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A Summary orin&i Eyenty" 21
- ,
Senator- Cob Ktt no -bad 'Jieen- on
visit to Mentor, upon tlie express invitation
of Mr. (Airfield; ts tfitcd"1r the Senator's
frhnds. jrr rn
The Kansas l&gJslntnre.Jas passed
the " Iron-clad" prohibition bill. Its provis
Ioiih, as Indicated , are of Jhejnostjjtrlngent
character. C..jj m i
It if; announced,0 apparently"" upon
good authority, that (Senator l)ayA, Dayis
will voto with the Defoocfats in"the'0rKnl
Eation of the new Senate.
TfiK prbposed International Monetary
Conference will take place -at Paris on. the
lutli of April. 'Invitations bearing French
and American sit-natures have been Issued.
As the result of Senator Conkling's
visit to Mentor, It In reported that Mr. Levi
'. Morton will have a place in President
artield'a Cabinet probably as Secretary of
the Treasury.
President Hayes has withdrawn the
nomination of Mr. Forster as United States
Attorney for the Southern District of New
York, and it Is said will nominate a man sat
Isfactory to lr,Conkliiig.
The Texas Senate committee have
reported favorably on the bill proposing an
amendment to the Constitution prohibiting
the sale, manufacture and giving away of In
toxicating liquors within tn state. Mil s
t ' ' 1 - i - 1
Thirteen more Socialists have un
dergone trial at Vienna. .One . was con
victed of high treason and sentenced to four
vears'imprii-nnoieuti another to six months'
.'oulinemcnt,nd eleven were acquitted.
... .,- v -!. ' ri v-t
Pakneli. has issued an address to the
Land Leal'tli t In' frVponse to a reqiiest that
he would g6 to America, he fays ho deems It
his duty to remain in Ireland and to occupy
his scat In Parliament during the present
Tire"' Sundry' Civil "Appropriation bill
contains allowances for public buildings at
follows: Kansas City, $73,000; Little Kock,
S-18,000; Memphis, $100,000; Nashvllis, $100,
000; Topeka, $110,000; Chicago, $i0,000; Cln
cinnntl, $:IV),000. -
A sEKiors conflict has occurred at
Bey rout ,fejria, between the' Christians and
Turks, brought on ty a Turk murdering
Christian. Ten persons in all are reported
killed-'!,h excitement was intense and all
business was suspended and the bazaars
were closed. l "I f k.
The House pommittee on Ways and
Means have elected J. llandoph Tucker, of
A'Irginia, Chainn'nn, to 'succeed Fernando
Wood, deceased. 'Mr. Tucker is a Free
Trader, but the change, it is thought, will
make no DUitcrjail difference in. the status of
the committee on the Tariff question.
Tub Jliuhisran Greenbackers - have
held a Stats Convention and nominated
John 11. Shlpman, of Coldwater, for Judge
of the Supreme Court, and Charles Q. WIN
lets, of Gratiot, and Iavid Parsons, of De
troit, for Regents of the State University.
There was no talk of a Democratic coalition.
Kinq, Iteform camiidate for Mayor of
Philadelphia, beats Stokcly, Kcpubllcan, by
several thousand majority; and Hunter, op
position candidate for Receiver of Taxes, is
also successful. The minor Republican can-:
didates are elected. MaJ'jr Lyon,' CUlzens'
candidate ?r Mayor of Pittsburgh, Is also
The Emperor's speech at the opening
of the Rcichrath refers pointedly , to the
peaceful relat ions of iermany with neighbor
ing empires, which Is Interpreted an indi
cation of renewal of Intimate relations with
Russia. Tho speech also announces a stamp
tax, brewing tux and workman's insurance
and trade guilds tax. ''
In consequence of Russia's advance
on Herat by rivw and valley, Ayoob Khan
has declared war against the Ameer and al
ready occupied Maimand. It is reported
from Candahar that a division of the Ameer's
army, consisting of four regiments of infan
try and 1,000 cavalry, had arrived at Ghuznl.
The news caused a great'sensation. ,
A iisiatch from Home announces
that F. Janssens, Vicar General of Rich
mond, has been appointed Rishop of Natch
ez, made vacant by the appointment of
J! Mi p Klder to b Administrator of the
archdiocese of Cincinnati, with the right of
succession. J. C. Neva, Administrator of
the diocese of San Antonio, Texas, has been
named Ri.-liop of that See.
The Tension Appropriation bitl, as
passod by the Ilouse, appropriates $08,282,
;!00.f)8vtbe largest sum ever set apart for
)cntonjf In any single bill in this country,
and ' it . is said that it exceeds any pension
appropriation ever made by any Govern
ment, ; The Arrearages bill and the pen
sioning of the soldiers of the war of 1812
have caused the enormous increase In the
pension list. Ovcr3",000 persons, Including
the widows of soldiers, are on the roll as en
titled to pensions for services rendered In
the war of 1812.
John W. Youno, son of the, late
Mormon President, has been arrested In
Denver, by a United States officer, upon a
churgo of bigamy. . It is reported the
arrest was made, at the Instance of
Young's first wife, . Libbie Canfield,
whom 'he mwried In Philadelphia
some rears ago, under the promise that he
would not practice polygamy. NotwUb
standing his promise, however, with'
In two years be married an
other woman, Luella Cobb, of Salt Lake,
and his first wlfq then left him and leturned
home, but-has recently come west again.
.' . I. i .i . .'.: V.
