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It Is that Impurity in tlio blood, which, ac
cumulating in tho glands of tlio neck, pro
duces unsightly lumps or swellings; which
causes painful running sores on tho arms,
legs, or feci; which dcvclopes ulcers In tlio
eyes, ears, or noso, often causing blindness or
deafness; which is tho origin of pimples, can
cerous growths, or the many other manifesto
tions usually ascribed to " humors; " which,
fastening upon tho lungs, causes consumption
and death. Being the most ancient, it Is the
most general of all diseases or affections, for
very few persons aro entirely free from it
How Can
It Bo
By taking Hood's Sarsaparllla, which, by
tho remarkable cures It has accomplished,
often when other medicines have failed, has
proven Itself to be a potent and peculiar
medicine for this disease. Some of these
cures are really wonderful. It you suffer from
scrofula, be sure to try Hood's Sarsaparllla,
" My daughter Mary was afflicted with scrof
ulous sore neck from the time she was 22 months
old till she became six years of age. Lumps
formed in her neck, and one of them after
growing to thetlze of a pigeon's egg, became
a running sore for over three years. We gave
her Ilood's Sarsaparllla, when the lump and
all Indications of scrofula entirely dis
appeared, and now she seems to be a healthy
child." J. S. Cablile, Naurlght, N. J.
N. B. Be sure to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
SoldbyalldruggUU. fl;ilxfor. Treparedonty
by C. I. HOOD CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Hut.
100 Doses One Dollar
Corrected weekly by Mead & Ritchey.
Office Sotjthebn Standard,
McMinnville. April 24 1891.
No material changes in the market
report since last week. Eggs are
Blow and in less demand on account
of the extremely warm spring weath
er. Toultry in good demand but the
warm weather is unfavable to ship
pers. Mend & Ritchey will buy
poultry as usual next Monday and
Tuesday, and until noon Wednesday
for the Eastern market, and then quit
for this season.
Wheat, "ja bushel $1.001.10
Corn; bushel to 80
Flour, $ barrel $4.50 to $5.50
Meal, J bushel 80 to 0
Oats, " 30
Eggs, dozen 7 to 8
Butter, W 16 8 to 10
Hens, lb 5
.Spring Chickens 10 to 13
Ducks . 5
Turkeys, 0 ft 6
Umseiig, ft In to 2,oU
1 ''oV
Beeswax, 19
Feathers, $ tn 35 to 38
Tallow. lb 3M
Green Hides, lb 2 to 3
Wool, unwashed, lb 20 to 23
tub washed, 30 to 6b
Stock Teas, $ bushel , $1.10
White Beans, $ bushel 1 2o
Dried Apples,) lbs 7
PelinpPeheCs0 " 1
Blackberries ; to 7
Green Apples, per bushel 65 to 75
Corrected from the Nashville American
every Thursday evening.
Wheat, from wagons, $1.05$1.12
Corn 83 to DO
Oats 03 to 65
Hay, prime tiraolby, per ton. .$17.00 to $20
Dried Apples 7 to 8
Dried Peaches, halves
" quarters
Dried Blackberries 7 to 7Ji
Feathers, prime 25(5-40
Ginseng, dry to $2.75
Butter 8 16
Vn'rta y in
ULd LVJ AMI..... . .
Chickens, frying
jnsii routines, ceeu, jier uui w
Wool, unwashed,..
, 27 to.'
Q. 1 Ci'qiq.D.D.S.
Office over the
store of A. II.
rGross, in Potts
McMinnville, tenn.
Sheriff's Sale.
la Circuit Court of Warren County.
Womaek & Colville vs. O. W. & II. M.
X obedience to an order of sale issued to
L me by the Honorable Circuit Court of
Warren County, Tenn., at its January term,
WJl, I will sell ou
Saturday, May 9, 1891,
:it the Courthouse door in McMinnvill
Tenn., to the highest bidder, for cash, the
reinr.iuder and reversionary interest of G.
W. Xewby and II. M. Xewby in auJ to the
following described real estnte, to-wit :
A tract of land Ivint in the 12th civil dis
trict of Wnrron County, Tenn., and bounded
as follows: On the north by the limls of
Wiinlev, on the east by the lands of J. M.
