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Value of. Intelligence in Horses.
Only a Dog light."
In selecting a family horse, the Detroit ree msn.
first requisite is intelligence. If the Tne ciock was just striding u ye
anlmalbe Intelligent he is pretty terday morning when two dogs jump
sure to be safe, whereas even a gentle ed at each other at the corner of Mon
horse who ts stupid i3 always a source roe avenue and Randolph street,
of possible danger. He may be so lazy Neither was with his master and
and lifeless that the most timid wo- both could have been placed under
mad could not be afraid to drive, the head of "Unknown." Inside of
and yet ho is pretty sure to kick the ten seconds twenty men were arounu
carriage to Dieces or run away when- me aogs. in iniriy seconua uuo nun
ever anything breaks. On the other
hand it is almost impossible to scare
a really intelligent horse. He may
be disconcerted or alarmed, but he
won't lose his head. It is, however,
astonishing how little interest in this
all important question ol intellect the
usual horse dealer takes. The reason
probably is that he feels perfectly
competent to manage any horse, no
matter what the animal's character
dred men had gathered. "Throw
water on 'em!" "Call the police!"
"Who's uot a cane?" "Kick that
yallerone!" All these and a dozen
other exclamations flew from mouth
to mouth. Seven or eight men rush
ed in to cane the dogs, and three or
four others to kick them, and then
fresh voices cried; "Letup oneml"
"It's a shame !" "Knock that red
faced man down !" "Let go there or
may be, and tie. regards him simply I'll smash your nose !" There were
as a beast of burden, and not in the four wrangles, two fights, six "dare
least as a companion and friend. An you-toss," fifty growls and a hundred
acquaintance of mine sends a very surely inquiries, and at four minutes
shrewd jockey to Kentucky for the after 6 the dogs had departed, the
purpose of selecting a saddle horse, crowd vanished, and the sole remind
He brought back a handsome animal, er of the incident was a man sitting
thoroughly trained and perfectly sat- on a barrel nursing a black eye.
isfactory to his new owner. But any
body who had studied horses' eyes
would have seen at a glance that the
high-priced "saddler" was a fool,
and so he turned out to be, for he was
easily frightened, and finally ran
away and had to be sold in disgrace.
Jealously Guarded Gems.
We do not make the assertion
rashly, but after thirty years' ex
perience, when we say there is only
one known Antidote for Malaria.
Other remedies will hold its power
in check for a time, but Shallenber
ger's Pills destroy it in the system,
and will not injure an infant.
The Bank of England is the most
When the French crown jewels extensive banking institute in the
were sold by auction last season it
is well known that the finest and
most historical of the gems, including
the famous "Ilegent" diamond, were
reserved, and these may now be
seen in the Louvre in the
gallery called after the well
known statue of Apollo, which
is such a prominent object in it.
Before these priceless gems were
exposed, however, a committee of
skilled officials and experts was ap
pointed in order to decide on some
plan for rendering their loss by theft
virtually, impossible, and this is what
the committee decided upon :
The jewels are exhibited in a
.showcase, glass plates of
which are exceptionally thick, and
Ihe iron framework of which is ab
normally strong, and an attendant
has been appointed to specially keep
watch over the precious exhibit all
day long. Should he have the slight
est cause to suspect any visitor or vis
itors he has only to touch a button
-easily within his reach, whereupon
the glass case promptly disappears
world. It employs over 1,000 clerks,
and its buildings cover 8 acres.
T. I. N. C. is not a cure-all, but a
quarter of a century of constant use
has demonstrated beyond question
that Tanner's Infallible Neuralgic
Cure is the only known infallible
cure for all kinds of neuralgia and
for nervous headache. 50 cents per
oox. Manufactured by Ran gum
Roilt Medicine Co., Nashville, Tenn.
Sold by W. II. Fleming.
One of the most eccentric wills ever
made is that of Dr. Eveiett Wagner
of Kentucky who has just died. He
leaves four brothers. To the first he
bequeaths his left hand and arm ; to
the second, his right hand and r.rm ;
to the third, his right leg and foot,
and to the fourth his left leg and foot.
