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lin anees.
p. S. K.idty
Mb-iitl A. Otero :!je Socorro (í!jtcnainJur7rry.,,,,:i;!,:iaM .iH: !,-T
' ' ' i reckless uiir'lunr with public
furnishing tlie opponents
published ijy
E. A. DKAlvK, Kditr.
Entered at Snc.-irro Pntoílice a second
cías mail matter.
(Strictly hi advance.)
'One year ?2 00
'Sil month 1 0t
Who knows where Socorro is
at financially?
Let us have a city flection.
Let the ri h t sort of candidates
te nominated and elected.
Tiiukk is no higher form of
party allegiance than that which
seeks to drive the wolves from
the fold.
Tin-: violation of both the
Snrinsrer a.t and the lia teman
act by the city council may cause
somebody trouble vet.
Tin: Santa l'e New Mexican
will win a still more profound re
spect than it now .enjoys in the
public mind if it will continue to
unveil the dark doings of some of
the political knaves th broke
into the 35th general assembly.
A man should be a Republican
because he lelieves that the prin
ciples advocated by the KcptiMi
can party are best. How does
that fact compel allegiance to a
political boss who has no more
conception of a political principle
than a hog has of astronomy,
and who maintains his mastery
by such practices as ought to
send him to the penitentiary, or,
better still, to the gallows?
It is a little amusing that IJer
nalillo county should claim to be
the pioneer in political reform.
Socorro county has already ac
.complished'that object by a hard
battle at the polls and another in
the courts, while Hernalillo
, county is just taking the prelini-
.inarv steps. However, Socorro
county extends the hand of fel
lowshin and hopes that her
neighbor will make a still more
thorough job of it.
Tiik Chikitain will hereafter
contain a column of items con
cerning the School of Mines. It
is believed that those items will
bo of interest to the readers of
the paper. It its believed also
that they will serve to attract
the attention pf possible students
to the special advantages afford
ed by the School of Mines for the
perusal of such coursrs of study
as are offered. No effort will be
.spared to accomplish this pur
pose. Wiiokvhk the responsible par
ties may le, they would render a
valuable public service and at
,thc same time free themselves of
certain dark s-uspicions in the
public mind if they would pub-
of statehood with their strong-
et possible argument.
Tiik territorial cattle associa
tion is in a position to accom
plish muca good for its individ
ual members and for other citi
zens as well. It is beyond ques
tion that the organisation can if
properly handled wield a tremen
dous political influence. Thus
it can. for instance, secure the
passage of a law by the next
general assembly authorizing the
taxing of sheep in the county in
which they graze. That law
would be of great benefit to the
vast majority of tax-payers.
Those sheep-men who take ad
vantage of the present nefarious
law to dodge tlu-ir taxci might
think themselves aggrieved, but
no apology would be due them.
The cattle association should re
ceive all possible encouragement
and support.
Tin? AlbiKjueripie Journal
Democrat makes a mistake in
publishing the suggestion that
the (íood (lovernment League
should secure an examination of
the books of Iiernalillo county.
Within the memory of men still
living the county commissioners
of Socorro county entered upon
just that fort of an undertaking
in just that way. The result
was that when the experts cm
ployed to do the work were ready
to begin operations, behold! cer
tain books necessary to their
purpose had very mysteriously
disappeared. If IJernalillo coun
ty would profit by Socorro coun
ty's experience, the best thing
for the (íood (lovernment League
to do is to get possession of the
books lirsfand advertise its pur
pose afterwards.
Ilr.KMKNK (1. Baca, 'the present
treasurer and ex-officio collector
of Socorro county, has enterca
heroically upon a difficult and
delicate task. He has under
taken to find out who the delin
quent tax-payers are, to collect
delinquen taxes as far as possi
ble, and to put the tax-rolls into
an accurate and intelligible con
dition. The task is a difficult
one because the books of Mr
Iiaca's predecessor were either
not accurately kept or are mys
terious y missing. The task is
a delicate one because extreme
care has to be exercised to avoid
inflicting hardship upon some
tax-payers who have paid their
taxes have not been credited
therefor and have lost their
receipts. Mr. Daca deserves and
will receive the Hearty sympa
thy and support of all citizens
who are in favor of an honest ad
ministration of the county's
The constitution recognizes
the importance of a full senate,
for it provides that the govern
ors of the states shall fill '-acan-
cics by appointment when the
legislatures arc not in session.
