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it. ar. beams,- lMlorH-
All cnniniiiiitcatiu'iiH, of whutover nature,
sliould be addressed,
" i.
Saturday, Oct. 15, ISH'i,
Ohio has pone Democratic by from
25,000, to 30,000 majority, and has
elected probably 15 out of 21 Demo
cratic members to Congress.
Went Virginia has also gone Demo
cratic by, a reduced majority.
The' Fifth Congressional District of
Tennessee, in convention at Tullalioma,
Wednesday, nominated lion. Richard
Warner for Congress, on the 51st bal
lot. Gen. Bright, for the sake of har
mony, withdrew his name in a patriotic
speech, after the 48th ballot.
We omitted to mention last week
thai the Senatorial Convention which
riiet at iSmithville last week nominated
lion. M. D. Smallinan. Three coun
ties oidy were represented, Warren,
Dekalb and Futnam, Canaan sending
no delegation. As it is we drive two
candidates, Hon. M. D. Smallir.aii, of
Warren, the nominee, and Capt. J." C.
New, of Cannon, independent. Can
non county and Capt. Nev think they
are entitled to the member this time,
llbw this is we know not.
Nmv Ifnilroad.
A proposition is before the people of
Nashville to build a railroad from Stan
ford Ky., via Gallatin to Nashville.
A large number of the business men of
Nashville met on the 11th' in.st., to con
sider th proposition, and take such steps
as were necessary in the matter. Ap
propriate committees were appointed to
confer with the county and city author
ities in reference to the matter. It
looks as if there was something in it.
if this road is built it will partially
compete with tho L. & N. II. 11. Col.
Munday of Gallatin thinks the road
would be of great advantage to the
merchants and farmers. No doubt it
The New York corespondent of the
"Kentucky Live Stock Record" says;
"The Vanderhilt Flagstone has been
the subject of as much comment as the
Vanderbilt houses. People stop at the
edge of it and trv to measure its vast
dimensions with their eyes: they pace
.... . - '-V ' 1 ... wnl CI I Ml MtlB IM,
thinking ixrliap, whin - Irtthr
c.mntry house they could get with the
85000, the richest mini in the world
has seen fit to put in one stone in
his side walk. But such a thing is
only interesting as a curiosity, and the
Vanderbut I' lagstone will soon loosi
the charm of noveltv. Already n
large one has been set in a New York
side walk, and Mr. Unlit L. Stewart,
when he descends the steps of his fine
new house, will set foot on a bit of
stone measuring twenty three feet in
length, fifteen in breadth, and nine
inches in thickness." These large stones
may seem to bo a curiosity in New
York, but how insignificant are they
w hen compared with the stones used
in building the Temple at Jerusalem
the lust time, which our Savior, at the
time he ended his ministry, predicted,
"there shall not lie left one stone upon
another, that fihall not lie thrown down?"
Joseph us says of these stones; "For six
days together, the strongest of nil the
battering engines played on the walls
produced no effect: the fi'.e and
jointing of the stones was too strong for
it and for all others." These stones
were of the whitest marble and about
70 feet in length and more than nine
Kiel broad and seven feet thick. New
York may be the hoine of the richest
man in I lie world, and may po.-s.'ss
many curiosities but we presume there
can be no stone found in that wonder
ful city to compare with those used in
the building of Jerusalem the last time.
But as large and seemingly immove
able as were these stones in the temple,
Jhe Roman soldiers, under order of
Titus, dug up and so underniinded the
foundations, that the predictions of the
Savsor were Utterly fulfilled. Not one
stone was left upon another.
Professor W. J. Real, in the Far-
tt' Friend, claims that an acre of
good clover will make 5,000 pounds of
good hay, containing 2f'2 pounds o1
mineral matter or ash. In this ali
will be 5)7 J omuls liniii.-h, Of! pounds
lime, 34"i pounds niagnc.-ia ami 28
pounds phosphoric acid and the hav
will contain 10S pm.nds combined ni
trogen. These are the stores of wealth
which an acre of red clover oflers to
succeeding crops when it is plowed un
der, and the scythe leaves in the field
ns much material as it removes, which
is stored in the loots and stubbl
This is enough phosphoric acid for
double an average crp of grain, nitro
gen for four crops nr.d potash for six
trops. lie says that with sneli figure
before them it is no wonder that farmers
are siuprised nt the large crops tl.fev
Can raise on a clover sod.
Crop Hrriort.
We have received (lie special report
from the department ot Agriculture at
Washington for the mouth of Septem
ber, 1882, un the condition ;f corn,
cotton, Htat' ", fruits, etc. It fs an
Interesting dnenment. Vnm it we
lenm Ihe undition of cros in the va
rious State, e. i n cro in all tlie
Kb. 0 'ill''. I ylv:it i;l lil.d of
Ihe Oh'o rivtr i !.i lug1. :fl;!i'Ui in
every State except West Virginia; rep- j
resented by 100 or higher figures; In
many districts in the South the crop i9
reported the best in 20 years'. In the
New England States there baa been a
very sharp decline, except in Vermont.
