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A Household Remedy
Id) o)
Botanic Blood Ba!m
form ot malignant SKIN ERUPTION, be
tides being efficacious Intoning up the
system and restoring the constitution,
when Impaired from any cause. Its
almost supernatural healing properties
Justify us In guaranteeing a cure, II
directions are followed.
CCIIT tore nAtrsraATEn
OLNI rlttC "Book of Wander."
BLOOD BALM CO., Atlanta. Ga.
tr Hutu fortimrhiv0tn maWt
,i(k'V miiH Mr tie, iv aimii. i niTr Aii'tiii,
Vii.-.i i "! Munii, loirao, imio,
IA -r '.w.... ,ll..ll,r.ll,iH..Iil1 Wht
7 ' v.... I.. .1.. .. 1U
't Ittnitn, Mhrrrvvr you ar. Kven bt
frirmfr nrv nUy ea miliar Avid $& to
Hniarlriy, AH itfi. ttt.liow you now
nd tit h rt ym. Cti work In timt
iir all th itnin, Uif money tor work
er . Fall art unknown among thm.
N KV and wonderful, rarttrulan trtt.
U.llnUetUfc 'o.,Hok WHO INrtluud. Maine
(general jgiretforti.
Time Table Mel! & K S B
There's a saying !il and rusty
But good lis iinv netl
"Never trouble trouble
Till trouble troubles yon."
Trouble's like ii thistle,
I'l.'il li:n .' illn!!'.' the way;
It cannot fail to grab you,
Sunn- oilier I u i r tiny.
But why not wulk around 1 1 V
Thill's just what you ecu do,
Why should yon 'rouble. trouliiC
Before it tronliles you?
Trouble is u humble bee,
It keeps you nlwa; s vexed;
It s-iirely mean to Mini; voli,
I lie next time ur the next.
But bless you, bee thinks only
Of breakfasts dipped in dew;
Keep right nlicad this trouble
Will never trouble you.
Ob merry little travelers,
Along life's sunny ways,
When bumble bees and thistles
Affright you at your plays,
Remember the old promise
That your'sorrows shall be ft w,
If you never trouble trouble,
Till trouble troubles you.
The First Step.-
Perhaps you it re run down,
can't cut, Ciin't sleep, can't think,
ciin't do anything to your satisfaction
and yon wonder what ails you. You
should heed the warning, vou are
taking the Hist step into Nervous
Prostration. You need a Nerve Ton
ic and in Electric Hitters you will
Iind the exact remedy for restoring
your nervous system lo its normar
'healthy condition. Surprising re
sults follow the use of this great
Nerve Tonic and Alterative. Your
appetite returns, good digestion is
restored, and the Liver and Kidneys
resume healthy action. Try a bottles
Price 50cts at
Drug Store.
Ritchey A Unstick'
A fine story is tjld that when
Goethe had become famous, a very
young man glibly asked him: "What
is experience?" Goethe's answer was
this: "Experience, my young friend,
is that experience which a man ex
periences in experiencing his experi
ence." The young man turned on his
heel with the remark: "You are a
fool." Years after he came to Goethe-
and acknowledged that his too fresh
question had received the only possi
ble answer. New York Sun.
The First Horse. Car.
It was in 1831 that I devised the
lirst street car, or omnibus, us it was
then called, writes Mr. John Stephen
s n in The Ladies' Home Journal.
This ear was composed of an exten
sion to a coach body, with seats
lengthwise instead of crosswise. On
the outside of the vehicle was printed
"Omnibus," in large letters. People
would stand and look at this word,
and wonder what it meant. "Who
is Mr. Omnibus?" many of them
woula inquire. I had a shop of my
own nt this time, and there I built
the first horse-car. It was run for
the first time In 1832, lrom Prince
street in the Uowery, to Fourteenth
street. Tins car had three compart-
ments of ten seats each, entrance be
ing had from the sides. On the top
there were also three rows of seats,
facing back and front, seating thirty
Sheriff's Sale.
In Circuit Court of M'unrn County.
Jones llrost vs. llenrv Webb.
IN opedienee to
me bv tlie lb
rr of !
Cireiiil (Vint of
ill Us January
bv. Sparta...
" Doyle....
" Holders
" Walling
" Itoek Island.
