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True worth is being not seeming;
Iu doing each day that goes by
Some little good not in dreaming
Of t;re!it things to do by and by;
For whatever men pay in blindnngi,
And spite of the fancies of youth,
There's nothing so kindly us kindness,
Aud nothing so royal aR truth.
We get back our mete us we measure
We cannot do wrong aud feel right;
Xor can we give jiain and gain pleasure,
For justice avenge eRch slight.
The nir for the wing of the 6parrow,
The bush for the robin aud wren,
I'.iit always the path that is narrow
And straight for the children of men.
We caniiot make bargains for blisses,
Nor catch them like fishes In nets,
And sometimes the thing our life misses
Helps more than the thing which it gets.
For good licth not in pursuing,
Xor gaining of great or of email;
He just iu the doing, aud doing
As we would be done by, is all.
Thro' envy, thro' malice, thro' hating,
Against the world early and late,
No jot of courage ubatiug
Our part is to work and to wait;
Aud slight is the string of his trouble
Whose wini. iiif are less than his worth,
l'or lie who is honest is uoble,
Whatever his fortunes or birth,
The cat is a very interesting ani
mal. He is a small fur dog that
meows, and lias whiskers and sever
al other things, lie has four paws
two fore paws and two behind ones
and a tail. He has been known
for many years, two of them having
been said to be on the Ark, where he
must have been tied up, or what
would have become of the rats? Cats
don't get to be cats until they are a
year old, when they stop being kit
tens, which they are born as. It
takes a kitten several weeks to get
his eyes -open, if he doesn't get
drowned before that time, and he
scratches when he is mad. My father
says camels used to be cats, but got
their backs up one day and couldn't
get them down again, and so became
cimels. I never heard a camel meow
but I suppose they can, because they
can tlo most anything, having seven
stomachs and going many days with
out water.
The dictionary says a cat is a carni
vorous quadruped, but that does not
sound like a cat. The old Egyptians
used to be very fond of the cat, treat
ing him like a member of their own
family, and making mummies out of
him when he died. Some of these
mummies still live. They used to
hang people for killing oats in Egypt,
because the cat was supposed to be
sacred animal, being a sign of the
moon, probably because they are gen
erally out all night. W e have a cat
named Tom, and he has six kittens,
which he washes their face every day
just like me.
Cats never fall out of anything
without landing on their feet, which
is why their feet are so soft and they
have to be killed nine times before
thty die, aud sometimes they don't
even' then. They eat milk when
tame, and when wild they cry like a
baby until somebody comes to see
what is the matter, and then they
eat him, which is fatal, and teaches
people to mind their own business
and not to go to seeing what other
people's children are crying for.
A cat's eye is a very queer thing
looking like a slot machine all day
Mini an agate at night, seeing better
iu the dark than in the light like
witches. Therefore they are said to
be friends of witches and some people
don't like them on that account, but
I do.
The two best cats that ever li vet:
belonged to Dick Whittington, May
or of London, who went out West
and killed a lot of rats at a dollar
head and took the money home to
his master to get to be Mayor with
and Puss in Boots, who stole his mas
tor's clothes and ate a giant, thereby
making his master owner of the farm
ami husband of a rich girl, whose
father died and left it all to her.
My cat can't do anything like this,
but he gets there just the same and is
very gentle to my little brother, who
pulls his tail and doesn't have to wish
lie hadn't.
N Altogether I don't know what we
should do without cats, especially
those that like to have them lying
around just as we do.
For luirns and wounds we would
recommend Salvation Oil. All deal
ers se'l it for -." cents.
Many eases have come under our
notice where a single bottle of Dr.
Bull's mg!i Syrup relieved a sutler-
r from a severe cough, which had
teen treated for months ly compe
tent phy.Mcians. Trice cents.
Xeiiralgic rersons
A:tI t'.i i! tnmMi'il with norvonsiu'ss resulting
lniiM nir.' tv .iiTvnrk v ill I e rclk-vi-.l by taking
Jiroirn's Iron Jt i tiers. omijn
hn t.-n.'.c r.sarU nuIcrsavI roil lines on wrapper.
Kitchen Martyrs.
Golden Rule.
Someone once asked a little girl
whether her mother's hair was gray.
"I don't know," was the innocent re
ply, "I can't see the top of her head,
and she dosen't ever sit down."
Solomon says of the good house
keeper: "one lookelli well to tne
ways of her household." .The wo
man who is always overrun with
work, never seeing a chance to rest
for a single minute, who is always
bustling about, anxious, burdened,
ler whole aim being, to all outward
appearance, to "get her work done,"
busy, busy, busy, catching the
broom to whisk away an infinitesi
mal spot of dirt here, flourishing the
dust-brush to tear down an imagin
ary cobweb over yonder, ripping
open all the feather-beds in the house
to see whether some stray moth has
stolen a march on her and sought
rest beneath the downy contents,
scalding up all the preserves in the
cellar once a week for fear they
might begin to work when she didn't
know it, running up stairs and down,
out to the barn and into the attic,
tiring herself and everybody else in
the house we have all seen just
such women, and probably not one of
us believes such a one to be the wo
man to whom Solomon in his wis
dom referred as looking well to the
ways of her household.
