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K. A.PÍIAKK, Editor.
Enteral at Socorro Potoflic? a second
.' ctaa mail matter.
(Strictly in advance
One year
Mi nion tli
?2 (X)
New Mfxlco demands slatehooj
of the 57th conjeresi.
Wbj Not to Socorro?
The Ciiikftain has frequently
of late called the attention of its
readers to the fact that Socorro
would soon have an opportunity
to secure an oast and west rail
road. It is now possible to give
some evidence to show that the
" prediction was not made at ran
dom. The St. Louis KYptiblic of
"March 2 contains the following
special dispatch from Dallas,
Texas, viz:
"The Frisco is to he the first
great transcontinental railway
'system in the United States
'using its own tracks, with a
choice of Savannah and Liruus
'wick, Ga., and Charleston, S. C,
for the Atlantic outlet to San
Diego on the Pacific. On the
cast Uirmingham is now reached;
'to the west the coast extension
will run from (Juanah, Tex., on
a choice of three routes, to A!!u
juenjue, Socorro, N. M., or Kl
'l'aso, Tex.; through Phoenix.
Ariz., to the coast. The infor
mation is positive, the intention
definite. President Yoakum
passed through here today on his
return from California, where he
-visited his mother at Los Angel
es, accompanied by General So
licitor Parker. General Mana
ger W'inchell joined him here,
'and the three started for St.
;Louis over the new Rod River
Of the three routes mentioned
there can be only one choice. If
the Frisco is to be a transconti
nental line using its own track
why should that company build
to either Albuquerque or 101 Paso?
There is already aline from each
of those points directly to the
Pacific coast. Moreover, there
are positive advantages in favor
of the Socorro route to be found
in the coal fields to the eastward,
in the extensive stock and min
eral resources and the heavy tim
kr of the western part of the
county, and in the fact that So
vorro is exactly on a straight
line from (Juanah to San Diego,
while Albuquerque is nearly a
hundred miles north and Kl Paso
nearly two hundred miles south
of that line.
The above is only one of the
possibilities that Socorro may
Kxm have an east and west rail
road. There are others.
get the islands on latter terms,
however, now than we would
have done then. The islands are
more valuable to us in l'X)2 than
they would have been in lHi7.
We could not afford to let the
islands get into the hands of any
other Kuropean nation than Den
mark. It was known that Den
mark wanted to sell them. If
we refused to buy we would bo
in no position to oppose the
buying of them by Germany or
any other nation which would
pav Denmark's price.
There is a chance that the
Democrats see in this Danish
bribery tale an opportunity to
make a little political capital for
the congressional canvass. If
they have anything of this sort
in mind they will be disappoint
ed. The Republicans are in
control of all branches of the
government, and if there should
be any irregularity proved in
connection with the purchase of
the islands the Republican party
I might 1j hit. Dut there is not
the faintest chance that the story
which comes from Denmark, and
which Richardson, of Tennessee,
exploited in the House, is true.
The way in which its truth or
falsity can be demonstrated is by
a prompt, rigid and impartial in
quiry, and this has been provid
ed for. The country will learn
very soon what there is to this
Danish bribery story.--Globs-Democrat.
The place which sugar holds
as one of the chief commodities
in international trade gives these
arrangements a world-wide inter
est, and the year and a half
j which will elapse before the new
rules take effect will witness
some important economic read
justments. Youth's Companion.
A Yalimldo Medicine
For coughs and colds in children.
"I have not the slightest hesi
tancy in recommending Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy to all
who are suffering from coughs
or colds," says Chas. M. Cramer,
kilkcnii) (nix.
During the rebellion which oc
curred in Ireland in 17'S, or it
may bo 'in 1K')3, Kilkenny was
garrisoned by a troop of Hessian
soldiers, who amused themselves
in barracks by tying two cats to
gether by their tails and throw
ing them across a clothesline to
fight. The officer, hearing of
the cruel practice, resolved to
stop it. As he entered the room
one of the troopers, seizing a
sword, cut the tails in two as the
animals hung across the line.
The two cats escaped minus their
tails through the open window,
1 . .'j
- 7-'
I y J
.... 1.4.,'
tí t U 1.'V
Esq., a well known watch maker, , aml when the oflkcr nqure(i tine
of Colombo, Ceylon. "It has : r u t;ia
1 ii .
b' V ,tfc'"',c.X"
Tbe Danish Bribery Tale.