Davenport, on the south by the lands of
lomllust and W. s. Oliver, on the south
liy the lands of Samuel Itrntcher and wifi
'iiiolini liratcher, known as the old 1 is-
-ouri tract, containing in all two hundred
acres. Levied on and to he sold as the
property of i. W. and It. M, Xewby, to
satisfy a iiidcnicnt abtained aeninst said
!. W. and 11. M. Xew by as principals, and
.'. M. Davenport as stayor, in favor of
Womaek & Colville, before S. V. Vanhooser,
.1. P., on the 24th day of August, ISM, for
the sum of $5.00, together with the costs of
said suit. This lew is made subject to a
levy made on the same land, and in favor of
Vt oniaek A I olville, against the said II. M.
.ind Ci. W. Xi-wliv, (lie 20tli tlav of Yv
101. This April K.lli, !S!1.
I. I.. I1II HAY, Sheritr.
I 1VI lr'. r-Wv-nTT
To Provide a Supply of Water to Mc
Minnville, County of Warren, State
of Tennessee, and to its Inhabitants,
and Contracting with Messrs. Sturt
evant Erothers, W. H. Whitcome,
and Ingersoll & Teyton, for a Sup
ply of Water for Public and Private
lie it ordained by the Board of Mayor
and Aldmnen of McMinnville:
Suction J. That in consideration
of the public and private benefit to be
derived therefrom, the right and
privilege is hereby granted for the
period of thirty (30) years from the
time this ordinance takes effect unto
Messrs. Sturtevant Brothers, W. II.
Whitcome and Ingersoll & Peyton,
(hereinafter called grantees) of erect
ing, maintaining and operating a
system of water works In accordance
with the terms and provisions of this
ordinance and of using the streets,
alleys, ways, public squares and all
other public places within the corpo-
rate limits of said McMinnville, as
they now exist or may hereafter be
extended, (and within such other
territory as may now or hereafter
come under its jurisdiction by addi
tion or otherwise,) for the purpose of
laying pipes, mains, and other con
duits, and erecting hydrants and
other apparatus lor conducting and
furnishing an adequate supply of
good wholesome water to said Mc
MInnville, and to its inhabitants for
public and private use; and for raak
ing extensions, additions and repairs
to said system from time to timedur
ing the period for which this ordi
nance shall continue or be in force.
QSection i ii. The i said grantees
shall exercise all reasonable care and
diligence in the use of tho said streets,
alleys, ways and public places, and
shall cause no unnecessary obstruc
tlon of, or interruption to the public
travel over and ,upon the same, "or
any injury to or interference with
any pipes or sewers which may be
lawfully located beneath the surface
thereof; and said grantees shall also
take every reasonable precaution to
provide against danger to life and
limb by reason of the exercise of the
rights and privileges hereby granted,
and shall cause
all excavations and
obstructions to be properly lighted
and guarded at night, and after the
completion of the purposes of which
said streets, alleys, ways public
squares and other public places
may be used, they shall be re
stored to their former condition as
npar as ma3' be. without unnecessary
deiay: anu saui grantees nerepy agree
to hokl the st);d town 0f McMinnville
harmless from? any liability which
may result to it by reason of any vio
lation of this section
Section hi. The general plan of
said system of water works shall be
as follows, viz:
The pipe system shall consist of not
less than three (3) miles of pipe laid
within the town limits, said pipes to
be of size varying from four (4) to
eight (8) inches interior diamcter,and
to be laid on such streets, alleys, av
enus, ways anu public places as may
be shown upon a map to be hereafter
submitted by said grantees and ap
proved by said Board of Mayor and
Aldermen and upon which said city
may wish to locate hydrants; said
pipes to be so located as to form com
plete circuits in said system when
practicable, provided, however, that
said grantees shall have the right to
locate and lay their pipes upon any
streets avenues, alleys, ways and pub
lic places as they may desire in order
to furnish private consumers with
All pipes laid to be of standard or
heavy weight and tested at their
place of manufacture to withstand a
pressure of three (300) hundred
pounds per square inch, and to be
coated with Dr. Angus Smith's Pre
servative Varnish.
The hydrants shall be frost proof,
double nozzle, of most approved pat
torn with hose tips fitted to connect
with such hose couplings as the
Board of Mayor and Aldermen may
WAT El! sriTLY.
