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MtU ií ií 0
VOL. 20
NO. 42
T TAS just been opened to
'' the pttfcli;. Tht pro
prielorc guarantee every arti
cle they offer for talc to be
exi-Jy ai r?feseiilcii. Tluy
haví i varied stock of
Fine Wines and Liquors.
Domestic Cigars.
Imported Cigars.
Smoking Tobaccoes.
Family TraJ: Solicited.
LiSes & Torre:
! Tin city KWtinti i'imsch rr ui-it,
j the Ibniocrals Mnklnir Only n treble
! Fflnrt to Min.
I Tuesday's city election was one
of the ouietcst that Socorro lias
i known in many a day. The Ke- !
j publican ticket was a strong one, I
j as 111 e event well sliows. Tlie
; Democrats, for reasons best j
i known to themselves, held no I
1 nominating convention. In fact !
it was not until late Monday that
, they decided to put up any ticket
j at all. The Republican candi
; dates fur mayor, clerk", and treas
j urer were then endorsed and
Democratic candidates were r.am
i ed for members of the council
j and the board of education from
! the various wards. Following is
I the vote by wards, viz:
1 First ward -For mayor, M.
2"5 Sale Stable.
. . ALSO. .
May & Yunker,
Successors to C. T. Ikown.
A Good BoutQ
o Try
It traverses a territory rich in
undeveloped resources; a territory
con' iining unlimited possibilities for
agriculture, horticulture, s.ocli min
ing, mining and manufacturing. And
last, but not least, it is
Tíii Scenic !&aufe
Sea Tourists.
The Frisco System now offers the
travelinj; public excellent service and
fast time
Between St. Louis and Kansas
City and points in Missouri, Kansu3,
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Terri
tory, Texas and the Southwest.
Bet wet. ii Kansas City and points
in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi,
Georgia, Florida and the Southeast.
Between Birmingham and Mem
phis and points in Kansas, Arkansas,
Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Texas
end the Vest and Southwest.
Full information as to route and
rates cheerfully furnished upon appli
cation to any representative of the
Company, or to
Passenger Traffic Department,
Commercial Bulljln,
Saint Louis.
Cooney 77; for clerk, Rob't T.
; Collins 77; for treasurer, Kicardo
; Abeyta 7; for the council, 11. II.
I Harris, K., A. C. Torres, 1).,
I 5; for the board of education,
i Misáis Daca, R., 52, Kamon
! Salas, D., 25.
j Second ward- For mayor, M.
Cooney 55; for clerk, Kob't T.
Í Collins 55; for treasurer, Kicardo
j Abeyta 55; for the council, C.
I Cortinas, R., 40, 1'. N. Yunker,
i D., 15; for the board of education,
I Seferino Abeyta, K., 50, Doleslo
l'ino. D., 5.
': Third ward For mayor, M.
.Cooney 12(i; for clerk, Kob't T.
' Collins 120; fur treasurer, Kiear
i do Abeyta 120; for the council,
j Abran Abeyta. 1, lot), Solomon
j B;:ea, D., V); for the board of
education, Remigio l'eña, K., SS,
j Doniciano Torres, D., 32.
I Fourth ward For mayor, M.
I Cooney 37; lor clerk, Kob't T.
j Collins 37; for treasurer, Kicardo
: Abeyta 37; for the council, Flor
t entino (aliemos, K., 22, Jesus
j Martinez, D., 15; for the board
', of education, Martin Lopez, K.,
i 25, Fliseo Daca. D., 12.
' Total number of votes cast,
Fnilihone Sisters Hull.
The pot Lenten dance given
bv the Kathbone Sisters in the
Knights of Pythias hall Tuesday
night was a highly successful
affair. The attendance was
larne, the music was good,
ill the vniinir neonle and some of
j f i . i',.,,.,
the older ones were in a mood to j
dauce. Those who were not j
skilled in tlie art ot dancing were
provided for in the lodge room
where high five was indulged in.
The games are said to have been
valiently contested. Mrs. Jos. 10.
Smith and A. D. Coon won fust
prizes and Miss Iydtie Brady
and Andy Wickhani after a hard
struggle carried olT consolation
The Members of Company II Will En
tertain Thrlr Friends I the Swell
est Ail'idr of the Season.
At a meeting of the executive
committee of Company II on the
evening of March 27 it was de
cided to give a grand military
ball in the Garcia opera house on
Thursday evening, April 24.
Committees were appointed to
make all necessary arrangements
and no effort will be spared to
make the ball the swellest affair
that has recently been given in
Socorro. Invitations will be is
sued in due time and it is hoped
that all who are invited to be the
! guests of the soldier boys for the
I evening will make a special ef
j fort to be present.
Following are the various com
mittees and their members:
Floor Lieutenant S. Abeyta,
; Privates K. Armiio, J. Merkin, J.
