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ufutiitni a
McMininUle, Tenn., : : Oct. 3D, IsSO.
See new local this week in "uew eol
uiuu." , : Bee Mr. llahm's luhlitioti to his iul
verthseiuent. Let us have the election returns
from each district ns soon as possible.
Mr. and Mrs. MiltonGvvyu, of Viola,
wore in town this week on n visit as the
ts of Ilev. C. 15. Davis and wife.
personals and some items una-
Avoidably crowded out this week. After
issue wo will gives more ji:ieo to
V matters.
Tf t IT'll i .1 . 11 A.
irs. hi. . mil, or mo urrru
T"'ul Mrs. May I!aniscy are on
"VVv1-L"d rJtives in Mar-
, vM "lifein a lilcasuit visit.
.. ........ i
nHoir Conceit to be In hi at J.
Iorfoid's has been postponed till
next Thursday night. Admission It)
cenU. A g'Hd time is expected, and a
full HtteuJaime.
It llciils MnlU-i'.
Mr. Aipiilla Farmer, near l'ikevillo,
'has a sweet potaloe that weighs twelve
pounds and measures thirty inches in
circumference. That ItoaN (,;ir fair,
and Maj. Slattcr's S:j pounder, too.
V'ioii iJiillctillj.
We learn that Mr. A. J. (iribble
Bud A. (J. .Miller had a pi.-rsonal ililli
iiulty Thursday ni;'ht near Faolkner's
Chapel, in which Mr. (iribble was se
riously, thounh imt faially shot in the
face, the ball lodL'inn in the vicinilv of
tin? left ear. Wo do not know the
'I lio-- riouei H.
All honor to the ladies of old White
ami Warren, who have in patriotic im
itation of l!i" ivvo!ini.iu;:ry ninther-
during this dark d ay ' Tonnes 's
tribulation, strewn the paths of her he
roe, Judgii Wriyht and Maj. Sykes,
with flowers to cheer their hearts in the
fierce battles for our representative
form of government against the twin
enemies of Radical rule and repudia
tion. We advi-e the uieii of While
and Warren in search of icih n for
wives, not to po beyond their county
lines, for where woman is true all i
right they are for VYiiht, and to he
fur Wright is to b" ri;:hl.
Tulliittoiiin ( iiriK-l It mill
The following jrciitli'ineti, Messrs.
IJarton, Woodiuli, Kadd, Hawkins,
IJurberry, Adams, (longer, I. Hawkins,
J. B. Totter, Joe Woodru!!, and Moses
Warren, all niemheu of the Silver
Cornet Hand, of 'I ullah una, in foil and
bright uniform, came up with .Jinfe,.
Wright last Monday mid discoursed
the very best music nil along tho line
of the road from Tulkhoum to Me
Jlinnvillo. At Morrison, where the
trains passed cn.'h other, the band went
out on the plat I'm in ami played a lively
air to the passing train. At McMimi
ville, in front of the Warren House,
they played two or three soul-.-lin ing
pieces in the grand reception extended
to Judge Wright. We speak in behalf
nf the citizens of on.' town and county,
and especially the Democracy, when
we say that the band has our most cor
dial thanks for theii kindness and cour
tesy on this entile occasion. It is one
of the best bands in the State, and pre
splits a most prepossessing personal ap
pearance. Long may the Silver Cor
net Band of Tullahonni survive to
break up tho monotony of life and
- . cheer the heart of man with their mel-
" ,,A ly in the conflicts and strifes of life.
.A committee of iceplioii, composed
. , . of a large ittiiti Iter of the citizens of the
, county and town, upon a short no
' --j.)). tice weot in earn ije, on horseback and
iol, ti the depit last Monday to
V-j-Tudge Wright to Mc.Minn-
iiti)it. of three board
"!iiVTi, met and rceeiv
W.f.'.X at Morrison,
' accompanied by Mi.ssrs. .1
'"VTAydolltitt, J. B (Wan.J. wj
foil, L. B. Morgan, (!. WJ :
'trrt'illiara Ohlemacher, comnillUe
' . ; -.1 escort from Fullahonia, and i'e-
- V i -r . .
yturucd on the train conveying him
- to this place. On arriving at the
depot a grand procession was formed
i i. !. it.,i.. u:i..... i'
.f iienucii viia jini luii I'i'vi i vviiitk
f Band, of Tulluhoma, nnd proceeded to
Jie Warren House where Judge
Wright was welcomed and introduced
to the audience. He made a short
address, thanking the people of Warren
for their kind reception and invited
them tn attend the public speaking nt
the court house. This impromptu yet
earnest reception, gotten upon the spur
of the moment, was one that any citi
zen of our commonwealth might be
pmuil of, anJ one that was as jil-tlv
rt(prve,l ils it vvns cotilial to tlie cause
f Inch Jj. lo Vrig'it jjilhsiUy r.'p-
fCJtpuU in Tcimcs.'-ec to-tlay.-
licply to tho Fan.
.Wi'dir Stuiuhird : TIn V.Ytt has I
much to say this win-k ahout Juile;
Wrights special train on which li
come to his appointment to meet Jiid;;e
?r i t r.i
nawKins nere.uonuay msi. u Knows
vjry well that Judge W right was h
Nashville Saturday night and could
not get hero except by ipu'ul train.
