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13,. rix-ii-iviis, .
One. Year $100
Six Months CO
Three Months 25
OUll AG i:ts.
The following agents are authorized to
eeeive ami receipt for subscriptions to Hie
Standard :
I'. G. POTTEU Dibrell, Tt-im
GEO. W. PARKS, Irving College, "
.1. It. 11AMSEY Viola, "
T. B. BILKS Sparta, "
JNO. AUCiO ..... Morrison, "
W. A. MOORE Rock Island, "
Wn da nut pulvHsh n mionyiiKnis commit
ieati'itiH under any circumstance:!. Tiie
real name, of the author must accompany
every communication, or else it will ho con
signed t; the; waste haskc t. We do not pub
ris'i tin; names of correspondents, hut want
I hern simply as a guarantee of gocd faith.
All calls on candidate'-, ohituarii ;j, trih
Ues of respect, etc., are charged for c.s ad
vertising matter. ISiiiipleatinouueements of
l:.!!;, marriages, etc., will be published
'ith,iiit chnr-.'o, and our friend.-: iJl over the
county will confer a favor by furnishing as
with sarti as soon after their occurence as
Tin: nomination of Stephen V.
Klkir.s as Secretary of War, was con
iinucil by the Senate l ist Tuesday
Tin-: Tennessee Farmer, Nashville,
has heen chartered under the laws of
the State and organized into a joint
stock company. The paper will lie
enlarged and improved.
Speaker Crisp addressed a note
to Mr. Mills asking him if he would
itceept the second place on the Ways
and Means Committee, and in a very
courteous reply Mr. Mills declined
the place.
CoxfiKEssMAx Washington of
the Sixth District, is entitled to the
tendered com misseration Sockless
Simpson, of the wild and woolly
West, has been assigned to his Com
mittee on Territories.
It looks very much like tiiiscoun
try was going to have trouble with
Chili. The news from that country
indica'f ' that the Chilians are anx
ious to measure swords with the
Tnitcd States, and this government
is rapidly massing a fleet in the Pa
cific ocean.
Diking the Speakership contest
( !ov. Buchanan spent several days in
Washington, and afterward went to
New York with other State officials
to arrange for a loan of $'2"0,0()0 to
meet the January intercut on the
State debt. The State's revenues
seem inadequate to meet its obliga
tions, Jand it looks inevitable that
the next Legislatuee will ltave to
raise the rate of taxation or else find
more property to assess.
The Nashville American should
swallow its dish of Speakership crow
more gracefully, f.nd not keep
spewing it out upon all Democrats
who do not altogether share its over
weaning admiration of Mr. Mills or
its very narrow opinion of Mr. Crisp.
We know that crow is very hard to
swallow at best, and the dish which
the American now has before it is
particularly rank and unpalatable,
but gagging over it won't improve it
n particle, and the longer the Amer
ican puts off gulping it down the
mora nausoating will it become. The
American is probably entitled to
some degree of sympathy at the pros
cnt time, owing to the fact that its
digestive organs have been sadly out
of repair ever since the great McDow
ell-Iiuchanan-McConnell clam bake
of 1890, when that journal imbibed so
much or tne essence ot the uncanny
bivalve rs to render it just a little de
lirious, and although it has strugglec
desperately at times it has never yet
entirely overcome the bad effects of
that high old jamboree. The paper
is certainly not doing either itself or
the Democratic party any good by its
present course. It should take oog-
nizanceof the fact that Mr. Crisp is
Speaker of the House, he was
elevated to the position by a majority
of the Democratic members of that
body, and immediately abandon the
work to which it has been so assidu
ously addressing itself for the last
two weeks, of manufacturing cam
paign thunder for the Republicans.
The Grand Jury of Bedford Coun-
ty, last week, brought in an indict
ment charging Brotn R. Whitthorne,
ex-Cashior of the defunct National
Bank of Shelbyviile, with changing
public records and with purloining
official paper. It is charged that
Whitthorne changed the book nf the
J'ax Assessor of Shelbyviile
The House Committees.
Speaker. Crisp announced his full
ist of committees in the House
Wednesday. Following tire the
three most prominent committees in
Ways and Means. Win. M.
Springer of Illinois, Benton McMillin
of Tennessee, II. C. Turner of Geor
gia, W. L. Wilson of West Virginia,
A. Ji. Montgomery of Kentucky, J.
It. Whiting of Michigan, 11. J.
Shively of Indiana, W. Bourke
Cochnm of New York, Moses T.
Stevens of Massachusetts, W. J.
