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McMinnville, Tenn., Not. 25,1882.
Dr. Black went to Nashville this
""For the best line of overcoats go
to Katz's.
Thursday, Nov. 30th, ia Thanks
giving day.
Only four weeks from Monday till
Cap Snmrtt, of Trousdale, was in
town Thursday.
Elsie Faulkner went to Nashville
this week on business.
Miss Ag Henderson has been with
her numerous friends here this week.
Tennessee's peauut crop is put ut
, 500,000 bushels.
Dr. W. W. Farker, of Dibrell, paid
us a visit bust Saturday. ,
MrJo Davis, of Woodbury, was
on our streets this week.
Wanted A good young milk cow.
v Apply at this office.
"Vro. Biles returned from the
South Weduesday evening.
J. J. and I. Morion, of Gruudy
county, were in town this week.
F. B. Martin has been appointed
Clerk and Master at Woodbury.
Messrs. Ramsey & Son received
and disposed of two more car loads of
Empire coal this week.
Nobby Business Suits, elegant
Dress Suits, and suits for all kinds of
occasions at Katz's.
Frank Brown went to Tracy City
this week to build a busiuess house for
a party there.
Will Mead has opened a barber
shop in the Mountain City Hotel.
Call on him.
Rev. H. B. Reams will fill his pul
pit at the Southern Methodist church
to-morrow and at uight.
W. S. Ross, of the Veil known
firm of Ross, Biles & Co., Increase,
was in town Tuesday.
O. M. Thurman & Co. have just
received a nice lot of new style prints.
Don't fail to see them.
Simon Katz is busy every day
opening and selling stacks of Dry
Goods. Now goods arriving constantly.
Col, J. II. French left last Satur
day, and will visit Naiville, Colum
bia, and other places before he returns.
" Mrs. Robt; Cantrell and her
daughter, Mrs. T. H. Faulkuer, paid
the Standard office a call Tuesday.
W. II. Brooks & Co. received
their new billiard tables Thursday and
are ready for business.
The heavy frosts of the past few
days have ripened backbones, spare
ribs and lye hominy.
Gents' underwear of every quality
and price at Katz's. A full line of
Gent's Furnishing Goods of every kind.
The Presbyterian Sunday-school
has placed in its library during the past
week, about seventy-five volumes of
new books.
The sulphur well has been at a
standstill during all of this week, the
contractors being absent.
The Odd Fellows at this place
have greatly improved their lodge room
during the last few weeks, and it pre
sents quite a home-like appearance.
Our friend 'Fayette Thaxton is the
happy father of a bouncing baby boy
whom he say8 will be big enough to
send to town ou busiuess pretty soon.
A new schedule went into effect on
our road about two weeks ago, by
which the train now leaves at about 6
o'clock m the morning, and arrives
about 3 in the evening.
Thorton's Celebrated English reme
dies are put up ly the Nadiville Medi
cine Co., and for sale' by all leading
druggists. No cheap ingredients used,
and not puffed into sudden notoriety
Last week Esq. West received
beautiful painting on plaque executed
by his neice, Miss M:ttie West, who is
attending school at McMinnville. The
painting is well executed and displays
rare skill, especially since it was Mi.-s
Mattie's first effort. Marshall Gazette,
The matrimonial market exhibits
a very decided activity with the ad
vanceofcold weather. Our exchanges
from all points teeiu with notices of
the union of happy hearts. We learn
that six couples were tied together in
this county last Sunday.
The Tullahoma Guardian says
there is a splendid opening at that
point for a saddle shop and cooper shop.
Mr. J. L. Jones, who is in the pro
duce business there, has to semi to
Nashville every month for hundreds of
barrels in which to ship produce.
Miss May Ililliard, of the Spring
Place neighborhood, who is vi.-iting her
aunt, Mrs. Fannie Duncan, near Lewis
. burg, was in town l:ut Friday. She
LI. 1 p r -it
nan jusi returned irom jMc.uinnville !
-Mrs. Gid Hughes, recently from
Texas, but now making her home in
Tullahoma, has been visiting friends at
(his placo the present week.
' The unpleasant appearance of even
the most amiable antl intelligent face,
when covered with surface irritations
as from tetter, pimples, or eczema can
be dissolved naturaly by Dr. Benson's
Skin Cure, an excellent toilet dressing.
It cures dandruff of the scalp.
The Independent and Unceremo
nious Social Club will meet at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. R. Mead,
this (Friday) evening at 6 o'clock.
