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Saturday, Feb. 10, 1883.
all Vie Grow Irish Potatoes?
Since our connection with the Stand
d we have had much to Bay about
5 Irish potato and its culture as a
)fi table crop to grow in Tennessee,
e have heard so much said about the
ge profits that Sumner, Davidson,
d other counties along the railroad
Kre been making on their potato crops
it we can hardly koep from urging
r farmers in this and other counties
go largely iuto the growing of Irish
tatoes as the leading crop. "We be
ve there is no other crop that will
y us as well, take it one year with
other, as the Irish potato ciop if prop-
,y manngea. oiui we uemiaie w u
e our people to plant too extensively
less wo were absolutely certain that
ey would succeed. 'We have faith
tough to try ten acres, and will take
. e chances of success.
We can see no good reason why
'arren and all other counties iu Mid
e nud East Tennessee cannot grow as
te potatoes as those counties that have
ready succeeded and are now making
tatties their leading and best paying
Tennessee is peculiarly fortunate iu
ing so situated as to grow two crops
jni the same seed, on the same ground
the same year. South of ua the sun
too hot for two crops ; north of us
e seasons are too short for more than
,e successful crop each year. So we
e peculiarly blessed with these natu
1 advantages, and only have to put
rth an eflbit to utilize the same. We
ive the climate and the soil, and all
at is necessary is to prepare our land
ell and put the teed (good seed) in
e ground iu the proper way and at
e proper time and cultivate well,
y using the early varieties, especially
,e Early Rose, we can grow our first
op by the middle or last of June and
i ready to ship to the Northern and
retern markets before their new
" ops are made. This generally gives
i a good price for our first crop. Our
cond-crop may be used foreatingand
r seed for the next year, for both of
hich the second crop is superior to
'e first. But while we believe there
more profit in the Irish potato 'crop
tun aiiv t'luei, vvciy ibi iuli iiimbv
s own judge as to how much he shall
ant or risk. Seed are always high
hen we have to buy and ship them
2re, as we have been doing for many
jars and have to do this if we plant
any potatoes. This will continue to
so until we grow them at home,
hich we can do without doubt. The
cond crop is superior to the best
'orthern seed, and we can grow them
i abundance, and thus put an end to
jying from the North. We have
sen dependent on the North and West
ng enough for our seeds. We must
jt only make them at home but we
iiist begin to send our products North,
ad there is nothing we grow that wil
sy better for this purpose than the
irly potato crop. We believe every
inner, and especially our small far
lers, should plant an acre or more for
larket. There is no further trouble
bout transportation. The N.. & C.
',. R. authorities have given us iu
riting a rate on potatoes from any
Dint on the McMinnville branch to
fashville and to Chattanooga that will
nable us to realize a good profit for
le trouble and expense of growing
lein. The rate promised is low, and
le same to Chattanooga as to Nash
ille. In shipping East or West we
ave the advantage of competing lines.
V'e are midway between the (Jincin-
nti Southern and the Louisville &
fashville and can ship over either line
t our pleasure. So we are all right
n the freight question. The next
liner is to make the potatoes. If our
uuls are not already prepared by
roper plowing and manuring, we
hould be ready to go to work as Boon
9 the ground is dry enough. We
hould bear in mind that he who would
ucceed best mu?t do his work best.
)ur aim should bo to produce the
irgest possible number of bushels to
he acre and have them ready for mar
et as soon ns possible. The earlier
hey go to market the better prices
hey will command.
About the manner of planting and
he best way to cultivate, we will have
ailurc iu pn in iwiuic incurs. t c iiinv
:., r..t :.... w
iiy further that last year's potato crop
Jt'orth and West were not very large,
no nit: pnpt-ti m litis iitw; Kt-eiua ih
orable for good prices for all we can
i .i. i i .1 . r..
row and ship early.
The safe of postmaster Tho. Green
lirniinghuin, A!a.. was broken into by
urglari and robbed of $0,000 in stamps
uJ money belonging to the govern
nent, and almut $1,000 in money am
ewclry belonging to Mr. Green.