Don't you think it is hard up for argu
ment when Andy Johnson mid Cheat
ham did the same ? The I.Vn say the
railroad sent him free ; but it is not
always ''gospel." This special train
must bo very important in this can
vass, as tho I'm has said so much almut
it. If the AVu had spent its time and
space in making 'war upon the Kepubli
c.in party in this Siate ait u, d to do,
w hen it was a 'snroennugli" Democrat
ic paper, it would have been more ac
ceptable to its readers than all liii neii-
sense about special Iran
W llV lia-
V'r '"' ""!'" 1 " .fen
tiring open the Jiepubl.eaii parly, as it
used to do, and turned ''s guns uimii
its own party?. The,, is T U,
for this eliiiiige in p.i-it.oii, and llie vo-
tors of TcilliCSMV otl-rht t l know
t...,:, :, 1C.I,, i ,l,.l
,1. . - . , i ,
ii niu u n. ii iiie 1 1 1 .i. i I'l nil' iniai-i
people of Teiiues.-ee could but under
itand the object of the .Vn's leaders in
trying to destroy the old Democratic
parly, they would vote the straight
iieiiiiicratic ticKet, tiinl thus save our
Suite government from falling into the
glands of the liepublicans. If the
statement of tho .Vo and its leaders are
true, that thoy are right in making war
upon the Di in u'lals, and thai Wiiehl
is llie hindmost man in the liel.1. wl.v
don't (hey assail Judge Hawkins? He
is for high taxes, and thev s.;v the 111,111
they have to beat. It tueyntei'oann.it
answer this j sit ---t ! ti sati faetm ily, , I
.1 ... . I j' . e 1 ' . . . 1 ' 1 1
111 icM.'iou o. ine ;., 1 1 ii.- lean- ,
efs the true reus m w hv lliev il l tint
make war iitinti llawl;ina t!. hi..1,,..! 1
tax 111:111 in the field, mat the nun t to v
sav thev have to lieat t 1 he .,( lead- '
eis may be hirelings of the Kepulilicm
parly to de.-lroy the D, iiiociatie parly,
1 ainl lint- place the torne-r 111 power.
Hut I prefer to believe t hat the 10 ami i
o.eet ot 11, e -, ':l. ,.,v w ..111".
oliice and sell'-ageiaoiliiciuenl at a
hazards, even though the experiment
should de-troy the Democratic paily.
Fellow eili.etis, if yoll de-iie to stive
your parte from de-.tnietinii, and defeat '
llawl.ins, the l.cpitlilic in catididale,
llie in 111 who riveted the odious disfran-ehi-enient
law upon three foiirllis of
out citizens, vole lot . lodge Wiight, and
you will never ngn t it.
Di Mmi: u'.
Wiile Ctniiitj Cone-jioiiileiiye.
Sl'.VIiTA, Oct. L'li, lisS,).
,.inr Sln,ii!ir(l :--Yesteiday Miij.
Syl.es -poke ii, thceotirl-hollse loan itu
ilieiice of at least four linn. bed persons,
lie made the speech of the campaign
anil ill. I more lor the true Democracy
in this county than all things lie-ides.
He held the crowd spell hntiiid Hip
about two hours and a half with his
logic and historical account of theSlaie
debt from its inception to the pre-etil
lime. His speech was siniplv unan
swerable. 1 say in all candor, and
know whereof 1 speak, that inanv nf
our people heretofore inclined In be for
Wil-oii have fallen into the ranks, and
mi the , of NoM'iulier will vole tor
Wright and the straight tii lo t.
At the conclusion of Maj. Sykes'
speech he was presented Willi two Ino-t
beiiiitniil hniiiticts limn the ladies, to
whom in' paid a most filling tribute and
tendered his thanks in a siyle lint to be
surpassed. Di:mh('K.t.
The Ili'iisons fur Our Faiili.
On next Tuesday, the of Novem
ber, we intend to volo the Hancock
ticket for the following reasons:
1 liec.iu-e (ien. Hancock ii llie
greatest soldier-statesman of the age.
2 iiecaiisotho time.- demand such a
man, as they did in the days of Wash
ington, to re.-loii( peace and fraternity
to the two sections,
'! lieeau.-o he is the regular Demo
cratic nominee.
I'uH ;nvi:iixoli.
We intend to vole iorJiidgn John X.
Wiight. 1 lVeause he is a high-toned,
able and iiiutxiiuuimmis sta!;'s:n:i;i.
2 lieeau.-o our politics are s:i eompli
cated that we need just such a man as
he is at the heail of allaiis.
'i Because he i the regular nominee
nf the Democratic pai ly w liich is the
only hope of our State and national gov
ernment. I'M Hi Cil.Nltlir.sS.
We intend to vote fir (leu. (i. (;.
Dilircll for.Coiiure.-s. 1 Jlecatise he
iceil tri'd and proved hiuisi If :
,1.. i ii ei it i I
worthy ol all confidence :H an ahlijiind
energetic repre-eutive ol our people,.
2 Because we me,l j.,-t such a mat.
to represent u in these pi rilotis tinn s.
.'5 Because he is the regular iminiiii e
tif the Democratic partv.
t't Ui KTATK l-KNATor.,
We intend to vote lor OF Jas. H.
File for Slate Senator. 1 Becau.-e he
is a plain, praotioal business man fully
identified with the people of the dis
trict, nnd thus prepareil to represent
them in nil his votes and acU.
