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las Jrsdr sJ.J
Be Sure to Get Hood's
Sarsaparllla, my child. Bee that thoy do not
give you anything else. You remember It Is
the medicine which did mama so much good a
year ago my lavorlte
Spring Medicine
. Nearly everybody needs a good spring medi
cine like Hood's Sarsaparllla to expel Impuri
ties which accumulate In the Wood during the
winter, keep up strength as warm weather
comes on, create an appetite and promote
healthy digestion. Try Hood's Sarsaparllla
and you will be convinced of Its peculiar
merits. It Is the Ideal spring medicine re
liable, beneficial, pleasant to take, and gives
full value for the money. Be sure to get
Hood's SarsapariUa
SoldbynlMruKglsts. f!;txforJ5. Prepared only
liy C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Muss.
100 Doses One Dollar
1 1, SEEIEV,
Office over the store of Hoodenpyl & Co., in
Potts llloek.
m'mixxyille, TENN.
. A. B.. RAMSEY, M. D
. t. " OFFICE:
West Main Street, Opposite Residence,
Cheap Paper, 7 cents and upward.
Gold Paper, 13 cents and upward. We
have the finest and largest stock in the
city. : W. II. FLEMING, 1 '
McMinnville, Tenn.
Corrected weekly by Mead & Ritchey.
,i t Office Southern Standard,
'.; " McMinnville, May 25, 188S
Wheat- , 85 $ bu. V ' '
' Cobn-t 65to 70, -'' - '
Flocr , barrel . $3 75, $5 00 $5 25.
Meal bu. 7(7dc.
' Oats $ bu. '
Chickens liens 40$ lb!
Butter $ ft. 10 to 15
Eggs $ do to 7 '
Ginseng lb. 100 to l.
Beeswax $ ft. 15 tolCc.
Feathers $ ft. 35 to
. Tallow $ ft. 2M3c.
Green hides 5c. Grubby ofl
Lard ft. 8c.
Bacon -
Hams to .
' Sides, ,
llog round
Wool, unwashed, 2025o
" tub washed, 30 to Soo
Poultry Hens 5; Turkeys, 5c to .
Stock peas, 90 to 1.00 per bu.
White beaus, $1 00 $1 20
Dried Apples $ lb. 4 to 4o
Blaeberries to 7c.
Homestead Fertilizer, 2 OOto 2.50 $ 100.
Irish potatoes 50ets. bu.
Green Apples. 50c to $1 00 per bushel.
Corrected from the Nashville American
every Thursday evening.
Business is flowing along unintcr
ruptedly ; prices are firm and in
several instances show signs of ad
The excitement in the coffee
market in New York is causing local
brokers and merchants to be on the
qui vive, and if yesterday's advance
is maintained an advance in local
circles mav be expected.
The outlook for an active grocery
market is cood.
(Jrain is slow, prices about the
Strawberries have been getting
more plentiful: they are worth all
the way from SI to $6 per case.
Cherries are also coming in freely ;
per case is the regular price.
The yards are well supplied with
catue ana sneep; me ueimuiu
Hogs are scarace and sell quickly,
Wheat, trom wagons, good dry'new 8Sto91
i orn from wagons, os to cU.
Torn Meal TIM to 75
Oats 42 to 45
Hay. prime timothv. per ton. $19 to $15
Dried Fruit Apples to tic; . evaporated
ft, c; Touches, halves, VA to Se; quarters,
c. blackberries, to tc,
Feathers prime, "8 tJ 39 .
Beeswax ehoiee,20 to . 1
llags well assorted, $ to
Gensenj drv, to 1 75.
Butter- 'ti'to 12? J -Ecgi-".
IOC' ' . r
rhiokeis frying 15(3) le;
, I allow choice .,Sto ; 7 : . t
' nntutiiHH tiA Mil. S-17; tn"
Epitome, of the Week's Exercises
Cumberland Female College.
