM as J
'.Illinois, for sale at FhIcoii Mi ir
t.ll. Faulkiifr il lu.'a -Nlorrf at
Jrled Apples, Peaches, Slack
terries, and all Fruits,
Ind Country Produce,
d pay cash for them at the
Highest Market Price.
Give us a chance at anything yon
tve for sale. At the old stand.
Eeact & Kitchey.
ug.2Mf. I
(Ttcncnil ffimlsnr.
We have established this directory believ
ini; as we do that it is more necessary in the
country than in the town, and ask all our
friends lo aid us ill remlcriii); il as complete
lis possible.
Fiiulhn-i-' t lutp.l Sen ices even altern
ate Sabbath at II n. in. hy l.cv'. I! .1.
t'raii;; and 2d Sabbath at ;) p. in. bv I'.lder
J. M. Walters.
Clitsf's SriitMis-tlranve Hall. Services
2l Sablialh in March at 11 n. in. bv lilder
W. V. Kuykenilall.
.Vcir Snn;n,ti Services 2nd Sabbath allcr
nalel v by Klder K uv kemlall.
Hull's 'on Services second Sabbath in
filch inviitii at 11 a. in. by Klder Patrick
'Ai'iiiMiiii Services on second Sabbath
ineiiehiiiouthiitlla.nl. by Klder W. Y.
Sijii.uh -Services eve.-y 1st and ltd Sab
bath in each month at 11 a. in. by l.cv. W.J.
I.ihrrty Services every 2d nnd 4th Sab
bath at 11 a. in. by lb v. W'. .1. linden. Sunday-School
every Sabluilh at 0 a. in.
Jlrhriiii Si -meet third s tl, in each
month at 11 a. in. by I . i, r Nulley. Also
on the third Sabbatli ul each inonlj'i by Ki v.
Jas. Smith.
IVrioni 1'ev. W. J. lladen preaches al
lliis place once a iiiouth at night ou the ,(d
lloi.riiMli's ('ilf)ii it-Services once a
luonth on .'id Sabbath bv Klder Wcslev Kid
well. Mi-ti,tt l'('ni-"i - Si-rviees once it inoulh on
the 2d Sabballl at 11 ll. m. by lie v. Mr. till
berl. .Vric fiu'roi Services once a inontli 'on
the 4 Sabballl at 11 a. ill. bv Kcv. Mr. (lib
.S'liiaiiyci''eServiees remilarlv by liev.
V. II. linvis. P. C.
IV mn Si rvices ri'Kularlr bv liev. I'.
II. Ibivis, P. C.
I i:t I'l ini ; SriiiNi.s, or Pleasant Hill- Ser
vices rciMilnrly by liev. t'. It. Iiavis, P. ('.
J.mminl ihttii'ii Services monthly on
the .Id Sabbalh ill ;l o'clock p. 111., by liev.
A. ( an.
llick'iri t,'-ore Services moiil 111 v, on the
aid Sablmth at 11 a. in. by Kcv. Mr. tiilberl.
Jltlhirlinit Services on first Sabbath of
each moil ih at 1 1 a. m. by lb v. A. ( '. l aiuin.
M i mills-ox Services ei cry Thursday ni-ht
helore she lirst Suiolav ill each month bv
liev. C It. Ii.i. is.
Ilni SruiMi- j Haplisl) :td Sunday (and
Saturday before) bv llu'rli A. t iiniuhuhaiii,
lisor. Saldmlh School i-very Sunday.
Cwu if Ititiiirt l-'ourlli Sundiiy iiiml Sat
urday before). IIul-Ii A. t iiunimihaiii, i us
tur. Sabbath School every Sundiiv.
(hik (,'roee, or Itarren Koik- Second Sun.
day (nnd Saturday helore). W. M. .lanes,
7-,i7o(-1,o -i llnptist ) second Sunday (and
Saturday before). lhci A. ('uuiiiii'i;liaui,
'me .'ii'. Preaehiuir 2d Sabbath in
each mouth by liev. W. II. tullu-rt at il'a p.