" Rowland
Morrison ...
" Manehester ,
r.1 Tullalionia...
Freight Pass.
;0 50 rid. 3 0." am.
11 20 am. 'A 3f am.
1 1 45 urn. 3 54 am.
11 55 am. 4 02 am.
..12 05 pm. 4 10 am.
..12 45 pin. 4 35 mil.
..115 pm. 5 05 am.
,. 1 45 put. 5 25 am.
.. 2 10 pm. 5 45 em
.. 2 35 pm. (i 05 inn.
.. 3 15 pm. ti 30 am.
.. 4 15 jn 7 20 am.
Tullalionia 10 00 am.
" Manchester 10 45 am.
" Summitville 1115 am.
" Morrison 11 35 am.
" Smartt 11 55 am.
" McMinnville 12 15 pm.
" Rowland 12 45 pm.
" Rock Island 1 05 piu.
,. Walling 1 13 pm.
' Holder 1 21 pm.
" Doyle 1 40 pm.
Ar. Sparta 2 05 pm.
rassenuer trains pass 1 ullaboma going
south 9 53 a in, 10 24 p in and a 5.) p m ; go
ing north, 4 32 p m, 2 58 a in, 7 32 a m.
5 30 am.
(i 30 urn.
7 00 am,
7 25 am
7 50 am.
8 15 urn.
8 hO am.
9 i; am.
II 25 am
9 35 am
9 55 am.
10 25 am.
Consumption Cured.
An old physician, retired from
practice, having had placed in his
hands by an East India missionary
the formula of a simple vegetable
remedy for the speedy and perma
nent cure of Consumption, Uroiichitis,
Catarrh, Asthma and all thr at and
Lung Affections, also a positive and
radical cure for Nervous Debility and
all Nervous Complaints, after having
tested its wonder! til curative powers
in thousands of cases, bus felt it his
dutv to make it known to his suffer
ing fellows. Actuated bv.this motive
and a desire to relieve hitman suffer
ing, I will send free of charge, to all
who desire it, this recipe, in (Jertnan,
French or English, with full direc
tions for preparing and using Sent
by mail by addressing with stamp,
naming this paper, V. A. Noyks,
820 Powers' Hlock, Rochester, N. Y.
Thr Eest Result.
Tullahoma to McMinnville Arrives 12:10 p.
in.: leaves o:20 a. m., daily except feunuays,
McMinnville to Sparta Arrives 5:30 i.m.
leaves 12:00 p.m.; daily except teuuduys.
Through mail to and from bevoiid Tulhe
noma, arrives 8.00 a. m., leaves, 12.00 m..
lieershcba Springs Arrives 6:30 p.m.;
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; leaves
6:00 a. in , same days.
Smithville (route No.l9355)-arrlvesl2:00
in., Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays;
leaves 1:00 p.m., same days.
Woodbury Arrives 12 m., Wednesdays
sud Saturdays; leaves 1:00 p.m., same days.
Horse Shoe Falls Arrivesl2:00 m., Wed
nesdays a::d Fridays; leaves 2:00 p. m..
same days.
Methodist Uev. J. T. Curry,
(astor ; services every Sunday morning aiid
'light. Sunday-school at 9)i A. t. Prayer
meeting Wednesday uight.
Christian Services every Sunday. Prayei
meeting Wednesday night.
Presbyterian Uev. J. I). Murray, pastor.
Preaching every Sunday morning and night;
prayer meeting every Wednesday night.
Sunday-school every Sunday moving at 9
Cumberland Presbyterian Rev! G. T.
Stainback pastonservicesevery Sundav and
at night; pruycrmeeting Wednesday night.
Sunday-school L'.-JO a. ni.
NapHst Dr. A. I. Phillips, pastor.
Preaching every Sunday mottling and
night. Prayer meeting every Wednesday
night, fuinuav school 9:.30 a. in.
Every ingredient employed in pro
ducing Hood's Sarsaparilla is strictly
pure, and is the besof its kind it is
possible to buy. All the roots and
herbs are carefully selected, personal
ly examined, and only the best, re
tained. So that from the time of pur
chase until Hood's .Sarsaparilla is pre
pared, everything is carefully watch
ed with a view to attaining the best
result. Why don't you try it?
Shiloh's Consumption Cure.
