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VOL. 21
We Have Just Received
A Large Line of new Carpet3 and
Mattiners in the Latest Colorings.
Tí rea Plys,
Gctton Ghnh,
Two Piys,
Extra Supers,
We are in a position to offer these
at prices that absolutely defy com
petition - - - - -- -- -
In all Other Lines.
Watch this Space for Further Announce
ments by
' and
In tlie Absence of the Mayor and the City Clerk Temporary
Officers Arc Chosen and Business Proceeds in Due Fcrm.
At a (mini or rromlnent Citizen Last Night It Wa Determined to Nominate a
reíale' Ticket at Mans Meeting Tonight.
If you have not received copy of our Cata
logue write at once. Our stock of the
above goods is larger and more complete
than ever. ot
Agency, New Mexico and Arizona,
1 13-115-117 South First St., Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Colonist Wets to California
Will l)i? on sale at Santa Fe ticket oftice daily to June 15,
1'm3, at rato oí $25. These tickets will be honored on fast
trains carrying free chair cars and Pullman tourist sleepers.
" Liberal stopover privilcyes in California accorded. The
uno favorable ratos will bo made to many intermediate
j oiuts in .ii.:on i.
If mui contemplate locating in California, this is your op
portunity t" go there comfortably and economically. Irri
gated! farms, orange and lemon groves and other branches
of agriculture have yielded competencies to other persons.
Y."h'v shouldn't you be as successful?
I have ill-.i"tt:iu'il !iitIiiIvp lUriatiire attotil Call
ftirnla, .in tv r 1 1 nf tlm country liiU-rvciilittf. OihtT
lH)ok (t.-cribc tin- Miiiinifnt "I "nr California train.
IÍ Inturrst.- I cunte a. 1. 1 cupteH, ur write mu an. I I will
mall thmo lu "U.
Ticket Agent.
0 '.
Eh 1
rst National
Authorized Capital $ 500,000.00
Paid Up Capital, Profits and Surplus - - 200.000.00
Deposits, - - - - - 1,800,000.00
joihua 8. Reynold. President.
M, W. Klournoy, Vice Prenident.
Frank McKce, Canhir.
C. K. Newhall, Aiitint Cashier
Fifty Years the Standard
A special meeting of the city council was held Wednesday even
ing for the purpose of providing; for a city election. There were pres
ent Councilmen A. C. Torres, A. C. Abeytia, C. Cortinas, R. Lopez,
and F. Hallemos. There were absent Councilmen W. (1. llammel,
Abran Abeyta, and August Winkler. In the absence of Mayor M.
Cooney and City Clerk Rob't T. Collins, A. C. Abeytia anil C. B.
Zedillo were chosen president and secretary pro tempore. Un mo
tion of A. C. Torres the following resolutions were read and adopt
ed, viz:
Whereas, The Mayor, the Clerk, and the Citv Council of the
City of Socorro, New Mexico, have each and all failed to issue and
publish a proclamation calling for an election for city officers in
and for said City to be held on the first Tuesday, being the 7th day,
of April, A. D. l'03, according to law, and have wholly failed to
duly and properly appoint a board of registration and judges of
election for the said election; and
Whereas, It is the sense of this Council that the reason for not
complying with the law in such case made and provided is that
they were not certain as to their duties, owing to the fact that
some alterations were being made by the 35th Legislative Assem
bly of the Territory of New Mexico lately in session at the Capital
of this Territory; and
Whereas, It is the sense ot this Council that according to law,
notwithstanding the alterations, if any, made to existing laws, the
people, the legal voters of the City of Socorro, New Mexico, are en
titled to and it is their right to have a general city electiou upon
the day and date aforesaid and that it is likewise the duty of the
present city officers to provide the legal means of properly holding
and conducting the same; and
Whereas, The present acting Mayor of the City, Hon. M.