;..., ' C'oi,.,.- Preaehiu-; s( Sabbatli in
each month by liev. W. II. (iilbert at 1 1 a .in.
lyiiiaif Scrviffs 1st Sahbalh ill each
inoulh by liev. W. II. tiilberl al JL.p. in.
Wliilr o-Sel vices on th2Tfr Mllibiilll
of each mouth at II u. in., b)ltev. J nines
Sin i t ll .
Muff Sprinti ServiecHon Ihe4t.h Sabbatli
nT riicli nioiiili at 11 ti. lift, by ltev. James
tliipli.il Chmrh, rnt, Services on the 2nd
Sabhalh ol each mouihby liev. M r. Trimble.
Sunday school eveiv Sahiuilh.
1 a i; i :t-i.
P A A. M. Warren, No. 12.V-!st Monday
I uiuht in every Hondo, iu their hall over
the court room. A I A l (iiinss, . M.
pOYAI. AKt ll t'llAPI Kl! -.lid Thursday
II liu'lit in everv nioiiili.
It. KnNxi:nv, II. P.
O. O. K.-McMinnville, No. 110; everv
I. Tuesday nk'ht, iu their Hall over II. l(.
Kaulkner A: ft
A. C. I.ltoss, X. ti.
-1st Thursilav nioht in
A. M. liniNi v, C. P.
li every ne
K Nit HITS OK III N( lit -Mountain Cilv,
No. 110; Odd I'ellow,' Hall, 2nd iin'd
4lh .Monday nights in everv luonth.
K. Ml zY, I).
KXMH1TS ANH I.ahY'S lluMli-2ml
and till Thursilav nights iu everv inoulh.
.I.e. M vims, p.
pil N('1'.11Y-Sit 1st M lay iu May and
J November; John W. Ilurtou, J mine ; J.
C. ltiles, Clerk.
CI m i IT Sits Tuesday after 4th Monday
iu January, Mav, mid September ; J.J.
Williams, Ju.ii'c ; A. J. Curl, Clerk.
Ci ll' NT Y Sits by ipioruia 1st Monday in
every mouth; full court everv ouartor:
John vt . I on tes, r.si.p t hairnian
derson, Clerk.
Sain Hen-
fiik.lv. Sheriff; W.I. .Swan, IliL'ister;
Sain llroiin, Tax Colleetor and Trustee
(ieo. T. Purvis, llaut'er; It. M. A r;,'o, Jailer ;
C. C Smith, County Su)H'riuteiideiit of Pub
lie Instruction
SI iniU I jnl llourd,
MAYOR H. H. Faulkner ; Couneilmen
II. I,. Wallinif, u;;;trr, A. 11. Gross,
Jesse Walling, Win. lliles, It, T. Lane, W.
V, Whitsmi. Morshut, Martin Phelps.
Mt'M.it M. 11. 11.
One train daily, and return.
McMinnvJIlc I0:fMia.ni. McMinnville " p.m.
Tililithoiua 2: 1 "i p. in. Tiillilholilil I2:4.""
Connects w ith train for t haltanooga I : Hip. in.
' .Nashville 2:15 "
Telegraph office at Ihedeiiot. Night lues
sages sent lit half rates.
F. W. Johnson,
Agent and Operator,
RAILROAD Leaves 10 a. m.; arrives 5
p. m.
QPAIITA daily stage leaves 8 a. in.; nr-
O rives ti p. in.
CnilTHVII.I.K-Ilorsi leaves 1 p. in., and
O and arrives at 12 noon, on ruesd iys,
Thiirsilays ana, Saturdays. On Fridays,
leaves l a. in., mid arrives 7 p. in.
lyot'DIU'KY Horse leaves il a. ni.; nr
II rives 8 p. in., on Wednesdays and Kri
davs. .
IRVING COLLK.UK Horse leaves Si,
hi.; arrives 7 p. ni.. im Thursdays and Snt-
Post office hours from a a. m. to 7 p. in.