2 Because this is a time whin we
need just such a man and not a lawyer
whose profession lends him to compli
cate rather than expedite business.
3 Because we have no regular ijotni
nee of the Democratic party, and in
ine nitsence 01 one .Mr. l ae comes
nearer relleetinir the views of the true
: DelU'KTiiey than any other cainlitinte. I
As our tint 1 ties nut run in tie'
channel with any oih'T can.li.! id c
j have no fuill.er ita.s..ns tonssin,,. j
rjea imim
Juilso WriulitN peceli MondayThe
Ladies to the Kescue. j
(Vrt v-imniU nt in 1 lie Aim-noun.
MiMiNSVii.i.i:, Oct. L'ti. Tlio follow-
! .,V ,ho .lu.fi ' ..,; 0,
i.. . . 1
, ,j n-ht s speech here vostertlav
1 m !!e'v ('!:; a--: As one !ei lias n:'.sr I
t!u iiirreiiiiti life, antl to vi hum (hi- lml
ous ui i'veniiir :in laoiueit In rr l' vrevvitu;
1'iiiri r Anil Icint'er, I express t tie fear Hint i'
ru ill llie iniit-t ef 11 ililllcelils perieil ill
enr A nuiiran liiMory. laijoyini; iwiu do
ii o. 41111 il lilieriy iinkie'Wii ami iinl'elt In
ti r lemon ainl eenioiies. nn- even in
ihiw l.uul of fir--,!. an tiiiioil In tie Mitijeiaed
l i Ii iaK Hint n eiplatiens ef llie lanst seriells
iiatai't1. Snru-ileil lis we tuny lie by llie de.
lii amiN 111111- u lii.-h L'nm iiai the tree of
lil.. riy, M.iteu.l l.y tin ImM hlo...l of a lei
I ! aie i -i i , c an i I 1't'llial. even here ivo
mi' Li ijlii-liale wliat eiir fallnas loonlity
li M 'I H i mi i l'l.uh .1 ileedlue, t'elt man
is 1'i.aieal'!.' nf h -'ivrrntnent H ell may
l'i.' ;ill,,'i.'ie a!nt v ; ; r- - o 1 1 1 1 1 o 1 1 nt I'llllH'S
S' e cim' lent ts ll. t t en tile Mt na t ien v, lien
Vie ie at' it li.'Mly .uiaelllU'! al tint elll' L n'-
j Ii i
ull.'. I.' .'iljHe nail inilr.ai ilreal llileilta
a i 'i: i Mia ainl an' n.a t-i Iw
"il-l. 'i. anil "In II llie n .ili , tlie Ll'i-ate-l
. ,,. i j,,. .m ,., ,.,.
! m: H.,raml ilu- i a , v, cuiin.: .,wer.
I ' ' "v' ' 1,1 " " ' '' ''V '''' ' l"l"l
llXmZ t,Z
ii,, wiM, !,..,; i mJi l.y u. i nii-iitiiii.'n
j " s '''' N'Jli,,ll:il liu o evvn luiikini;,
WlnM 1.1 ! !.. 'I laiuU llian .ill-.
inn i ii: iiie riiui, in, laerii n . n m 'i,-n''
i-'iiiiiiauiii'iil aii.l niluli-ai laav lael sia .
i'Hm in lii,' ,.v. i ll, .win- .ilu .;i-m ,,t n p, ,.
plt' Una. 'I'll-l'.illr.l In lln- lliiiil- ei I !'i illu II.
sinvlv in i'i', wl.i'ie I,, , , liiei a t!,,wi i' ,.'
,..) il i i... ...a.. .1
i pi,, t , ,.'ii,. v,Vy i..io,.laii',.ii -i.o.e ei
en;i';i'iil, no p...ot;.iiv j.l int el no-. Uilnt
en 'lit ta fit.. i'.m.I nr ller: a-'i.
Ila e w e net ele'll. !l M i -ilnlll llll.l epl'l'i
eill'e in irovrrniiif llt.tl iliViirs tn plant ellr
si 1 i s tir'ii')' iilel una!: i ".il.lv en I ,. ,eti iiie
nf mir lT' :i ,ipalle el 1:1'. i'ly, I li.iina- ,li'.
li'1-.i.n, "ciiial iin l e .el ;u lae lii all nan,
I V. 'Ill-Hi' pi i il. Lii' tn li'itir .'"
I ; 11 t..v ih ii in tl it .;, :'i..l '' I'liiiil m-
I'.'t' liliiil.'l.l el' I ' 1 1' p, . I !.'. V, I.;, Il I- , V. I'
ii'-l't unit "lna , i tii.'ii nt, ii i.t.l.iiiuii .a all
el'.' O'.-al.!. s :ii;iy f, .11 1 it.
I'. Hurt ( i..: I line linn ili-i 1 1 : i ) , ii
the ilili y inO'i'-i 1 en tin l.y the I en en i ien
u !tii Ii tiiilaii.atr.l mi ,
,,, p ,,.,,. ,,;,.;, u,. ;,,i ,,,,, pali,i.
in u ! L1-1 ha- I., 1 11 1 a; 1 a I l.y 'i.ie nil
"'' r II"' Seo, 1V..1.1 iiie 1:1. -n, lain- wiiieli
h' 11 ! in our ini'llii 1 Si. ,le In I hi hanks
1 at ; in 1 1 ii' n lorli 'air-niir welrln
'i..h'..i, -I "..