The senate has decided that this
does not give to the governor the
right to appoint when the legis
lature has failed to elect, and in
accordance with this view it has
within a few years refused to
seat senators from Montana,
Pennsylvania, Washington and
Wyoming, lint the fact that a
state may thus voluntarily de
prive itself of representation does
not lessen the national interest
in the matter.
The nation is concerned in the
honesty of election to congress as
well as in the fact of election.
The national will may fail of ex
pression because of fraud at the
polls through which members of
the party in the minority may
receive the certificate of election.
Such failure is graver than that
caused by factional quarrels in
the majority party, because it in
volves deliberate and premedi
tated violation of the most sa
cred principle of representative
government the principle of
majority rule. Youth's Compan
Congress and The Nation.
pEi.AWAKi? has been without
representation in the United
States senate for the past two
years, and for two years before
that it had only one senator.
The legislature was unable to
make an election by the required
majority vote.
Its success last month in elecl-
Shpio Utile MIsnch.
This Miss is unhappy mis
fortune. This Miss is not always hon
est misappropriate.
This Miss is uncivil and ill
bred Mislchave.
This Miss wastes time and
money mis-spent.
This Miss should be shunned
by the traveler misguide.
This Miss gives unreliable in
formation misscall.
This Miss meets with ill-luck
and delay misadventure.
This Miss can destroy -the
peace of a nation misrule.
This Miss is an uncertain cor
respondentmisdirect. This Miss makes trouble wher
ever she goes misdoing.
This Miss causes sorrow to her
mother misconduct.
This Miss does not value her
friends misa pprcciatc.
This Miss is distrustful of
human nature misanthrope.
These three Misses are un
truthful misrepresent, misin
terpret, misstate.
lish an itemized and complete
statement of the receipts and ex- two senators was a matter of
t)enditures of the treasury of the : national concern, for the national
- t.
city of Socorro for any period
whatever. The tax-payers of
the city certainly have a right to
know what becomes of their
.money. If the information is
not furnished voluntarily by the
proper parties, it is altogether
possible that steps will le taken
o obtain that information otherwise.
.Territorial Tkkasfkkk
Vait.iin will render a distin
guished public service if he will
remain firm in his determination
to maintain the territory's credit
by preventing if possible the
misappropriation of the. sinking
fund. ' There s an informal as
sociation of ambitious politic
ian in New Mexico who doubt
less would roundly abuse any
man who might darkly hint that
the territory is not fit for state
hood. Yet that same gang of
fouling Stations.
Steam navigation has so
changed naval conditions that no
nation can be powerful on the
seas without coali lg stations in
all parts of the world. The sit
uation in a large way is like that
of a man driving in the country
when his horse gets thirsty. If
he cannot find a watering-trough
the animal may give out before
he reaches the end of the jour
ney. A war-ship is more nearly
useless without coal than a horse
without water.
When President Palma of
Cuba signed the agreement ced
ing to the United States the
harbor' of llahia Hondo on the
northwest coast and the harbor
of (luantanatno on the southeast
coast, he consented that this
country should set up watering
troughs for its naval war-horses
on the shores of these Cuban
These coaling stations, or
naval bases, are needed to make
it possible for this country effect
ually to guard the approaches to
the Panama Canal, as well as to
fulfil the American promise to
defend Cuba from foreign inter
ference, (ircat Britain, France,
the Netherlands and Denmark
own West Indian Islands that
are or can be used as coaling sta
tions. In any possible conflict
in the Caribbean Sea and for
tunately a conllict is not proba
ble the lieets ot these powers
would be as near to their bases
as the war-ships of the United
States would be to the Cuban
naval stations.
To increase the efficiency of
American ships in the Philippine
waters, the United States has a
naval base in Hawaii, and anoth
cr on the Island of Guam.
These islands belong to the
United States, whereas Cuba
does not.
It is not unprecedented for a
nation to have a naval base on
foreign territory. This country
had one in Hawaii, before the
islands were annexed. Great
liritam has several; Hongkong
was originally ceded to it for
naval purposes.