It. Kfwh'V, P M
E. -.V. Ml'NFORO.
FRANK KIT ill.oe'K.
Attorneys at Law.
Ollico TjKOtATj IfOW,
Ity yon, a vast amount of fun and g 1
reading if you fail to subseiib.- for the
Sr.iNliAlU) immediately, f 1 a year.
OftttlitT 30, ISM).
Fur Wright ami fur Haiifofk is the
iVntiHtrutitt wntt-hwonl next Ttiesilny,
ami all will bo Wriplit,
Tlit're aii'lliii'0 liolU'isuiit loi'l'lutitef
from Janit's, Ulifit, Moips ami (.'iiinlii'r
lanil. Tlio Ui'iiililiniii-i liavo put nut
M. L. Suiiiplt' as a Stuto croilit 1'iiinli
date, ami us it famjih' of lu ir imi ly tin
that vulijivt.
Tht' Krpiiliirortns ntroslfil hi Inilian
apolis for illcc;il vjtiiiej huvittii all dis
ajijK'itriHl, it ii now tlisfovt'roil, to (he
iiiiia.onif nt of tlio party inannpr in, that
thi'ir bail is of tlio variety known us
"straw." Xone of tlio Ib'itiiH'ratio of
fi iiilors were so fiu'luiiatc. lit.
Our rntlitisiastic fnemls who call
Wilson a "sfroiiii .JohiiMin," oiuit. tt
W'nnl. "St'coiul-ralo .li.lmsun" would
bo bt'tli r. hlmiinii lltrM.
I't In i'ox'if(' ! Vou should not hnvo
oiiiillid Sciidi-Sciiilrtitv Johnson, or,
itt plain Mnlisli, n third rate dfiua-
Tltwo nro plenty of persons who
paid more to go into Sell's ciivns than
they art' willing to pay to save tht'
honor of our Siato, or do pity in the
way of taxi's, or would hnvo to pay
upon n fair adjustment, ll is so.
Home Journal.
flatter we'll not say Maj. Slatter
is right about this, although he is a fast
friend of .Sells Hrothers' show.
President Haves, in a Idler ordering
the address of his copy of he Umiurr
to lie changed from On gun to Well
ington, says he expects to reach the
latter place in a few days afler the
clec lion.
The 'imt r is rather Ua.v, if not
mentally la.y, if il. supposes that to
have an H to 7 President as a subscriber
would add anything to its present popu
larity. dames L. Wright, the Greenback
lender of Pennsylvania, who sometime
ago assailed (Jen. Weaver as n stalking
horse for Garfield, has cut loose from
the liat parly and will worV licreufter
for Hancock. Tim Pennsylvania Dem
ocralic managers are making a spirited
canvass, and hope lo gain a Congress
man or two and carry the Legislature.
rrcslileiif) of the titix C(iiiiiaii)'.
Sam Piilchett was elccleil President
of tlie gas company in Nashville last
week. We think (iarfiild ought to
have had that. He is the ijo.'iint man
known to history. Like the peafowl,
he sipiawls every lime it thunders.
Hear this, Will Vou.'
The chairman of the Davidson coun
ty, Tennessee, bolters said on hearing
the news from Ohio and Indiana, that
tlio Wilson men "ilid not care a conti
iKilal about Hancock's election ; that
they would rather sec Hawkins (Hep.)
elected than Wright, and lluit tlio ))cm
ocralic parly in Tennessee had gone to
hell." The bolters, be added, intend
ed to act independently in future and
form it party of tiiejr own. Il is plain
that the Democratic mind in Tennessee
is thoroughly torn up. Ciiiciniiuti Cum
HttrcmZ. Why lie IHuVt (iet the Puss.
Pxdivar lliilleti.i.
"I notice an article from A. M.