To his nephew his nose ; to one niece
his left ear, and to another niece his
right ear; to one cousin his teeth and
to another cousin his gums. He
leaves $1,000 for the expense of por
tioning his op.? qout to his heirs, and
the remainder, about $12,000, is
from view and sinks into a specially given to public charities. In a codi
constructed shaft, over the top of cil to the will, he gives his sister-in-
whlch the same automatic machinery law hi3 liver. The will has been ad
causes thick covers, formed of thick mitted to probate.
metal plates, to close with a sharp
snap. For sick headache, female troubles,
The ingenuity displayed in carry- neuralgic pains in the head take Dr.
me luCl null uic iiuia nviiv.
tus has cost close upon 800 will con
vey some idea of its complicated
Slips ot the Tongue.
True Living.
Metathesis the transposition of
letters in a word is a source of many
olprirnl mishans. A writer in a late
number of the Spectator adduced
some curious examples of this perni
cious habit. He cites the case of a
clergyman who, wishing to say that
"we all knew what it was to have a
half-formed wish in our hearts," as
tonished his hearers by announcing
that "we all knew what it was to
have a half-warmed fish in our
hearts," and of another, who, having
"started out" to say that "we would
not bow the knee to an idol," arrived
at the conclusion "that we should
not bow the eye to a needle."
Location of Mount Ararat.
"I see." observed Mrs. Suaggs,
"that some eminent men think that
the Garden of Eden was located in
lilt iiLinniaaijri ant j
"That may be true," replied
Snaggs, "for the ark rested in
Southern States."
"It did?"
"Yes; Noah came out of the
ansaw land, you know."
L. Gove.
The noblest life to live is with na
ture ; the highest aspirations of the
soul are more nearly satisfied in com
muning with nature than in the rush
and whirl of the city. The city cul
tivates the sordid side of man's na
ture. It is a constant strife for exist
ence or in grasping the shadowy form
of fortune. It is a rare nature that
can pass unscathed through the mul
titudinous temptations that environ
city life. Young man or young wo
man, think twice, ponder well, ere
you forsake country life for the ex
citements of the city. Rural enjoy
ments are unstained with evil. The
workings of nature as spread out be
fore the vision, draw the soul nearer
to the great Architect, the One who
fashioned the earth for a dwelling
place for man.
The Adventure ot Threw Irishmen la Wild
Cenadlnn Woods.
It wns their fourth day in camp ami
they had not boon disturbed by any
thing unusnl, but tho night following
the shooting of tho door waa made
dreadfully api rohonsivo by tho howl
ing ot what soeniod to them at loast
half a hundrod half-famishod wolves.
Thoy seemed to bo concentrating
toward a given point, and that was
tho spot where thoy had bled tho
buck. Their quick instincts did not
deceive them. Tho voracious whelps
camo down from the woods in
swarms, and their terrific 6narling9
and yelpings sont terror to the hearts
of thoao three poor landlubber Irish
men. Tho weather being only moder
ately cold the- had neglected to get
together only a small amount of wood
for Iheir camp fire?. There is nothing
wolves are so rfraid of as a blazing
fire, and no matter how hungry they
may bo a pack will not attack
a camp which is well lighted up on
two or throe sidos of it. Hence ex
perienced woodsmen always havo in
camp a good supply of pitch wood to
bo used as necessity may require. Our
vounff Irishmen had ncclected tills
precaution, while fortunately they
had a larso supply of ammunition, and
what to them wasmoro fortunate still,
they had with them somo hooks used
by trappers of foxos, coons and other
small gamo, as clogs to pro vent them
from making away with tho traps,
They had also a long and vory tougli
rope. Dennis McGinty had suggested
taking along these hooks as possibly
useful in fishing. They were a cluster
of three hooks welded together, mnk
ing a tripod, with an Iron ring into
which could bo attached a chain or
ropo, as tho case seemed to require,
So when tho wolves cnlerod the
camp Putrick Kyan said to . Dennis:
'Dinnis. me bov. if vou 'avo no
objection I'll jist troy and kitch oneo'
them varmints wr one o your new
tangled fishhooks. I'll jist troy trol
lin' on tho land, uv you plazo." S.
taking out his pocket-knife he cut out
a liberal hunk of a cutlet from tho
haunch of tho buck, and, after tying
it securely to tho triple hook, aimed it
at what appeared to be tho center of
tho pack, having first securely fastened
the lino to a sapling which stood at
the camp door. In far less time than
it requires mo to tell the story the
swaying of the bush told what was
going on at tho other end of the line.