From 91 to 75 in Maine, 95 to G2 in
New Hampshire, 87 to GO in Massa
chusetts, 93 to 70 in Rhode Island, and
from 96 to 65 in Connecticut. A de
cline of eight points in New York and
New Jersey, and of four in Pennsyl
vania is indicated. The loss in all
these States is due to drought, which
has been especially severe in New
England. There liflS been abundant
rains in all other States.
"In thb corn growing States of the
Ohio Valley the prospects average very
much as at last report. The general
average of condition is 83, the sarile ris
in August. Last year there was" a de
cline from 77 iu August to 60 in Sep
tember. In 1880 the September av
erage was 91. If early frosts do not
injure the crop the product will be ma
terially larger than last year, but the
heavy production of 1879 and 1880
can not he approached under the most
favorable circumstances."
The above will givS our farmers
some idea of the condition of the corn
crop of the United States. While the
crop as a whole is larger than ordinary,
the Northern and Eastern States are
rather shorter than last year. We
sho'lld hot be uneasy on account of our
large crops South. We will yet have
. 1 . P 1 i
a marKei ior our surplus, lake care
of it as you would an ordinary year,
and if you cannot find a market for it
at as high a price as 50 cents per bushel
keep it and feed it to your stock. Corn
canuot be produced any time in this
country for loss thau 50 cents per
From Eiglitli District.
Ed. Standard:
Since you have so kindly requested
persons in the country to write you oc
casionaljy concerning neighborhood
news, or any thing pertaining to agricul
ture, I have coui'luded to write you a
short letter. The people generally here
seem to be happy, and they ought to
be, since they are blessed with almost
everything necessary in the way of
comforts of life. Everybody seems
to have a surplus of money. The conn
try is full of traders; in fact every man
you meet wants to buy some sort of
stock. This shows fhre is lots of feee
through out the country. Corn is brt
ter than it, has beeuor, several years.
Hogs are very scarce and cattle, large
ones, will be if they are net now. Sir.
U. L. Roberts of Cannon county took
a good lot of cattle away from hero last
week. -He bought from Mes-i. Etter
and William Ramsey, known as "little
Bill." we do not know why he is callec
"Little Bill." but so has been ever since
we knew him. lie ownes one of the
best yes, tho best farm 011 Hickory
creek, and it is the best improved place
we know of any where. It contains
about 500 acres and most of it is being
cultivated. Mess, ltyan and Bell also
gathered up a good lot of sheep am
cattle. They bought of Mess Iiamsev
(David) and others. Ctinrley and Ly
tie KaniscV start this week with about
40 head of mules and horses South,
('barley will stay all winter, as usual.
They are two of the most entergetic
and enterprising men in this neighbor-
ood. We hope they may do well with
their stock. They are both nephews
of Mr. Win. Ramsey. There has been
some vh ;at sown. We 81 e Geo. Stroud
hit? some up and we truly hope he may
make as much as iisuul, (3 to 5 bush-
Is per tine.) Mess Sam Mel! uuseyand
1 H. Winioii are sowing 100 or more
;cres, drilling with fertilizer. Politics
quiet, lerhajs will write you again
some day. Ol.D CITIZEN.
P.S.-If any of your people a round town
run a dairy and want to buy orexcangc
big corn for nubbins to feed their cows
on, we expect George Stroud could
furnish them. Wo understand George
has a good lot of them, which he would
he glad to sell or exchange for big corn.
Oct. 10. O. C.
SyiKifisIs) Couiily (ourt Iroc't'l
liitf, Oct. 2l, ISSi.
S. D. Rankin elected Clerk and
Treasurer lt Road District.
Account1 allowed to thc amount of
?o0:j gj.
J. A. Wheciei , T. T. Rhea, and O.
1). Uyars were elected l'oor House
J. 1 (-lark elected County Survey
or. J. A. Newman gave bond and qual
ified as constable of Dth District.
A-a Faulkner and others released
from tax on capital invested in manu
facturing purposes at falls of Cancy
Fork for live years from time factory
is put in operation.
J. 1). Kvans, et al., vs. J. 11. Evans
et al side of land confirmed.
W. Arledge released poll tax for
1. Inland reVa-cd from 81,000 on
land in 2d Di.-t. .
Asa Faulkner's tax reduced from
S2..r00 to 5?l,.r)00 on land in 12th Dist.
Found at Lnst.
An flgri"!ih!e dressing for the hair,
that will ;-t"p its tailing, has hcen lony;
s"iiL'bt for. Talker's Hair l:il;tm,
di-Mnt!i::!.i':i tor iu purity, fully sup
jlitff this want. 0
Tho Future of JlcJIinnville.