'III 1 .'lalai l.'i' tn tlie
It: t ill I 'M- Inn 1' in ViT I.. 1 11 p. iinilleil I
11 nl in llir ilu-1, ..ml il lia-n la iv it no nt
i:n I; vvl.n li 1, 1- 11, t I., ! a 1, p, lint. I n.nv
I'i turn it t.i tlin-e wtie ennli.liil it tn tnv
hainls purr, 11 i'-f.u .1 tin. I ii'i-iillii,l 11-
! 1 11. e li.'ll.'i'i it 01 itli'i,ili s ei llr'iiin'iai'V nil
' '""."" ' .''""' l""i'o
tlie lii.iiiiiiaais iinil in tlie vaili v- el .:i-t
ri lini ' -. e, 11 oil lii'lenil.-il tin 111 ell rva I'V
I I. in ia tho 1 iM.lli' iinil 1 -lei n pel lii Hi - nt
i.nr In t. v. ,1 Si He,
I nhnpllv , 1 li ar vie air ilvin.; ill Tenilr
!''" '" " ''"?' "f nini.il an I p.. In 1 ..1
Mm vi lie 10 1' a.-pii in,' in h ' Ii lia.
Seem w liiini: tu -,ici On v llie iniiinl .-oiil in
ti ii ei lie s-taii1 in 1 1 1. : .-. .:.:i',iv their
iinli v i'ln it innliotun. Will iu;iv vu tienr
to llie lii-luiy lit nil illirli 111 . il'..ie Mil.)
say, "(':i'-ir In- hi-parlv nlal llinln- lii.-,"
hilt ill,.-! pni'l le'ltie Itils lia- 11. 1 pill ! v.
I'niir I'.'iiiii s 1 e 1 1 11 il.e mi'l.-i nl a 1
Mi. t , iii vv 1. ii' li mi r liHiinr im.l ihep r ,.
tlie i'i ea I en li w lin In in: i ! '.a i' lie ti: 11 ii. lie.
i- in va.lv i ll, are en tn In- i::n..,. , iinil :i v i n
up ill i.nhr In S!l::ln'l llie -eileli li in li 1 1 inn o
lll.'ll vv lei a re III 1 a 1. 1 In i-p.iii-,. y..ur eal.-r '
If 1 have .-iiifiiiti.il eri.ii ., ' I p. v have
I. e i ll el 1. us ef ie ln ail :ln,l le t ' ,( Iiie
hunt. I have e In lia V ..i . I a nlli nil iiene,
"1 vl. ailatlu:; liulliim. ainl n.'.iirlit -it ilmvu
ill malii'i'." t have Iinl Innt the supple
I. in.:. - "t tin- Km i' that llllilt iniiilit lullinv
fan ni 111;.
I -illi'I'I'l i In lieve the pn-ilinll vliii i I
inive lelviu-at. it nil the State ulnl Nntiulnll
1 1 in - iinli- In In j in In, unit ilea en their mie-ee-s
ill priiiis, in u i.'ti';it ini ii.-iiri', the linlinr,
the liappiui'.-s, mi.) the prn-perily of intr he
hiv eil SI ite. I In -e il inel pleii Inive the full
ami in. .-1 In arty nppiiii iil nl lay ink'iiii'iit
u- 111 II in nf in y Iii a I'l Mini i-iiii-eienee.
II in lln- pi iiv nliin I .lnii.'lity (iml
vieO'iy shall eievvn my l.a!..irs iiu-1 i-evvnril
my 'a'-iiiii . -. I -hall, neli'iil, teel pl'utlil n'
iiav lei; hi 1 11 ll.e elm ell in-liiiliieiit in the
h.ont-el 11 ! e:i t ainl in. hie pal ly 1. 1 vtllili
eill il.',- il sell nil plan i'l pi.', II pi ill I' I pie vv hie II
.-.IV 1 - nlir .nice iii. 11. a. .1 1 In ,n , .1 Mali-
I'l.. iii I he twill p'llitleal hi'ie-ii . ei lla.li.'iih
i-iu unit llefiiiiliatli'li. I'.ut en (he ether
haiel, if the II 1,1 iiinler wlih'li I have fim-lil
-ii ..ii iin l -.' ta.t 1: ! iilly ainl eat ne-tly, s hall
itn itmv n tn ih fi-iit, t ion iiinie than willne,'
li. I'm iIhvi u w il Ii it, en-lii ineil vi 1 1 In n its pure
met tlainii '- fnl.t-.
"He lie Vi r iii. . m in fall- in n 'aval en use,
Hi- hinii's may smlili n in the mn, hi- In ml
he Iiiihu nil i lly van innl laetle w lis, hut
v i t his -pint vv iiILs ahrnail."
( 'i in !' ill- el' ha VI II If pel in I'll I ill II IV illltv,
1 nielli rel'ii n tn lay Iniuihli- Inline, where
Jvv. II the lnv, .1 innl i 1 h i ' i'i - li . nl.. I- i, my
lieii 1 1 . :t mt I -hall la turn In lliitn with the
prnii l saM-iai linn that lean v v illi lae Ihe
eiillli leui'i., tlie ri.-p.'.'t mn! 1 1 . - e-tii in i.f
the hiiin -t in i' n, wini, en an. I cliii.it i ll nl I hi-,
my iiaiivi' innl l.eli.vi.i Siaie. ev,r wh.ise
pri i ' pe I it y il ml li :i pp i ii i ' -lei 1 1 ever n jui'.'e,
aa l itliini' slia'ne all. I ili-:'l'ai'e,il,iinh ippilv,
il -Inill i.v.-r ei, ue, will till 1 1 , -.- heart uilh
the ili'i pe-i uoiel unit i.n.riitii iiiiini.