, The commencement at CV F.. Col
lege, like Christmas, comes but once
a year, and during the continuance
of the varous exercises consequent
upon this event, public interest here
is about as completely absorbed in
them as in the usual Christmas
All of the school work and exam
inations were finished up last week.
The annual sermon was delivered at
the C. P. Church on Sunday morning
by Rev. D. C. Kelley, D. D., of
Nashville. Every seat in the church
was filled. While Dr. Kelley's effort
was quite interesting and entertain
ing throughout, to call it a sermon
would be a misnomor, for it partook
in very slight degree of the nature of
a sermon. It was an addreas of much
merit, rather of a seculor than of a re
ligious nature, and was well adapted
to the occasion for which it was de
livered, but not to the day and place of
its delivery. It obliterated the line
which should be distiuctly marked
between the pulpit and the platform.
He used no particular text, but took
for the subject of his address four wo
men of the Bible, viz : the mother
of Moses, Pharaoh's daughter, Debo
rah, and Mary, and incidentally
Martha, the sister of Mary. His ad
dress was replete with instruction
and good advice to the young ladies.
Taken altogether it wa3 an excellent
lecture,and the Doctor held the undi
vided attention of his large audience
for more than an hour.
On Monday night there was a con
cert consisting of musical and literary
exercises, and concluding with a cal
isthenic march and drill which cap
tivated all who saw it. This branch
has been taught during the last ten
months by Miss Mary L. McClure,
one of the music teachers, and the
march and drill on Monday night
was the prettiest ever given here,
The young ladies were beautifully
dressed in pink and green costumes,
and the promptness, precision and
grace with which they executed the
various movements and evolutions
was highly creditable to both them
selves and teacher.
The leading feature of Tuesday
night's entertainment was the Oper-
etta entitled Laila. The company of
lovely maidens and troupe of beauti
ful little fairies, each numbering a
score or more,presented very entrauc
ing spectacular effects. Miss Leila
McClure as Laila, the May Queen,
and Miss Mary Ritchey as Queen of
the Fairies, sustained their parts ad'
mirably, while all the participants
acquitted themselves with praise
worthy excellence.
The exercises of the graduating
class were given on Wednesday
night. The essays were as follows:
Miss Emma McCleary, of Texas;
Miss Bernie Beasley, of Tennessee ;
subject "Standing With Reluctant
Feet, where the Brook and River
Miss Carrie Mosely, of Tennessee ;
subject "Foodies."
Miss Lizzie Ford of Texas. (Miss
Ford was called home by illness in
her family a few weeks ago, and from
that same cause, was not enabled to
Miss Leila McClure, of Tennesssee;
subject "Whither."
Miss Laura Edna Warren, of Ten
nessee: valedictory subject; "Kest
Aftm. TV.il . TWf A ftor Stnrmn fioo
This was followed by the confer
ring of degrees.and awarding medals
and diplomas, also a short address by
Mr. F. M. Smith, and a few remarks
by other gentlemen present.
The exercises throughout were irv
terspersed with vocal and instrumen
tal music of a high order, some of it
was so high that we couldn't ("catch
on"), and all of the entertainments
were unusually pleasant, interesting,
and entertaining.
Medals were awarded as follows :
Deportment out of school, given by
Mrs. Rogers, to Misses Jennie Cun
ningham, Bernie Beasley, Leila Mc
Clure. Masrgie Buouo. and Emma
Scholarship Medal, given by Profs.
Finney and Paschal, to Miss Mag.
gie Buquo.
Instrumental Music, given by
Miss Davis, to Miss Emma Mc
Vocal Music, given by Miss Reed,
to Miss Leila McClure.
Instrumental Music, given by Miss
McClure, to Miss Dela Goodnight.
Music prize book, given by Miss
Reed, to Miss Maria Lou . Stainback
Music prize book, given by Miss
McClure, to -Mis Ida lsroyles.
Mr". Kinney and Paschal aecom-
panied the young ladies as far as
Nashville Thursday ,to see thqm well
on their journey, homeward. They
will return today (Friday.)
