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uljc Socorro (Tljicflain.
K. A. DKAKK, I'-diMr.
'Entered at S corro Tostolflco as nocoiic'i
clan mail matter.
(Strictly in advance.)
):ie year ' ?2
Six month t lKI
Tin: day of tlie political 1oh
in Now Mexico U fading fat--vastly
to the credit of New-Mexico.
Tin: ift of a chromo of a t
litical h;id duck i the latest
novelty in tlie wav of an eiTort
to liootn circulation.
in?-fund for tlie CNtirtiuishttient I I'rc'.tj SenlliiiniN.
of the public debt isa ga'A ex- The man who loves his liomc-
amnlc ol tins class. : me p. ace ol his nativity is i
The relation ot the cost of blos'.od with true nobility,
government to the national re- Whin after the flight of years
sources may pcrhups best he in- ' we turn the leaves cf memory's
dicuted by some comparisons, tablet and live over a;r;in the
Americans received from the sale joys and sorrows long j;onc by it
of wheat abroad last year a sum ' is sad, but sweet retrospection,
equaling about three-fourths of ' and the heart that does not hold
the annual pension appropriation; ' sjcred the scenes of such mem-
and cattle and horses enough ories is scarcely human. Many
were exported to pay about one
half the cost of maintaining the
are the hallowed places in our
dear old home town; the old
army, an expense which has been i school housj and play grounds,
decreasing since the close of the ! the scenes of youthful trouble
Ii- Silvestre AU-yta is to be
water masur of S.'corio for the
ensuing vear, arm u no ois
chares the duties of the office as
he did two years ao, nobody
will be greatly a.;irieved at his
appointment, lie did well.
Tin; political boss assumes to
sav that opposition to his un
speakable purposes and methods
is party treason of the deepest
dye. Doubt as to the wisdom of
anv jreat political principle ad
vocated by the party is nothing
in comparison.
At the meeting of the city
council Monday night. Council
man Abran Abeyta, in response
to a query " to the city's linan-
cial condition, explained that
several years ago the city's rcv-
enties amounted to $'),IMMI a year,
that they now amount to only
Í1.H0O a year, and that the city's
indebtedness was then oii,uii;,
which has now been reduced to
'42,ii()0. Mr. Abeyta closed his
remarks by paying a glowing
tribute to Mayor Cooney's ad
ministration. All that was well
enough, but it did not answer
the query. Anionic the questions
that occupy the minds of the tax
payers of Socorro are these: Kx-
actlv what is the amount of the
city's revenues now, and from
what sources are they derived?
Kxactly what is the amount of
the city's expenditures, and what
are the items? Kxactly how
much money, if any, is there
now in the city treasury? If, in
answer toi those und'olher reason
able queries, any city official will
make public a business-like and
satisfactory statement ot the
city's finances, the Chieftain will
do its best to make known the
fact that certain dark suspicions
now occupying the public mind
are without foundation.
Spanish War. The Agricultural
Department, with its various
ramifications, spends only six
million dollars a year, or about
the amount received from the ex
port of canned b..-ef or of manu
factures of tobacco.
The navy costs a few million
dollars less then the army. The
total cost of the war ami navy
departments is not much greater
than the pension appropriation,
which is now the largest singlo
item. Youth's Com dan ion.
National Ki'iiditiiri'.
Twki.vk years ago the phrase,
"a billion-dollar Congress," was
used in reproach.
The best reply that the speak
er of its house of representatives
could make was that this was a
billion-dollar count nr. So rapid,
however, has leen the expansion
of the activities of the national
government since that time thüt
the appropriations of t!u- con
gross which adjourned in March
amount to a billion and a half,
iot counting the ti ft y million
dollars appropriated for an isth
mian canal.
This amuunt, which covers the
gros cokt of government for two
years, include many expendi
tures which are tdlset bv aa in
cmue that must be deducted from
the total to obtain the net cost.