Pkouauly there is no truth in
that tale from Denmark that
money is to be given to certain
members of the American Con
gress and certain American news
papers for favoring the consum
mation of the purchase by the
United States of Denmark's is
lands in the Caribbean sea. 15ut
ihe story is sufficiently circum
stantial to attract attention here,
knd the House of Representatives
does well in determining to in
vestigate it. According to this
report 10 per cent, of the ;ó,000,
OOO which the United States is
to give Denmark for the islands,
or $500,000, i to be disbursed by
Denmark's agent in this country
to congressmen and newspapers
for their aid in the island pur
chase project.
Ou the face of things the story
looks decidedly unlikely. A
large majority of the American
people, it is Eafe to say, have
favored the purchase of those
Islands. A mistake wjs made,
TTjo-t .: tirans 1x lie e, when
Siiirur Motilities.
Hi: KT-src.AK controls the
world's sugar market. It forms
the largest part of the commer
cial supply of sugar, and the
price at which it is sold deter
mines the price for cane-sugar
also. For many years the price
of beet-sugar has been artificial
ly affected by the practice of the
countries of Continental Kurope
of stimulating the production of
beet-sugar by bounties on export
ed sugar.
The end in view has boon se
cured, but at a heavy cost. Ger
many has nearly doubled its
sugar product in ten years;
France has nearly trebled its pro
duct in twenty years. But the
bounties are a heavy drain on the
national treasuries. Germany
pays in this way more than five
million dollars a year, Austria
more than four millions, and
France about twenty million dol
lars. The same governments impose
high duties on imported sugar,
and thus enable the producers
and the "cartels," or sugar syn
dicates, to get a profit both ways.
They collect the bounties on the
sugar they export, and they sell
to the home consumer at a high
price. Sugar therefore costs
much more in the countries which
produce it than in those which
do not, and the consumption of
the article is checked.
Such a system is similar in its
effects to that of maintaining
great armies. It has been costly;
but no one country acting inde
pendently could abandon it.
Hence the assembling of the in
ternational sugar conference at
Brussels to determine on concert
ed action to abolish bounties.
The plan agreed upon by the
conference, if the governments
should adopt it, will not only do
away with bounties, but by low
ering the import duties will de
prive the sugar syndicates of the.
profits they have leen making at
the expense of the home consum
er. Against any country which
continues to pay bounties, the
governments in his agreement
will adopt the policy already in
force in the United States, of im
posing oa sugar from such coun
try a "countervailing duty" suf
ficient to offset the tmunty.
"Bounty-fed sugar" will thus be
deprived of the advantage it
would otherwise have in the
world's markets. It was the
threat of Great Britain, the chief
market? of Continental sugar, to
impose such a duty which has
tened the Brussels agreement.
been some two years since the
city dispensary first called my at
tention to this valuable medicine
and I have repeatedly used it and
it has always lieen beneficial. It
has cured me quickly of all chest
colds. It is especially effective
for children and seldom takes
more than one lottle to cure
them of hoarseness. I have per
suaded many to try this valuable
medicine, and they are all as well
pleased as myself over the re
sults." For sale by A. E. How
ell, Socorro; W. M. Borrowdale,
Just The Opposite.
The papers have had some
thing to say about the alleged
discovery, by Chicago investiga
tors, of a process for developing
forms of life from a combination
of certain chemicals.
A stranger who was visiting
the stock-yards in that city was
shown a laboratory which had a
severely scientific look about it,
and was informed that some won
derful results had been achieved
by the experiments in that de
partment of "Packingtown" in
dustries. "Is this where the make ani
mals out of chemicals?" he asked.
"Oh, no," replied the employe
who was showing him round.
"This is where they make chem
icals out of animals."
A Doctor' Hud Plight.
"Two years ago, as a result of
a severe cold, I lost my voice,"
writes Dr. M. L. Scarbrough, of
Hebron, Ohio, "then began an
obstinate cough. Every remedy
known to me as a practicing phy
sician for 35 years, failed, and I
daily grew worse. Being urged
to try Dr. King's Discovery for
consumption, coughs and colds, I
found quick relief, and for the
last ten days have felt better
than for two years." Positively
guaranteed for throat and lung
troubles by all Druggists. SOc
and $1.00. Trial bottles tree.
The Editor Turns.
The youthful author pocketed
his rejected verses, but he could
not swallow the editor's criticism
"Sir," said he, not without
ditrnity. "a poet is born, not
"Young man," returned the
editor, blandly, "it won't help
vour case to try to shift the
blame on to your parents!"