As we are decidedly in favor of this
style of meetings wo will try and be
present promptly on time.
In a car load of mules recently
shipped from this point to Selma, Ala.,
by Ilouchiu & Biles, an extra fine
mule was taken out of the lot and a
very inferior animal substituted in its
stead. The exchange is supposed to
have taken place at some point on the
route where the mules were unloaded
to be fed.
A. M. Cawthon is now exhibiting
the largest and handsomest stock of
cooking and heating stoves we have
ever seen in this market. He hassome
of the prettiest parlor stoves we have
ever seen, and also a stock of beautiful
toilet or chamber sets. It is well
woith a visit to his house to look through
his stock.
There was a meeting at the resi
dence of Capt. Coffee Thursday night
for the purpose of organizing a literary
society. At the time of going to press
we have not learned of the " success of
the move, but hope it was satisfactory,
as such a society, if entered iuto in
earnest by our youncr people, would
prove a constant source of entertain
nient and improvement.
Mrs. Henry Rowau sent us last
Saturday sonieof tlie finest second crop
Early Rose potatoes w e have ever seen.
They were very fine. If our friends
continue to send us samples of their
potatoes we will have enough to plant
a nice patch next Spring. We are
taking care of them and will plant
them next Spring. Those who have
raised a second crop should take care of
them for seed, tbey will all be wanted
next spring and many more.
Tullahoma has a Reading and
Dramatic Club which is furnishing
the citizens of that place with some
very excelleut entertainments. We
would like to see McMinnville boast a
similar organization. The beet ' safe
gaurd against the glittering lighte that
lure young men to evil is to interest
them in social pleasures and meetings
where no evil exists, and where they
will be surrojnded by only pure and
good influences. The lights are in
creasing along the "broad road" in
McMinnville, and a healthy reaction
in the matter of social gatherings is of
vital importance to our moral aud reli
gious progress just now.
Mr. J. E. Sims, traveling for the
well known wholesale drug house of
The following parlies have married
in this county since the 18th inst ;
J. M. Jett to Mary R. Etter.
Davis Turner to Tennie Davis.
A. B. Moffitt to M. F. Thaxton.
H. II. Martin to Lou Holder.
V. L. Steakley, Jr., to Delia Dun
F. Jones to Nannie Bess.
A. M. Hennessee to Millie Higgin-
L. Cunningham to Charlotte Mc
J. T. Mayes to F. R. Jones.
A Curd From the i. 'linttnnoogtt
Medicine C ompany.
Our notices of McEIree's Wine of
Cardui in the Standard having caused
us to rnceive many inquiries regarding
the use of this remarkable remedy, we
desire to explain that we do not claim
that the Wine will cure diseased organs,
malformation, or interfere with natural
obstructions. It simply corrects deran
gements, The ey mptoius are well known
to all ladies: a strange dullness in the
head, shooting pains in the back, and
other excrutinatiug pains. EcElree's
Wine of Cardui often relieves these
pains iu five minutes after a dosa is ta
ken, though more presistent treatment
is necessary. Cases of many years stan
ding have often lieeu relieved by the
use of a single bottle. Painful, difficult
suppressed, exaggerated (flooded) men
struation, is relieved by it when all
other remedies fail. We will b pleased
to answer all inquiries, and when symp
toms are given will recommend the liest
course to persue. We shall be thank-
full for reports of cases treated with
McEIree's Wine of Cardui, whether a
cure has been accomplished or not. We
advise all who have received benefit by
U6e of the Wine to continue its use ev
ery month, as it acts as regulator, aud
your trouble may ret urn if you discon
tuiue its use. Ooustant use ot it is
entirely harmless, as it is a simple ex
tract, as milk as tea or coffee. Very
The Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Manufacturers and Sole Proprietors
Tie Scrap Book.
Franklin, Ky., Nov. 10th '82.
Dr. Hitchey .-Please say to the little
girls mid young ladies who were mem
bers of the Young Ladies Foreign Mis
sionary Society at C. F. College last
year, that the scrap-book which they
begau iu the spring has been completed
and was sent off two weeks ago to Miss
M. Orr, in Japan. The children
in Missouri added a few pages, aud the
children's society here completed it,
making many beautiful pages. We
finishtd the pages left unfinished by
the McMinnville society, putting the
name of each one Upon the paices they The Lowest Membership Fee and Annual Dues. The Lowest and Best Graded Assessment Tble.