Bryan of Nebraska, T. B. Heed of
Maine, J. C. Burrows of Michigan,
Joseph McKeuna of California, S. E,
Payne of New York, John Dalzell of
Appropriations. W. S. Ilolman of
Indiana, W. II. Forney, J. I). Say
res, Breckenridge of Kentucky, A.
M. Dockery, William Mutcher, C. It.
Brackenridge of Arkansas, Barnes
Compton, J. II. O'Neill of Massachu
setts, L. F. Livingston. D. It. Hen
derson, Win. Cogswell, II. II. Bing
ham, Nelson Dingley, W. W.
G route.
Coinage, Weights and Measures.
B.P.Bland, Charles Trawy, J. P.
Williams, C. B. Kilgore, S. M. Bob-
inson, Hi je Pierce, J. A. Eppes, G.
F. Williams, of Massachusetts. W.A.
McKeiglmm, II. II. Barline, Aimer
Taylor of Illinois, T. W. Stone of
Pennsylvania, M. N. Johnson of
North Dakota.
Jas. I). Richardson ot the Fourth
Tennessee district, gets the chair
manship of the Committee on Print
ing, and Jas. E. Washington of the
Fifth District Chairmanship of Com
mittee on Territories. Millin goes to
the second place on the Ways and
Means Committee, and Snodgrass
gets a place on the Pacific Roads
Committee. The other Tennessee
members are assigned as follows:
Taylor. Elections, Invalid Pen
llouk. Pension?, War Claims,
Fxpenditures Postolflce Department.
Cox. Banking and Currency,
5 Enloe. War Claims, Postoflice and
Pierce. Cainage, Weights and
Measures, Levees and Improvements
Patterson. Interstate and Foreign
Commerce, Rivision of the Laws.
Richardson is also on the District
of Columbia Committee.
Death of Senator Plumb.
Hon. Preston B. Plumb, United
States Senator from Kansas, died at
Washington last Sunday morning at
11:30 o'clock, of apoplexy, superin
duced by overwork. He had been
warned by his physician two weeks
before hand to quit work and take
a rest, but he failed to heed the warn
ing. His death removes from the
ranks of the Senate one of the fore
most, and most useful men on the Re
publican side. Washington dis
patches give the following brief
sketch of Senator Plumb's life:
Senator Plumb was born in Dele
ware County, Ohio., Oct. 12, 1837, so
that he was in his 54th year at the
time of his death. He was not a col
lege graduate, but left the common
schools for the printer's case, and in
pursuance of his vocation as a jour
neyman printer in 18.j(, in
the bloody days ot the his
tory and newly organized territory of
Kansas, walked into that Territory,
and with tho vigor and indefatigable
energy which has throughout his life
been his chief characteristic the
young man plunged at once in
to the thick of hot political strife
which was then waging over the
State slavery question. He at once
went to the front and was chosen a
member of the Leavenworth Const!
tutional convention of 1851). He was
admitted to the bar in 1801, when
the place of his adoption became a
State of the Union; served in the
Legislature in 1802, was Chairman of
the Judiciary Committee, and subse
quently reporter of the Supreme
When the war broke out lie enter
ed the array as Second Lieutenant in
the Eleventh Kansas Infantry and
served successively as Captain,
Major and Lieutenant Colonel of that
regiment, and was commiasioned a
Colonel of the same regiment in Au
gust, 1802.
After the war Mr. Plumb, return
ing to Kansas, was elected a member
and Speaker of the Kansas House of
Representatives, and in 1S70 was
chosen United States Senator to suc
ceed James M. Harvey, Republican
He took his Feat in 1877 and has rep
resented his State as a Senator ever
since that time. II w term of office
would have expired March.'1,. 10-5
Undoubtedly Senator Plumb has
succeeded in stamping his strong in
dividuality upon the legislative his
tory of tho United States in more per
manent character than have the
the majority of his colleagues. He
was a man of most positive views,
but always had a keen appreciation
of the line of separation between the
impracticable and the expedient,
His devotion to Republican princi
ples was beyond question, but he
never hesitated to point out what he
regarded as mistakes in the policy
outlined by the party leaders and to
use his best efforts to correct them.
He was peculiarly fitted to grasp de
tails. That faculty found ample
field for exercise in the discharge of
his functions as a member of the
Senate Committee on Appropriations,
and it was frnnerally understood
among his broil.- r senators that Sen
Plumb was unimpeachable in any
statements he made concerning the
intricate machinery of the Govern
ment service. He was chairman of
the Committee on Public Lands and
a member of the Committee o:i Agri
culture, Executive Departments,
Method and Administrative service of
the Senate.