Germany and Kussia, which have
recently begun to develop their
naval strength, are seeking con
venient harbors, on the shores of
which they may store coal for
their war-ships. They are sus
pected of desiring such stations
to aid them irt carrying out an
aggressive policy. The policy
Cured by One Mottle or I'liamhorlaiiiN
Clinch Itemed).
"When I had an attack of grip
last winter (the second one) I
actually cured myself with one
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy," says Frank W. Perry,
editor of the Knterprise, Shorts-
ville, N. Y. "This is the honest
truth. I at times kept from
coughing mvself to pieces by
taking a teaspoonful of this rem
edy, and when the coughing
spell would come on at night I
would take a dose and it seemed
that in the briefest interval the
cough would pass off and I would
go to sleep perfectly free from
cough and its accompanying
pains. To say that the remedy
acted as a most agreeable surprise
is putting it mildly. I had no
idea that it would or could knock
out the grip, simply because I
had never tried it for such a pur
pose, but it did, and it seemed
with the second attack of cough
ing the remedy caused it to not
onlj be of less duration, but the
pains were far less severe, and I
had not used the contents of one
bottle before Mr. Grip hail bid
me adieu." Foi sale by A. E
Howell, Socorro; W. M. Borrow-
dale, Magdalena.
Dortor rico?1 Favorite. Prescription
tíant! n'c'i?, in tiie me nnd only remedy
for W-ucorr'.tca. fei-.'iil? wen k lie pro
lnpnis, ur lull t r "f the womb, so at'So
Intel v petir.c mid sure in curing these
common mlim-n'.i of wnr.iett, n to war
rant ils makers in offering to pay, as
they hereby do, the mm of fyn reward
for a env of the atnve mullidles which
they co. I not cure. This is a remarkable
oiler. No other medicine for the cure
of womnn'd peculiar ailments is hacked
by such a remarkable guarantee. Ho
other medicine for woman's ills is pos
sessed of the unparalleled curative pro
perties that would warrant us makers
in publishing such an oifcr; no other rem
edy haa such a record of a third of a
century of cures on which to base such
remarkable oiler.
Mlm Emms Wetlrr. who I Secretary of the
Ywna; People's Christian Aocinlitm. st 1H1S
ktaditon Avenue. Srvr York City, uyi : r Your
Favorite rrevrintion ' i a bom lo Md and
Urcd wnmeu. for it cure them wtitn oilier nirt-
Mtir, ful!. I know whrrrof 1 fnk. lor 1 hare
bad expenenc with it For lonrtfrn mmillia I
had OHiatant h-nfinchu : arrtiieil loo weak to
perform my daily ihitira. oud when lli d..v wan
over 1 waa too tired to leer well. 1 anifered
from nervraiRiieaa ami indigestion, and every
thing I ale dialTewvd me. lHx-tored wilh dift r-
lit nhvaiciana nut rec Ired no relief. Alter
reading one of vonr hooka 1 decided to jive your
Favorite I'reacrintion ' a trial. Am very glncl
I did. for I found it waa jut what I wanted I
commenced to improve at once and kept i;etl inff
better until, after acven weeks I vnn entirely
cured. I have letrnincd In perirct health ever
antee, and remain a firm friend of your 1 avor-
lie I'reacrintion.' "
The dealer who offers a substitute for
"favorite Prescription" is only seek ins
to make the little more protit nitonien
by a less meritorious medicine. His
profit is your loss. Therefore, turn your
back on' Uiui as unworthy of your patronage.
If constipated use lr. Pierce's Pleas
ant Pellets. Thev cure constipation,
biliousness nnd sick headache. They do
not produce tl:e '"pill habit."
World's Pispknsarv MsniCAt As
sociation, Proprietors, Buffalo, N. Y.
m ii iv MP ill) ' 1 11
J : J
.a.'jIii ni' ., .
iicak TiMii tap.l::.
a m
.Pasapnirer ! 4:12 a w
1 ,, ,!.. .Kant Frcitrht... ll:Sim
1 2: 1 5 pin I . . . I,ocn1 Vrr ht-. 'J'i 'JL!!?
"No. rOand 100 carry passciiír'r be
tv.cen Albuquerque and San Marcial.
Pally except Sunday.