, ,,. .. i, .. .. iNo Members Taken in fcpidemio Districts,
began, adding a suitable motto, sentl
mcnt or verse in large letters. Thus
their names have been united with
those from this society and from Misaou- A01?rP YVAMTMTl I lsone bllt active energetic, responsible business men, who can' furnish good'refei.
ri .n.iUI,.mn...nnff th. nULIlUU H L Jj U . encc, need apply. Kcr pamphlets, terms, and full particulars, address .
heathen as witnesses fur Christ.
The book when completed contained
U pages, and was indeed unique and We have on hand at the Standard
eautiful. The parents of the children 0(j5ce a full assortment of Magistrate's
nere wonted wun mem wun interest Blanks. Give us a call.
and enthusiasm, thus adding largely to
Orange KIooras.
Win. Litterer & Co., Nashville, was
in our city last Saturday. He came
to interview our drug merchants and
did so. Mr. S. of late makes it con
venient to spend Sunday here. It is a
fact that we have a splendid . hotel,
and this of itself should be sufficient in
ducement for many traveling commer
cial men to spend Sunday in McMiun-
ville. Certainly this is a nice place to
rest and spend the Sabbath, and Mr. S
appreciates the fact, but rumor says he
has another reason, besides he has per
mission to do so. We are certainly al
ways glad to see him.
P. C. Isbell, of Manchester, will
lecture in the Southern Methodist
Church on Monday Nov. 27lh at 6
p. m. Admittance 25 cents. Proceeds
to be appropriated to the Methodist
Church in Manchester.
Wednesday evening, 22d inst., at
the residence of the bride's mother, iu
this county, Mr. Lafayette Cunning
ham to Miss Charlotte McGregor, O,
M. Thurman officiating' We wish the
happy couple a long, happy and pros
perous life.
Sew and Freli.
I would respectfully nnnouuee to the
people of McMinnvillu and vicinity
that I have just received and and npen
ed an extorsive stock ot staple and
fancy groceries of every kind which I
am offering at rock bottom prices. My
stock is now fresh and complete, am:
thanking you for past favors, I would
respectfully solicit your future patron
age. D. O. Jenkins,
In Caw thon's tin house, East Main st
The Height of Folly.
To wait until vou are in bed with
disease you may not get over for months
is the height, of folly, when you might
be easily cured dtinni t he early symp'
where ehfl !,! l.nn nnrsmmr ,rsn 1 ",rn h.v 1 arker s lunger Ionic. We
b - "iL,.l,,n- t.. ,.,.:i: i.
m.. ixiii... 11 illinium iimivc me
of post giaduate studies in the school
there. MurtltaU Gaxtle
healthiest, by a timely use of this pure
medicine. (.Kwmr.
W. H. MAQNESS, (President National Bank of McMinnville), PRESIDENT.
J. C. MARTIN, ..-.Secretary; .. H. L. -WALLING,
(Dry iKiotis and (irain Merchant, SIc.MinuviUe). vlry Goods Meridian
Vice Proadcnt:
XicMiiinvill. ).
JES3E WALLING, Treasurer; Dr.- T. C. SMARTT, : Medical Director,
Vice President N'utionul Bank of McMinnville). i l'raeti.:iu 1'hyMeim., M .'.Uinuvilie).
this Order is Incorporated under the Laws of the State of Tennessee, and" offers a plan of MUTl'AI. LIFE INSURANCE, which,
lor isaiety ana Cheapness, Is excelled by no other similar order iu existence.
No Loiltre Meetings or Lodire Expenses.
Fewest number of Officers.
The Host lWible I'lau.
J. C. MARTIN, Secretary, McMinnville, Tenn.
the pleasure of the work with the thilr Thousands us9 it, Why Hesitate?
Please return thanks to all who aided AiZXJ&l!a.
in the work in McMinnville, either bv happiness and amelioration of the human
donation of pictures or by work. I tiou than Dr. J. Bradfield's Female Keeula.
aiut, thev onnU hoT-o .onn tha JwV . T tor, "Womnn's Best frriend." By it woman
J ' I in fniflnpinHtpil from nunihM.iPHfl ilia r0pnl:nr
- i j .. t ,i . I . . ... . ...
mn sure uiey wouiu nave ieii repaid, toner sex. Hctoreits magic power an ir-
t : n. r.. ... c..j il.i : l, regularities or me womo vaniNn. 11 cures
. ... iuCu,. uuuunua ,.hjt suppression of the "menses," re
been instrumental in winning some hea- moves uterine obstructions, braces the
, i , v-,. . ... . . . nr. vi.h, mill '.u men mc uiuvu, ns uiuuBOlluo
turn viiuu iu vy.uioii icnii nui iro men i q wumcn will testify
reward. Thomssville, Oa., June 22d, 1877
te .1 . . u w mi I I have been selling Bradheld s Female
ii me lime society ai iic.uinnvuie R,.KlliKtor for years , it continues popular-
would Jike to begin some other work " evidence or its hemg all that is claimed
I turn t T nan curia 11 tnutunnua In u-ViiiiVi if nf.
or llie Slime purOSe ana Will write me forded relief after all the usual remedies
will take nleasure in siiPfrestimr aiirh ""I ,d- 8- J-1 -ASSr.LS, Druggist.