Tjhe material conditions that give
growth and prosperity to' cities and
towns often change, giving rise to a
state of gradual declino and disintegra
tion. That sometluiiir like this is the
threatened fate of McMinnville is too
patent to bo ignored. The extension
of the railroad has already had itsefiect
in tho depression of some important
branches ot business in our town, and
Its completion to Sparta will greatly in
crease tl.i.s di pression. If McMinn
ville is to maintain its prosperity and
still gr.iw in its. business relations, some
new departures must lm introduced,
and new liia and energy must be
awakened among our people. We have
great confidence in our people and be
lieve that what is taken from us in one
way will be more than made up by the
active exertions of our energetic citizens
in other lines of business and trade.
The first great step is the cultivation
anu tostering ot a broader and more
. - . . M , , . i
beral public spirit amont? our neonle.
o j i i
Personal ends should be made Sllbser-
,.t i: i .
vient to the public good. A spirit of
selfishness is Iiv nn mrnna fonsiMtnnt
. . . . . . ..
Wlth a genuine spirit of public enter-
prise. Unity of thought, feeling and
I o ' p
action cannot fail to (levelon and en-
i ,,
v,....... j,..,,, ... ...... ..ijr ,
nub ic enterprises that will brine- to us
. , . .
a stronger tide ot prosperity than we
have ever known before. There are
numerous avenues to a newly awakened
prosperity that we ought not to beslow
i 1 r r .
iu see mm occupy. v,ur mauiuaciurmg
interests, already nourishim?. should re-
... w , t
ceive largely increased favor, patronajre,
- i
and encouragement. Other enterprises
n 1
of this character might profitably be
inaugurated as a result of a surplus of
capital growing out of a change inpres-
1 I 1
ent lines 01 business, uur money
should he invested at home, as we shall
find that this policy in the end will lead
to the most profitable results.
All our people are directly interested
in the increased popularity of McMinn-
vine as a summer resort. iMucii can
he done in aid of this enterprise in va
rious ways. All can do something in
the way of advertising the merits of
our town as a resort for health-seekers
and pleasure hunters during the differ
ent seasons of the year. The public
well we are soon to have will add
greatly to the attractiveness of the
town in this particular, and this project
we cannot afford to let fail.
lull Liit 1 11 mi 1 r 11 1 tin 1..
is the agricultural interests of Warren
county. The farmer must he encour
aged to look to the very best results to
he obtained by new and improved
methods of agriculture. He must he
encouraged to mske greater efforts to
improve his condition in every possible
way, and thus the country will he built
up and with it, of course, the town, fir
the interests of town and country are
Another important means of building
up a new prosperity in our mi lst is by
a greater substantial encouragement of j
the schools of McMinnville. We have
good school", have always had them.
Yet we have long followed the plan of
11.1 n 1
letting the schools take care ot them-
selves. We have manifested no special
lnterest 111 them. It is impossible to
maintain flourishing schools in any
town unless they are supported heartily
and earnestly by a strong home patron
age and influence. Every possible en
couragement should be extended to the
cMirwitQ if imp fnu-n Thorn niir.hf in
. , . .
be at least one hundred young ladies
and young men here in our schools
each vear from abroad. We have
every facility nqiiisite to such a state
of prosperity as this in our school inter
ests, and if we will lay aside nil hurt
ful prejudices and go earnestly to work
we can give our little city such a char
acter as an educational point as it never
had before, and (hereby promote in the
highest degree the prosperity and ma
terial advancement of our town and
community. Few towns of equal size
can compare with us in the matter of
school buildings. Now let us put into
these schools whatever may be lacking
to make them as eflicient as any in the
land, and let us all work with one mind
and one will till we see them crowded
to their utmost capacity. Here is our
grand opportunity, and how that our
schools are show ing signs of increased
activity, let us seize the auspicious mo
ment and press them forward to the
highest possible state of prosperity.
Itenefleient Action.
The miserable look and feeling of
those confined at desks or work tables,
are cutlsed by weak Stomach, Kidneys
or Rowels. Parker's Ginger Tonic
without intoxicating has such a bene
ficient action on these organs and so
eleanes the poisonous matter from the
system, that rosy cheeks and good
health nre soon brought bfcek again.
Deer I)lng willi Itlack TontSie.
Report comes to us, that the deer on
Cumberland Mountain, near Robinson
Springs, are dying with black tongue.
It is said that many of them have been
found di'iiT. If this report is tQje, it
will interfere with 5S11 huuting.
Terrible Acddcnt at Corners villc:
Last Saturday Win, Duflel was dan
geroHly Injured in a well iu wliich ho
was at work for J. W. Nance, Sr., at
Cornersville, by the premature dis-'
charge of a blast which he and a man
named Matthews were putting in. It
is supposed that the 'crammer' struck
a spark of fire from the rock w hich
reached the powder and resulted in an
unexpected explosion. One of Mr.