"Begorro," says Pat, "wo'vo got a
bite. Now, ail hands togithcr and
we'll haul in tho catch. All togithcr;
he-o ho! hc-o ho! he-o! But don't ho
backwater, tho'? Ile-o ho! Wo gain
on him! All togithcr; but he's comin'.
Howld on, bo jabbers! What shall we
do wi' him when wo git him in?
Then tho wit of Lafferty
came in pat, as it always did
on a pinch. Says he: ' "Whon we git
Mm up so's tho light will show nw
where to lodge a ball in tho haste s
profile, 111 do for Mm. Just pull in,
bys, till you git Mm furninstthe light,
and I'll show Mm how not to attom))i
to capture a pad d)'-camp in time of
profound peace, when ther's bin no
declaration of war. He'o. ho! he'o!
Howly Mosos, there ho comes," and
such a terror of noisos as came from
the throat of that capturod wolf sent
consternation to tho whole camp. But
Lafferty was a good shot, and soon the
trusty riflo had done its work, and tho
terrible beast lay dead at their feet.
THey wero so woll-pleased with up
land fishing that they kept at it all
night, and by daylight next morning
they had a pile of nineteen wolves
stacked in front of their camp.
Cleveland Leader.
How Philadelphia llun Provided for Her
Decrepit Fellurl.
One of the most unique of Philadel
phia's institutions is tho Rcfugo for
Lost and Suffering AnimVs, more
commonly called the "Cat Homo," at
No. 1212 Lombard street. . The
refuge" doos an extensive business
in providing easy mortuary honors for
old, decrepit and vagrant felines, who
are daily dispatched by the fumes of
charcoal. It Is a feature of tho wom
an's branch of tho Society for the Pre
vention of Cruelty to Animals, and is
in charge of Superintendent John C.
West. Superintendent West's report
for 1887 shows that 11.371 cats met a
painless doath, together wilh 2,159
dogs, 4 rats, 3 rabbits. 3 canary birds
and 2 chickens. All the latter were
killed at tho request of tho owners.
Boarders are also taken in the shapo
of pet cats, whoso owners leave the
city, or who desiro that they should
have good care in their declining days.
The charge per week is fifty cents.
and tho menu consists of milk, fish
and bread twice oach day. Thoy are
kept in a latticed inclosuro, and. bar
ring the occasional differences that
arise between them, seem to enjoy tholr
quarters. When an animal is received
as a boarder its name, if it has one, is
registered, as is that of its owner, and
all the personal marks and peculiari
ties it may possess. No responsibili
ty, however, is assumed in case of
sickness or doath of tho animal in
, charge. Any ono having a cat they
wish mercifully put to doath has but
to send word to the refuge and Frank
Ryan, who rejoices in tho title of "cat
messenger," will call and remove tho
cat. carrying it awav in a large bas
ket, divided within by partitions each
large enough for ono animal. This is
done to prevent family jars and in
ternal conflicts, which would render
Mr. Ryan's position irksome. No
chargo is made, hut an established
custom is tho payment of car faro.
"We don't kill all the cats." explained
Superintendent West. "Wo often
come ncross very good animals In
some of tho batches of kittens wo re
ceive. These wo nlwavs pick out and
experience no dilll-nlty in finding
them good homes. We are frequently
consulted as to remedies for sick ani
mals and aro of.cn asked to recoivo
them at tho refuge, but that responsi
bility we have to decline. This want
has been supplied bv tho generous gift
of $70,000 by the lato Mrs. R. W.
Ryerss, who bequeathed that amount
to establish an infirmary for animals,
which is entirely distinct from the
refuge." I'hilade'phia Luuirer.
No Universal Remedy
hat yet been discovered ; but, as at least
four-fifths of human diseases have their
source in Impure Blood, a medicine
which restores that fluid from a de
prayed to a healthy condition comes as
near being a universal cure as any that
enii bo produced. Ajer'a Sarsaparilla
ullucts the blood in each stage of Its
formation, and is, therefore, adopted to
a greater variety of complaints, than any
oilier known medicine.