At the c.inclii-inii of Jiidne Wright's
speech, A. M. lliiiiiey, editor of the
SliiltiliHil, ino-e and said:
.luil-i W liulil : In 1.. hill:' nf the I, I, lie- ,,f
Mi'Mllinv llie, evi: v ene ef win. jil i,- l'.,r
Sla'e eieilit, 1 pn ., nt y.iil llii'M- hi iiutilnl
II. iui i-, ii iii.-.- Iviii piel, ( iiil li'luiilie thnt
'liirii.M- fiatil nt vii'l.iiy thnt iivvails Vim innl
will er.iw ii miii ( , it v ei ii in- ei litis pit jan i ami
I'l.iriiiu- nl. I V.ihnilei'r Slille en ll,e ,,(
N-iveiiihi i' in , t.
Judge Wiight replied lis follows;
In niu, -tr, pi't-i.iiiilly, I n hull my thank- a
Inr tin- i enjiii nt am! i-i tu pi i ui in I a i y iieiuner
in vvloeli ynii have pre..itt .1 llii, l.i aiutinil
iill.l ta-ly I. '-tint. in:;.!. N'.. Mian le. I- in. .re
sensihly thiin ,ti, ihe eiie,Mil.,u..,ien. nl Wii
man. I n the lo . a! -irn -.I " in w iiieh n.
I'Uif.e'i'.l. tit'' -.mill - innl i i '"iii'a::li. w.mls
nt "iin.llli :.!'.' p. eliLarlv '.'t a i I in . 'j,e
inait w .n. . iiiiii e.t in any ii na. i la i. iiiL', is
in t iiinvi'il in I iiie r ileiu:-! t inel n nnl.l, r
ilillte nl nrtli.ri h the lel'i'llei'lii.n-i ui the
kni.l ai, .1 nilei -in. miii' wiuils n a i.Miih. r,
the sweet all 1 ita'.'-i-lilile iulllli'liee el' il -is-Ii
T, illlil the llnlile, M 1 1 -III 1 iiie ill.; I It ' V . . I i . ill
nf il Vli-'e. i- iinli! In live ail I -1 1 1 ! i : In .lie. f
1 Innl il in mv p nv . r, ns hy the humls nf y
lliaei. ill). 1.1 I'V'I'lel le. 1 1 j i ih. e .h.uei- their
Im iiuiv innl lln o- I'm raiiee. I vv nil I nhiee
llieir i s-tui'i.. in in . hi'iii'i nf hi-iirls, there
, .r , ,.; ,,..,.,.,, ,', r
"' ''- '"--r .-.i.-rm-f I i I-, .u
ullt "u.A Z1'::'
i, , !t t o i i , .
I'll aa!s, i liiiicas K Wid be electetl. 1
Hi i i ,t v .- i i- I
has eiitlotse I the National l.xeeu.
live Coiiimillec ill It cognizing the debt
paying Democrats in Vitghiiu. He
will do the same in Tenue.-ee. If you
want favors stand to the parly that he
recognizes as Democratic.
l!cn-Fk2::5:r.t Notice.
llereel'.t Culler vs. It. !'- Ituinhle, liefure J.
I'. V niii',1 eininiv.
IX this r:ni-e il :ip .. :; , r r i.7:i tlie iilliil'i
vil nf th" plainlllis thai ih iemlaiit, l. 1',
Ilninl.te, is in.li hi, ,1 t ii.,.M .,1,, j- ,
resilient nMliis Slate. II:, vini oltlniiieil
ir-iiii .1 .1. t mi i-i. . a .1 ti-.: i, e t th,. p,.a,
an n, initial atlai Intn-nt ilro i tl-, the l slat,. ,,f
lln' ih ten. hint. ai,c tlie -iiine hav iiie hi en
I nil tilt? !. I.'.i.hnc pi'iiperty, j-
,i,.r. ,l livtlie .tti-tie,. ,,r ti,,. i', ,i,.,,
'!",,"' Vi1! :,i;!."'r 're s.ii.1 . -I. W ,,ii,, u.
.1. I a li.si ii..,. in Mi'Mimii i' ,i... -.i
.lav ,.f .Vnveiiil.er, l .. m ,i.,!..,'n s.i-.i .
. ' . . . 1 , 1
i-ui-ii-t..i m i'i Mnnmii,. ,,i.
' ' j. Vv', i.',ci;. .1. p j
Koad This Column..
Dr. Uagland'a celebrated Lightniu
llelief is the greatest discovery of tin.' I
ago for tho relief of pain. J. 15. j
liilehey. - ooOinti i
, .... ; , ....
i re.sll i. (ranges aim iamiiohs 01 me
1 , ... 1. 1
What is it that never fails to cure
theiiumtis.n and neuralgia? Dr. U.ig-
land's Lightning Relief. J. 15. Kilchey.
...... . . , t .1 I
Srit'O to be distributed among tin
people in sums of from' Uf cents tn !?",
according to the ntnonnt of their ptn
chuses of Shoes and li iofsat Clement's,
in the way of discounts to all ca-!i
Lightning Kclief is a sure cure tor j
sick and nervous headache. For sale 1
I'V .). 1. Kilcliev.