Warren County's Apple Crop.
We would be glad to know how
many thousand bushels of apples have
been shipped and hauled away from
Warren county during the present sea
son. The amount is immense. Be
sides this, there has been and will be
thousands and thousands of bushels dis
tilled and yet shipped away. We do
not know, nor do we suppose Mead &
Ritchey know, just how many apples
they have shipped this season. They
began shipping about the middle of
September and have been too busy to
keep count. This firm alone has doubt
leas shipped already not less than 20,
000 bushels. Many other firms and
individuals have beeu shipping and
hauling away all the season.
Fruit growers who have not had to
haul too far have realized a reasonable
price for their apples, cash in hand.
The railroads and barrel makers have
had a good thing without any risk of
loss. Shir per?, who have taken all the
risk, have made some money we hope.
Both shippers and producers might
have done better bad they not kept the
markets overstocked and . thus kept
prices down. Under the circumstances
we have all done the best we could for
others and for ourselves, and must be
satisfied with the results.
- We long to see the day come when
our fruit growers shall have become
independent when each fruit grower
can have an evaporatoi sufficient to
dry all his fruit if he desires, begin
ning with his earliest and continuing
through all the season. Then he will
be independent. If the price justifies
he can sell green ; if not, he can evapo
rate it and thus take care of it and not
e compelled to force it on the market,
as many have had to do this season.
Those of our fruit growers who live too
remote from railroads to haul their
green fruit should supply themselves
with an evaporator. They will then
be comparatively independent. Well
evaporated fruit has aud will always
command a good price. Well evapo
rated apples are now worth 15 cents
per pound in the Eastern aud Western
cities for export and home demand.
It is certainly far more profitable and
leasant to evaporate than to distill
your fruits. Women and children can
run the evaporator, and thus utilize
their labor. The product of the evapo
rator furnishes a nice, delicious and
healthy food for man, while the pro
duct of the distillery, when improperly
used, leads to destruction of both body
and soul. Most of fruit growers distill
their fruit for the money they think
they see in it, and not the pleasure of
the business. You have only to con
vince them that there is more money
in handling their fruit some other way
and they will stop distilling. It is not
for pleasure but for the money they
hope to realize that induces most men
to engage in distilling. It is not our
purpose now to discuss the question as
to whether distilling is profitable or un
profitable, come ot our best men,
with ample meaus, have been engaged
in the business for years aud have
made money ; but still it is a question
whether these same men, had they ap
plied the same money, energy and in
dustry to almost any other business,
would not have succeeded as well or
better. We have great confidence in the
success of the evaporator. It has been
a success wherever tried, even in other
parts ot our State where the quantity
aud quality of the fruits are far infe
rior to the mountain counties of Middle
and East Tennessee. If it has suc
ceeded in the North, East and West,
and South as far as tested, why hesi
tate to introduce it into Warren and
adjoining counties, the best fruit grow
ing section of the State?
ny is it that JN orthern green ap-
les bring in the market $4 per barrel
readily while the general average of
Tennessee apples will not command
over $2.50 to $3.00? It is not so
much on account of the difference in
the fruit as it grows on the trees as in
the way it is handled and put up,
Fruit growers in the North select only
their choice fruit for market, and ban
die and put up with so much more
carethan we do that they realize much
better prices. Their fruit of poorer
quality they evaporate and realize
nearly as much as the best brings green.
The freight and expense of barreling
are no more on a barrel of choice, well
handled apples than on a barrel of in
ferior, but the profit on the former is
much larger than the latter. In this
way our Northern and Western breth
ren excel us and realize much better
profits for their labor and their fruit
than the average Tennessee fruit grower.
folks Condition.
It 18 asserted on gotxl authority that
Polk's defalcation will not exceed
$30,000 and that it will be paid instan
ter n ascertainment, nw mines in
Mexico are said to be the richest in the
world, perhaps, and that he will be
millionaire, if Dot one already. lie is
kept in every thing that will contribute
to his comfort and he has befriended too
' manv men who will not fiifler the stain
to remain on his name. All reH)i ts of
his hitter denunciations of other men
and his threat to implicate men from
supreme judge down were utterly un-
founded. Under an indictment for em
bezzlement the payment of the money
into court works a discharge, we believe,
and it is asserted that this will be done.