Boils and Carbuncles,
which defy ordinary treatment, yield to
Ayer'ti SarMaparilla after a comparative
ly brief trial. "' '" ' -
Mr. C. K. Murray, of Charlottesville,
Va.; writes that for years he was af
flicted with .bolls which canscd him
much suffering. These were succeeded
by carbuncles, of which he had several
at ono time. He then began the use ot
Ayer's Snrsapavllla, and after taking
three bottles, the carbuncles disap
peared, and for six years ho has not had
even a pimple.
That insidious disease, Scrofula, is
the fruitful cause of innumerable com
plaints, Consumption being only one of
many equally fatal. Eruptions, ulcers,
sore eyes, glandular swellings, weak
and wasted muscles, a capricious appe
tite, and the like, are pretty sure indi
cations of a scrofulous taint in the
system. Many otherwise beautiful faces
nre disfigured by pimples, eruptions,
and unsightly blotches, which arise
from Impure blood, showing the need of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla to remedy the eviL
All sufferers from blood disorders
should give Ayer's SarHaparilla a fair
trial, avoiding all powders, ointments,
mitl washes, and especially cheap and
worthless compounds, which not only
fail to effect a cure, but more frequently
aggravate and confirm the diseases they
are fraudulently advertised to remedy.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Aver & Co.. Lowell, Mass.
An Eloquent Defense of a Miich-Abusetl
Ulaift or Hard Worker.
Singly or In twos or threes, they
It was once thought a difficult thing
to ride a bicycle or a tricycle, and not
only have men learned now to ride
easily, but animals of all sorts and de
scriptions have learned to do so. For
instance, the elephant in the hippo
drome. The very latest knowledge
in the 'cycling world, however, is the
llena Michaels.dean of the woman's
college, Northwestern University,
declares that education never de
stroys love or romance in a girl. She
says a girl may caress a conic section,
but let her see the man to whom her
heart goes out, and she will drop the
conic section and caress the man. Ed
ucation may better the mind, but it
has nothing to do with the heart. If
it had you would not find educated
women stoping sometimes to marry
the men they do, nor would you find
educated men marrying mere pretti
ness, when there was still some edu
cated womanhood left.
A Little Story W hlch Caused a General
Clearing of Throats.
"We were married thirty-seven
years," said Mr. Gardner Andrews,
"and in all that time my wifo never
gavo mo a cross word. But I shall
never forget tho first time I eluded
her. It was on a Sunday morning
when wo had been married about two
years. I found a button off my shirt,
and throw it ncross tho room. 'Sow a
button on,' I said, in a brutal voice.
She was a good Christian woman, and
was preparing for church; but she got
tho button and sowed it on."
"And what did she say?" asked a
little, bristling woman, with suapping
"She said: 'Forgive me, husband; 1
had a great deal to do yesterday and
forgot it, but it. shall never happen
"Oh," said tho man, fixing his eyes
on tho picture of his dead wife, "licr
gcntlo words almost broke my heart
I could havo gone down on my knees
to ask her forgiveness, fcno made a
different man of me, and the world
has boen a different place since she
Thero was a silence as ho finished
speaking, Interrupted by a goneral
clearing of throats and a confused
snuffling, as wo all had bad colds, and
the little woman s snapping eyes
looked suspiciously dim. Detroit Frc
Dr. J. C.
sold by oil DniKglsti.
Price tlx bottles, $5.
allop their wiry little horses down
tho strcot, their lithe, supple figures
erect or swaying slightly as thoy sit
loosoly in the saddle; whilo their
stirrups aro so long that thoir knees
aro hardly bent, the bridles not taut
enough to keep tho chains from
clanking. They are smaller and less
muscular than tho weildcrs of axe and
pick; but thoy are as hardy and self
reliant as any men who ever breathed
with bronzod, set faces, and keen
eyes that look all the world straight
in the face without flinching as thoy
flash out from under tho broad
brimmed hats. Peril and hardship,
and years of long toil broken by
weeks of brutal dissipation, draw
haggard lines across thoir eager
faces, but never dim their reckless
eyes nor break their bearing of deft
ant self-confidence. They do not
walk well, partly becaitso thoy so
rarely do any work out of the saddle.
mirt v because their cnaneraios, or
leather overalls, hamper them when
on tho ground; hut thoir appearanco
Is striking for all that, and picturesque,
too, with thoir jingling spurs,
the big revolvers stuck in their belts,
and bright silk handkerchiefs knotted
loosely around their necks over tho
open collars of tho flannel shirts.