I Berry, II. Chavez.
Finance- Captain T. J. Mat
thews. Sargeatit I). K. Smith,
! Private Ambrosio Torres.
! Music and Reception-Captain
: T. J. Matthews, Privates II.
Wade. II. Dreyfus, R. M. Zimmcr
ly, David Daca.
I " Decoration Lieutenant W. M.
Swisher, (Juarter-master Sgt. J.
j A. Hunter, Privates F. F.., Lan-
I don, F. Zcngcrly, J. Stack pole, J.
j Caldron, M. Gonzales, K. Katz
enstein, Pedro Torres, J. K. Gar-
I cia. J. McMillan. J. Torres, G.
L. Kline. A. M. Hoss.
Invitation Li cute n a n t S.
Abeyta, Privates J. Wickham. J.
J. Gallegos, W. Hult, Alejandro
( lallegos.
I General and Refreshment
1 Privates A. F. Katzenstein, A.
I (lotízales, A. Jenkins, Torebio
Daca. P. Stackpoie, Chas. Hill.
A. 11. Jaques, A. Cortesy, F.
Sickles, R. Olguin, J. K. Kincaid.
Services at Epiphany Church.
There will be services at Epip
hany church tomorrow at 11 a.
in. and 8 p. in. The annual col
lection for the board of missions
will be taken at the morning
i service. It is by the aid of this
I board that all missionery churches
are kept open and each church
shows its appreciation by giving
represented by
Synapsis of Statement of the
Atlas Assurance Company,
of London, I'nited States Branch.
January 1. 1'nC.
Assets .' fl.102.25S 71
Liabilities (h.S.O'C 00
and .. . .. . -
win oe lousier music arm sermon.
Hose Company Election.
Socorro Hose Company No.
held a meeting Thursday night
at which officers were elected for
theensuingyear as follows: Chief,
C. Cortinas; foreman, P. N. Yunk
er; secretary, A. Winkler; treas
urer, Edward L. Price; first assis.t
ant, Seferino Abeyta; second
assistant, Pat Savage.
TitK Ci::i-:iít ::
' upjdii d with a
( nice is row
line of ladies'
Those who
i ee ar l liuur ui that hue wi 1
f.nd it to their advantage to call.
Wor!; was begun on the Straw- I
berry peak road Monday under !
the supervision of Messrs. John
(Ireenwald and F. (1. Dartlett, ;
who were appointed by the board
of county commissioners for that
purpose. There is a "jump off"
near Strawberry peak over which j
will cost four or live hundred dol- !
lars to grade a road. A part of I
the cost will be contributed by
the county and a part bv citizens
of Socorro. The road by this !
route will shorten the distance j
between Socorro and Magdalena j
bv several miles.
4.14,lo 71
Synopsis of Statement of the
Fireman! Fund Insurance Company,
of San Francisco, California.
January 1, l"i)2.
Assets .' j4.57'.ni.t 07
Inabilities ,1,tUi,45.S 21
. .51, 542,554 ?(
Synopsis of Statement of the
II ii rl To rd Eire Insurance Company,
of Hartford, Connecticut.
January 1, l'NO.
Assets ." Í12,:5V)7 45
Liabilities ",25s. 221 01
?.',eoo,s55 44
Synopsis of Statement of the
Insurance Company of North America,
of Philadelphia, Pa.
January 1, l'M2.
Assets ." ilO.02n.4W h'
Liabilities 5..547.5J7 4'
Surplus to policy holders i4,i72,'52 40
Synopsis of Statement of the
l.herpool Eonilnii Molie IiiMirance
of Eniilaiul, United States Branch.
January 1, l'X.2.
Assets " Í10.1J7.50" W
I.ial)iliiies 5.5.t7,.is "i
J t, tt, ilotv. 0 A ii 4r ii i, tl. it. ik tl U. 0ol ilk A 0. HV
House to rent.
T. Drown.
Inquire of C.
C. C. Clark of Kelly was a vis
itor in the city Thursday.
A. S. Potter was in town Wed
nesday from Magdalena on busi
ness. Don Luciano Chavez and fam
ily of Pol vadera were visitors in
the city yesterday.
Mrs. Fannie Potter and Alma
Potter of Magdalena registered
at the Windsor Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Hainmel and
sou were guests of relatives and
friends in town Saturday.
Capt. A. D. Fitch registered at
the Windsor Thursday morning
on his way home from Albuquer
que. Thoroughbred Darred Plymouth
Rock eggs for sale. Price 50c
per setting. Address C. F. Mc-Cabe.
f mrs Grape tel. ol Tartar Po'
v VT
'.ic iiii.ii v.ii5 fi L si I. i
A wards d
Highest Kor.crs, World's Fair
Ccld Kedal, Fldwlntir Fair
Surplus .