Latubreth, in reply to Gen. Dtipuy's
charge against him, that he applied lo
a roilroad ollmal at Nashville ou the
10th of August last, for a free pass
home. Mr. L. says "this is un(ruc,
like many other herosay assertions he
has made." In the interest of truth,
and to vindicate (Jen. Dupuy's asser
tion, it is proper for me to say that it is
true that Mr. Lambreth did apply to
me at Nashville, the evening he left
the city, for a free pass home, which I
refused him, because he had exercised
himself in denouncing railroad men as
corrupt and dishonest. If, as be says,
he bought a through ticket to Nash
ville and return, at the depot in Boli
var, why did he a.-k for money or a
fsee pass to return home on ?
K. P. N'kkly-"
- Old Pat Winters, who is for
Wright, said smiie of the delegates in
the convention had free passei in their
jwakets and the balance wanted them.
This is true of Judge Williams, the
chairman of the bolters' convention,
; n .v. .... i.,oici, cnairman ot tlie
noiiers oi vt est, lennersee.
Nat unlay,
The First lroiiteiial KlocUim.
It ooeurred liyUto midillu of n cold
winter, a most; KicuuvciiitwtVfrtaon.
(.'otigress tlid not learn tlio ReeoptanCo
of the new (.'oticlitntion by A tsiiljififiit
mimWr of States until Into in the sum
mer of 1788, nin! tlid n t name the dav
i:!ih of September,
dent. On tlio iL.l Weinidny in
March (which wt i'jc 4il) .'CViig-e
was lo meet in Ne,"Vork, count tin?
eltotortil voles, nii3'jet the new Gov
ernment in motion?? '- '
So the first PresitleiitiaUIcetiuit took
place at it very culd Vimcr of thu year.
.Mr. Madison, nfterard Pi'esideut, who
was always fund otitis joke, u.-ttf to
take much pleasure in - telling hia
bienils what a rem., knbly cold time
...i,, ..mi ni nun eiucuoii.. no wasl
n ing for Confess hi, Virginia
against James Mon.oe who-wim 1m
thies to succeed hinviu tho Presidency.
The two candidates, had a public dis
cussion one Sunday 'afternoon in the
open air from tho uti'n"t)f a Lutheran
church. .
It was nut usuio then, to hold po
litical meetings, on 55(indny;'.but tho
issues were deemed jaV'iiurMrtnut, and
it was so hard to get iho people toge-lh-er
iu I lie middle of t!J wiutoif, thill; it.
was thought properftji invite the, con
givgalion after chil.Vh to listen to n
political debate. I - '" e
A keen uorthe:T Wits blowing,
when Mr. Madison Bonn toil the steps
ami addressed the .VtJ0; ''' ,t
face as sharp a win.lts. ever blteV ju
Virginia. Ilwiissivnldbat tiiie of
the speaker's ears :.?. .itawii.jiiwl 'iu
badly, too, that thef, ui; eho.wed jionw
traces of it to his dyWir ay "'A? R(V.
ioaoisou tout i to
tt) the markes ti)on his ear, its "the
honorable scars bo had borne from the
battle field."
The elections duly occurred ou the
liist Wednesday of January and tho
first Wednesday iu February. The
elecloral vytes were forwarded in sealed
packets to New York. So far, all bad
gono nccording to I he, act of tho old
Congress, wilh order and punctuality.
The lirst Wednesday of March ar
rived, tho tiny on which the new Con
gress was appointed to meet. There
was no quorum present of either house,
ami nothing could be done except ad
journ from day to day, and wait for the
arrival of tin tardy members.
At tnat muddy season it was a week's
hard work to travel 200 miles, and
some of Hie members had to make
their way front Georgia nnd New
Day after day passed, and no Sena
tors came, and no great number of
Uepiesentatives. Ixitters were ordered
to be sent to the absentees urging their
immediate attendance ; but the whole
of the mouth of March passed, and
still there was no quoreiu of either
It was rather aggravating, too, that
members from the most distant States
had urrived, while those from New
Jersey lingered weeks and weeks. The
reason was explained by Mr. Madison,
in a letter to (Jen. Washington of
March lfl, and a viy'curious reason it
was. The law, in New Jersey, having
fixed no time for closing tlio polls, they
were kept open in some of the counties
three or four weeks, each party still
hoping to get more votes.
