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Time Table McM&M P. E
..10 60 am.
..11 20 Hiu.
.. 1 1 45 am.
..11 fio am.
..U 05 m.
..12 45 pin.
1 lo pm.
Lv. Sparta
" Holde
Iiock Island.
Smartt 1 45 piu
Morrison '2 10 piu.
Snrnmitvillc 2 35 pm.
Manchester 3 15 pm.
Tullahrmia.. 4 15 jm.
I. Tulluiioma 10 00 am.
" Manchester .. 10 45 am.
" Summitville 11 15 am.
" Morrison 1135 am.
" Smartt 11 55 am.
" McMinnville 12 15 pui.
" Kowland......; 12 45 piu.
" Kock Island 1 05' pm.
Walling 1 13 pm.
Holder ., 1 21 pm.
Doylii t 40 pm.
, Sparta 2 05 pm.
Passenger trains
south 9 53 a in, 10
ing north, 4 ii p m
3 05 am.
3 35 am.
3 54 urn.
4 02 am.
4 10 am.
4 35 am.
5 05 am.
5 25 am.
5 45 am
605 am.
6 30 am.
7 20 am.
5 30 am.
6 30 am.
7 00 am,
7 25 am.
7 50 am.
S 15 am.
8 50 am.
9 15 am.
0 25 am.
9 35 am.
9 55 am.
10 25 am.
Advice to Young Men.
Young man, if you would bo.i suc
cessful in life, tie a christian, attend
church services regularly. Form no
hud acquaintances. Follow no un
lawful practices. Observe rules of
propriety always, and have regular
habits. Save at least half of your
earnings if possible, invent them safe
ly, and remember that economy of
times keeps men out of bad habits.
Be liberal in your 'thoughts; careful
in your sayings; neat in appearances,
and always keep your word. Do not
be governed by the principles of
others, but after calm .and deliberate
thoughts, map out a safe course of
your own. Be truthful, honest and
consciencious, and in living out your
life, have but one aim to do no
harm to living creatures. Success
will be your end.
The transition from long, lingering
pass Tullahoma going and rminful sickness to robust health
24 f in and 5 55 p m ; go- ,liarks an epoch in the life of the in
1 2 o8 a m, i 3w a m. dividual. Such a remarkable event
is treasured in the memory and the
agency whereby the good health has
been attained is gratefully blessed.
Hence it is that so. 'much is heard in
praise of Klectric Bitters. So many
feel they owe their restoration to
health, to the useot the Great Alter
ative and Tonic. If you are troubled
with any disease of Kidneys, Liver
or Stomach, of long or short standing
vou will surely find relief by use of
Electric Bitters. Sold at Tide, and $1
per bottle at Ititchey & Bostick's
Drugstore. 3
rullahoma to McMiunville Arrives 12:10p.
ra.: leaves 5:20 a. m., daily except Sundays.
McMinnville to Sparta Arrives 5:30 a.m.;
leaves 12:00 p.m.; daily except Sundays.
Through mail to and from beyond Tulla
homa, arrives 8.00 a. m., leaves, 12.00 in.
Beersheba Spriugs Arrives 6:30 p.m.;
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; leaves
6:00 a. m ., same days.
Smithville (route No. 19355)-arrives 12:00
m., Mondays, Wednesdays aud Saturdays;
leaves 1:00 p.m., same days.
Woodbury Arrives 12 in., Wednesdays
and Saturdays; leaves 1:00 p.m., same days.
Horse Shoe Falls Arrives 12:00 m., Wed
nesdays and Fridays; leaves 2:00 p.m..
same days.,
Methodist Rev. J. T. Curry,
pastor ; services every Sunday morning and
night. Sunday-school at 9Ta. m. Prayer
meeting v ednesaay night.
Christian Services every Sunday. Prayet
meeting Wednesday night.
Presbyterian Rev. F. L. Leeper, pastor.
Preaching every Sunday moruiugand night;
prayer meeting every Wednesday night.
