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VOL. 20
Fon nznr,
$17.00 7 room, modern
residence in first-class
tion, repair, &c.
$10.00 8 room adobe, shingle
roof, city water.
Wanted Houses to rent. We
are having many inquiries by
letter and in person for modern
cottages of 3 to 6 rooms.
$22 4 large rooms, furnished.
$17 all of first story, four large
rooms, furnished.
$500 5 rooms, modern adobe cot
tage, shingle roof, bay-window,
2 porches, large garden, 35
fruit trees, city water, stable,
$250 new 4 room adobe cottage,
iron and composition roof, gar
den, fruit, stable, &c.
$1000160 acres, 39 miles from
Denver, Colo., fenced, house,
spring, well, farming land,
hay land, grass land, outside
range. Will exchange for
corro property.
$100 10 acres bottom land, under
ditch, 3-4 mile from postoffice
$600 5 acres, house, barn, fruit,
well and wind mill, city water
etc., close in.
$225.00 3 room, adobe house, 2
rooms new, tar roof, 2 acres,
fenced, fruit, shade trees, stable,
city water.
$350 40 acres, more or less, bot
tom land, fenced, under ditch,
one mile from Socorro county
court house.
$350 160 acres, patented stock
ranch, never failing water,
foot hills San Mateo moun
tains, good cattle, horse, sheep
or goat ranch.
$1,300 Modern cottage, brick
finish, repair as good as new,
beautifully furnished, two
porches, large and handsome
grounds, tin roof, city water
and well, nicely furnished
throughout, fine piano.
$1,500 7 room, adobe dwelling,
shingle and iron roof, city
water in house and grounds,
house well and substantially
furnished, including one grand
square Emerson piano, 3 acres,
315 fancy assorted fruit trees
in bearing, 228 fancy assorted
grape vines in bearing, 25
ornamental trees, shade trees,
shrubs, bulbs, roses, straw
berries, etc., close in.
$7,500 pait' net $2,500 in 1890.
80 acres 9 miles from county
seat, i mile to post office, one
mile to station, including 7
acres prunes, 7 acres peaches,
6 acres apples, plums &c, all
in bearing. 35 acres alfalfa,
all fenced and cross-fenced.
Good home, large barn and
out buildings, best of soil, no
alkali, good water right on one
of the best of acequias; steam
pump with abundance of water
in case of necessity. Will sell
all or part, will take part trade,
stock of goods, live stock &c.
Also 100 acres adjoining the
above will be sold if desired.
$1,000 30 acres, more or less bot
tom land, 5 acres above acequia
with first class well, wind mill
numn. horse rower pump.
arge rock cement tank, 4 room
new adobe, 2 room old adobe
house, well and hand pump,
new corral, stable and hay
barn, chicken house, bee house,
wagon shed, 350 assorted fruit
trees mostly Ben Davis apples
set out five years, 1000 grape
vines 'and about 2000 sprouts;
balance of laud is below acequia,
much of it adapted to growing
grass, hay, alfalfa without cost
of irrigation, all fenced with
three and four wires, 2 native
mares, 2 American mules, 2 sets
double harness, farm wagon,
mowing machine, horse rake,
plow and all other implements
and tools on the place.
One span horses, set harness and
side saddle.
100 two year old steers.
665 long yearling steers, 75 per
cent white faces.
116 heifers ones and twos.
100 cows, twos up, northern
New Mexico.
45 early calves.
Undivided lt interest in general
. merchandise business, good
paying miningand ranch trade.
Notwithstanding live stock
matters are quiet, we are receiv
ing inquiries about same.
Tell us what you have for sale
It costs you nothing if not bene
ordered to issue certificates.
The report of the county treas
urer and collector was presented
and approved as follows:
County FalUers Meet and Allow
Bills bat berauM ef Lack ef
Fundi Do Not Pay.
The board of county commis
sioners met in regular session
Monday, January 6, 1902, at 10
o'clock a. m. There were pres
ent Commissioners John Green
wald, chairman, and M. Con
trcras; and II. G. Baca, clerk and
A petition was presented by
the superintendent of schools
asking that the treasurer be in
structed to change from the court
fund to the school fund $425.00
belonging to the school fund but
placed by mistake to the credit
of the court fund. The petition
was left over for advisement.