His attorneys, Colyar and East, made
application last Saturday for bail, and
Judge East expressed the opinion that
every dollar due by him would be paid.
PtHanki OUiten.
More Fires.
Nashville was visited by quite a dis
astrous fire at 2 o'clock last Sunday
morning. The fire occurred at the
southeast corner of Market and Broad
streets, and consumed some ten or
twelve buildings, loss about $150,000.
A livery Btahle was included in the loss
and some fourteen ot fifteen horses were
burned to death. The insurance car
ried by the losers was light.
At 1:30 o'clock Tuesday morning a
fire broke out in Edgfield and destroyed
six frame buildings.
Bee Raising on Cumberland
To the Standard.
My observation on the subject has
thoroughly conviuced me that with the
same amount of capital say $100,
which will buy thirty colonies to begin
with cannot bring in so quick and large
a profit as when invested in bees on
this mountain. I say on this mountain
because my observation on the subject
has been confined to Van Buren, Cum
berland, and Sequatchie counties. The
first thing to be considered is a suitable
location for your apiary or bee farm.
The best place is either a gulf about
half way to the top or just on the top
near a gulf. Thus situated the bees
have access to the poplar, linn, and
a number of other honey bearin
trees found in the gulf, also free access
to an unlimited field of rich flowers of
almost every variety found on top,
This great variety of flowers is by no
means a small item in bee raising.
The shade is also very important. It
affords great comfort to the bee while
gathering his load. This he cannot find
on a prairie or where the timber has
been removed. Another very impor
tant advantage counected with the
mountain is the purity of the atmos
pheie and its freeness from dampness,
The experience of every observing man
has taught him that he would find the
bee moth and insects of every descrip
Hon he must go to a low damp place.
and as the mountain is almost -entirely
free from such places, and we are little
troubled by insects such as annoy man
beast, and bees on lower lands. Now
as to quality of honey I kuow it to be
extra good and the yield I also know
to be very fine, even better than where
they are fed with buck-wheat, white
and red clover off the mountain. The
yield could not be otherwise than great
for the mountain abounds with food for
the bee from early spring till late fall.
Before I close I will tell the many
readers of the Standard of a bee hive
or house in Fentress county. It is
faund on the side of a bluff between the
rocks. It is supposed that if the bees
iu this hive were divided into colonies
the usual size it would make at least
50,000 or more colonies. I will give
further particulars on the subject in my
next letter if desired by any one wish
ing to locate a bee farm. And also
more about the Fentress county hive if
desired. W. J. Hadew,
Robertson Springs.
From Yiola.
To the Standard.
For a long while we have felt that
we were deficient in educational facili
ties, and that other parts of our county
were making more rapid strides in that
direction than we. This has been
caused mainly from the fadt that, we
had no school building. For years our
schools have been taught in any build
ing to be found vacant, until recently
when the Baptist brethren allowed us
the uso of their church. We need a
larger building, one built exclusively
for school purpopee. There have been
several attempts in the last fifteen years
to build a good house for this purpose,
but from some cause every effort has
failed. The subject is again being
agitated. A few days since some of
our prominent citizens determined to
make one more effort to arouse the peo
pie upon the subject, and iu two days
there was enough stock taken to insure
that it would be a success. The sub
soribers held a meeting last Saturday
and elected a board of trustees, who
were authorized to appoint a building
committee. There was also a commit
tee of five appointed to select and se
cure a suitable location, which duty
they have performed, having chosen a
beautiful site within half a mile of our
village on the McMinnville road, ac
cessible from all points. This looks
like buinew, and if we will all work
together harmoniously we w ill ere long
gee the foundation for a magnificent
brick structure laid upou th site
lected, and in the near future hear the
bell pealing, telling our neighbors to
come and join with us iu our efforts to
diffuse knowledge, and to prepare our
young men and young ladies to fill any
position in after life to which they may
be called with credit to themselves and
their ancestors. This is something in
which the whole country is equally in
terested with us who live in this imme
diate vicinity. Knowing this to lie the
fact, we cordially invite all persons fa
vorable to the enterprise to come and
unite with us, and let us all work to
gether and for one common object, the
education of our sons and daughters.