Sunday-school every Sunday morning at 9
Cumberland Presbyterian Rev. Q. T.
Stainback pastor;servicesevery Sunday and
t night; prayermeeting Wednesday night.
Sunday-school 9:30 a. m.
Baptist-Dr. A. D. Phillips, pastor.
Preaching' every Sundny morning and
night. Prayer meeting every Wednesday
night, unday school 9:30 a. m.
, COU11T8.
CHANCERY Sits 4th Monday in May and
November; W. S. Bearden, Chancellor;
J. C. Biles, Clerk.
filRCUIT Sits 2d Monday in January,
U May, and September; M.D. Smallman,
Judge; W. V. whitson, At-torney-General:
I. W. Smith, Clerk.
COUNTY Sits by quorum 1st Monday in
every month; full court every quarter;
A. C. Myers, Esq., Chairman; W. L.
Swaun, Clerk.
Rheay, Sheriff; Jno. L. Jaco, Register;
G. N. M. Newby, Trustee and Tax Collec
tor; John F. St. John, Tax Assessser;
Geo. T. Purvis, Ranger; Mat., .lones,
Jailer; W. N. Mitchell, County Superintend
ent of Public Instruction.
1TL Carson ; Aldermen, J M Cunningham,
W S Lively,, W II Sugar, Geo S Stroud, W C
Arledcte, rrank Maddux. Street Commis
sioners, D B Carson, W II Sugar, J M Cunningham.
111 & A. M. Warren No. 125 1st Thursday
. . night in every month, in their hallover
the court room. I. J. Tiujemax, W. M.
nightin every month.
T. C. LiND, II. P.
IO. O.F. McMinnville, No. 146; every
Tuesday night, in their hall over Worn
ack & Colville's store.
' J. B, Wkuh, N. G.
F. L. LEErt:tt, Secretary.
Rebekah Degree, meets First Thursday
night in each month.
Mrs. W. S. Lively, N. G.
Mrs. J. II. Shkekill, Secretary.
Meals Spoiled.
An easy way to spoil the evening
meal is for each member to tell the
the sad tale of all that has gone wrong
during the day. To mention the
disappontrnents and vexations to tell
of the slights that were endured and
the offenses that were' given, and to
lament over the results of this infe
licitous combination or iillairs, is
enough to counteract the refreshit.g
effect of all the good things with
which the most generous and skillfu
housewife can load the table. Better
put this complaining off until some
other time.
What is the best time for it, is hard
to say. Perhaps an indefinite post
ponement would be a happy thing
for all concerned. Half the things
which we groan over tonight, wil
right themselves before tomorrow
night if we let them alone.
That Terrible Cough
In the morning, hurried or difficult
breathing, raising phlegm, tightness
in the chest, quickened pulse, chilli
n ess in theeveningorsweatsatnight
all or uiy f these things are the firs
stages of consumption. Dr. Aeker'i
hntriish Cough Kerned y via cure
these fearful symptoms, and is sold
under a rmitive guarantee by V. II
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. . .
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy, a mar
velous cure for Catarrh, Diptheria,
Canker Mouth, and Ilead-Ache.
With each bottle there is an ingen
ious Nasal I; Jector for the more sue-,
cessful treatment of these complaints
without extra charge. Price fiO cents.
Sold by W. II. Fleming.
The Charm of Good Manners.
No one who has any appreciation
wf grace and beauty in nature or in
art can fail to recognize the charm of
the manners in an individual. We
rejoico in them as we do in a lovely
sunset view or a beautiful piece of
architecture or a fascinating pweni,
for their own sake and for what they
express ; but even beyond this they
have another attraction iu the mag
netic power they exert upon all be
lolders in setting them at ease, in
weeping away shyness, awkward
ness and restraint, and in stimulating
them to the expression of whatever is
best worth cheerishing within them.
t is undoubtedly true that the pres
ence of tine manners, whether it be
n the home or the social circle, in
the workshop or the counting-room,
n the visit of charity or the halls of
egislation, lias an immediate effect
n reproducing itself in diffusing hap
piness in developing the laculties,
and in eliciting the best that is in
Do Sot Suffer Any Longer. ,
Knowing that a cough can be
checked in a day, and the first stages
of consumption broken in a week, we
hereby guarantee Dr. Acker's Eng
lish Cough Remedy, and will relund
the money to all who buy, take n as
per directions, and do not rind our
statement correct. Sold by . II.