The jio-.t-iflue department, for
example, draws from the treasury
nearly half a trillion dollars
twrj worting-Uay; yet most of
it is returned in postal revenues.
The pirnianvrt annual appro
priation., uliitli are jroiUd
tvñbout a a a tía I tdU, include
.vítalo iUeij. that tin? pritrjitc in
i.ii ii'.ual uofed.l r.';;ar.l as -tís'
lather than at. csj nditurts.
VI c approjvÍJti-.Ki fr jíeí-
.TinntiN SiiiM'rsciisitñeiii'Hí.
(i.hmany's newspapers are
showing a sensitiveness over the
remarks made by Admiral Dewey
which ought to create some
amusement in this country. The
admiral's talk, in making a com
parison between the navy of the
United States and that of tier
many, to the disadvantage of the
latter, was inconsiderate, but he
has told the President that no
otTer.se was intended to (ienr.any.
He merely wanted to show, by a
concrete illustration, that the
United States could hold its oven
on the ocean against any Kuro
pean power, excepting possibly
(real l'ritain.
lint the Ilerlin papers do not
accept this explanation. They
declare that Dewev is vain
and boastful. They say, more
over, that the United States'
easy victory over Spain, a fourth
rate power, has inflated Ameri
can pride in its navy beyond all
reasonable warrant. All these
things show an irritability on
the part of (érmany which is
foolish, and which can h.neno
other effect in this country than
in exciting laughter. Of course,
the admiral should have recog
nized (icrman sensitiveness, and
ought to have bren more careful
in his comparisons. There has
been too much loose talk recent
ly among soldiers and sailors
not only in the United States,
but in Kngland, Germany and
other countries.
Yet the American people can
not help feeling pride in their
navy. In all the wars in which
the country has been engaged
the navy has given a good ac
count of itself. It showed up
well in the war of independence.
In the conflict of 1 SI 2-1 5 it won
imperishable laurels. It was the
mistress of the seas which the
Americans were lighting in
those two wars. The victories
which were gained against Spain
live years ago were in line with
those which were won against
au iinme.-.surably more powerful
enemy at an earlier day. Sea
; fighting h carried on today under
! radically different conditions
from those which prevailed a
J century ago, but the chance;, arc
! that even airainst the most
potent of the naval powers of the
world of the present time the
American sea fighters wouid hold
their own. - C.loK-Democrat.
Mul.cs A Cien Shu-j.
There's nothing like doing a
thing thort-r.ghly. Of all the
Salvos you ever heard of, Iiuck
leu's Arr.ie.i S.tlve is the best.
It sweeps aw;y and cures burns
sotes, bruises, cuts, boils, ulcers,
skin eruptions and piles. It's
only 2-Sc, and guaranteed ti five
satisfaction by all Druggists.
and joys and sorrows; and the
town branch many's the time
we've played truant and with
crooked pin fished for craws in
its shallow waters; over Held and
woodland we have hunted birds,
set trap and chased jack rab
bits and through it all longed
to be a man. And our l:r.d
clerkship no millionaire was
ever prouder of his hoarded gold
than we of the first fruits of our
la'oor. The scene shifts as we
greet the pleasures and pain of
young manhood; play parties,
sweet hearts, the first dance;
jealous lovers; then to willing
ears we whispered the old, old
story. Wedding bells, a new
home; bright eyed babies; death
and the grave. And row, with
only memories for companion
ship, we walk amid scenes of
dead joys and bless the places of
their being. Dear old home
town! We love you! Heaven,
in some way will bj fashioned
after you, else it would not be
si-:v:::i!-: attack or ;j:j:
Cured hy Oto n .ttb' f CaumVrlahiVi
Ci:a;;a Kcir".!).