"It seems uncertain," wrote Mr.
Madison, "when they would have been
closed if the Governor bad not inter
posed and fixed on a day for receiving
the returns."
At length, on the Cth of April,
1789, there wasa quorein of both
Houses. The first.business was to open
the packet containing the votes of the
thirteen Kleetoral Colleges.
The Senate having notilitd the
House that they were ready to meet
them for this purpose, tho Representa
tives, headed by their Speaker, walked
to the Senate chamber and the votes
were counted.
For Gen. Washington every elector
had given his vote; but Mr. Adams
was elected to the Vice Presidency
only by a plurality of thirty-four iu
John Jay received nine votes: and
; the other; were scattered among Sam'l
Huntington, .lol.u Hancock, Roliert II.
Harrison, George Clinton, John Rut-
...etmcc Huey. i;ng, lay, were theil -1' ' 1 is nll umnopolies and MV VI Ifj I
as .they were oc. , 0,, the first i.W-V's 1 Ve-? Vl
Wednesday of J.try, l?si, the peo- :;piy t$'j6 &r9 I Mr. " 1 A. I
pie wore to elecffi -residential electors vJ.;,i , j undiiVr bis ' ln'4 rjujl. nbsent from t'Lienuo-,Q. J
On tho first Wliv in February tho din, tor Wiison U hi,V'rtVis idimtified vijfi,.nt of rt larvf! thHrnn.) The BtWyaiiiJ
the electora . .. we V- flM-r.1 f'tf C-ftit aid Titt.ty .4 )nj.'f fl r' if the pnup-iThe past'his- tliroiijh Um'ir ctf'.innittee'uj tid Jjt.v, - i
and choose a Pi'CT"-il 'VelVti-'j U,oaeutH f till wnintvl i toir of 'this ftnd all other nonnliv Wei. hinii f am ilialrman..be!l,vvl1,." ilK ' ' ll
lege, JolmIilton, James Armstrong,
lidward Telfair and TiViijcunin Iineoln.
What is fume? - How well known
were nil tl eso niinirsj in 1781M At
present aoiu'e of them nro so generally
lorgotten that it would be good cxtjr.
ciso for students to find out who they
were, where 'they lived, nnd why they
wero thoitglit ol for the- feeond otlieit,
r..i 7 f.'r....
vin'n a hi inn.
For ten- davs, liko-lhe fiery,.cW'' of
Ko.li'nck tJlm, the clan Imd sunt the
wvjrd nrotinct'tliat.on Friday,' tlid 15lli
6f October, 18.80, the grout bollei ami
coniniuuist would hold forth. ''
"Itotli field ami forest, dingle, clifTitinl dell,
Ami solitary heath, lliu signal knew."
And every WiUm ntturin ,Whito
county, im.l nmny from Putnam, 'came
to Spuria, Imt the ntimber was not to
wmimtoA lil;o B;,lle ,uU,
fIf f,,,
i ui hiv ui inn. i unu
sands of the ecu ishore," but tiny school
byy could have counlc'3 -thorn nnd never
got so fur fts five hundred. Tho pne
cessrou Imd two bundled nnd tivonly-
tight .men's and Ixija iu it. Of this
number sixty vore hoys and thirty or
forty wero Wright men. '
His tpoee!i was one burst of deiua-
goguery and i tirade of ubuso ngainst
olliee holdt'is, cmirt and rajlniails. It
was evident to every one that lie hoped
to army cflpitol Httd labor "ngainst ejteh
other. . Iiurinn- hia entire harangue, lio
poured oi't liiu vials oiVrath ou tho
Di'mocrntio party, but never ofte Avoid
against tlm liadicttls or,(rt'enbackers,
This of Iwidf convinced nmhy thinking
men thai Wilson, like Walter IbaiiH-
I'otiI, did not earn one fiti tbing for the
spluto or 'Natiiinal- Jouocriit'ic''''tiu-ty,
uu 'Mint 'W'wirt willing to sink both for
I.: , j( ' .j!....'r . its j: ;...::i...i
i.i I. in. . m f
ins speecn. jus nneouotes vrre low
and vulgar, nnd some of our ladies w ho
were used to bearing men of genius
and worth us candidates for Governor,
speak, were embarrassed and disgusted.