Tire Mississippi River getslbe follow-
ing appropriations Under the l&lver and
Harbor bill: From Cairo to mouth of river,
$100,(K; above Alexandria, $6,000; Cape
GliyirdeajJ,JFl?,00O; Vom,l)es Moines Rapids
to the mouth of the Illinois River, $175,000;
between .thet moutb of th Illinois
and the Ohio, $00,000; bar opposite
Dubuque, ' Hannibal, $25,-
000; Natchez and Vidalia, $50,000;
above St. Anthony's Falls $1,000; from St.
Taul to Des, Moines Rapids; $JO0.000s Quln
cy, $10,000; ganging the waters bt the Missis
sippi, etc., $.i0,000; Upper Mislsslppl,(ope
ratlng snag-boats, building light-draught
steamers, rtcV) J2,; Rot lipids,
$8,0HI; Dei Moines Rapids, $25,000; operat
ing canal at Ies Moines, $10,000.
Christian Marrgaet and wife were
(uffocated at Milwaukee by gas from a eoal-
Stovet '- a --... - i i
It) has ( been intimated to president
nayes by Rritish agents that the" Irish
American sympathizers with the Parnclllte
movunuint contemplate an invasion of Cana
da by way of reprisal for the Coerclon"blll.
f The President says he will look after the
matter, " '
F. A. McClain, in the employ of the
Roberts .Torpedo Company,' was driving
along the highway, fifteen miles soiiibeastof
Bradford, Pa., In a Blclgh, with 200 pounds
pf nltro-glycerine., ,Tho hoi-ses! became
frightened and ran against a bowlder, cnus
Ing an explosion. McClain was torn to
mincc-mcat, both horses Were killed, and no
evidences of the sleigh could be found.
Tnfc'LiinaaShire (Eng.) vcoUier? -are
on a strike.
Lieut. Tiercy Roper, Royal Engi
neers, was found shot dead in Brompton
Barracks. A revolver was found lying some
distance nwav. The murder is believed to
have been committed by a Ft nian.
Three steamers have been chartered
to convey British troops to South Africa.
Of a crew of eighteen men of the ship
Ncomanton, lost on the coast of Newfound
land, only the Chief Mate, McCreechy, and
Seaman Dooley were saved. , t
At Lee Minos, Colo,, a giant-pbwdor
cartridge laid under the stove exploded)
Four men were injured,
' The small-pox is suid to be spreading
badly In Chicago, r t j t ' y i
1 George M. Rolsh, a wealthy ' stock
miser, living near Blooming'ton, 111., died
about three years ago, of what was thought
to be heart disease. It is now reported that
Peter, the second son of deceased, died rc-.
cently in northern Iowa, after muking tfie
confession that, ho murdered his father by
putting poison In a glass of water standing
t his bedside, J"i 'l ;
1 All "branches of labor in the mills at
Fall River, Mass., have voted to strike, the
date to be kept secret. J - C i
The Bayou Lafourche packet As
sumption exploiod her donkey boiler at New
Orleans on the 15th, killing a negro laborer
and seriously injuring Beveral other persons.
-.Three children were fatally burned
at Danielsonville, Conn., while kindling the
fire with kerosene. . Their mother was badly
burned in trying to extinguish the flames.
" At' Robinson's Camp, near Leadville,
Colo. , on the 15th, Jack Mcllhnney, a po
liceman, shot and killed George Harbor, a
miner, and was himself shot and mortally
wounded some time later by an unknown
assassin, doubtless In revenge for killing
Harbor, which the latter' friends claim was
entirely without Justification. There was
great excitement throughout the camp,
which was hightened by the influx of a num
ber of armed men from Kokomo, an adjoin
ing town, some of whom were friends of the
J miners and others in sympathy with the so-
called "law and order" party. A serious
collision seemed likely to occur between the
opposing factions.
The Sti Louis po'ice imbroglio has
been settled by the deposit iou of Boland as
Vice-President of the Board of Commission
ers and the reappointment of McDonough as
Chief, with plenary powers.
Several cases of trichinosis have oc
curred at Rondout, N. Y. : . -
Eight Indians lost their lives by the
recent floods in the neighborhood of Ilges'
camp" at Poplar River.
ft The headquarters of the Land League
are to be removed to Paris. It is alleged
that mail communications have been tam
pered with by Government officials, and ail
important communications will henceforth
be dispatched by special courier. In tho
Ilouse of Commons, in response to an in
quiry, the Home Secretary said the power to
open letters in transit through tho post is
reserved to the Home Secretary for exercise
in exceptional cases. He declined to make
any statement as to whether it had been re
cently exercised.
The boiler in Bush's mill, in Isabella
County, Mich., exploded on the Kith, kill
ing Andrew Gearhearl and wounding four
The United States National Bank of
New York has been organized with Gen.
Grant, H. Victor Newcomb, II. F. Vail,
Morris K. Jessup, Henry B. Hyde, Logan C.
Murray, W. K. Travers and John J. JlcCook
as Directors. II. Victor Newcomb becomes
President and Logan C. Murray, Cashier.
Pierce's Palace Hotel, at Buffalo, N
Y.. was entirely destroyed by fire on the
morning of the 10th. Losi, $050,000; insur
ance, $1100,000.
There are sixteen eases of small-pox
at Calliope, Sioux County, Iowa, 43 miles
north of Sioux City, and they are unable to
procure nurses for the sick or help to bury
the dead, and are also cut off from supplies
of coal and provisions. Sioux City has been
called upon to aid the stricken community.
George Rickett, a planter, his
daughter Martha, and a colored man, were
drowned west of Weathersford, Tex., by the
falling of a bridge over Thompson's Creek.