7:4.' a m Lv. .S..c..rro.. Ar 12:10 p m
Official Directory.
Pe 'ie;ate to Congress,
Chief Ju.tice,
Onion In Etrjit.
The cultivation of onions in
Eifypt is assuming from year to
year larger proportions, and
there are now but few markets in
southern Europe which the
Egyptian product does not con
trol durino; the earlier part of
the season.
Kulihcd The Crave.
A startling incident is narra'
ed by John Oliver of Philadel
phia, as follows: "I was in an
awful condition. My skin was
almost yellow, eyes sunken,
tongue coated, pain continually
in back and tides, no appetite,
growing weaker day by day.
Three physicians had given me
up. Then I was advised to use
Electric Bitters; to my great joy,
the first bottle made a decided
improvemsnt. I continued their
use for three weeks, and am now
a well man. I know they rob
bed the grave of another victim."
No one should fail to try them.
Only 50 cents, guaranteed, at all
will cannot be known unless each
state is represented in the senate.
It is important also that the
state delegations in the house of
representatives should be full.
Each congressional district and
each state is under moral obliga
tions to send its representatives
to congress.
The ability of the majority
party to carry out its policy de
pends oil the presence in congress
of the men belonging to that
party. Kactional quarrels some
times prevent the election of rep-1 of United States is purely de
resentatives of the majority icnsive. ínter-ucean.
party in the district or of sena- Teacher-"If four boys have
torsuf the majority party in the twenty llcachM an,i tUirty ap
state. The result may be a los. ; lles eac,Jf. what w11 cach boj
oi ,i tic control oi congress Dy tue iiaVe?"
Bright boy "Chol'rer morbus!"-Philadelphia
party which would otherwise'
dictate its policy. The whole
nation has an undoubted interest j
in the election of every represen-'
tativc and every senator. '
Wise people rcsgect the man;
fools respect his good clothes.
Fifth District Court.
At Socorro, United States
Court: Third Monday in May
and fourth Monday in November
Socorro county: Third Mon
day in May and fourth Monday
in November (at Socorro.)
Chaves County: Second Mon
day in April and third Monday
in Octoder, (at Koswell.)
Eddy County: Fifth Monday
in March and first Monday in
October, (at Carlsbad.)
Lincoln County: First Mon
days in March and September,
(at Lincoln.)
Koosevclt County: Third Mon
day in March and Qctober, (at
A Tlii.uiditrul Man.
M. M. Austin of Winchester,
Ind., knew what to do in the hour
of need. His wife had such an
unusual case of stomach and liver
trouble, physicians could not
help her. He thought of and
tried Dr. King's New Life Pills
and she got relief at once and
was finally cured. Only 25c, at
all Druggists.
The Topeka Mail and Breeze
tells of a little Kansas girl who
was adopted and becoming tired
of being twitcd about it ended
the conversation thus: "Well, i
your fathers and mothers had to !
take you whether they wanted ;
you or not; mine picked me out I
of a whole lot of little boys and
. Han Arrbt'd.
"Do you suppose the time will
come when poetry won't be writ
ten?" ,
"It's here now." Life.
The man who never can for
give is the man who caught us
trying to do a wrong to him.
A woman knows you love her
when you deny that a woman
whose rivalry she fears is good
That new stock of line station
ery at the Chieftain office is sell
ing rapidly. It does not fail to
Goods bought at A. Winkler's
are delivered free in any part of
the city.
Jame W. Reynold
W. J. Mili
f rtnij. S. linker.
I F. W. l'arker
I J. K. McFie
IP. II. McMillan
Surveyor-General, M. O. Mcwellyn
United States Collector. A. I.. Morrison
IT. S. Pit. Attorney, V. P. C htlcets
U.,S. Marshal. C. M. t-orakrr
Re-. Land Olfice Santa Fe, M-,K- ,,tcr'
Kfp li. F. Hobatt
Kex " " Las Cruce n. Galle
Ke .. Henrv Povrman ,
He-' " " Koswell, II. Pelan.' '
KtJ?' P. P. Gever
Forest St.pt.... I. P. Hatitia, Sont:i F
Forest Supervine. '-i'a Kiver Rea-ryc
K. C. McClnre, Silver City
Forest Supervisor, I'ccos River R
aerve, G.-ortrc Pailón'-."-,:. I-3
Solicitor-General. E. L. Partlett
Pist. Attorney, K. C. Gortner, Santa I e
.. V. H. H. Llewellyn,
La Cruce
" R. V. Parné, Silver City
C. A. Spie. Las Vega
J. Leahy. Raton
G. W. Pr'ichard, Socorro
Librarian. Lafayeue .m,,
Clerk Supreme Court. J- e,ul
Sup't Penitentiary, , H.