"When I ha 1 an attack of grip
last winter (the second one) I
actually cured myself with one
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Eemedy," suys Frank W. Perry,
editor of the Knterprise, Shorts
ville, N. Y. "This is the honest
truth. I at times kept from
coughing myself to pieces by
taking a teaspoonful of this rem
edy, and when the coughing
spell would come on at night I
would take a dose and it seemed
that in the briefest interval the
cough would pass off and I would
go to sloop perfectly free from
cough ami its -accompanying
pains. To say that the remedy
acted as a most agreeable surprise
is putting it mildly. I h.id no
idea that it would or could knock
out the grip, simply because I
had never tried it for such a pur
pose, but it did, and it seemed
with the second attack of cough
ing the remedy caused it to not
only be of less duration, but the
pains were far less severe, and I
had not used the contents of one
bottle before Mr. llrip had bid
me adieu." For sale by A. K.
Howell, Socorro; W. M. IJurrow
dale, Magdalena.
Pointed I'iir,tírii;)lis.
A very large man sometimes
makes a very small citizen.
You can't always estimate a
woman's avoirdupois by her
It is easy to see through peo
ple who make spectacles of them
selves. Truth to a man is what he
knows; to a woman what she
Don't blame the man with a
cold in his head for blowing his
ovn horn.
When you hear a man always
prating about honesty set him
down as a dcadhcat.
There are angels and angels
and a man often discovers that
he married the other kind.
Kich relatives arc of little use
to a poor man except to pose as
something to which he can point
with pride.
It's au easy matter to acquire
a How of language. All you
have to do is to stop on a tack
with your bare fool.
Although a woman may have
everything that money can buy
she will not be happy unless she
is allowed to speak her mind.
Chicago News.
UoUlifJ The (Cra.e.
A startling incident is narrat
ed by John Oliver of Philadel
phia, as follows: "Í was in an
awful condition. My skin was
almost yellow, eyes sunken,
tongue coated, pain continually
in back and hides, no apatite,
growing weaker day by day.
Three physicians had given me
up. Then I was advised to use
Kloctrie Hitters; to my great joy,
the first bottle made a decided
improvemsnt. I continued their
use for three weeks, and am now
a well man. I know they rob
bed the grave of another victim."
No one should fail to try them.
Only 50 cents, guaranteed, at all
A verdant youth, who had just
completed his apprenticeship as
a carpenter, dropped into a jew
elry store, and after looking at
some Fraternity pins, asked:
"How much is this one with
squares and compasses on?"
pointing to a Masonic pin.
"Five dollars," said the dealer.
"You haven't got ose with a
hand saw on, have you? I'm
just out as a carpenter and jiner,
and I'd like to have something to
wear so people will know what
I'm doing. I'll take it, though
I'd like to have one with a hand
saw, but I guess this one's, plain
enough. The compass is to
mark out our work, the square is
to measure it out, and every gol
durn fool knows that ( stands
for gimlet Columbia Statesman.
"llow did the doctor tell you
to take the medicine, Larry iu
tcrnally or externally?"
"Nayther wan, sor."
"But it must have been one or
the other."
"Divil a bit, sor. Nayther
"iJut look here, Larry; that's
absurd. It must have been one
or the other, you know."
"Nayther wan, I tell ye. lie
tould me to sun IT it up me nose."
St. Louis Kerublic.
Animal and Alcohol.
Many animals yield to the se
duction of rum -drinking, espec
ially elephants, horses, cows and
swine. Poultry, especially tur
keys, will absorb the tempting
drink till they tumble over in
leaden sleep, lying around as if
dead and utterly ignoring their
accustomed roor.t. On awaken
ing they stagvr for a few mo
ments and soon recover, but it is
! i. i...f..-, i....
UU.ll L.H IVliVV. till I I
cheerful cackling.