The Missouri Valley Bank at Kansas
City suspended payment on the 17th, after a
brief run. The bank officials claimed they
would be able to resume again in a few days
and pay dollar for dollar. The bank holds
about $100,000 on deposit. The Institution
has been for some time considered in i
shaky condition, o-j account of limited cap!
tal and unsafe rKks. "
John Wood's house at Washington
Village, near Plttsfleld, Mass., burned on
the morning of the 17th. Wood and his
eight children barely escaped. He then re
teJHKd to save wne goods and was burned
to death
V. Snell, of Crescent City, 111., was
Instantly killed by a railroad accident on the
Wabash at East Hannibal, III., on the 17th
Mrs. Ann McCarthy, of Clifton
Place, Brooklyn, N. T.i fell and broke an
oil lamp which set fire to bcr clothing. Mrs.
Eliza Martin rushed to her assistance when
her clothinir also took fire. Both women
were fatally burned. ' ; j '
At the close of the Laprade murder
trial, at Springfield, Tenn., on the night of
the lfHh, a mob rushed Into the oourt-room,
took the five murderers to the veranda of
the second story and hung them. Attorney
General Belt, with a posse, tried to
stop tbem at the door of the court
room, but in vain. One hundred shots were
fired during the excitement. Judge Stark
had Just eharged the Jury when the mob took
out the prisoners, with whom the Sheriff
was about to start to Jail. John and Cicero
Foe, two of the men executed, were said to
be desperadoes of the most hardened Char
acter " -
Frank Twiggs, convioted of the mur
der of Wm. Driscoll, of Burke County, Ga.,
In November last, and sentenced to be banged
the 28th of January, but reprieved by the
Governor, was hanged at Waynesboro on the
lath.. Twiggs protested his Innocence.
Frank Spaldiko and another man
named Drentle, engaged In chopping wood
near Pevclyt Mo,, at'e missing, and their
bones are supposed to have been found in
the burned ruins - of the shanty
occupied by tbem and two companions.
Foul play is suspected, and one of the other
men, a son of old manDrenllo, Is In Jail at
Hillsboro, charged with murder.
Belle Nichols, keeper of a disrepu
table house at. Muncie, Ind., successfully de
fended her door ngalnst Abo assaults of two
drunken rtlen named" Bill Wart and Lou Sut
ton.- With a 22-callbor pistol" sheput "six
balls Into Sutton and one into Wart. It was
thought Sutton would die.
The Essex Cotton Mills at North
Bennington, Vt., and the New Franklin
Paper Mills at Hamilton, O., burned on the
night of the 17th. The loss In each case was
about $35,000, nearly covered by insurance,
Fku. H The Senate further considered
tho Postal Appropriation bill. The BubetJy
clause was laid oil tile tutle, by a vote of St to
4. tlUd the bill passed. The Cattle IMseunn
bill was taken up and considered at some
length In the House Mr. Stephenson pre
sented resolutions of the llltnoU Legislature,
urging the pasnntroof snrh a measure will
relieve tne commerce 01 f lie country from un
just 'discrimination by railroad corporations,
ana protect inter-ntute commorce uy law.
The Speaker announced the dentil of Repre
sentative Wood, of New York, and the Ilouse
adjourned out of respect to his memory.
Fun. 15. Tho Senate took up the Fund-
Inn bill, and Mr. Bayard explained tlieRmend'
uii nts of the Sennto Finance Committee, add
Rdvoenti a tile three antfc one-lmif percent,
l-ate and A 5-20 bond The Ilouse further
considered the ltlver and Harbor 1)111 in Com
mittee of tlie Whole. The desk recently oc
cupied by Fernando Vt ood was draped In
black and decorated with a handsome basket
of flowers.
Feb. 10. The Senate Committee oh For
eign Relations reported a resolution declar
ing that tho consent of this Government Is a
neccsary condition precedent to tho con
hi ruction of any ship canal or other maritime
hluliwnv across tne isiiiiiiuh ol Darlen. The
Kuiirtiux bill was further considered. A com
inunivntlon was submitted from the Auditor
of Railroad Accounts sotting forth certain
facts and figures which in his Judgment
require, amendment of the Sinking Fund acti
so far ns it relates to the amount required from
the Central Pacific Railroad Company, so that
50 per cent, net earnings ot this company may
bo a lip lied tt) the payment of its debt to the
tioverninent, hint end of ii per cent, us now re
quired by law.- Secretary hchuri!, In transmit
tinn this eommhpication from Auditor Kronen,
Byu: "1 concnrln the views net fori h in his
letter, and commend them to the favorable
Consideration oi congreav Keterreu. Mr.
Pendleton reported a bill to regulate and 1m-
rovo the civil service oi ine l n.tea Males,
laced on tho calendar. Mr. McDonald ad-
drc;mcd the ik-uate upon the subject of equal
ity of luxation. His remarks wero devoted to
an elaborate dlsciisnion of the tariff, illustra
tive of the alleged inequalities of taxation
engendered by a protective system
The House met In continuation of the previous
day's BB-sion, nn iiiterml-lon only having
been taken, and no adjournment. Cons dera
tion of the River and Harbor bill was con
tinued ; the hill was completed In committee,
reported to the House, tne previous question
was seconded and the main question ordered,
when the Ilouse adjourned.
Fkb. 17. The Senate perfected the Fund
ing bill In Committee of the Whole. The
amendment Of the Senate Committee, fixing
the interest rate at 3). instead of 3 per cent.,
as fixed bv the House, was rejected vens. 82:
nnvs, 3.1. A niininer oi minor aineiiuments
were adopted. The River and Harbor Annro-
prlntlon hili-wan received frrtrn the House anl
rend a first time The House passed the
Itiveranii naroor Dili yeaa.ies: navi M sub
stantially in the form reported from commit
teo. Tho amount appropriated u $10,149,800.