This is beyond question the most
siiccrssful Cough .Medicine we have
ever sold, a few dos. s invariably cur1
the worst cases of Cough, Croup, and
Uronchitis, while it's wouderf'td suc
cess in the cure of Consumption is
without it parallel in the history of
medicine. Since its lirst discovery
it has been sold on a guarantee, a
test which, no other medicine can
stand. If you haven Cough we ear
nestly ask you to trv it. Price 10
cents, SO cents, and !?1 ,(. If your
lungs are sore. Chest or Hack lame,
use Shiloh's Porus Plaster, f-old by
V. II. Fleming. 4.
Why suffer? Preston's "Hed-Ake"
will cure you.
The 64-- -65 Mystery.
Tired feeling, dull headache, pains
in various parts of the body, sinking
at the pit of the stomach, loss of ap
petite, feverishness, pimples or sores,
are all positive evidence of piosoned
blood. No matter bow it became
poisoned it must be purified to avoid
death. Dr. Acker's English Blood
Elixir has never failed to remove
scrofulous or syphilitic poison. Sol
under a positive guarantee. For sale
by W. II. Fleming. :5
J gThe earliest date on which Easter
can fall is on March '22, and this only
in case the moon is full on March 21
when this dale lianoc-ns to law on
Saturday. This combination of cir
cumstances is extremely rare; it oc
curred in b'J'.lo, 17(!1, 1S71, ami will
happen again in l!)!Hi, 207 (J and 21 lo,
while (Turing the three following
centuries it is not mice "on the
books" at this early date. On the
other hand, Easter never falls later
than April 2"th; this was the case in
lO 'ti, 17'M and IS8U, and will happen
once in the next century, namely in
Some of the Crand Armv boys
maybe interested in the following
from Alex. !5. Pope, A. I). C, Com
mander, Dep't. Tennessee and (Jeor
gia. Ho says: "We have bad an
epidemic of whooping cough here,
(Stewart, Tenn.) and Chamberlains
Cough Remedy lias been the only
medicine that has done any good."
There is no danger from whooping
cough when this remedy is freely
given. It completely controls the
disease, .".o cent bottles for sale by
Ritchey & Rostick, Druggists, Mc
Minnville, Ten nessee .
English Spavin Liniment removes
all Hard, Soft or Calloused Lumps
and Rlemishes from horses, Rlood
Spavin, Curbs, Splints, Ring Rone,
Sweeney, Mines, Sprains, Sore and
Swollen Throat, Coughs, ect. Save
$o0 by use of one bottle. Warrante
the most wonderful Rlcmish Cur
ever known. Sold by Ritchky &
Rostick, Druggist.
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint.
Is it not worth the small price ol 75
cents to free yourself of every symp
torn of these distressing complaints.
If you think so call at our store and
get a bottle of Shiloh's Vitalizer.
Every bottle has a prin ted guarante
on it. Use accordingly, and if it does
you no good it will cost you nothing.
Sold by W. II. Fleming. 5
in oidt
Warren County, Tenn.
lerm, inu, i win sell en
Saturday, ilsy 9th, 1S91,
nl the Courthouse door in MeMi -nville,
Tei. ii., to tin IhuIksi bidder, for ensli, the
rever.-iomi y inieiest of lli-iny Webb in the
following described lot in t he" town of Mc
Minnville. Tenn., on which he now lives,
to-wit: Hounded "n the mrih by Thomp
son, on ihesoulhby Young, on liie east
by (.i"o. Sieedlv, on the w est by the street.
Levied on Hud to be sold us the prop-rty
of Henry Webb, to sntisfy a judi-inei.t ob
tained iiunii'M him in favor of Jones Ilros.,
before C. ti. block. J. P., on the 2Sdi dav of
August, 1890, for the sum cf $11.05, together
with costs of this suit.
This April 10th, 1891,
I.L. RHKAY, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Sale.
In Circuit Court of Warren County.
Wouinck Si Colville vs. II. M. fc G. W.
New by.