As James Russell Lowell said
"There's a deal o' solid kicking
in the meekest looking mule."
A Nearly Futul Itunaivuy
Started a horrible ulcer on the
leg of J. B. Ornor, Franklin
Grove, 111., which defied all doc
tors and all remedies for four
years. Then Bucklen's Arnica
Salve cured him. Just as good
for boils, burns, bruises, cuts,
corns, scalds, skin eruptions and
piles. 25c at all Druggists.'
meaning ol tne two bleeding
being left in the room ho was
coolly told that two cats had
been fighting and had devoured
each other, all but the tails.
"Something New 1'nder The Sun."
All Doctors have tried to cure
catarrh by the use of powders,
acid gases, inhalers and drugs in
paste form. Their powders dry
up the mucuous membranes
causing them to crack open and
bleed. The powerful acids used
in the inhalershave entirely eaten
away the same membranes that
their makers have aimed to cure,
while pastes and ointments cannot
reach the disease. An old and
experienced practitioner who has
for many years made a close study
and specialty of the treatment of
catarrh. Has at last periecteu a
Treatment which when faithfully
used, not only relieves at once,
but permanently cures catarrh,
by removing the cause, stej ping
the discharges, atrl curing all
inflammation. It is the only
remedy known to science that
actually reaches the afflicted parts.
This wonderful remedy is known
is "Snuffles, the guaranteed
catarrh cure" and is sold at the
extremely low price of One Dollar.
each package containing internal
and external medicine sufficient
for a full month's treatment and
everything necessary to its perfect
"Snuffles" is the only catarrh
cure ever made and is now
recognized as the only safe and
positive cure for that annoying
and disgusting disease. It cures
all inflamation quickly and
permanently and is also wonder
fully quick to relieve hay fever or
cold in the head.
Catarrh when neglected often
leads to consumption "Sn 11 files"
will save you if vou use it at
once. It is no ordinary remedy,
but a complete treatment which
is positively guaranteed to cure
catarrh in any form or stage if
use according to the directions
which accompany each package.
Don't delay but send for it at
once, and write full particulars
as to your condition, and you will
receive special advice from the
discoverer of this wonderful
remedy regarding your case
without cost to you beyond the
regular price of "Snuffles" the
"Guaranteed catarrh cure."
Sent prepaid to any address in
the United States or Canada on
receipt of One Dollar. Address
Dept E 117, Edwin B.Giles &
Company, 2330 and 2332 Market
Street, Philadelphia.
I.ovr it 1 1 !! -it.-ill y
love, 11 it lovp (nrim.i
li;l)te:i ruin or relieve
it. M.-.nv e man !ou'.:s
ni íU liis wííVm si. Tiering
willing to lo npytlntv
to .-lid licr mxi aim to do
1 nothing.
Soinetifes, however,
the husband's attention 1.1 ffirerled to
Dr. l'ierre'a Favorite I'resrription Hnl
it retnnrkahlc cure of wninnuly dis
emr. lie may not have iimrh he pe of
a cure, but he is led to try the medicine,
with the result that in almost every case
there isa perfect and permanent cure.
I)r. Pierce's I avorite Prescription rurrs
Irregularity. It dries the drnins wliirh
weaken women, hrals iiil' i'.nmation lid
ulceration, and cures female weakness.
As a tonic for women w ho are nervous,
aleep'.css, worn-out mid ruii-ciown " Fa
vorite Prescription " is un qi;al 1!.
-In rniwcr In your Irtlrr I uitl nv. my tvif
Commt'"rd to complain twfttrv yen. flku,"
write I.cwio A Miller, rx Chú l-f rnticr. el
rrn;rct St.. W. K ixjrl. l'ft " Wc l:nr Int-ii H'r
kill of twelve riltrcrrnt ilnrinrs Si c limk e:.l
ItMh of me.li.iin- InltliK (lie 1'ine -I'e ! ill,
until I wrrte lo vnn Htv't vu t"M u w liM in io
fclie ;.'t Ink ill r:hl li'ilile--. m lr l'n.T.-e' Kl
Y.iTlti Pre-rlptmn nnl six oí Ihf t.i-l.leti Mnl
ic.ll Iltvovety ' Sh- r:u ''.o li r own M-f-rk tmv
gnu can wait nnxin'1 npiin :nnl i- (vr'.'' kiiibti .