Dullel's arms was torn from his body
and he was otherwise terrible mutila
ted. Matthews escape with only a few
slight bruises. Marshall Gaztle.
Non-Resident Notice.
Li Chancery al McMinmillc, Tcnn.
W. I Humble, et als, vs. Kmily Humble, J
et it lis.
TN this cause it appearing to the satisfaction
X ot the Clerk and Master from complain-
8,1,9 '',. .which 1 sworn to, that the defend-
fant child of Marv Eldridire. dee'd f.?iveii
m.", ...mi. iiuiM.iii. nun I'uiimup. in-
!!"".,e u."know")' nre "on-rosidents of the
oiaie ot lenncssee. so mat t ne on irmi-v urn.
cess of law cannot be served on them. It . is
therefore ordered that publication be made
for f,llirc011Hei.utive wJeks in the lulhfrn
S'limlnrJ, a newspaper published at Me-
uin,i..ill T...!...... :.i ..
,....,n.ni. ic.iin.nre, li:iiuilllg MHO II, II-
resident defendants to 'appear before the
1 li (ten nt the I ,ti irthoioip in wIiiitit,tl .
' the First Monday in November. lSK:i!
men ami mere in p cacl, answer, or demur
.1 , ,t . .
to complainants' lull, or the same will tie
!-lkt'n u,r confessed ns to them, and set for
hearing, ex parte. 1 Ins Oct. l.'tih, 1SS2.
j. c. UlLEs, c. & M.
' IllSOlVGIlt NotlCG
Thc ill(1(vpn(7 of tho pstllte 0f It. R.4
" omnck iinvins been miwesU'd to the
f .itiit.fi .itii.. r..H .I .... w u
x.wi.iii . .mi i..i , ,tmt-ii t-iiiiniy, icini,, nil
.ersoiis having claims or demands a-ainst
B""' l'MilAe .ft.re ",",,,m',V0 nl,'!"'i,r 11,1,1 ,llr,l,e
same with the elcrk i.f k:ih ('mmlv nuri
the manner proceeded with by law on or
iiinire iiur nrsi iiiiv in jXiveinncr. IbtSZ.
This the lioth dav of June, 1SS..
R. M. Womack.
Adm'i of R. R. Wonniek, dee'd.
Non-Resident Notice.
Li Chancery al McMinnville, Tenneee.
John C. Iluirbes vs. William Crouch and
wile and others.
L.N this cause It appearing to the Clerk and
Muster from complainant's bill, wliich is
sworn to, that the defendants Mary Kelton,
Oiimuei ivciton, Mm. Kelton, the unknown
heirs ot ilson Kelton, dee'd, and Jiuues
I tinner and Marv 1' armor, are non-residents
01 the Mate ol I ennessee, so that the ordl
nary process of law eaii"ot be served on
the m. It is therefore ordered that publica
tion be made for four consecutive weeks 111
the Southern Standard, a newspaper pub
lished iu McMinnville, Tennessee, eoniiimud
iiii; Hie said non-residents to appear before
the Chancery Court to be holden at the
COIirt llDllKC ill McMilinvillp T.lm fit, tin.
1st Monday in November next, then ail!
' "r. .iT HI . X1'T.
ronfeHsol us to tlioin ami pause set for hear-
IliiKCA lUir - rn. .7. V'.P,
n.i .1
t;. iul,ls. c. iii ji.
J. J. Barton; Solicitor.
Notice to Debtors.
HAVIN'O sold out my business interest
at Irvini; College, it becomes necessary
to collect up nil outstanding accounts. I
will be in McMinnville for the next two
weeks, and will jrive my entire attention to
collectini; both my individual accounts made
at Irvine; Collepc, and also the outstanding
nceonnts of the former linn of Martin AC'o.,
McMinnville. All persons indebted to
either myself or to Martir & Co., will please
come forward and settle at once, thereby
savtRi,' further trouble and cost.
Respectfully, C. R. MARTIN'.
McMinnville, Sept. 30th, lss2.
Thousands uzq it, Why Hesitate ?
Joy to the World! Woman is free!
Among the many discoveries looking to the
happiness and amelioration of the human
nice, none is entitled to higher co.isidcra
;.... tl..... iiw t li. ..):. .1.1!.. l 1.. i 1.
.nan a. iM.iviut-lll b 1 t-niiiie j.eguia-
tor, "Woman's Ilest Friend." ISv it woman
!s ',nani'il,,,:',(,.fr,,ll!.I,,1"'ll'".,l'Ksi'll-,i leeuli,ir
10 ner sex. iteiore us magic power all lr-
regularities of the womb vanish. It cures
w nucs, suppression 01 the "menses," re
moves uterine obstructions, braces the
nerves, and purifies the blood, as thousands
of women will testify.
Thonnsville, On., June 22d, 1K77.
