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10 íyí ij
VOL. 21
NO. 12
We Have Just Received
A Large Line of
Mattings in the
new Carpets and
Latest Colorings.
Threa Plys,
Ccttcn Chafo,
Two Plys,
Extra Supers,
We are in a position to offer these
at prices that absolutely defy com
petition - - - - -- -- -
In all
Other Lines.
Watch this Space for Further Announce
ments by
If you have not received copy of our Cata
logue write at once. Our stock of the
above goods is larger and more complete
than ever. ot t m
Agency, New Mexico and Arizona,
113-115-117 South First St., Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Colonist Tickets to California
Will be on sale at Santa Fe ticket oflke daily to June 15,
103, it rate of 25. These tickets will be honored on fast
trains carrying free chair cars and Pullman tourist sleepers.
Liberal stopover privileges in California accorded. The
same favorable rates will be made to many intermediate
point in Arizona.
If you contemplate locating in California, this is jour op
jiortutiity to go there comfortably and economically. Irri
gated farms, orange and lemon groves and other branches
of agriculture have yielded competencies to other persons.
Why shouldn't you be as successful?
I havn Ulutilil ilnm-ipl: literature about Cali
fornia, a. w.-ll tit Ilia country intervening. Oilier
book ilrcrlUc the ruiinieiil uf our California train.
If liiterrnted cum and grl i'uuiri, or write m and I will
tail tbvm lii you.
Ticket Agent.
About Soventy-five Voters in Mass
Convention Nominate Candi
dates for City Officers.
S3 17
First National
Authorized Capital $ 500,000.00
PpidUp Capital, Profit and Surplus - - .200.000.00
Dpoiti, - 1,800,000.03
Jcythua 9. Rynoldr Prcaident.
,3. W. Flournoy, Vice President.
Frank McKee, Cuhier.
C. K. NcwhAll, Aaaiataut Cakhler
-3 i3TvPC5IT01?V l"OR . T. 4 S. Y. AND A. 4 P. R.ill.'KOAPS. -0
Socorro tlie Only ('It In the Territory
to Hold an Flection This Spring.
A People's Ticket Fleeted.
The state of political affairs in
Socorro promises interesting de
velopments. It will be remem
bered that the 35th general as
sembly passed a law extending
the terms of elective city olhcers
one year, and afterwards passed
another lav exempting the terms
of the officers of the city of So
corro from the provisions of the
first law. It was intended,
therefore, that the city of Socor
ro should hold a regular annnal
election on the first Tuesday in
April under the provisions of the
old election law, and Socorro
was the only city in New Mexico
that might do so.
Wednesday evening, April 1,
four city councilman assembled
at the council room for the pur
pose of issuing an election proc
lamation. There being no
quorum present, adjournment
was taken to the residence of
Councilman Cortinas, who was
too sick to be out. A proclama
tion was issued calling for a city
election on Tuesday, April 7.
Mayor Coonev was out of the
city and all members of the city
council were notified of the time
and pnrposc of this meeting.
Those present were Councilmen
Abeytia, Cortinas, Torres, Galle
ges, Lopez; those absent were
Mayor Cooney and Councilmen
Abran Abeyta, Ilammel, and
In pursuance of the proclama
tion, a mass convention of about
seventy-live voters met in the
court house Saturday evening
for the purpose of nominating
candidates for the city offices on
a people's ticket. '
The convention was called to
order at 8 o'clock by Hon. A. C.
Abeytia, who in an earnest ad
dress announced the purpose for
which the convention was called
and then called upon A. C. Tor
res to read the proclamation.
Attorney Jas. G. Fitch was elect
ed president and was escorted to
the chair by Messrs. Leandro
Baca and J. W. Terrv. Mr.
Fitch made a brief but forcible
address in which he dwelt with
emphasis upon the fact that the
tax-payers of Socorro should at
once solve "the question whether
the city is to be governed by the
people or by a clique who are
afraid to go before the people on
their record." This statement
was greeted witn enmusiasuc
applause. C. A. Baca was chos
en secretary and A. C. Torres in
terpreter. A. C. Abeytia in eloquent and
eulogistic terms placed J. W.
Terry in nomination for candi
date for mayor. Estevan Baca
seconded the nomination with en
thusiasm. The nomination was
carried unanimously by a rising
vote. Frank Abey tia then nom
inated Eduardo V. Baca for city
clerk and, later, E. L. Price for
treasurer. Both these nomina
tions, also, were declared to be
the unanimous choice of the con
vention. Candidates for council
men and members of the board of
education were then chosen by
the members of the convention
from the different wards as fol
lows: 1st ward For the council,. R.