The water supply, including resor-i
voir of stand-pipe from which the
mains are to be supplied shall be of
modern and approved type and plan,
and bo capable of throwing two (2)
lire streams through one hundred
(loo) feet of smooth rubber hose and
one inch ring nozzles, from two (!2)
separate hydrants and under such
pressure its will throw streams of
water eighty (mm feet high on or m ar
the public square; said two (-) hv-
drants to ho chosen so its to give a
ust average, one by the Board of
Mayor and Aldermen, and one by
tho said grantees.
The source of supply shall he from'
springs or some other sufficient source I
near McMinnville: and in
all cases i
such supply shall be
ample for the !
needs of the corporation and its citi
zens and inhabitants and be free from
sewerage or other contamination, and
shall be clear, good, wholesome water
suitable for domestic and manufact
uring purposes.
Section iv. In cwnsideration ot the
public benefit and the protection to
property resulting from the construc
tion of said system of water works
said Board of Mayor and Aldermen
of McMinnville hereby rents of the
said grantees (30) double nozzle fire
hydrants to be placed at such points
on the mains as may be selected by
said Board of Mayor and Aldermen
and said grantees, for the aforesaid
period of thirty (30) years at an an
nual rental of one thousand ($1,000)
dollars, and all hydrants in addition
thereto, up to and including the num
ber of thirty-five (35) shall bear an
annual rental of forty ($10) dollars
per hydrant, during the remainder of
said period of thirty (30) years; and
for all hydrants in excess of said thirty-five
(35) hydrants said town or
city shall pay an annual rental of
thirty-five ($35) dollars per hydrant,
during the unexpired term of said
period of thirty (30) years, all of
which annual rental of said hydrants
shall be paid quarterly on tho first
day of January, April, July and Oc
tober of each and every year. All
hydrants placed upon extensions of
mains in excess of the three (3) miles,
heretofore mentioned, shall be placed
at the rate of thirteen (13) per mile
on such extensions.
Water shall be used from said hy
drants only for the extinguishment
of fires and necessary fire practice and
for the flushing of public sewers and
gutters, provided that for said flush
ing of sewers and gutters not more
than one hydrant shall be opened at
any one time and then only for a pe
riod not to exceed six (6) hours per
week during the first five (5) years,
eight hours per week during the sec
r ...
ona nve years, ana ten hours per
week for the remainder of said thirty
Section v. Water shall be furnish
ed to the corporation schools and pub
lie buildings used for town purposes
and two ornamental fountains to
be erected at such points on the line
of mains as the Board of Mayor and
Aldermen may direct, the same and
all pipes, fixtures and connections
therefor to be furnished and provid
ed by the town, but no water shall
be taken from said fountains for
private use; and the remuneration to
be paid by the town for said service
of water shall be equal during the
first five years of the operation of the
works, to such amount as may, from
time to time, be levied by the Board
of Mayor and Aldermen against said
water works plant for municipal tax
ation, said amount to be due and
payable annually. In case additional
drinking or ornamental fountains
are ordered by said Board of Mayor
and Aldermen, water shall be fur
nished for same at the lowest meter
rates. Said grantees shall furnish
water free of cost to each of the
churches in said city, the expense of
which together with all pipes and
connections and the work of inserting
the same to be borne by each of the
said churches respectively.
Section vi. Said grantees may
procure the organizations of a water
works corporation under the laws of
Tennessee, and may assign to it all
tho rights and , privileges acquired
hereunder, and subject to all the du
ties, restrictions, limitations, condi
tions and liabilities as rests on the
grantees, but such transfer and as
signment shall in no way release or
affect the obligations and provisions
as contained in this ordidance.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen
of McMinnville agrees that it will
pass and enact from time to time all
such ordinances or resolutions and do
and perform such other acts as may
be necessary to perfect or consumate
the assignment and transfer last above
referred to.
Section vn. Upon the completion
of the construction of the said system
of water works the said grantees or
their assigns, shall notify the Board
of Mayor and Aldermen of such fact,
and thereupon an official test shall be
made to show tlio capacity of the
works. And if upon such te.t it
shall be shwn that said water works
comply with the requirements as
contained in Section m, of this ordi
nance, as to the height of the streams
thrown, then nnd in that east1 the
slid council .-lull bv ordinance or
i resolution formally accept such sys
tern, and thereupon the rental for the
hydrants hereinbefore mentioned
shall begin.