The Pension Appropriation bill passed. ,
Fkb. 18. The, Senate pai-sed the Funding
bill, tho vote hclrtg yeas, 43; nayo, SO. The
bill noit'jtoes to the House for concurrence lit
tho Senate ainendniejtts-nanieiyj a 1-20 In
stead of 10 bobd, compensation of 1 -2 in-tcad
of 1-4 of 1 per cent, for placing tho loan, n
provision for popularizing the loan in the
sense of having it taken by the people, nnd
aeveral verbal Alterations The Hon so
considered the Agricultural Appropriation bill
In committee oi tne noic.
A Wasuinotom dispatch of the 19th
rays there is no probability of an extra scs
ti n of Congress, the important business of
the ses' ton being in such shape that tt can
be re djly disposed of before the fourth of
Robert Wolf shot and killed Alfred
Cart t , Danesvllle, W. Va., for having
grievously wronged his daughter.
A fire at Monroo, La., destroyed tho
steamer Fair Play and the Wharfboat Katie,
together with 1,300 bales of cotton and a lot
of general merchandise. Eddie Hancock, a
printer, was burned to death on the Fair
Play. Others escsped without clothing or
baggage. 'Loss about $30,000; Insurance,
f40,000., .Incendiarism Is suspected.- -v, .
L. b. Green ' was instantly killed at
Sunbury, O., by being struck by a pleeo ot
circular ssvr which broke while running at
a high rate of speed, penetrating to his
' At a masked ball of the studonts of
the Academy of Painting at Berlin, on the
18ih, four students were burned to death,
four others have since died from their In
juries', and four mire were slightly burned,
Tho disaster resulted from one of the num
ber, who was dressed as an Esquimaux, ao
cideutally setting his costume on lire and
rushing In among a lot of others attired in
eauullv inflammable materials.
Tub wife and infant Child of Wm.A.
CrandaQ,' Of Millbank, Minn., wre recently
found frozen to death near their home, from
which the wife was driven two days before
by her brutal husband. There were marks
of violence on her person, showing the most
outrageous treatment, if not actual murder.
Mrs.Crandall is said to have bjen a most
estimable and affectionate woman .
The boiler in Perkins, Randolph &
Co.'s saw-mill, at Poplar Uiuff, Mo., ex
ploded on the 10th. The fireman, named
Campbell, is probably fatally Injured. The
cause of tho accident is not known.
A VRi at Silver Cliff, Colo., on the
JOth, destroyed about a dozen business
buildings, valued with contents at about
A fire at Warsaw, Mo., on the nteht
of the 18th, destroyed the Time office, to
gethcr with the book-store attached, Roll's
drug-store, Clark's dry-goods store and
Lees grocery and butcher shop. The Times
office was uninsured loss about $3,000
Other losses are nearly covered by insur
In the Senate, on the 19th, a number
of amendments to the River and Harbor bill
were proposed, among them one by Mr.Saun
den for an appropriation of il.l.'VVHMi for
the Missouri River between its mouth and
Yankton. The Hou-e considered the Agri
foliMt At-proprUHni bijl
A Brass Brick Sold for Gold,
roi.ica circles are convulsed over the neat
nnd complete manner in which one ot the
smart men of Chicivro has been taken In by an
old process . Jiuue-i II. Stoicy koeps a private
oau and loal-cslntc oll'.co In tho I'nlnn Build
ing, corner of I.aSalle and Washington streets.
He has always hud tho reputation of Ikdnif
somewhat shrewd, and wat tho lust person In
the world who would bo susuootod oj bolne
Soft enough td allow himself to bo "played for
a auckcri" A short time silica Mr: Storey had
occasion to go to the Hot Springs of Arkuti-RSj
that balmy locality where rheumatism is cup
posed to give up the ghost. Ho took with
lilm a. large amount of , hard oosh and i
bon-ddornbla sum Id greenbacks,!. 'aud left
fat bank account behind blm as a"
reserve In onse or cmorgeney. Now it hap
pened that some of the orauk crooks of- the
country learned of thd prcsnnoe of Mr. Ptprejr
at tho Hot Sm ln with "a barrel of nvwy.
all ho was worth." In this undertaking they
were eminently successful. They tried tho
brass brick "racket." They Informed Mr, Stor
ey that the brick in their poesusslon was a very
valuable ono,1 all gold,' and the mysterious
manner In which! tbey aro sull to have con
ducted the. negotiations led Mr. Storey to be
lieve all that they said. .To make a long story
short, the gentleman is ullegod to have parted
with $1,1X10 in bool bash, and to hitvo bccdmS
the unhappy possoerior ot & flrie bra--S brick,
thus losing tho entire sum Invested. It is said
that Mr. Storey is making every effoit to re
cover tho lost money, but thus far ho has not
met with any success. C7ifroij Mmnud. ,-
The Thirteen and Seventeen-Year Locusts.
PnorKssofi C. V. , Hn.rr, chief of the
United Stale Entomological Commission,
who has been spending a couple of days in
tho city, left last night for Washington.