:4.ti00.1ol 'ni
Synopsis of Statement of the
l.oitilon ami l.imcashire Fire Ins. Co.
of England, 1'uiteil States Uranch.
January 1, l'H'2.
Assets f 2.574, 558 5
Liabilities 1.7o7.'H 77
ÍSI)!),') 7l
Synopsis of Statement of tlie
National Eire Insurance Company,
of Hartford. Connecticut,
January 1, l'i2.
Assets '. 5.42 MJ7 00
Liabilities .i.OH.lo.i 70
Surplus . .
.S1.4.S1.27J 30
Notice to Ta: Fillers.
All tax payers of the city of
Socorro are requested to make
their returns during the month
of April, otherwise" the assessor
will make out such returns and
add twenty-live per cent.
Dl.NJ. SNCiti:z.
Hereford Hulls.
I have 750 Hereford bulls for
sale. Parties wanting extra
highgrade bulls should write me.
(li:o. M. Sr.AiciiTi: k,
Koswell, N. M.
Synopsis of Statement of the
North ürlti.'h ii Mercantile insurance
of Loudon and Kdinburifh, I'nited
States Branch,
January 1, l'HO.
Assets .' ;5,40.1,Ki)0 J
Liabilities 2,7''7,04( 51
Surplus. . . .
...52.000,214 12
Synopsis of Statement of the
N'orvtlc'.i E idmi l ire InMiriince Society,
of Kiiifland, I'nited States Branch,
January 1. l'H2.
Ass-ts ." Í2.171.04.- M
Liabilities 1.51',55') Oti
i()51,5.s't (,2
Synopsis of Statement f the
Ehiholelphiu l iuleri i llers
Kric, Pennsvl vauia,
January 1
Assets f 16.3X5.705 80
Surplus to policyholder. lo,)12,()20 40
r23.0S.r. 40
FORM 59.
-f :nnj il for Sitir .Mush J)s'. Cu.
ftí.iL: (ltiisti-(t in J'dinltil 't irluntsi
Onnishoni. A., rr. J, , lí'Of.
J'nrirJs of .V ..' .Monarch .
Yo. 17, of Sour .Mush Diste!. Co.
l'.n i: (.
iMiCiiti :
Stm.L No.
vr i n e
Net Wixk
(.all. ais ,
No. Wakk-
ltoCSK Sl'A MI'S
No. Tax Taiii '
' I II
"J 2 47 . 1?'., ;.. 31 l'io 33 1 XH 'If'OeC 211 .'i.
1 ill
i 16', . 1', 3 y 3 5 7
I ; ! !
7 ; 15 2'j 4 4?, 4 4 to ic
. 5' 7 "j 1H', 24 0 74 3 1 'l
47 1 I;',- 33 I ' 33 O' 33 Wl iM, K1H"0J
. J ' I 1S7 Jj i lM.4j' 10 ' j
A', danger.
Synopsis of Statement of the
lioMtl Insurance Company,
of England, I'nited States Branch,
January 1, l')02.
Assets 7,303.215 70
Liabilities 4.7M1.003 31
Surplus 5
Synopsis of Statement
SI. Fanl Fire uml ilarinc
of St. Paul.
January 1
,521,522 30
of the
j3,003,314 01
2,107,770 30
Surplus. ,
;.S3S,543 71
Synopsis of Statement of the
Fiiiiilahl' Fife Assurance Society,
of New York,
January 1, 10o2.
Assets ." $330,01 0,000 00
Liabilities 2i)0.000,0o0 tx
-urplus .
.$ 70,tO0,(KM),00
Married, in this city, Monday,
March 31, Ricardo Abeyta and
Miss Lola Ziinmerly. Doth the
contracting parties are well
known in Socorro where a host
of friends will wish them a hap
py matrimonial voyage.
Tin; CniKi'TAiN ofñce has just
been supplied with a ttock of
card envelopes.
The infant son of Mr.
Mrs. II. Dlanchard died at Water
Canon Monday night of pneu
monia. The five degrees of the Order
of the Kastern Star will be con
ferred ti pon candidates Monday
Mr. and Mrs. Montague Stev
ens were guests at the Windsor
hotel yesterday registered from
Professor F. C. Lincoln used J. j
J. Leeson's cabinet as a basis for
a lecture to hisclassin mineralogy
yesterday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sais of
Casa Colorada were in the city
Monday to attend the Abeyta
Zimmerly nuptials.
Frank F. Smith came home
Wednesday after an absence of
several weeks on his cattle
ranges near Monlicello.
J. S. Mactavish, manager for
the Ueckcr-Dlackwell company of
Magdalena, was among the
guests at the Windsor Monday;.