"Tl -í irj'mrc p-r in tiic roirvl lio'e
fiiinuiv' iv c x r.rts s t'.tc nw of i:u-oii9
unfit'.i'.Qii v ti c i'.cü'.'od cfl. A ',r ct
many people v.'uo liare bctn enntd of
dyijwpsia nml oJnr d:i.t'9 of tl.c tloui
ach an.l iUi.Uiiyl orannof digestion end
nutrition by the use oí Dr. 1 "it roe'G Gul itn
Ueiii-nl rjwttjvery u-iy : "v"'j trievl ninny
tiicliiirri with ouly tciiirotnry lienciU.
It was not until wo brgnn the use of
'Golden Mvdieet Discovery' tint wc
found a complete and lasting euro."
Í3.000 FORFEIT will lc r,kl by !
Wonr.D's Disi'kNSARV Mk'hcai. Ar:;o-
CIATio:, Proprietors, Ilud'ulo, N. , if I
tliey cannot show the original siunturo
ot ttie individual vnl!intei;niig L'ic teuti
nioni.il below, and iko of the writers f.f
every testimonial among the thone inda
which they are cour.lautly publishing,
thua proving their genuiueueu.
"it in with plr:mun? tint 1 tU yrtl rl:t Ir.
Pi?rce' Col.lrt' M.lical Ui-..rcvrry and ' relict'
hr.vc iotic for ni," wntin N.rs. T. M. Punier, of
1'tT'lc, Kamtnnü Co. , Tcr.aa. "Vtro vecr neo I
p. tMkrn with BUtnr.?li an t.vV tmuble.
Iivrrythmg I ate would put me in tKfctrr. I
lived two wf-cU1. oh null: aud rvm that sve me
lrmi. 1 f"lt lift Ovni :li I vimld Lnrc to dcrith.
Thirr. d.x torm nitcni:d nw nucí Mid I hcul Iva.
Cia, two wild cr.t-irrh ot' the Ktotu:h nnd
jwcu. T!w?y iiUitnlcd mi' (ouc tU a time) 1.4
one year. I o;K-d f.kinii tlu-ir tnediri:ie and
ttied imc pu:.-:i medicine; rot no lxtter, r.utl
I (jrrw o m;k and nwvoiw my heart would
fl;ii:r. I c.hiUI no, do any kind óf woi k. n
1 cm do my ln.uc T-c.k vory wc'l ; am ffatHtn
im V.i tind strtviit, and caa ent auyt.'.nii; 1
Accept no s-.ibrtitute for Dr. Mcrce'
Golden ?Iedlcul Diaoovery.
Ur. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on rrccipt of ttrunps
to jay expeiric of mailiti; only Scud
31 onu'-ceiit E'.a'iip for the ptint r covered
book, or 31 fttntnp-i for the cloth hound
volutnc. Addrcsa Dr. R V. Tierce, liuf
falo, N. Y.
Out f rían.
A sentry, an Irishman, was on
post duty for the first time at
nigh, when the officer of the day
lie called, "Who comes there?"
"Officer of the day," was the
"Then what are ycz doin' out
at night?" asked the sentry.
London Kun.
IV.i-j;;pr nf I'M r.ml (írip.
The greatest danger from colds
and grip is their resulting in
pneumonia. If reasonable care
is used, however, and Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy taken, all
danger will le avoided. Among
the tens of thousands who have
usrtl this remedy for these dis
eases we have yet to learn of a
single case having resulted in
pneumonia, which shows con
clusively that it is a certain pre
ventive of that dangerous dis
ease. It will cure a cold or an
attack of the grip in less time
than any other treatment. It is
pleasant and safe to take. For
t-a!e by A. K. Howell, Socorro;
V. M. Borrowuale, Magdalena.
1 -
Au A.'iiiUiDtleal 'IV.!,'.
Din wit Say, our backbones
are like serial stories, arcnt they?
Thinwit Prove it?
Dinwit Continued in our
nicks. Harvard Lampoon.
V..W a in isenirer ' 4:12 a m
1:5' p 111!. . .Kast l'rei!f ht . . . 11:55 n m
12:15 tn:. ..Locnl Krei-lit. v'JJ!