Meeting a licpulilkan reporter yesteid.iy aft
ernoon, tho Professor called his attention to a
dispatch sent out from Washington last week,
in which a sttttemant was . tntputcd td blm
that the locusts or grasihnppcrs were golnj
tb be bod tho coining season. This statement,
tho Professor said, was incorrect. It was a
misapprehension of tho language" Used by
him in the course of soind remarks'
made by him before tho District of
Columbia Horticultural Society. His ru
marks wore in relation to tho soventcen
jeur locu-tg, nioro. properly knjwn as the
"cicada, a totally different insoot ue hav
ing no power to do great Injury, Of this in
sect the I'r.ifessor said thnro would bo twd
distinct bioo Is, the thirtoen-ycar and the seventeen-year
varieties, which will appear in a
large portion of tho country, say in about a
dozen different States, Including Missouri and
most of the Mississippi Valley States. 1 Tholr
appearance will bu in May and Juno, l'rof;
lliloy stated that the simullunconsappearunco
of the thirteen and seveiitcon-ycar broods ha I
not occllrred before since the year lflfO In the
same places, where they will ii pear this year.
Tho cicada are not d-jstruotive like tho pests
known as grus-thoppcrs or locusts. They hnve
got a sucking beak and therefore cannot de
vour anythng. The only Injury thoy can do
is done by tin female, which has the bahit of
puncturing tho twlis of fruit and forest trees,
to make holo In which to lay her e?g.
ltcgurding tho grasshopper proper P: of. Ill-
ley sal 1 the prospects as to injury trom tbem
are quite favorable, as Is judged from the
observations made by the United Stu'es En-
4omnloff lent Commission lnn.ytrar- Ho id
he had no rcaon to fear any serious Injury.
It was found last summer that tho eggs and
insects in tho natural brooding ground') of the
Northwest were senrco. SI. Louis Republican.
A Remarkable Cast.
An accident occurred on Monday at Itnniey,
Clarion County, which prove 1 to be one of the
most extraordinary cases ever recorded in tho
history of surgery or medical jurisprudence.
James Gaupcll, n French Canadian employed
-at Itamey's mill, fell from a trestle about
twelve feet to tho ground. Aft6r recover1
ing lroin tl shock resulting from tho full, ho
was unilblo to movd his bead, and Dr. Kd
wards, attending physician, discovered that
the neck was dislocated and so mo of the
bones broken; but it was evident that the
spinal column bad not been severed. Tho
d.xtor reset and put tho fractured neck
in position, and sot ub.iut devising means
to put It in pluco until tho broken b. lies
and contused I'guiuents attain their normal
conditio n. Tj this end a muslin bundiige throe
Inches wide was wrapped tightly around tho
neck, nnd to It were nttuolicd two lugs, one on
cither sido. To those a rope was fastened and
run over a pulley Qxed to tho celling of the
room. A bucket was suspended on tho other
eud of the rope and In It we e plaoed various
weights, so that tho patient can adjust the con
trivance as occasion may require by simply
reaching to tho bucket and removing or adding
ono or two weights, Ho remains in a sitting
posture, and should any slight change of posi
tion occur, tho tension of the rope will still
support tho weight of the head. With tBesb
appliances for bis support, tho unfortunuto
mun will have to remain practically In the
same position until tho ioju.oj parts bocotne
united or death ends the caso. PHtdfMTyi
(Zk) Tdrgniph. '
What a Little Girl Did.
Away back in tho wildest part of this
county, among the mountains and forest i ot
the sparsely settled town of II irdcnburg, a
place it takes a week tocommnnlcato with,
not far lroin the little bamlet of Inverwood.
and near the pluco whore Uev. J. C. Becoher,
a brothor of Uov. Henry Ward Doechor,
preaches, lives llttlo Nellie Osborn, a child of
six years. Her father and mother wero both
suddenly stricken with fever, being unable
to leave their beds. Living in an isolated
place, far from neighbors, and being
scantdy supplied with the necessaries of
life at this severe and inclement sonson,
with snow lying three or four feet deep
everywhere, tho situation may be Imagined.
Llttlo Nellie did nil sho oould to alleviate
the sufferings of her parents In every way. H
was hitter cold, their rudo lit t e house oil (.red
poor resistance to the winds, tho bed-covciing
was not abundant, and the supply of fire-wood
finally gave out. The llttlo girl took her
wooden playthings and tried to keep tho fl.ro
going with thorn. Then she kneeled by the
couch of her sick motherand prayed: " Please,
dear Lord, send a big, good man to help us.
Help came In the person of James McGuvltt,
a lumberman of the mountains, who found
the family In the condition stated, and afforded
prompt relief. Little Ncllio became sick with
the fever afterward. Assistance has now
been offered by a charitable lady of Irvington,
whose sympathy was excited by the child's
sacrillce of her toys. ii'bunloii (iV. 1'.) LcUcr.
., An Incident of the Flood at Toledo.
Mus. Casnkr, who has lived in tho Bethel
for the past five years, on Friday night retired
about 10:30, and was awakened shortly after
tiy the noiso of splashing waters. Her son
Charles, aged about twenty-two, was also
aroused by the noises, and took In the situa
tion. Ho went to the front door, at the same
time calling upon bis raotbor to hurry. Mrs.
Cosuer, desirous of savin i at least a portion
of her clothing, was gathering what she could
In a moment of time. "Mother, no time
hurrvl" called her son. but before sho could
gain the outside door the rushing waters cut
off her escape. Hereon, strong in body and
love for his lame mother, shouldered the pre
cious burden and cameo nermroiign the flood
to the building occupied by Superintendents
Curtis and Kline. The family lose all they
naa. lottoo (u.) ictrijram.
Thermometers reform late in life
they never become ''toraperate" until
nearly sixty.
FEBRUARY 26, 1881.
Wanted to be an Editor. ; ;
u IIaye you had any experience in thd
business?" wo asked of a vel'dant-look-
ing youth, who applied for au editorial
position, the other day. 1 . v
" Haven't 1, though," he replied, as
ho shoved ono foot under his chair to
hide the unskillful patching of a back-
wood cobbler. "I should say I'd had
some experience ; have not I ; corre
sponded with the Pumpkinville Screamer
for six weeks? Hain't that experience
enough?" ' . - , i ' . .