.1 .. . . . . i ii. iimituiiM. i iifiii iciwi , niiiiuin. villi
tilings as Will acid to tne -interest Ot Price fl.50 per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
their meetings, as well as be valuable
to our missionaries. STOI? AT TIIK
A. M. Dbennan. RULES HOTEL,
We tip our beaver to the Tulla- South Side Square,
l D . fit ll
ioma unamiaii tor tne ioilowmg nana- MURFEEESBORO, TENNESSEE.
some compliment: DRUMMERS' HOME.
"Tho KnrTiirnv RTivninn nnK.
ished at McMinnville, Messrs. Kitchey EnlaMSi and KswlV FumisIlSd,
& Reams, editors, is doing a noble Convenieilt
wort lur i lie iarming ana uusiuess in
terests of its section, and rapidlv gain
ing iavor as an honest, reliable and in
dependent journal. We like to work
in (be same held with such live and
courteous men.
to Business. Good
Sample Booms Free.
f mm me
McMinnville, Tenn.
IT1w w m m i
11U UlUi V W
ill 1
Throw that old delapidated, burntout stove away, and pet ynur wife ft utiviv that sh
cau cook ou. Nothing adds more to comfort, iieaee and IicmIiIi tlimi good, well-cooked
food. Then why do you not go at once to A. M. CAyTHON'S and buy a
They are the bt stoves ever sold in this market. Over 150 sold right here in your raids!
and no couiplnint, but '
Ask your neighbor about them. I keep in stock all the lati ht and most approved Cooking
and Heating Stoves, Grates, Fire Brick, Tiles, Stove Backs, I'Ut. , Cr.s Pieces,' Doors,
Extra Vessels of all kinds, Coal Hods, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, and in fttctevery
thing to be found in a first-class tin house low down for cash.
EcoSng, Guttering and Repairing Done on Short ITotico Cheap.
'83. A Grand Combination. '83.
We clip the following notice of the
marriage of a foraier McMinnvillian
from the Hartsville SenUnel. It gives
us pleasure to clironicle eucu suc
cess of tho?e who have gone from our
mid-st, aud we join with many friends
in tendering our huui w).ihmiml
est congratulations:
We record no event witu more
pleasure than the brilliant wedding
that occurred Ia.it Tuesday at the
Presbyterian church. The affair was
not unlooked for. Madame Iiumor
has been buisy for sometime, spread
ing the pleading details of the happy
event as far as kuown or imagined
and when it did occur our community
felt a pleasure rarely before equalled
The groom, Mr. Edward McMillin
is one of our leading business men
honored and trusted wherever known
he bride, Miss Lizzie C. DeBow, is
the daughter of J. R. DeBow, the
choicest selection which Hartsville'e
conservatory of beauty and worth can
boast. That a mutual adaptation
should attract such is not strange, and
iu the eternal fituivs of things the mar
riac was what ought to have been.
The cremony occurred at 2 p. m
The church was beautifully decorated
uariand and nower and wreatb and
festoon lent their elegant shapes and
colors to create a scene of beauty ri
valing in gorgeousuess an Orienta
dream. Chandelier and lamp reflected
back rays from diamond and jewel, I
none more brilliant than Irom the
bright eyes of many a fair maiden who
waited iu happy expectancy for the
coming couple.
Music, under the fairy touch of Mrs.
S. K. Tinsley, 6tole ita way up and
down the aisles and ways of - of the
building, and into the feeling and
hearts of those present, when, as Men-
dlesohn's Wedding March was distilling
its sweet notes, down the aisle, pre
ceeded and followed by ushers, came
tho e whom already love's arithmetic
had made one.
The ceremony was brief and appro
priate, "Gondallied Reverie" in soften
ed tones echoed the meaning of what
was pledged, and as the pastor pn
nounced in conclusion the words "God
ii i . i p
bless vou botn, a lervent amen was
echoed from every heart.