There was presented a petition
that the Strawberry Peak road
be repaired. The board appoint
ed John Greenwald and F. G.
Bartlett a
for the repairing of said road.
U. W. Worcester having failed
to qualify as justice of the peace
of precinct No. 6. J. C. Bender
was appointed in bis stead and
the clerk was ordered to forward
him his certificate.
The board then adjourned to
meet at 2 p. tn. The board met
pursuant to adjournment, pres
ent as before.
The reports of road supervisors
and bills for work on roads were
received and such bills ordered
paid out of the road fund as fol
James Kerr, pet. No. 35, . . $17 00
44 8 50
Hilario Gonzales, pet. No.
2 18 00
Juan B. Romero, pet. No.
43 11 00
The board adjourned until Jan
uary 7 at 9 a. m. The board met
pursuant to adjournment, pres
ent as before.
Reports of road supervisors
were received and bills for road
work were ordered paid out of
the 1901 road fund as follows:
Ricardo Pino, precinct
No. 7 . $12 00
Felix Mora, precinct No.
Silvestre Carrillo, precinct
No. 16
Elefas Aragón, precinct
No. 3
Lorenzo Padilla, precinct.
No. 31 ....
Matias Jaramillo, precinct
No. 21 U 00
Daniel Jójola, precinct
No. IS 12 00
José Chavez y Silva, pre
cinct No. 17
M. A. Pino y Chaves, pre
cinct No. 28
Vicente Castillo, precinct
No. 30 12 00
Juan Chaves y Romero,
precinct No. 39
The reports of Melquíades
Sanchez and Emit Kiebne as
justices of the peace of precincts
No. 41 and 44 respectively were
The board adjourned until
p. m. anu met pursuant xo aa
loumment, all present as before.
Reports ot justices ot tne peace
were approved as ioiiows:
M. II. Thompson, precinct No,
37 with a fine of $7.50.
James Mcintosh, precinct No. 12
C. II. Kirkpatrick, precinct No.
José I. Sanchez, precinct No. 39.
José M. Romero, precinct No. 5,
with $10 fine unpaid.
Jos. McQuillen, precinct No. 13.
Maximo Baca, precinct No. 30.
José R. Gutierres, precinct No. 9.
A&ención Barreras, precinct No.
Felipe Peralta y C, precinct
No. 36.
J. F. De Priest, precinct No. 10.
The bonds of I. R. Holt and J.
D. Chandler as butchers were ap
proved in the sum of $1,000 each.
The resignation of Telesforo
Chavez as justice of the peace of
precinct No. 3 was tendered and
accepted; also the resignation of
Max Carrillo as constable of pre
cinct No. 16.
'The board then adjourned until
January 8 at 9:30 a. m. and met
pursuant to adjournment, present
as before.
Road supervisors were appoint
ed for every precinct in the coun
ty, a bond ot $ 200.00 was requir
ed from each, and the clerk was
Crmnir Gl ftm4
Court "
Intarrat M
IK? "
Fol "
Coart hoaaa rap. faad
w ua Don n i Y
Ctranty inrr,,
Hpftctal coanty
S. hool Mlat'a
Drat Nat'l Baak, N. T.,
Abraa Abejta,
$34,M-S3 IX.M.U
The board adjourned until 1:30
p. m. and met pursuant to ad
journment, present as before.
Warrants were burned Dy the
commissioners in the presence of
R. Pino, Elfego Baca and the
clerk as follows:
County fund $1,708.68
School fund 517.35
Road " 11.76
Int. 1884 fund 94.08
Int. 1889 " 58.80
Int. 1897 " 23.51
The following bills were allow
ed and ordered paid out of the
,reenwaia m i. u. count al fund of 190i vix:
committee to contract n 7T. r . V
ing prisoners $123.50
C. F. Blackington, fuel
&c for court house ....
City of Socorro, water
J. C. Baldridge, court
house supplies
José Baca, hauling coal . .
J. K. Vigil, repairing
jail 1.50
The following bills were al
lowed and approved but for lack
of funds were not ordered paid,
Abran A bey ta, office sup
plies, stamps (34.87
Socorro County fublish-
C. F. Blacking ton, at
tending probate court.