All iu all, ho was n failure line, and
will be in tho end. No mere .shallow
demagogue ever ha or will lie the
Governor of Tennessee. Ho is like
Pat Ogigs hasii -loo much hair for
hash, mi' not 'null' for unu tar. Wilson
has too much brains (or a lunatic, and
not half enough for Governor.
After Wilson got, through, Kdwnrds
said his samo old piece, but it is a bet
ter piece than the bolter's.
It is my opinion that Wright is gain
ing here. The result in Indiana has
waked up many Democrats, and will
he a bugle note thai will t all hundreds
into the ranks of the old parly who
were lukewarm heretifore. Your ex
cellent paper has done n noble work iu
these mountains. II every voter had
been furnished with a copy the result
would have been tliU'erent. We will
make a good show for Wright al the
election, to the surprise of many who
think they know it nil.
SriiAitiiiT Ti ki;t.
"The Nicholson House, Nashville,
has long been noted ns an excellent ho
tel, where the best nccnininodation is
to be had. A large and handsome
building has been creeled adjoining the
house, which is furiii.-hed iu tho 4
elegant style, and emuracing till tho
Inlest and best improvements in the ho
tel line. The most fashionable and ele
gant private residences are not superior
in comfoit and conveniences. Tho ta
ttle is ltirnished with the best the mar-1
ket affords, and the cooking is unsur-'
passed. Everything is clean neat and
wholesome. It is like being ut home
il the home is n good one to be at
this hotel. It is especially attractive
to ladies, and we notice that the ladies
from Columbia and Maurv couiitv are
finding this fact out. Mr. Nicholson
who is a native of Spring J 1 1 1 1 , in this
county, and his accomplished wile, are
charming hosts, and treat their guests
with that consideration and attention
which is so charming nnd attractive in
hospitable nnd cultivated heads of pri
vate country hoines."-( ihtmhiti 11 raid.
The above is from our old friend,
tVlf. Horsley, editor of the Columbia
' Ila'M- 11,1 is a "'''i .V"i' bachelor,
and as precise as a maid of riper years.
i We knew him in llo niofrinuoii.il
; walks of Columbia society about nine-
teen years ago. Tin
re is no better
udge of hotels than he
I . From DvKnlb Count)'.'
...jitiXA-Y, Oct. 20, tfiSO.
ultioixh,lljAy-'l6 pewple ol this
Senntoriftl tllstrK't w'io- 'nsed ii
rbpudiation Imve h? -'.2- ji scci - - -
the canditlaey ot p f
Stato Se.ijute. MrV
ti tor tt;
te. Ill Mr;. turn all tlifc
oiei.-,bn!.tmteu' y into the mftke-tip
ft true ff'tCJlt-S .'J'liowhargo that he
- . S .. . .
fie the fact that if ngrirjuire is bene
fitted, by legislation, Aha legislation
must be done by fanners. 'My opiniou
is that tho thing must needful is more
farmers; nud fuwor lawyers of sinnll
crlibie iu our legislative halls, A bet
ter innti than Mr. Fite could not have
'wu found to beat the repudiation can
didate. Smnlliiviu will bo Lenten iu
this county by at least three hundred
votes,. Some put Fito'u majority us
high as ftvo hundred.', This aeeiilreu.
sonablo euough if In other places'Vti
horo. Home o( tho strongest Wilson
men publicly uvdw they will support
Fite iu preference to Smallmau..
Savage, Wilson & Co. hnvo about
ten followers iu this district. Hawkins
will not lose a singlo Republican vote
here, although'sume of thorn are avow
ed WIIh. n men in principle. .
" Zkalot.
Truth Stranger Than' Fiction.