I have been scllini? 1 r:i , 1 ti . 1 . I'm l-Ymiila
Regulator for years, it continues lionular
mi evidence of its being all Hint Is claimed
fol if. I fan recall instances in which it nf-
forded relief after all the usual remedies
had failed. a. J. cas.sf.LS, Druggist.
Vr-:f; Infield, Proprietor, Atlanta, (in.
Price ifrl.oUper bottle. Sold by all druggists.
BSUYDii I. mm, CFLYM, ISiSS...
few:."; mt -v, .-.y
-1" Vl- V.-J
T.3. - . - i:
L-V Wr ' ...
v;"v-t ;
ft :.'..';'
a TYmitiyp Cjirq
furn!l llinf Vnlnt'ul omiilHlut and WfiVntuM
MKominon touur brt Tumult ppnltton.
Ituillrure cntin-ly tlif wont f"nn of Fmnl rom
plalntft, nil nvarfnn triHiMoM, Inflammation otmJ titra
tion, Fnl!!iifc nml I'U;tlHcenKiits, find the conwiiii nt
f ifnl 'raltm'n8, ml 1b particularly adaited to tho
"h.infr of Life.
It will flissolv ami nol tumor from thp ufrnn in
an early stajce of dtwloi inont, Tho t :ifVr.',y toenn
cvroin humomthen la chicked vrrypwd ;y hy Unv.r,
It, iviimiti's faint nt'sa, flatuli'in-y, dortmysnll ciftThiff
fi.r ftlmiilanf h, and rrllPTra wrakncffa of the Ptotuat li.
Tt cnif Blo-.t!:i(t, fleadachri, Xfrvous rrtwti-atl'Ki,
Uoncral !blllty, Slplcatuieta, IV'jiiTfltion and InUi
grt ion.
Tli.it fr'iir. of barnfr down, muvfnip pa'n, woif-Tit
and tmi'knr lip, m alwnyj itermnncntly niO'l by Its u;c
It w.II at nil t ints ami und'T all clrcunirtnnraa act in
t.artiHiny with tlir Kw- that povprn tlip frn-.nlo nyrtt-ra,
F.r t'ifi riirvof Ki.!:wy Con'ilatnM cf eitK-r wi th!
Cminund in ntiriv;wd.
u nv r.. riM;n ii vrfiFTAnt.K com-
rtl"iii jin'iMirud at 2 S anI SVi V.-t,rii Artn-in,
I.y;n. Via l'rirp $1. Pit h-dM- r Pt nt hy mall
hitV'f.triii of jdll, Mm int'.o furm of lt- ;n-, on
r ' i;'t of r-: E Jlj-rS t f r 'Mthrr. ilrp. i":r,l;aia
f : !y v "" . l rs f in ju;ry. S-:iil for j i ij-h
rf. A- 'lt.- ii n'KiVf. '.''ti.'i m tt.i$ Vier
N y y'.uv.W ) wi'li.'Ml ' 1KV II 1 1 IIS
U'.'v!; 1 T-. r- n- Cii "t ; nt' tn, lt.ie 'uitta,
tnl I '-, i-' : y c itn-r n ' i rr t v
soij r.TL'i vrv-- 4t. -
Corrected from the daily Amtrivan every
1 hursoay evcnint?.
Wheat from wagons, 80 to 05.
Corn from wagons, 74 to 8u.
Corn Men I T.r U 80
Oats 40 to W. , ...
T!ye from wagons,' C! to 70.
Dried Frnil Itlackberriis, (:
l'eiiehes, halves, 4)4.
I'eaehes. quarters,
Feathers prime, 50 tJ .
IScvnwhx choice, U,r.
ltags well assorted,
(ienseng dry, $1 70 to $t 75.
J Inles green, u:
liutter IS to !0
Tallow choice, 7.
Sorghum 25 to H3.
Wool unwashed, 18 to 2.'!.
tub washed, 2i to 35.
Corrected weekly by Mend & ItiU hey.
McMinnville, Oet. 14, 18W.
WllRAT 75(ij80c bu.
Flour new, $2.75feJ3 100 lhs.
Meal - 'e bu. 110
OAT-fi fru. 25(Wc;
Chickens Hens 4Kc"$ lb
JlUTTKK p lb. VXy 20
Koos "ja dor. 15c.
Gl.NSKNG V tti. $1.60
I! K HSWAX "pi tti. 2-c.
Fkatiieks "r tt. 43
Tallow"?! lh. 5c.
Green hides 4(i)fio. Giubby K 0"ff
La hd tb. 14c.
Shiml'ders II
1 11 tn's
Sides ItiJi
JIoj; round WA
Wool, 18r.i.'!0e
Turkeys, 5c per pound
Stock peas.
Dkieu Aei'i.Ks 'r lb. 3 3M.
I'eaehes;! to V4
Homestead Fertilizer, $2.50 "$ 100.
Irish potatoes 10 ets. " bu.
From the Sjn ingfield llepublican.