J. Terry; for the board of educa
tion, R. Stackpole.
2nd ward For the council, L.
E. Kittrell; for the board of edu
cation, John Bowman.
3rd ward For the council, A.
C. Abeytia; for the board of edu
cation, W. II. Liles.
4th ward For the council,
Rafael Lopez; for the board of
education, Elias E. Baca. The
convention formally approved
the choice of these candidates.
A committee of eight was then
chosen to arrange for the employ
ment of judges and clerks of elec
tion in each ward as follows:
1st ward Meliton Torres and
Misáis Baca.
2nd ward W. II. Byerts and
B. A. Pino.
3rd ward A. C. Abeytia and
Amos Green.
4th ward K. Gallegos and
Nepomuceno Lopez. An execu
tive committee was chosen con
sisting of José E. Torres, Lean
dro Baca, and Ja. G. Fitch.
The convention then adopted
the clasped hands as the emblem
of the ticket, whereupon J. P.
Chase facetiously asked that tl e
secretary make a minute of the
exact moment when the emblem
was adopted.
J. W. Terry and Elias Baca
were called upon for speeches.
Both gentlemen responded briefly
and the convention then adjourn
The People's Ticket was the
only one in the field, but there
was a considerable vote cast.
The vote has not yet been can
vassed by the city council. It is
probable that some questions
raised by the election will have
to be settled in court before the
result can be known.
There Was a Hot Time In Old Town
When the City Fathers Contened
Monday Evening.
There were stirring times at
the city council Monday evening.
The first manifestation of unusu
al life occurred when in the read
ing of the minutes of the last
meeting it appeared that a long
list of city warrants appeared
therein as approved by the com
mittee appointed to examine
them to see whether they should
be accepted for taxes and licenses.
The report of this committee had
not been submitted to the coun
cil for its action.
Councilman A. C. Abeytia con
tended that this list should be
stricken out of the records of the
proceedings of the countil until,
at least, the council had had an
opportunitv to act upon the re
port of the committee. The
minutes were, however, adopted
as read, by the following vote,
viz; Yeas Abran Abeyta, Cor
tinas, Ilammel, Winkler, and
Mayor Cooney; nays A. C.
Abeytia, Torres, Lopez, and
The mayor announced that
after diligent search he had
found that a lot of warrants
stolen several years ago were in
possession of a Wisconsin banker.
A list of these warrants had just
been placed in the hands of the
county treasurer, "so that every
precaution has been taken to pro
tect the city trom receiving ille
gal warrants."
The next entertainment was
afforded when Councilman Tor
res called for the reading of the
minutes of the special meeting
of the council on Wednesday
evening, April 1, when a pro
clamation was issued for a city
election. Councilman Abran
Abeyta vigorously opposed the
reading of these minutes on the
erround that the council meeting
of April 1 was illegal. Those
in favor of embodying the min
utes in the proceedings of the
council finally prevailed, how
ever, but the mayor resorted to
his veto power.
There was another struggle
over the question of confirming
the mayor's nomination of Sil
vestre Abeyta tobe water master
The nomination was confirmed,
Fifty Years the Standard
Ilighost Honors World's Fair.
Highest Tests U. S. Gov't Chemists
Knight Row Croix.
The local Knights Rose Croix
observed the Maundy Thursday
feast in the Masonic building in
this city Thursday evening
After the ceremony oí extinguish
ing the lights, the Knights re
paired to the banquet room,
where a bountiful repast had
been spread. At the conclusion
of the banquet, Knight C. T.
Brown, who acted as toast-mas
ter ana master ot ceremonies,
called upon Knight II. M
Dougherty to respond to the toast
"The Scottish Rite." Needless
to say, the response was an elo
quent and effective one. Knight
E. A. Drake then responded to
"The Eastern Star," and the
ceremonies ended with an able
response by Knight Jas. G
Fitch to the toast "The Blue
Lodee." Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Brown, Mr.
and Mrs. II. M. Dougherty, Mr
and Mrs. v. G. Harnett, and
Messrs. Jas. G. Fitch. J. 1
Chase. W. M. Borrowdale, Leo
Locwenstein, and E. A. Drake
It was a cause ot general sorrow
that Mr. and Mrs. John E. Grif
fith were detained at home b?