Senator Plumb's social qualities
were highly esteemed in Washing-
A. . . . II
ion ami ins presence was always ap
preciated at social gatherings and a
the club of which ho was a member.
His interests were large, for Senator
Plumb was a wealthy man, and in
addition to his senatorial duties he
was actively concerned in railrcnd
and industrial enterprises and was
widely known In financial circles as
an indefatigable worker.
They Eave His Sympathy.
Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle.
Mr. McDowell is reported as saying
in a speech at Knoxville, referring to
the action of the miners in turning
the convicts loose upon the country,
burning the stockades and robbing
stores, "their last action was very
wrong, but very human. While I
condemn their action as unlawful and
wrong, I say they have my sym
pathy." This is mighty hard on
Gov. Buchanan, whose friend and
appointee Mr. McDowell is. It is
also very hard on tho Alliance peo
ple whom he represents, and who
claim to be law abiding people. How
will the Governor bo able to restore
peace and uphold the majesty of the
law if his friends go out preaching
this way to tho lawless ?
Didn't Want Any More Like Enloe.
A Washington special in the
American of Tuesday contained the
A good joke has. just been made
public at the expense of Mr. Enloe,
of Tennessee, who was one of Mr.
Reed's most bitter and uncompro
mising enemies in the last Congress.
Enloe was noted for his antagonism
to Reed's rules and never lost an
opportunity to express his contempt
for them and their author, but al
ways, of course, within the parlia
mentary limit. It is related that a
member from North Carolina, Maj.
McClammy, a diminutive specimen
of piney woods statesman, was so
licitous to call up a local measure,
and failing on all occasions to catch
the coveted eye of the Speaker he
eventually approached the desk and
proceeded to argue the merits of his
proposed legislation, but to no pur
pose, for Reed would give him no
manner of assurance. Finally the
Major declared to Reed that this par
ticular bill was necessary for his peo
ple, and its passage or rejection in
volved his re-election. "And Mr.
Speaker," remarked McClammy, "I
warn you that if I fail to pass it, my
district will send a man here as my
substitute who for pure cussedness
will exceed Enloe, of Tennessee, as
the numeral ten exceeds the numeral
one." This argument is said to have
fetched Reed, and in his drawling,
nasal way he replied: "Well, Mac, if
you have a meaner Democrat than
Enloe in your parts who threatens
to break into this body, trot out your
bill and I will recognize you." And
he did.
The Supreme Court of Tennessee
adjourned last Tuesday until Mon
day, Jan. 5th.
Ten of the re-captured convicts,
who had been put to wor on an ex
tension of the West Nashville rail
road, made their escape from the
temporary place of confinement at
Cherokee Park early on Wednesday
The steamship Abyssinia, belong
ing to the (Jnion line, which left
New York Dec. b'lth, with a large
cargo of freight, mostly cotton, and a
f 'w passengers, was burned at sea.
The pH-M'tiors ami crew wei :;!1
res -lied.
An "Emphatic" Caution.
"Should we pronounce it a-men, or nh
men?" asked a choir singer, rather given
to flirtation, of a witty Detroit pastor.
"Just which you please, kny dear, " lw
said, "provided you do not let you melt
c,ut too much taken up with tho ' ineu.'"
One Dose for Them All.
"There goes a doctor, " said n Detroit
cynic, "who believes that foreign travel
is tho very best thing for his patients. "
"Doo3 he Bend them all abroad?"
"None of them. Lie goes every yeai
Force of Habit.
A lady who wished to weigh her baby,
2 months old, but who had no scales
at hand suitablo for tho purpose, took the
child to a neighboring butcher shop. The
butcher put the baby in his spring scales,
looked at tho dial, and remarked :
"With the bones and all, mum, it's MJ
pounds. Shall I "
"Howdaro you make such a surges
tiou!" screamed the woman, as she
snatched her baby, and rushed outof the
Cm-:svil!e Sentinel: II. Clay
Evans, it is said, can got his party's
nomination ior congress auri if he
will accept. It is po.v ib'e that Mr.
Evans will be his party's candidate
for governor.
St c ckholder;:-' Me e t ing.
The regular annual meeting of il stiUl
holders of the Peoples National Haul, wil
be held in the olliee .f the Bank
Tuesday, January 12, 1392.
For the election of a Hoard of Directors
for the ensuing year, and any other bnsine. a
that inav conic before tiieni.
FRANK CO BY I LLP., Cashier.