Viola, Feb. 8th. G.
Charter of Incorpotation of the
"Great Falls Manufacturing
Be it knowu that Asa Faulkner, W.
'. Faulkner. S. B. Spurlock, J. D.
Goodpasture, John C. Gordon, W. II.
Magness.'J. F. Morford, Sam L. Col-
ville and J. B. Ritchey are hereby con
stituted a body politic and corporate by
name and style of "Great Falls Manu
facturing Company," to be located at
the Great Falls of Caney Fork River,
in Warren county, Teauessee, with an
authorized capital of Three Jlundred
Thousand Dollars, with privilege of in
creasing same to One Million Dollars.
A Five-Fingered Pig's Foot.
Griffin (Ga.) News.
R. W. Hale brought in a pig's foot
yesterday the like of which no one had
ever seen before, It was a right fore
foot, and had five digits instead of
four, as is usually the case, the fifth dig
it being perfectly formed like the rest
and coming out like the thumb ot a
man's hand. This may be regarded as
another link Darwin's chain and pigs
not much further developed but better
clothed may be seen walking around the
streets any day.
We have on hand at the Standard
office a full assortment of Magistrate's
Blank'. Give us a call,
THE REV. GEO. II. THAYER, of Bourbon
Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our
ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion,
Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite,
Yellow Skiu? Shiloh'sYitalizerisapositive
WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh's
Cure will give immediate relief? Trice lOc'.s,
50c ts and $1.
tive cure for Caturrh, Diphtheria, and Can
ker Mouth.
"HACKMETACK," a lasting and fragrant
perfume. Price 25 and 50 cts.
SniLOTTS CURE WILL immediately re
lieve Croup,Whooping oough and Bronchitis
FOR DYSPEPSIA and Liver Complaint.you
have a printed guarantee on every bottle 6f
Shiloh's Yitalizer. It never fails to cure.
A NASAL INJECTOR free with each bot'.le
f Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents.
All the above Remedies for sale by J. B.
RITCHEY, McMinnville, Tenn.
The 8th Wonder of the World has been
found in Georgia. The discoverer is a phy-
ician of long experience, extensive obst-r-
ation ami profound judgment, and his dis
covery has proven such a blessing to woman
that it is already known as "Woman's Best
Friend." With remarkable quickness and
certainty it cures all cases of suppressed
menstruation, acute or chronic, and restores
health in every instance. Dr. J. liradfield's
Female Regulator supplies a remedy long
needed in the treatment of diseases peculiar
to woman. 1 his the Medical faculty know
and admit, while many of our best physi
cians are using it iu thlr daily practice.
State of Georgia, Troup Co.
I have examined the recipe of Dr. .'osiah
Bradfield, and prouounce it to be a combi
nation of medicines of great merit in the
treatment of all diseases of females for
which he recommends it.
December 21. 186S.
Dr. J. Bradfield, Proprietor, Atlanta, Ga,
Price, $1.50 per bottle. For sale by J. B,
Kitchey, Uruggist, McMinnville.
Corrected from the daily American every
Thursday evening.
Wheat from wagons, 80 to 1 12.
Corn from wagons, 4o to 52
Corn Meal 4to50
Oats 45 to 4714
Rye from wagons, to 60.
Dried Fruit Bhtckberrks, 7.
Apples, to b.
Peaches, halves, 6. ( f . . . .
Peaches, quarters, 5. L'l.T , . . .
Feathers prime, 64 t-y
Beeswax choice, 25.-- V '
Hag well assorted, ! . .
Geiihcng dry, $t 00 t6 $1 25. . '.