, Iu 1S74 when John II. Savnge was
a candidate for both II, H. Senator and
Governor of Tennessee, on a strong
Slato credit platlorm, and when Frank
Wilson having establihed tho Gallatin
2Viwrwau to beat Johnson' tho ,W(i;i'
against Cheiithnrti tlt nominee," was
denouncing Loe Head UiAwepudiatiou
1st for propiwing'io bottle tho .-entire
bonded (le)t at 75-whc'ti'thi. Pump
fa,'.- ftfijcrf-jr fm-TMytrcr m 4
000, one Isaac 11. Hawkins, an Ex
Congressman of the Republican party,
and chief of the tribe, on the (it It of
July, of thai year, at Paris, in West
Tennessee, sounded the key nolo of re
pudiation. Maj. W. J. Sykes ever on
Mm watch-tower to sound the toe-sin of
alarm, met Hawkins and charged him
then and tin id with im ellort to intro
duce this repudiation doctrine into tho
Democralis'. party for the purpose of
destroying il ; that it was the Trogan
horse of the Republicans, built for the
destruction of the Democracy. And
notwithstanding Maj. Sykes demolished
Hawkins and gave the tocsin of alarm
to the Democrat., Emerson Ftheridge
iu West Tennessee, and W. li. Stokes
in Middle Tennessee, took up the tune
and sang it all over tho Slate. Many
citizens of McMinnville remember as il
it had been yesterday that W. R.
Stokes made a masterly speech iu favor
of it in the court house here, where
only a low days ago be made another,
and exulted over the deed done. i. e.
the split in the Democracy and declared
himself boldly for the split,' that it was
jiit what ho had long desired to see
and hoped to "see it split clean out to
the end." Six years have elapsed and
we now see Maj. Sykes' prediction ver
ified. Isaac Hawkins is dead, but Wil
son is in his place proclaiming the doc
trino throughout Tennessee. Ethe
ridge has gone back to the Republicans
and John Savage is in his place iu West
Tennesseo, preaching the doctrino and
dividing the party. Stokes has gone
back to the Republican parly to be in
position to reap the fruits of his labors
in dividing the Democrats, while D. D.
Snodgrass has taken his place and is
carrying out botii Stokes' doctiine and
the purpose for which it was started.
M. M. Illicit has also nlmu'doncd it
to catch some of the spoils when the
Democracy fa IN, but Judge Williams
has taken his place.
Tho Republicans have puveocilod in
introducing their Trogan TitW, Sav
age, ilson, Snodgross nndv-rvillinins
have thrown ropes around its neck and
pulled into the I leinoci atic camp. Rut
they cannot destroy tho Democratic
ciladel without tho votes ot tho Wil-
I ' men. It is yet in the power of the
i Democrats to save their patty by their
votes, and it is iu their power to de
stroy it.
ThoL'dof November next will tell
the tale as to which they will do.
Justice Dillnrd of the Supreme
Court of North Carolina, may servo ns
an example ol American independence.
It is related that the Into Judge Kerr
once saw Judge Dillnrd iu a second-j
class car. "Hi!" said Kecr, "how j
comes it that a man of your cloth is ;
caught in a second-class car'" "lie-1
cnuso there is no thiid-class," quietly '
! replied Judge Dillnrd, and a.-ked for a i
mati h to light his pipe.
Itl.sKiritKfiO miOMi -y
i w
otcn!. of th'-.A, "
- - -
j rv
.,rfiiMu. V' .
s -
county was m 'i'id t. the SouMtar f,
atifrRtwtud th0 nAn,e of Wr; Fit In.tln t)
(H'raey of thn otlior jjouiitlol oi Ui dirtUi
nnd each totin'jr rkjoded that h' nahl S
be anecptuble, and In this tnauner he 1) '
came caiididati). .The Kepubllcana haa.
nothlin; to do wiinflila. I uuderslii-! Ir.asvv
much as tht Uepublieairs tavnocufflidalo, V
that some of them will support Mr. file, '"
I eaunol olijeut to their support, sntlj -with,
oat CoiauliiiiK Mr. Kite, will any ll'sams
for Mm. . I am a little imrpnjed jiSi'l Vr.