When drunk on the villainous whisky
of the frontier towns, they cut mad
antics, riding thoir horses Into tho
saloons, firing their pistols right and
left, from boistorous light-hoartedness
rather than from any viclousnoss, and
indulging too often in deadly shooting
affrays, brought on cither by the acci-
dontal contact of the momont or on
account of somo long-standing grudge,
or porhaps because of had blood bo
tween two ranches or localities; but
excopt whilo on such sprees they aro
quiot, rather self-contained men, per
fectly frank and simple, and on their
own ground treat a stranger with tho
most whole-ooulod hospitality, doing
all in tholr power for him and scorn
ing to take any reward in return.
Although prompt to resent an injury,
they are not at all apt to ho nulo to
outsiders, treating them with what
can almost be called a grave courtesy.
They are much better follows and
pleasanter companions . than small
farmers or agricultural laborers; nor
are tho mechanics and workingmen of
the great cities to bo montioned in the
same breath. Theodore lioosevclt, in
When I say Cum I do not mean merely to
top them tor a time, and then have them re
turn attain. I mkan A RADICAL CUBS. .
2 have made the disease ot
A life Ion study. I warrant my remedy to
Curs the worst cues. Because others hate
failed It no reason for not now receiving a cure.
Send at once for a treatise and a Frkk Borrxa
of my Inpatxiblr Bkmrov. Give Express
and Post Office. It costs yon nothing lor a
trial, ud i t will cure you. Address
flick Headache 1
S3 Send ns the outsld
wrapper from a box of the genuine Da.
C. JIcLANE'3 Celebrated Ltveb
Pnxs, with your address, plainly writ
ten, and we will send you, by return
and Oleograpbic Cards. 1 i i i J
Senator Reagan, of Texas, has
bought a house jn Washington.
This makes 44 Senators out of 76 who
afrtrv ff the nnrrot. who mav hfi fifen I own thp hnuspa In whfph thpv llva
nightly at the "Foliee Bergeres" in In 1S60 only four Senaters " kept
Paris, riding a bicycle. Springfield I house, and not one lived in a house yise of one bottle. Warranted. Sold
Union. of his own. by J. H. Kitchey. MeMinnvllle.
English Spavin Liniment remove
all Hard, Soft, or Calloused LumjH
and Blemishes from horses, Iilood
Spavin, Curbs, Splints, Sweeney,
Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained, and all Patent
business conducted for Moderate Fee.
Our OiHc-p I. Opposite U. S. 1'atent Of
fice. We have no snb agencies, all bnsinesa
direct, benco can transact patent business in lets
time and nt less cost than those remote from
Send in' del, drawing, or photo., with dfscrlp
1lon. We nlvla If patentable or not, free ot
charge. Our fee not dne till patent Is secured.
A book, ' How t Obtain I'utents," with refer
ences to aetiml clients in your State, county, or
town, Bent froa. Address,
Opposite Talent Oflice, Waahlat-toa, 1. C
A torplil Uvr tlt-rnngiM tho T. nolo
stunt uiitl roilr)(
Sick Headache,
"yspspsh, Cosiivcncss, Rheur.:.
tism, Sallow Skin and Piles.
TIktw lino better remeily for these
i ,i:iimiuiil'i un tliass xntl'n Liver
I11U, t.4 istrtulwlllprote. Price, 33e.
Sold Every where.
; II I! Ik W
Positively the best remedy ever
discovered for all diseases of n'mn and
beast that can be reached by externa
medical app lieation, is Ranguni Itoo
Liniment. One trial will con vim
Manufactured onlv bv lttnrim Ho
Ml 'ti- f'.. N'-hvIll- T i '
ci ;K y i. t k..- .-,. .1.
-g-lpruup'in'WtftVyii , j ..,ni
HJI J'll
( -H"J AU Bl pin - ll
q trttw. -,. 4 T-WS
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