A great deal of unhappiness in
home life comes from misunderstand
ing the people one lives with. Each
of us more or less affected by the
personal impression of a conversa
tion, incident or episode. The way
it strikes us is very apt to push quite
out of sight the way it may strike
another. In consequence, we mis
interpret moods or attribute to our
kindred motives which have never
occurred to them. The quiet man
ner is taken to mean irritation when
it is simply weariness, or impulsive
speech is supposed to spring from
anger, when it may have its origin
in embarrassment or in indiscretion.
At all events, life would be smoother
in many a home if everybody would
endeavor to understand his or her
neighbor in the home, and if every
body were taken at the best, and not
at the worst valuation.
IN obedience to on order of sale insued to
me by the Honorable Circuit Court of
Warren County, at its luouury Term, 1891,
I will tell on
SVlTllliAY, nX , 1S91.
at the Courthouse dior in McMinnville,
Tenn., to the highest bidder, for cash, the
leinaiudei and reversionary interest of H.
M. Newby iind G. W. Newhy in aim to the
following described real estate, to-wit:
A tract of land lying in the 12lh civil dis
trict of Warren County, Term., bounded on
the north by the lands of James Wimley, on
the east by the lands of . I. M. Davenport, on
the so'ith by the lands of Tom Rust, M. S.
Oliver and W. W. Allen, on the west by the
lands of Samel lirateher and wife, Caroline
Brati'lier, containing in all two hundred
Levied on and to be sold as' the roiertv
of II. M. an I (J. W. Newby. lo satisfy n
judgement obtained asainst them in favor
of Womack it Colville, on the 2d dy of
September, 18-i9, before S. V. Vanliooser, J.
P., fur lire sum cf $17.57, together with the
costs of said suit. This April Kith, 18:'l.
I. L. RIIEAY, Sheriff.
Sherds Sale.
t. Circuit Court of Uorren County.
Barton it Jones vs.
Tbos. Fa l ies.
The following curious puzzle beats
the celebrated "1:M"-11" enigma a
few years ago, and is well worth in
vestigation. Take a strip of card
board or paper 10 inches long and "
wide, thus giving a surface of (55
inches. Now cut this strip diagonal
ly, as true as you can.the result being
from the
larger end of each strip, and cut each
nlIANCLL-Mts4th Monday in May and two pieces in shape of triangles
J November; W. S. Bcarden, Chancellor; , r
J. C. Biles, Clerk. measure exactly live inches fro
ftlRCUIT-Sits 2d Monday iu January; larger end of each strip, and cu
U May, and September; M.D. Smallman, itl two pieces. Take your four pieces
.fudge; W. V.whitson. Attorney-General. . . iU . , P
I. W. Smith Clcrt. . aud put them in the shape of an ex-
riOUNTY Sits bv quorum 1st Monday in act square, and it will appear to be
U every month ; full court every quarter; just 8 inches each way, or (54 square
r. iu. itniiuu-h, r.Hii.. iiiairiiiuti : iv. Ji.
Hammer, Clerk.
Rhe:iy, Sheriff; W. W. Mullican, Regis
ter; Win. G. Kttei, Trustee and Tax Col
lector; John F. St. John, Tax Asscssser;
). F. Brnster, Ranger; I. L. Rheay,
Jailer; . N. Mitchell, County Superintend
ent ot 1'uulio instruction.
ul Carson; Aldermen, W. S. Lively, W.
II. Sagar, W.C. Arledu'e, G. Iloodenpvl,
John B. Biles, A. H. laulkner. Street
Committee, (J. W. Iloodenpvl, W. II. Sagar,
J. 15. Bile
Dr. L. A. Guild, Atlanta, Ga
writes: "m. Sealock, living on
my place, had an ugly running ulcer
on his arm which ordinary remedies
failed to control. As a last resort I
placed him on a use of R. R. P.. and
the ulcer began to heal at once, and
effected an entire cure. It is a rem
etly well worthy of confidence."
A gigantic pendulum. A bronze
wire a hundred metres long, with a
steel globe weighing ninety kilo
grammes at the end has been sus
pended in the Eiffel Tower.to demon
strate visibly the motion of the earth.
7t &. A. M. -Warren No. 125 1st Thursday
' . night in every month, in their hall over
McGnr.E, W. M.
the court room.
Hi nigntiu cverv inontii.
W. W. FxinriANKS, H. r.
I O.' O. F. McMinnville, No. 146;every
L. I ucsdny night, xn their liall over Worn.
ack k (. olville a store.