"The tall merchant nf the liietia
tiiins," J. C. M, llo-o, ha-, and will
have for a few days only, New and
Fancy I tnllnians and ( J.uks, pretty and
slyli-h, which he will toll very low lor
Cilsll. 'J'lli'l
. rfjt, .
It' you w ant snim 0, ijtp'i'v' tooih,
ache and earache, tis J.,Tilniiig He
lief. J. It. KilehcV. o'l'iOint;
11 lllllltl.
II. II. Fnulkiicr A Co. want their
Iricndsiiiid patrnps to know that tiny
have their Full and W inter slock nf
goods, and atu lia.l to supply iiny
thing in their line at the lowest rale-.
Sen what they will say next Week about
it in th" Si vMiviiH.
Tabler's I'liickeye File Ointment is
uni.jtte as a Fat, 'tit Medicine, in that it
i.- recommended lor nothing but Files.
It is, i rhaps, llie only patent nioilioiiip
extant which does not promise tn cure
limn a doen to one hundred diseases.
Hot it will t tleetually cure Files, and
is only ,")0 its. For sale by J. li.
l.iMik Here,
Notts your time to gel the celebrated
ietinessee ittnV other seed- wheals.
Al-o Homo Fertilizer, which makes
i instead of 2 btl-hels, or (iiie thinl
more. W. F. Li inii: iV Co.
l or ,io I atlit'N.
One dolliiriind lil'ty cents will buy
the Coiiibimitioii l'lriitor, the best
made, w hich does all kinds of pleniiug
or plaiting and fluting. For stile at II.
L. Stanley's store, McMinnvillo, Teiin.
Orders by mail promptly filled.
Our colorcil brethren have given up
ail hopes of "forty acres mid a imilu''
as a gilt from the government, and are
re-ignitti; themselves gradually tu the
knowledge that only uy industry and
correct deportment can they win the
esteem of their Countrymen. They en
joy no special pi ivil 'u'o or immunity,
but when suil'eri ng from Dyspepsia,
Sour Stomach, liilimi.-ness, clc, can
obtain relief by using IWtaliuo, nr
Tabler's Vegetable Liver Fowder.
Frit e fit) els. For stile by J. 15. Kilchey.
i't'lt'l'lioin kilt Ii'iIiiui nI
Already some eight or nine telephnes
are in operation, connecting business
houses with residences. Mr. Thus.
Wagoner has Ihe agency innl is putting
them up to order anil giving entire sat
isfaction. But seeim is believing, ami
if you want to see for yourself call at
anyone of tho following places: J.
F. Lively 's furniture store, O. M.Thur
uiati ,V Son's Mure, Jesse Waiting's
store, . C. Martin's store and the
SiAMiAiiti ollitv. Mr. Wagoner is
now prepared to put up telephones to
order and at reasonable rates, (.'all on
him or leave orders at II. L, Stanley's
store. o'illi'nll
W'v fUllllitl'i.. 1 III ItlllMttll'l)
U. II. MASt )NT K-s.
as It eaililiilnte fur l;. pii si'lil:Uive nf WlllTell
ti 1 1 n ii I y in th st la "isliilnre, nl the elee-
linll in Niivcnihei' next.
l or t iiiiiii'es-t.
Yv.'c are iiiilliiirit il t.i iiioinioii.e
(iiannii; ti. itii:iti;i:i.t,
llliliilale fin- 1 1 -I'lei'l inn In I 'nil i.'1'e: s
fnilil llie :lnl t ii:i i e-v;. . mi I i-t rit-t nl 'li'ii
tie ee, ill the N.lti.illlii eleetinn nil the first
I lles'liiy nf Nnvelulter, 1-sll.
Niiii-Hcsiileiif N'tilicc,
11. II, ion I (I. V. M. inl Kiiwuii iin.l
In this eniise ii iippeiirin ,', clerk an. I
M.i.li r I'i'.. in . ..iitt.laiiniiii- hill, w hieli is
svvi.i u In, thnt Mr.-. J. H illu isn liiiieri siih'lil
nl' tin- M,,t,. nf Ten nt s-ee, in that the nrili
liat'y pri.ee-s ,,f ;iw eaiimtl In.' si rveil nil her.
Il s Ihi relnr aleretl that pillilienlinii ,e
in the ill the MeMinnvilleS hern Sin ii.lanl
Inr fniir e.in-eeiitive weeks e nionliiu; the
the saiil Mrs. .1. Wall to. appear mi nr In hire
the 1st ihty nt Niiveiniter llexl, tn pleiel, ion
.1. '. nii.i.s c. ,y M
Sn ith .y r,irl u s,','is 'f.'.r".'..'.',,'.'! "'
, 1 .nrttioiKs Mils, lur emiipts,
- , ..