Hide greeu, 7o. , . ,'
Butti r-8 to 15 . . ; '
Eggs to 24 i ' 1 ' '
Tallow choice, 7.
Sorghum 25 to 34.
Wool unwashed, 17 to 19.
" tub washed, 24 to 26.
milE SPRING SESSION will open on tho
X i'd Monday in February,
with brighter prospects than ever before.
EUGENE B. ETTER, A.B., President.
ProfeMnr of Language.
Prqfejuor of Muthtmatirt.
The other departments will be supplied
with competent teachers.
Tuition per Session of Twenty Weeks, f ",
to iHording to degree of advancement.
The Boarding Department will be under
the management of C. M. Rutledge. Terms
of board for young men; $2.00 per week ;
for young Indies $2.25 per week.
If vou wish an education make your ar
rangement to attend IRVINCt COLLEGE,
for the inducement!) are many. The teach
ers are experienced, mid competent both to
govern and instruct.
The College is situated in a community
noted foi its henlthfulness and for being
free from all demoraluing influences, and is
surrounded by a refined, moral, and intelli
gent populace.
For further particular, address
Secretary of the Board,
Irvirry College, Tenn,
Corrected weekly by Meud & Ritchey.-
Officii Southern Standakh.
McMinnville, Feb. 8, 18K3.
Wheat D01 00$ bu.
Conn 35 to 37 M - . '
Flour new, $2.75$3 $ 100 lbs.
What, $ bu. 40 to 50
Oats ft bu. 3035c.
Chickknh Item no lb
Butter B lb. W$ 15
KOGS "pi dot 15tol6c.
GlNSKNO fl tb. $1.00
Bkrswax It lt. 22c.
Feathkrs 1 tti. 40to45
Taixow -p th. 5c.
Greeu hides 5ft)fic. Grubby H off '
Lard i tb. I2c.
Bacon .
Shoulders '
Hums . , ,
Iloif round
Wool, unwashed, 17(3)180
" tub washed, 25o
Turkeys, 6o per pound
Stock Dens. 50 to 60
Dried Apples I? lb. 4 to 4Jo.
Peaches 3 to lxA
Blaeherries 6o.
Homestead Fertilizer, $2.50 $ 100.'
Irish potatoes 50 ots. W bn.
Green Apples, 40 to 50 cU per bushel.
- OR, THR !
Mothers Friend !
One of the greatest comforts to those ex
pecting to be confined is a remedy upon
which implicit confidence can' be placed
one that will produce a safe and quick de
livery one that will control pain and short
en the duration -of labor. Such Is' "Tub
Mother's Relief." Try it and see what
A Messing it is to Suffering Females.
This liniment, whim used two or three
weeks before confinement, produces a won
derful etleet, causing a very easy and quick
labor, with comparatively little pain, nnd
leaves the mother in a condition to recover
quickly or in other words to bnve a good
getting up. Under its use, labor will usual
ly occupy much less than the usual time,
and the suffering be diminished beyond ex
pression. The condition ftjr which this remedy is of
fered is of such a character as to forbid a
long array of certificates. Those interested
iu its use are respectfully referred to the hun
dreds who have used it.
Kead the Testimonials :
I mosl earnestly entreat everv female ex
pecting to be confined to use "The Mother's
Relief." Coupled with this entreaty, I will
aild that during a large obstetrical practice
(forty-four years) I have never known it to
fail to produce a sate and quiet delivery.
41. tf. 11 l.Ji m, l., .ILltllllU, via.
A lady from one of the counties of Middle
ii i iimviK it ii ii.,...
Georgia, who has been acting as midwife for
many years, writes: "I have disposed ol all
'The Mother i Relief, you sent me, ana I
am DELIGHTED WITH IT. In every in
stance w here it has been used its effects
have been all that I could ask. I consider
A gentleman writes: '-My wife used your
Mother's Relief." at her fourth confinement
and her testimony is that she passed through
it with one-half of the suffering of either of
her former confinements, and recovered from
it in much less time. She also recommend
ed it to a hiily friend who was1 about to be
confined for the first time, and she savs, 'I
have NEVER seen AN l ONE pass through
this great trial with SO MUCH EASE and
so LITTLE twiii."'