Unit Will be Appreciated by nil who
Care for their Complexion and
It iH not t'i'iicrally known tlint the nervous
svsti'in lias a tt'oiidiirful influence over the
bkin, but this in a fact known to niedica
men who have given much of their time to
the study of diseases of the skin. No one
can have a clear and fair complexion un
mixed with blotches or pimples who is very
Whatever tends to a healthful condition
of the nervous system always beautifies the
complexion and removes roughness and dry
ness of the skin. Some skin diseases nre
not attended by visible signs on the surface,
but an intolerable itching that renders life
Wc I'upy the following deserving and in.
tcrcstmg compliment from the Tribune,
which says: "Dr. C. W. Benson's New
Remedy, 'SKIN C'l'RE,' is received by the
public with great confidence, and it regard
ed as n very generous act on the Doctor's
part 1 1 make known and prepare for gener
al use his valuable and favorite prescription
for the treatment of skin diseases, after hav
ing devoted almost his entire life to the
tnl nl tretilnipnt. of nervous and skin
discuses, iu which he took great delight,
lie was for a number of years Physician in
charge of the Maryland Infirmary on Der
matology, and anything from his hands is at
once accepted ns authority and valuable.
The remedy is fully the article to attack the
disease, both internally, through the blood,
and externally, through the absorbents, and
is the only reliable and rational mo.ie of
treatment. These preparations are only put
up for general use after having been used
by the Doctor in his private practice for
years, with the greatest success, and they
fully merit the confidence of all classes of
sufferers fi'om skin diseases." This is for
sale by all druggists. Two bottles, internal
and external treatment, iu one package.
Don't be persuaded to take any other. It
costs one dollar.
Oh, My Head!
Sick headache, nervous headache, neural
gia, nervousness, paralysis, dyspepsia, sleep
lessness and brain diseases, positively cured
by Dr. Benson's (.'elery and Chamomile Pills.
They contain no opium, quinine, or other
harmful drug. Sold by druggists. Price,
fill cents j-er box, two boxes for$l, six boxes
for $2.50, by mail, postage free. Dr. C. V.
Henson, Iiullimore, Md.
C.N. Ciittenton, New York, is Whole
sale Agent for Dr. C. W. Benson's remedies.
Non-Resident Notice.
R. (. Womack administrator of R. R. Worn
ack, dee'd. vs W. V. Womack et at in
Chancery atlcMinnville, Telin.
IN this cause it appearing to the satisfac
tion of the ClcJk and Master from com
plainants bill, which is sworn to, that the
defendant Frank .Simpson is a non-resident
of the Stale of Tennessee so that the ordi
nary process of law cannot be served on
him. It is therefore ordered that publica
tion be made for four consecutive weeks in
ihe Southern Standard, a newspaper pub
lished in McMinnville, Tennessee, requiring
l he said defendant Simpson to appear be
fore our said court ofClmncery.to be held at
the court house in McMinnville, Tenuesse,
on the
1st Monday in November, 1882,
then and there to plead, answer or demur to
complainant's bill, or the same will be taken
for eonlcsscd as to him and cause set for
hearing ex parte. This Sept. 2lMh, 1882.
2;it4 J. C. BILKS, C. & M.
a Place fox ycjr periodicals,
An'l mi i rnnifi;t f r t'Mir 1. mt, all in on,
Ttt? t: f s- i.-;cTtr;.iRY holder.
K 3"..-
j r
ft --s:
Wafe tt Ilk tM
trrotHihtr llttlri im;.rc , Itrilt nt: tn "','.tr
I Vl.''i f..S in Mr re . . !'r I'-Tii.likl i,il I'll,
i - i. r - Ml v. i - , ,. w
" nr. a i i.i u an a i i.oi:( MjSrw. uh.
in & hi ii1! r;
H If W Zi li
ISTaslivillo, - - . Tennessee.
Seasoned Timber, Host Iro, Hamlsoinely Fainted.
C. &e. Cooper & Co's r-: ?:Siih-f-l
Engines & Saw Mills. fiS'' R
Write for prices and terms.
S. L. Col villc, Ti t's. J. F. Morford, V. Pres. V. Colloe, Caslilei
ItOai-tl of DlreiHoiH,
S L. Colville, J. C. Itiles, J. A. Ross, J. F. Morford, K. W. Munford, J. C. Rnmsey, C Cotlee
Docs a General Nanking Husiness, Deposits SoHfDoflf
All Sufferers with BLIND, BLEEDING or BIDDEN PILES oan lie permanent!; cured by tulng
DR. TABLER'S FILE T0BE, price. 75 ctg. Ask your Druggist
For Sale hi J. B. RITCHEY.
For tho MERCHANT 2njirJ'.v!Lpi?!i
Crown hy otirc"'""c on "r own Farms
rr Handsome Illustrated Catalogue and Rural Ket'Uter FUEB TO ALL.
i on, TIIK
Mothcrys Friend !