There are better and nobler meth
ods of doing this than cooking, wash
ing, cleaning, and scrubbing. A wo
man's work is not finished, her duty
not entirely performed for her fami
ly, when she has made and mended
their clothes, cooked their food, and
mopped the kitchen floor. If she
looks wvll to the ways of her house
hold, she will see to it that her hus
band has her companionship as well
as a starched shirt iront; that her
children have food for their minds,
as well a3 good dinners; that her
own face wears the smile of love and
contentment, instead of the vexed
frown and wrinkles of daily worry
over the absorbing questions. What
shall we eat, drink, and wear?
No woman who is a drudge in her
kitchen can dojustice to her family.
The husband of such a wife eats his
meals as quickly as possible, and
goes where he can find somebody to
talk to him, and with whom he can
talk about something beside bread
and potatoes, and wood and water.
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to need no
special mention. All who have used
Electric Bitters sing the same song of
praise. A purer medicine does not
exist and it is guaranteed to do all
that is claimed. Electric Bitters
will cure all diseases of the Liver and
Kidneys, will remove Tim pies, Boils,
Salt Kheura and other affections
caused by impure blood. Will drive
Malaria from the system and prevent
as well as cure all Malarial fevers.
For cure of Headache, Constipation
and Indigestion try Electric Bitters
Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or
money refunded. Price 50 cts. and
$1.00 per bottle at llitchey &
Bostick's Drugstore. f
Jewels of a Woman's Life.
There are so many jewels that
might be worn day ana night; so
many gems that are always anu on
ly your own that you need not grieve
for those that show their brightness
only by day. There is a jewel of
Consideration., that you may wear
just over your heart; there is the
moonstone of Hope that may glitter
over your brow, filling your eyes
with brightness ; there is your bril
liant stone or sympathy, the emer
aid, that mates you put out your
right hand of help ; and there is the
beautiful one of Loving-kindness
that makes the left hand help the
right. But above all, overshadow
ing all, pinning down your tresses is
the diamond of true Love jove
which endureth all, sutTereth all.
hopeth all. Are these not better
than jewels dug out of the earth?
For, indeed, these jewels come from
the heaven above.
Knowing that
a cough can be
checked in a day, and the lirst stages
of consumption broken in a week, we
hereby guarantee Dr. Acker's Eng
lish Cough Remedy, and will refund
the money to all who buy, take it as
per directions, and do not find our
statement correct, l'or sale by W.
II. Fleming. 1.
"I'm very forgiving," said Satan.
"No matter how niucfra man abuses
me, when he conies to my place be is
sure to be warmly received." Life.
l'or headaches, biliousness, consti
pation, dizziness, sleeplessness, the
blues, scrofula, the blood and all skin
eruptions Dr. Fenner's Blood and
Liver Remedy and Nerve Tonic
never fails. Warranted to satisfy or
inonejvefimdcd. For sale by .1. D.
Tate A to., McMinnville, Trim.
What Religion Isn't.
It isn't going to church to see what
the people wear, or to find fault with
the preacher. It isn't running into
debt for things you don't need, and
never paying for them. It isn't
giving away a great deal of money
)ublicly, simply that the people may
speak well of you. It isn't staying
away from church when you know
a special collection is going to be
taken. It isn't leaving ono church
and joining another whenever you
do not like the preacher. It isn't
reading so many chapters u diy,
or saying one prayer over and over.
It isn't sitting in a house and look-
ng solemn, and refusing to eat any
thing cooked on Sunday. It isn't
lutting all the big apples on the top
ofthe measure and the little and
rotton ones on the bottom. It isn't
telling other people what to do in
prayer-meeting, and letting the devil
tell you what to do in business mat
ters. It isn't whipping your boy for
smoking while you have a cigar in
your own mouth. It isn't telling
the servant to say, "Not at home."
Confirm our statement when we say
that Dr. Acker's English Homed y is
n every way superior to any and all
other preparations for the Throat, and
Lungs. Jn v hooping uougn and
Croup, it is magic and relieves at
once. e oiler you a. sample bottle
free. Remember, this Remedy is
sold on a positive guarantee. For
rale by V. II. Fleming. 3
Miss Jocelyn "Don't you miss
your husband very much, now that
he is away?" Mrs. Uolightly "Oh,
not at all. You see, he left me plen
ty of money, and at breakfast I just
stand a newspaper up in front of his
plate, and half the time forget that.
he really isn't there.." Puck.
You've No Idea.
How nicely Hood's Sursaparilla hits
the needs of people who feel "ail tired
out ' or "run down." from an v cause.