I he names of all these and i.iany others
con be had nv calling at my olhse.
Having had the foregoing remedy thor
oughly tested in Atlanta and vicinity, I now
otl'er it to myjputroiis as possessing superior
merits. u
I am permitted also to refer to the follow.
ne well known citizens of Atlanta: C S
Newton. Will M Crumley. Jr. V, A Gregg
and 1) Hani, all or whom are ready to tet:ly
to the merits of the preparation, rnce
$1.50 per bottle. Prepared by
J. BK Ann ELI), Atlanta. Ga.
For tale everywhere.
nm i runs,
V17E take pleasure in announcing that we
W have moved the "'CITY SALOOJi"
from the old stand on East Main Street, to
the stand in the Mountain City Hotel build
ing, on East Side Square, recently occupied
by Brooks & Co. Everything is fitted up
in strictly tirst-ciass style, we nave a large
and elegant Billiard Hall, with a
New Billiard Table,
and a new
Table. Come and see us when you want to
pass an evening away pleasantly. Our Bar
is stocked with the finest
and the best brands of
at the old stand on East Main Street, will
always be found stocked with the best Li
quors, Cigars, Tobacco, etc., in the market.
Thanking the public for past favors, we
respectfully solicit your future patronage.
Kov. ir, 82. NUNSELLY 4 POTTS-
Through Trunk Line
Without Change and with Speed Unrivaled
Wilhont rim nee to
Lpuivlll Clni'mmtl
Cliiruro, Jlempbi. Moiitfc-oiurrj, JocLsonTiilr,
oiuimr, ana urirnua.
Shortest and Quickest Line
With tbrnqfch enarl.n from Chutttnoac
tntl Nasbviile to fct. Lnu.
CP1IPDR WTC SeeLinf homt on the
LlMlUnUI O lin of this road will
receive fecial low rates.
tie AmnU of this CompMiy far ritet, roatta
c.,orwrlt., C. P. ATMOREi G. P. & T. A.
'' Louiavill. Kf.
And will completely change the blood In the entire system In three months. Any per.
on who wtU take 1 TU1 each night from 1 to 18 weeks, may he restored to sound
health, tf aucta a thing be possible. For curing Female Complaints these l'llls have no
equal. Fhysicians use them In their practice, gold everywhere, or sent by mall for
eight letter-stamps. Send for circular. I. 8. JOHNSON CO., HOSTON, MASS.
I -M KbI H Prevention li butler Qian cure.
Neuralgia, InHuenia, Sore Luuim, llleedlnir at the l.tinit, Chronic Hnarenei, Harking Count), Whooping .'oua.
Chronic Kheuinatinn, Chronic Dlarrhaia, Chronic Kysenlerv, Cholera Morhui, Kidney TrouMei, biiaaaat of til.
Spine and Lame Dark. Hold everywhere. Mend tut pamphlet to 1. S. Johnson & Co., IIostoh, Mass.
An EnirllKh Veterinary Rtrnreon and Chemlit,
Bow travrltiiK in thii country. lavathat moat
ef the Horse and Cattle I'owderi sold here
re worthless trash. He says that Sheridan's
Condition powders arc aluohitelv Dure and
Immensely valuable. Jiothlnit on earth will make hens lay
w i yio. iouu. ouiu cteiyniiere, or sent uy mail lor s
it .,!.. 0.,:
iianmer's Liniment
the horse and stock that require an outward application. Cures Sweeny, dis
temper, Swelling-of the Throat and Glands,- Tink Eye, Pole Evil, Fistula, ;.:
Thrush, Corns, Scratches, Splints, Sprains,1 Fresh CuU of all kinds,' Galls of
all kinds, etc., etc.
Hanmer's Condition
temper, Hidebound, Loss of Appetite,
been in use forty years and thoroughly
Wm. Iaiittcrcr i
. McMinnville, Jan. 1st, 188.1.