Pee. 10, lrV.U.
Stockholders' Meeting.
The regular anuria! meeting of the Mocli-
hohicrx of the National liank nf MeMinn
ville will tie held in the olliee of th Hank,
Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 1332,
For the purpose of electing a Hoard of Ii
reelors for the fiiMiinij year, nnd any other
biismes-i that iiinv eoioe before them.
ji:ssk WALUNC.
Dec. 12th, 1801. Cashier.
I have o.ie stallion and three jacks for
sale at low ligures. l'cdit;ree.s furnished on
1. 11. CJtJFFlTJl,
Dear Uraneh, Tenii.
Olliee of Deputy U. S. Revenue Collector,
4th Div. Mh Dist. Tenn.
MeMinnville, Tenn., Dec. 18, 1SSU.
IN purMianoe of Internal Pa-venue Law,
See. No. IMijO 11. IS. lie it known that on
the 8th of October, 191, Deputy Collector
Frank P. Smith, seized and took into pos
session on behalf of the United States, for
violation of the Internal Itevnue Law, sec
tions 3253, 3257 and 32;"9, the following de
scribed property, found on the premises of
V. X. Kell, in Kith Civil district of Warren
County, Tenn., near Morrison, to-wit: One
Copper Still. 70 callon capacity; four pack
Ages of Apple llrandy containing about one.
hundred and twanty-live gallons; 3010 gal
lons Apple Pomace, and tanks containing
same: 17o bushels of apples.
The owner or owners of this property are
hereby notified to come up and assert " their
claim thereto within 20 days of the first
publication of this notice.
Deputy Collector.
Lure, Double-Distilled Full 1'roo
Made of Apples of 1888 and 1800,
It was all made by Lawson Hill, for Med
ical Purposes, from good ripe apples. It is
in barrels, averaging 45 pallous each; and
home in kegs, holding 10 lo 11 gnllons each.
The barrels and kej'snre well made, of well
sensoned, all heart timber. Each barrel in
well bouud with eight good iron hoops, and
each keg is well bound with 6 good iron
hoops. Tax paid stamps are attached to
barrels and kegs, and everything done up
according to law, so they ran be shipped t
any part of the United" States. My price
for a ihart time will be
91.50 VIM ii AIXOX, CASH,
in lots of one or more barrels or kegs, (no
charge for barrels,) but one dollar charged
for each keg, delivered at my home or in the
depot at MeMinnville. The barrels and
kegs are all new and clean, Jiever having
had anything in them except the pure Fine
Ilrandy with which they are now filled.
I never maVe nor sell any spirits onlf
pure, full proof, double distilled, Apple
Brandy, of good ripe apples, and always, si
now, keep the Ilrandy in my own cellars at
my home till sold and shipped direct to the
purchaser, and payment must be made to
me for Iirnndy before or when it is deliver
ed or shipped. But when proper reference
and guarantee are givn, I ship by Express
C. O. 1). to the partv ordering; or'when it it
requested to ship by common freight, I
have bill of lading attached to my draft.
Brandy to be delivered when the draft ii
piiid. Wheie responsible parties, with prop
er reference guaranty, prefer to examine
the proof, etc., of the Brandy nt my home or
in the depot at MeMinnville, before shipped
on the ears, I will attend myself or by my
agent and afford thetn every proper facility
for doing so. But after it is shipped on the
cars in good order they must look to tilt
railrov.ls for any damage that may occur.
II. L. W. HILL, (Lawson Hill.)
! 1'. )., either MeMinnville, or
Irving Collese, Tenn.
.Inly rjoth, 1,:1.
Oftiee of Deputy V. S. Bevcnue Collector,
ttli 1 i v . iith Dist Ten n.
MeMinnville, Tenn., Dee. ISth, U'.'.'l.
V OTICF. is hereby given that I will sell
l.i to the highest bidder for cash, on the
public square in MeMinnville, Tenn., on
Wednesday, Deo. 30th, 1891,
at 1 o'eloek p. in., the following described
property: 1 Clipper still, oap and worm;
-SOU gallons Apple Poinaee ami tanks con
taining same; about. 2-10 gallons Apple
brandy; 1 Apple Mill; f,() gallons singlings.
The brandy and still will he at place of sale,
balance of property ran be seen at re sidence
of A. M. Duke, at Xaoln, Cannon Co., Tenn.
Deputy Collector.
John C. Hughes vs. Bonner it Merriinan.