One of the trrenlest comforts to those ex
pecting to he confined is a remedy upon
w hich implicit confidence can he placed
one that will pn.dnce u safe and quick de
livery one that will control pain and short
en tlie duration of lahor. Such is '-TllK
.Mother's Kki.ikh." Try it and see what
A Messing it is to Siillcrinur Kt'innlen.
Tliis linlntvllt, nli.'h uuvti th or tlll'ic
weeks In-fore contineineiit, produces a won
derfnl ell'eet, cftiisim; a very eii'-v and (i"iick
liilmr, with couiptiratively little pain, and
leiives the mother in a condition to recover
quickly or in other word to have a j;ood
U'eltiiii; tip. I'tider its iio, hilmr w ill usiinl
ly occupy nineh less than the iiunl time,
and the sulleriiiK he diminished beyond ex
pression. The condition for w hich this remedy is of
fered is of such a character as to forhid ti
luiii; array of certificates. Those interested
in ils use aie respectfully referred to the hint
ilreds who have used it.
Head Urn Testimonials t
I most earnestly entre.it every fem lie ex
pcetini; to lie contined to use "'he Mother's
Kelief." Coupled with this eiitrealy, I ill
:idd that during a lartrc ohstelrieal practice
(forly-fonr years) I have never known it to
fall to produce a safe and onicU delivery.
II. .1. liol.MI'.S, M 1), Ailaotu, tin.
A lady from en,, of the cotmt'"s ol' Middle
(e'Oia, wii" lo hcen acting asmiiiwile or
man) yi'ors, wnics : "I lui"" disposed ot all
"Tlie ' ! ',; !.ei 's lli Iii i," miii sent me, end 1
am DFI.ICM I ' l' '.VITII IT. In every in
stance v. lr. i . It lias iiei'ii ns' d il. ellrets
have lieen ah iloit i cnld a.;k
it a til'.KAT IM.KSMMi."
A ehtb man v. riles : ' Mv wife used your
"Mother's l:. ief,"at her f th coniineiiiciii
and her tcsinneny is that she passed ti.ii.iij.li
it with one hall of the sulbnng of ei;her ot
'lei iiuiiri eon li iieinei, in, a nu rev o ei en 1 1 ton
it ju in in-li less time. iShe also recommend
ed it to a lady friend who was about to be
confined (or Ihe first lime, and she sins, 'I
have N ICV Kit Hcen A N VON K jmss through
this great trialwilti SO Ml'Cll LA SI', iin.1
so LITT1.K i-ain.'"
The mimes of nil thee and i.iiiny others
ban be hud by calling al ui) mii-e.
jlaviug had the foregoing remedy llmr
ouglily tested i:i Allinita and yii iiiity, I now
oiler it to my patrons as possessing superior
1 inn permitted also to refer to the follow
ing well known citizens of Atlanta: (' K
Xewtoii, '.Vin M CrtMol' y, Jr, W A firegg
iumI 1 lv in. nil of w horn are ready to test'ly
to the imiits of the preparation. I'ricj
$l.i5(l per bottle, fn pared by
.1. liRADFIK.LI), Atlanta, (.a.
fur (iilt r very where.
does xrs?v
CURES! Essin
Romnite It rcU on the MVKIt, liOU KI.S
anil KIINKVS t the ntm time.
Beo&utG It Qlnie the nystera of the poison-
oub humor that developo in Kidney and Un-
nary Diaeaaos, Blliouauoiiii, Jnmuhoe, Cjimti.
' pat ion, Pilei, op ia BlieunidtiBm, Nouralfrm,
Nor v am Euordora aud l oiiialo Complauiu.
Fuffpne H. Btork. of .lunctlcn CI(V. Knnw.
say, KnlnfT-Wnrt cured Mini nfit r iirutar l'lij
siciaiii had been trjtnic for (our j.-ni H.
Mr. John A mall, of Wnahlniton. Ohio. mT
hoi-lior wasffiTfrt im toditt hv fdiir roinint'iit
ntirniftRTi ami llml lu . fii.ru.,nU ...iru.l U
M kidney Wort.
M. M. B. flood win. nn editor In Phordon. Ohio.
wynheird not exrtnatd t- lio, thiir tilotn
beyond twlk'f, but Kidut-y W ti t ciiien hi in,
Anna I Jarrett or South R.iirm. N. Y.. MTf
"ithatseTen yai!m'ilTir1nir froin kitlnrr Irotihlv
4 and other rumulicaUtJua tiu kDiIuiI tf thu iim of
p-JCiinry Wort,
'm John B. IJiwrenre of Jskfion. Tnn., unffFred
r,... . f ii... i,..t... i.t... . ...
iftr taking " bai rela of olhur liudiciiitd,'
Eldncy Wot t mailt) him will.