The firm of Morford & Co., is this duy
dissolved. All indebted to said firm, either
by note or account, are most respectfully
and earnestly requested to come forward
and pay.
Haying associated ourselves together un
der the firm name and style of MORFOKI)
& ETTER, for the purpose of doing a gen
eral dry goods business at the old stand of
Morford & Co., on Main Street, we most
respectfully solicit a continuance of the
patronage so liberally bestowed on the old
firm. J. F. MORFORD.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
L. F. Capshaw
Sllveens a nice assortment of
Watches, ( locks and Jewelry which he st lls
at Nashvillcami Louisville prices. I('inir
iuH neatly done at reasonable rates. All
goods warranted as represented. Your pat
ronage solicited. nov4yl
For $2.60.
. . , ,t - AND
We are pleased to nnnounce to our read
ers that we have succeeded in making ar
rangements to club the Standard with the
Detroit Free, 1'renn and Household. The rep
utation of the Free Press as a bright, witty
and wholesome family paper is world-wide.)
The celebrated sketches mid correspondence
of M. Quad, Hill Nye, Luke Sharp, Yusef,
Caspar, Jeff, and a host of others, which ap
pear in. the Free Press, have ninde the paper
famous not only in the United States and
Canada, but also in Europe, where it circu
lates to the extent of over 65,000 copies
each week, a fact which alone is su Hi
de nt indication of its surprisingly enjoyable
qualities. The Ilotm'hold Supplement is a
bright little 4-page paper, devoted exclu
sively to the Indies, and is a source of great
delight nnd instruction. It accompanies
the Free Press each week. The regular sub
scription price of the Free Press aud House
hold is $2.00 per year.
We, will send the Standard and the Free
Press and Household, one year, to any ad
dress, postage paid, and any one of the fol
lowing list of choice books FREE to every
subscriber on receipt of $2.00:
Hyperion, llv II. W. Longfellow.
Ontre-Mer. By JI. W. Longfellow.
The Happy Boy, and Arue. By Bjofiisterne
Frankensticn; or, the Modern Prometheus.
. By Mrs. Mary Wolstoneeraft Shelley.
Cly tie. By Joseph lhitton.
The Moonstone. By Wilkie Collins.
The Coming Race; or, The Siege of Griiiiade.
15v Lonl tij tton.
The Three Spaniards. By George Walker.
1 he 1 ricks of the urecks Unveiled. Iiy
Robert Houdin.
L'Abbe Constantin. By Ludovic Ilalevv.
Freckles. Bv Rebecca Fergus' Redvl iff.
The Dark Colleen. By Mrs. M. Buchanan.
Seekers After God. By Canon Farrar.
The Green Mountain Boys. Thompson.
Fleurette. By Eugene Scribe.
Second Thoughts. By Ithndn Bronghton.
The New Magdalen. Bv Wilkie ColLns.
Divorce. By Margaret Lee.
Life of Washington. By Leonard Henley.
Irene; or the Lonely Manor. By Carl Delle'f.
Vice Versa. By F. Antsev.
John Halifax. By Miss Muloch.
Life of Marion. Bv Horry and Weems.
The Hermits. By Rev. Charles Kingsley.
Duke of Kaudos. By A. Mathey.
East Lynne. By Mrs. Henry Wood.
Jaue Eyre. By Charlotte Bronte.
Hypatia. Bv Rev. Chas. Kingsley.
Marriage in lligh Life. By Octave Feuillet.
Last Days of Pompeii. Bulwer.
Ivauhoe. Sir Walter Scott.
Gulliver's Travels.
Viesr af Wakefield. Goldsmith.
The French Revolution. Carlyle.
Corinne. Madame DeStael.
Brief Biographies. Smiles.
Tom Brown at Rugby. Hughes.!
The Koran of Mohammed.
Last of the Mohicans. Cooper.
Itomola. George Eliot.
Reiniiiiscenses, Tims. Carlyle.
Homer's Iliad. Translated.
Homer's Odyssey. Translated.
Heroes and Hem Worship. Carlyle.