-in i in in nier in -inn inn. in in,, -in,,,, wot
he taken l.tl ennli e, us tn her litlil set tin
Boots and Shoes
A lai'L'e Mil ii-ty nl nil kilnls nf l,,ls ami
Milieu Inr 1. miles, Misspk, t'liililn n, r.nvMunl I
,i II i l nnvv lieii,;; ,,,elie(i lit. l,e . ,, ,' ,
.1. II. III,. ine.e ,'oinl.s me mini Hip I
'.'' 'll'e ,'oiitls llie lilt nl Hie I
ke ,i,t iiiiiteriiil, of the lale-i s:v I,.,, I
I Lesnldii, llni lowest vtieis. (nto,-
lu ll III
innl u iii
hi iiieri ii.iiiis lll I: ll.l u In llieji interest tn
stnek ,i, in nil kill. Is ,, Indies' innl , i.il-
ilrt n's lintels frniii nur itMnri nt, ns vveslnill
lli:ik Itiu ilnlliei'lneiiL, nti j js nur ilesiiy
-ell "ill as tuiek- im I'tiMiltle The luilies nf
llie ii I y innl vieoiiiy are tosfei-tail v mvileil
tn i v'iiiiiiie eiir stnek innl irie s.
"''I'-'1" ('. CI.I.MI'NT.
.VM M ;.
All iM-rstins intlelili tl In KileliivA J-et.ll
e, ll.fr l.y ,ini ..r a. nut ,, ,, .
"i -It 'I tn iii-ik,. s, .i,, .. riIi ,,r , .
' I
I : in. I II,. siian ei.l l.,r ,.!1. ...
e'..ti'.ini..u'..i 'ih'.'V'.tUn'.'.'.'! !'-',',,Vt '
ll.e, illlil I1,"
1 " "'" '" ' ' 1 " "'''
, ) 7!) . '
Doalcr in
(. -'.v
Si 'l. .1 ,'.
' '''''",
A" ' ' . I ,
I '' .V.
t ,; , .. ci (,'(o.iiy
a ' 1 o'i n siis nun niiiini- ui,iiir.ii. jbiiiJaf,
" 1,111 0l llJejUsl l'lot " ' -
"TT f 'iT "TT1 T CP "TXT" TT1 T l 1 rV7 '
J--' J- -D.I U J VV -H I 1 I JX " JU S y
W la- Ii ' i'l'ie" ., ;j I'.'.- - 1 ,(,.! n'tllKtr iii.1 as i ri'Kresenl il. t'nll irn.l .. ji l...r.n Il ..Ulr... k.J. Jl.
ml H tit
t i -v
I:i w,riTni C
s. I. i p. i :
IVr v.i
:::yr::rl-S of Lanfl.
1 I'.'pe e' al.
I, .. I l.v ll.e
el U a. r. n
: a, a: its
Ihe I Ut
".III War !
s v i i tit rir.i i: :;,!,,
' .' U .1 . : I I i ., I, iin.tia
r ' ""'I al ..'(
ill li.e I h , .
I.,.iiii...l ....
(iinu.lv ..in.
1 canny
laiel- el
v I:,,
, "li il... l i -' In the lau.l-
nf M..nli ''mv I., .'.I th ' .Will, I.,' ihe laiuU
nf l'..t'i Mali?. innl ihe I n l 1-v the
I. on I- nl i.. 1, iu h. ttn. A plat ami ile.'eiilil
imi ef .- ai.l will le evh.l.itiil mi tiny ei
- lie, I i l ilts nl .s.il... ell a ei'i'illl ef ene Mini
twn veins, .-pi - v. mv tlvi ihilliirs in eii-h
tn he p'litl en ii 'y nl ..,!,'., ..ie v. nil innnl
seem ily w ill le r. , 1 1 i i . . I ..t iae pareliiinr
"nil il In ii :. l.,i:.. .1 ., , ,i , i, r the nil-
pant pllii'lla .e liiui: n . I -. I t . i -' it.
V vi 1 1 I mm I;-, -,, , I,., I..
Hy W. I.. . .van a, I i . in I'i'il
Hair Viyor,
For restoring Cray Hair to
its natura.1 Vitality and Color.
A dressing
w hich is al onee
a g r e e a b I e,
liciilthy, and 1 1-
i'liial tor I'i'e-
U ?ji ;'i".v'n' A; '., VN half. I-ml, il r "
J-'ivjiXVv , " ' i': ..( .'i'i-k .. ii ,
with tin' ijlost innl f)-iiin:n nf
Thiii hair is thiel.etn d, fallii
' hair
checked, ami baldnc-s "lien, limit;, h
not itlwayrt, cured by its u-e. Nnth
ing can re.-itore tin' hair where the
follicles are destroyed, or llie glands
atrophied and decayed. But such as
remain can be saved for tt.-c fulness
by this application. In-lead of foul
ing tho hair willl a pasty sediment, if
will keep it clean tiud vigorous, lis.
occasional liao will prevent the, bail'
from timiini' gray or falling oil", and
coiiKCtjuently prevent baldness. Free,
from thosp tleleteritu.il substances
wliich itiaho f.iiiiiij itjejiiiraliiMisfdan.
pei'ons, innl injurious to the hit if, the
Vigor can only benefit but not harm
it. If Wanted merely for a
nothing else can be fiatinl so de-ir-nblo.
Containing m il In r oil nor
dye, it does not toil while canib'ic,
llll'l yet lasts hicj tni ll.e hair, giving
it a rich, flossy lu:,u'o ami a ijratefid
Prepared by Dr, J, C. Ayrr Si Co.,
I'ructlciil im.t Aniil 1 1 ul ( liiiilni h,
LOYi:Mf ?3ASS.
li E II V. I) Y for tlio cure of Kr rof.
nla, Nyi'liili', SrrtiliilouH 'lulut, lllwu
niatlsui, li il n KuHliitfr, (Joul, 4J'iltrt,
(tiHiiii'iillini, llniiii Inns, iSitrvotiri !
ililr, M ihtrlii. nnil nil (li-aH nrlnln v
(rum tu luiiuro coiulilion of tbo
A I tTIILS it EtOl l L l.