Snmllumn'i friomt, Vtr," tliould make
this objection, mVo il la know.' (hat the
Republicans re a part of "tha ftnple" and
as tuen, uavo tlieir rijjlits u well aa Demo
crats. ' ' y I
I supposo I have known Mr, Pit u toi'n ;.
ua HV..I...O I.!.. l ' la . .
Kin a I JL I
! 4 i I
'" riKi ui inyieu Deing eoout tWi
the tain age-rnd I hnve ne?er befor
heaa-J him oalled anything buLi Demoarat,
and I don't think there la i'rioutlble bias 'i? J
In this oounty wko will uublloly assert orr v'
hla l(ruatiire that Mr. Flt la not a pure i,-'
and earnest Democrat. ,'JIe is uot axtrem '
In hla views,' 'tint is a better Oein'oorst, f
In m.vtopiulontlmn"Votr, ' .
Now, It la understood lje're that " Volar" ' "
and nnother.l'uvTyer,. ami one othel geutle-. 5
man, till reslduuts of this place, wrote h , ? r 'Vv
ominuuieiitli)ii a.L'iiiiiNt Mr. f Ite-one wme ' ''"W Xj--
another suggested and the Btlier.miifleiL If.' J ,' IT .
this is true-Bud 1 ilon't suppose It will b ;
denied it only llltistralaii that portion of Mr.
Fit.uJ elri-nW lilch chargea tho eonventioa
at MoMinnville iiiVr,iiitoceat of ttaln
,irt0ji,if - ;-er iV. It ' I ' '". V
in rejnnl to Mr. I'ltf'a recent defeat for
Trustee, mentioned in ih Journal, I have
to say that Im-ic were 4 or 5 Democrat ran
iiini? and one Republican. The Republican
was elected, ami Mr. Kite with the other
Keinocarls huh defeated, but he fell in the
foremost ranks. It matters not what they
may say, File will carry this county over-
wluduiiiiKlr, mid the i ity is Democratic.
The above aiiileiiient will be endorsed by
1,000 men if necessary.
V. W. Wad a.
We are low tax Democrats, and endorse
what is said above in regard to Mr. Fite'a
.1. 0. TYItKK.
We have been Democrats all our lives and
know Mr. Kite per ally and end. use what
is said above in rcjarj to his polities.
F. it. Tkkrv,
J. II. Turn,
Wm.. Haves,
T. W. Wadr,
W. S. Tyuuk,
We are Republicans of Dclvnlh county,
and certify thai we lire personally aequaiu-.
led with Jas. II. Fite, and have always re
guided him as a Democrat.
Clir'm Rep. Kx. Com.,
.1. T. Armstrong,
W. T. Roiiinson,
Judge County Court,
J. il. Fisox,
Smithvillc, Oct. 22, 1SS0.
A (Juestlon of I'edljrree.
Correspondeiit in Nashville American.
Mr. John II. Savage deduces hia -geneaology
as a bolter through the fol
low ing illustrious though somewhat dis-r
jointed ancestry :
1. Moses.
2. John IheTaptist. .
3. The Savior."
4. Mjstin
(twins). '
5. Homy VIII. Gdtf v
TJirk I think Mr. Savaire isslisrhfl
"" wua'tmit'reiTudiator'in : I
matter of wives, but 1 never
heard of his bolting much.
C. George Washington. ' :"
7. John II. Savage. A
This is the wrong line altogether.'
Here is tho true Version : '
1. The Devil bolted out of heaven.
2. Adam bolted (or got bolted) out
of Paradise.
3. Pharaoh bolted into the Rett
4. Ralaam's ass bolted iuto the
5. Judas Iscariot bolted for thirty
piece of silver.
bolted with $1000,
i J. II. Savage
' S. F. Wilson
of the people's moo.
ey, against their
oaths as members of
the Lfgislatuic.
- m
I -Til i
7 s
and , ,!., ' J
m. : v. ; r, , I
' ...
I s
t - t

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