Section viii. That within sixty
((!()) days after this ordinance takes
effect said grantees shall file their
written acceptance of this ordinance
in tho office of the Recorder, and
thereupon the same shall be and be
come the contract by and between
the said town of McMinnville and
said grantees and their assigns the
same, and as fully as if the provisions
of this ordinance were embodied in a
formal written contract made and
executed between said parties.
The construction of said system
shall be commenced within sixty (00)
days afler this ordinance takes effect;
and said system shall be completed
within eight ((3) months after the
commencement of the work; provid
ed, however, that the time during
which the said grantees are delayed
by fluods, act of God, or the public
enemy, legal proceedings for the
maintenance of their legal rights or
acquiring right of way by legal pro
ceedings, or by reason of any other
cause whenever beyond their control
shall form no part of the time limit
ed in this ordinance for the perform
ance of and required by the terms
hereof to be done by them whatever
thesame may be.
Section ix. The said Board of
Mayor and Aldermen shall from time
to time enact and enforce ordinances
inflicting suitable penalties, for the
protection of said water works, and
all property and things therewith
connected as well as the business
thereof, from damage, fraud or Im
Section x. The said grantees shall
make extensions of lines of mains
whenever called upon to do so.ln any
proper season of the year, by said
town of McMinnville, provided, how
ever, that said extensions shall not
be less than five (500) hundred feet in
length and that one public fire hy
drant shall be located on each five
hundred feet or major part thereof.
Section xi. After the works are
put in operation, if at any time the
said grantees should fail to produce
and maintain the 'pressure in the
mains hereinbefore provided, the
same shall be brought up without
delay, unavoidable hindrances ex
cepted, and if unreasonably delayed
then the rental for the use of the hy
drant shall cease until the standard
pressure is ootained, provided, how
ever, that H such lailure shall con
tinue for four consecutive calandar
months, or grantees or assigns fail to
furnish an ample supply of water as
agreed, then contract for hydrant
rental under this ordinance shall, at
the election of McMinnville cease and
determine; but nothing herein con
tained shall be so construed as to
prevent grantees from temporarily
shutting off the water from said sys'
tern or any portion thereof for the
purpose of making repairs or exten
sions to the same, and no liabilities
shall attach to said grantees for the
suspension of the supply of water
provided the repairs or extensions
are made and the water turned on
again without unnecessary delay.
Section xxi. The said
shall not charge consumers during
the continuance of the franchise
granted by this ordinance exceeding
the following maximum annual rates;
out grantees reserve the right to in
sert a meter with the service pipe of
any consumer and to 6upply him at
meter rates.
The following are said annual wa
ter rates; viz:
Hunks with one self.closinB faucet $5.00,
" hose connection extra 8.00,
IJakci'ic.daily average of each bbl.of
Hour used per day 6.00,
Hurler shop, first chair and basin fi.00,
" " each additional chair 3.00,
l.atlis, iriato.without hcatinunttach
incuts 3.00,
Uaths, private, with hcatiiiif attach
incuts 4 00,
Uaths, public, first tub 10.00,
each additional tub 8.00,
lluildiiii,' purposes, brick per M.lnid 1.1
stone, per cubic yard .1(
" " plastctintr. per 100 yard
rioardinK house, per room, peciul
Halls, theaters and hotels.
Laundry, puplie per tub
Offices, one person with basin
each additional person
rrinthiK olliees, special
l'hotosraph galleries, special
Ilcsidcnccs, occupied by one family,
Kcsidcnccs, four rooms or le
eight " " more and
Itcstatirnnts, special.
Stables, one horse
" each additional hor.-e or t ow
" livery, boardiiiK or alc.
horses or loss, inrhnling eai rianc
waliiiiK -V.C
Spi-inkliiiL' of hon. ."a feet, frontage,
per M-non with like frontage on
M rects " hours per day
1'rmnls, private with M-lf-clo-iiiK li
t u res
Urinals for stores, bank-ano olliees
" re-iauraiM-' and 'aloon
w i t It M-lf-clo-hig :ir.M'--
. I.t I .
pllol'.e. w no - -1 1 -1 . - J ; l -I
i i !--i I-. pr
nelf-closiuK, stores, banks and of
fices -.(Kl.