(lus Decker, the Springerville,
Arizona, merchant, well known
in Socorro and vicinity, was a
guest of landlord Yunker Tues
day. Rev. Di Palma of Albuquer
que was in the city Tuesday to
consummate the sale of a part
of the Armijo block to II. Cham
bón. Hon. W. S. George has been
quite sick for some time at his
home at Cooney but Happily is
now able to attend to business
Mrs. Russell Howell has been
in the city this week but returns
today to Water Canon wdiere she
is teaching a successful term of
Doctor Duncan was summoned
to Magdalena Wednesday morn
ing to attend Mrs. J. M. Allen,
who was very sorely afflicted
with rheumatism.
Fount Ray and family are now
living in Lordsburg, N. M. It
is reported that Mr. Ray and his
little girl are suffering with an
attack of small pox.
Doctor Lewis and family, who
were in Socorro during the win
ter for the benefit of Mrs. Lewis'
health, left Wednesday morning
for their home in Iowa.
Notice is given that drill
nights for Company II will be
Tuesday and Friday nights.
The company uniforms were ex
pected to arrive today.
Assessor Denj. Sanchez arriv
ed at his home in this city Wed
nesday from an absence of a
month on official business in the
western part of the county.
Col. Xat. Straw, the champion
bear hunter of New Mexico, ar
rived in the city this morning
from a visit in Missouri and will
leave Monday for the Mogollón
mountains where he will give
bruin his best attention for a few
C. Hazeltinc, II. A. True, and
Vv II. Dullard. Doston gentle
men who are largely interested
in the Mine Development asso
ciation now operating in the
Dlack Range, arrived in the city
Monday and left the next morn
ing in company with C. T.
Drown for a visit to their Black
Kaoc properties.
Report has it that Miss Mamie
Dahney, an estimable young
lady who left Socorro three years
ago to make her home in Mis
souri, was recently married to a
Mr. Scheneppe.
Clarence Seferino, infant son
and 1 f Mr am' Mr- Seferino Abeyta,
was baptized Monday at the
church of San Miguel, Mr. and
Mrs. Satn'l C. Meek acting as
godfather and godmother.
II. Chambón has bought the
store building he now occupies
and the one adjoining it on the
west. The consideration was
$2,500. Mr. Chambón will add
another story to the buildings.
Doctor and Mrs. Adams and
Mr. Philips of West Union, Iowa,
and Mrs. Diehl of Des Moines,
Iowa, who had spent several
months in Socorro, departed for
their respective homes Thursday
C. F. McCabe has accepted the
agency for the celebrated "Miner
al Polish," used for polishing
gold, brass, silver, glass ware,
mirrors, windows, etc. All orders
left at Winkler's bakery will be
promptly filled.
J. I. Lea orders Tun Chikk
tin sent to his address at Santa
Monica, Cal. Mr. Lea says that
hii was responsible for the ap
pearance of the first issue of the
paper and still has a tender spot'
in his heart for it.
Andy Wickhani left yesterday
morning for the mines in Mexico
after a sojourn of two or three
weeks at the home of his parents
in this city waiting for a broken
leg to heal. Andy always re
ceives a hearty welcome from his
many Socorro friends.
Carl J. Homme of Wittenberg,
Wisconsin, formerly a student at
the School of Mines, has accept
ed a position in Juarez, Mexico.
It is a notable fact that gradu
ates of the New Mexico School of
Mines have no difficulty in secur
ing and holding good positions.
W. II. Dyerts is solving the
artesian water question for So
corro on his own account He
has just put a complete drilling
outfit at work on his fruit ranch
near the city spring and purposes
to get a flow of water if it is to
be had. Everybody will wish
him success.
Rev, M. Matthieson came home
last Friday from attendance
upon presbytery at Silver City,
where he was elected delegate to
the Presbyterian general assem
bly which convenes in New York
city in May. Mr. Matthieson
stated that the members of the
presbytery visited the govern
ment sanitarium at Fort Dayard
and he spoke in enthusiastic
terms of the manner in which
I the institution is conducted and
of the cures, ettected. 1 he pres
bytery voted S500 for the support
of the Socorro church during the
coming year."
John Biavaschi is making
some decided improvements on
his saloon properties. For two
or three Weeks workmen have
been busy, tearing out the vault
and partitions in the saloon in
the Armijo building. This week
new bar fixtures of excellent ap
pearance and quality have been
installed in both saloons. The
end is not yet. A first class res
taurant is to be opened in the
Armijo block and the rooms of
the upper story furnished for
lodging purposes. Painters and
paper hangers will be kept busy
for some time to come.
Candies, nuts, orapges
apples at Katte-u'-'t'ici'tL

. ! í'-in :i littli oti,'i ri vi:ir
Fnhrrd on vnr form an ildirend to P. N. YUNKER, .
Socorro, N.

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