.Ttrsr-s -';t-ry?sari
Cures lEJuiiinntisiil.
Cure Sjlillls.
Cures IfSaliu-la.
CurcH crvciiH iH liility.
. iiu...-.a
txiir.s s:iu ptios.
ns in Inirr-'dli nM niK!sh.-tl on cry
Pi'itt KfW. hlinv it to yntir pitv' inn, nt.ii
BiH will tell ymi It 1" C'.1ii'"M'tl i.f ttni
KOsAOAI.IS N f.M l.y ail Dnnvli-t..
rari's all fnrnia nf Citarrli, Cn'A in tlio llentl.
Hi'lilitt hi!,, mitt ttri'Vents I'.r.iTlriiiiis. Qiiii.-v. inal
hunt Tliriuit. t-truj-tkaaiig Uic giauutuulruuu.
tnir all olistnictloiis.
una .y fl C3(l
P'fjey H if 9 fJM
jfai Q BtrfU3 U Blal
Br. RcfrGrc-1
-Vegetable WORM SYRUP
IufctauLiy U' ntriiv3 WitKVts, mi. I nirovcd Uio Ba-
I.LIi.iNS hlili-li Villi-!' til' .il. ,
I1HT tor alo liy nil i'm rclsts.
joix. r. iir..uv a. to.,
...I R i'iiuil.ll.iulu , ,
34 CnllPfP ri'.ff. ew Vorlt.
For siii; u w. n.
I I '; !-.! !
l"i;ii;iN 1 1..' , i
' -Jli.'.'. t.i -I :...
.-I'wui:: ...i .iciitiu' aMvdics tin, i a ( .laclinuMitN it
FIJKSJl (Joods of all k f mis,
nef viui.it 1 iinrs,
Mr.ir, rir;.,i
ri; tsi,).s or ml a.vw
. f i
S.M '(nf nil sizes
It l T jn-t as we represent it. full ami see
a.OOO Pounds Falcon mills' Pltor.' " v
ii ... .
y i r
1 I'll V II V VI".
iOJ. c
j l.ihlio-.' I'i't'ss (ioo.N
iitMl'l.s, 1'illlf)'
'Boots and
IliiK A lari.'o innl clt'ijant stuck of
- ' Heady - Uado
all ilireel fiem Ciiifiioiati, hoi.'est unit liest
il-snrteit s(n, k ef I'V, t v
P'trli al. t nun. innl examine Imtli Is nn,
uiiuit ansa
A. S I 10
rr m) remembered
.'A WD - HAT S'?A GPECIALTYfV:'.'':.'
al llie via reliable stauirt, oVposilo Mmm Howse, pf .
We Have Also a fine Assortment
Ladies Dress Goods.
N'aiietie.siinil NnliiHH, Vis Dome-lies', Sheelio n. Ticking, Gr.ttcrieii,
Coffee, Sue-ar, I'oeket Knives, l attiiinn Iinjil, his tllll '
1 l.'lf
Tvjcniy Years Elakc a Score,
Hahm iias starved that and Llorc,
M l! X R V . A I I M
II' 1
,.. .r '., .' ""' slniiii'is f,' ,.
I , I V'i't U'e-ksiientitiiiiiii,.,.,,, ,.
l iil l ; i'1 1 r,,I,'M'1"1 """lt
! " ? . . '"'""""'""'v.l oiieiiiliis
i, . , ,,n s ' "IT" '"' "", ',' rks
"' ' '' ' " 'S"'P l.asl .Mam M , t.i. I stain!. N
A "'y ' "u '.;' .I': '!""." '.' r
Mlllnilll Umell eillil tit k. e. Iii
(".,.'. ' '' '
-"iii ii,"r
fA a Grand Plovins MatcI?rttbok tHb" .
Premium ovc? othc Cliillcd IqWs,; ' f
fos? lihfucuas of Drazt and quality of
hul, htn the IU si drilled rtmr ninth-, from
MOKFOlii) & IJLIjES, .
W!:!.!, '..;!,' antl I.'; );,;! D. -d i s in
Cmrrrirs, llitrdirniT, Iron, Sim x, l'iins, I'urtn
I liljll till his. ,( .
sudi as
J'AI'KR, Vincy and Plain,
imi t.oris,
mi, I hnuiils
il hefnro It isnickej over. Wt h. 1m.
. ...
nnd Trimmings, ry
ltM)ist Nitllttllh.
Clothirtfj, '
iIiiiil' tie has ever
iWBs - mauuai
I . I , T V
, NO. 4 g
t.r. ?tl
itMivTrirrj t 1
Boot al Sloe
M A K li 1.
,k ,.,M , ,.rform fr ,w,tT
, ,, ,!,. ,, hin J
'. "iiKTinl. New l,-,
,.f ... Mi, ; I,. l,. v..B Unit it U
Ui" r'""'K "' " ' b.f..re try
,, s, s,-o B,,IS '
r.'.i'ie-tett . ,,i,v f,. rk ei' delivery,
mv rlnek nl lllilleriiil. -rt
v' Vr
o. V."

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