- and 1(10 carry iwisrmiT 1-
lv..n Alhuqucrfitie and San Marcial.
t A ( 1 D A L K N A TI K A X C U .
V'á'üy except SiniduT.
7:45 a tu j I.v. .Socorro. .Ar 1 12:10 m
Official Directory.
Delegate t.- Conoress, D. fV. R .dcy
(ioven.or, Mif ' A. Oten.
Secretary. James W. rfaynoh H
Chief Ju'.tice, W. J. Mill
( fieri. S. liaker.
t V. W. Purher
Aciatc, 1 j K McKie
D. II. ItcMillan
Survetor-Cineral. M. O. fjewcllyn
t:nited State Collector, A. L. MoiTÍm
t; S. Di.st. Attorney, W. H. Chihler
IT. S. Marshal. C. M. Forakcr
Koir.LiiuclOtVicifv-.ntaF. M. K. Oter..
K,.. K. F. II. .hurt
licir. " " Las Cmce;,. . .N. wane
.. llenrY ItoitvBiati
Keu". " " Koweit, 'H. Li-lati.l
jec P. L. (ifjer
I'orcst Su,)t....I. B. H.-1-.ina. Sai'ta Fe
Forct Supervisor, tlila Kiver Koserve
K. C McClnre. Silver City
Forest Strper.'isor. IVcoh Kiver K-
sirve, Ueorffi U-mircuburrf,
Soiicitorlcncral. L- Martlet t
Dint. Attorney, K.C.Gortner, Santa 1 e
V. H. II. Llewellyn.
Las Crucd
.. ... K. V. Barnes, Silver City
C. A. Spies, L.-.rt Víí:i
.. J. Leahy, Katoii
.. " G. V.M'richar.l, S,c rr.
Librarian. Lafaye.tc Kmn-elt
Cler! Supreme Com!, J- ic"1
StivCt l'enitentiar.-, IL . Ilitrsntu
Adjutant Oenevil", W. H. VUiteina
Treasurer. J. A. V ,-uifclm
Auditor. V. C.. WaiB:-.t
Oil Inspector. Jiokn Ciar
Territorial Hoard f F.ticati(ai.
Stip't. rnlilie Instruction, J. F. Chave.
Counties of Socorro, Lincoln, Chavt
and E.ldy. Headquarter Socorro,
New Mexico.
Jmijre lan'l II. McMillan
Clerk and KiCfisW J. K. Clriffltli
i John Oreen vraUl
CommisMooer, Alm ii Contreras
f Carpió Padilla
Sheriff. Leandro Uac.i
Treasurer A CcxUc-ctor. H. O. Bac
County Clerli, B.deslo A. 1'ino
Anscrtiir. Benj:i:iin Sanche.
Probate Judpc, Müiiric.iti Mi ra
Sitp't. Public School, A. C. Trio.
Mayor. M- Comcy
Cleric, J" Collin
Treasurer, Riendo Abeyta
Marshal. UJ"'
City Attorney. A. A. ficditlo
Police Ma;fiKtrat. Amo! Oreen
Juan J. Baca, president; C. T. Brown .
secretary and treasurer: A. B. Fiíct.
F. G. Bartlett. J. E. Smith.
rirvhbfit it liiiivr.
The tvmtfi lost his hohJ and
f .11 into the rrocwüle's aitin;;
jav.v Kvtii then bis wits did
not dt-Mit him. "I jnst lrup-! . Rj, iwQ,rjsti.
in tur uincer, ijc tiu, mini aril
c3'at'ítg mire Yale Kccox'i. SittscriU (or The Cu;v;rr.r?;.