Fleming. 1
Buying a Wedding Trousseau.
Ladies' Home Journal.
In buying a trousseau I advise
every young woman to commence
with underwear, gloves, shoes, hois
ery and such articles as do not
change much in a year, while the
Newspapers Put to Good Use.
General Bussey, the assistant sets
retary of the interior, has a somewhat
novel use for newspapers. The other
day when the weather was sharp he
was preparing to go out of the de
partment building for lunch. A Star
reporter why happened to be in the
room at the time was surprised to see
him unbutton the -lower button of
his vest, fold up a newspaper and
placing it over his abdomen, button
the vest over it. "I always do that,"
he said in reply to a surprised inquiry
from the reporter, "when I am going
io oe out in uie cold.. The newspa
per is a non-conductor of heat, and
when placed over the stomach pre
serves the supply in what is called
the reservoir of heat of flie body.
A newspaper is a good substitute
for iva overcoat, and in cold weather
is the best device that people with
scanty wardrobes can adopt. Insuffi
cient bed-clothing can be reinforced
in the same way and newspapers
may be said to be the poor man's
friend in move senses than one.
When chilled by sudden cold a news
paper placed over the stomach soon
restores the normal temperature of
the body and prevents an attack of
phneumonia. I have frequently rec
ommended this use of newspapers,
but I find that practically very few
people really appreciate its value."
Answer This Question.
Why do so many people we see
around us seem to prefer to suffer and
be made miserable by Indigestion,
Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Ap
petite, Coming Up of the Food, Yel
low Skin, when for jo cents we will
sell them Shiloh's System Vitalizer,
guaranteed to cure them, hold by
W. II. Heming.
Hill Br2g Still
Located four
M II. k s
South of Mc
Minnville, and
one mile from
Smartt Station
on Manchester
POUVRAI was imported from Pf.rchf.
in FRANCKip September, 1S89, by Mosely
& Whilaker, and will be three years old in
April, 1N90. He is as black as a Raven,
with Star in Korhi'ad, and Snip on Nose.
Stands Ici'X hands high, very Heavy and
liloeky, has line Style and Action, and a
Splendid Bone.
lie will be allowed to serve a limited
number of Approved Mares at
NAPOLEON is Wi hands high Stand
nrd, Black with Mealy Points, very Heavy
and Lengthy, with I'.xtrtx ond Bone, and
has proven himself n Sure Foal (letier, was
imported from Spain by Perry & Lester.
This fine Jack will be allowed' to serve
mares at $10. TO INSURE.
All Accidents at Owner's risk. Money
due from Service of this Stock, payable
March 1st, lHyl, or as soon thereafter as the
fact can be ascertained. Trmlhxj or Mov
ing Mare from County Forfeits Insurance.
In advanced age the decling powers
are wonderfully refreshed by Hood's
Sarsaparilln. It really does "make
the weak strong."
Many Persons
Are broken down from overwork or household
Brown's Iron Bitters
rebuilds the system, aid rilifeKtion. r.-mi.ves ex
cess of bile. and cure in ilnri i. net 'lie genuine.
, I' in I i i hi i ,
k. f - ' IS
KNIGI7.TS OF IIONOR-Mountain City,
No. 10; meets in Masonic hnll 2d and
4th Monday nightsin every month.
Tho's. Black, Rep. G. W. Brittais, D.
and 4thThursday nights in every month
- . ; S. T. Lively, P.
Parents you do yourselves
your children great injustice if
fail to give your children Dr. Bull'i
Worm's Destroyers. Many little
lives are sacraficed by such neglect.