That will do verv well," we replied.
'biit when we take young nion on our
editorial staff we generally put 'them
through an examination. - liow much is
twelve times one?" , , . ,'
44 Twelve. Why, any little boy ought
to an " ; 'i m" - . ... .
Hold on. rjlease: don't bo too fast.
How many Uones are there In a human
body?" r.." " m
41 ell, I forgot now, but I ust w
know wuntz." , .
" What! don't von know that? Why,
thee are 7,482,651,444 bones in. an or
dinary msn. A man that snores has
one more bone than other people."
41 w fiat DonoH that r . .'
,4 The trombone. It is situated some
where in the nose; Toil will not forget
hat, will you?" - , 1 ' : '
Ho said ho wouldn't. ; .! ,;
44 Have you a good constitution? How
ong do you suppose you could live on
raw cotton and faith, and do the work
of a domesticated elephant?", .. , i
44 Lord, 1 don't belicvo 1 could live
more n a week." . . i
44 Well, that's about as long as you'd
want to live if you got an editorial posi
tion on tliis paper. You appear to be
pretty well posted : we shall ask yon one
more riuostioni anil if you prove equal
to it you can take off totlr coat and nail
in." ' '-
Let ine have 'er. amiire: I didn't
correspond witH tlid Pumpkinville
Scre'nncr six weeks for riothin'. Let her
come ; I'm on deck, I am."
41 noil. sir. if two diametrical circles.
with octaironal nerinheres should collide
with a Centrifugal idiosyncrasy, or, to
put it plainer, we say a disenfranchised
noueinty what effect would the catas
trophe exert on a crystallized codfish
suspended by the tail from the homoge
neous rafters of the empyrean ?' , ,
As the full force of this ponderous
problem broke upon bewildered
brain he slowly dragged his artistically
cobbled shoe from under his chair and
Started from the room"; Ve thfjn plad-
Idlv resumed oiir duties: regretting that
so promiaingjt youth should have been
--wuitrneu in mo uaiance anu louna
wanting." Graphic. ' . i .
m i
Teaching Politeness. '
School boards in the South and
West are following the example of that
of St Louis, in requiring teachers to in
struct their pupils iiv 4,eliueU' . ,
What is etiquette ? It is suggested by
one writer that the boys be instructed to
salute the Mayor of the city by taking
off their caps on passing h'm in the
street. To this a democrat replies by
asking; "Why salute the Mayor rathor
than any other man?" Insonteof our
cities, as they were governed a few
Years ago, this question would have
been a poser.
ljet the boys do as they like about
nalutiricr the Maviir. We bclinve. how.
ever, that a little instruction in what isl
commonly called etiquette would bd
both acceptable and useful to boys and
girls. Many of them would be grateful
for being told what to do and how to do
There is a best way of taking off the
cap; let the boys know what that bost
way is. There is a best way of girls ac
knowledging and returning such an act
of politeness; let them know what that
best way is.
An occasional lesson in table-manners
would not be ill bestowed in some of our
schools. : '
But the great losson to be inculcated
is, that poople should have manners and
Use them, it Is not necessary to salute
the Mayor, but It Is grossly barbarous
for members of the same household, or
of tho same class, to meet and part
without some exchange of kindly and
respectful greeting. The mere mode of
doing this has its importance, but the
thing Indispensable is to do it.
liy all means let politeness be taught,
both by precept and example: and
more than this, a good teacher should
unconsciously give a lesson in this love
ly art every time he speaks and every
time he moves. loutn s Companion.
i -i '
Railroading In Winter.
During the recent cold weather, the
traveling publio has been loud in its
complaints about the delay of trains on
the railroads. Even when there was nc
obstruction of the tracks by snow or
otherwise, it has been remarked that
tho trains are uniformly run at such a
slow pace as to try tbe patience oi pas
sengei s. If travelers who are thus an
noyed knew the reason for this caution
and they can sometimes learn it from
a quiet talk with the conductor they
would cease their grumbling about tho
delay. The truth is that railroad em
ployes are far more apprehensive of ac
cidents during cold weather than the
traveling public. Thev know the num
ber of broken rails and broken wheels
that are daily" occurring on the best
built and best managed railroads, but
which are carefully concealed from the
traveling public. They may not be
able to fully explain . the action of ex
treme cold weather upon the tracks,
wheels and running gear of railroads,
but they know the fact and appreciate
the danger of high speed when the
thermometer is thirty or forty degrees
below the freezing point. . it is a tact,
which inquiry at the proper source of
information will estaDiisn, mat mere
have been more broken rails, broken
wheels and broken connecting rods on
da railroads of the Northern States
during the last six weeks than have oc
curred during the summer months in
the last five years. The only wonder is
that there have not been more serious
accidents a fact which may be attrib
uted to the caution which comes from
knowledge and whrrh should receive
the commendation instead of the com
plaints of passengers. New York Sun.
Thk bee, although somewhat of a
rover, thinks his first duty is to hum.
Hosto'i Commercial BulUtin.
The "Dogardus Surprise."