It seems to oil up the whole me
chanism of the body so that all
moves smoothly and work becomes a
positive delight. Be sure to get
lioou s rills act especially upon
the liver, rousing it from torpidity
to its natural duties, cure constipa
tion aud assist digestion.
Jessie "May told George she
wouldn't marry him if he were the
enly man in the world." Bessie
"What reply did he make to that?"
"He said if he had inherited any
such picnic she wouldn't have been
asked." New York Herald.
Dr. Fenner'8 Golden Relief is war
ranted to relieve toothache, head
ache, neuralgia, or any other nain in
2 to 8 minutes. Also bruises.
wounds, wire cuts, swellings, bites,
burns, summer complaints, colic.
(also in horses,) diarrhoea, disentery
and flux, li satlstaction not given
money returned. For sale by J. D.
Tate & Co.
Good Place to Farm.
Easterner "You say you have a
farm in the West for sale. I think
of going West. Is your farm in a
good climate ?"
Westerner I should smile. Why,
sir, whenever we have visitors, they
just sit themselves right down, and
don't do a thing the whole day long
but write poetry about feathered
songsters, an' soughing winds, an'
blushing posies, an' celestial ."
"Yes, but 13 the climate adapted to
"Well, I'll tell you. We raised
six hundred chickens this year, and
when time came to get 'em to mark
et, ve was in a fix. The dealers
wouldn't take 'em unless they was
picked. Now you can see w hat a job
that would be. Six hundred chick
ens to scald aud pick, and only me
and my wife to do it."
"Yes, but the climate "
"That's it. Our beautiful agricul
tural climate was what saved us.
That very day along camo a cyclone,
picked up them chickens, gave their
necks a twist, stripped every durn
feather off, an' landed the hull lot in
the next town right in front of the
market house." New York Weekly.
lltickleu's Arnica Salve.
The Rest Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chap
ped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles, or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
money reefunded. Price cents per
box. ' For sale by llitchey A Bostick.
Dr. Fenner's Cough Honey will re
lieve any cough in one hour. Equal
ly g od for horses. (Jives energy and
strength. Money refunded if satis
faction not given. For sale by J. D.
Tate A- Co.
1?U11E 1INIC niVLH. :
W. II. HOOKER & CO.. 48 West Broadway, New York. :
UUUulCo. ;
Dry Goods g Groceries,
We curry a well selected line of General Merchandise, and sell
Thus we are enabled to giye our customers the benefit of the
We will make it to your interest to give us your trade. JOXKS liKON,
East Main Street. McMINNNILLE, TENN.
J. II. WMftEN,
Every Piece of Work Guaranteed.
Shop in hm Bros' Store, East Main Street, McMinnville, Tenn
Do Not Fail to
Where you will see displayed the handsomest stork of Bedroom Suits, Parlor Sets, Ward,
robes, Side Hoards, Hat Hacks, Chill'oniers, Hook Cases, Desks, Folding Beds, Sofa
Lounges, Extension Tables, and every article kept in a first class Furniture House,
at prices lower than can be found elsewhere, and every article warranted to
be just as represented. Special inducements offered to merchants.
MR. A. M. ST. JOHN has permanently connected himself with us, and will
be glad to see all his friends aud will take great pleasure in waiting on them
and showing them that he can make it to their inserest to see our goods and
get our peices. All mail orders will receive the most prompt and careful attention.
No. 228 N. College St., - Nashville, Tenn.
SMOKE of Leaves,
Barks, Saturated Paper,
and Pastiles WILL
or months of treatment, nor an v clan-trap
one suffering from Asthma to TRY A
MbbM) us your name on a postal card and we will mail
enough of Dr. Taft's Asthmalene to show Hs power over the dis
ease, stop the spasms and give a good nigh.' rcrt, and prove to you
(no matter how bad vour case) that ASTHMA) FWF PAN PIIRF
ASTHMA' and you necd no longer neglect your business or sit in a chair all night
gasping lor breath for fear of suffocation. Send us vour full name and post-otiice
address on a postal card. THE DR, J AFT DROS., MEDICINE CO., ROCHESTER. N. Y.
ftllP UC '"rift) bkku udE.u reu n uww&&
will stop a Cough in one night, check a Cold In
a day, and CURE Consumption if taken in
Use it Promptly. A 25 cent bottle may save
their lives. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST FOR IT. :
Take your buggy, carriage, wagon a::d
farm implements of all kinds to
and have them
Everything in
done Promptly and Cheaply.
boring Street, McMinnville, Tenn.
Visit the Mammoth
is caused by a specific poison in
the blood (often hereditary).
No long list of
answers required
or nonsense resorted to,
We only ask any
FEW DOSES of Asthmalene.
We make
n rr no Mn u . r . on
inc 3rom fftiA (UerriSfe Mafaely.'
' -IT V I UIVHTIH mm ..Mill M mW mm

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