IN obedietee to a decree of the Chancery
Court at MeMinnville, Tenn., I will sell
at the Courthouse door in MeMinnville,
Tenn., for eash on
Saturday, January Oth, 1292,
two tracts of land lyiuj in the 0th Civil Dis
trict of Warren County, Tenn., in what is
known as (iihhs' on the side mid top of
he in"u:it:'in, cue tract containing -17 acres
meie or less. Hi" oiI.it tiact containing 40
si'Tts inuiv or li-cs. '.lot h i t said tracts are
fully ilt ibed in iln-il made by ,1. C.
Hughes ii, .1. K. 1'. I .iiner and I. N. Merri
inan, which is- rccoi'iK d in the lieg'ler's of
fice, Book No. I". 1'a'ts Sii an-' t7, and is
re! i-i red t.i ;'o;- in uin n i h -,
This Dec !.", !:;. .!.('. Bi l.P.S, C. & M.
Chancery Sale.
Ale:;. (. Hack, eta!, vs. Martha V. Maury.
IN obedience to a decree of the Chancery
Court at MeMinnville, Tenn., rendered ii.
the clo ve styled 'cause, 1 will sell at the
( 'ourlhouse door in MeMinnville; Tenn , on
Saturday, the Nth day of Jan. lS'.'L', the fol
lowing ilesci ibed tiact of hind lying in the
11th civil district of Warren County, Tenn ,
about (i' i miles li-oni MeMinnville, on the
road leading to Woodbury, containing 017
aeies. more or les-i. Bounded on the north
by the binds of 11. C. Si.ni lock, o! the east
by the lauds of Smith, on the tith by
the Woodbury r-:l, and on the west by the
lands of J. C. and Win. Biles.
Terms of Sale. hi a credit of 12 months,
except ?;loii cash. Notes and good security
bearing interest from day of sale will be re
quired and lein retained. This Dec. 0, 1801.
J. C. BILES, C. & M.
Lecil Smith vs. Bonner &, Merriinan nnd
Miles Bonner.
IX pursuance to an order of sale in my
hands, issued from the Circuit Court of
Warrn County, in the above slyld case, I
will, at the Courthouse door in MeMinnville,
Tenn., on
Thursday, January 14th, 1892,
sell for cash to the highest bidder a tract, of
land, as iln property of Defendant, Miles
Bonner, lying in the 1st Civil District of
Warren County, containing 3d(l ncrea more
or less, bounded north by Bonner, south by
Merriinan, ea'-t by llitehev & Co , and west
by Locke, being the tract now occupied by
Defendant, Miles Bonner, as a linmestend.
The tract will he sold and the remainder in
terest in the boundary assigned ,?s home
stead will be sold a plat of which will he
exhibited on day of sale. This sale will be
made to pay a debt due the I'laintitV.
This Dec. 1(1, 1S91. - I. L. RIIEAY,
J. L. Garnett vs. Polk Bonner nnd others.
IX pursuance to an order of sale in my
hands, issued from the Circuit Court of
Warren County, I will, on
Thursday, January 14, 1892,
at the Courthouse door in MeMinnville, sell
for eash to the highest bidder, n tract of
land lying in the 1st Civil District of said
county, containing 232 acres. Bounded
north by Merriinan, south by Walling, east
by Jones, and West by Bonner, as the prop
erty of Polk Bonner, being the tract of land
unw occupied by Defendant, Polk Bonner,
us a homestead. The tract will be sold and
the remainder interest in the boundary as
signed as homestead will he sold. A plat
of the homestead w ill be exhibited on the
day of sale. This sale will be made to sat
isfy a debt due the Plaintiff.
This Dee. Ki, 18)1. I. L. RIIEAY.
There was organized in MeMinnville on
Sept. 1st, a Local Board of the .National
Home Building and Loau Association, of
Iiloomington, 111., the object of which is to
furnish a safe and profitable investment for
small savings, and at the same time offer
cheap money tt good reliable borrowers,
who have good real estate to offer as securi
ty, Our Boaid had two loans granted onr
th 8th of Sept. For particulars and of
shares, call on or address
W.'A. JOI1XSOX, Ag't,
MeMinnville, Tenn.
A Favorite for
nearly 100 years..
FOia 1892.
One Dollar a Year.
head of (11 weekly newppert in this part of the
world. It it the favorite family newspaper in the
Central States. It gives all the. news and hit
tpecial departments for Agriculture, Financial
and Commercial Reports, and a pgt for Children
and Youth, besides a great variety of Original
Stories and Choice Selections. All for only
Mm Year.
Special inducements to Agents. Address

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