I. X. Marsh, N. G.
L V, Gaut.nki:, Secretary.
Rebekah Degree, meets First Thursday
uigiit in each month.
Mrs. W. S. Livkly, N. G.
Mr.s. J. H. SiiERKlLl., Secretary.
frvir.tr'r.-i np irnvnn r.,.,: r-t.
No. UO; meets in Masonic hall 2d and
4th Monday mghtsin every month.
Tnos. Black.Ri p. G. W. Biuttais, P.
IV. and 4thThursdsynightsineverymonth
h. I. LIVKLY, r.
inches a loss of 1 square inch of su
perficial measurement, with no di
minution of surface. The question
is, what becomes of that inch?"
If fails, money refunded ; Preston's
Happy Hoosiers.
Wm. Timmons, Postmaster of Ida-
ville, Ind., writes: "Electric Ritterr
has done more for me than all othos
medicines' combined, for that bad
feeling arising from Kidney and
Liver trouble." John Leslie, larmer
and stockman, of same place, savs:
"Find Electric Ritters to be the best
Kidney and Liver medicine, made
me fee) like a new man." J. V.
Gardner, hardware merchant, same
town, says: "Electric Ritters is just
the thing for a man who is all run
down and don't care whether he
lives or dies; he found new strength,
good appetite anil felt just like lie
hail a new lease on life. Onlv 0
cents a bottle, at Ritchey A- Rostick's
J rug store. 2
Important! Salvation Oil the
greatest cure on earth for pain, is on
ly twenty-five cents.
Another child killed by the use of
opiates given in the form ot Soothing
syrup. Why mothers give their
children such deadly poison is
surprising when they can relieve the
child ot its peculiar troubles by using
Dr. Acker's Raby Sqother. It
tains no opium or morphine,
sale by W. II. Fleming.
The only Guaranteed permanent
ure for all forms of headache and
Neuralgia. Relieves in 15 to 2o min
utes. A great blood cleanser and
nerve tonic, that in time permanent
ly cuses. Sold by W. II. Fleming,
McMinnville, Tenn, at 50 cents per
Are cctivo, effective aud pure. For
uck headache, disordered stomach,
oss of appetite, bad complexion and
biliousness, they have never been
equaled, either in America or abroad.
r or sale by W. II. Homing. 1.
N obedience to an cAlerof pale issued to
me bv the llonora de Circuit Court of
Warreu County, nt its J.uiu; iy Term, is;ir
I will sell on
nt the Courthouse door in McMinnville,
Tenn., to the highest bidder, for cash, the
reversionary interest of Thos. It. F.arles in
the following described real esiiite, hnwit :
A tract f land lving in the 12th civil dis
trict of Warreu County, Tenn., containim:
100 acres, more or less, ami hounded ns fol
lows: On the liorlb bv the binds of .1. S.
Denbv and Bvrd Fowler, on the cnt bv the
lands of M. Y. Troglen, or the south bv the
lan's of Sain . anhooser. on the west
bv the lands of J. S. Denbv
Levied on and to be sold lis the propertv
of Thomas R. Earles, to satisfy a judgment
obtained against him in favor of Burton A
Jones, before 1. M Keele, mi acting Justice
of the peace for Cannon County, Tenn., on
the ith day ot rem, lh.M, lor the sum ot
$75.00, together with post of this Miit.
This April Kith, 1891.
I. L. RHEAY, Sheriff.
Hie thoroughly great men are
those who have done everything
thoroughly, and who have never de
spised anything, however small, of
God's making. ltuskin.
harmles- Ph -ton'
In almost every neighborhood
throughout the west there is some
one or more persons whose lives
have been saved by Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrlnea Remedy,
or who have been, cured of chronic
diarrlma by it. Such persons take
especial pleasure i n recommending
the remedy to others: The praise
that follows its introduction and use
makes it very popular. 25 and 5l
cent bottles for sale by Ritchey A
Rostick, Druggists, McMinnville.
A watch made wholly of iron, and
in perfect running order, was recent
ly exhibited at a lair in Worcester-,
shire, England. The object was to
illustrate the malleability antl useful
ness of iron.
I Subscribe for the Standard, $1.
Rucklcu's Arnica Salve.