Then as from fairy fingers the organ
pealed Coronation March from "Le
rhophet," they paased back down the
awe, and with a numerous escort of
loving friends proceeded on their wed
ding tour, which we trust will be as
happy as the wishes of loving hearts
can make it, and lie but the prelude of
a long lite stretching out to its furthest
limit of happiness, usefulness and
Rev. W. V. Suddoth was the offici
ating clergyman.
Never was a more popular nor better
beloved bride. The wedding presents
were numerous, those from the grjom
i elegant and costly.
The present month, so remarkable
for severe cold and sudden change of
weather, will no doubt be productive
ol a vast increase ot pulmonary ailec-
tions. Many of our immediate circle
of acquaintances and friends have al
ready contracted colds" of more or less
miririnil lmnuln, th i fi)Mnu.. H I
; Hna Ynrt fur Onlp tl flfl .;
-... -i .e : I . ..!..,
iicgieciwi, oi mt-iiaeui consumption, pw0 rupers for ,iue more than tlie plice of
Liroiiciuus, larynguis, nsinma, piunisic, one.
catarrh, etc., and we have no , doubt Bv paying us $2.00 you will receive for
that opo niinthoi- turnlvnmnut li anmo nf one year your home paper With the Cunnrr-
!,0n, uill hv m,n i tUDr !. W. "'', the representative newspaper of
............ g....v ..;. the South, and the best, brightest, and
lllg-place because of inattention to the ablest familv Weekly in the United Suites,
first slight symptoms. There is, how- Those who desire to examine a sample copy
f.r. - romlv anrl nnfilin rvmotv (nr of the CounW-Jouniul can do so at (he
, . ...... .h .... jXANDAKD Office.
tuese uisiressing complaints at nana, in
Edward Wilder's Compound Extract
ot ud Cherry. Jn the entire range
of materia mcdica there has never' here
tofore been offered so simple, effective
a cure for all diseases of the throat,
lungs, and air-passages as this, and
none other has received as high testi
monials from its beneficiaries in all
parts of the country. The afflicted are
invited to give it a trial. All druggist
sell it.
Mdliimvillc, TVnp. -G.
W. JOHNSON, Proprietor.
Bates $2 per Lay. Board the Week or ISonth
tory Bates.
This favorite family hotel under its new nmnagpiuent is rconi
if in i hi i iiuiIiiii itinmiilli
Delightful Location and Invigorating Climate.
Breszss frs:h from Cumisrland LJcastais.
iorTlie House has been Thoroughly Kenovatcd. mar251y
An Austin doctor met old uucle Mose
and said pleaantly : "How do you
feel to-day, Uncle Mose?" "I ain't
gwine to tell yer until I know how
much you am gwine ter charge me."
A blflkult Problem Solved.
Carries at all times a full line of
Printers' Stationery,
And with a large assortment of
New Plain & Fancy Jot Type
Is prepared to do all kinds of
W VVMead
S. J. Elkiks.
In the very best style.
I7ie Cultivator
The desire for etimulants is becoming J31
it is a serious question with reformers. UfJUITlTV CjefltlGIDRD.
u...i. n; t..: r..:.i i..
difficult probiem. It invigorates body
and mind without intoxicating, and
has brought health and happiness to
many homes. Enquirer. See other
The' Best of the
Agricultural Weeklies.
There was a heavy enow fall on Cuni-
berland Mountain Monday.
Entirely Satisfactory.
Ladies wishing a perfume that com
bines novelty delicacy and richness,
find Floreston Coh'gne entirely satis
factory. 1
IH AT HAtKINU t'ovuii can bs so
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guar
antee it.
WILL YOU SUFFER with Dyspepsia
and Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vltalicer is
guaranteed to c-ure you.
SLKEPLKSS NIGHTS, made niis'ral le
by that terrible cough. Shiloh's cure is the
remedy for you.
CATARRH CLUED, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's reiuedy. Price
50 cents. Kassiil injector free,
For lame back, Side or Chest, use Shiloh's
Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents.
SIIILOITS COUU1I and Consumption
Cure is sold by us on a Guarantee. It cures
SHILOH'S VITAL1ZKR is what you need
for Constipntiou, Loss of Appetite, Pizzi
ness and nil symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price
10 aud 75 cents per bott'e.
chilis immediately relieved by Shiloh's cure
All tv above Remedies for sale by J. R.
RITC f.Y, McMinnville, Tenn.
cJmnvilIo JfarMo Worfo
I snueMce.
