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(UJ 1
VOL. 20
HAS Hut bien opened to
the public The pro
prietor guarantee every arti
cle they offer for talc to be
exactly at nprntaUd. They
have a varied dock of
Fine WJnCs and Liquors.
Domestic Cigars.
Imported Cigars.
Smoking Tobaccoes.
Family Trade Solicited.
Liles Si Torres.
3Livcv, ffeeb
2D5 Sale Stable.
May &, Yunker,
Successors to C. T. Brown.
IVrDirr F.niilnyp if the Oilrrtnln Ex
pire Suddenly at FHkoo.
J. Green Davis died suddenly
of apoplexy at Frisco Sunday
morning, March 30. Clement
Hightower, who was the only
person with Mr. Davis at the
time of his death, has written
the particulars of the sad occur
rence to a friend in this city.
From the letter it appears that
Mr. Hightower called on deceas
ed the day of his death and
found him in rather unusually
good spirits but complaining of
a constant pain in his head and
lungs. The two were sitting to
gether chatting when Mr. Davis
suddenly coughed, uttered an ex
clamation, sank down, gasped
two or three times, and all was
over. The remains were given
Christian burial on a little mesa
on Mr. llightower's place near
Mr. Davis catne to New Mexico
in 188. and for three years pub-
lished a paper
and Lariat at
1892 his office
A Good Hloutc
to Try
It traverses a territory rich in
undeveloped resources; a territory
containing unlimited possibilities for
agriculture, horticulture, stock rais
ing, mining and manufacturing. And
lust, but not least, it is
The Scenic Route
for Tourists.
The Friscd ' , Jtem now offers the
traveling public excellent service and
fast time
Between St. Louis snd Kansas
City and points in Missouri, Kansas,
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Terri
tory, Texas and the Southwest.
Between Kansas City and points
in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi,
Georgia, Florida and the Southeast.
Between Birmingham and Mem
phis and points in Kansas, Arkansas,
Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Texas
and the Vest and Southwest.
Full information as to route and
rates cheerfully furnished upon appli
cation to any representative of the
Company, or to
Passenger Traffic Department,
Commercial Building,
Saint Lauta.
Tut: Cimki'TMn office is now
utpplicd with ;i line of ladies'
lane y stationery. Those who
need anything in that line will
find it to their advantage to call.
called the Mine
Magdalena. In
was burned out
and he then came to Socorro and
was employed in the office of The
Chif.ftain until 188. In March
of 1899 he went out to Frisco
and in July of that year was ap
pointed ranger of the Gila River
reserve. In this capacity he
served until February 28, 1901.
In November of that year he
was employed to teach the public
school at Lower Plaza near Fris
co. Five weeks of the term of
his contract remained at the time
of his death.
Hut little is known here of
Mr. Davis' life before he came to
New Mexico. At one time he
was an editorial writer on an
Omaha daily. What relatives of
his may now survive him is also
unknown. On his person was
found a business card of W. II.
Davis of Shickley, Nebraska, and
a letter signed "Sarah," which
was written two years ago.
Mr. Davis was well known in
Socorro and commanded here a
goodly share of respect and es
teem. He possessed unusual
ability as an editorial writer.
Word comes from Frisco that as
a teacher he was remarkably
conscientious and successful, be
loved by his pupils and respected
by their parents. While in So
corro Mr. Davis manifested one
besetting weakness but his
friends will be glad to learn that
for a year before his death he ab
stained absolutely from the use
of intoxicants. Peace to his
Sheriff Bliirklnirtoii Arrest Juan Armijo
Suspected of Diabolical Crime.
Sunday, March 30, a diabolical
crime was committed in Albu
querque. Five men at a dance
enticed Placido Salazar into an
outhouse and while four seized
and held him the fifth inflicted
dozens of knife wounds upon him.
The wounded man has since died.
On his death bed he under oath
accused Juan Armijo of the
Some effort was made at Albu
querque to secure the accused,
but it remained for Sheriff Black-
ington of this county to make
the capture. While up the road
on business last week the sheriff
heard what led him to suspect
that Armijo was in Socorro
county. A little inquiring quick
ly developed the suspicion into a
certainty. On his return to So
corro Sheriff Blackington at once
set out to capture his man. He
followed the trail to Magdalena,
then on to Point-of-Kocks, and
finally came upon Armijo at
James Patterson's ranch 125
miles west of this city. Armijo
offered no resistance when told
to throw up his hands. He was
brought to Socorro and lodged in
jail until Thursday morning,
when Sheriff Blackington es
corted him to Albuquerque and
delivered him into the hands of
the Bernalillo county authorities.