Benj. Sanchez, stamps &c
C. A.Baca, county work,.
The board adjourned to- meet
January 9 at 9 a. m. and met pur
suant to adjournment, present as
before. .
Bills were allowed and approv
ed but for lack of funds not or
dered paid as follows:
C. F.- Blackington. fees $359.41
II. G. Baca, stamps &c. . 62.75
John Greenwald, salary 75.00
M. Contreras, salary and
mileage 83.00
A. E. Rouiller, same . . . . 81.00
J. E. Torres, salary 75.00
C. F. Blackington, jailer 150.00
II. G. Baca, clerk 150.00
F. Bourguignon, janitor 75.00
Geo. W. Prichard, dist.
att'y 75.00
A resolution was passed by the
board recommending W. w.
Jones to the Governor for the ap
pointment as county surveyor,
The report of the suena was
read and approved
Bills against the wild animal
bounty fund were allowed and
approved to the amount of $1,857.'
50 but for lack of funds not or
dered paid.
Luciano Chavez
en lustice ot the pe
cinct No. 3 and Jose Maria Lopez
for precinct No. 8; also Pablo
Carrillo was appointed constable
for precinct No. 16. The clerk
was ordered to issue certificates
for these appointments,
The board adjourned until the
next regular session.
Attest: John Gkeknwald,
II. G. Baca, Chairman.
7 50
16 50
18 00
12 00
7 00
5 00
12 00
was appoint-
sace lor pre
Good Report from Datll.
Dátil, N. M., Jan. 15, 1902.
Editor Chikftain:
The weather in this vicinity is
fine. Cattle of all kinds are fat,
in the best condition I have seen
them for sixteen years. I killed
a calf eight months old the other
day that dressed 263 pounds. How
is that for New Mexico stock?
Enclosed find check for two
dollars on subscription.
Yours truly,
J. W. Cox.
Te be Con Armed Monday.
borne surprise has been ex
pressed that Governor Otero's ap
pointment has not yet been con
firmed by the United States Ben
ate. The appointment will be
confirmed Monday when the sen
ate eroes into executive session
for the first time since the Gov
ernor's opponents objected to his
A fine errand square piano can
be bought cheap. Apply to T. J
Mr. Thorn lUrwood Pled at Sunrta
This Morning.
Mrs. Emily J. Harwood, prob
ably the best known lady to
both the Spanish and English
speaking people of the territory,
expired in the arms of her hus
band, Rev. Thos. J. Harwood,
this morning about sunrise. The
lady had been troubled with
asthma for some time but the
immediate cause of her death
resulted from a complication of
diseases. Last night she was
unable to sleep, and & portion of
the time was consumed in walk-
ng around the rooms at their
home, No. 113 West Lead avenue,
and on becoming tired of this
occupation she would sit down
and converse with her husband
on matters pertaining to her
ealth and of the school work.
At about 6 o'clock this morning
she remarked that she was very
sick, and shortly after a mes
senger was sent to summon a
physician, but before he arrived
the breath of life had passed out
f her body as she lay in the arms
of her husband. The shocking-
news of her death soon spread to
all parts of the city and was
telegraphed to the lady's relatives.
fc.mil v J. Duncan first saw the
ight of day April 19, 1841, near
the town of Folsom, N. Y. She
was the eldest cf four daughters
and four brothers. She started
to school in New York and
finished her education in the
State University of Wisconsin,
after which teaching several
terms in various parts of the
state. In September, 1863, she
was united in marriage to Rev.
Thos. Harwood, a pastor of the
Methodist church, and came to
Tiptonville, Mora county. New
- . -
Mexico, where she and - h y hus
band conducted a Method: it mis
sion school for seventee
Then she went with Mr. i
to Socorro and there op
school. In 1890 Mr. ?
Iar wood came to .AH
n which city they .
their home up to t
time, conducting wha
all over the territory
Iarwood Home for boys c
an institution that has
more to educate and cultivate the
young orphans of Spanish descent
than any other in the United
Messages were sent to Mrs.
lmira Smith, of Bisbee, Arizona,
Mrs. Dr. Tipton, of Las Vegas,
sisters of the deceased, and to
Charles Duncan, a brother, now
a resident of Emmettsburg, Iowa,
announcing the death of Mrs
Harwood. ,The funeral will be
conducted in the school hall of
the mission home on Lead avenue
on b riday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock by Rev. A. P. Morrison,
assisted by Rev. Bunker and Rev.