All the young ladies and visitors
left for .their homes Thursday.
The College grounds have quite a
lonesome appearance now.
Mrs. Street, of Dallas, Texas, was
here to see her daughter.
Mr. Frank McGuire, of Fayette
ville, was among the visitors.
The work on the new wing should
bo pushed forward rapidly now.
Mrs. It. V. Friend and daughter,
of Pecan, Ark., arrived last week and
remained throuch the commence
ment exercises.
Miss Laura Warren, of th? gradua
ting class, had a brother, sister and
sisterrin-law here from Fayetteville
during the commencement.
Miss Mary McClure will spend the
greater part of the vacation visiting
friends and relatives in Baltimore
and Washington.
Mr. II. II. Buquo, of Erin, Tenn,,
and Dr. T. J. Elam, of Murfreesboro,
both of whom had daughters in the
College, were in attendance upon the
the exercises.
Mr. Chas. A. Teachout, of Hunt
ingdon, and Mr. 0. C. Conatser, of
Jamestown, were here to attend the
exercises, and escort their sisters
The non-resident members of the
faculty left with the girls Thursday
morning for their several homes.
Miss Heed, after spending two or
three days at home in Nashville, will
go to New York with her sister, Miss
Maggie, to remain a couple of
Teachers Institute.
A Teachers Institute will be held
in McMinnville for one week, begin
ning on Monday June the 11th and
closing on Saturday June 17th.
mi T ft j ...
rms institute win ue hem witn a
view of benefitting and encouraging
teachers and arousing a greater inter
est in the public schools of our county.
No teacher in the county who follows
his profession with a purpose of doing
good and improving his methods of
teaching can afford to ignore this the
first teachers meeting held in War
ren county for many years. Expe
rienced and successful teachers will be
in regular attendance and conduct
daily recitations in an instructive and
interesting manner.
V ntten examinations will bo held
on Saturday, the last day of the Insti
tute. No question will be asked on
examination that has not been dis
cussed during the Institute.
Applications for certificates to
teach in the public schools of Warren
county will not be examined on any
otner uay.
I- or circular giving program, terms.
Ewing Grtzzle,
Increase, Tenn.
Nor? is the Time
to use Hodges' SarsapariUa with
Iodide of Potash, the great purifier
for the blood. A certain cure for
rheumatism, scrofulous affections,
and all diseases peculiar to females.
Jienovates and 1 n vigorates the system.
Physicians recommend it. Take no
other. Rangum Root Medicine Co.,
Manufacturers, Nashville Tenn.
$1,00 per bottle. Sold by W. II
Ogilvie's Popular Reading.
We have just received a copy of
Number Forty-two of Ogilvie's Pop
ular reading price only 30 cents-
containing the following eight stories
all complete the price of each one
of which, if issued in book form,
would be from 75 cents to $1.50 : "Li
onel Franklin's Victory," by E
Van Sommer; "Will he betray Her,"
by Mrs. Henry Wood ; "Faithless or
True?" by a popular author; "A
Strong Advocate," by a popular au
thor ; "Misjudged ; or the troubles of
a City Man," by the author of "His
Only Enemy;" "That Beautiful
Lady," by the author of "Dora
Thome;" "Seen in the Moonlight,'
by a popular author; "By and By,"
by a popular author. All of the sto
ries are printed in large type, with
handsome colored cover. For sale by
D. L.Brown.
The Dndes Know It.
Or if they don't they should know
that Hansrum Root -.Liniment cured
Bisr Head in mules for W. E. Hunt
of Adairsville. Ky. J. H. Mallory
ot port's (Station, Tenn., cured ins
boss of blind stackers with it. In
fact this King of Liniments is inval
liable for man and beast, and no
family should be without it. Sold
by W. H. Fleming.
Bon Air Coal.
'.aron A: Ikrtv will soil in car loads
f. o. b.-nt tk-pot until .S.'pt. ls,t:is
follows: J.umjt Coal, V2; Nut L'oiil,
V); Nut andKfaek,'.!; Slack, ?'..