The crime committed was a
horrible one and if the man in
custody is proved to be the guilty
party no jienalty that the law
prescribes seems adequate to
meet it.
New Concentrating Plant.
A New York company known
as the General Concentrates Com
pany is preparing to erect a large
mill in the San Andreas moun
tains about 35 miles east of Lava
for the dry treatment of the lead
ores of that vicinity. The com
pany has employed 50 men for
about a month in grading the
road from Lava to the mill site.
About 150 tons of freight, con
sisting of lumber and machinery,
will be hauled over this road at
once. Several carloads of the
machinery have already arrived
and more will be on hand shortly.
The enterprise is one of consider
able magnitude and it is to be
hoped that it will meet with
abundant success.
Sunday's Hull (ame.
The exhibition at the ball
ground last Sunday was about
the tamest of the season. The
Mexican team played altogether
the. better ball throughout the
game. In fact it was not until
the very last inning that the
Americans plucked up something
of their usual spirit and snap and
saved themselves from what
many would have considered dis
graceful defeat. The score was
23 to 20 in favor of the Mexican
Tiik Chif.ft.un office has just
been supplied with a stock of
card envelopes.
w Service on the Friura.
The Frisco system has inaug
urated a new train service in con
nection with its service that
seemed already complete. Two
new trains, "'The Meteor" and
"The World's Fair Special,"
have been added, electricity has
been adopted for illumination,
and the Cafe car service has been
extended in the southwest under
the management of Mr. Fred
Harvey. These improvements
will be greatly appreciated by
the traveling public.
Far the Military Ball.
The subscription for tickets
for the military ball to be given
by Company 11. April 24 now
amounts to $78. These tickets
will be delivered to subscribers at
the box window at the opera
house on the evening of the ball.
Oirrnsiorn, A'.. Dev. 7, HUH.
Itr-t-anfjrtl fur Sour ,1m.vA Dnt. Co. Hórrela of .1 J .Uoiiorvi.
W'liixkij iletositinl in lion (led Ware limine .'o. 17, of Sour Afttxli Dintg. Co.
IHn; or Wish
t.at-r.criox Hkmmi. No. . I
lo Vivacity
5 i
' 2
Ni.t Wink
(.M.LON i ? (.alloiiH
I ft.
T j No. Wi!.
Cation j Hoi. UK STAstrn
Nil Ta P.m. I Mill. 1.1
A i 11
"'l lb'-i
7 i 15 j
7 I IX', I
47 i IS".!
life 13 "2: U
j J W 2 S
i 4 45 4 4'
U74I 2l!
i:.7 ,
H 42' Id M
2211 '7ii
ílnlt rt il m imr I orín ,rt ' un ifi lireietl to I. N. YUNKER,
I'. S. Hanger.
4) ta ta
- fr
T ai ai ti ipai rt 1 i 1 T f
There is a female fortune teller
in town.
House to rent. Inquire of C.
T. IJrown.
L. K. Baticock of Kelly was a
visitor in town Tuesday.
The last frost of the spring of
1901 occurred April 18.
Mrs. Fred Davenport is report
ed to be visiting in Albuquerque.
Mrs. W. H. Sanders of Magda
lena was a guest at the Windsor
J. P. Chase was a passenger
for El Paso Monday on the de
layed train.
Attorney Jas. (1. Fitch was in
San Marcial Thursday on profes
sional business.
Kditor Julian Trujillo of El
Republicano is out again after
an illness of several days.
The board of county commis
sioners adjourned this morning
until T tesday the 15th inst.
William Gardiner and Henry
Clardiner registered at the Wind
sor Wednesday from Magdalena.
Thoroughbred Barred Plymouth
Rock eggs for sale. Price 50c
per setting. Address C. F. Mc
Cabe. Nathan Price made glad the
hearts of relatives and friends by
his arrival in town yesterday
Joe Epperle has received notice
of the recent death of his father
near Cleveland, Ohio, at the age
of 83 years.