Adjutant General. V. H. Wh.temnu
Treasurer, J.A.VauBMi
Auditor, V,G-ia;.r,Lt
Oil Inspector, John S. CUrk
Territorial Hoard of Education.
Sup't. Public Instruction, J. F. ( have.
Coutitie of Socorro. Lir.colii. C'iave
and Eddy. Headquarters Socorro,
New Mexico.
Judire la'l McT.l"a!
Clerk and Register J. E. Gri-iitH
i John Green-R-ald
Commis&ioncrit, . Abran Contreras
( Carpió Padilla
nhcrifT Leandro Paca,
Treasurer & Collector, H. G. Paca
County Clerk, PoIchIo A. Pma
Assessor, Penjanun Satichex
Probate Judpe, Mauricio Miera
Sup't. Public School, A. C. Torr;
Mayor, M- K''."-T
Clerk, K. T. Co'.hn-
Treasurer, Ricardo Abeyta
Marshal. Hi H-u"
City AttoriK-v, A. A. f.edillo
Police Magistrate, Amos Green
Juan J. Paca, president; C. T. Brown,
secretary and treasurer: A. P. Fitcli,
F. G. Partletl, J. K. Smith.
JV Constipation is noUiina more iU vt
a-,!''j than a cloi?:inir of the bowels K. I U
a i a.
I and notlnim lew than vital statr-
I" ...... ..
nation or death it not relieved.
every constipated ufferer
could realize that lie is allowing
poisonous filth to remain in his
system, bfl would soon pet relief.
Constipation invites all kind of '
contagion. Headaches, bilious
ness, colds nnd many other ail
ments disappear when consti
pated bowelMBre relieved. Tiled
ford' lihick -Draii(.rht thoroughly
cleans out the bowels in an easy
and natural munner without the
Íiurginsfof calomel or other vio-
ent cathartics.
He sure that yon Ret the oricri-'
nal Thedford'í lilack-Dranght.
made by The Chattanooga Medi
cine Co Sold by all druggist in
20 cei.t and $1.00 packages.
M.trwaa, irk.. Mar th, lfWII.
I fAnnot rtH'ommrnd Tnrtlford'l lllai'k
prauvht Umi hlalil). 1 kiwp It In my kuaaa
all tlir 1 1 "if anil katr naril It fur Oif laat
! jrt'arN. I nnvrr pava my rlilldrra
auf olhrr laxativa. I think I rould
navrr ba ulili. to work without It
on arruuut ur iM-incirouiiird wim
. cnaNtlpatlun. Your aacillvlna la --kj
I all tkal kerut air up. Vm"
v. ... arr .iitLi.iu.
LOIX5E, No. 9, A.
?. A A. M. Refti
:ar communica
tion, second and
fourth Tuesdays
if eacli month.
Visiting- brcthcrn cordially invited. ,
Geo. E. Cook, V.'. M.
C. G. PrNCAX, Secretary.
Regular convocations first and. third
Tuesdays of each month. j
Jas. G. Fitch, Z. H. P.
C. G. Duncan, Secretary.
').: nr of the
iat'-n tr.--k
M Masonic IlilU
lirst and third
Monday of
each month.
Mks. Mary Partlrtt. W. M.
Lizzik Gnii:riT;i, Secrttary.
LODGE, No. 3, K.
Ctf of P. Regular
mectinir every Wed
nesday evening' at
8 o'clock at Castle
hall. Viniliiiij knight (jiven a cordial
welcome. A. Maykk, C. C-
S. C. MlíEK, K. of R. and t".
Tennis Wanted
For hattlinff coal and lumber,
and for freighting-. Steady work
A. II. Hilton, Manasrer,
San Antonio, N. M.
Candies, nuts,
otar got. at

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