1 Thoughtful Muu.
M. M. Austin of Winchester,
Ind., knew what to iloin the hour
oí need. His wife had such an
causual c.ise of stomach and liver
trouble, physicians could not
help her. He thought of and
tried lr. King's New Life Pills
and she tfot relief at once nnd
as foully curoL Only at
lo m:t:i ever aclaiowled'ics a
mistake so quickly as when he
puts th.e lighted en;l of a cig; r
in his uiuutli.
X 'Oiler i'l:i:i.
"Tlie way to jet a thin;; done
properly," s;iid the man Y.hose
talk consists chieiiy of stock quo
tations, is ttx'.o it yourself."
"You're nuttv," reilie;l the
man ft ith the scanty hair. "The
prwpcr way to (jot a thir.cj done
is to let your wife do it, then she
can't say 'I told you so. "
N,i Cu!ie Fur Alurin.
"Ah." sighed Mr. Uenpcck,
"it's a pity the way most great
men's sons turn out. It's only in
rare cases that tiiey amount to !
anything. "
"I hope," the J.nly rrturneil,
"that yon are not worrying about ,
our child in this connection." I
Chicago Kecord-IIcrahl. I
I'.o U'ucw Tlmt Mjii. I
One day the teacher asked the
third grade to tell sonic of the
sure indications that soring had
come. Siknce reigned for a mo
ment, aud then Johnny said, "It
is always a sure sign of spring
when wc change 01 r underwear."
- L.itllc Chronicle.
5 ':-:vX-ft Sst
Mrs. Fred Unre-th.
Preoltleot 4';nlry 4'lnb, I'u'Oloo
liurbuf, IlieU.
"After my Hrst baby wu bom I did not
seem to regain my (trcngth although the
doctor gav mc 11 tonic which he consid
ered very tuptrior, but iastud ci netting
better I grew weaker vtcry day. AW hus
band ItuUted that I take Wine ot Gardui
for a week end Sit what it would J for
me, I did take the medicine end wu very
grateful to find my strength end health
lowly returning. In two weeks I wu out
of bed and In month I ws able to take
up my usual duties. I am vuy cnthusi.
attic fn its praise
AVineof Canhii reinforce the wrujis
cf generation for the cnleal of preg
nauty auil childbirth. It prevents mis
turriuire. No woman Uo tukm W ino
of Cardui r.iil fí;tr the coining of her
child. If Mrs. Uurath hail taken
Viuo ot Cnriltii tefure her baby caroo
ihe woulii not hate bf pu weaUi'iiwl as
nho'Wtt. Her rapM n-covcry tbould
comuiend this pical wmedy to every
xp4K'.ttit mother. Wine of C'aiJui
ralittiii thd menstrual How.
SOCO K ii Oj
LODGE, No. 0, A.
& A. M. - Rffrn
!r.r cumwuiiicir
lion, Rccmitl and
feurlh TucsduT
it each month.
Visiting brethc m cordially invited.
Gko. E. Co.ik, V. M.
C. Ci. 1uscas, Secretary.
Regular convocations fir.it and third
Tuesdays of each month.
Jas. O. Erren. E. H. P.
C. O. Puncan, Stfcretarv.
, Order of tlse
aslcrn Star.---(
M M.iboiiicIIáll
,imt and third
Monday of
each month.
Ms. Mary Bar ri.r.TT, W. M.
Mns. Lizzie Grii'MTK, f-i-cretary.
K. OP X.
lou;e.n. 3, t:.
Lt? of P. RefTulur
y& Jy meeting eycry Wed
nesday eveninj; at
picy 8 o'clock at CantU.
I hall. Viiiitmg knights piven a cordial
1 welcome. A. Mavkr, C. C-
i R. C. M:jik. K. of R. and K.
TtHiiiH Mant'il
For hauIfDff coal and huul'er,
and for freighting. Steady work
! fruaranteed.
j Address,
1 A. II. IIii,tok, Münnirer,
San Antonio, IN. M,
I Candies, nuts, oranges ai
I I-Jatjenstcirt's.

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