A Cortcsy has bought property
n tlie thriving young town ot
Douglas, Arizona, and gone into
business there.
Prof. F. A. Jones went up to
Cerrillos yesterday morning on
business connected with the U.
S. Geological Survey.
Doctor Duncan has improved
the appearance of his residence
on California street by means of
a brand new coat of paint.
W. II. Sanders was in the city
yesterday on his way to San
Marcial to visit his wife, who is
there for medical treatment.
John E. Griffith, district clerk,
remitted to J. II. Vaughn, terri
torial treasurer, 6240.70 fees for
the quarter ending March 30.
A. D. Coon says that the pros
pect is excellent for a fine crop of
apples and peaches from his
argc orchard south of the city.
County Surveyor W. W. Jones
day. Mr. Jones has been in poor
health of late but is now improving.
Mayor Cooney is setting a good
example by painting and other-
- : a, . r
wise improving me conumon oi
his residence on McCutchen
Miss Esma Bruton left Thurs
day morning for the Bruton
ranch after a visit of two or three
weeks with Socorro relatives and
Sheriff C. F. Blackington rep
resented the local organization
of the (i. A. R. at the annual
encampment at Albuquerque
The honorable board of county
commissioners has been in session
this week. Full proceedings
will appear in 1 hk Chieftain
next week.
Prof. C.
L. Herrick was in
town for a short time Monday.
Prof. Herrick had recently re
turned from a business trip to
New York.
Work was suspended at the
School of Mines yesterday in ac
cordance with the proclamation
of Governor Otero designating
the day as Arbor Day.
The south bound train did not
arrive Monday until 2:40 p. m.
because of the wreck of a freight
train ten miles south of Las
Vegas. A tramp was killed and
a brakeman had an arm cut off
in the wreck.
C. F. McCal has accepted the
agency for the celebrated "Miner
al Polish, used tor polishing
gold, brass, silver, glass ware,
mirrors, windows, etc. All orders
left at Winkler's bakery will be
promptly filled.
Don Matías Contreras arrived j
in iiiv: my i uiMidi imni im
home at La Joya to' attend the
regular session of the board of
county commissioners.
Mrs. A. B. Fitch and daughter
Miss Bessie were in the city a
short time Tuesday morning on
their way home from a visit of
several days with friends in El
P. A. Marcellino, who is a
piano tuner of many years ex
perience, has again taken up his
old calling Orders left at J. J.
Leeson's will be promptly attend
ed to.
Captain Matthews conducts a
school of non-commissioned offi
cers every Thursday night in the
company's hall. The work last
Thursday night was highly sat
isfactory. Only once in the last five years
has Socorro been visited by a
frost later than the tenth of
April. Fruit that has not yet
been injured is almost sure to
come to maturity.
Mrs. Lizzie Griffith of this city
was elected conductress of the
grand chapter of the Order of the
Eastern Star for New Mexico at
the organization of the chapter
in Albuquerque yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Griffith
and Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Bartlett
went up to Albuquerque yester
day morning as representatives
of Magdalen Chapter No. 9 of
Socorro, O. E. S., to assist in the
organization of a grand chapter
for New Mexico.
Several parties among whom
were II. M. Dougherty, J. F.
Cook, Abran Abeyta, Homer
Hill, Geo. F. Cook, and Judge
Stansberry left this morning for
Albuquerque where they expect
ed to be initiated into the mys
teries of the order of Elks.
Hon. Elfego Baca reports that
san Antonio recently voted in
favor of issuing $1,000 in ( per
cent bonds for building a new
school house; also that the Fris
co district has just completed an
excellent school house and fitted
it with school furniture at an ex
pense of $118.
A. E. Rouiller arrived in the
city Tuesday to attend to his
duties as a member of the board
of commissioners. Mr. Rouiller
returned to his home in Paraje a
few days ago from a visit of sev
eral weeks in California where
his son is in attendance at Le-
land Standford Universitv.
Tramps have infested the city
in unusual numbers ot late.
There was a gang of half a dozen
or more of the husky beggars
canvassing the residence and
business houses yesterday. It
would be an excellent idea for
the city authorities to provide a
rock pile for the accommodation
of such gentry.