Cooney, is now absent from said City of Socorro; and
Whereas, It appears doubtful whether this Council can legally
t this late date appoint a board of registration and judges of elec-
ion for the purpose of holding and conducting said general City
lection aloresaid, it is the sense of this Council that the right
evolves upon the legal and qualified voters within the respective
wards of the city to appoint or select their respective judges of
lection and therein proceed according to law; and
Whereas, As aforesaid, this Council, in the absence ot the
Mayor as aforesaid, and in view of all and singular the facts,
reasons and opinion aforesaid, deems it its duty even now to issue
a proclamation calling for the holding of an election as aforesaid,
and naming and designating the places where the same shall be
held in the several wards of said City, subject, however, to the will
of a majority of the legal voters being assembled upon the opening
of the polls at the places thus designated; and this Council being
desirous of complying with their duties as provided by law; now
therefore, be it
Resolved, By the Council of the City of Socorro, New Mexico,
that a general City election for Citv Mayor, City Clerk, City Treas
urer, one member of the City Council from each ward, one member
of the Board of Education from each ward, all city officers of said,
City of Socorro, New Mexico, to serve as such for the ensuing term,
according to law, be and the same is hereby called to be held on
Tuesday, the 7th day of April, A. D. 1V03, at each and every ward
of said City, said election to commence and close upon said day as pro
vided by law, and the city officers above named to be voted for within
said City and for and withim each ward of said City as provided by
law; said election to be held within each ward at the following places,
unless otherwise determined by a majority of of the legal voters
present at such places at the opening of the polls, to-wit:
In ward JNo. 1, at the house of Don Lsquipula 1'ino.
In ward No. 2, at Council Room.
In ward No. 3, at the house of Severo A. Baca.
In ward No. 4, at the house of Francisco Padilla y Lucero,
and be it further
Resolved, That the Clerk of this City. Robert T. Collins, be
and he is hereby instructed and directed to cause the ballot boxes of
the city, one ballot box for each ward, and each of said ballot
boxes containing two blank poll books, to be delivered to the judges
of election selected by the voters at the opening of the polls in each
i i t a i t a : t t.u a r
wjiu wiiiMii adiu isiiy, upon saiu uajr, i ui'Midt, vjmii in, n.. u.
1V03; be it further
Resolved, That Councilman Anastacio C. Torres and Council
man l lorentino Gallegos be and they are hereby appointed a spec
ial committee of two to prepare and have the poll books and ballot
boxes in readiness and to otherwise assist the City Clerk in
complying with the instructions herein given; be it further
Resolved, 1 hat this resolution be made spread upon the rec
ords of this Council and that a copy thereof be given to each the
Chieftain and the El Republicano, local newspapers, for publication
at their next issue, and that 200 copies thereof be caused to be
printed by the above special committee and caused to be distributed.
in the shape of handbills, throughout the City; and be it further
Resolved, That for the purpose of defraying the expenses to
be incurred in the preparation of the poll books and the advertise
ment and publication herein required to be made, that the sum ot
$00.00. or so much thereof as may be necessary, be and the same is
hereby allowed to be paid out of any moneys in the general fund of
said City to the persons presenting proper vouchers for advertising
said proclamation and preparing the poll books to be approved by
the council.
Socorro. N. M., April 1, 1903.
Acting Clerk. Acting Mayor
Highest lienors World's Fair.
last Tests U. S. Gov't Chemists
by the chairman as follows: First ward, Misáis Baca, Frank
Ábeyita; second ward, L. E. Kittrell, B. A. Pino; third ward. J. W.
Terry, J. E. Torres; fourth ward, Florentino Gallegos, Rafael
Lopez. The duty assigned to this committee was that of ascertain
ing and reporting to the mass convention the names of available
candidates for the city offices.
The meeting than adjourned.
A meeting of prominent citizens was held last night for the
purpose of providing for a mass convention to nominate candidates
for city officers. Attorney Jas. (J. Fitch was chosen chairman of
the me'etinc. In a brief address Mr. Fitch declared that Socorro
sadly needed improvement in its government, that taxes had been
collected and nobody knew where the money. was, that interest on
the rity bonds had not been paid, that the streets were in a bad con-
.... ... . - . i .11. . i
dition, and that he was ready to support capable anu nonesi candi
dates for city offices reirardless of political considerations. J. A.
Smiley was chosen secretary and J. J. Trujillo interpreter.
On motion of José E. Torres it was decided to nominate a city
ticket to be known as a People s Ticket.