Mlcba."! V'tto of M .mtif'iiTipry fntfr, Vt..
miRvrvu nciit yvaii un ki.Wh v ninx niiy an'
wu nnatl to work. Kidnvy Wort nmtle inn t
" well aaerer.' F
.i . j. . . imh 1 1 m tm imp wit ifTUTT
n 1 .' t
(Constipation and Piles. fj
b i tin cam. one Dokurp of whin, m
rWH is will Uli in liry ejcTi.! r oryn ir I. i
.nt '11' i j
i t -!::; ; :o .f
a oi mnicinc ahkiii i.iDia rnrm.
. ... ..
I pin it.
LW tt aett Tti equal t;lrir;.ev (n r:'.'I.,r f.:nt
GET IT ATTn! DIH'CGISTS. I ;;;v r.. i! 0" -
WF.1.I.S. Ull'IUkDsON ('.. ITop-i. f ..1
!. will send tli drj-port-pild.) trmiMnnvil.t:
M Jim l.
Wheat Corn Mills.
-,"Vliont Drills
"jxo hT:erk"
rc.if cSTABLISHfcD K5i
Faulkner's Chapel
Three miles North of McMinnville. at the
Central Factory on Charles Creek.
Location pleasant and healthy; good so
ciety; -.'ood church and sahhath school facil
ities; hoardint; obtained at moderate rates.
Tnlplitir, chalybeate mid freestone water in
abundance near the school house grounds."
School building new and well furnished.
Instruction thorough and eharpeg rnnon
hie. Winter session will ojien on Monday;'
October iitlth, 1SS2, and continue 4 months.
All Tr'nnary branches $1 Q0
Intermediate branchvts - $1 1!5 to 1 5t)
lli'h School ctnbracinjf Ancient Lan
guages, jihysical sciences and the
hii'her iiialiieniMlies-. $2 06
Incidental fee, for fuel, etc 25
Mo deduction of charges for absence of
pupils after entering school except ill cases;
of protracted illness. nep!hn2
T1IO.S. A. II LAP, Principal.
McMinnville, Teuu."
Of all the diseases to wliich children are
liable, none are so alarming in their Bp
pniaeh, so dcngeroiis in their (lonsetiiiences
and so often and suddenly fatal iu their re
suit, ns
The attack is oftcnest in Ihe night, frequent
ly no physician near, mid vet that peculiar
hoitiMi cough, th'tt diltiiMilt and labored,
bieaihihir, tliuse spasmodic struggles for
ri -idinlioii and must be relieved or the child
! will die. A prompt, safe, and effectual rum
I edv is found in
j I)r Selli Hart's Croup Syrup
j p,c. pared exi.resslv for the purpose of meet-'
ig ihe I'emands i,f this dangerous diseasa
,,, ehildrei,, and also among the best of
remedies for whooping cough, asthma, and
common colds, and for the forming stages'
of acute bronchitis, pleurisy and iiiHnninttorl
of the Lungs. 2 2olf
Pendleton, Thcmas k Co,
Wholesale IVogisIs, Nashville.
line engngedaspe;
ciul enrrespond-
tin, ai a Heavy ex-
jiense, io turnisn
I us rentiers wun
1 all the detail ot
the great cam
luileii nniv in pro
gress in Tennes
see. TiieCommkk
cai. i-. wllli one'
PAPER published in a Inrue cliy that
readies tlie masses of the people in Tennes
see. Its complete reeorii of Ihe week's news,
its accurate market reports, its special depart
ments for the farmer, the housekeeper, and
the little folks. Its carefully written eclitorinli,
its choice literary si leeiions.Hiid its full polit
ical news, with Its thousand and due olliet
valuable features, make it the most popular
newspaper in tills sceiion.
Will pay for Tub Weekly Commercial for
four months. Think this over, tell your
nciKhliors and friends about it, and send Iri
your names. No such offer vxu ever mnde
before bv any newspaper, and as it is only
temporary no time should be lost in availing
yourself of it.
In every county In the state of Tennessee, Ui
whom we oiler extraordinary inducements.
Every one who works for us makes money.
Send your name at once and secure your ter
ritory. Send money by post-ofneo money order
or reKitered letter, and address all communi
cations to
Louisville, Ky
Insolvent Notice.
i W. V. Fairl anks adtu'r of Philip Hooden1
ei.)l. dee'd, vs. P. A. lloodenpyl et ul.
All credi ors of I'hilip IIonlenivl, deeew
ed, are hv-t by nntitieil to file their claim!
I duly a.itlie'itiealed with the Clerk and Mas
ter of llu-l liiieeiv fotirt at McMinnville,
'I 'eniies., e, i ('.in the lime lireserihctl hy
: law or tliev will I,- forever harred both id
; law and e-jnity. the insolvency of said es
i t.,le haviiiL' l.ei n SiIl t (1. "this AlUlist
.1. UII.I.S
Clerk and Master.
I Sll''-1'

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