RePuesejiTati ves of tho press, tho
Mayor, two or three clergymen and sov
eral members of the Scientific Associa
tion took sleighs at the City Hall yester
day afternoon and drove out to Cass
Avenue to witness the workings of a now
invention lately brought out by John
Bogardtis, the same gentleman who in
vented the newspaper ollico attachment
known as tho 4lUogardus Kicker." It
took some little timo to convince tho
newspaper fraternity that the Kicker
was juet the machino which had been
looked for ever since newspapers began
to 44X" with each other, but . this new
Invention will be sold on sight. His
called the 4,Bogardus Surprise," and 19
a very simple piece of machinery. , It
can be attached to hny sort of sleigh or
cutter in three minutes without tho aid
of any tool exdept funonkoy wrench,: J.t
is neat and compact, able to stand a
Very heavy strain, and is furnished at a
reasonnble i price. ) . J ho object and
workings of the Invention wore clearly
seen within five minutes after the party
'were on the ground, i One wa? attached
to a cutler, the horse started off , on a
trot, nud several children belonging to
tho Clay School at onco- rushed for the
venlelo with the cry : 44llere s a hitch I v
A boy about twelve years old had only
just caught' on when1 tho 4,Surprise"
iickcd him off his roost, turned him end
or end. shook him till his teeth rattled.
and hoaved him clear over the walk into
a snow-bank. It was just three minutes
from tho timo the boy was picked up
until ho got , breath sulliejent to ro
inark :
"Oh! you think you've done it, don't
you!" ; :,. v ;. ' ! -..
i ne next victim was a boy with a
quart of molasses in a tin pail. Tho
machino was giren an extra pressure,
as the boy was strong and fat, and ho
was-turned end for end three times arid
pitched over the port-quarter in inst
seven seconds by the Mayor's watch.
Tho pail of molasses struck a hitching-
post and was scattered a distance of
eighteen paces, aa paced by ono cl t he
clergymen. In two minutes from the
timo lie was seized, tbe fat boy arose to
his feet with the remark i -
44 1 eruess I'd better walk tho rest of
tho way home!"
In the course of an honf the " bur-
prise V was worked on fifteen different
boys, none of whom , will ever 44 hitch
on" again as long as ho lives; lotal
surprise and utter annihilation were com
plete irt every instance, and yet no vic
tim received a fatal injitcy.
Orders for tiny were given the invent
Or on the spot. The Mayor siiid of it i
" It is simply immense. I shall now
Ofivei from sunrise to1 stinset."
One of the savants passed his cigar
case around and remarked: ."
44 It will bo of more value to tho world
at largo than a hundred-thoiisai.d'dollar
telescope." .'
U4 tuo CUllllUllb uiviiica "o oil
order for two and added :
44 Its effects on the moral status of the
next generation can not be apprcciited
in dollars and cents."
It is probable that at le vst one hundred
of these machines will be at work on tho
principal streets bofore tho week is out,
and if your boy comas home limp and
reserved and huniblo-minded you
needn't believe that a delivery sleigh ran
over him unless you want to, Detroit
Free Press.
A t'oriods Client.
Not iong ago' A. Brooklyn nowspftper"
man received a note from a law lirm,
Smith, Jones & Smith, notifying him
that a claim against him for several
dollars had been placed in their hands
for. collection, and instructing him that
he could save himself some trouble if
he'd come around arid talk the mutter
over. The journalist was penectiy pre
pared to converse - on the subject, but
disinclined to pay, so ho dropped in on
Smith, Jones & Smith, and notified thorn
that lie had some business for them.
44 There's a man in this town threat
ens to sue me," said he, 44 and I'm pre-
Eared to spend any amount to beat
im. Can you undertake to carry mo
44 Ccrtainlyl" ejaculated Smith, Jones
& Smith, to whom the newspaper man
was a stranger.
44 What I Want to do is to bother him,"
observed tho client. "Can I bother
him, whether I owe him or not?"
44 Well, we should smile!" remarked
Smith, Jones & Smith. "It'll take him
twenty years, if we work the caso."
44 You are strangors to me, gentle
men," said tho client, 44 though I hear
yon highly spoken of. Now, suppose
he should sue me, how would you go to
4 First, we should stave' off the an
swer. Then we would take a lot of do-
positions de bene esse. Just before the
trial we would issue a commission to ex
amine witnesses in Siberia; other wit
nesses would be taken : we would have
such engagements that we would stave
the trial off, and if he got a judgment
we would appeal, les, sir, he d use up
twenty years getting the money."
"But what would the lawyers on the
other side be up to all this time? I'm
told they're pretty smart fellows."
44 Don't care. Who are they ?"
44 1 don't remember their names, but
I have got their letter. Here! what's
thisP liy Jove, gentlemen, they're
Smith, Jones Ac Smith !"
The partners looked aghast.
44 1 hope that nothing I've said will bo
used against me," said tne client, iook
ing from one to the other. "I trust,
gentlemen, that you won't give me away
in this matter. It's an awful blunder oh
my part, but I sincerely hope you won't
take any advantage ot it."
Smith. Jones & Smith held a brief
44 Am I in much peril?" asked tho
client, anxiously. - 1
44 We think not," said Smith, Jones &
Smith. 44 We are eh arewe are
prepared to drop the proceedings. We
won't mention it, if you won't."
in agreo not to mention uny
name," replied the client, with a grin,
44 and I'll promise you my business in
the future."
There was some further conversation
at an adjacent hotel, and, gentle reader,
the only trouble is their names were not
Smith, Jones & Smith. Brooklyn Eagle.
Can a Boston school-boy be called a
Two pyramids built by a King of the
Sixth Dynasty have boon discovered to
tho north of Memphis. They wero bur--led
beneath the sand. Tho vaults and
chambers are covered with inscriptions.