Dr. Acker's English Tills
Are active, effective and pure. For
sick headache, disordered stomach,
loss of appetite, bad complexion and
biliousness, they have never been
equaled, either in America or abroad.
Sold by W. II. Fleming. 1
At a Soiree. Miss Gushlere
"How torturing, how fearful the
thought must bo for a great singer to
know she has lost her voice !" Mr.
Praclere '-It's much more torturing
when she don't know it." Harvard
Our Very Best Pco'iilc
Conhrm our statement wlien we say
that Dr. Acker's Fnglish Iteniedy is
in every way superior to'any and all
other preparations for the Throat and
Lungs. In Whooping Cough and
Croup, it is magic and relieves at
once. We offer you a sample bottle
free. Hemember, this remedy is sold
on a positive guarantee, bold by
W. II. Fleming. 1
hats and go.wns should be the last se
lected, as then one is more apt to
have the latest styles. Too many
gowns for one's position in society,
and too few pieces of underwear, etc.,
is better reversed. It is customary
for a bride to provide table and bed
linen and all toweling necessary for
her prospective home; but this part
of the outfit I do not include in my
present list. If the bride, to be, can
save a trifle in the buying of her
wardrobe, she will find that a small
sum is convenient to have to expend
in pretty things for her new home,
which cannot rightly be included
with the furniture. In furnishing a
home it is a wise plan to buy for the
kitchen first, then bed-rooms, dining-
room and lastlv the narlor : for one
may do without many things in a DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES
narlor. but "where is the man who
will do without dining?"
Foundry Machine
23,02vE', 1 GEOEGLtl,
Both on Vertical and Horizontal
Guaranteed to Equal any Wheel
in the Market. :
Write for Illustrated Catalogue.
will keep a full supply of fine Lime on hand
at their quarry on the Creamery Mutt", and
will also surni.sh
ir. any fni.mtilis. Orders for Hock Work
of all kinds solicited, and satisfaction guar,
anteed on everv contract.
A wise man will desire no more
than what he may get justiy, use
soberly, distribute cheerfully, and
I live contentedly.
The First Symptoms of Death.
Tired reeling, dull neadache, pains
in various parts of the body, sinking
at the pit of the stomach, loss of ap'
petite, feverishness, pimples or sores
are all positive evidence of poisoned
blood. No matter how it became
poisoned it must be purified to avoui
death. Dr. Acker's English Blooc
Llixir has never tailed to remove
scrofulous or syphilitic poisons. Holt
under positive guarantee by W. 11
Fleming, McMinnville. 1
A man just arrived from England
was arrested in Philiadelphia for be
ing intoxicated, who gave his occu
pation as that of a "worm-eater
The magistrate, on demanding an
I exlanation of the trrm, was informed
that the man was employed by
firm )( London antique manufact
urers to tire shot at furniture ant
i trive it a wo ni-eaten apiearance.
Vncklcu's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
theum, Fever Sores, letter, Chap
ied Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles, or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
money reefunded. Price 2o cents per
box. For sale by lutchey & Bostick.
We can if we will make an interest
in lite lor ourselves, supposing mat
none exists in our original circum
stances. We can study lor the im
provement of our minds and the en
richment of our knowledge, or we
can do good to those who need l,lp
good to the poor or to the sick, to the
lonely or to the sorrowful.
To Kcrrous and Debilitated Men.
If you will send us your address-
we will mail you our illustrated pam,
phlet explaing all about Dr. Dye's
Celebrated Electro-Voltaic Belt and
Appliances, and their charming ef
fects, upon the nervous deuinted sys
tem, and how they will quickly re
store you to vigor, and manhood.
Pamphlet free. If you are thus af
flicted, we will send you a Belt and
Appliances on a trial.
Voltaic Belt Co.,
Marshall, Mich.
Carry a full liDe of
lor J.aitu's. j-.yery pair warranter!. Also a
bi stock of Men's Uoots and Shoes. Call
and se us.