Water restaurants, saloons, etc., self-
closing (Lull.
Water public s.OO.
MKT Kit KATfts
where daily consumption is
100 to 300 trillions per 1.000 Bullous
300 to 1.000 'jY
1.000 to 5,000 " ,
5.000 to 10.000 in.
10,000 to 15,000 17.
15,000 to 20.000 " 1.-.
Abovc'-'O.OOO U
.Six liors tier day for seven months.
1-lfi inch jet 5.00.
1-8 " " 10.00.
3-10 " " ism.
1-4 " " 20.00.
10 ' " 25.00.
The cost of all pipes and plumbing
from the streets mains to the point
where water is to be used shall be at
the expense of the subscriber taking
water, said grantees having the right
to control the cock at the curb line
and determine the quality and kind
of pipes ued between tho street
mains and said curb line. Said gran
tees may make and enforce all need
ful rules and regulations in the use
and waste of water, and charge and
collect quarterly in advance thereof a
tariff of rates not exceeding those
hereinbefore specified, and for all
purposes not herein enumerated the
rate thereof shall w a special rate not
nconsistent with the tenor and mean-
ing of this ordinance.
Section xiii. In the event that
the said grantees of this franchise,
their successors or assigns shall here-
uafter Issue bonds, secured by a
mortgage or deed of trust, upon said
water works, franchises therewith
connected, rentals, rights and prop
erty, then so much of the hydrant
rental payable under the terms of this
ordinance as will discharge the inter
est upon such bonds as it shall mature
from time to time, shall, from time
to time, be paid by said city to the
trustee or trustees of such bonds in
stead of to the grantees as herein
named, when and as such hydrant
rentals are paid under the terms of
this ordinance by said town of Mc
Minnville, and all payments so made
to such bonds so long as the same re
main due and unpaid, and any sur
plus not so payable and the whole
Hfter said bonds shall have been dis
charged shall be paid 'r by said
city to said grantees, there successors
or assigns. Provided, however, that
in the making of the payments as
aforesaid to the trustees as aforesaid,
the said town shall be subjected to n
additional trouble, liability or ex
pense, than it would be in paying the
said rentals direct to said grantee-:
their successors or assigns.
And provided further, that said
town shall incur no liability what
ever as to the application of said ren
tals to the payment of such interests,
but when such payments are made to
such trustee, the same shall be a com
plete exoneration of said town from
such rentals.
Section xiv. In the event the
town ot McMinnville, at any time
after the expiration of seven years
desire to purchase said water works,
the grantees, their successors and as
signs do hereby bind themselves to
sell and convey said works to said
city on the following terms and con
ditions, viz: 1st. The town of Mc
Minnville shall give said water com
pany ninety (90) days written notice
of their intention and desire to pur
chase said works. 2nd. The consid
eration for said works shall be paid
in cash. 3rd. The price of said sys
tem of water works, with its proper
ty and privileges shall be fixed by
three disinterested appraisers; one t
be chosen by said town, and by said
grantees, and one by said two ap
praisers jointly; and when said price
is fixed the same shall Immediately
be paid by said town to the grantee-:,
their successors and assigns, and all
the property and privileges of said
water company shall be turned over
at once and placed in possession of
said town, provided; that in no case
shall said purchase price, or appraise
ment, be less than the actual cost of
said works.
Section xv. It is finally ordained
that ail ordinances or parts of ordi
nances in conflict with the provisions
of this ordinance or any part thereof,
be and the same are hereby repealed
and that this ordinance shall take ef
fect and be in force from and after it
passage, the welfare of the corpora
tions requiring it.
J. H. McDowell lias sold the Week
ly Toil or to Knox Taylor, formerly
of the Fayetteville Sun. McDowell
says lie will give his whole time to
"field work, building up and
strengthening the order in Tenne--see,"
which means, read between tli"
lines, whooping up things for the
sub-treasury scheme and for McDow ell
for the I". S. Senate. In other
w i.nls. rreale as much distention ;i
ti poMe in lb" ranks f the Detie:
i.i.i erulic parly in Tcnin -rc.

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