The Weekly Budget of News from this
Thriving Suburban Settlement.
Faulkxku Springs,, May 29.
There is but little work being done
by the farmers now. Owing to the
rainy weather the crops are suffering
about as bad now for work as thev
were for rain two weeks ago.
Mr. Wm. Sellers, one of DeKalb
county's best farmers, is at Mr. Thos.
Faulkner's tonight. ' lie says that he
never saw a better prospect for wheat
in his life than there is now.
Mr. Erby Montgomery left yes
terday for Louisville on a business
trip. . .
Dr. Knapp and Mr. Rumbley were
here 5Testerday.
Jackson Stewart has been confined
to his room several days with rheu
matism. .
Mr. Bailey Cantrell and Mrs. Thos.
T1 .11 ill i i m -w .
rauiKner win start ior Lebanon in
me morning to attend the marriage
ot their sister, Miss Minnie Cantrell,
which will take place Thursday.
Mr. Jas. Bostick and wife, were at
the springs here last Sunday evening.
Prof. Finney and family, were out
at the springs yesterday.
Tom Stratton was hero, yesterday,
in the interest of a dry goods house.
Messrs. L. J. and It. S. Potter, of
McMinnville, were here today.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. B. Mason, and
master Baily, attended the commun
ion meeting at Bethlehem last Sun
day. Mr. Thos. Faulkner was on the
sick list a few days this week, but is
up again.
Mrs. Mattie Montgomery returned
from Lebanon this evening.
Mr. Wm. Biles, of McMinnville,
was here this evening.
We have a handsome young wid
ower out here whom we think is seri
ously contemplating sunning for ex
alted position to which it will take
only one vote to elevate him. We
think his chances are good.
Cure of Cancer and Ulcers.
Judge T. C. McLendon writes to
the Swift Specific Co.: "About three
years ago Jerry Bradley had a can
cerous sore on his face, near the right
eye. It caused him a great deal of
pain, and he lost the sight of the eye
but was finally. cured by the use of
Swift's Specific. This case is well
nown in Wilkes county, Ga., where
he lived."
Mr. L. Cox, of Arkabutla, TateCo.,
Miss., writes : "I suffered a great deal
from old ulcers for years. Your med
icine was recommended, and after
using six bottles was completely
cured. Your medicine does even
more than you claim for it. I have
known it to cure cases which were
thought hopeless.
Mrs. A. M. Goldsmith, No. G74
Warren St., Brooklyn, N. Y., writes:
"I commenced using S. S. S. about
three years ago. I suffered much
with a sore throat for over a year
used a great many other remedies
with no good results. My little girl,
also, had sore fingers ; it commenced
from the quick, and then the
nails would come off. We doctered
her for over two years, and when I
began using S. S. S. I thought I
would see what it would do for her.
I am thankful to say that it entirely
cured her. It is the best remedy I
know of for the blood. I really be
lieve it was the means of saving my
lue. me doctor told me 1 had a
throat disease similar to General
Grant's. I cheerfully recommend it
to all suffering from disordered
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseas
es mailed free.
TheSwift Spkcifio Co., Drawer
3, Atlanta, Ga.
The MANNY MOWER, asiwialty: rhenp-r,
moat durable and Item. Also llnriin Unite. cU:.
Pennsylvania Agricultural Works, Tori, Fa.
Israaaar's &uiurd tnginn and saw mm.
flii WL 7V I! tionarj, TrmcUon uid Automatic la.
i- . dchu iv vswiwuii ro mm, ntau
liDWfcfpccuiij. nwr&ntetltqtutor
Address A. B. FABQCHAR EON, York, Pa.
Simple, Perfect sod Self-reanlatmg,
ii in i i TTtinslMwIa In amfvtas
operation, unaranteed to
hutch as larve percentage
of fertile eeirs as any other
halrtier. sent! w. inr nuw
;J UinMratci CatVocr.e.