Mrs. Griffith's serious illness.
A Magdalena Currespsndcnt Toll of
Sulrs Already Made and of tho
The following letter from an
esteemed correspondent at Mag- ',
dalena may be accepted as an
authoritative statement of the
cattle situation in Socorro county
Magdalena, N. M., Apr. 8, 1903
Editor Chieftain:
The cattle selling season has
opened up briskly at Magdalena
and somewhat earlier than usual.
The Medleys, Wm. Gardiner, M.
F. McBride, W. II. Sanders &
Son, and J. M. Allen & Son have
sold their one and two year
old steers to be turned over in
two deliveries, the first on April
15th and the last from May 10th
to 15th under the customary
term. Tom Richmond of Trini
dad, Colo., has contracted the
stock, which is to be shipped to
S. Dakota to be matured.
Prices are a shade lower than
last year but "turning" the cat
tle so early puts the trade on
about an even basis with the
Írevious season's transactions,
'hese transfers added to the
recent sales of the Carrizoza
"Bar W" steers and of the Dem-
ing steers, also to go north, and
ot the Cox cattle from Doña Ana
county to be shipped to Califor
nia, start the annual movement
of stock from central and south
ern New Mexico very nicely and
tend to contradict the bearish
ftredictions given out in January
rom the usual sources.
For liver troubles and consti
pation There's nothing better in crea
tion Than Little Early Risers, the
famous little pills.
They always effect a cure and
save doctor bills.
Little Early Risers arc different
from all other pills. They do
not weaken the system, but act
as a tonic to the tissues by arous
ing the secretions and restoring
the liver to the full performance
of its functions naturally. A.
E. Howell.
For Visit of President HoosercH.
To Santa Fc and Albuquerque
May 5, tickets will be sold May
4 and 5 at one fare for round
trip. To members of the Na
tional Guard in uniform tickets
will be sold to Santa Fe at $3.25
forround trip, return limit May f.
Thos. Jaques,
Santa Fe Agt.
Make Your lictimi Nov.
Assessor Benjamin Sanchez
asks that all tax-payers make
their property returns at once on
the blank schedules furnished for
that purpose. The putting off
of this duty until the last mo
ment frequently causes confus
ion and trouble to all concerned.
Four white Guineas for sale
I by Mrs. M. A. Savler.
The Hoard Holds an Important Meeting
nd Find Flattering Prospect fur
Next Year.
The board of trustees of the
School of Mines, now consisting
of Messrs. Juan José Baca, C. T.
Brown, and F. G. Bartlett of So
corro, Capt. A. B. Fitch of Mag
dalena, and August Rouiller of
Paraje, held an important meet
ing in this city yesterday. All
members were present. The
board was organized by the re
election of Juan Jose Baca as
president and C. T. Brown as
secretary and treasurer.
After the transaction of routine
business, several matters of es
pecial nature occupied the atten
tion of the board. It was decid
ed to take out an insurance policy
of $4,000 on the new building
and its equipment. The follow
ing new chairs were provided
for, viz: Mining Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Metal
lurgy, Mineralogy, and Physics.
The business of the iustitu
tion will continue to be conduct
ed on a cash basis. As the esti
mated revenue of the School for
the year 1904 is estimated at
about twice that of the current
year, many improvements in the
condition of the institution may
be anticipated.
Absolutely No Truth In the Report That
He Has KcHlgned.
Hon. Dan'l II. McMillan ar
rived in Socorro Thursday morn
ing from Washington, where he
had been to answer certain
charges brought against him. It
can be staled on the very best
authority that the report that
Judge McMillan has tendered his
resignation, and more to the
same effect, is absolutely without
foundation. In fact no word
concerning his resignation has
passed between Judge McMillan
and the authorities in Washing
ton. The case has been heard
before the proper tribunal and is
now under advisement, with a
very strong probability that
Judge McMillan will retain the
important position he now occupies.
Hue Notice I Scr?ed.
Due notice is hereby served on
the punlic generally that De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is the
only salve on the market that is
made from the pure, unadulter
ated witch hazel. DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve " has cured
thousands of cases of piles that
would not yield to any other
treatment, and this fact has
brought out many worthless
counterfeits. Those persons who
get the genuine Dewitt's Witch
Hazel Salve arc never disappoint
ed, because it cures. A. Ei Howell.
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