A. C. Abeytia moved that the secretary be instructed to issue a
call to the citizens of Socorro to attend a mass convention in the
court house this, Saturday, evening at 7:30 o'clock for the purpose
of nominating candidates for city offices. 1 he motion prevailed.
On motion of J. J. Trujillo an advisory committee was appointed
Election, Scorro Hose Co.
At the regular meeting of So
corro Hose Co. No. 1 Thursday
night, officers for the ensuing
year were elected as follows:
Chief, John Bowman; Foreman,
A. F. Katzenstein; First Assist
ant Foreman, Jos. Epperle; Sec
ond Assistant Foreman, Pcninic
Tabacchi; First Nozzleman, Al
fredo Gallegos; Second Nozzle
man, John Greenwald; First
Plugman, Silvestre Abeyta; Sec
ond Plugman, W. G. llammel;
Secretary, A. Winkler; Treasur
er, Eddie L. Price.
A committee was appointed to
call upon the city authorities to
ask that new screws be put into
the plugs, for the reason that
the heads of some of the screws
have become so badly worn, pre
sumably by people resorting to
the plugs for irrigating, that the
wrenches will not operate.
At the close of the business
of the evening, Judge Green
regaled the members of the com
pany with a fine lunch and sent
everybody home happy.
School of Ml urn Complimented.
Those who looked after the in
terests of the New Mexico
School of Mines at Socorro were
too smart to be caught napping.
They were not caught by the
able financiers and members of
the finance committee of the leg
islative Council in accepting of-
. 1 A.AX .aT. A
ters to make loans to mat insti
tution from the sinking funds of
the territory. They said they
would be better pleased with the
regular levy for the aid and
maintenance of that institution
and in that course they were
very wise. This in view of the
fact that Territorial Treasurer
J. II. Vaughn will not pay the
sums appropriated or misappro
priated from the sinking fund
for the several territorial institu
tions as provided in the appropri
ation law unless under a man
damus by the courts, shows that
the heaUs of the Socorro men are
very level and that they are far
seeing. Santa Fe New Mexican.
Due Notice Is Kerred.
Due notice is hereby served on
the public generally that De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is the
only salve on the market that is
made from the pure, unadulter
ated witch hazel. DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve has cured
thousands of cases of piles that
would not yield to any other
treatment, and this fact has
brought out many worthless
counterfeits. Those persons who
get ths genuine Dewitt's Witch
Hazel Salve are never disappoint-
IIow's This?
We off.-r one hundred dollars
reward for any case of catarrh
that cannot bj cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
F. J.Chknky&Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have
known F. J. Chney for the last
15 years, and - believe him per
fectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able
to carry out any obligations
made by the firm.
West & Tkaux, wholesale drug
gists, Toledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan & Makvin,
wholesale druggists, Toledo, C).
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous serfaccs of
the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price 75c. per bottle..
Sold by all Druggists.
Hall's Family Pills arc the
Inspection of Company II.
An officer of the United States
army will be in Socorro April 23
to inspect company II for the
purpose of ascertaining the num
erical strength of the National
guard. Upon the result of this
inspection will depend the num
ber of new arms the company is
entitled to and the allotment of
the congressional appropriation.
Captain Matthews hopes that all
members of the company and
others also will take a lively in
terest in this matter and make
the best possible showing.
For liver troubles and consti
pation There's nothing better in crea
tion Than Little Early Risers, the
famous little pills.
They always effect a cure and
save doctor bills.
Little Early Risers are different
from all other pills. They do
not weaken the system, but act
as a tonic to the tissues by arous
ing the secretions and restoring
the liver to the full performance
of its functions naturally. A.
E. Howell.
ed, because it cures.
A. E. How-
Telephone S) stem About CuraplcUd.
The wires are all up on the
telephone system and the instru
ments are being put in place a
fast as possible. It is gratifying
to know that everything con
nected with this system is strict
ly first-class and up to date in
every respect. Connections al
ready made show that the system
is going to operate perfectly.
Mrs. Matthews took her station
at the key-board yesterday noon
and will hereafter answer all
"Hello!" calls.
Subvriv. for Tus pjiirrrAi.

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