B. Sanchez. Albuquerque
Among the delegation from
Socorro to the El Paso carnival
were the following: Mr. and
Mrs. C. T. Brown, Mr. and
Mrs. John Greenwald and daugh
ter Estelle, Mr. and Mrs. John
E. Griffith and daughter Lena,
family, Hon. and Mrs. II. M.
Dougherty, Doctor Edwin Swish
er and A. Cortesy. On the re
turn trip Hon. II. M. Dougherty
went on to Santa Fe where he
had important professional busi
ness before the supreme court
and Mrs. Griffith and daughter
Lena stopped in Las Cruces to
visit friends. A Cortesy visited
the carnival a day or two and
then went into Sonora, Mexico,
where he expected to go into
Chairman J. J. Lemon Eestgns.
Socbrro, New Méx., Jan. 17.
To the members of the Demo
cratic Central Committee of Socor
ro County: Gentlemen: On ac
count of advancing years, feeble
health, and business necessities,
I feel that in justice to you and to
myself 1 should resign my posi
tion as chairman of your com
mittee. I therefore tender such
resignation, thanking you and
other democrats of the county for
the courteous and generous treat
ment and support extended to me
at all times.
Yours very truly.
J. J. Lehson.
ll up a
, the
own price at
Miss Mary McClure of Dardan
elle, Ark., arrived in the city
this morning to visit her brother,
Ben McClure, and other relatives.
Candies at your
riatzenslein s.
Furnished room to rent. Ad
dress C. F. McCabe.
Candies, nuts, oranges and,
apples at Katzenstein's.
D. Wattelet left this week for
Arizona in search of a business
Katzcnstein has the finest and
freshest line of candies in town.
W. II. Byerts was one of So
corro's delegation at the El Paso
R. H. Wylie was in the city
yesterday from his stock ranch
near Burley.
W. W. Brown is proving to be
an cmcient night clerk at the
Windsor hotel.
Montague Stevens and Fred
Baldwin registered at the Wind
sor Monday from Datil.
Andrew Kelley of Hillsboro,
assessor ot Sierra county, is a
guest at the Windsor today.
Hon. Elfego Baca has been
absent from the city this week on
official and professional business.
C. T. Brown has just added to
his mineral collection a fine cab
inet of the country rocks of Colo
The storm Monday covered the
Magdalenas with a heavy coat
ing of snow, the first time this
It needs only a glance at the
Windsor register to see that that
hotel is now doing an excellent
This week closes the first half-
year at the School of Mines.
Next week will be devoted to ex
aminations. Assessor Benj. Sanches was
confined to the house the first of
the week by an attack of the
prevailing epidemic.
J. S. Mactavish, manager for
the Magdalena business of the
Becker-Blackwell Co., was among
the guests at the Windsor yes
terday. Ernest Harrison arrived in
town a few days ago from Silver
City for a visit at the home of
his parents. He expects to leave
soon for Arizona.
The Estey Mining and Milling
company is about to purchase
Charlie Bruton's ranch and 1,500
head of cattle. The purchase is
reported practically consummated.
An Arizona cattle buyer ship-
Eed seven carloads of cattle and
ogs from this station Wednes
day. The greater part of this
stock was bought of Victor Sais.
For sale: One Smith-Premier
typewriter, stand and extras; one
flat top desk; one cylinder desk;
one book case; one iron safe; other
office furniture. Apply to J. P.
Mrs. H. F. Bowman of Las Ve
gas returned home Thursday
morning after a vis:t of three
weeks at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Howell, in
this city.
The Three Brothers Mining
and Milling company has just
been incorporated and is now
operating in the vicinity of Kelly
under the management of s . A.
G. R. Engledow of Las Vegas
was in the city Wednesday from
the Oscuras mountains where be
had spent six or eight weeks in
the interests ot a copper mining
J. M. Allen, proprietor of the
well known Allen hotel of Mag
dalena, was a guest of landlord
Yunker Monday. Mr. Allen was
accompanied by his daughter,
Miss Birdie.