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Amrican and Italian Marble Monuments,
Tombstones, Mantles, Table tops, and all
Kinds of Stone- Work
The Country Gentleman is the leading
journal of American Agriculture, In the
amount and practical value ot tlie contents,
in extent and ability of correspondence, in
quality of paper and style of publication, it
: !.. .1... i-. . i ti r i
occupies iiic uroi rium, it iv ueiievtMi iu
have no superior in either of the three chief
divisions of
Fa rm Crop and Prncec, ,
Horticulture and Frutt'Growtng,
Live Stock and Dairying.
while it also includes all minor departments
of rural interest, such as the Poultry Yard,
Entomology, liee-Keepinj, Greenhouse and
Grapery, Veterinary replies, Farm Questions
and Answers, Fireside Reading, Domestic
Economy, and a summary of the news of the
week. Its market reports are .unusually
complete, and much attention is paid to the
prospects of the crops, as throwing light
upon one of the most important of all ques
tionsWhen to buy and when to sell. It is
liberally illustrated, and is intended to sup
ply, in a contiuuullv increasing degree, and
in the bent sense ot the term a
The volume of the Country Gentleman
for 1K82 was greatly enlarged Vjv increasing
its size from l(i to 20 pages weekly, but the
terms still continue as follows, when paid
strictly in advance; One copy one venr,
$2.50; four copies $10, and an additional
copv for the year free to the sender of the
p$r All new subscribers for lSS.1?, paying
in advance now, will receive the paper
weekly, from receipt of remittance to Janu
ary 1st, 188.1, without charge. Specimen
copies free. Address. "
LUTHER TUCKER t SON', Publishers,
Albany, N. Y.
fjwjrcr$, Ijivcrymcn Paracr
HanHier's Liniment '9a sure cure for all diease that afllict
the horse and stock that require an outward application. Cures. Sweeny, dis
temper, Swelling of the Throat and Glands, Fink Eye, Pole Evil, Fistula,
Thrash, Corns, Scratches, Splints, Sprains, Fresh Cuts i f all kind, Galls of
all kinds, etc., etc.
Irlanrner's Condition Powders cure Founder, "Ois.
temper, Hidebound, Loss of Appetite, Worms, etc. Bmh these remedies have
been in use forty years and thoroughly tested. rnarl8m6
Win. Litter cr & Co., Sole Pronrietors,
CITY SALOON , Notice to Tax-Payera.
Muzzle Loading
Guns from M.00
"PI Breech Load
ing Guns from
S3.00 np; Revol
vers from ftOr.nn;
'.osoKtBinp for t pair Illustrated CntaUigue.
I'lrtsbiirch, r.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
KftSkk. F. Capshaw
S't' jgryjlvccps a nice assortment of
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry which he soils
nt Nashville and Louisville prices. ICppuir
Ins neatly done at reasonslde rates. All
goods warranted as represented. Your pat
ronage solicited. novtyl
am? i mn h$ss,
WE take pleasure in announcing that we
have moved the "CITY SALOON"
from the old stand on Last Main Street, to
the stand in the Mountain Citv Hotel build
ing, on Last Side Square, recently occupied
by Brooks A Co. Everything is fitted up
in strictly first-class style. We have a large
aud elegant lMlliard Hall, with a
New Billiard Table,
and a new
Table. Come and see us when yon want to
pii'is an evening sway pleasantly. Our Bui
is sto- ked with the finest
and the best brands of
Fail not to sytlK; vour tar bv the first
Monday in December, nc.t, at which time I
mil reciuireil by liiw to put them into the
hands of colleetinir ( llieeis. You will save
yourselves cost hih! m embarrassment by
coming forward in tune, rail not.
u-Jjul 11. A. Cvnsi.soh m, Trustee.
mnvrr ir.il
t - It l.Vh.S m Mf i-ir 1-.,. i
ut a; it '.. &-1 i t(. v
if HJ ill 1,0 f 'her
PiilFts i..l l'ri"t
at the old stand on Ea-t M.iio Street, will
always be fnond stocked with the best Li
quoin, Cigars, Tobacco, etc., in the market.
Thankine the public for ps.t favors, ne
respectfully solicit your future patronage.
Nov. II, '?. VTNVEI.LY & rOTT
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irnrln.ri" vi f.-.irrV.htft. etc. for
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obargo lor ( rnnrr .:
law. A.lvie.i by
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iho larcnst circiilii
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world. Tim fldvs v
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to seionce.Me.-ha
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ill, iil Tr. c
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