South Side of East Main Street,
McMinnville, Tennessee
Garble i Granite Works
Registered Poland China Hogs,
and PL! CDriI I0(K(l(to
Of the Very Re Strains. Our Pigs at Six
Months old Weigh from l.itj to I'OO founds,
and our Plymouth it nek Pullets at Six
Months old from ti in 8 Pounds: and are
Reasonably Good Layers.
Correspondence and Inspection solicited.
Parties will have to see our Stock before
they can form any idea of their Value.
To Partiss Having Marss is
FcalBy Any of Our Stock Kept
in 1839. Will Say:
The Money is Due us Scion as Colts are
Foaled, and We Ml'ST have Settlement
then bv Cash or bankable Note. Due
September 1st. Pinue lleineinber this and
Save yourself anv Further Trouble and
: I Notice to the Public.
Mantles. fEj? A
I tombsjones- Icl
I We keep in our yard p J I
J n lanjc assortment 1
V Marble and Granite
jr ' -
Tho undersigned having purchased the
will put si me in thorough repair, and the
Mills will he known in the ftuure as the
Hanlan Flour and Feed Mills.
We will put in New Machinery of I
the Latest Improvements, ami re
spectfully solicit the patronage of
the public in general.
JrtTFNOl'R AND FEED kept at the
lowest Cash Prices. Special attention
given to custom wink.
SYLVESTEI'. IiltOWF.lt, Trop'r.
TIIOS- 15. Fl'LTS, Miller.
JOHN T. WILSON & CO., Prop's.
ST.iouis.Ma. ij.i-yiMi-WA'j oallas.tex.
Mark Twain never knew the
amount of joy an old farmer experi
enced over the good results of Gan-
tcrs chicken cholera cure, which is
warranted to cure every time. Sold
by W. II. Fleming,
Shiloh's Consumption Cure.
This is beyond question the most
successful Cough Medicine we have
ever sold, a few doses invariably cure
the worst cases of Cough, Croup, and
Bronchitis, while it's woudcrful suc
cess in the cure ot Consumption is
without a parallel in the history of
medicine. Since its first discovery
it has been sold on a guarantee, a
test which no other medicine can
stand. If you have a Cough we ear
nestly ask you to try it. Trice 10
cents, f0 cents, and 1 1,00. If your
lungs are sore, Chest or Hack lame,
use Shiloh's Torus l'laster. Sold by
. II. Fleming.
Tablets, Tombs,
Non-Resident Notice.
Stone Cemetery Work, In Chancsry at McMinnville, Tenn,
Yard and Office on Spring Street,
WantM ti ctptt Cointr. Phnwd nn to ot onlr Initrnctioni
id oar bMral Mertce. KipcMesMKt oecfM.rj. p.rtlcilm fTM.
Grann.an Detcctire BrcCo.ttAKil.ClsdftUtl.O.
Cleanses and beautilie the hair. I
Promote a luxuriant rrowtK.
Never Fail io Retor Gnyl
nairiom Toumiui uoior. I
Prevent Pandrotf and hair rolling I
'"'nt i Tniriricn.
and Whiskey Habit
cured at liome with
al M M k jouipuiu. uuoaoi par
U K 1 1 ticulan sont FRKK.
' Aum,ua. voice wmtebaii l
Fite, Porter & Co., et als vs. A. W. Eng
IX this cause it appearing to the satisfac
tion of the Clerk and Master from Com
plainants Hill which in sworn to that the
Defendant, A. W. England is a Non-resident
of the State of Tenn., so that the ordinary
process of law cannot be served on him.
It is therefore ordered that publication be
made for four consecutive weeks in the
Southern Standard, a newspaper published
in McMinnville, Tenn., commanding said
Defendant to appear before the Chancery
Court to be held at the Courthouse in Mc
Minnville, Tenn., on the 4th Monday in
May, ltWO, then ar.d there t plead, answer
or demur to Complainant's Rill, or the fame
will'be taken for confessed as to him anil
cause set tor hearing ex p.irtcc. This Apr I
lb", lS'.'O.
M. A. Cl'MMiStis, Sol. for Cotnpl'nt.

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