A lawyer was passing along
the streetcarrying under his arms
a lawbook when he was accosted
by a friend "Hal Mr. Blank, and
where are you going to preach
today?" MI don't preach. I
practice," replied the lawyer.
Dr. Ann C. Martin, who is
spending the winter at the Lee
Terry house, this city, removes
corns without pain. Also gives
massage its a luxury, to the
well, soothing and restful to the
tired and often helps the sick
when ofher things fail. Come
and be convinced.
Rev. John Peter Moog of La
Joya has filed in the office of the
district clerk notice of his inten
tion to become a citizen of the
United States. Rev. Moog is a
native of Germany.
A. B. Richmond writes from
Nogales, Arizona, where he has
located his family. Mr. Richmond
himself expects to operate in
Sonora, Mexico. He sends regards
to friends in Socorro.
Several parties have been in
the city this week inquiring for
cottages. It seems as though the
demand in this line were great
enough to attract the attention
of some of Socorro's businessmen.
The tolling of the bell at the
church of San Miguel this morn
ing was to announce the death of
Atanacio Trujillo, the black
smith, who had been suffering
from tlx health for several
Mr. and Mrs, J. R. Vigil were
made happy by the arrival of a
fine girl baby at their home
yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock.
Mother and child are doing well
and the father is rejoicing with
exceeding great joy.
C. II. Shamel, an attorney of
Taylorville, 111., arrived in the
city Monday for a stay of two or
three months. Mr. Shamel is
taking Spanish at the School of
Mines as a preparation for a visit
in Mexico during the summer.
W. E. Kelley, Esq., of Socorro,
who is in the city on legal busi
ness, is also the grand master of
the grand lodge of I. O. O. F. of
New Mexico, and will pay an
official visit to the two local
lodges jointly this evening.
Santa Fe New Mexican.
A. D. Coon took a hunting trip ,
Tuesday up onto Socorro moun
tain. Mr. Coon reported that he
came nearer killing himself than
anything else, for since the trip
he has been so lame that he could
hardly walk. He also reported
about two feet of snow on the
north side of the mountain.
At a session of the probate
court Monday C. II. Kirkpatrick
of Mogollón was appointed
administrator of the estate of
Judah R. Foster deceased. It
will be remembered that deceased
came to his death by being run
away with by his team and thrown
under a heavy freight wagon
going down hill.
H. T. Maybery and family of
Datil were in town Tuesday on
their way to El Paso to attend
the carnival. Several weeks ago
Mr. Maybery bought of Abran
Abeyta three or four captive
wolves which he has since used
as decoys to trap other wolves.
Thus far he has succeeded in
trappinj or poisoning nine of the
animals. According to Mr.
Maybery's report wolves commit
almost incredible ravages among
flocks and herds on the ranges,
often mangling and killing calves
and sheep for no other purpose
than simply to be killing some
thing. Capt. A. B. Fitch was in the
city Thursday in attendance upon
a meeting of the board of di
rectors of the School of Mines. .
Capt. Fitch is a civil engineer of
skill and of wide experience.
While in the city be expressed
the hope that the committee
having the matter in charge
would yet dc..de to construct the
proposed intf r-oceanic canal by
the Panama route. He gave
several valid reasons for his be
lief that this is the better route.
Among these reasons was one
that has not been accorded the
consideration it deserves, namely,
the greater danger to which a
canalalong the Nicaragua route
would be exposed from earth
quakes and volcanic activity.
Experience has taught many
costly and sometimes frightful
lessons to the effect that either of
these agencies may in a moment's
time destroy the most substantial
work of human hands.
Female la Male AUlre.
Sheriff Cipriano Baca of Luna
county has had about all sorts of
experiences in his capacity of
sheriff, but he had one this week
that must have been an absolute
novelty to him. He arrested a
young woman at Deming who
was going about in male attire.
The woman was fined $11, which
she paid, and departed for fairer
fields with her young man trav
eling compauion.

Socorro, N. M.
Cruz Naranjo, pet. No.
Severo Carrillo, precinct No. 16.
Mr. and Mrs. Abran Abeyta and

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