Prof. Di Mauro's orchestra of
Albuquerque has been engaged
for the military ball. Connected
with this well known orchestra
is Mrs. S. C. Berry, a pianist and
vocalist of considerable stage ex
perience and no little repute. It
is hoped that Mrs. Berry niay be
induced to render some vocal se
lections to add to the evening's
Miss Anne W. Fitch was ini
tiated into the Order of the East
ern Star Monday night by Mag
dalen Chapter No. 9 of this city.
After the ceremonies of initiation
were concluded, all members of
the chapter repaired to the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. 1 . G.
Bartlett on Park street where an
elegant supper was served in
honpr of the occasion.
After a careful examination
made this week it is estimated
that the following per ccntages
of fruit buds are safe: Apples
95, pears 98, plums 98, peaches
86, apricots 37, grapes 97, straw
berries 70, quinces 90, figs i0.
Garden vegetables, alfalfa, and
wheat arein fine condition. The
acreage of wheat is increased
considerably over that of last
li s - .
Improves the flavor
md adds to the hcalth
iulr.crs of the iood.
Gt'pcrlctfrve in
Svx'ergtii and Perity.
Uoe Factory tioc (illmnicrlne.
Some time ago Messrs. Fear
& White of Glovcrsvillc, N. Y.,
proposed to the citizens of Socor
ro, through Mayor Cooney, that
they would establish a glove fac
tory at this place on certain
stated conditions. Those condi
tions were met with refreshing
promptness and Mr. White came
to Socorro ostensibly to take
steps for the erection of the pro
posed factory. The sequel is told
in the following letter:
Gloversville, N. Y., Apr. 5.
Mr. M. Cooney and Citizens' Com
mittee, Socorro, N. M.
Gentlemen: I arrived home this
p. m. and made my report to Mr.
Fear. After a thorough investi
gation of the supply of sheep and
goat pelts obtainable at Socorro,
Magdalena, San Antonio, Belen,
Albuquerque and vicinity, we
are sorry to report that the quan
tity and the quality to be gotten
at first hands would not justify
us in accepting your liberal offer.
We are very sorry that this is
the case, as Mr. White expected
to make his home with you and
develop a business that would be
an addition to your town as well
as a paying investment for your
citizens. Thanking you for the
courtesy and attention shown
Mr. White when in your city, we
Yours very truly,
Fkak & Whitk.
MjnUtt Box Sale.
The Ladies' (iuild will give a
mystery box sale on the evening
of" Thursday, April 17, in the
Knights of Wthias hall. Candy
and ice cream will be sold at the
same time. A cordial invitation
is extended to all.
Candies, nuts, oranges and,
apples at Katzenstetn's.
Burglary in the Meat Market.
Somebody tapped the tills in
both the meat markets of the city
Tuesday night. The only booty
secured consisted of a few cur
ious coins and several links of
Bologna sausage. The partly
devoured sausages were found
on the street the next morning.
Tony Vincent was also found on
the street full of sausage, possi
bly, and whiskey. For the
whiskey he had made barter of
certain shekels of silver which
the proprietors of the meat
markets averred were the identi
cal pieces extracted from their
strong boxes the night before.
The Tony aforesaid was taken
into custody by Councilman
Winkler and given free escort to
the city bastile where it is to be
hoped he has improved the shin
ing hours in philosophical medi
tations and in sobering up.
Prof. Jones, the popular and
efficient superintendent of the
School of Mines, Socorro, is in
the city today, and honored The
Citizen office with a pleasant call.
I he professor says he will take
his vacation this summer to the
Hawaiian islands on a geological
survey for the Stanford universi
ty in Calttornia, and will be ab
sent several months. In talking
about the fruit crop of the valley
in the vicinity of Socorro, the
professor stated that the Gem
City will come to the front this
summer with an immense crop of
all kinds of fruits. Albuqucr
que Citizen.
Hereford Bulls.
I have 750 Hereford bulls for
sale. Parties wanting extra
high grade bulls should write im.
Gi.. M. Sl.AlH-.HTI N,
Roswell, N. M.
Subscribe for Tin Cimiitum.

Socorro, N. M.
of San Marcial is in the city to

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