"Favorite Prescription" 1ms the trsti.
monv of thrwis'.nds cf v.onu ti to ils com
plete ctire of womanly diseases. Do not
accept an unUnov.ii and unproved sub
Miliite in ils place.
Dr. Pierce s Pleasant Pclli U invigor
ate Btomatli, liver and tiowc'.s.
A. T. & S. F. Time Tabk.
West i
10.IKI j) tJ
10:55 a ni
.r;()0 p m1
4:25 a nil . . .
7:10 a nil . . .
':00 a in . . .
1:10 p in
4:20 p ni . . .
10:45 p in . . .
1:.12 a in ...
5:20 a in
8:00 a in . . .
. .C'hicnifo
KaiisiiH City.
. .. Newton . . . .
. . I.a Junta. . .
. . Trinidad . . .
. . ..Katoii
. Las Veas . .
. . .. IvHiny
Albuquerque .
. . . Socorro. . . ,
. . . K iiieon
. ..Kl Pa
; 7:4l a in
.5:0.5 p ni
10:20 ii til
,10:20 p ill
7:45 p ims
6:20 p ni-
2:05 p in
10:40 a in
1 7:10 a in
I 4:07 a in
.12:25 a ni
I 0:15 p til
2:40 a ni.
.1:20 p ml.
.. freight..
. . KteiK'ht. .
i North
. 4:0" a in
11:5 a in
i A'ec.
j Keif.
! Kec.
Well Filled.
"I'm interested in a man who's
come here to find work," said a
rentleman lo the president of a
city street railway, "and I wish
you could y;ive him a position ot j je
some sort. I believe him to he Kec
both honest and quick."
"There's only one vacancy to
be filled just at present," said
the president, doubtfully.
"What sort of work did the man
do before he came here?"
"lie was a sardine packer,"
said the gentleman.
"Well," said the president,
gravely, "I think perhaps he
might till the place satisfactorily.
It is that of conductor on one of
Daily except Sunday.
7:45 a m ; Lv. .Socorro.. Ar ! 12:10 p in
Official Directory.
Delegate to Conn res.-, H. S. Kodcy
Governor, Mijruel A. Otcr..
Secretary. J.hik'kW. Kaytioh!
. Chief Justice. V. J. Mill
I Benj. S. HaVer.
, . V. V. Parker
S Associates. , j K Mci.-i(.
I I D. II. McMillan
Surveyor-C.ciiftal. M. O. Llewellyn
United Stales Collector, A. L. Morris. m
IT. S. Dist. Attorney. W. I. Childers
V. S. Marshal, ' C. M. Foraker
Kclt. Land Oltice Santa Fe. M. K. Otero
E. F. Hoiiart
La-i Cruces, F. Suliffiiac
' Henrv I'owmaii
Koswcll, H. Lelatiü
1). L. Gever
Solicitor-General, E. L. Partlett
Dist. Attorney, K. C. Uortncr, Santa V e
' " W. Ii. II. Llewellyn.
Las Cruces
K. P. Barnes, Silver City
C. A. Spic. Las Veifíi
J. Leahy, Raton
i;. W. Prichard." Socorr.
Librarian. Latayette Ennuett
Clerk Supremo Court, J. ! Sena
Sup't Penitentiary. H. -. lUirsnm
Adjutant General. V. H. Whiteiuaii
Treasurer, J- A. Vaughn
Auditor, V. G. Sarif. nt
Oil Inspector, John S. Cl;.rk
Territorial Hoard of Education.
the park cars."
(iiiod fur Khetiuiutisni.
Last fall
very severe
Hunger frequently causes rest
lessness and wakefulness. This
often may lie avoided by taking
a glass of milk preferably hot,
but not boiled, or a cup of cocoa,
or even a light sandwich liefore
going to Ikm! . April Ladies'
Home Journal.
Stibscrilx for Tin? Chieftain.
men '
girl who thinks all the
awfully nice," that the
other girls are all looking "too
sweet for anything," who "loves"
dancing, usually has a good
time provided she is sincere.
April Ladies' Home Journal.
If troubled by a weak digestion,
loss of appetite, or constipation,
try a few doses of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets.
Every box warranted. For sale
by A. E. Howell, Socorro; W. M.
Borrowdale, Magdalena.