The Rest Salve in the world for
Cuts, Rruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, I-ever Sores, letter, Chap
pod Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles, or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
money ree funded Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by Ritchey A Rostick.
A live Insurance or Real Estate
Agent in this place to organize a
branch for The People's Ruilding,
Loan and Saving Association of Ge
neva, N. Y. Loans tilled promptly.
A liberal contract will be written.
Address early with references, E. A.
Walton, Geneva, N. Y.
Headache and Neuralgia like a
dream fades away under the magic
influence of Megrimine. Free sain
pie on application. The Dr. White
hall Megrimine Co., South Rend,
' Chamberlain's Eye and Skin
A certain cure for Chronic Soro Eyof,
Tetter, Salt llheuni, Scald Head, Old
C hronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, I'rairio Scratches, Soro Nipples
and Tiles. lL h cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases havo been cured by
it after all other treatment had failed.
It is put up in 23 and 50 cent boxes.
For Sale Ry Ritchey A Rostick.
Non-Resident Notice.
In Chancery ut MeMin)nilU Taut.
Win. llenncssee et als., vs. Luster Henncssee
ct ttls.
IN this cause, it appearing lo the satisfac
tion of the Clerk and Master from Com
plainant's bill, which is sworn to, that the
lef'8,Luster Hennessee and husband, whose
name is unknown, Gilbert Henncssee, John
Hennessee, Audley Hennessee and Idell
Hennessee are non residents of the State of
nnessee so that the ordinarv process of
law cannot be served on them. It is there
fore ordered that publication be made for
four consecutive weeks in the SoilllKP.N
Stasiwkd, ii newspaper published in Mc
Minnville, lean., requiring said Defendants
to appear heforc the Chancery Court to be
held at the Courthouse in McMinnville,
Tenn., on the Ith Monday in May nxt, then
and there to p'ead, answer or demur to
Complainant's bill or same w ill be taken for
confessed us to them, and cause set for hear
ing ex parte. This April Kith, 1891.
j. t . uti.r;s, c a m.
F. M. Smith and Tbos. C. Lind, Solicitors
for Complainants.
One hundred and fifty (150) worm
from two doses of Dr. Fennel's Pleass
ant Worm Syrup. Sit his circular
Monev refunded if satisfaction not
civen. For sale by J. D. Tate A Co
Subscribe for the STANDARD.
Manv Persons
Are l-Mhen clown Iron owrivork or household
cures Brown's Iron Jiitter
rel.Uil.U liic svii.-m. aids lii:ctiou. r -iin.ves n- i
i.-ostif oiic.aii'i ri:cs iui1m. i.ei iiiacu'iine. lor neauacM
Sheriff's Sale.
In Circuit Cowl of Uurmi County.
Womack & Colville vs. G. W. & H. M.
IN obedience to an order of sale issued to
me bv the IIAiorable Circuit Court of.
Warren Countv, Tenn., nt its January term.
1891.1 will sell ou
Saturday, May 9, 1891,
nt the Courthouse door in McMinnville
Tenn., to the highest bidder, for cash, the
remainder and reversionary interest ot i,.
W. Newby and II. M. Newby in an I to tin
following described real estate, to-wit :
A tract of land lying in the 12th civil dis
trict of Warren County, Tenn., and bounded
as follows: On the north bv the lends ot
Wimley, on the east by the lands of J. M.
Davenport, on the south by the lands of
Tom Rust and W. S. Oliver, on the south
ly the lands of Samuel Bratcher and w ife,
Caroline Bratcher, known as the old Mis
souri triet. containing in all two hundred
acres. Levied on and to h sold us t Im
properly of (i. W. and H. M, Newby, te
satisfy a judgment obtained aeain.st t.akj
(i. W. and 11. M. Newby ns principal-!. ;md
J. M. Davenport ai "stave-, in favor of
Womack A: Colville', before S. Y. Yauhooser.
J. P., on the 24th day of August, ls: for
the sum of $ ".(M, together with the costs .i
said suit. This levy is made subject ton
levy made on the same bind, and in favor ot
Womack & Colville, against (lie said II. M.
and G. W. Newbv, the 20lh day of Feb.
Sil. This April loth, IM'I.
I. L. IMILWY, Sheriff.
Preston'." "Hed-Ake" ) a speclie

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