M. de Lessei'S counts on Italian lab
orers to dig the Panama Canal. ' They
bored the Mounts Cenis and (lothard.
tunnels, and are considered tho most
steddy, frugal, and intelligent in such."
undertakings. ' " "Ji
The outside fiber of tho coooanut hr
being manufactured extensively , , for
shoe-hools, and is said to bo a most 'ex
cellent substitute for leather. In fact,
Jt9 wearing qualities are ?ald "to be su
perior to that of leather, and is mttclt
cheaper. ;'r' ? . ,;. '' !,,
An English doctor says that in largo ;
cities .night airis often the best 'and",
potest air to 6e had in twenty-four
hours, and that fully one-half of all the
diseases alllicting humanity are ooca-t
sioned by . poople . slcoping with their.
.-!.,,,.,., t,;, ' . s
i A dew French appliance is an eloc1 . n-V
trio brake, vhicii is made to operate on .
tho wheel brake by means of electricity,
generated during the motion of ,tho 4
train, and applied at pleasure. Ex peri
ments thus far made with this appara
tus havo proved entirely successful, . . jtj!- . (
A French physician says that tho do-(
terioration of the race from improper
feeding in infancy has become such ft
serious question in France that the gov
ernment now insists that children,! fcent ,.h
out to nurse (a common practico in that
country) shall be, reared on' mother's'"' "r" '
1T11IK. ' ' I'l-U V"! t; ' 1
The rare phenomenon of - an inverted , - v
ainbow was observed at a Prussian
town on the. morning of November 25. ; ' "
The ends of tho semi-circle, tho center r
of which was the sun, rose and moved -westward
with the latter for some thirty: . .';,;,,,
minutes, when the appearance van-,
(shod. ' . ' ''""
Si'eakino, in a recent ' lecturer ;iof i
Ilerschel'a discovery that tho sun ii rap- , .
idly moving toward a twint in the. con-
stellation Hercules, Prof. Ball, ' the';
fstronomcr royal for Ireland, told his
audience that at the end of the lecture :
they would be 6,000. miles nearer td it, ,
than they were at tho beginning,
Hi ,'1 VI!
The Cornell Bedew has discovered .
the mathematics of a Mas: it is a li- .
tickle. ...
The wholesale price of Btrawberrics .
in New York is $6 a quart. Thus do
the luscious berries cheapen. ' Wo paid
$10 only two weeks P-go. Detroit Free
Tub person who would pick upon a
banjo is entirely capable of pounding a i
piano, squeezing ine out oi au aocordion, .
or beating a urum. jscw uncans .
Pkaimne . " .."-V -'i---'-- J2'
" The height oi tne numan ngure,"
says some authority, 44 should properly
be six times the length of tho feet."
This proves that St. Louis folks are too
short. Boston Post. , , .
A comic fellow walked into a parlor
on his hands, with his feet in the air; at
a party at Cynthiana, Ky. ; It was very -funny,
until a pistol fell "from hi pocket
and was discharged, wounding hnu se
riously. " "
Mk. Garfield, his who, and the.
young lady who is to assist in doing tho
honors of the v hue ilouse, nave ail
been school teachers. The1 reins "of
Government will now be kepttftut(.) '
Boston Transcript,
MauIe Roze has been photographed
in one hundred and fitty-eight different'
positions The only person who can .
boat her for l arioty of attitudes is a boy
told to sit still on a Chair at a funeral.-
Boston Post. - :!
When a man begins to go down hul :,
ho finds everything greased for tho occa
sion, says a philosopher, who might
have added that when he tries to climb
up he finds everything greased . for tho
occasion, loo. Fhila'lelphia News.
After all tho evidence was in, a Gal
veston Judge asked the accused,' who -
. J i !.. i i: .......u .1 u..
was cnargea wiiu mxttuiigu vaivii, u uu lja
had anything more to oner. . "i tu4
have an old silver watch to offer you, !i'
Judge, but my lawyer borrowed it and i.i
hasn t Drougnii it d&ck yen.': uaivcsion, j
Boundary Bet ween Russia and America.
One of the most important results -of , , v
tho trip of tho schooner Yukon to tho ,
coast of Alaska last autumn, under1 ''
charge of Commander W. II. Dull, was
the determination of tbe boundary lino . ,. ,
between Russia and tho United Mates.
According to' the treaty, this boundary t
line should pass between the .two , ,,
Diomedo Islands without touching cith
er. Commander Dall made a landing
on Big Diomede Island, and had a short
but satisfactory set of observations,
which showed that the boundary line, as ,i j
defined in the treaty, does actually pass .
between the two islands. These Islands ' ''
are granite domes rising in the center of ' '',
Behring's Strait, their sides almost per
pendicular from the action pf tlie scju
and without beaches. A few gullies m r '
the granite bluffs give access to a brok- .
en tableland on the top. There is a na- ,
tive village on each island. The Dio
medes are frequented by millions of :
birds, and seal and walrus are also cap- . ,,
tared by the natives.
The Telephone on RalIroads.,;iS
According to Engineering, the Edi ;
son loud-speaking telephone is giving
way in England before the Gowor- Boll '
telcDhone.. This latter form is largely '
used in the Post-office, and is also em
ployed to some extent In railway signal-1
ing. In a recent experiment on the
Southwestern Railroad, the telephones , ,
were simply connected between tho ex-'
isting wire for working tbe " block"
system and the44 earth, V Conversation ,
was then distinctly carried on, without
interfering in the least with the ordinary '
signals j and it was curious to lint-en in ... .
Iho telephone and hear the sound of tho ,
train itself leaving tho distant station i
simultaneously with the strokes ot the . -signal
bell indicating its departure. The r
reason of this simultaneous working is,'
that the magneto-electrio telephone enr-1 '
rents being of very weak strength and . .-,
vibratory in character, are harmlessly
snperjiosed npon the powerful battery ' "
currents working the -block" instrn'!. .
t :

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