I was taken with a
attack of muscular
rheumatism which caused me
great pain and annoyance. Af
ter trying several prescriptions
and rheumatic cures, I decided to
use Chamberlain's Pain Balm,
which I had seen advertised in
the South Jerseyman. After two
applications of this remedy I was
much better, and after using one
bottle, was completely cured.
SaI.I.IK HaKKIS, Saletll, N. J. j Treasurer,
A. E. Howeil, So
Borrowdale, Mag-
Sup't. Public Instruction. J. V. Chavez.
Counties of Socorro, Lincoln, i.nnves
and Eddy. Headquarters Socorro.
New Mexico.
JtiuVe Dau'l H. McMillan
Clerk and KeirU.tor J. K. Grittilh
y John Oreeinvald
Coninii.sioner.s. Matia Cotitreras
j A. R. KouUler
Sheriff. C F. lUackiiitfton
Treasurer & Collector. Abran Abeyta
County Clerk, Ilen.iene tí. Haca
Assessor, P.ci jamin Sanche
Probate : Judtfe, Joe E. Torres
Sup't. Public School. Elfetfo
Mayor. M- Chuicv
Clerk. B. A. Pin"
Ricardo Abcyta
Kosalio .l.iramillo
A. A. Sedillo
Camilo Baca
City Attorney,
Police Magistrate
Juan J. Baca, president: C. T. Brown,
secretary and tr-asurer; A. 15. Fitch.
F. G. Bártlett. J. K. Smith.
(ates In Norway.
A curious feature to travelers
iL'f:!;:, o"r' Si:-:;:icARTHiGE com MINING GO.
ward of lO.tMKl in the whole I , . , T" .
,. , , . . I M. L. Hilton A: (ivane Ltt.ra,
country which nave to Ik.' ojien-
ed. These gates, which either ' Proprietors.
mark the boundaries of the farms i vi i ,..
Genuine itimpcd C C C Ncvtr told In bulk.
Bewdre of the dealer who tries to tell
Hiomdhlng ut tt good."
It is actually getting to be a
fact that the American mechanic
is the only man in America who
has time to enjoy the company
of his wife and his child. April
Ladies' Home Journal.
or separate the home fields from
the waste lands, constitute a con
siderable inconvenience and de
lay to the traveler, who has to
stop his vehicle and get down to
open them.
There is no question that the
surest and sanest influence that
can come into the life of manor
woman is that which is brought
therein by a child. April Ladies'
Home Journal.
C. T. BKOWN, Agent, Socorro.
A. II. HILTON. C.ctieral Agent,
San Antonio.
First Clas Coal. Iow Prices.
Patronize. Home Industry.
SOCORRO LODCE, No. ", A. F. .i
A. M. Regular coiumuniciitioi!'
Kecond and fourth Tuesday of cacli
month. Vihitinn brethern cordially
invited. E. A. DaAKX, W. M.
C. (L Di'ncan, Secretary.
ic op y
r-lrnnnnt. I'ulntiililti. l'otrnl. T 1hkI. PoOood.
Kovir hit'Li n. IViuUfii. or iili.t. 10, I-. ihmI W runt I
ix-r hui.. Wilto lot' lrui bAuilt-, ainl buukiri on
Iir;.ltU. AUih.-.i "S
I I Ü1.IVII III. SLUT nillPINT, 1UII 4MI mr ttW YOllk.
?w kio tiKANHK
nieetin(,r every Wed
nesday evening .if
H o'clik at Cantl
hall. Vinitiun knights priven a e.ordiat
welcome. A. Mavkr, C. C.
S. C. Uv.v.k, K. of R. aud S
Teams Wani'tl
For hauling conl and lumber,
and for freighting. Steady work
A. II. Hilton, Manager,
San Antonio. N. V-

For sale by
corro; W. M.
If Tow hnfrn't ft r'?"!" benHhy imv. m-nt r III
bovi t-vi.ry tlity, .u niill or lil l. . Ki- ,)"'
LoWcID oh II. b il I I m wull. kurif. ill lllti h:t.o lf Mu
lt. ut U Mi' vr ul i iin, il;iiiu-' w'i''. 'i tit miifwit h
e.t. .isi.--t. iiH.ht l' i lt rt ajr uf kt-t-I'lutf tüw tMiuci
To Cur CoiistlpKtlmi t orarcr.
Tnlte O.iHeurel t'uiulv ei.tlmrtla li(o or!5o.
It V C. C. lull lo curo, urvitiki rufuaa uiuiiv.
if V. -Recular

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