Legends of Patriarchs and Prophets.
Acme Library of Biography.
.Esop's 1'uhles.
Rasselas. Samuel Johnson.
Games and Sports for Boys.
These books are all handsomely bound in
cloth, embossed and gold covers, and sre
printed with gciod type, ou fine while or
tinted paver. Many are beautifully illus
trated. 'They are not shoddv paper covered
affairs, but books w hich w ill be a credit to
anv library.
Free specimen copies of the Free Vn
mnv be had by addressing THE FREE
PRESS CO., Detroit. Mich.
Send your subscriptions to
Vr-'MinnviHr', Tnn.
Uneoutly relieve tlirae terrible liiast, and will pontlrtly
I euro nine) caici out of tin. Information that will iav
like 8lierldan-s Condition Powders. Dose, 1 teasp'n-
letter - stumps. 1, o. jommuk a, Co., ttusios,
'8fl sure cure for all diseases that afflict
Powders cure Founder, Di8.
Worms, etc. Both these remedies have
tested. marl8mC
Co., Sole Provrietors.
Urs. A. J. RHEA, : Proprietress.
To Commercial Men.
South Side Square,
Enlarged and Hewly Furnished
Located Convenient to Business. Good
Sample Rooms Free.
T. It. MILLS, - - Manager.
11 A I WAY.
Business Men Tourists, RE1JEMBER
Emigrants, Families umiuhuiwmu
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via McKenzie.
The Best Route to West Tennessee and Ken
tucky, Mississippi, 'rkuusas and Teiaa
points is via McKenzie.
The Best Route to points in East Tennessee,
Virginia, the Curolinas, Georgia and Flor
ida is via ClinitiuiooL'a.
By this Line yon secure the -
Be sure to buy your Tickets over the
If you are going to Washington City, Balti
more, Philadelphia, or New York.
The Inexperienced Traveler need not go
nniiss; few changes nre necessary, and such
ns are unavoidable are made iu Union De
pots. '
Nashville nnd Atlanta, Nashville and Jack
sonville, nnd Atlanta and Jacksonville, Fla.,
Nashville nnd Martin (to connect with
Sleeper service via Cairo to St. Louis and
Chicago.) Nashvilieaud St. Louis (via Unio
City and t'olinuhus.) Nashville and Mem
phis (Sleeper Humboldt to Mobile, and Mi
lan to ie .- Orleans.) mcKenssie and liltl
Rock, and Liltlc Rock and Texas point.
Call on or address
Wm. T. ROGERS, P. A., Chattanooga,Teni.
W. L. DAN LEY, G. P. & T. Ag't,
Nashville, Tenn.
OEM "5 .
i,':,i I. 4. & If
- h
rn O
t. i f Sane r.yt
Tho Fastest Selling Book of the Age I
An exhaustive treatise on diseases of MonM
Cattle, bwine, fihecu and Poultry, and bow to
cure them. Honnehold Eeonomyi curing
itonnif and preserving. The Home Doctati
and the treiiimcnt. ot every-day accidents and
injuries. Th Farm and how to inoreao
crops. Ttie ;trilen and Dairy. Orchards
and Frnits: Bee Culture; Sorghum Growinf,
Kitchen t'homimryi practirjtl cooking, dye
in(t, and wardrobe management. KverT-aay
Law, and the Mechanics ol the i acm.
The Boot for the Planter, Farmer
and Stock Raiser.
Each Departm't ft Division Profusely rflnrtnud,
men who will ranvaM among; the FARMERS
for thl tmpftrt-imt warip Bold by eiibaortp
tlonoaly, and lornlehed to inhacnliera, Id eitbaf
English or German, at the following prices i .
Cloth Binding, Toll Gilt Side $ M '
Leather fLibr-irv Style) 4 73
Sent, postpaid, on receipt of price (where we
have no agent). -8bmd fob DRscKirnra
Circdir, and Commandationi by practical
and scientific fanners. Address,
axciiob rrBLiMiiAo c.
St. Louis, Ho. Chicago, liin. Atlanta, G,

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