, ! 'irc'viiri J rv-
CfO. Ki r TAI' I- i
i.B.rAKquua,irort,r. MDJZZZj i T
i v u pt. ATM "
fill KM HMIU
Copying, Enlarging and Portraits
in Oil, Pastel or Crayon a
' TS -2S '
Xothlng but First-class Arttsttc Work
made at thin Establishment.
ft. V
I have for sale a number of pure bred
Ohio Improved Chester White Pigs. These
Cigs are from genuine registered stock of the
est strains, and are well adapted to this
Rection. Jly stock was purchased from L.
B. Silver, of Clevelard, Ohio, the originator
of this famous breed. I have a fine Boar of
this breed for service.
Smartt, Tenn.
Situated opposite Grand Electric Tower
and new Opera House. The best House in
town for a Square Heal. If you are stop
ping oyer in our beautiful little city, go to
the Mcllee House where you can get the
best ot accomodations. Terms, Transient
Customers, $1.00 per day .
P. W. McREE, Proprietor.
Any persons wanting J. B. Harrison's
White Lime call on D. L. Brown, who is
authorized to act as general agent and take
oruers lor tne same at .McMinnville.
Best strains for Milk and Beef. Cales,
yearlings, and two-year-olds. Write for pri
ces to D. J. WlIITMORE & CO.
Manchester, Tenn.
Non-Resident Notice.
In Chancery at JIcMinnville.-Teun.
Jefferson Burton 1
vs. Bill for Divorce.
Mary A. Burton. J
1 satisfaction of the Clerk and Master
from complainants bill which is sworn to,
that the defendent is a non-resident of the
State of Tennrssee, so thai the ordniary pro
cess ot law cannot do served on ner. It is
therefore ordered that publication be made
for four consecutive weeks in the Southern
Standard, a newspaper published in Mc
Minnville, Tenn., requiring scid defendent
to appear before the Chancery Court, to be
holden at the Court House in McMinnville,
Tenn., on the 2d Monday in May, 1888, then
and there to plead, answer or demur to
complainant's bill or same will be taken for
confessed as to her and cause set for hearing
ex parte.
This March 29th, 1888.
J. C. Biles, C. and M.
J. S. Barton, Sol. for complainant.
Over one mil
llon Roltl. Mos
complete book of its
kind ever published.
Gives measurement
of all kinds of Lum
ber, Logs, Planks,
Timber, hints to lum
ber dealers; wood
measure; speed of
circular saws; felling
trees; land measures; wages, rent, board, in
terest, stave and heading bolts, etc. Illus
trated edition of 1882. Ask your book seller
for it. Sent Postpaid 35 cents.
. W. FISI1EK, Box 238 Rochester.N.Y.
issued March and Sept.,
each year. It U an ency
clopedia of useful Infor
mation for all who pur
chase the luxuries or the
necessities of life. We
can clothe you and furnish you with,
all the neoesiary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to ehuroh,
or stay at home, and in various sites,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these things
COMFORTABLY, and you oan make afair
estimate of the value of the BUYERS
GUIDE, which will be sent upon
receipt of 10 cents to pay postage,
111-114 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, &
To solicit orders for our reliuble Nursery
Stock. Good Salnry and Expenses or Com
mission. Permanent employment guaran
teed. Address at once stating age,
Mnell A Howlanl,Nursrcj iuen,
St. I.oui.s, Mo.
Where Are You Going?
When do you start! Where from? Howmany
in your party t What amonnt ot Irelglit or
burgage nave you T Whatroutedo you preier T
Upon receipt ol an answer to the above ques
tions you w ill be turnished, free of expense, wltn
the lowest MVRStj- A 1' m
will save trouble, time and money. ApenU wilt
call in porson where necessary. Parties not
rvaily to nustfcr abovn questions Sflotiia cut out
and preserve this notice for future reference. It
may become wehil. Address O. H. WahiiEN.
General Passenger AfH-nt, M. Panl, Jliim.
Send tor new map of Northwest.
III! 16.

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